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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 26, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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100 calorie light beer with lime. >> coming up on espnews, we are all board the queen bound 7 train. citifield gets its first taste of the subway series. first shaq. now amare. there's whispers of the suns shopping stoudemire. >> and the nfl may weigh in on plaxico burress' case before the law does. espnews now.
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>> hi. welcome to espnews. now available in hd. you know, the last time they played the subway series, more like the taking of pellham 123. >> 15-0 in that game. johan santana started. as joe girardi would say, it's the subway series, you're going to see strange things. we saw strange things tonight. mets made three errors in the second inning. the yankees score four in that inning. they have a 9-1 lead. bottom nine, c.c. sabathia, he went seven strong, one earned run, struck out eight. a-rod hit a home run. he passes mr. october, reggie jackson, for 11th on the all-time list. and brett gardner, a career
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high-five hits, including a home run, a triple. yankees up 9-1. if you're doing the math, 15-0, plus 9-1, 24-1 over the last -- well, it's pretty much almost two games. bottom of the ninth. yankees two outs away. highlights of this game when it goes final. >> the phillies are the ultimate paradox. they're a first place team that's dropped 10-12. they lead the n.l. in home runs, yet lead the majors in home runs allowed. they have the best road record in the majors, but can't win at home. and they have one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball, but they've benched jimmy rollins because he's batting .211. as cole hamels says "we're fortunate everyone in the n.l. east is playing really bad." hamels on the found, taken out ie the fifth game, has words fol home plate spire mark carlton. >> he was leaving anyway. >> he was arguing balls and strikes. rickey romero dealing for the
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no-no in the sixth. chase utley breaks up the no-hitter. after an infield single, romero gets howard to ground to second base.there' nice job by aaron hill to marco scutaro for the 4-6-3 double play. the blue jays win 6-1. phills also 1-7 since ibanyez went down with the groin injury. brad lidge returned from the dl. roy halladay out since june 12th with a mild groin strain says he'll start monday against tampa bay. >> josh beckett and the a.l.-leading red sox opening a three-game series in atlanta. bottom of the second inning, beckett strikes out jeff francoeur. then in the fourth, with two on, beckett hits francoeur again. beckett struck out six in seven scoreless innings. top of the fifth, big papi, david ortiz, ace solo home run, his eighth of the season, seventh this month.
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the red sox go on to win by the final of 4-1. terry francona gets his 800th win as a big league major. red sox are 45-28, winning 11 of their last 14 against the braves. in his first 10 years starts against atlanta, josh beckett went 2-7. since then 6-0 in seven starts with an e.r.a. of .38. in fact, his two runs allowed over seven starts against the braves is the fewest in a seven-start span against atlanta in the modern era. that's since 1900. >> there were reports friday the warriors were going to trade stefan curry and a couple other players to the suns in return for amare stoudamire fire, but warriors coach don nelson says that's not going to happen. >> he wasn't drafted for somebody else. he is not going to be traded. we drafted him because we think he's a terrific player.
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and he's the kind of guy that we want. he fits right into our program of our green and growing young team. and that's why he's here, so he can unpack his bags, go look for a house, and relax. he ain't going any place. >> ricky rubio one of three point guards the t-wolves took in the first round of the nba draft, but might not be on minnesota's opening night roster. his father told that rubio may play a few more seasons in spain. that's fine with minnesota. >> and i knew going in we may have to wait a year. may have to wait two. but you know what, in two years, ricky rubio will be all of 20 years old. and we are the rare team right now that can afford to wait. our horizon is three, four years out. we know that. we are not going to win an nba championship in the next couple years. we need to start adding pieces
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to this team. we need to be aggressive. we may have to make some trades. we needed to start accumulating real core pieces to figure out how to become a championship contending team. >> still trying to figure out what minnesota's grand design was on draft day. they were just the second team in the last 20 years to make two of the top six picks in the draft. took rubio fifth, then another point guard, johnny flynn sixth. they took ty lawson in the first round as well. another point guard. he was traded to denver. worth noting, the knicks have said they will talk to the t-wolves about rubio. >> yankees and mets just went final. c.c. sabathia left his last start early with tightness in his biceps. welcome to the gun show there. sabathia at the plate, an rbi single, part of a four-run second inning for the yankees. that made it 2-0. on the mound, he was vincent c.c. sit down. seven innings, one earned run, eight strikes for c.c.
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in the eighth, number 564. actually alex rodriguez's -- >> yes, how about that? >> he passes reggie jackson for 11th place on the all-time home run list. yankees win this one 9-1. a career high-five hits for brett gardner. gary sheffield hits another home run against his former team. one bad note for the yanks, xavier nady will be out for the season. they found out today he tore a ligament in his elbow. back to a-rod. he continues to climb the charts. number 11 now on the all-time list with six more at-bats as rafael palmeiro for tenth place. it's conceivable he could get into the top sixth before the year is done. >> ahead on espnews, plenty more baseball. you have to see lou piniella's reaction to milton bradley's latest temper tantrum. >> also, check in on the hottest team in baseball, and the team with the best interleague record
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this year. also on the way, the dodgers haven't missed a beat since manny ramirez was suspended going 26-18. friday they were on the verge of doing something they haven't done all season. >> tony stewart crashed during practice at loudon friday. we'll tell you why that won't affect his starting position come sunday. >> and why plaxico burress could be facing punishment before his case goes to trial. we're back right after this.
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>> sunday 2:00 eastern on espn, the u.s. faces brazil in the finals of the confederation cup. first time the u.s. has reached the final of a fifa tournament. brazil did beat the u.s. 3-0 in group play. espn and abc, remember, your home for the world cup in 2010. >> commissioner roger goodell has notified plaxico burress the nfl will review last year's gun incident under the personal conduct policy. charged with possession of a weapon burress' case has beenreh adjourned untilve september 23rd. >> a southside flavor to the windy city series. some drama in the sixth. 2-2 milton left.e: that was part one.twi. walk into the out of t ballpar dugout. does not come out.
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apparently had words with skipper lou piniella. in the seventh, 6 of his 7 homers have come in the last three weeks. cubs win 5-4. afterwards piniella addressed what happened with bradley. >> i told him to take his uniform off. he threw his helmet, smashed the water cooler, water flying all over. i told him to take his uniform off and go home. and followed him up into the clubhouse, and we exchanged some words. i don't like those things to happen, but i'm just tired of watching all that. >> what led up to it? >> what led up to it? what led up to it was the fired helmet and the smashed cooler. this has been a common occurrence. i've looked -- i've looked the other way a lot. and i'm done with it. >> will he play tomorrow? >> look, i'm not into discipline. i'm really not. i'm really not. i'm going to put his name in the
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lineup tomorrow. and that's it. >> it was all verbal, just to be clear, the confrontation that you had? >> yeah, it was verbal. that's it. >> is that a common occurrence by him or by guys on your team when you talk about what happened? >> what are you talking about? >> you said it's a common occurrence. >> the helmets, throwing stuff, and so forth. it was enough. i'd had enough. >> because, you know, sweet lou has never thrown anything. milton bradley, though, he's had his share of onfield incidents. in april, suspended for two games for bumping an umpire last june he confronted a royals tv announcer in the press box, and in september of '07 he tore his acl while arguing with an umpire. >> dodgers lead the mariners 4-1. they're in the bottom of the fourth. l.a. began the game in danger of losing three straight for the first time this season. casey blake hit his 11th home run. he's 2 for 2. blake entering play .342 hitter
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since manny ramirez was suspended. ichiro 1 for 2 reaching base safely in 53 of his last 54 games. >> angels and d'backs, angels put up an eight-spot in the second inning, most runs they've scored in any inning this season. now lead arizona 9-3. billy buckner gave up eight earned and 7 hits in 1 2/3 innings. the angels right now in good shape, up 9-3 in the fifth inning. torii hunter a two-run home run for the angels. >> start of a nine-game home stand for the rangers. the padres in town for three. bottom four, rangers up 9-1. hank blalock, get outta here. his 14th of the season. texas goes on to win 12-3. padres have lost 13 of their last 15 interleague road games.
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nhl draft, the islanders took center john tavares with the first pick friday. tavares led the ontario hockey league with 58 goals this season. he also broke the ohl's record for career goals. he's the isles fourth overall number 1 pick. pick >> the flyers have acquired defenseman chris pronger from the ducks. in 2007 he won a stanley cup as a member of the ducks. straight ahead on espnews, she's got the last name, but what about the game. tiger woods' niece trying to make the cut in her lpga tour debut. after taking the weekend off, roger federer will face a
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friday was serena's turn. >> she served beautifully, had 10 aces in all, including ending
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the match with a big ace. she looks so good, chris. in the beginning of the tournament, i thought it was venus' to win, but the way serena is playing, especially the way she lost last year, did not play well, i think she's hoping next saturday she'll play her sister in the final. >> when it's venus' turn, she wants to send a message back to serena. >> they've hooked up before, and it was an adventure. serena lucky to survive that. venus hasn't dropped a set. she's back on-court on saturday. nothing approaching a challenge at this point for either williams sister. serena is the odds-maker favorite just ahead of her big sister. >> which is a surprise, because she's won it twice, serena. venus has won it five times. no matter what, they're the favorites. >> roger federer wants to win the title. phillip kohlschreiber is a very good player. federer made him look average.
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>> there was a lot of incredible tennis this this match. and kohlschreiber made roger work. >> he did, but federer would get a break-in each of the two sets and race to a two-set lead. up in the third before kohlschreiber battled back, won the third set in a tie break. federer reasserted himself, 6-1, in the fourth. >> i think it was a good match for roger. he was tested, now battle ready for the second week. >> maybe it will be a semifinal collision with novak djokovic. >> maybe he had sushi last night, but too much game for the american. >> oh, sushi and fish. i get it. give me a second and i'll catch up. it was a straight set win against the man he kind of feared. >> marty is a dangerous opponent, but djokovic was moving unbelievably well. >> tommy haas on the far court
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won the first two sets. his opponent battled back in the fifth. haas had two match points in the fourth. they get back it on saturday. the campers are waiting for the repatterns of andy murray. you'll see murray, roddick, and venus. lots of action expected. more beautiful weather on tap. day six at wimbledon. we hope you join us on espn2. >> other notable results on the men's side, rbbredo up in four
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sets, and robin soderling also moves into round four, facing roger federer the man who beat him in paris. >> yes me and my coach were joking, you know, you beat me nine times in a row before this match. so we were joking and saying nobody can beat me 10 times in a row. we were wrong. so next time we play, you know, nobody can beat me 11 times in a row, i promise you. >> just yolking around. maybe it's got a soft "j." i think soderling is well aware of the task heavyduty him. he's never beaten federer in 10 career matches, but nobody beats him in 11 in a row. federer has won of the 23 sets between them. soderling, just try to get more than a set this time. >> marlins putting their five-game win streak on the line against the the rays.
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bottom of the eighth, bases that loaded for b.j. upton. the wa that's hit all the way to thescs wall.avarro t two score on the double. rays win 7-3. florida's win streak is over. ramirez went homeless in a span of 26 games, but bounced back with a vengeance. now has four home runs and 15 rbis in his last five games. >> giants/brewers, the lone interleague game on the ledger friday. matt kean trying to be the n.l.'s first game-winner in the third. j.j. hardy deep to center, his seventh of the year. oh-oh. bengie molina can't avoid it. brewers win 5-1. that's good comedy. tony stewart crashed during
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practice and will drive his backup car sunday in new hampshire. the points leader, stewart earned the position when qualifying was rained out. because the engine from his primary car will be used, he won't start at the back of the pack. >> taking a look at the starting grid, set by the point standings. defending race winner kurt busch will start fourth. montoya holding down the 12 and final spot in the chase for the cup. >> guess we can call her theods. tigress. cheyenne woods, out of the bunker, on to the green. she would make the par putt. that was on the third hole. cheyenne got a sponsorship exemption. said her goal was to make the cut. one over before play was suspended due to darkness. >> rumor has it amare's going to the warriors and the suns want
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steph curry as part of their return. see what don nelson had to say about that. >> another subway series win for the yankees over the mets as a-rod makes some history. >> fant news for saturday, june 27th. saturday, dallas braden gets the start. he's been red-hot. seven great quality starts. e.r.a. at home, 3.02. the rocket, eric de la rosa, 40 strikeouts in 40 road innings. finally, i know, paul mulholland with the pirates has struggled, but he's at home against the royals. a 1.84, facing the royals. no team in baseball has scoredea
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sergio garcia not having a good day, teeing off on number 11 with a wedge. he's into the deep rough. nowhere near the green. so his second shot, skirts off the edge of the green. he would bogey the hole. sergio would be saved from his rough outing by a massive storm that rolled in delaying play. kenny perry your leader at 11 under. >> twins and cardinals meeting for the first time since 2001. bottom nine, albert pujols, a chance to tie the game. joe nathan gets him swinging. the twins go on to win it by the final of 3-1. >> friday st. joe's dedicated the ramsey center, a 20,000-square-foot addition to the fieldhouse named after former coach and current espn basketball analyst jack ramsay. shaq will wear


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