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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 29, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight from rainy south florida, the nats and marlins see each other for the first time if two months. it's an interdivision battle, as scott olsen returns just in time to face his former team. >> bob: it's been a typical south florida afternoon, lots of rain and hopefully a ballgame will get in.
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we will be delayed tonight getting a start, but some of the fans are all decked out. they don't allow umbrellas so you have to bring the ponchos here. we are in south florida. nationals, marlins. i think the nats owe these guys about six, beaten here, swept here first three games of the season. the marlins came in, did the same thing in d.c., so it's been a mismatch. >> rob: yeah, but i think over the last few weeks it's been proven by the nationals they can play with anybody. you take two out of three from the yankees, two out of three from the blue jays, then they should have taken two out of three from the red sox. they can play with everybody. they have to focus and they need some pay back out there on the field. >> bob: the nats could have won two of those three games in the baltimore series. they did put it all together yesterday. guys pitching to contact, then the defense helped out as well. >> rob: and that play just shows how heads up nick is. he catches the ball, then goes to third base and gets the
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double play. adam dunn gets all of that pitch. hernandez shouldn't have thrown it, but 19 home runs on the season. john lannan, the team has won four of his last five starts. he has emerged as the team ace. earlier in the season when he faced the marlins, he wasn't as confidence as he is. we didn't have closer mike macdougal. the same team that the marlins faced earlier in the season has changed in a significant way. >> bob: here's a note on john lannan, he ties tony arm is for second all-time national wins on the road. since steve came aboard three weeks ago, it's been a total change on this pitching staff. @
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we're back here at land shark stadium in florida, it's the first of three games with the florida marlins and i'm joined by steve mccatty. first of all, you've been doing a great job. scott olson makes his return to the big league roster in the starting rotation with the nationals. what can we expect from him? >> he's been up to i think it's 86 pitches in syracuse, we'll just watch, because this heat takes a lot out of you, we'll see how he's doing. if he spots his fastballs and gets some quick outs, he can get us a little deeper in the game. but i expect him to use his fastball, his velocity has been a little better than when he left. >> kind of the most mature i
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think you could say as far as baseball goes is john lannan. other than olsen who has over 100. he's really progressed into the ace of this staff. in june every start he's averaged over seven innings. kind of break down john lannan. what does he do on his side days? how's his approached change at the major league level? >> i can't say what his approach was before i got here, because i don't know what he was doing, but since he's been here when he goes out and works on stuff, very seldom do we throw off-speed pitches. we just want to locate his fastball. throws some change-ups. he's got a good breaking ball, slider and curveballs, but he'll do that and the flat groundwork they call it. now he works on that, but he just goes on and spots it. you could see when first coming up, he had such good command of that little sinker that he has. that's not overly hard, but if you can spot a nice little sinker, you know how tough it is. you were a gasser.
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you were probably up there saying, how does this guy get the guys out. if you can get the ball to move, it's a tough pitch to hit. he spots it well and gets some quick outs. he's determined. he's focused on the game. i told him, when you get done pitching, you should be more mentally drained than physically drained. he's been getting that way, he's really focused on what he's doing, concentrating the whole time. when he makes a mistake, he knows what it is right away when he does it. whereas before he might have missed it. >> the other guys, they're very young, they're very raw, they're very talented. >> it's same approach. throw your fastball over the plate. you got to be aggressive and throw strikes. i know there's some guys for them to be aggressive they have some more off-speed pitches. as long as you use them aggressively, in the zone, but you've got to get ahead. at some point you're going to end up, if you're behind you're going to have to throw your
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fastball. i just want them to get ahead with your fastball. if you're going to use the other pitch, that's fine. but we're throwing it for strikes. i could care less about a strikeout. i want an out. i'd like to see something happen within three pitches. but let's go out there, throw some fastballs, get some quick outs, and you're going to find out, especially if you get the first guy out, your outings are going to be a lot better. >> thanks for your time. i know you're very busy. we'll come back and visit with you later. take you up to first pitch. enjoy the game. since 1873,
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the good news is at land shark stadium that the tarp is coming off. they may be just draining it for now. the rain has slowed down. we have been given a tentative start time of 7:45 eastern time, that's 35 minutes from now. we'll keep you posted as they get the ballpark ready. the field's already been lined, the infield has been dragged. it will be pretty quick once we get ready for baseball. now, and so that might enable the rockets to bring artest back at what they would consider, you
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know, a palettable price. >> marc stein, senior writer, good enough to stop by with us. marc, appreciate the insight. >> you got it. >> get you caught up on wimbledon action. andy murray taking on stanislas wawrinka. second set, murray down a set with break point. murray playing a little defense here. from the baseline, eventually finishing it off with the forehand winner. murray, fan, get pumped up. took the second and third set 6-3. to the fourth set observe at 5-5. wawrinka with the break point. murray nets the backhand. wawrinka up 6-5. wawrinka forces a fifth set. in the fifth set, prior to this year, play would have to be suspended because of darkness, but we're getting caught up with technology. the roof, the roof is closing
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up. observe here in the fifth at 4-3, murray the forehand lob. keep in mind he was up 3-0 to start the fifth set. later in the game, murray with the break point opportunity. and murray comes up with the forehand winner down the line. mom's excited. andy, i'd say relieved. next game, murray serving with match point, and andy, the three seed, drops to his knees and he winnings it in five sets. he is moving on to the quarterfinals and he spoke when it was over. >> i believe i can win wimbledon. that's not changed since the first match, but like i said, i'm going to have the play great tennis and i'm going to have to play some great tennis tonight to come back. stan was playing some unbelievable tennis at the start.
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the conditions are very different at the open. >> roger federer chaseing pete sampras record of 14 grand slams. federer takes first set 6-4. 1-1 in the second set tie-break. soderling to the net. federer on the run with the backhand. federer making it look easy. he takes the second set 7-6. third set, federer down 4-5 in the tie-break. soderling comes up with the solid forehand up the line. federer, though, comes up with a forehand rip. ties the tie-break at 5-5. soderling serving after misses his first serve. soderling ends up double faulting. federer's previous shot wasn't affected. soderling, how else can you affect it. match point for federer.
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serving. soderling missing the return wide. and he defeats soderling yet again. 11 straight times. federer liking his form at wimbledon. >> you know, it was definitely a serving contest out there today. and not many rallies, so maybe not that much fun for the people, but i stayed calm, waited for my chance and thank god i came up with a good form when i had to in the breaker. and, you know, it was always going to be hard for him to keep serving those big second serves when it really mattered. that's why i wasn't particularly surprised he hit a double fault at 5-5 in the breaker. i'm playing well. i thought i played a great first week. today was different just because there were not that many rallies. it was a different type of match. it could be the same again in the next round, so i'm excited i'm through to another quarter. >> brazil dash's americas
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>> welcome back to "p.t.i.." ess ozzie guillen justified in urging sammy sosa to confess and apologize? >> does sammy sosa have any ogod enservoir of goodwill left with t's american public or the chicago fans? >> i think the chicago fans. d he's easy to forgive. >> go back to the i don't k s know... >> i think he'll get a lot of gi goodwill in chicago.ess i think bigger problem is, and
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ozzie at one point said it's not crime to say, here's what i did. he lied to congress. it could be a crime. >> let's expand this. i thought about this many timesw all of "them," if they allonfe confess and ask for our forgiveness, what do you thinko would happen? >> i think we're a more and forgiving culture now more than ever. i think even more, so ozzie has earned the right as prayer.ozs he played 16 years in theinhe majors. it's not like ozzie guillen is t speaking out as some guy whozzin doesn't know what went on and wwi how difficult this would be if it happened.o t he played double double-digit b. years. i think he's got the right, right or wrong, to say here's what i would like to see as a'd former player. >> ozzie i ss such a wild man, loose cannon, i'm not sure that, ozzie is the best source for cao truth.zi >> maybe not. >> but as someone to call for this searchly because of his own image, you know. >> i get >> you nee d a more... pstine, >> stately? >> dignified image. >> probably. b i
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>> but i do think it would work. he's right. i do think it would work. >> one minute left in the show.w let's go to the big finish. chien-ming wang got his first victory of the season.f a big deal? >> his e.r.a. now under 12. >> manny is playing his final f minor league rehab game tonight. is that okay by you? >> thank god. there's been more attention paid to this, way too much attentiony kenny perry won the travelers.ou you impressed? >> everce since he dedicated thg year to getting to the ryder cup, he's done well the pirates ian snell struck out seven in nevifirst start in triple l a. >> if he strikes out 17 wearing a pittsburgh uniform, there won't be any negativity. the islanders took tarvaris first and then said he's notl oebron.s t t >> shaq tried to trade last yeay and they deny who do you believe? >> i believe shaq. steve kerr came to shaq and shaq
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said no i knew that at the timee last one, roy halladay off the d.l. and goes for win number 11n tonight against the rays.iggain will he get it?wiill >> seven innings pitched, five hits, one earned run. he's going to get it. i >> you got the swami hat on. >> i love roy halladay. we're out of time. thanks for watching. i'm bob ryan. >> i'm mike wilbon. same time tomorrow, knuckle hda heads. check out the "p.t.i." podcastp" on itunes.t fo let's go back the bristol.." >> "p.t.i.." >> guys, thanks. another miracle on grass. captain carlos bocanegra on how the americans bui ♪ 100 calorie light beer with lime. miller chill.
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>> u.s.a.'s soccer captain carlos bocanegra joins now fresh off of the u.s.'s runner-up finish in the confederation cup. carlos, congratulations on the improbable run. >> thanks a lot, man. >> i want to go back to yesterday's final, and i wanted to ask you about the quick start that you got on brazil. how were you able to do it? >> well, first time we played them in the group stages, we came out a bit timid and just kind of sat back and gave them a little too much respect. so this time we wanted to get out and jump on them early and kind of the same way we did
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against egypt and spain, and it worked out for us. >> what was the general feeling inside the locker room when you had that two-goal lead? >> i mean, we were confident but we always knew, you know, brazil has so many weapons and they're such a dangerous team. you know, we knew it wasn't over, but obviously the confidence they hadn't scored on us and we were up 2-0, you know, we were flying at halftime. >> the brazilians didn't waste any time in getting on the board in the second half. what did that do to the psychoi can of this team? >> it's always tough to give up a goal so quickly, especially when you're up like that against fantastic team. saying, that they scored early and we were absorbing a lot of their pressure, and, you know, it was all right. we still held out for about 15 more minutes and then they just coming in waves and waves. and in the end, their quality came through for them. >> what did coach bradley say to
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you after the game? >> he was pleased with our effort. he knew we left everything on the field. we gave our heart and soul to the tournament, and especially the game in the final. and he just let us know he was proud of the whole team, the group in general. it was a long tournament, you know. it was mentally draining and physically draining, but he's just proud of our effort. we showed that we can play with the big boys, so we were happy about that as a team. >> landon donovan said there are no moral victories here. what do you think? >> no moral victories? no. obviously we're disappointed in the loss, you know, we made it to the final and we got a long way. saying that we can take a lot of the tournament and be proud. like i said, we left everything out on the field, and in the end, it just happened, you know, brazil was the better team, and we got beat and that happens in sports. >> what lessons did you come away with? >> you know, the lessons that we
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don't just come here the participate in these tournaments anymore. we're now on the world stage and we've showed that we cannot only compete with these wig teams but also beat them. and so we can take a lot away from that and the confidence, you know, going into next next summer's world cup especially. >> how do you think the world now views u.s.a. soccer? >> well, i don't know. i mean, it's been so long we've been fighting for respect, but it doesn't really bother us so much anymore. obviously they're not going to toss us aside as another team in the group anymore, but, you know, we're not going to let our expectations go out the roof, you know, for ourselves. we know we still have a ways to go. we ask still improve on a lot of things. but we're definitely getting better and better and you can see the young boys on the team and, you know, we're starting to get better so that's great. >> up next for the u.s., the gold cup.
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u.s. captain carlos bocanegra. once again congratulations on the run. thanks for joining us here on espnews. >> okay. thanks, man. >> let's get you updated on some wimbledon action. the number two seed serena williams taking on daniela hantuchova. first set, serena leading 3-2, she's got the big back hand. that's for break point. the next point is serena clipping the net. serena broke hantuchova five times in this match. second sets, serena up 5 -1. the younger williams sister dominates, straight sets. she's 7-1 lifetime against hantuchova. >> all right. venus williams taking on ana ivanovic. and it was all venus. venus with the forehand there. and venus sees ivanovic serving.
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she miss the first serve clearly in pain. she was forced to retire. venus wins in 47 minutes. still to come on espnews, a fan provokes j.c. romero by making a steroids comment. our "aircheck" crew debates whether he showed have turned the other way. >> and top stories straight ahead, including the latest on ahead, iooooohhhh.he latest on i'm not beth. aaaaaahhh. ooooohhh. (announcer) calling all captains. drink responsibly.
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