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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 28, 2009 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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he lays off the high fastball with the runner going. and it will be first and second and one out. four consecutive base runners, second walk of the day for hernandez. here's anderson hernandez. >> jim p.: you get both alan dunn who has taken over for rick kranitz, he comes out, matt wieters already headed out to the mound. the one thing about most of the battery-mates that you will see, wieters has caught most of these guys in the minor leagues. but where you come to a different level, they both have to learn this level. >> rob: but the thing i've said about wieters and any young catcher, including our own, you have to learn the opposition. you've got one of the toughest divisions, the american league east. every team is full of bombers and just fantastic hitters. that's one of the toughest jobs for a catcher. learns the ins and outs of the opponents and how they hit. he's got to learn the
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opposition. >> bob: two on, one out. hernandez singled up the middle first time and was caught stealing. the measurement on the home run, 442 feet. >> rob: that's a bit low. >> jim p.: did it hit the warehouse? >> bob: i think it bounced, then hit it. >> jim p.: my first home run was off the top of dead center about 445 in chicago. and on the line. and it was, i mean it was impressive. you're ever going to throw your first one, you want to make it a long one. >> bob: another shortstop, near the bag for the 6-3 double play. the nationals gone. ♪
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john lannan's 41st pitch of the day. aubrey hufup thr >> rob: if you're going to give fourth home run in the same game that mark witten hit in cincinnati. and i had given up a home run in the first game of the double- header and i was just trying to get my stuff back together, i fell behind him 2-0, i was like, oh, geez, he's already got three home runs. you can't not challethis y. he hit that ball of the four home runs it was by far the farthest was just an absolute bomb. was about 480 feet. sfoonf e first times my career i was happy okay, i d hit or a walk to this guy, he did what i wanted to do. if yocan hit it, let's see you hit it, e did. >> jim p.: manny acta did not want john lannan to the first batter. >> rob: no, cardinal sin.
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you don't want to do that. >> bob: the orioles have had their lead-off man on every inning. i haven't seen john lannan do this, the out of four lead- off walks. here's nolan reimold, hat he did last night, that drive that josh willingham never saw. jones and huff aboard. his ninth of the year. the big hit of that ballgame last night. he's been large in this series. >> jim p.: one of the stronger guys is sitting on deck is luke scott. he's a littler guy. >> rob: the astros gave jon. , the minshgave up you g >> jim p.: we did give up eric. >> rob: i won't get into that one. but you got adam jones, a fabulous player. you got luke scott who is a fabulous player.
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i think you guydid quite well. >> jim p.: tejada goes to houston. >> rob: that's two. there's eight more guys involved in those trades. >> jim p.: exactly. chris tillman also part of the bedard deal. >> bob: line drive, the runner makes a mistake, then hernandez bobbles the ball and blows the double play. >> jim p.: i don't think he could believe aubrey was getting that far off the bases. there you go. where it is. >> rob: that's actually kind of funny. on the transfer he loses control. >> bob: the second base umpire staring right at him. >> jim p.: it almost looked like he was staring at huff and could not believe he was that far off the bag. >> bob: that's worse than throwing a 4-6-3 or not turning from the other side of the infield. here's scott who doubled. if he gets a hit here, that will be very costly. nationals had a chance to turn
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their third double play in four innings. >> jim p.: luke scott is hitting .321 against lefties. he's already this year has seven home runs. last year he hit .215. bothered by an achilles tendon on that back foot. >> bob: that ball to left center. willie harris will track it down. >> jim p.: i look at center fielders. i had a chance to play with blair, it's funny, whether you're broadcasting or you're pitching, when the ball is hit off the bat and you sometimes jerk your head around because it's hit so hard, if you look and your guy's already moving, you know he got a great jump. then there's other guys, you see the crossover step and the ball's already going up the gap. with willie harris, the ball is going in the gap and he's on
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the run. as is with adam jones and blair. >> rob: you had paul blair and i had eric davis. eric would be in full dead stride on a ball going away from him and tapping his leg. as soon as i saw the glove tap the leg, i knew he had the catch. >> bob: did anybody play more shallow than paul blair? >> jim p.: blair played really shallow. he'd play where he, the one thing about paul blair, i'm sure eric davis, he had such great body control. so if you play shallow, you better be able to go back and not jump into the wall. paul just had, he was a very good basketball player, great leaping ability, shot too much when he played in the off- season, but he could go over the fence and never hit the fence because he had great vertical leap. >> rob: actually eric davis made one of the greatest world series catches that gets
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overlooked and he pierced his kidney. lacerated his kidney on the catch because he was 6'3", 185 pounds, about 4% body fat, his elbow went up underneath his abdomen and into his kidney area, it was still a game saving catch. we went on to sweep the a's. and he was playing left field balls after bad knee that year. >> jim p.: that was 1990. >> rob: yes, there's been great catches in the world series, but for me that was one of the greatest i've ever seen and he was seriously injured. >> bob: and the inning is over. orioles have stranded three. from that first dollar forward, cash flow isn't just an important thing to small business. it's everything. that's why pnc is introducing your new cfo, cash flow options designed to effectively improve your cash flow. cfo helps every dollar work harder.
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 >> rob: it's time to bring you up to speed with at&t rapid rewind. adam dunn, got ahold of this pitch. drives it out into the street and off the warehouse. gives the washington nationals the lead. >> jim p.: in washington, that would have headed towards the capitol? >> bob: no, that ball would be on one of the battle ships in the navy yard right now. wil nieves specializes in going to right field. that one down the line. it's a fair ball when caught on a good play by nick markakis.
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>> jim p.: gold glove caliber right fielder for the orioles, leads the american league in assists. 17 last year, 8 already this year. difficulty is, it's a rubberized track. doesn't slow you down any. >> bob: i'm a little surprised the orioles play him as far off the line as they do. >> jim p.: we'll call the clubhouse and move him over for the later innings. >> bob: normally a guy like wil nieves, you don't usually play him around and short to the off field. maybe not with anybody out because it would be an cra base hit. i'm a firm believer you play them where they usually hit 'em. one ball, one strike. harris with a double in two trips today has hit safely in seven of his last nine games. so he's warming it up a bit. couldn't buy a hit for a couple
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of weeks before that. that's why his numbers are way down, but they're on the way up again. through four innings, 72 pitches, 44 strikes for hernandez. harris pulls it, a foul. >> jim p.: thigh high inside to a left-handed hitter, even if he's kind of a controlled punch, he's a slap hitter. or a contact hitter. slasher. they're going to hit it hard. >> rob: yes. >> jim p.: when you have your first baseman in, at least early on until you get the two strikes, it's not a good combination. >> rob: the thing i see with hernandez, he's not locating either the change-up. you've got to start locating that breaking ball and change- up just for strikes. it will cut down on your pitches. >> bob: each pitcher has walked
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three.   >> bob: possible running situation here, good bat control guy in the box in guzman. willie harris, a good lead. he had one foot beyond the cut of the grass next to first base. harris, six of seven stealing. the nationals aren't much of a running team in terms of stolen bases. 24 on the year tied for last with milwaukee. going that time, and he is safe under a good accurate throw by wieters. harris just beat it. >> jim p.: he's called that on david hernandez. back-to-back terrific throws by matt wieters. >> rob: he's got to jump out there to the right-handed
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batter's box. he makes a perfect throw. i don't know if he might have got him there. see the x-mo. >> jim p.: slapped the tag. grass just a little high from that angle. hard to tell there. >> bob: umpire right there though. could have gone either way. guzman hits it sharply to the right side. that will be two outs with another run at third base. >> jim p.: drop it, get the glove down. >> rob: looks like he missed the tag. >> bob: looks like he tagged the base and not the foot. that's a great throw. >> jim p.: that's two in a row. again, the nationals doing what they need to do. you're struggling for runs, you got a guy with speed. >> rob: got to play small ball. >> bob: i didn't see any hurry in either of those throws. he was nice and relaxed. >> jim p.: that is what don werner told him yesterday and
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they worked on it. that's why they don't bring out the stopwatch. he's on the bench timing him, but you don't do it next to him. he said, hey, i want good footwork, great arm strength, just make the throw. that's all you can do. >> bob: the nationals are one of the top three scoring teams in the national league in april. they were collecting base hits in situations just like this. they had great two out hitting. good situational hitting. that has disappeared for the last month and a half. young pitcher trying to put him away, nick johnson out ahead of that one. >> jim p.: and i look at nick johnson, i've seen him when he came up with the yankees. had great on-base percentage. he's very much like nick markakis, where if you look at his pattern of hits, all over. left, center, he's got more -- >> bob: sprays the field. >> jim p.: a lot of hits to
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center and left for nick. to me, that makes it just hardatory pitch to him. because if you make a good pitch down and away, which is a good pitch to a pull hitter because they roll over and they try to pull it. to him it may be a ball that finds a gap or a hole in the left center or left field part of the ballpark. >> rob: the thing we've found with nick, ryan zimmerman and adam dunn is sometimes they take too many pitches. they're so disciplined that in situations where you'd kind of like your guys swinging, they're walking. sometimes it's not that bad to walk your three, four, five guys. >> jim p.: if you're david hernandez, again, this is your third major league start, if you pitch around nick markakis and you're -- nick johnson, you're already trailing by a
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run, with one swing it can really change your numbers for the afternoon. >> bob: that ball a little bit high, jim joyce is not giving anywhere near a high strike today. >> rob: he's been missing with that curveball up all day. i don't think he was going to give it to him right there. >> jim p.: this is your hanger. >> rob: that was outside the box. >> bob: goes the other way, right at reimold. and it will continue to be a one run game. 
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 >> bob: bob carpenter back with rob dibble, jim palmer. now, when the nats were going well at new york and against toronto, these were the kind of games they were winning because their starters were able to get deep into the game.
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>> rob: this is where john lannan has been at his best. he can get the double play and he can pitch his way out. that's pitching to me. you're able to work it out and keep your team in a game. this is a tight ballgame. it's probably going to go over to the bullpen. that's where we've been having a little bit of a problem. >> jim p.: he got wieters to get the double play. i tell you, i've already learned, i've only seen adam dunn play on two sundays, he has 8 rbi's and two home runs. i'm not pitching to him the rest of the afternoon. he's been that good against the orioles. boim matt wieters, bottom of the fifth. john lannan, after a few struggles early has a very economical pitch count. he's right at about 14 pitches per inning threw his first four. and usually when john pitches like this, guys will start swinging a little early in the count and he'll get some early outs. >> rob: that's some stuff that you know you've got good stuff
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when guys start hacking early. >> jim p.: wigginton came into this game at 13 for 26. he got him out twice. >> bob: i've seen john lannan beat the orioles, i think he beat us 2-1 a couple years ago. he just demands the ball -- commands the ball real well. he's not a soft tosser. even though he's throwing occasionally 93, he's finishing his pitches. >> bob: good location there and easy for anderson hernandez. >> rob: the one thing i do love about john lannan is he's got great mechanics, he's out over that front leg all the time. he sells that change-up perfectly. >> jim p.: you and i, when we came up we were pretty blessed where fastball count. they'd be looking for a fastball, we'd go, hey, here it is. john lannan understands what he is. you've got to understand, i have to make my pitches, i have to stay out of the middle of the plate. when i do that, i'm going to
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have success. when i pitch down and away, hitters are going to make adjustments. for a young guy who went 9-15 last year, it wasn't the fact that he didn't pitch well. it was the fact he's pitching for a team that doesn't win a lot of games. >> rob: and that's the thing, probably having watched the orioles the way they swung the bat the first night here with the 16 hits and the 11 runs, then what they did last night to come back with those long balls, i'm sure he's a little more careful about where he locates his change-ups and his curveballs. >> bob: andino, 0 for 1 with a tapper in front of the plate today. good fielding crowd here.
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that's the second good clean catch we've seen today. lannan does not want to walk him with adam jones coming up. >> rob: he's got the power even though he's in the lead-off hole, he's got the power of a three or a four guy. you don't want to get this guy on base. >> bob: a chopper. guzman will have to hurry. he plays it well on the run. two outs. now john lannan has the orioles hitting the ball in the dirt after a line drive and two pop- ups last inning. >> jim p.: we've seen a couple of baltimore chops. the thing that amazes me. you watch them take infieield practice. you have to be able to anticipate how long it's going to take a guy to get to first base. guzman catches t. doesn't hurry, he just kind of has that innate clock as all good
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infielders have. they don't hurry it. they just make the throw and it gets there in plenty of time. >> rob: that's the change-up we were talking about. you really have to have the same arm speed as the fastball. >> bob: nationals will finally retire jones. zimmerman almost threw it away.  our 737s fly to over 65 cities across the country every day. woman over p.a.: this is your final boarding call. all passengers... each with an average speed of 590 miles per hour. almost as fast as you. nothing's gonna hold you down. starting august 16th, fly southwest airlines from bwi airport to boston logan for just $49 one-way. bags fly free on southwest so our low fares stay low. grab your bag. it's on. - ( ding ) - book now at
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 >> bob: celebrate the fourth of july weekend, the nationals and the braves. first 20,000 fans saturday receive mini u.s. flags, and sunday, family fun day. pregame autographs, post-game kids run the bases. here's ryan zimmerman, 1 for 2 in the cleanup spot today. zimmerman hit cleanup in 15 ballgames, 60 at-bats for frank robinson back in 06. so better than an rbi a game. >> jim p.: does it really make a difference. when we faced him last time, wasn't johnson hitting second. it's the same progression. so you talk, and we know. >> rob: we know. >> bob: i think a lot of it
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depends on who is giving who protection. >> jim p.: that's the point i was trying to makeo  that doesn't really >> rob: he got a double. then your gave up the home run pitch to dunn. >> bob: beyond that is the resurgence of josh willing he's really hitting the ball well. he's getting up around .270. it took him about a month and a half to get off the interstate. that was a hanger. zimmerman hits a garber off the glove of salazar who did a good job of hanging with it. should be a base hit. zimmerman would be twofor three. >> jim p.: hohocorner. what did ritchie allen say? >> rob: this is a seed, salazar knocks it down. ryan zimmerman, boy, he smelle hit, all of a sudden he kicks inanother gear and he gets an
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gle. adam duoff the stretch. >b: i know who is going to be hitting four tomorrow night. >> jim p.: manny acta said i need it play my best players. and they kind of have the a team in today other than josh w he ge a high striall. >> jim p.: real high. >> bob: compared to the rest of the day. >> jim p.: you really don't want to be there, but you'll take it if you're david ndez. belt high, maybe shoulder high, over the plate. >> bob: he got the top of it. >> jim p.: i think the difficulty, we talked about it, you the young battery- mate, so you've got all the
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scouting reports. every team has their advanced scouting reports. adam dunn, you want to stay up and in, crowd him, stay out of the middle of the plate, get him to swing at breaking balls down in the strike zone. then of course the pitcher has to say, well, is that my strength or do i have to go to something that i don't really do. we've seen over the afternoon, what's his best pitch? fastball. then you have matt wieters. what can my pitcher do. can the guy that's coming in, whether it's chris ray or my starter do that. there you go. there's a good one. >> bob: down and away. >> jim p.: the one thing about david hernandez, he came into this inning with nine pitches. you're still very much in this game. you're trailing by a run. >> rob: that's almost pitch 100. that's why ray is up. >> jim p.: no reason why with his windup, he shouldn't be able to throw 100 or 115 pitches like that. it's not like he's


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