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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 26, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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day. >> jim: there is hernandez, and he has it for the out and the orioles down, a base hit and one left. we'll head to the ninth and the orioles up 11-1. >> jim: the freeze cam brought to you by frost brewed coarse light. the world's most refreshing beer. this is a couple of nights ago. elijah dukes snaps his bat off. the ball is coming to nick green, the red sox' shortstop. the bat hits him. he's got to swat it away. and this is tonight. bergesen saws him off. the bat comes right back up the middle. very dangerous stuff. there is your coarse light freeze cam. >> jim: here is george sherrill coming on in the ninth inning and if you're wondering what the heck is the closer doing in the game if you're up 10 runs, he needs some work. he has not been in the game since last sunday and you want to get the rust off before it is a save situation. >> jim: what did he tell us in texas when he came in with the four-run lead? i never met a four-run lead that i liked. how about a 10-run lead? >> jim: he has been 11-11. >> rob: closers hate big leads or deficits. >> jim: you closed. >> rob: for a while. >> jim: it was kind of like by committee? >> rob: yes. and there were a couple of years when we had one closer, two closers. but, yeah, it was whoever had the hot hand. when randy myers was there, he was the guy. i didn't like coming in just to get some work, whether it was the seventh, eighth or ninth inning in a game like this. >> jim: a mile high, josh bard. one hit and one down in the ninth inning.
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join us here on sunday the finale of three, the final interleague game of the year. the first 20,000 fans 15 and over will receive an orioles cap presented by dak. the kids 14 and under following the game can run the bases here at camden yards, the tickets start as low as $9. 888-98-bird or online. mented jorge cheryl. he'll face a lefty. look at his angle. it is really t the left-handed hitter. he used to swing his leg to get closed. when he swung his leg back, he'd swing it open. >> jim: so less is more. >> jim: yes. and now he picks up his arm. rick kranitz, i think his father-in-law has passed away so he is not with us over the weekend, and he is adjusting, almost like a catcher. you're in the right position. he is one of the more deaccept ty left-handers i have seen. rick is away and we wish him well and certainly con dell lenses to his family. again, it is just a subtle change and this is the same guy that ended up pitching for the orioles in the all-star game and he was a dominant closer, too. he had arm problems. a couple of months of the season. >> rob: you make the point about albers, the more time it takes you to get to your release point, if there is a guy on base and he is a quick
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base stealer, that is a millie second you're not getting the ball to the catcher. you want to get to the catcher as quickly as possible so he has a chance to throw people out. george sherrill doesn't have to be as quick as a right-handed pitcher, but the righties have to get the ball to home plate. >> jim: bounced to second base off the bat of willie harris. bobbled there and bobbled again and safe at first as harris as brian roberts bobbles it twice. >> rob: you want to be about 1.2 seconds or less to home plate. >> jim: here is the voting. brad bergesen, 54% and aubrey huff 13%. still time to text in your vote to 51862 and tom and rick will have the results coming up on "o's xtra" post-game. so a runner on, and there's a strike. i was talking to george the
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other night about how he started in proball, and he had to go the independent league route, and he whereas saying how those leagues are more competitive than you might think because all of the players there want to get back into an organization, so they have a chance to get to the major leagues. so they work very hard, it is competitive, and it is more so than you even imagine. >> jim: it is cutthroat where as you're in a minor league situation. obviously everyone wants to get in the big leagues. >> jim: ground ball to second and out at second base as roberts is able to get it to robert andino for the force. two men down. >> jim: this time brian snares it and makes sure he get dps out with a 10-run lead. andino has played so well at shortstop. he knows there is no possible chance to turn the double play. he just turns the play. you make a great point. when i played for cal ripken sr., he used to tell us all, the reason we're here, people come out, even from aberdeen,
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south dakota, that is the most important thing, and we all want to get to the next level, and we can do that as a team. i imagine in the independent league, everyone has to work for themselves. >> rob: and it is last chance chance. most of these guys were the best high school players, college players, and this is their last chance to be recognized. >> jim: a good breaking ball there. guzman swings through it. >> jim: the guy is only hitting .329 against righties. so he is just one of those amazing hitters. bat on the ball. you can play -- >> jim: and he got it. so waiters picks it up and tags out guzeman and the orioles get the opener of this three-game interleague series snapping their three-game losing streak. the orioles with an eight-run bottom of the sixth break it open and the orioles top the nationals 11-1. @@pp÷÷
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>> jim: together's beltway series on masn brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at by burger king who remins you to have it your way. and by honda. you can depend on your honda dealer for great leases and low financing. the orioles bang out 16 base hits and pick up 2 win. join us again tomorrow, more of the beltway series. it will be shairon martis against jeremy guthrie tomorrow that is game two in the three- game series. coverage at 6:30 with "o's xtra" presented by at&t on masn hd. "nats xtra" presented by verizon wireless on masn two. for john carp -- bob carp per, jim hunter saying so long from camden yards. the orioles win 11-1. have a great night, everybody. we'll see you tomorrow!
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>> hi, everybody. time for nats' extra postgame here brought to you by the verizon fios. let's close the door on this one quickly, forget about it and think about tomorrow's game coming up tomorrow night. this was ugly. >> it was ugly, johnny. you're going to have 10, 12 a year. detwiler actually tale threw the ball well early. they got one run and then all thins just broke loose and the offense was just hitting on all cylinders. they didn't hit the ball extremely hard. it wasn't the long ball. it was just the contact. detwiler when he he did make a mistake, a couple of choppers, deflected balls. it doesn't make any difference. you can't take it away from them. they pounded out, what, 16 hit ? >> 16 hits, and it is the fourth time they have had 16 hits in a ballgame and this one just kind of got away from us. one inning, the six spring training, when they put an eight spot on the board. when it was all over, 12
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orioles had gone to the plate in this inning. >> yeah, johnny. you see bloops, ground ball, choppers, all kinds of things, aubrey huff, just when you put an inning together, what great clubs do or good clubs do, they do it by contact. they made a lot of contact, and detwiler, i felt, deserved a little better fate. they didn't hit the ball that hard. you don't get paid to necessarily hit it hard. you get paid to hit it in the right hole. >> bergesen gets the win. detwiler suffers his fourth loss while still looking for the elusive first win as a major leaguer. 1-7-2 for rway and 11-16-1 for the baltimore orioles. mora goes 2-3. i think the only guy in the lineup that didn't get a hit was the lead-off batter brian roberts. and willingham goes 1-3 with a run scored. so now they have met four time
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this is year. the orioles have got the upper hand, three of those, twice down in washington and once up in baltimore tonight. >> they ran special a good, young pitcher in bergesen, and when you pitch, we said earlier tonight, you're going to be in ballgames. give your team a chance to win. they're excited about this kid talking about how smart he is. we have the same situation, but our offense, our offense, i mean, it befalls me. we score runs in bunches, and then we just all of a sudden get shut down. it is not always the big name pitchers that do it, johnny. we're just -- we've become really inconsistent on the offense. >> let me ask you this before we talk about ross detwiler's performance, it seemed like when you played against the jays an the red sox and the yankees that this ball club is very, very close to getting that consistent groove that they needed to do something here in the second half of the year. now, this tonight, this effort tonight may be take as step
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back. it is hard to understand really. >> well, my feel about it is 162 games. you can't worry about a step forward and a step back really. it can't be a day-to-day thing. it has to be something that is measured over weeks and sometimes months. the team is making a lot of progression pitchingwise. offensively, i don't see the consistency that we thought we were going to have early in the year. we said one thing for sure, we're going to hit. we haven't really hit. we're having a little over three run as game. so this game, forget about it. but there was a special buzz in the toronto series, certainly in the red sox series, but why? good pitching kept you in the ballgame to the eighth or ninth inning where your managers could make a decision. you do a double switch, pinch hit. you can get match-ups, steal a base, get a key base hit or somebody can make a play. games like tonight are blown out and you just feel horrible. but like jim palmer said and dibs, i eat rather lose a game
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11-1 than 2-1. the 2-1 loss eats on you. this game, you know in the fourth, fifth inning, unless some miracle happens, you're not going to pull those type games out. >> let's take a look at ross detwiler ear's work. he gave up a run in the first inning and then settled down for a couple more after. >> he did. he struck out roberts and jones who is hitting the ball great. he would be one of my top 15 picks. markakis singles, and then huff hit as sacrafice fly on a fastball up and out a nice job there as he laced that ball to center field. reimold who is right now in in contingent for rookie of the year. he hit as ground ball to shortstop. and the second, he breezed through that. gave up a walk. the third inning, he breezed through that. you see roberts striking out. markakis, and at this point i thought this was going to be one of those 3-2 ballgames. but in the fourth, aubrey huff singles.
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the ball hit to left field on the line and willingham juggles it out. there huff would not have scored on that bam. he was charged with an error. mora then comes up and a shot single and mora sing ts to right. wieters walks, an then andino finally grounds into a double play. none of those balls were rockets, except the ball to left field. the hardest hit ball in that inning was a ball that was hit by huff. but finally get the double play there. the fifth inning, cruised through that. sixth inning, base hit. reimold up the middle. a ball hit fairly sharply. and then scott singles to left. and blooping it over to shortstop. nine hits, and five of them were of the soft variety, but they count and he ended up with an early shower, five innings, five earned runs and i'm going to let you handle the rest of it, thanks a couple of walks and three strikeouts. 35 for balls. the bottom line he loses his fourth game of the year, and
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the orioles really had it going as far as hitting is concerned and pitching, and they win this ballgame 11-1. >> a pretty interesting graphic here. one fly ball. i thought his changeup was working. he added it up a little bit to those hitters. if you're in the type of lineup that does does not try to hit the ball out of the lineup, sometimes you get to them because you're just trying to make contact and to orioles made contact. >> there was one batter that detwiler had pretty good success, and that is brian roberts. we'll break down the detwiler versus roberts battle in just a bit. that is next on post-game live. ♪ ♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) ♪ who's watching...
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a thrashing of the nats tonight 11-1. he's tang take a look at how the nationals got that run. >> we didn't do a whole lot. >> willingham singles to left field on a fastball right between third and shortstop. he is swinging the bat. >> and dukesy get as base hit and bard singles. he continues that hot hitting. what a sweet stroke that is. the fastball stroking it down the left-field line. the rbi sick single. dukes, ill advised running on that play there. he was safe. >> he is safe. >> he's safe! >> but he ended up in the dug- out. so he was -- >> he was safe. no question. >> all right. >> in fact, i think as you listen to the telecast an bob and rob and jim and jim all agreed he was safe. >> they don't count, though, johnny. >> unfortunately they don't. >> look at the nationals tonight as far as hitting concerned. the only guy to get more than one was josh bard, willingham, elijah dukes, ryan zimmerman, christian guzman all get base
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hits, not enough, and they lose it by a scar of 11-1. it was 1- 1 ballgame after two innings tonight until they got to that sixth inning explosion, eight hits, eight runs and seven hits, 12 batters to the plate in that inning. >> yeah, and, you know wwe kind of imploded that way several time this is year as we have had opportunities, third, fourth inning, maybe the drive runs in tonight. we didn't have those opportunities. we scored the one run in the second and we just didn't put anyone on base as bergesen was able to throw the ball down in the strike zone. he's not a strikeout pitcher. he is just a guy that makes good pitches over and over again. >> detwiler tonight, nice lead in, was a strikeout pitcher against brian roberts, not once -- >> you are so good, johnny. >> but twice he got him. >> i'm going to try to remember this one. he went with a changeup inside and then comes back with a fastball away. 1-1. and then he goes with the fastball right down the middle.
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fouled back. he gets the 1-2. and then he comes back dunn and in. see you, fastball. a pretty good job there. that's the replay of it on our masn pitch track. >> i got it! >> that's my producer telling me back there what to say. changeup away. i got it. another changeup. and he comes back with a fastball out away from him. almost the same type of situation. then he comes out here. 2-2 pitch. nice changeup away. he pulls the strings on him. one of the toughest hitters in the league. next at-bat. beautiful changeup. next at-bat, he gets it out in front again on the changeup after he throws a fastball down and in. he comes back with the fastball away, and then though throws the changeup on the 2-0 pitch and he just chases the ball down a little bit, and he certainly handled brian roberts tonight that was a pretty good indication of how well he threw the ball. you're only talking about an inch or two or three with a guy that is throwing changeups. you get off the end of that bat, and you hit a ball short,
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which is jamming or long on the end of the bat, you have a tendency to get people out. those balls long seem to be bloopers and balls short seem to be in the infield. >> you talk about getting people out, what has happened to joel hanrahan? last year he was 6-3 with the ball club. two years ago he was 5-3 with the ball club. and his e.r.a. was respectable. but all of a sudden it's almost like batting practice when he comes in. has he lost confidence or what's hatched to limb? >> i think he has lost confidence. i don't know. i don't walk in his shoes. i just know he has been ineffective and he gives everything he has. his breaking ball has just not been consistent. it hasn't been. he has a great fastball above major league fastball. there is is a slider 3-2. it showed you how good it can be. that ball was not a bad pitch. there he misses while inside trying to throw too hard. he comes back with a good slider, a good pitch a nice piece of hilting. sometimes you have to give them
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credit. right there tonight, from what i saw, e has good enough stuff. he just does not have good enough stuff all year long. look at what happened thins june 6. he came back in may and re-earned that closer's role with a 3-3 chance. and then, d'angelo, june, he's got a 10.00 earned run average. nine innings pitched and he has given up 10 lunes. that's not real good. i think he has lost his confidence. i hope he hasn't. he is a great kid. he has a great arm, but you can't go in there day in and day out and be ineffective and feel good. >> he has shown in the past he is good enough to pitch at this level. he has shown he can be a starter, a reliever, anybody a closer when things are going good. but how do you get back that confidence? is it just one game or one performance or a couple of innings that can get it back? we know he can do it. >> no, you don't do it in one
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deal. and it is something that it is not created, johnny. up here in the big leagues, it is something that is earned. and it's all about feeling good about yourself. i don't care how good manny feels about him. how good you feel about him. how good anyone feels about him. it is how he feels about himself when he takes that mound. when you have so many pitches that you think are good pitches, early in the year, the three blown saves on fastballs, he doesn't think these guys are going too tee off on his fastball. they teed off on his fastball. i was drafted as a fastball pitcher. it worried men r me when they teed off on mine. >> you thought about playing third base. >> i thought about going home and crocheting. not really. i'm not a crocheter. >> we have a couple of guys we're not talking a lot about. we're going to bring you up to date on lastings milledge, how he is doing and dmitri young. an update on these two guys when we come back in a minute.
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