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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 26, 2009 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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he wore number 34 for los angeles. and the heat have named alonzo mourning vice president of player development. >> coming up on espnews, we aree all aboard the queen-bound 7 train. citifield gets its first taste f of the subway series. >> first shaq, now amare. there's whispers of the sunshe s shopping stoudamire. >> and the nfl may weigh in on>a plaxico burress' case before th law does.axico burr espnews now.
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>> hi. welcome to espnews. now available in hd. you know, the last time they played the subway series, it was more like the taking of pellham 123. >> 15-0 in that game. as joe girardi would say, it's the subway series, you're going to see strange things. we saw strange things tonight. stiffer field hosting its first subway series. c.c. sabathia. third yankee pitcher with an rbi against the mets. sabathia, he was vintage. the yankee offense, despite not having a lot of the regulars, still scored nine runs. a-rod, career home run number
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564. that bolts him ahead of mr. october, reggie jackson, for 11th on the all-time list. brett gardner had his first career five-hit game. the mets one through three hitters, 0 for 12, four strikeouts. mets also made three errors in a four-run yankees second inning. meanwhile a-rod continues to climb the home run charts, passes the yankee great in reggie jackson. next up for him, rafael palmeiro who sits at 569 home runs. lakewood five behind palmeiro. >> the phillies are the ultimate paradox, a first place team that's dropped 10-12. they lead the national league in home runs, yet lead the majors in home runs allowed. they have the best road record in the majors, but can't win at home. they have one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball, but they've benched jimmy rollins
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as cole hamels says "we're fortunate everyone in the n.l. east is playing really bad." hamels on the found, taken out in the fifth game, has words for home plate spire mark carlton. >> he was leaving anyway. >> exactly. he was arguing balls and strikes. rickey romero dealing for the jays. no-hitter into the seventh. broken up by chase utley. ryan howard grounds into the 4-6-3 double play. romero seven scoreless innings. gave up just two hits, struck out seven. the jays take it 6-1. phills also won in seven since raul ibanyez went down with a groin injury. brad lidge also returned. roy halladay out since june 12th with a mild groin strain says he'll start monday against tampa bay. >> josh beckett and the a.l.-leading red sox opening a three-game series in atlanta. bottom two, beckett strikes out jeff francoeur. then in the fourth, with two on, he gets francoeur again.
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beckett seven scoreless, struck out six, scattered six. top five, big papi. david ortiz with a solo home run. his eighth of the year. seventh this month. and the red sox win it 4-1. terry francona gets his 800th win as a big league manager. red sox are 45-28, best in the a.l. they've won 11 of their last 14 against the braves. in his first 10 career starts against atlanta, josh beckett went 2-7. since then, he's 6-0 in seven starts with an e.r.a. of .38. in fact, his two runs allowed over seven starts against the braves is the fewest in a seven-start span against atlanta in the modern era. that's since 1900. there were reports friday the warriors were going to trade stephen curry and a couple other players to the phoenix suns in return for amare stoudamire fire. but warriors coach don nelson says, that's not going to happen.
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>> he wasn't drafted for somebody else. he is not going to be traded. we drafted him because we think he's a terrific player. and he's the kind of guy that we want. he fits right into our program of our green and growing young team. and that's why he's here, so he can unpack his bags, go look for a house, and relax. he ain't going any place. >> spain's ricky rubio one of three point guards the t-wolves took in the first round of the nba draft, but might not be on minnesota's opening night roster. his father told that rubio may play a few more seasons in spain. that's fine with the t-wolves. >> i knew going in we may have to wait a year. may have to wait two. you know what, in two years, rickey rubio will be all of 20 years old. and we are the rare team right now that can afford to wait.
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our horizon is three, four years out. we know that. we are not going to win an nba championship in the next couple years. we need to start adding pieces to this team. we need to be aggressive. we may have to make some trades, but we needed to start accumulating some real core pieces to figure out how to become a championship contending team. >> t-wolves just the second team in the last 20 years to make two of their top six picks in the draft, and they took ricky rubio fifth, they took another point guard, johnny flynn from syracuse, sixth. took ty lawson, but he was traded to denver. the knicks have said they will talk to the t-wolves about rubio. >> ahead here on espnews, you have to see lou piniella's reaction to milton bradley's latest temper tantrum. >> plus, we'll check in on the hottest team in baseball, and the team with the best interleague record this year.
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>> also on the way, the dodgers haven't missed a beat since manny ramirez was suspended going 26-18. friday they were on the verge of doing something they haven't done all season. >> and tony stewart crashed during practice at loudon friday. find out why that won't affect his starting position come sunday. >> and why plaxico burress could be facing punishment before his case goes to trial. we're back right after this.
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vo: the coronation begins.
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>> sunday 2:00 eastern the u.s. faces brazil in the finals of the confederation cup. first time the u.s. has reached the finals of a fifa tournament. they did lose to brazil 3-0 earlier in group play. remember, espn and abc your home for the 2010 world cup. >> commissioner roger goodell has notified plaxico burress the nfl will review last year's gun incident under the personal conduct policy. charged with criminal possession of a weapon burress' case has been adjourned until september 23rd.have >> a southside flavor to the windy city series.misse
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some drama in the sixth. milton bradley, lines out to left. that was part one.n ball after the fly-out, bradley would walk into the dugout. didn't come back out. apparently had words with lou piniella, and replaced. a three-run homer. cubs win 5-4. sweet lou addressed what happened with bradley after the game. >> i told him to take his uniform off. he threw his helmet, smashed the water cooler, water flying all over. i told him to take his uniform off and go home. and followed him up into the clubhouse, and we exchanged some words. i don't like those things to happen, but i'm just tired of watching all that. >> what led up to it? >> what led up to it? what led up to it was the fired helmet and the smashed cooler. this has been a common occurrence. i've looked -- i've looked the other way a lot. and i'm done with it.
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>> will he play tomorrow? >> look, i'm not into discipline. i'm really not. i'm really not. i'm going to put his name in the lineup tomorrow. and that's it. >> it was all verbal, just to be clear, the confrontation that you had? >> yeah, it was verbal. that's it. >> is that a common occurrence by him or by guys on your team when you talk about what happened? >> what are you talking about? >> you said it's a common occurrence. >> the helmets, throwing stuff, and so forth. it was enough. i'd had enough. >> mariners trail the dodgers 5-1 in the sixth inning. l.a. had lost its last two. they haven't lost three straight at all this season. casey blake, a home run. he entered play hitting .342 since manny was suspended. ichiro with two hits. he's now reached base sufficiently in 53 of his last 54 games.
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>> we told you about milton bradley. you heard what lou piniella had to say. in case you forgot -- >> those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, right? >> bradley, let's put it this way, he's had his share of onfield incidents. >> all right. we've moved past milton bradley, and we're talking about the angels and d'backs right now. the angels put up eight runs in the second inning and have not looked back. the eight runs in the second the most they've scored in any inning this season. >> padres in town for three with the rangers. 9-1 texas. hank blalock likes what he sees. his 14th of the year. texas wins its third straight. kevin millwood gets career win number 150 for the rangers. >> a.l. central-leading tigers putting their seven-game win streak on the line against the astros. top nine, tigers down 5-4.
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latroy hawkins gets the ground out. astros hang on to win 5-4, and s detroit's seven-game win streak is over. >> nhl draft.ft, the islanders took center john to tavares with the first pick tavares tavares led the o ontario hocke. league with 54 goals. he's the isles first overall fo pick.vrall four of the top five picks were centers. rounding out the top 10, three defensemen and two wingers. >> the flyers have acquireduire defenseman chris pronger from the ducks. pronger was the league mvp in the 1999-2000 season with the blues. in 2007, he won a stanley cup as a member of the ducks. >> straight ahead on espnews,pn, she's got the last name, butnam, what about t bhe game?e.
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tiger woods' niece trying toingt make the cut in her lpga tour debut. taking the weekend off, roger federer will face aps continar opponent as he continues his quest for h
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>> williams' sister takes the court in what many believe is an invisible collision in a ladies final a week from saturday. friday was serena's turn against
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vinci. >> she served beautifully. had 10 aces in all, including ending the match with a very big ace. i just think she looks good, chris. in the beginning of the tournament, i thought it was venus' to win, but the way serena is playing, especially since they lost in the final last year, did not play well, i think she's hoping that next saturday she will be playing her sister again in the final. >> it's like serena wants to send a message to venus. and when it's venus' turn she wants to send a message back. >> venus also hasn't dropped a set. she's back on-court on saturday. nothing approaching a challenge at this point for either williams sister. serena is the odds-maker favorite just ahead of her big sister. >> a little bit of a surprise, because she's won it twice, serena, and venus has won it five times. no matter what, they're the favorites. >> she wants to win it badly. >> so does roger federer with
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nadal not here. phillip kohlschreiber, federer opponent on center court. federer made him look average. >> federer made him look average. >> he did, but kohlschreiber battled back, wont third set in a tie break. if i hadderrer reasserted himself, 6-1 in the fourth. >> it was a good match for roger. he was tested, now battle ready for the second week. >> djokovic had too much game for the american. a little bit too much sushi for the american. >> i get. djokovic with the athleticism. marty does have a big serve. >> he's a dangerous opponent,
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but djokovic was moving unbelievably well. >> match of the tournament so far. they couldn't even finish it before darkness arrived on friday. tommy haas won the first two sets. they battled back in the fifth. haas had two match points, couldn't close it out. 6-0 when they get back ate on saturday. the campers are waiting for their reappearance of andy murray in his third-round match. murray, roddick and venus. lots of action expected. more beautiful weather on tap. day six at wimbledon here on saturday. join us on espn2. >> andy murray, venus williams.
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>> notable results on the men's wide. robredo upset in four sets. verdasco advances. and robin soderling will face federer, the man who beat him in paris. all "joking" aside. >> me and my coach were joking, saying nobody can beat me 10 times in a row, but we were wrong. so for next match, next time we play, you know, nobody can beat me 11 times in a row, i promise you. >> we're all just "joking" around. it's one big "joke." the soft "j." >> when he wins, he'll be "jumping" for "joy." >> soderling is well aware of the task ahead..
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only won one set against him. d maybe that's where you start. >> got to start somewhere. marlins putting their five-gamer win streak on the line againstt the rays. bottom eight, 3-3 game, bases f loaded for b.j. upton. going to bounce off the base of the wall. rays win 7-3, as florida's five-game win streak comes to an end. >> ramirez homered in the loss. he went homerless in a span of 26 games, but bounced back with a vengeance. now has four home runs and 15 rbis in his last five games. >> giants-brewers, the lone interleague game on the ledger on friday. j.j. hardy, his seventh of the year. kean, not 1 of his better starts of the season. later in the game, sausage race. bengie molina, look out for the
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wienerschnitzel! >> that never gets old. >> tony stewart crashed during practice, and will drive his backup car sunday in new hampshire. >> meet the tigress. cheyennewoods making her pro debut in rochester. second-round action, that's ms. woods out of the bunker on to the green. she would par on the par 5 fourth. this is woods' fourth shot. she sticks it to within 2 feet. she says her goal is to make the cut. she's at one over after 10 holes in round two when play was suspended due to darkness. >> rumor has it amare is going to the warriors, and the suns want curry. hear what don nelson had to say
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about that. >> and in the subway series, c.c. brought his a-game while a-rod leapfrogged a yankee legend. t >> we have fantasy news for saturday, june 27th. when you talk top spot pitchers ju you like guys going in oakland. saturday, dallas braden gets th. start. he's been red-hot, seven quality starts.ity his e.r.a. at home this year, 3.02. his opponent in that game, jorg, della rosa. 40 strikeouts in 40 road stri innings. finally, i know, paul mulholland with the pirates has struggledod lately, but he's at home against the royals. h when pitching in pittsburgh this year, a 1.84 e.r.a., and faces the royals. no team in baseball has scoredal less runs on the road than the kansas city royals.
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presence of surratts and in advance of having a tax on private industry and and there is a lot of skepticism about how that might work and when senator rockefeller wrote he was hoping to get an engagement to help us outline how we can make it work in the real world. so i'm excited to send us their comments as we try to refine that legislation before we try to market up. >> , asked about the steps history something i asked about if you have any thoughts on that and also what to think about some of the most important things that the military could be doing as far as its role in moving toward? >> so let me talk about my thoughts as department of defense personnel so we have
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three cyber goals and a prominent defense and i don't sound like cyber goals as much mental dod has to work with nothing else will sometimes and so we have got to have execution in the face of hostile sabot work by incapable adversary incapable an adversary is the import and west so it isn't just worried about cybercrime although we worry about that, but dod has to work in the face of this threat. a lot of other things have to work to but i will be parochial for a minute and so back to the sharing with international partners and industry, this business of defining what a mission is quickly spills outside of the department of defense. many of our missions are interagency and the government essentially mission is coalition
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with lots of other partners to either close allies were people we are used to doing business with, the chinese francis and piracy in an earthquake relief for instance. >> piracy on the high seas? >> on the high seas off of somalia, not cyber tyrosine were stealing microsoft codel and sound and again in perrin with the other piece of it is that it is the communication structure depends on is 80% commercial and so that mission dependability is clearly in a joint geren and industry problem. we can do this without close interaction with industry so dependable mission execution is job one. john to is a sharing so dod has had a loss of security rolls over the years of history remain
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a decision in the '70s called a system high. it was a computer science decision but it has shaped everything the federal geren has done ever since and that is will have a separate top-secret that work and several unclassified network and once an atom of information dance into one of those it is trapped there. if it is an unclassified in per piece of information but ends up in the secret network it is considered sacred and is trapped softsoap is inhibin information sharing. the theory was if the security desk of the ones that cooked up a scheme to make information sharing heart and had to be the security guys problem. so save schering is a problem to that we have in the cyber business and problem three is traditional security problem. we want to keep them sick sigrid per the time and that this coalition oriented thing. we want to keep secret within a
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particular set of countries, secret very timely within a little piece of the department of defense so coming up with structures that allow this, this ad hoc coalition formation and sharing while keeping a secret is another problem. so i can the historical technology problem has been the system high decision. just one other historical low i think it is also clear based on evidence in estonia and georgia that cyber warfare is going to be a part of next big fight so dod has to take this seriously and is great the president and the secretary of defense are taking it seriously so we have a chance. that is different than it has been appearing in ..


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