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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 27, 2009 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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you that opportunity to score, you make ground ball contact up the middle. just make contact up the middle. they're conceding the run. if they have everyone back. but you have to be able to look out there and kind of survey the field, see what everybody's giving you, see if they're shifting one way. if they're shifting one way, they're pitching you away, plan your way. it's all a matter of acquiring knowledge and then using that knowledge to your benefit. >> one guy martis did have success against tonight, only took him like 15 pitches to get rid of luke scott. struck him out a couple of times. >> we picked this match-up and ironically it worked out great. you should see when martis is effective. in the first inning, he throws a sinker to scott for the ball. he comes back with a running fastball away. then he throws the change-up and he swings at a bad ball. luke scott got himself out
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there. it wasn't because martis threw great pitches. he takes that pitch for a ball, takes another pitch. trying to check himself. goes back, swings at a pitch up. comes back 3-1, checks the ball away and walks. comes around to the next at- bat. similar situation. he's aggressive. takes the change-up. comes back a fastball away. we miss a pitch and it comes back slider in. then the 2-2 pitch, he throws him a fastball. fouls it off and gets him with a slider off the bat part of the plate which was a great pitch. there was nothing you can do about that. you can see the good stuff that martis has. that change-up is devastating. the fastball has movement. the slider, he's able to do things with. but it's a matter of being able to throw those pitches into small spots and be acute with his location as opposed to being all over the place. >> somebody had a pretty good night tonight pitching for hagerstown, matt chico. manny acta still to come talking about tonight's loss to
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ask your doctor if cialis is right for you, so when the moment is right, you can be ready. tonight syracuse got knocked off by pawtucket, that's a final. matt chico on the mound, he gives up no runs tonight. goes three innings. >> get three innings at a time. that's about 45, 50 pitches. >> the carolina league, 5-2, potomac wins, rooney goes 3 for 5 with a couple of runs driven in. in the gulf coast league update, a 5-3 win for the nats team down there against the mets, gulf coast league ball club. lastings milledge, 1 for 3 day. hood had a 3 for 5 day.
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>> i want oh see this kid play. he's a guy from alabama that was a great football player committed to go to the university of alabama. didn't think he was going to wait or the second round. lastings, i'm hoping lastings is going to just break out and he was a big part of the future of this organization. last year. everybody thought he was going to be something special. and he got hurt and a little bit of discipline problem. see what happens. >> how about the subway series up in new york. the yankees against the mets tonight, top of the third, no score. nick swisher, solo homer off redding. top of the 6th, now 2-0 a couple of runners on. jorge posada with a three-run shot. the yankees up 5-0, that is the final. in atlanta, red sox and the braves, top of the first, vazquez strikes out david ortiz
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swinging to end the inning. tim wakefield in the top of the first. bottom of the third, still scoreless, wake feel getting hernandez looking on a called strike three. boston shutting out atlanta, that final is 1-0. now, let's go to manny acta brought to you by verizon wireless talking about tonight's' loss to the orioles. >> i think it was the first one, because we had there on the ropes. wened up scoring one run after that and it was because of a loss. the first inning set the tone. i think at least we should have scored four runs in that inning. >> what did you think of martis tonight? >> i thought that he played with fire the whole game. and then finally ended up getting burned. he was pitching away from contact. he did have -- he pitched behind in the count the whole night and that really cost him. that's why he ended up throwing
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98 pitches in five innings. >> it's obvious josh didn't see the ball, but did anybody think it was going out. >> i really didn't move even when i saw the hitting because i knew that the ball was out. i saw it all the way from the bench. >> any way if he had seen it immediately, do you think he could have -- >> not a chance. that ball was about three rows behind him. i don't think he could have made the play. it was out. a home run. the guy hate good pitch. we shouldn't put ourselves in that position. >> situational hitting, it's kind of been one of those things talked about this year. is it about a line-up had a can kind of change once it needs to face a clutch situation? >> well, it's been poor obviously, but tonight those guys got into those situations, they've been struggling the whole year. so that was kind of convenient. for them. but main thing, they got to take a step back and revisit that hitting approach that
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we're having. we struck out again with the bases loaded. this is the fourth time in about the last two weeks. then we were ahead in the count and couldn't get the pitch that we wanted to drive the ball out of the infield. so they got to sit back, revisit that hitting approach and apply it. >> martis, a lot of times this year where he's been around the plate and that kind of thing. you keep preaching to him, throw strikes, trust your stuff? or is there a different approach you take with him? >> i think you've got to keep repeating yourself. throw strikes, pitch ahead, throw the first strike right down the middle of the plate regardless of the pitch, then expand the zone. but it's, you can only tell them so many times. they've still got to go out there and do it. today it just looked like every hitter was 2-0 and 1-0. i actually had my doubts that he was going it stay out there through five innings just because of the way he started the ballgame.
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>> reported -- masn reported today during the game that when olson comes back, stan was going to the bullpen, is that true? >> yeah, that's true. olson is going to go into the rotation and we're going to keep stammen here to pitch out of the bullpen and so we'll have a decision to make tomorrow. >> nats manager manny acta, john lannan gets the start tomorrow trying to stop this nationals slide against baltimore. we'll also be hearing from shairon martis when we come back. times may be tough today, but the things we all look forward to haven't changed. like owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important.
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after mail-in rebate. only from at&t. "nats xtra" show on masn brought to you by verizon fios. if you ask shairon martis tonight what was going wrong with him trying to pitch against this orioles line-up, his response might be this response. >> what happened today? >> well, no getting hit, no
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getting first pitch strikes, so that's going get new trouble. >> how frustrating is that for you, especially when even though it could have been a bigger first inning for the team, with the two bases loaded walks, but then you come out and right away get into a struggling mode. >> it's supposed to be, but they got to be aggressive and throw strikes and i'm not doing that right now. >> can you pinpoint anything as to why? >> so it's john lannan tomorrow for the nats, he's 4-5 against david hernandez being called up from triple-a norfolk for the orioles. >> i'm going to make one statement about john lannan. any club in the major leagues right now he can make. that's how good a pitcher he is. he might be a number five on some of those great clubs, but he can pitch anywhere. the man has done a great job for us. >> won two of his last four starts. i don't have to tell thank you. how about hernandez, 3-2 at norfolk. >> just his second start in his career. all i'm seeing is fastballs. we don't have that much on him, but he was throwing fastballs
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in the low 90s. had both outings over five innings, gave up 10 hits his first outing, five hits his second outing. just one earned run in his last outing. so he's getting his, as my mother would say, a little wet behind his ears. >> so the nationals with a loss tonight, they fall to 21-51. 34-40 for the orioles with the win tonight. and they'll go again tomorrow. see if they can salvage game three of the series. >> john lannan will pitch tomorrow night and he'll keep us in the ballgame. i don't know what we're going to do about the hitting. just keep on going out there trying. but got to have a better stronger approach. >> and there's always tomorrow. and tomorrow would be sunday. thanks so much for joining us here in our "nats xtra" post- game tonight. be sure and join us tomorrow beginning at 1:00 on masn. it will be jim hunter and jim palmer and bob carpenter and rob dibble. good night, see you tomorrow. x
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hit two home runs. and the sixth career multi-home run game. and the phillies giving up plenty of offense and the 10-0 win. and the phillies winning the second time in the last 11 games. and j.a. happ's first career shot yut the fourth interleague shouldout in phillies' history. and andy roddick taking on his good friend, jurgen melzer. third set roddick with break point. want to get hay way? roddick l loses his footing ande would loose the game as well and the set. and his wife, brooklyn decker, unphased by it all. she had confidence. the fourth set, enjoying the sun as well, melzer a nice drop shot here. roddick comes up with the big forehand winner. roddick, a nice stroke from the base line. roddick wins in four sets.
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33 aces, improved to 9-0 against melzer. >> and considering the way he served the first two sets, i was glad to get through with a two-set lead. you know, i was having trouble getting a read on hill. he was hitting all of his spots. i played him a lot of times and that's the best he served against me. like the other two matches, i wish i could have converted on a chance in the third set. but probably hit the ball my best in the fourth again. >> the third seed, andy murray facing viktor troicki. murray serving 4-2 and he stays on and wins. and second set murray 4-2 and the big serve.
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and puts troicki away with the forehand. and murray the second set 6-3. the third set murray suffering for the match. murray aces troicki and the 17th ace of the match and 37 winser as well. and he wins in dominating fashion. >> get to arresting and nationwide race. and that is joey will a ga georgia -- will a gado. >> and edwards in the pits and problems with the lug nuts. >> guys, take it off, take it off. that's a rare mistake, don't sweat it. we got another one. >> the pit true members dropped the lugnuts. and edwards dropped to eighth. and busch and is battling and
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winning the fifth race in the nationwide. and the string of 23 different winners at the voechlal track and new hampshire. no other racer won that many >> and busch finished first or second each in the last four races. >> and updating you, the marlins and rays. bottom of the ninth tied at 2-2. aybar to center and barlett coming home from home and he would score. and he got to third on a wild pitch and the rays go on to win 3-2 the final score. and carlos pena with the solo shot. and the 100th home run for the rays and the second most -- his
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100. and aubrey has the lead in franchise history. >> still to come the rangers appear to be heating up after a drought and texas with eye-popping numbers. and also ahead, cheyenne woods following her famous uncle in the family business. how she compares tiger in her first pro event. and also, rachel alexandra racing for the first time since the last victory and why her jockey says sh
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>> they have longed lived in the shadows of the cowboys. stories of former cowboys getting page one treatment in dallas. the rangers are stealing some of that. in sharp contrast in the dismal season they had in 2008. and the rangers had at least a share of first place since may 6th. the latest they have been in the position since 1999. yes, the year that prince once sang about. padres scoring the least and up wouldn't know it today leading 7-3 in the top of the ninth. and eckstein with an r.b.i. double. and again a single in the sixth. and davis with the second home run in the last three games. >> and the best interleague performer this season, trying to
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keep it going against the d-backs. davis 1-5 at tomorrow. and the angels down 1-0. and aybar drops it down and it looks pretty routine and they throw it away. aybar heads to second and the double is nice. and aybar safe. and the throw, that sails out of town and aybar scores easily. and the second most errors in the majors. and the angels 13-4 in interleague play. and going 3-4 and .500 in the last seven games. updating you on the giants and brewers now tied at 6-6 in the bottom of the ninth. the giants are doing their best to give the game away. brian wilson on the mound, the bottom of the ninth. prince fielder coming out to the
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dish. brian braun struck out and another two outs in this one. and the giants are definitely trying to hang onto this one. and prince fielder, a three-run home run. and entering the third round of the weigmam, struggling the on the hole. missing the par putt and four didn't get better. and another par putt. and it goes right and she goingeed four of the six holes and finished the third round 4 under. and stacie lewis the third hole and it doesn't stop rolling until it goes into the cup and earning a 10 under. won the par 5 11, lewis for eagle! and shin on 10, that bad boy, and ends the day with a four-shot lead at 16 under.
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and most people are wondering what happened to cheyenne woods? she, of course, is the niece of tiger. she was a freshman this past year. coming from xavier prepare high school in arizona winning back to back titles and the first lga appearance ended with her missing the cut. she consulted her uncle. >> he is just really supportive for me. and that's always nice. it was a really great experience tore me to play in my first lpga. the community was supportive of the girls out here and i love the crowds. they were cheering me on and it is great. >> and racing, the mother goose stakes and the preakness winner, rachel alexandra, at belmont park. and calvin borel the janyan joc. and rachel alexandra coming from behind. and leaving only two hourses for
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rachel alexandra to run against. the final stretch and rachel alexandra pulling away by 19 1/4 lengths. and leading baseball in home runs, find out what big name player albert pujols has today. and the home run alive in the first at-bat for manny ramirez and we are bringing you every at-bat during his rehab on "espnews." and in a wimbledon debut, melanie oudin pulled off the big upset. wait until you hear what her wait un(announcer)r what her what does greatness taste like? a miller lite. (announcer on call) ...he throws it across the field. he's got something! 30...40...50...he's got it!
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