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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 28, 2009 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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>> bob: hernandez down to scoop that one. two outs. >> rob: i keep telling the guys down in the locker room that. did the sun come out today? are you healthy? well, then it's a good day. >> jim p.: are they still paying you? >> bob: but rob's point is well taken. when you're 21-51 and it's saturday night and you've just had a lead an given it away, you wonder if it will come up on sunday. >> jim p.: the orioles are not a great -- they're 3-8 on sundays. on the other hand, the one thing about manny acta, his guys, if they were a little bit limited, they still play hard. that's what you have to get them to do. if you're not going to win when john lannan is out there, who are you going to win with? >> bob: scott olson tomorrow in florida, then jordan zimmermann. the nats probably feel like if they can sneak one today here, they've got a chance to go down and do some damage against the
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marlins. they know what lannan is doing. he's had 92 pitches through 7 innings. enjoy the rest of your day. (crowd cheers) (music plays) witness a piece of golf history. the travelers championship. june 22nd through 28th.
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 >> jim h.: look at our geico game summary. early lead for the orioles. lannan would get out of trouble. then adam dunn, 442-foot home run, 2-1. right here, anderson hernandez singled to center. wieters drops the throw, 3-1.
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the shot over the right center field fence. so david hernandez pitched pretty well today. the orioles get the early lead, but the nationals have come back. i don't know if it's a commanding 4-1 lead, but they're ahead by 3. here is adam dunn who hit that two run home run, almost hit the warehouse. a one hopper to the warehouse for his 19th. >> jim p.: brick damage. >> jim h.: there is the pitch for the strike. >> rob: has anybody ever hit the warehouse on the fly? >> jim h.: only in the home run derby before the all-star game, ken griffey, jr. he's the only one. if you have time to walk on utah street, there are plaques for every home run that's landed on utah street. there's a bouncer in the shift. one away. the orioles wives are hosting a
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silent auction tomorrow and tuesday with the red sox in town. all begins at 5:30, continues through the end of the 7th. the proceeds from tomorrow's auction benefits the university of maryland auction for children. one away on the dunn ground out. josh willingham batting now. >> jim p.: pretty nice series right there. not a lot of rbi's, but 5 for 10. >> jim h.: just off the plate. hendrickson came on with one out and none on in the 7th, after he struck out zimmerman, he turned around expecting to get the baseball back from the third baseman. >> rob: it happens. you're warming up down in the bullpen as a reliever, and chris ray struck out cristian guzman, he may not have seen
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that because he was busy getting loose. so he missed that out. i'm just saying that could be the reason. he comes in, he gets nick johnson to fly out to left field, he gets the strikeout to zimmerman, he wanted a little bit more. >> jim p.: one out at a time, jim. so he had two outs. plus, he's on a role. >> jim h.: deep and foul. >> jim p.: you're on a roll. >> jim h.: this fraternity we're with. >> rob: hey, i was having out of body experiences out there. i was out of control. you can ask me what the count was? i was telling guys to get off the mound. >> jim h.: i can't imagine that. ripped to left field. nolan reimold will have to chase it down. that one heads to the corner. willingham stays hot. his third hit. three hits for josh willingham. time now for you to text in your vote for the at&t player
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of the game. john lannan has hell the orioles to one run through seven innings. or oscar salazar who has the rbi. john lannan on the bench. >> rob: you don't know how happy that makes me feel when i see couple of national names up on that list and not three orioles guys. >> jim h.: it's all one big family here. >> rob: and if we do win today, it will be 12-12 in the beltway series a lot riding on this game. >> jim p.: if you really want to go, they would have won nine out of the last 16, too. make yourself feel better if you're a national fan or a national broadcaster. >> rob: there you go. >> jim h.: this is the final game of the interleague. the completion of the six interleague series. the orioles won five of the six
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interleague series. >> rob: that's going to be long flight now to marlinville. >> jim p.: no, it won't. on southwest it's 2:10 every time. always scheduled 2:25. they never leave late, but you might have some airport traffic. happiest flight attendants in the history of flight attendants. must be paid well, they can sing. of course if you do it often enough, i saw a flight attendant the other day who, she said, do you ever see bobby grits. i say i may see him out in anaheim this week. she said, tell him i got his autograph when i was 12. he may not remember. >> jim h.: that's going bring in another run for the nationals. the throw sailed over the glove of salazar. so a stolen base and a throwing error and the nationals get
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another big insurance run here in the 8th inning. >> jim p.: you made the point the two attempted steals earlier with the left-handed batter. >> rob: this just happened to us i think up in new york with josh bard, sailed one into left field. you have to get away from the right-handed hitter. it's very difficult. got to step behind dukes, he kind of side winds it up there. you've got to get on top. mechanics the same as a pitcher. >> jim h.: adam jones runs it down, and two away here in the 8th inning. we decide today look back over the history books for we had to get the dust off, but we were curious if anyone overlapped your career, jim, and your career, rob, which hitters did you both strike out. here's the list. >> jim p.: some pretty significant guys. harold baines at the top of the list, alphabetically, he hit his first major league off me.
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>> rob: rick dempsey is in there. >> jim h.: deferty sold me he owned you, he absolutely told me he owned you. maybe i'm exaggerating. >> rob: gibson did own me. he hit a game winning home run off me in detroit my only year in the american league. >> jim h.: ken griffey, sr., not, jr. >> jim p.: howard johnson. batting instructor with the mets. >> rob: i think mike had about 300 minor league home runs. >> jim p.: i'm just talking about -- >> rob: did you face over 20,000 hitters? >> jim p.: i don't know. let's not get depressed. my arm will start hurting. >> jim h.: well, 4,000 innings, times three. all the walks. one or two base hits.
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>> jim p.: a lot of walks. >> jim h.: a couple of grand slams. >> rob: who hit the most home runs off you? >> jim p.: rice hit nine, eight sole lows. >> rob: you have to feel pretty good, he's going into the hall of fame. >> jim p.: nettles, who was a terrific hitter. two guys get into the hall of fame, ricky henderson i think hit over .400 against me. what an annoying guy. then he will steal second and third. >> rob: that's even more annoying. >> jim p.: really annoying. hernandez on at first and nieves up. >> jim p.: i wanted to do to ricky henderson what president obama did to that fly, i just could never catch him. we were looking at the scoreboard, aren't we seeing
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what the orioles try to do when they get an early lead? tack on those runs. >> jim h.: absolutely. orioles have only four hits in this game. breaking ball high fly ball to left. playable for reimold. has it for the out. inning ends.  hey mom i need some minutes. i just gave you some at the restaurant. yea i know. i threw them out. they were old so...... old! they are rollover minutes. they're as good as new. ya know not everyone gets to keep their unused minutes.
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and these days we can't afford to be wasteful. saving minutes..... .....saves money. yea. (announcer) only at&t's family talk with rollover saves your family's unused minutes. and saving minutes saves money. get the lg neon from at&t, now only $29.99 after mail in rebate  >> jim h.: take a look at our drive of the game. boy, was it ever driven.
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442 feet. the nationals trailing by one. not anymore when that ball bounded off the warehouse to make it 2-1 nationals. >> rob: our masn satellite said it was 501 feet, so i don't know who i should believe. >> jim p.: the masn satellite. i didn't know we have one. >> rob: we have masn blimps and helicopters, we have a spy saddle. well, we're in washington. >> jim h.: andino fouls it back. a lot easier pitching. i don't think you change your style, especially when you've gone through seven innings, only given up four hits. but a four run lead. ball's coming out of the hand nice and easy. don't change anything. the pitch count well under control. >> rob: he's our leader of the staff. >> jim h.: there's a base hit heading towards the gap. andino heads for second.
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he is in with a lead-off double. so he was able to split the defense and robert andino has his first hit. fans have something to cheer about here in baltimore. the lead-off runner in scoring position. >> rob: he's got about 95 pitches, and he's been averaging between 95 and 105 pitches per start. nice so see him getting into the 8th inning now. >> jim p.: he tuned up. anytime you pitch again the yankees and red sox in back-to- back series. how about the mets. friday and saturday, four hits against the yankees. a lot of injuries. >> jim h.: american league team batting average, runners in scoring position. orioles continue to lead in the american league. as adam jones fouls it off down the line. >> jim p.: you do have action in the nationals bullpen just in
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case. >> rob: when he dominated the new york yankees though, it was in front of his family in new york, sole out crowd at yankee stadium and he handled that perfectly, 8 1/3 great innings. he's just growing as a major league pitcher almost every start now. then we go way down to our next guy at 22 years old, has 15. a very young staff. >> jim h.: fouled straight down at the plate. >> jim p.: there is no reason with the stuff john lannan has and his command that he should not be able to pitch late in the ballgame. because getting a guy out the third and fourth time is just about really making good pitches. here's a guy that commanded all his pitches today, in and out, got the curveball over, great change-up. >> jim h.: jones bounce it is to third. zimmerman goes up and gets it.
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he did and he gets jones. overcompensating for a baltimore shot. >> rob: jumps you, zimmerman grabs it, doesn't have a lot of time, throws the perfect strike to nick. one of the habits that ryan's going to have to work on is when he pumps the glove, he throws a lot of wide throws. >> jim p.: do you think he drops his arm for some reason? >> rob: maybe. open up that shoulder. when you get that front -- dip that front shoulder, the arm's going to drag and you're going to throw balls that kind of tail. >> jim h.: he has nine errors on the year at third base. nationals have 68 errors, they're last in the league in team fielding. wigginton goes the other way, there's a base hit. andino will be held by juan samuel.
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can't risk it. >> rob: we have a markakis, we have dukes. he's got a gun. here you see this pitch on the outer half. wigginton doing a great job now of going with it. >> jim p.: finally been able to kind of inside it out. andino ran the bases exactly the way you want to, assuming that your third base coach is going to send him. because it's 5-1, so manny acta pitch count, will get john lannan. terrific job this afternoon.  (crowd cheers) (music plays) witness a piece of golf history.
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the travelers championship. june 22nd through 28th. the travelers championship. june 22nd through 28th. times may be tough today, but the things we all look forward to haven't changed. like owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important.
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 >> jim h.: a nice day to be in harbor, downtown in baltimore, as the orioles and nationals close out this interleague series. good day for john lannan, goes 7 1/3. six base hits so far, one earned run. he walked three, only one of those walks hurt. a couple of strikeouts. he gives way to joe beimel who has been pitching very well now over the last couple of weeks. >> jim p.: it's about matching up. markakis 0 for 2, that's what joe beimel does. a lefty hitting .239. >> rob: fastball, curveball change, throws across his body, has pretty good command. only given up two earned runs in his last 14 innings pitched.
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really earlier in the season he was so dominant, guys, then he went to field the ball, it was raining, and he hurt his hip. he went on the disable list, and he had a hip flexor injury to that back hip. ever since he came back, he has not had the huge overhand curveball that he had earlier in the season. >> jim h.: markakis now curveball, high fly ball to center field, andino will tag as willie harris has the play, almost to the warning track, wigginton also tags and he moves up to second base. that's a sac fly and an rbi. o's get a run but beimel gets an out. >> jim p.: ty wigginton, i think he really understands how to play this game. willie harris, he's going kind of saunter back after it, ty tags up. double play not in order. well, there's two outs anyway. but you have yourself a chance to score another run with a
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base hit. the nationals still have to get, what, four outs? and maintain this lead. >> rob: it's not been that easy this year. >> jim h.: there are a lot of players that wouldn't have paid attention early on when this routine fly ball just kept going, going, so they don't tag up. they go halfway and you're not in scoring position. huff takes a strike at the knees. >> rob: like we said about willie harris, he's like a ty wigginton. they play hard and they're very fundamentally sound. and wigginton, the only way he's going to keep himself getting back in the line-up a couple times a week is to do the right things. >> jim h.: nieves bluffs the throw to second base. in the first two games in this series, the orioles outscored the nationals 17-4. but today it's the nats with those add on runs. now a 5-2 lead as the orioles
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in this game only six base hits yielded by john lannan. >> jim p.: a lot of times you don't get lot of opportunities against a guy that's been on a role. that's john lannan in that second inning. he made a great pitch. then he gets andino out. until this inning he was just kind of doing what he's been doing all month. >> rob: joe shaved the beard after that home run to huff. he's now clean-shaven. >> jim p.: i walked by him, didn't even recognize him. >> rob: he might have just done that in the 7th inning. but great get me over curveball right there. >> jim h.: wigginton at second with two down. huff line drive, there's base hit right center field. wigginton rounds third and will score easily. huff's looking for two. here's the throw. he is out at second base. >> jim p.: you could see that
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coming. did not pay attention to the scouting report. a no-no.  times may be tough today, but the things we all look forward to haven't changed. like owning a home. watching our children grow. and retiring with confidence. so whatever you're looking forward to, m&t bank is here to help you get there. m&t bank. understanding what's important.
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 >> jim h.: it's a 5-3 game. important out at second base recorded by the nats. the tying run would have come to the plate, except aubrey huff gunned down at second. >> jim p.: pitched on friday an inning and gave up a hit. he's been pretty good. he did get hurt on the last road trip with a couple of home runs. ryan howard who hits them off of everybody, then hanley ramirez who does the same thing, grand slam. you consider how far he's come from that tommy john surgery, he's had a very good year. ran into him last night. he said, i hope i'm here for the rest of the year, but i'm sure there's other teams that are looking, hey, this could be a guy that could an pretty good and important addition to the back end of some bullpen. >> rob: you guys talked about where your bullpen was in the game. last time hernandez came out, he had a lot of pitches early on and got him out of the ballgame. that's where the nationals took
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this lead. >> jim h.: 0-2 on willie harris. fouls it back to stay alive. guzman and johnson to follow. the orioles in the bottom of the ninth, reimold, scott and salazar due up. >> rob: it's very important for the bullpen to try to keep scores the way they found it when they came in the ballgame. if you start giving up tack on runs, very difficult to keep chasing the lead. >> jim p.: a splitter that hangs up. if it's so good, two-seamer, he has to pitch down in the strike zone. you go back, the dropped throw at home plate, that allows the nationals to get a run, the throw in to left field by wieters, that's another run. those are the differences. then the base running by aubrey huff. when you play against a team that has a good pitcher on the mound, you can't make a lot of mistakes. >> jim h.: bouncer to first.
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aubrey huff steps on the bag, throw to second and out at second base. nicely turned and a nice tag by andino. so the reverse, three unassisted double play. >> jim p.: it doesn't get a whole lot better than that. we have seen in this series, now that the infield, you could see cristian guz man saying, boy. early on the high chopper got over nick johnson's head on friday. that was part of that eight run sixth inning. but huff, well, not that much taller, but the ball just didn't bounce as high. then he turns a nice double play. you don't see that play too often from a right-handed fielding first baseman. you could see him. very agiley touched the bag, then made the throw. >> jim h.: here's nick johnson who is 0 for 4 batting in the number three spot today.
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takes ball one. there's the good splitter. >> rob: you should shove one of the pitches. you need that as a start, but you don't need three pitches as a reliever. so try to master two, throw them for strikes, maybe change speeds with the splitter. that will be like that off speed curveball he threw in there for strike one. >> jim p.: the story of course after tommy john, they actually tried to audition him as a starting pitcher which didn't work very well, and he went to the bullpen about the middle of spring training. he made the ball club and he's been one of their more consistent, there's obviously glitches when you're going to pitch as many times as relievers, but he's been awfully good. >> jim h.: it stretched his arm out early enough in camp that he was ready for opening day.
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