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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 29, 2009 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. we can do this. gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. >> bob: still basking in the afterglow of a very nice win yesterday. we told you he's tied with number two all time with nine road wins behind livan hernandez. >> rob: he was fantastic. he just mowed down the baltimore orioles like they were nothing. he can't think about who he's facing. he just has to do what john lannan can do, throw it the low
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90s, throw the breaking ball and change-up and attack. the team has won four of his last five starts. >> bob: first to do that in one month since oka did it ñ?way ba when. %- the blue seats. >> robtold you he likes the four hole. >> bob: on the first pitch o the second ñyñw00ñwñwñ1:rr[ nats n top @>> rob: pthat y acta, reall @moved ryan zimmerman down  thine-, he ng the bat really well8yesterda baltimore. comes down ere to ori going to óóe anfastball, g over, ú @h ugly. and i mean that ñotw @beauiul. --@@etra, he was 4 for -@@lioe. @ht home run 0us 00000 over .300 
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@h ay went 442  @imra o÷lw ih a aa measure blast here. oone ut. is brett > rob:!at is sonkcg "nnóoá -z@s óójñ?ñ5ñoooo$ start swinging. he just puts the head down. you see it's nice and still. remember en hs on that @tek. @@head was still, eg was perfect, he was letting it fly. just let úfly. have some fun. >> bob: here's josh willingham -o is swinging pretty well 
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up to .278. his on base average one click short of .400. when ricky nolasco gave up that home run, it was his 10th of the year, but he'd only given up one in the previous 26 innings. >> rob: that had to feel good. >> bob: a lucky number 13 for zimmerman. josh goes deep to center. that ball's really well hit and it is over the reach of cody ross, bounces up against the temporary seats out there, and a ground rule double for josh willingham. if he pulls that ball, probably goes as far as zimmerman's did. so the nats three consecutive great at-bats here in the second. >> rob: nobody was backing josh up. right here he was so comfortable at the plate.
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waiting for your pitch. that's what you do. you start subtracting pitches. probably can't go after your curveball tonight. he smokes the fastball. >> bob: how about willingham, 21 hits for extra bases. nine home runs and 12 doubles. >> rob: he's kind of a big kid that willingham kid. >> bob: oh, yeah? >> rob: he's large. >> bob: he's really put together. >> rob: he's got extra base poe pension. now, this guy, he needs to be a slasher. put it in play, make some contact. >> bob: josh has always liked hitting here. he certainly did his share against the nationals in this yard. his best year with the marlins. 07 when he hit 21 homers, drove in 89 runs. he was healthy that year. and hernandez has to lay off
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that pitch. he did says james hoye down at third. anderson hitting at .266 but he's only 6 for his last 29. 3 for 4 with an rbi yesterday. he was spraying the ball around camden yards. nolasco buried it on him. ricky never looked at the runner going to third. willingham is over there with two outs. >> rob: that's severe damage. >> bob: look at the bat. >> rob: it sheared all the way up the center to the top. this is when a guy's getting in your kitchen. and the bat comes up to ricky nolasco. he takes it, throws it to first base. >> bob: maybe that's why ricky didn't bother looking at the runner. he had to worry about the ball and the bat. here is wil nieves.
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>> rob: i'm sure anderson's hands kind of reverb rated after that hit. they'll be numb a little bit. >> bob: breaking ball away. if it gets by the mound, there's a chance. nieves is safe and the nationals pick up a two out run. it was do or die for uggla with the glove. and the nats get a break on an infield chopper, 2-0. >> rob: we saw this happen to us up in baltimore. they were going over the infield. this one, perfect. >> bob: wil has good speed for a catcher. >> rob: and he's getting down that line. the only chance log had on this play was to try to take it with his glove and scoop it and throw it to first base. never had a chance. >> bob: that accomplished a
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couple of things. got a run home and it gets scott olsen up here. scott olsen can handle the bat. he is 0 for 8 on the year, but he's a .154 career hitter. for nieves, his 12th rbi. >> rob: don't overswing right here. you just came off your rehab. you're nursing the sore wing. you don't want to do anything bad to re-injure that shoulder. >> bob: good point. >> rob: that's how andy pettitte hurt his elbow one night in houston. swung too hard. >> bob: and a fastball right down the middle. the nats get two. it starts with a blast by
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i've never been all that great with my money. probably because i've never had much. but now that i'm making more, it's time to be a little smarter about how i manage it.. with the calendar, i can schedule all my payments. and when funds are low, danger days help me stay out of the red. i can also transfer money with just a click and a drag. so maybe i'm better with money than i thought. introducing the virtual wallet from pnc, a high-definition, online view of your money. pnc. leading the way. the nationals with a 2-0 lead as we return to south florida. josh willingham scoring one of those runs last inning. before the game he took some time out to greet some of his former teammates and coaches and josh told me he really enjoys coming back here. there are a lot of people here that he cares about and he went to war with a lot of these
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marlins players, but he said he definitely wants to beat them. >> bob: that's the way you've got to feel and that's the way he went up there, debbi taylor, with his first at-bat in the ninth. he hit that ball 400-plus out to left center. what a big presence he is. he's another reason this line- up is starting to click. uggla, ross and paulino for the marlins against scott olsen. dan uggla typical season for him, low batting average, good power numbers. he is often and all or nothing hitter in his major league career. signed by mike rizzo originally for $1,000 with the diamondbacks out of the university of memphis.
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memphis state at that time. and that's a good fastball outer half. >> rob: so far so good for scott olsen. he looks free and easy. is he just comfortable in letting the ball go, and he is. >> bob: challenge him with a fastball right in there. >> rob: sometimes you come back and you keep looking for that phantom pain and you're kind of always checking out your arm. put it behind him mentally, he'll be fine. >> bob: the marlins swept baltimore here, then they went to tampa bay and didn't hit. their five through eight hitters were a combined 4 for 32 in that three-game series. so fredi gonzalez got no production from the bottom of his batting order. uggla has hit four homers his last nine games.
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then he fouls it straight back. but this is a ball club that won in every way you could imagine, especially in the late innings in our ballpark. and they started the season 11- 1. since then they're 27-38. and the 3-2 to uggla. got him with a breaking ball that appeared down low. changing speeds on him beautifully, and strikeout number one for olsen. >> rob: he missed up high with a breaking ball, then pulled down, then he felt it. and he pulls down on it. more of a slider than a curveball. i think that's his change-up. been a while since we watched him pitch. it was straight. beautiful, it was down though. and the breaking ball, maybe he doesn't have a great breaking ball tonight.
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wasn't able to pull down on it about four pitches into that at- bat. but came back and got the strikeout. >> bob: here is cody ross the centerfielder. >> rob: you heard what steve said in the interview early before the game. i don't want strikeouts, i want outs. that's the way they have to think. i need a double play, it's one pitch. you have to think like a guy that's just trying to get his offense back out there. >> bob: you and mccatty on that interview, you guys, pardon me, i'm getting all choked up thinking about it. >> rob: are you okay? >> bob: you guys sounded like a couple of professional announcers interviewing each other. >> rob: we were both nervous as heck. >> bob: yeah, right. >> rob: no, he's a great guy. >> bob: cody ross hacks one to
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right center. i'm not sure willie harris saw that ball properly. it really carried. steve mccatty is very articulate in the way he expresses not only what he wants from his pitchers, what he's demanding from his pitchers right now. >> rob: and you have to demand it. your job's at stake. shairon martis is going back for a refresher course at triple-a. it's simple, it's black and white. do your job or else. or else we'll get someone else that can do the job. you're up here to get outs. you're not up here, this isn't an instructional league. the major leagues. so i think he just wants guys to be confident, throw strikes and attack the strike zone. >> bob: on a damp night like tonight, doesn't carry. off the bat of ronny paulino. @ú oof!
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>> bob: willie harris was leading off yesterday in the 7th inning, in a close ballgame. the nats led 2-1 and he really launched one. >> rob: there you see the mistake right there by chris ray, he tried to throw a fastball. thought it would run away from him. you saw where the catcher wieters was set up, and he really crushed it. if he tries to run a fastball and it doesn't run, it just hangs like a little flying
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saucer. >> bob: that ball hit the iron gate at the back of the bleachers and almost went on to utah street. nats put on quite a power display out there yesterday, with adam dunn one hopping the warehouse. and then willie almost knocking down the gate. >> rob: they said you get a plaque out there on utah street if you hit the street. everybody who hits the street out there gets a plaque. so adam dunn will be getting a plaque. like the walk of fame or something? >> bob: very nice. maybe boog powell will name a barbecue plate after the guy from texas. good slugging percentage. and he's scoring runs which is really all that matters. how many times do you get around the bases and touch home plate. >> rob: and how many times do you run down a fly ball that the pitchers need caught. so he's doing a great job on both sides of the ball. >> bob: top of the third, nats
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lead 2-0. breaking ball, nasty. nolasco three strikeouts. willie harris two of them swinging. >> bob: guzman looks that one in and it just misses, ball one. >> rob: i had somebody call my radio show and thank you for reading those little billboards there, because he went and bought tickets for the game, up in baltimore. so he was very appreciative. so you can never read those enough i guess for the listeners. >> bob: don't forget about your
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family fun pack. >> rob: there you go. >> bob: it will be a great weekend coming up. the braves are in, free mini usa flags on saturday, 20,000 of them, fireworks friday night. and some good baseball, braves- nats. i'd like to say it's good to be back in the east, but when you're 6-27, let's hold back on that statement for maybe a week and see if the nats can do some damage against two ball clubs that have given them problems. >> rob: this isn't the same team. that is different team. it's evolving. >> bob: and by the same token, it's not the same marlins team. they couldn't lose a game to start the season. and the nats have always given atlantic a real good battle. 1-2 to guzman. that's a breaking ball, caught him looking. three consecutive strikeouts
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for ricky nolasco. that will bring up nick johnson with two outs. >> rob: he got them 1-2-3 in the first inning, then he had a lot of trouble in the second inning. now he comes back with a great off speed breaking ball. >> bob: that thing had some serious snap. >> rob: snap dragon. >> bob: it was. he throws a first pitch breaking ball to nick. johnson under .300 for the first time in a long, long while. >> rob: you guess that he tries to throw three or four in a row, and nick can recognize the rotation and crush it. you saw that one, that last breaking ball was hanging. >> bob: the last time i can find nick johnson under .300
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was 22 at-bats into the season when he was batting .273. so nick johnson has been well over .300 since the first week of the season. that's how consistent he's been. he got jammed enough on that one. it will stay in the park for carroll. and ricky nolasco gets a 1-2-3 in the third. @@pp÷x fios guy! where ya headed?
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>> bob: come on, buddy, cheer up, it's 2-0 nationals. they've outhit the marlins 3-1. this is an interesting number right here, rob. starts as they relate to wins and with shairon martis gone now, john lannan has just about the best ratio. >> rob: and four of those five wins have come in the last month, in june. so john lannan is definitely -- has definitely taken over the number one slot in the rotation. it would be nice to see scott olsen slip into the number two slot, then you have the three rookies right there. >> bob: not since oka won three in a month for the expos in 04 has a pitcher with this organization done what john lannan just did, so obviously the first national to do it.
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carroll, nolasco and coughlin for the marlins here in the third. ribs that one to left center. it will plug the gap. he has good speed. willie harris to get it back in. lead-off double, the second hit against olsen. that will give ricky nolasco who has four sacrifice bunts a chance to move the runner over. >> rob: with the pitcher on deck, you throw him a fastball a little bit up in the zone hoping this kid who doesn't really have a lot of home run potential, he slashes it into the gap for a double. take your out right here. >> bob: you're up two, don't do something cute and walk this guy. >> rob: you throw this guy not too many fastballs down the heart of the plate, but make
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sure you take your out here. >> bob: he short hops it. olsen drops it. plenty of tie. plenty of tie. on to ú$uñl sacrrr >> bob: txi0-year-old coln may. coghlan dreams, the guy ends up
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committing suicide. the name of the bar was going to be coghlan's dream. >> bob: this guy realized his. >> robs. >> bob: startethe season at o, foul ball, and zimmerman couldn't get it. that would have been interesting. because the r at third brett carrl as going to pp tñhsvw añ$$$ólñññ60óófñ so ii that was d g cxcxe' games at new orleans, called up on may 8. he was taken in the compensation round of the 06 draft. so this is only his fourth
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professional season. big breaking ball, he levels off and singles it into right field. it's a 2-1 game. scott olsen got that pitch up. and for coghlan, his 12th rbi. >> rob: here's the pitch location on the pitch track. going to be a hanging curveball. coghlan fights it off for a single just over the infield. works perfectly to drive in a run. >> bob: he never really was a lead-off man until he made it to the major leagues. here's emilio bonifacio who as we saw in the first week of the season is good as a right- handed batter at hitting the ball the other way. he's going. nieves throw right there. got him! right on the bag, right on the runner's arm and coghlan gone
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for the second out. you couldn't throw it or place it any better. >> rob: but watch how quickly wil nieves gets up and just one fired strike right to the bag. beautiful. watch how he just gets up, doesn't try to shake off the mask, just throw it, great tag by anderson hernandez, right down on the bag. >> bob: two outs, bonifacio shows bunt once again. >> rob: they teach catchers to throw from the ear. you don't reach behind you like a pitcher. you have to come right up to your ear and just fire. as quick motion as you can possibly do. olsen got him the ball really quick. that worked perfectly. >> bob: the bases are empty, two outs, and it's 3-0. you don't want to walk this as they
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would say punch and judy hitter with a legitimate power guy hanley ramirez next. you have to challenge bonn faso who has hit one home run this year. that's at the knees. >> rob: he's begging for a walk. >> bob: they list him at 5'1". >> rob: come on, he's not 5'11". >> bob: bonifacio's only career home run this year and that was the inside-the-park home runser that we remember well. if not fondly. but how does this guy lead their hitters in strikeouts. >> rob: because after he hit 5,000 off of us, the rest of the league saw that, they started exploiting his holes and his weaknesses and thng


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