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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 28, 2009 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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the orioles, one for the nats, 20 runs for baltimore, nine for washington. extra-base hits, 9-6 orioles. >> except for the 11 run game. if they hadn't scored 11, it would have been tit for tat. >> they take two out of three. big game today in atlanta. scoreless ballgame, bottom of the first. hanson gets david ortiz to swing. hanson gets into some trouble in the fourth. the bases loaded, two outs, gets jacoby ellsbury to ground out to second. then coming up, we'll go to the sixth inning, and with two outs striking out jason bay looking to end the inning. he's still got his streak going. goes six innings, two hits, no earned runs.
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scoreless streak is now 19 2/3. we'll talk about tomorrow night's starting pitchers when the nats go to florida when we come back. my name is blake, and i am the chief shoe giver at toms shoes.
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welcome back, everybody. adam dunn homers, so does willie harris. the nats knocking off the orioles at camden yards, 5-3. tomorrow night the first of a three game series in florida against the marlins. the nats 0-6 against the fish this year. 6:30 is our air time, masn 2 tomorrow night and tuesday. how about this. we're going to be with you 11:30 wednesday morning for the wrap-up game for the nationals and marl anyone's florida. then the atlanta braves come to town for a big weekend series over the fourth of july at
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nationals park. welcome back, everybody. happy to have you with us on sunday afternoon. tomorrow night it will be scott olson coming off the dl against ricky nolasco of florida. >> scott won 12, he pitched three straight years. they're saying his velocity is up two miles per hour. it was 88 to 91 when he was here. we were talking about his velocity. nolasco struggles for two starts. giving up eight runs. but his last four he's only given up five runs. he's striking out a lot of people, he struck out 25 and walked five, so he's back on top of that stretch. >> the nats really about due to take on florida. there you see scott olson's numbers. 41 innings pitched, 18 walks, 29 strikeouts. nolasco who beat the nationals the opening game of the year,
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then scott olson lost to florida in the second game of the year. we talked a little about craig stammen going to the bullpen on our pregame show. you now the word is he will start tuesday in florida against the marlins. >> just explain that, martis was pitching. report came that stammen was going to be stay here. and so they say he's going to the bullpen. maybe they've changed their mind with martis, possibly if stammen is going to start, i don't know what martis is going to do. there hasn't been a real announcement yet. i know he has options. >> stammen, as you see, the big win, his first career major league victory over the yankees on june 18 at yankee stadium. martis to triple-a columbus. which we don't have. >> we don't have column business anymore. >> shows you how quickly this game can change. i don't think martis had any chance of going down until his outing last night, because we were thinking colome because of
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the option situation was the guy, but we would problem pobly have lost him. by doing this you don't lose coal loam, martis goes down there and gets straightened out a little bit. >> tomorrow night we hope you'll be with us about 6:30. we'll break down a little more what the foch saying, where is martis going to go and where is stammen going to go. for ray knight, johnny holliday, thanks so much for joining us, everybody. have a good sunday afternoon. the orioles fall to the nats up at camden yards, the final is 5- 3. (crowd cheers) (music plays)
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witness a piece of golf history. the travelers championship. june 22nd through 28th.
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them now, he's had a number of and an awful lot more from this team or machine than any of us realize. he gallon forward now and he will apply that for the team that he's going to try to mold
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to bring to south africa next year to the world cup finals. >> surprising and disappointing result at the same time. amazing match taking place in south africa. brazil comes back and win 3-2 in the confederation cup finals. >> and landon donovan addressed the media rd. looks like the one that might be the difference in what could have been the biggest victory in u.u.s. history. >> yeah, we're disappointed. giving up the goal so fast in the second half and they probably deserved it in the end. >> what about the wave after wave of attack? >> difficult. look around at their players and realize why they're they turn
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the ball over and ricardo fed me a good pass in the middle. i gave it to charlie and he did a good job getting it back to me. you saw the rest from there. >> you had a great run in this tournament. new respect, though, will and we are at the point where we don't want respect, we want to win. >> all right. obviously a disappointed landon donovan. the u.s. falls after going up 2-0 at the half. more coming up on "espnews." >> inter-league has not been kind to the defending world champs. what it took to end on a good note in toronto.
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>> get you caught up on the closing weekend of inter-league play. the phillies pull off the win over the blue jays. they get their second win over toronto this season. phillies finish early 6-12, the most inter-league losses by defending world champions. >> red sox won six of seven against atlanta. not going to happen. mike gonzalez striking them out.
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2-1 atlanta takes that one. tommy hanson now fourth straight victory for him in his last three outings. he allowed two runs in 17 innings with runner necessary scoring position. hold red sox to one run. fourth rookie in the last 10 seasons to beat the yankees and red sox in consecutive starts. >> how about the marlins and the rays. battle in florida. bottom of the second, bartlett double down the left field line. and jogging around. easy day at the park 1-0 tampa bay. rays up 2-1 for p.j. upton. solo shot. sixth run of the year. braves lead 3-1 and top of the ninth, marlins make a game. bases loaded, two outs and floating. going for it.
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rays win by final of 5-2. upton's home run made history. we'll get to that momentarily. two for four and carl crawford 2-4 and ramirez 1 for 4 and a.j. price getting the win. he's been struggling to get this win. the marlins held to just -- >> you know, with upton's solo home run, rays became the fifth team in the major history to hit 100 home runs and steal 100 bases. of the five teams, rays had the most stolen bases. they could challenge to have the most home runs, as well, but the stats don't necessarily mean victory, only the 2003 marlins actually won the world series the year they did that. >> get you caught up on the windy city rivalry. just saw the score change. 6-0 white sox. dye going yard in this one in
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bottom of the eighth to extend the lead for the white sox. and these two teams, well, they are pretty even all the way through as far as their matchup is concerned. and two-run shot in the game, 10th home run for this player. >> coming up next, the united states came away from soccer history. history. what a - ( "doorway" playing ) - ♪ i wanna feel you
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miller chill. >> the u.s. and brazil met a week ago and they were timid. they lost 3-0, but in the ninth minute, it is game one for the united states and dempsey gets redirection. 1-0 americans. here is a good old-fashioned
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american fast break. perfection with left foot and hesitation. this is happening. 2-0 u.s. later santos chance to score off howard. huge against brazil and suddenly at the break, the united states meeting 2-0. you know the brazilians had a talking to. fabiano with a rocket from there. later, watch closely here. this is going to be kakau. here comes kakau on the left side and 73rd minute. fabiano and off the deflection, it is there. left and right and it goes in and suddenly we've got a tie game. 84th minute, the header and suddenly the lead is completely gone. brazil wins by the final of 3-2. the americans now one and 15
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all-time against the brazilians. they had never won and still have never won the competition before. it looked like it was going to happen. look at the shot. 31-9 in favor of brazil. 13-4 on goal. tim howard was fabulous, but barrage after barrage and the united states sent a message, but in the end found out they were not quite ready to change the world order in soccer on this day. >> they are having wicked junes. ichiro and pujols, how both are closing out inter-league series. >> and rev up your engine as left-hand turns take over new hampshire. we'll get you caught up on the sprint cup series.
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>> here is adam dunn taking that one deep. sending it back to d.c. bounces up and hits the warehouse at camden yards. the nationals avoid a sweep on the road and finish off the series with the orioles by losing four of the six games. 5-3 on this day. the rookie in the national
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rotation is now 3-0 in five june starts with 2.19 e.r.a. >> the indians facing the reds without one of their best bats in mark derosa. with can baker's crew do? plenty. ramone hernandez takes the pitch over the left center field for a triple. and phillips easily wins this one by final of 8-1. brandon phillips was in a two for 19 slump heading into the game. three hits, three rbis and three runs scored on this, his 28th birthday. huff losing for the first time in his last four starts. >> here is what is happening around the majors this afternoon. the top of the ninth and two-run shot. the difference in this game and the game with the astros. there you saw the score. royals and pirates back on.
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it was raining for a period of time. the rockies keep trucking, up 2-0 and won 19 of the last 22. >> coming up, full highlights and reaction from south africa. one of the most memorable soccer games in u.s. history. we'll show it to you. >> and the heat is on in atlanta and tommy hanson battling the flu. will the rookie have the energy to deal with the red sox? (announcer) what does greatness taste like? miller lite. (announcer on call) off the glass, centered in front... oh what a great move, another great move... he skates in on goal... he scores! unbelievable! it's all over! oh my... (announcer) that's what greatness tastes like. triple hops brewed. great pilsner taste. miller lite. taste greatness.
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