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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 27, 2009 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> next on "espnews," the machine turning out more round-trippers. what he did that not even big mac could do. >> and manny ramirez came up with a home run in his first at-bat. see what he does in his second a.b. and kyle busch keeping a streak going in new hampshire. part of a rarity on the nationwide series. >> just gone final between the giants and brewers. and hart to center bringing home kendall and the bruins are down 6-5.
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and the next batter, j.j. hardy is facing wilson trying to get the save. hardy, the hard-liner up the middle, it gets through. and a run comes in and we are all tied up at 6-6. the giants were at the low point 4-0 and then the brewers came right back. here they are after he struck out and prince fielder up and rips it down the right-field line. and coming down for the winning run and the brewers go bananas. the brewers win it 7-6 and milwaukee won 9 of the last 11 versus the giants. and the giants are 2-14 in the last 16 at milwaukee. trevor hoffman allowing five runs in the last 4 2/3 after starting the season allowing 0 runs in the first 18 innings pitched. with that we say welcome into "espnews." so glad you can join us. helping you stay current with the latest news, scores and highlights.
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i've will selva along side of mike yam. if you are following us on "espnews" we are bringing you the live at-bats of manny ramirez. we showed you what he did in the first at-bat. and manny is expected to get up, batting second in the next half inning, top of the third in southern california. so you want to keep it right here on "espnews" and we will take you live to southern california. before we do that, we have to talk about albert pujols. >> he has been absolutely on fire, especially in interleague play. he has seven home runs leading major league baseballs with home runs in interleague play. and cardinals down 3-2 and pujols with one on and he has himself a home run. the second home run of the game. and that's the sixth multihome run game this season. and now the twins down 5-3 and kubel down the line and pujols getting it done.
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a gold glove in 2006. and four r.b.i.'s and two home runs and the cardinals end a three-game losing streak and st. louis scoring three runs and they get five today. and albert, of course, a big game. but he played it off as if it were no big deal. >> some day i am going to miss those pitch, some day i am going to have a good day like i did today. i wish they could come more often, but all the time it isn't going to happen. it isn't going to happen. because if it does happen, why you even play this game, it wouldn't be fun to you. so you need to adjust for now. i mean last night i came in here, today i watched a couple of video, i find a couple of things i think i was missing and i went out today and executed and that's how you learn. >> the sixth multihome run game, the most in major league baseball. and the 29 career with two home
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runs passing mark mcgwire in cardinal history. and yesterday, milton bradley took out frustration on the water cooler and a helmet. and he got the start today and in the eighth inning the cubs up 7-6 and bradley, two on. and the insurance run's not coming across. bradley 1-5 and the first hit in the first at-bat. and bottom of nine and tied. and to right field, and they win 8-7. 13 career hits and the first walk-off. after the game he said to get that kind of hit and have the team come and get you like that, that is pretty cool. >> yeah it is cool. >> six ties and six lead changes and the white sox trailed six different times and lost 5-6 overall and 7-8 on the road. the yankees and mets. a.j. burnett entered with e.r.a. of .68 in the.
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and the top of the sixth yankees up 2-0 with two on and posada lowses that and the no-no, and the single to center and burnett with an e.r.a. of .44 over his last three starts, his 10 strikeouts is a season high. the yankees have won four straight after losing their previous three. the last three match-ups between the yankees and mets have been decidedly one-sided. the yankees won all three games, outscoring the mets 29-1. the yankees have banged out 19 extra-base hits, compared to just one for the metropolitans. tim wakefield getting a second crack at 10 wins. the third pitcher in the majors to reach double digits facing vasquez and wakefield getting the better of him. the first hit since june 4 of
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2005 and terry francona liking what he sees. and kotsay going, and youkilis scores. and kotsay 1-3 with an r.b.i. the second r.b.i. of the season and the first r.b.i. in three weeks. the bottom of the ninth jonathan papelbon. and that's it and the sox win it 1-0. the only other 1-0 red sox win in the game started by wakefield was a 1-0 win at oakland may 30, 1995. wakefield was on three day's rest that day. the 42 year old knuckleball baller gets it. >> the manny ramirez rehabilitation tour. and suiting up for the california league expected to play long enough to get four at-bats. in his veriers if at-bat manny goes deep! he did it in 106-degree
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temperature weather. scorching there and manny being manny, of course, we brought that at-bat to you live here on "espnews." and every time he comes up we will do likewise. so this is what is coming up for manny in the coming days. sunday, monday and tuesday, he will be facing rancho cucamonga and "espnews" is all over it with highlights for you. and scheduled to return to the dodgers july 3rd when l.a. plays at san diego. most teenagers at the age of 17 are thinking about the next video they can post or youtube logging on in faceback and the prom. those are not on the mind of melanie oudin, the georgia native home schooled is not the typical teenager. making her wimbledon debut, she was in the third round facing a former number one
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player, jelena jankovic. melanie oudin, there has to be some nerves. and the first time playing a top 10 opponent. there has to be nerves there. the first set tie-breaker and oudin, those are the nerves and with jankovic up and gets the first set. and then jankovic calls for a doctor that delays the match. and she felt dizzy and thought she would end up in the hospital. she was crying during the changeover. later oudin 6-5, got herself a forehand winner and 38 winners. and yanukovych just 13 winners. -- jankovic with just 13 winners. and oudin, the forehand too much and oudin with the huge upset. jankovic when the match was over had some excuses. >> was it heat stroke or dehydration or what? >> i don't know. there was also some woman problems as well, you know. it's not easy being a woman. sometimes all of the things happen and it's, you know, what can i do. i tried my best.
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>> is that the first time your monthly cycle affected you so dramatically like that? >> i never had problems in the past. my first time experience. >> i went out there and actually did really well thinking she was any other player and it was any other match and i was at any other tournament. not on like the biggest stage at wimbledon, playing my first top 10 player. but yeah, i think i handled it really well today. i did my best and it ended up being good enough today so i'm thrilled. when i was 7 when i started playing tennis i saw venus and serena williams playing here and i was like mom, i really want to play there some day. >> and it is hard to route against her. the qualifier from georgia ranked 124th in the latest wta ranks 8th among americans. the thumb two junior player in the world in april of 2008 and
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was empty in two grand slam appearances prior to the event, losing in the first round in both the 2008 u.s. open and 2009 australia open. >> the number three seed, venus williams, taking on carla suarez navarro and venus doing what she does at wimbledon, dominating. the first set up 2-0 and the overhead. krr r >> and venus at the net again and a backhand voluntarily winner. and the second set and venus in a little trouble. still up 5-4. the forehand from williams, just too much. venus the two-time defending champion and now in the fourth round. somehow winning 29 straight sets at wimbledon. >> still to come on "espnews," more tennis, american andy roddick meeting up with one of his friends on the grass. how he was able to withstand tense moves to move on. and manny ramirez in the first
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>> welcome back to "espnews." live coverage of every manny ramirez at-bat. and ramirez suiting up for the 66ers, of the california league. manny batting lead-off. the first time up, had a home run against nick schmidt. introduced a smattering of boozing with some cheers, and some fans with dread locks and blue bandanas. and the sell out crowd.
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the only available tickets sold for $6 allowing the fans to sit in a grassy berm of the chosy stadium. there is manny, taking that pitch. the fans are chanting out his name. ramirez expected to play long enough to get four at-bats here. that was minor league rehab tour started in new mexico. in albuquerque to be exact, where he played tuesday and wednesday. going hit-less in three at-bats with the walk. there's a runner on first here. and manaran stepping in schedule to play three more games for the 66ers after today. and sunday through tuesday in san bernardino. in new mexico, manny went hitless in three at-bats with a walk. he already touched them all
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today. and that ball goes high and sailed over the catcher's head. >> and the interesting thing, you mentioned it before, got this one home run. but the fact of the heat and the sell-out crowd it is over 100 degrees in southern california. >> 106 degrees according to our colleague there. can you imagine being a mascot right there on top of the dugout in 106-degree weather wearing the dreads in nod to his presence there. >> if one of us was going to be a mascot, that would be you. >> i don't think so. but here he is, taking another pitch. and now because the california league was on its all-star game break monday through wednesday, the start of ramirez's stint with inland empire, it is delayed two days. they are the class a affiliate of the dodgers and manny, trying to get out of the way of that pitch. so clearly the pitcher trying to
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go after manny. >> you have to attack, especially after the first hit, which was a home run. and manny in the first two games in the rehab assignment, no hits. a couple of strikeouts as well and 0-3 in the first two games. and the first a.b. i don't know how many expected the home run. that is what he gave the fans. >> and manny takes a base. after getting a home run in his first at-bat, manny ramirez is walked in his second at-bat. of course, we keep it here on "espnews" and we will continue to show you his at-bats live. once again, he is expected to play long enough to get four at-bats. now here is how the upcoming minor colleague schedule looks like. sunday, monday and tuesday he will be facing rancho cucamonga and "espnews" is all over it bringing you the highlights. and expected to return to the big leagues on july 3rd and he will join the dodgers when they face the padres. the phillies are yet to beat the
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blue jays in four chance this is season. and werth knows it and wants to change it. and a scoreless game but you can add two on the board. crushing that one to left field and an upper-deck shot for werth. check out how the ball carries. he had two home runs in the game and was 4-4. his sixth career multi-home run game. and the phillies win the second time in the last 11. 9 -- the 10-0 win is the largest since 1994. and j.a. happ's first shutout. >> and andy roddick facing met met -- jurgen melzer. and roddick's feet are going into business for himself. stumbles and falls and he loses his footing and that set. and his wife, brooklyn decker,
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watching. soaking in the rays. as her hubbie continues playing. and roddick all over it with the forehand winner. and he had 33 ace as and 9-0 against melzer and 22-3 this year in tie-breakers. >> considering the way he serve ed the first two sets, i was glad to get through with a two-set lead. you know, i was having trouble getting a read on hill. -- him. he was hitting all of his spots. i played him a lot of times and that's the best he served against me. like the other two matches, i wish i could have converted on a chance in the third set. but probably hit the ball my best in the fourth again. >> the third seed, andy murray facing viktor troicki.
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murray serving 4-2. murray, nice drop shot. he wins the game and the first set 6-2. the second set, murray serving again, 4-2. and murray the big serve, and then troicki with a forehand. and murray takes the second set 6-3. and murray serving for the match, and murray, 37 winners and was in dominating fashion, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4. >> get the engines revved up. nationwide race in new hampshire motor speedway and joey logano and carl edwards. and edwards and logano are pushing and edwards in the 60 cars. he is in the hit having problems. >> shake it off, shake it off. the crew down there, you are an excellent crew.
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that's all i will say. it is a rare mistake. don't sweat it. >> they dropped lug nuts. and back to eighth place. and led, and busch and logano are battling and busch squeezes ahead and stays ahead for the final turn. the final lap, busch comes around and takes the checkered flag and the fifth win of the year in the nationwide series. and 23 different winners in 23 nationwide race test oval track and new hampshire. and busch also has 10 top five finish this is season, which is tied with carl edwards for the most. and busch finished first or second in each of the last four races. >> still to come the rangers appear to be heating up after a recent offensive drought. can texas put up more eye-popping numbers? and also ahead, cheyenne woods sharing her famous uncle and sharing(announcer) uncle and what does greatness taste like?
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>> they is longed lived in the shadow of the cowboys in a football-mad town. former cowboys getting page one treatment, the rangers are stealing some of that. the situation in contrast to the season the cowboys had in 2008. the rangers at least a share of first place since may 6th the. the latest they have been in the
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situation since 1999. the year prince sang about. 21 runs and 28 hits and five homers. on this day, doing all the damage is the double to left and resulting in the score. and going up 1-0. adding to the r.b.i. total here. and ripping another double down the line and scoring two. and three r.b.i.s and they win it 7-3. just the second road win in the last eight road games and the fouri fourth win. and a career high of four strikeouts in the game. >> keeping you update around baseball, rockies and a's at this point. and seth smith a solo shot in the fourth inning. the second home run in the last three games. and barmes also a solo shot. the dodgers and mariners, the
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difference is the r.b.i. double in the second making it 1-0. >> golf, michelle wie four back. and struggling today, and misses that par putt. on four, another par putt. she will miss that one as well. she bogeyed four of the first six holes. and lewis rolling, rolling, knocks down the birdie putt and moves to 10 under. and the par 5 11, lewis. for eagle! she finishes the day 11 under and the fellow rookie shin on 10 and the bad boy is chirping. and the four shot lead. and cheyenne woods? we will tell you about her. she is the niece of tiger. the treasureman on the wake forest golf team this past year. show came from xavier prep high
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school in arizona winning back to back state titles. in the first lpga appearance ended with her missing the cut. of course, she spoke with her famous uncle, tiger woods. >> but i mean he was just really supportive for me and that's always nice. it was a really great experience, for me to play in my first lpga here. the whole community was supportive of the girls and i love the crowd. they were cheering me on, so that was great. >> getting to racing. on the track, the preakness winner, that's rachel alexandra. getting it going here at the belmont park with calvin borel the jockey. and the final turn rachel alexandra coming from behind. she ends up this the final stretch pulling away and winning by 19 1/4 lengths and now 7-0 on the jockey, calvin borel.
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>> still to come a two-time and leading baseball in home runs. find out what big name cardinals player, albert pujols with two more long balls today. >> speaking of a.b.'s working very them live. after not having a hit in the first rehab games, manny with a home run and a walk. and melanie oudin pulling off a big upset. would you like to see our new menu? look at this! (laughing) - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! yo, those things are so-o good. mmm, amazing. you think anybody can eat that whole thing by themselves? it's like i hit the lottery in food. now get big meals, like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. - here's your check! - look at that! (laughing)
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