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>> coming up on espnews, shocking news out of houston. yao ming's future in doubt as his foot injury is not healing like it should. we have the latest from south texas. manny ramirez has lit up the minor leagues with his presence. we find out if he lit it up with his bat. the toronto blue jays should be happy to have halladay back. roger federer on a date with
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destiny. number 15 is now within sight. let's start right now. >> what's up? what do we have to keep you current. alongside mark morgan, i'm the coach. why don't we start with two of the best national league teams playing out west. >> as the dodgers await the return of ramirez later in the week, l.a. opened against the rockies. dodgers have won eight of nine games between these two teams this season. bottom of the seventh inning, we're tied at 2-2. spilborghs has two home runs. wolf out of the game as you see, but wolf helped his own cause with a two-run single in the
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fifth tying the game at 2-2. as soon as this one goes final, highlights right here on espnews. >> monday night manny ramirez made his final minor league appearance. manny, dhg for class a inland empire. there is a single in his first at-bat. he then struggled throughout the rest of the night. struck out looking in his second at-bat and then struck ow swinging in his third. ramirez expected to work out at dodger stadium on tuesday and wednesday before rejoining the dodgers on july 3. >> pujols and the cardinals facing lincecum and the giants opening a four-game set monday night. bottom of the first, the two all-stars facing each other. lincecum, he's been filthy as of late. pujols down swinging. bottom of the fifth, jayson
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larue, over lincecum's head showing his athletic ability. bottom of the eighth, larue up again. lincecum says come on. sit down. eight ks through eight for the reigning cy young. bottom of the ninth, lincecum still in there. mark derosa flies out to end the game. 95 pitches, a two-hit shutout. a 2:06 performance. lincecum improves to 5-0 with a 1.61 e.r.a. against the cardinals. the giants continue to win without big offense, though. they score in double digits for the first time since may 11. tim lincecum has been unbelievable in his last four starts. with three complete games, a 1.03 e.r.a. and a 37-3 strike tout walk ratio. limiting opponents to just a .197 batting average. >> rays and blue jays, the rays have won five in a row.
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halladay, returning after a groin injury. deep for a two-run shot. crawford's seventh of the season. two for three on the nigh. rays up 2-0. bottom of the fourth, same score. scott rolen, 5-4-3 double play. niemann unbeaten in five june starts. halladay had won his past seven decisions. he loses for the first time since april 21. the jays have dropped three straight. >> red sox and orioles, boston looking to beat baltimore for the eighth straight time. that is j.d. drew. big night for him. top of the fourth, got all of that one. drew 3-5, a double short of the cycle. jon lester pitching and pitching well. roberts, sit down. lester, seven innings, five hits, eighth strikeouts, no earned runs. jonathan papelbon, facing the
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minor league phenom. he hasn't been that great since coming up to the majors. jason bay, a great sliding catch to end the game. papelbon's 19th save of the season. ties bob stanley's red sox save record with his 132nd career save. the red sox have now won eight straight against the orioles and baltimore has now been shut out for the fourth time this year. three times at home. this night, it's all about jon lester. he improves to 8-0 with 10 career starts. among active starters, only three other pitchers have as many wins versus a single opponent with no losses. randy johnson is an incredible 13-0 versus the cubs, while roy halladay is 8-0 against the twins. schmidt, 8-0 against the marlins. >> when the current wimbledon fourth night draws to a close roger federer could stand alone writing his own chapter in the history of men's tennis. federer, who had his ron of five straight singles titles at the
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all england club snapped by nadal last year, will not have to face his rival this week. and if federer can navigate the rest of the field, he'll win a record 15th grand slam title. on monday he faced soderling. to the second set we go, federer having taken the first set 6-4, 1-all in the second set. tie-break, federer on the run, come on. we'll take another look. look at the wrist. just like that. federer takes the second set and the tie-break. we go to the third set. federer down 4-5. in the tie-break. soderling, serves and then a solid forehand up the line. and federer does that. he ties the tie-break at 5-all. soderling, perhaps shaken a bit by federer's talent on that last point. double fault. match point now for federer.
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roger serving. soderling, misses the return wide. federer, in straight sets. 23 aces, zero double faults for roger federer on the day. >> it was definitely a serving contest out there today. not many rallies, so maybe not as much fun for the people, but, you know, i stayed calm, waited for my chance and thank god i came up with a good form when i had to in the breaker, and, you know, i knew it would be hard for him to keep serving those big second serves. that's why i wasn't particularly surprised that he hit a double fault on the breaker. >> i thought i played a great first week. today was different just because there were not that many rallies. a different type of match. could be the same in the next round. i'm excited that i'm through to another quarter. >> a little later in the show, we'll take a closer look at the men's field.
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several top seeds in action including american andy roddick, beltways a runner up here looking to take that final step. >> houston rockets team physician dr. tom clanton tells the houston chronicle that center yao ming's broken left foot could cause him to mitt the entire upcoming season and it could be a career threatening injury. yao suffered a hairline fracture during may 8 playoff game with the lakers. he's been listed as being out indefinitely. espn, magazine senior writer with more. >> as of right now yao ming is seeking second and third opinions to find out what treatment is necessary for the fracture in his left foot. he's going to make a decision by the end of the week. either continue to let it rest and hope that it will heal or get surgery. if he has surgery, it automatically means that he's probably going to miss at least part, if not all of next season. yao is reluctant to do that because he's already had several
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surgeries. even though the last one worked fine, he played in the olympics, played last season, no problem. but having been under the knife a number of times he doesn't want to do that again. the bigger question for the rockets, while no doubt he'll come back and play again at some point, can they count on him in the long term? that's the question the gm faces. >> missed games are nothing new to yao especially the last four years. he's had a toe infection, broken his left foot multiple times, and also had a bothersome sore right foot as well. the rockets have played 19 postseason games for the last two years and yao has missed 10. >> much more baseball yet to come. angels are in arlington for a series with the rangers. at stake, first place in the american league west. >> and the mets trying to put a weekend sweep at the hands of the yankees behind them. their reward, a date with the first place brewers and we have plenty more from wimbledon. the williams sisters have their sights on another family final.
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highlights from their matches straight ahead. and now that blake griffin is officially a west
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>> he was the number one overall pick by the clippers and on monday blake griffin was introduced to a nun of his newest admirers and fans. only the third number one pick in franchise history, he'll be called on early and often. >> i'm not nervous, i'm excited about it. >> with that comes responsibility, and it's something that i embrace, it will make me work harder and
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even more focused, so it's something that i welcome and i'm really looking forward to it. >> the past two weeks have been crazy. it's been a whirlwind but it's part of the process. it's a lot of fun and it's something i'll never get to experience again so it's nice to have everything settled now. >> from their days as the buffalo braves the clippers franchise has a long history of selecting forwards high in the draft. back in 1972, the braves selected bob mcadoo second overall. he won the mvp for the braves in 1975. other notable selections include terry cummings, danny manning, lamar odom and darius miles. >> the angels have won five straight and sit atop the a.l. west. a game and a half ahead of the rangers. they begin a three-game series in arlington. crushes the offering from padilla. a two-run jack. his 13th of the season. angels up 3-2.
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next batter, moralis. back-to-back jacks for moralis. angels win it 5-2. easy out there, guys. always a lot of fun until somebody gets hurt. rivera, his eighth home run in june that ties him for the second most in major league baseball. the angels have won six straight and 13 of their last 16. >> the a.l. central leading tigers continue their nine-game three city road trip in oakland. 6-1, they trail. rick had been 7-1 in his last 10 starts, he goes 4 1/3, allowing five earned runs, mark ellis and sweeney both homer. oakland has -- [inaudible] >> back to wimbledon now, serena williams on a collision course with her sister, taking on daniella, first set on serve,
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serena, big two-handed backhand. set up break points. gees. the ball clips the net, falls in. serena wins the first set. match appoint. second set, crosscourt, backhand coming up here for serena. she dominates it, 56 minutes, 6-4, 6-1. her sister, chasing her sixth wimbledon title. facing former number one anna ivanovic. venus dominating. up 5-love. huge forehand win. takes the first set 6-1. this is the first game of the second set. ivanovic would need treatment. she would have to retire with a thigh injury. venus only on the court 47 minutes. now the top fourth ladies seeds could break through to the semis at wimbledon for the third time since 2003. serena, next play, victoria
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azarenka from belarus. she's beaten her in each of the last two years at the australian open while older sister venus gets -- >> become the first one trying to -- murray in the near court, with a great crosscourt forehand running winner. this was second set action, murray took the second set 6-3 and third set 6-3. fourth set. a break point. we're on serve at 5-all. and murray, nets the backhand. wawrinka gets the break and goes up 6-5. next game, with a are inca, the big ace down the middle. wins the fourth set 7-5. fifth. now, prior to this year play at this time would have been us is defended due to darkness but because of the new roof over center court it was closed throughout the match and they play on. murray, near court.
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we're on serve at 4-3. look at that, huh? what a sweet lob. the fans are fired up so is murray. now later in the game, hometown hero with a break point. and watch what murray does with it. bam! he gets the break and goes up 5-3. hi, mom, are you fired up? i think so can he close the deal? next game, murray serving, it's match point. and the forehand winner. andy murray survives 6-3 in the fifth. the latest match played on center court in wimbledon history. it ended at 10:39 p.m. local time. >> obviously, a great come through. i haven't thought about the much a whole lot. made sure i warmed down properly and saw the physioand got as much food in me as possible, and then, you know, organizing what
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i'm going to do tomorrow to make sure i recover as best as i can. >> can you actually win wimbledon, does that come to your mind after winning a match like that? >> i believe i can win wimbledon. that's not changed since the first match. >> what about andy roddick, the sixth seed facing berdych? first set, tiebreaker. roddick, in the near court. nice slice backhand. later in the breaker, roddick, 24 aces in the match. then the next point, just continuing to bomb. roddick wins the first set 7-6. third set, match point. roddick will approach. wins in straight sets. so the quarterfinals are set for wimbledon on the men's side as well. his quest to a record 15th grand slam title, federer moves on to
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serve karlovic. and the roddick reached it for the fifth time in the last seven years and will face lleyton hewitt who reaches it for the first time since 2006. >> coming up, the mets have been battling through injuries all season long. and now, carlos beltran is getting a second opinion on his ailing right knee. >> and a beloved high school football coach is laid to rest in iowa. espnews continues after this. ♪ 100 calorie light beer with lime. miller chill.
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>> orel: in some ways, with nieve, you think it's about time they started to hit him, he's been up here three starts, won every game, his e.r.a. is microscopic. >> dan: hardy sends mcgehee dob
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energy resources of the native americans and we talk about that in the book. >> i worked with immigrants mostly from latin america. this is a group of people like my family who came here looking for work because either they were driven out of their homes by war or in an wismar recent time the economy is worse than
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ours. incredible disparities in wealth, historically a disposable group of people. how you see the green in economy affecting them? how you bring them justice for their work and labor and give them a voice and not continue the cycle of this possibility? >> well, he raised the point of the two sides of it having to do with the global economy, the fact that i think we got sold a bill of goods from the united states that we could run our economy based on consumption and not production. and so we sent a lot of jobs overseas and god bless some of those that got those jobs and some won't respected in those jobs, and we also saw the capital side and then on the labor sign -- labor side sought
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a situation where people are really the backbone of our economy but are disrespect and don't have the rights of workers so we have a mess here. what we're trying to propose in the book doing talk about a green economy, we focus on the united states but only a global contract. we don't think that people should have to brown -- in china for instance -- we want china and india to do well. we want their economies to prosper. have people there hundreds of millions in shocking party, but we don't want them to have to leave their villages, and leave their communities, leave their language group and proud themselves into megacities to make crapper us to buy and wal-mart. to get above a dollar a day. we think that in china and in india they should be able to
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have local sustainable economic development powered by clean energy where they can grow and prosper and we want to have the same thing in america. in the americas we want to not just the united states but all both north and south america for people to be able to have sustainable communities because we have responsibility to that act latin american doesn't have the kind of economy that is human wealth and natural wealth would indicate. it is selling some way for to put start -- smart billion beautiful people in america or a lot of minerals and resources so the reason people want to come here is because we have not let those economies prosper in here and and we need to have a policy that says let's have sustainable development throughout the hemisphere number one. number two, anybody who works here should be respected as a worker because of we don't do that we heard everybody.
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we can't have first and second class citizens in our workforce just like we can have first and second class citizens elsewhere. so the point that she made with regard to immigrants and in first with a population which i have worked with, i was simply say this without going into a long story about it -- we get a chance to billy green economy now and i hope dr. king would be proud of it, we don't have to bill a green economy the way our grandparents might have a where we are blind to our native american brothers and sisters, blinded to people who are born elsewhere, blind to people who have maybe been behind bars in the disenchants. we can bring them into our circle of moral concern, that's the first inning and in the book we talk about equal opportunity chemical protection and and reverence for all creation that we want to stop looking and people disposable, as nations
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that are disposable. there is a connection between thinking we have a disposable people and disposable planet. it is no surprise to me that the united states which has only 4 percent of the world's population has 25% of the greenhouse gas emissions and has 25 percent of the world's prisons. one ad of every four people locked up anywhere in the world are locked up in the u.s. prisons. it's mostly for nonviolent offenses, mostly low-income people and also people of color. why? because the same value system and we have a disposable plant also disposable people. i think that value system is to change and when it changes our relationship to our sisters and brothers we do come here to work and add to our economy will be respected. >> i am very pessimistic that the nuclear industry industry is going to rise up out of a the
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seven conditions and i want you to reassuring. [laughter] iraq's my brother said he is very pessimistic because he is arraigned that the nuclear power industry is going to rise about of this situation and he was some reassurance. well let me say two things. number one, we want green jobs but if you come home from your job and you are glowing green that is not the green job we're talking about. [laughter] we are not talking about those kind of jobs in nuclear power. i think that that's got to be a fight, that's going to be a struggle and i think we're one to have to work very hard to convince the american people there is a better way to go. .. from google and that's a bad word up here with microsoft people anyways. [laughter] i was talking to larry page from


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