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tv   [untitled]  CSPAN  June 29, 2009 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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same result. wild start. later in the ninth, bases loaded for a.j. pierzynski. but perez doesn't cover first base. four runs in 2/3 of an inning, two hit bats men. chicago white sox win 6-3. floyd throws 7 2/3. 1.27 e.r.a., one run or fewer in five straight starts. how about monday's notables. home runs. justin morneau continues to rock. he has 18 on the national league side. zimmer hits number 13. >> coming up on espnews, shopping news out of houston. yao ming's future in doubt as his foot injury is not healing like it should. we have the latest from south texas.
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manny ramirez has lit up the minor league with his presence. we'll find out if he lit up his final rehab start with his bat and the toronto blue jays couldn't be happier to have halladay back but would he be rusty against the rays? let's start right now. >> keep it current on espnews, alongside mike, i'm the coach, why don't we start with the two best national league teams out west. >> that's where we begin as the dodgers await the return of manny ramirez later in the week. l.a. opened a three-game home set against the rockies on monday night. colorado having won 20 out of its last 23.
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we are now tied at two, bottom of the fifth, spilborghs, two run south. wolf helping his own cause, tying the game at 2-2. the dodgers 8-1 against the rockies this season. monday night, manny ramirez made his final minor league rehab appearance, this is a single in his first at-bat. so manny out of the box early but then he whiffed on three pitches in his second at-bat, and then, in his third at-bat, he struck out again. so manny is expected to work out with the dodgers on tuesday and wednesday, before rejoining the team on july 3. >> facing the giants, opening a
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four-game set monday night, bottom of the first, the two all-stars facing each other. lincecum has been filthy as of late. bottom of the fifth, jayson larue, over lincecum's head. showing his athletic ability. the throw to first. bottom of the eighth inning, larue up against. lincecum this time says come on. sit down. eight ks through eight for the reigning cy young. bottom of the ninth, lincecum is still in there. 95 pitches, a two-hit shutout. a 2:06 performance. lincecum improves to 5-0 with a 1.61 e.r.a. against the cardinals. the giants continue to win without big offense, though. they score in double digits for the first time since may 11. lincecum has been unbelielooeel
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in his last four starts. a 1.03 e.r.a., a 37-3 strike out ratio. limiting opponents to a .197 batting average. >> rays and blue jays, halladay returns to the mound after spending time on the d.l. with a groin injury. crawford takes it deep for a two-run shot. crawford's seventh of the season. 2-3 on the night. rays up 2-0. pitching well. bottom of the fourth, same score. roland grounds out for the 5-4-3 double play. knee men was stellar, the rays have now won six straight. niemann unbeaten in five june starts. halladay had won his past seven decisions, looses for the first time since april 21. the jays have dropped three straight. >> red sox and orioles, boston looking to beat baltimore for the eighth straight time. that is j.d. drew. big night for him. top of the fourth, he got all of that one. 10th of the season.
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drew threw for five. a double short of the cycle. jon lester pitching and pitching well. roberts, sit down. lester, seven innings, five strikeouts. no earned runs. jonathan papelbon, facing the minor league phenom, he hasn't been that great since coming up to the majors. jason bay, great sliding catch to end the game. papelbon's 19th save of the season. ties stanley's red sox record with his 132nd career save. the red sox have won eight straight against the orioles and baltimore has been shut out again. jon lester improves to 8-0, among active starters, only three other pitchers have as many wins versus a single opponent with no losses. randy johnson, an incredible 13-0 against the cubs.
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roy halladay, 8-0 against the twins and schmidt, 8-0 against the marlins. >> when the current wimbledon fourth night draws to a close roger federer could stand alone writing his own chapter in the history of men's tennis. federer, who had his run of five straight singles titles in all england club snapped by raphael nadal last year will not have to face his rival this week and if federer can navigate the rest of the field he'll win a record 15 grand slam title. on monday, he faced soderling who he beat in straight sets three weeks ago. to the second set we go, federer having taken the first set, 6-4. 1-all, tie-break, federer on the run, come on. we'll take another look. look at the wrist, just like that. federer takes the second set in the tie-break. we go to the third set. federer down 4-5. in the tie-break. soderling, serves and then a solid forehand up the line and
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federer does that. he ties the tiebreaker at 5-all. soderling perhaps shaken up a bit by federer's talent on that last point. double fault. match point now for federer, roger serving. soderling, misses the return wide. federer, in straight sets. 23 aces, zero double faults for roger federer on the day. >> it was definitely sort of a serving contest out there today. not many rallies, so maybe not as much fun for the people, but, you know, i stayed calm and waited for my chance and thank god i came up with a good form when i had to in the breaker. you know, it's always going to be hard for him to keep serving those big second serves when it really mattered, that's why i wasn't particularly surprised that he hit a double fault in the breaker. >> i thought i played a great
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first week. today was different just because it's not that many rallies. it was a different type of match. it could be the same again in the next round. so i'm excited. i'm through to another quarter. >> a little later in the show, we'll take a closer look at the men's field. several top seeds in action including american andy roddick, twice a runner up here, looking to take that final step. houston rockets team physician dr. tom clanton tells the houston chronicle that center yao ming's broken left foot could cause him to miss the entire upcoming season and it could be a career threatening injury. yao suffered a hairline fracture during the playoff game with the lakers. he's listed as being out indefinitely. espn magazine writer with more. >> yao ming is seeking second and third opinions to find out what treatment is necessary for the fracture in his left foot. he's going to make a decision by the end of the week, either continue to let it rest and hope
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that it will heal or get surgery. if he has surgery, it automatically means that he'll probably miss at least part, if not all of next season. yao is reluctant to do that because he's already had several surgeries. even though the last one worked fine, played in the olympics, played last season, no problem but having been under the knife a number of times he doesn't want to do that again. the bigger question is for the rockets, while no doubt he'll come back and play again at some point, can they count on him in the long term? that's the question that the gm faces. >> missed games are nothing new to yao especially the last four years. he's had a toe infection, broken his left foot multiple times, and also had a bothersome sore right foot as well. the rockets have played 19 postseason games for the last two years and yao has missed 10. much more baseball yet to come. angels are in arlington for a series with the rangers.
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at stake, first place in the american league west. >> and the mets trying to put a weekend sweep at the hands of the yankees behind them. their reward, a date for the first place brewers and we have plenty more from wimbledon. the williams sisters have their sights on another all family final. now blake griffin is officially now blake griffin is officially welcome to the now network. population 49 million. right now, 1.5 million people are on a conference call. 750,000 wish they weren't. - ( phones chirping ) - construction workers are making 244,000 nextel direct connect calls. 1 million people are responding to an email. - 151 accidentally hit "reply all." - ( foghorn blows ) that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network bringing you the first wireless 4g network. - sprint. the now network. - ( whoosh sound ) deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access ( whines ) somebody do something! ♪ help me! keep me from harm ♪
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>> he was the number one overall pick by the clippers and monday blake griffin was introduced to a few hundred of his newest admirers and fans. griffin, only the third number one pick in franchise history, he'll be called on early and often besides being a rookie. >> i'm not nervous about it. i'm excited about it. it will make me work harder. make me even more focused, so it's something that i welcome and i'm really looking forward to it. >> the past two weeks has been crazy. a whirlwind but it's part of the process. it's a lot of fun and something i'll never get to experience again so it's nice to have everything settled now. >> from the days as the buffalo braves the clippers franchise have a long history of selecting forward high in the draft. back in 1972 the braves selected bob mcadoo second overall. he won the mvp for the braves in 1975. other notable selections include
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terry cummins, danny manning, lamar odom and darius miles. >> the indians are a game and a half ahead of the angels. they began a three-game series in arlington. top of the sixth, crushes the offering. padilla, a two-run jack. his 13th of the season. next batter, moralis, oh, boy, back-to-back jacks for moralis. his 13th of the season. the angels win it 5-2. easy, easy out there, guys. >> always a lot of fun until somebody gets hurt. for rivera, his eighth home run in june, that ties him for the second most in major league baseball. the angels have won six straight and 13 of their last 16. >> how about the a.l. central leading tigers. continuing their nine-game three city road trip in. oakland the a's up 5-0. top of the sixth, one out.
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suzuki, an rbi single. back to wimbledon now, serena williams on a collision course with her sister. taking on daniella, first set on serve. serena, a big two-handed backhand that set up a break point. gees. the ball clips the net, falls in a little luck there. match point here, in the second set, crosscourt, backhand coming up for serena. she dominates in 56 minutes. 6-3, 6-1. her sister chasing her sixth wimbledon title. facing former number one anna. venus dominating.
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takes the first set 6-1. this is the first game of the second set. she would have to retire with a thigh injury. venus only on the court 47 minutes. the top four lady seeds could break through to the semis in wimbledon for the third time since 2003 serena's next play, she's beaten her in each of the last two years at the australian open while the older sister venus -- >> trying to become the first male brit to win the wimbledon's series title since 1986. taking on wawrinka. murray, second set action, took the sister and heard the set.
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wawrinka, break point. wawrinka gets the break and goes up 6-5. next game, wawrinka, the big ace down the middle. wins the fourth set, we go to the first. prior to this year, play at this time would have been suspended due to the darkness but because of the new roof over center court it was closed throughout the match. they play on. murray, near court. on serve 4-3. look at that, huh? what a sweet lob. the fans are fired up. so is murray. now later in the game, hometown hero with the break point. and watch what murray does with it. bam! he gets the break and goes up 5-3. mom, are you fired up? i think so. can he close the deal? next game, murray serving, it's match point. >> and the forehand winner. >> andy murray survives 6-3 in
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the in the fifth. it ended at 10:39 p.m. local time. the latest in match history. >> i haven't thought about the match a whole lot. made sure i warmed down properly and saw the physio, got as much food in me as possible and then organized what i'm going to do tomorrow to make sure i recover as best as i can. >> can you actually win wimbledon, does that come into your mind after winning a match like that? >> i believe i can win wimbledon. that's not changed since the first match. >> what about andy roddick, the sixth seed facing berdich? first set, tiebreaker. in the near court. 4-2. later in the breaker. he had 24 aces in the match. the next point, continuing to
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bomb. roddick wins the first set 7-6. third set now, match point. roddick will approach, wins in straight sets. 7-6, 6-4, 6-3. the quarterback finals are set or the men's side as well. federer moves on to face karlovic. andy roddick reached the quarter for the fifth time in the last seven years and will face lleyton hewitt who reaches the wimbledon quarter for the first time since 2006. coming up, the mets have been battling through injuries all season long, and now, carlos beltran is getting a second opinion on his ailing right knee. >> and a beloved high school football coach is laid to rest in iowa. espnews continues after this. there's something big happening at pizza hut.
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- woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. >> it would be hard to find a coach, teacher, or leader more beloved than ed thomas. after being gunned down last week in a school weight room the questions have yet to be answered as to why a pillar of the parkers berg, iowa community, would be gunned down
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in cold blood. on monday, more than 1,800 mourners gather to lay the former nfl high school coach of the year to rest. among those in attendance were members of the football teams from across iowa who were all dressed in their football jerseys. he also coached a number of players who went on to the nfl including four of whom served as pallbearers on monday. thomas was a high school head coach for 37 years. 34 of those at appleton, parkers berg. it was obvious on monday that the lessons he taught would live on forever. >> you can tell how many people he touched. it wasn't just us and it wasn't just the students. it was people across iowa and people across the country that he touched. his legacy will live forever. >> we wouldn't have missed it obviously. ed has been a tremendous influence in my own life. and, you know, he just meant so much. how do you put that into words. >> always tried to get the best out of people. >> if i can carry that on to anybody and teach kids how to do
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that, i'm going to do my best. >> a moving tribute to a great, a great american, great iowian, who we loved and respected a great deal. >> what we have to do to get ready. the coach isn't here. >> the coach would want us to carry on what he started. carry on. i have equipped everyone well to do this, carry the torch for me. >> authorities have charged a 24-year-old former player for thomas with first-degree murder. he remains in jail on a $1 million bond. >> our top stories are ahead. manny ramirez will rejoin his dodgers teammates. after a quick break we'll let you know how he performed on a final minor league tune-up. wimbledon, we'll take you to
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center court next.
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