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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 27, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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♪ >> next on "espnews" -- albert pujols has a big day. plus, a new teammate and details on this breaking news. >> coming up with a home run in the first at-bat and a walk in his second a.b. and the third at-bat coming up next. >> and kyle busch keeps the remarkable streak going. part of a rarity in the nationwide series. ♪ >> giants and the mets. prince fielder, bottom of the sixth, 4-0 giants. feeler, let's the bat do the talking and he does the walking. the three-run shot off zito and he ties it up later in the sixth
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in a home run. and a deep wide ball to center, and mike cameron, making a fantastic catch, tied at 4-4. bottom of 9 tied at 6-6. and fielder scoring hart and a walk-off hitter and the sixth of the career and brewers score three in the ninth to win it 7-6. and brian wilson had not allowed a run in the previous 13.2/3 innings and hoffman allowing runs, and started allowing 0 runs in the first 18 innings pitched. >> and we are keeping you current with the latest news, scores and highlights. this is "espnews" available in high definition. along with will selva, mike yam with you. more on the cardinals and what think have been able to do, they pull off a trade. and we have that for you. now manny ramirez. >> we are tracking every single one of his at-bats.
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the rehabilitation tour. ramirez all business taking part in batting practice, shagging fly balls. and ramirez suiting up with the 66ers. and in his first at-bat he was batting lead-off and went deep. that one off nick schmidt. and introduced to a smattering of boos mixes with cheers as well. in his second at-bat, manny gets walked. and sweltering heat, 106 degrees. and here is the schedule for man ram coming up, sunday, monday and tuesday he is playing against rancho cucamonga. and expected to return to the dodgers on july 3rd and that game will be in san diego.
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>> cardinals matching up against the minnesota twins. albert pujols got a new teammate and we get that you news in a second. the third inning and the cardinals gou 3-2 and he crush it is to left field. and leading the bigs in long balls. top of the 7th and jason kubel thinks he gets a hit and he is robbed by pujols making the great diving stops. and a gold glove award winner who took home the hardware and a two home run game. and the cardinals had a three-game losing streak and they ray announced this evening they acquired an infield-outfielder. and he is tied in the american league at the start for today. and pujols with two home runs had a big day and he played it
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off like it was no big deal. >> some day i am going to miss those pitch. >> and i wish they could come more often, but all the time it isn't going to happen. if it does happen, why do you even play this game, it won't be fun to you. you need to adjust for now. last night i came in here, today i watched a couple of video, find a couple of things that i think i was doing that i missed those pitches and i went out and execute today and that's how you learn. >> this is pujols sixth multihome run game, the most in major league baseball. and he passes mark mcgwire for second in cardinal's history. >> and yesterday, taking his frustration on the water cooler and the helmet. and he got the start today against the white sox batting third in the line-up. the eighth inning the cubs up 7-6 and bradley up, two men, two down and not able to talk on an
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insurance run. and 1-5 in the game. and tonight, tied at 7-7. and sending it to right field, and he has got 13 career base hits and including the first walk-off. and when the game was over he said to get that kind of hit and have the team come and get you like that it is pretty cool. it is pretty cool, six lead changes. and the cubs lost 5-6 and 7-8 on the road. >> moving on to the subway series. a.j. burnett with a .68 aee.r.a in the last six parts and a no-hitter through five innings. the yankees are up with two on and posada loses one and the three-run poke. the yankees up 5-0. the first batter of the inning and back to burnett. and alec cora breaks up the no-no with a single to center.
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and burnett seven innings pitches. one hit, three walks and 10 k's and now has a .44 e.r.a. over his last three starts. absolutely unhittable. his 10 strikeouts were a season high for him. what a night for burnett. >> was there a point out there where you allowed yourself to start thinking no-hitter? >> [laughter] from the first inning, man. i look up and when that is happening and i wanted that one. so i am not one of those that didn't know i had it. i was pretty much shooting for it from probably fourth on. >> rocking the subtle red shirt. >> a.j. burnett, yeah. >> the last games between the yank's and mets are undecided. and the yank's con all three outscored the mets. and the yankees banged out 19 extra-base hits compared to one for the metropolitans.
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>> the red sox end up edging the braves 1-0. the story is 42 year old tim wakefield with the win. and in the last 55 years only two pitchers at least as old as wakefield won 10 games wicker. >> and most teenagers at the age of 17 are thinking of the next video you post on youtube and logging on in faceback and the prom. those are not on the mind of melanie oudin, the georgia native home schooled is not the typical teenager. she was in the third round facing a former number one player, jelena jankovic. for oudin, the first time playing a top 10 opponent. there has to be nerves there. the first set tie-breaker and jankovic up and gets the first set. and then jankovic calls for a doctor and is ok. she would be ok.
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after the match she said i felt really dizzy and thought i would end up in the hospital. she was crying during the changeover. oudin 6-5 and a forehand winner. and she hit 38 winners in the match and took the second set 7-5. and jankovic just 13 winners. and oudin, the forehand too much and oudin with the huge upset. jankovic when the match was over had some excuses. >> was it heat stroke or dehydration or what? >> i don't know. there was also some woman problems as well, you know. it's not easy being a woman. sometimes all of the things happen and it's, you know, what can i do. i tried my best. >> is that the first time your monthly cycle affected you so dramatically like that? >> i never had problem like that in the past. it was my first time experience.
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>> i went out there and actually did really well thinking she was any other player and it was any other match and i was at any other tournament. fwhot -- not on like the biggest stage at wimbledon playing a top player. i think i handled it well. i did my best and it ended up being good enough today so i'm thrilled. when i was like 7 when i started playing tennis i saw venus and serena williams playing there and i was like mom, i really, really want to play there some day. >> and introducing you to melanie oudin. she is 17 and a qualifier from georgia, ranked 124 in the latest rankings which is eighth among americans. the number two junior player in the world in april of 2008 and came up empty in two grand slam appearances prior to the event. the first round in the u.s. open in 2008 and 2009 australia open. and number three venus williams taking on carla suarez navarro and venus doing what she does at wimbledon, just dominating.
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the first set up 2-0 and the overhead. watch out. and venus just cruising. williams at 4-0. and again at the net reaching for the backhand valley winner. and venus takes the first. 6-0. and the second set venus a little trouble, still up 5-4. and the trouble is gone. venus is the two-time defending champion and now in the fourth round with a 29 straight sets winning streak at wimbledon. >> yeah, absolutely. i was really enjoying myself out there. i was able to work on moving forward against a very fast and competitive player. she strikes the ball so well, so i was happy to close it out. >> it has been a really positive first week for you, hasn't it? >> it has. i enjoyed it so much, the singles and the doubles, of course. when you are winning at wimbledon, there is not anything much better than that. >> and other lady's single
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actions, >> other lady anticipates and dinara safina the runner-up in the last two grand slams reached the fourth round of wimbledon the first time. and jankovic not the only player to fall, svetlana kuznetsova the five seed knocked down and the 13 seed ana ivanovic is moving on, the first time in four years. and andy roddick matched up with a friend on the grass and how andy was able to withstand tense moms and advance. >> and kyle busch finding him in familiar territory. how he was able to earn his fifth nationwide win of the year. and in baseball, manny has a home run and a walk in two at-bats. the game in the bottom of the fourth and he is reading off in the fifth. the fifth. hey max, new car huh?
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max: yeah. the jetta tdi clean diesel. i got a hybrid, so you know... max: a tdi set a guinness world record of 58 miles per gallon. 58 miles per gallon!? max: but this baby hauls!! it's like (mimicking engine sounds) rrrgggnnnnn, rrrrnnnnghhhh, rrrrrghhhh... max: what's your hybrid sound like? (breathes like wind) whooooooh. max: that's cool.
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>> back here on "espnews," mike yam and will selva with you. momentarily we will get you ought to california and manny ramirez will take his third at-bat of the evening. this is what is going on right now. the rockies and a's, an 11-2 score. and barmes, a solo shot in this one and the mariners and dodgers. and ken griffey, jr. a two-run home run and the 620th of his career. the third home run in the last five games. in case you are keeping tabs willie mays fourth all time and he is just 40 home runs back. >> the live coverage here on "espnews" of every single one of manny ramirez's minor league at-bats. his very first at-bat, manny, of course, batting lead-off. hit a home run against nick schmidt, the first-round draft pick of the padres in 2007. and then in his second plate
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appearance, manny walked with a man on. manny expected to play long enough to get four at-bats. manny taking the first pitch low. ramirez declined to talk to reporters today. came about 2 1/2 hours before the game. fly balls and took cuts in the batting page for the 66ers of the california league. two balls to manny. and because of california league was on its all-star game break monday through wednesday, the start of ramirez's stint with inland empire he went to albuquerque, new mexico where he went hitless in three at-bats and stepping in and ramirez takes the cut. and it appears that manny flew out in his third at-bat nowhere, it actually dropped in for a
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single. so manny ramirez 2-3 with the walk. now this is what is awaiting manny in the coming days. he will be facing rancho cucamonga on sunday, monday and tuesday. and he is scheduled to return to the dodgers on july 3rd against san diego. of course, "espnews" will have highlights of all of these games and we will continue to bring you live at-bats here on espn. >> and down the line, it is hard to tell there. >> phillies and blue jays, top of the first no score. jayson werth crushing it into the upper deck and the 14th home run of the season and 6th career multihome run game. it gets better for werth. the upper deck 139th in the history of the former sky dome. and the phills winning the second time in the last 11 games. and the 10-0 win the largest
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shutout win on the road since 1994 on the road at montreal. and the fourth interleague shutout in phillies' history. >> and coach rodriguez honored pregame for most games caught in a career nowhere one is going to catch this. the bottom three, the 2-1 throw. and lance berkman and into the hill in center field and two runs come in. and six r.b.i.s in the last few games and win it 8-1. and third round at wimbledon rotted >> and andy roddick facing his friend, jurgen melzer. and he doubles and falls in the third set and roddick losing his footing. a nice effort, but he ends up losing the game and the set. and once again, his wife, brooklyn decker. and fourth set.
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and the nice shot. >> she is spoken for. >> roddick with the forev fore- winner. >> and considering the way he serve served in the first two sets, i was glad to get through with a two-set lead. you know, i was having trouble getting a read on hill. he was hitting all of his spots. i played him a lot of times and that's the best he served against me. like the other two matches, i wish i could have converted on a chance in the third set. but probably hit the ball my best in the fourth again. >> get engines revved up. joey logano and carl edwards, and we started off on lap 60. edwards in the 60 car passing log willing log for first.
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what the man's want informed see. and after a caution he went to the pits and problems with the lug nuts. >> guys, shake it off. you are the best pit crew down there. that's just a mistake. it is a rare mistake and don't sweat it. we have another one. >> edwards, what a team player. shock it off. and dropping back to eighth place. and lap 164 and kyle and logano battling for the lead and able to push ahead and stay ahead. and the final lap, and busch takes the checkered flag and wins the fifth time this year in the nationwide series. busch's win makes a string of 23 different winners in 23 nationwide races at the oval track at new hampshire. no other drivers won more than two races thus far. busch also has got 10 top five finishes this season, which is tied to carl edwards for the most. busch has finished first or second in each of the last four races.
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racing on the poll for the challenge, and he is crashing into the wall. and finished 17th. moving into lap 250 here and scott dixon beating him out of by the pits. and he keeps the race lead. and carl edwards with problems here. and they are doing a pretty good job. and the final lap dixon takes the flag. and dixon wins the 19th indy series race. tying a series record. >> and this is what we are watching for tomorrow. u.s.a. and brazil in the final of the federal ration's cup. and landon donovan and what the match has done for the u.s.
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>> clearly it's earned us more respect. how much? who knows. but our goal is not to beat spain and not give it our best shot. we don't often get to the finals. and this is our first major final in a real tournament ever. and we want to take advantage. a big challenge against brazil. >> if you want to be the best team you have to beat the best team. if you want to win a cup or championship it is never easy. that in and of itself gives us can have deputies. >> the final against brazil is something all of our players have dreamed about and this is an opportunity that's very important for our united states soccer. >> u.s. 1-13 versus brazil all-time including 0-3 in the
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cup. and the only win was one. >> and still to come the rangers appear to be heating up after a recent offense of drought. they were unable to put up any more eye-popping numbers. but cheyenne woods following her famous uncle and went into the family business. how she compared to tiger and how she compared to tiger and what they ar would you like to see our new menu? look at this! (laughing) persons who are working with, they are coming down and the next problem is what it they cheat? and, you know a lot of our people thought that some of the people with chique like this. and what gragan decided was he needed to have star wars, and that is one of the main reasons why he had star wars. what he wanted to do was he
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could make the so powerful and so strong so that nobody could try and come in to the united states, and what he said all along, and by the way that is exactly what obama is saying now. he is not saying let's get rid of all nuclear weapons. nobody wants to do that but what they want to do is get you to reduce the number of weapons you have so you are not going to kill us all but "you were doing it be very careful. the further done you all go it is going to get very tricky and delicate, so that is what is going to happen in your absolutely right. do we have time to ask one more? can we talk about the book? this is an interesting thing we ran across well we are going to the classified documents. and, iran across some letters that the pope had sent to reagan, and reagan had sent back to the pope, and i asked
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archivist about that. i would like to get some of those but you can't get them because the vatican has got them locked up and maybe some of them can tell us what happened. i believe it was, if they died, then you have to wait for 50 years before you can see them, which is higher than the cia's, but we'll we'll going through these documents we did find something and we will show you what was going on. and, reagan and the pope were very tight. they got together and on december 15th-- maybe annelise, you worked on that one. >> on december 15th, cardinal, 1981, cardinal casson braly who was the secretary of state to the vatican came over and met with ronald reagan and they met in the map room, what was the
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secret meeting and they also the envoy from the vatican ii the united states, and they talked about poland where marshall law had just been declared, but they also talked about nuclear weapons. and, about nuclear strategy. and, the cardinal makes the statement that the united states is the sanctuary for the world. and, he is expressing the view that the united states can do certain things that the vatican cannot possibly do, because of the united states position in the world and so come and reagan says, i hope i am able to fulfill your trust in me. and so, there was a close relationship. the pope of course, pope john
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paul ii, was really terrific. reagan had written a couple of radio commentaries when the pope had gone to poland in 1979, so reagan was already familiar with some of his views and the fact that the pope was not only anti-nazi but also anti-communist, so reagan and the pope shared an anti-totalitarian view of the world and a view that a freedom to worship and to choose one's line of work and to travel and to have dignity, especially religious freedom in the case of the pope of course but also for reagan were very important and they shared that. and they also come at the pope i think came to certainly understand reagan's view of what he had to do in order to bring the soviets to the bargaining table, and ultimately achieve a reduction in the threats of
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nuclear war. brayden said the pope a letter in january, following the meeting in december, that express the view that he had already taken steps to and feuded as the first step in eliminating the threat of nuclear war and reducing nuclear weapons, that he had already proposed zero for the soviets and zero for the united states on intermediate-range forces in europe. and, what else? >> just one towards the end of this book, what he had said toward the end. he said that, he and the pope together were responsible for whether or not we would all die. it was that simple.
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and they worked, and it worked very hard. by the way i have often thought that if you take the size of the united states and the size of the vatican, that is pretty good together. [laughter] >> any other questions? >> they are free. >> dr. sanders and please accept our thanks for coming here this afternoon and you certainly deserve a round of applause. [applause] >> martin anderson was formerly an economic policy adviser in the reagan adminstration is currently a fellow at the hoover institution and co-author with annelise anderson of "reagan's path to victory," reagan in his own hand in "reagan, a life in letters." annelise anderson was a senior policy adviser to the reagan
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presidential campaign and a cizik director of president reagan's office of management and budget. she is currently a fellow at the hoover institution. the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley california hosted this event. for more information visit reagan >> this summer booktv is asking, what are you reading? >> i and several books, that i am reading and i intend to read over the next several weeks. but, right now i am just about completed with with wings of eagles i michael korda, which is the battle of britain actually from both sides of the english channel, the raf on one hand and the german lufafa on the other en


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