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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 26, 2009 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> tonight in montreal, the
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new yorking islanders made john tavares the number one selection in the '09 nhl draft. the 6'0", 185-pound center led with goals this year in. the top five, islanders chose tavares ahead of 6'6", 220-pound victor headman, taken number two by the tampa bay lightning. you see the rest of the top five picks this evening in montreal. and espn the magazine senior editor joins with us a report from montreal. e.j., the esles taking tavares. known as a goal scorer. the isles have the lowest point score last season. will he play right away? >> i get the sense he will play right away. he was off the radar screen for nhl -- he has been on the radar since he was 10 years old.
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he led the ontario hockey league, they felt he was an exceptional player. and he was allowed to go into that league. and i just expect that he is ready now to make that jump to the national hockey league. the islanders will want to have him on the team, go to training camp. i think with the islanders' situation rebuilding, i think he is a guy that will make the team. he will have a chance to play in the national hockey league this season. >> e.j., what other player in tonight's draft do you think can make an impact right away in the nhl? does anyone come to mind? >> i don't know when you say right away. i think it's a rare guy, mark that, can come in and be a sidney crosby or wayne gretzky, just a phenomenal guy at that young age. and to make an impact. i would say this, i think that the kid who was picked second, hedman, 6'6", the defenseman, tremendous reach, tremendous skating ability as well.
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in this league, having a defenseman like that that you can play 30 minutes a night is so important. when you look around, they have had accomplished players like hall, shanahan come and go and they're still the top team that competes for a championship year after year. that big reason is lidstrom has been there for them and he is one of the guys that can get the minutes and neutralize players on another team. hedman, i think there will be a learning curve but i think he can be a dominant player for a long time. >> e.j., one final thought, not on the draft but on the trade that came about the flyers getting chris pronger in exchange for lupul and draft picks. how big a deal is this for the players? >> it's a huge deal. they want to win now, they want
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to be the stanley cup champions. also against the washington capitals. they look at the teams, that have really talented forwards. sidney cross burks alex ovechkin in washington, crosby in pittsburgh, you have to have big, tough, strong talented defensemen to offset those guys. philadelphia has a real good team. they have a big addition with pronger, one of the top defensemen in the league. he is going to the hall of fame on the first ballot. the question as it always is, is the goaltending. they're making some changes there. chris pronger gives them great defense and makes them a dangerous team in the east. >> e.j., thanks for joining us here, we appreciate it. >> any time, mark. >> back to interleague all, beltway ball, nationals and orioles. this is melvin mora, in the sixth with two on.
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roped, to the left field corner, double. nolan ryan. we have 5-1. they're not done in the sixth. how about the baltimore chopper, aubrey huff there, brings in brian roberts and adam jones. orioles score eight in the sixth inning, tied for their most prolific inning of the season. they get their 100th interleague win. they're just 100-127 all time. >> meantime, in cleveland, the reds, facing the cincinnati. ryan -- facing the indians. garko's, seventh home run of the year, harang winless in his last six starts. they've dropped 7 of their last road games to cleveland. trady sizemore, four straight games with an rbi.
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>> nascar rolling into new hampshire this week. how tony stewart won the poll without taking a lap. after flirting with the 50s in yesterday's first round, kenny perry was dodging raindrops in connecticut. like the rest of us. we'll tell you if he's still leading. would you like to see our new menu?
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>> espnews is presented by --
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>> cardinals here, albert pujols a chance to tie it in the ninth. a nasty, nasty slider from joe nathan who strikes out el hombre. twins win 3-1. joe mauer, by the way, 1 for 2 on the night. jason kubel had an rbi among his two hits. cuddyer, another rbi for the twins. glenn perkins pitched well, gets his third win on the season. seven wins, cardinals have lost four of their last five. >> meanwhile, marlins and the rays, b.j. upton in the eighth, game tied at three. deep to right center field. it'll go off the wall. jason bartlett, navarro, gross all score on the double, that's how the rays break it open.
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and tampa wins it 7-3. they've won three straight. five of their last six. b.j. upton two hits, those three crucial rbi. he's hitting .396 over his last 11 games. 12 rbis. >> giants and brewers in milwaukee, matt cain, 9-1 coming in. bottom of the third, brewers up 2-1. cain wish he is had that one back. that's j.j. hardy with a rocket to dead center, brewers up 3-1. later in the game, during the sausage race, we always see, h a 68 today in the !
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second round. he said he hit the ball better
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than yesterday. maintains a two-shot lead over ryan moore who had a second round 65. rain reeked havoc with day two at the highlands. >> the next show is on the way, in about, i got about two minutes 50 seconds. we're out of here, dude. subway series highlights coming up, mets and yankees. more on that lou piniella-milton bradley blowup in chicago. late gate highlights, mariners and dodgers, j.w. stoourt will be here and ready to xwloe. geico's been saving people money on car insurance for over 70 years. and who doesn't want value for their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar.
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