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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  July 20, 2009 8:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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the ball game. and their 1st run in that three- run 2nd inning. this will be easy for kearns, off the bat of jeff francoeur. so the nats pitchers are getting this game under control. j.d. martin does get a tip of the nats cap for one thing. he got the scoreless 3rd, the scoreless 4th. now clippard has retired four straight. nationals park in our nation's capital. beautiful monday evening. rain, rain, stay away. it has so far. and we're in the top of the 6th with one out. low and away to jeremy reed who is 0-2 and a pair of ground balls to second. one of them a double play. bunting for a hit but he bunted it too hard. willie takes it -- >> rob: whoa! >> bob: well done by willie harris. [ chmrs and applause ] . >> rob: what a play by willie harris.
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only  pfyou ri bare hand it, chuck it, and here on the exmo, watch the finger grip. i think he as all three at the time. he just throws it. just quite athletic also henever playthird bm,,soií ju amazing.#e's#yo 9 o third baseman ryan zimmerman. >> rob: how about 19 out of 20, maybe. >> bob: bases empty, two outs. and an 0-1 to alex cora. clippard throwing well, getting help from his defense. >> rob: this kid wants to play up here. into it every time he gets a outing. pitch he into the
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i like him. >> bob: another guy who waited. this is his 7th ofession season. he slivers off the top of alex cora's bat. yoand i tag xthe other day, these coras, him and his older brother joey, they're tough kids. from puerto rico. >> rob: tough kids. >> bob: joey plays 11 years in the big leagues. snu you hit the head with the thorn in the side. these guys are pistols. they just keep coming and coming. >> bob: ozzie guillen likes joey. he's his bench coach. >> rob: i played with joey on the white sox. i have nothing but respect for the cores are. >> bob: and clippard throws it right by him. six in a row for tyler clippard. to the bottom of the 6th. guzman, dunn and kearns. xx
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 >> bob: ladies have some fu the ballpark tonight. they'd like their nats to score some more runs. 5-2 bottom of the 6th. leading off the 7th inning, back on may 26th, city field and adam dunn showed his strength. he took hernandez down the left field line. real close to where nick johnson hit that homer against johan santana earlier. >> rob: we talked about it. a lot of teams this year, i'm sure for the rest of his career will try to pitch him away, away, away. hoping he won't try to go that way. and when he takes you that way he has the power to reach any
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left field stand. >> bob: that was adam dunn's 15th homer of the year by the way. the only run livan game up in a complete game 6-1 win. adam is 1-2. launches one but he got under it. it's coming down. angel pagan. >> rob: along with the a palo 11 lunar module. did you see the astronauts on tv today talking about they want to go to mars? or we should fly to mars now on a mans? >> bob: i did not see that today but i heard that in the past. >> rob: they are arguing with each other. they're all about 95 or something. >> bob: i don't think they're going to go, then. >> rob: they're not going. but they're saying we should go. no, we shouldn't go. we should build a space place up on the moon. >> bob: man, can you imagine how far the ball would carry up
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there? >> rob: we should be the first broadcast team on the moon. >> bob: i'm sure some people would like to see us there. guzman 0-2. you let me walk into that one, didn't you? >> rob: the for bidden planet. you and i will be broadcasters. >> bob: people at home are drawing up the schematics as we speak. >> rob: space station 99. battle star galactica. >> bob: and a ground ball by guzman to castillo. two outs, bases empty, austin kearns coming up. here is what's ahead. the mets and the nats oliver perez and john lannan tomorrow
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night. greg stammen and mike pelfrey on wednesday. thursday, adam wainwright and jordan zimmerman before we see the padres for the first time this year. padres are struggling big time. they are the worst offensive team in the league. now the nats haven't had a hit since josh bard's two-run double back in the 4th. ly von trying to retire his seventh consecutive batter. that's why austin is in there tonight. third highest active againstly von. >> rob: righties crush him. >> bob: but felipe lopez is left handed. see where felipe is now in milwaukee. brewers traded a couple of prospects to arizona. >> rob: brewers are contending. >> bob: it's pittsburgh, right or milwaukee? >> rob: no. it's milwaukee. >> bob: ok. and you know, felipe is the
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kind of guy, if he is motivated, who can help a ball club. he was a help to st. louis last year in their race and then off to arizona he went. there is felipe. two minor leaguers. and livan is mad at himself for walking austin kearns, but better than giving up a hit. or not. second walk of the night. jason schmidt of the dodgers, one time about six years ago, he was as dominant as anybody in this league. i'm thinking about him when he was with the giants in the playoffs in '03. tim hudson back almost. >> rob: two names, hudson and schmidt, five years ago, two of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. >> bob: i was thinking about the pirates because evidently freddie sanchez and jack wilson their middle infielders, neither of them responded to the pirates, who made them multi-year offers to stay, and
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they look like they're just not interested in being long-term on a losing ball club and the pirates will have to make a decision about those guys. not spectacular players, but very good hard-working major league guys. freddie sanchez won a batting championship. jack wilson very steady at short. >> rob: he made the most amazing play yesterday off the catcher's glove. two high hops, and on the second high hop about knee high, he picked it up and threw out the base runner. he is amazing in the field. >> bob: we thought we'd see logan kensing tonight. we will shortly, if the nats can get a couple more base runners, and get down far enough in the batting order for them to hit. tyler clippard, 2-1 to harris. willie looks at a strike. 81 miles an hour. livan has so many different speeds on his change-up and his
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fastball. i mean change-ups anywhere from high 60s or 70s to low 80s. willie hits it pretty well to center, but right there is angel pagan and the nats are gone in the 6th stranding their 5th runner tonight in a 5-2 game with the mets on top. cash flow isn't just an important thing to small business. it's everything. that's why pnc is introducing your new cfo, cash flow options designed to effectively improve your cash flow. cfo helps every dollar work harder. from the very first dollar to the last dollar of the day. get in touch with your new cfo. pnc. leading the way.
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 >> bob: i got to hand it to fans. they have a good time when they come to the ballpark. it's an enjoyable experience.
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we need to reward them with more curly w's. get your red on, come out early. another t-shirt tuesday tomorrow. first 10,000 fans receive an adam dunn jersey t-shirt presented by mission get hired. 88 alts8-632-nats. visit or stop by the box office right here at the ballpark. drive down from work during your lunch hour, park right outside and grab some tickets. top of the 7th. schneider, hernandez and pagan. >> rob: do you think schneider is offended when somebody says hey, get off the schnei? chris burr man. >> bob: i think, if i remember correctly he had one year where he started off 0-14 and all the wise guys came out. hey, why don't you get off the schneid. one thing about brian be one of the most honest, hard-working guys we've ever had in this
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organization. he, until mr. zimmerman asserted himself, in some ways, in the early days, brian was one of the faces of this franchise. drove in 44 runs in '05, 55 in '06. usually threw out about 30 to 32% of opposing base runners. clippard strikes him out there and brian is 0-3. and he and his wife jordan were wonderful citizens here. jordan led a lot of the first ladies charitable activities. they were a real asset. >> rob: off those good off speed breaking balls by clippard sets up the 90 mile an hour chest high fastball that schneider cannot lay off. challenging livan. >> bob: he was trying to hit that to the navy yard station. >> rob: i think to the move. look, alex, pow. right to the move. this guy is getting it. >> bob: 90 career homers and 75
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rbi's. 95 sacrifice bunts. >> rob: i thought livo was a very good hitter. toronto has what did you say? 18 or 19 homers? >> bob: sounds right. 19 with 54 rbi's, including that horrible double he hit against the nats the other day. >> rob: that power river right by you, listen. >> bob: tyler clippard trying to retire his eighth consecutive batter. the nats will hit for him in the bottom of the 7th. >> rob: maybe they should give tyler a start. >> bob: he started two games last year, went 1-1 with a 4.35 era. strikeout number 4. hey, there are no jobs set other than what? lannan and jordan zimmerman. there are things available here. for those who perform well. bases empty, two outs for angel
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pagan. he's had a good night. 2-3. two runs an rbi. third time up robbed on a hot shot to nick johnson. pagan we first saw him a couple years ago with the mets when moises aleu had all kinds of injury issues in his final year. he was with the cubs for a while. came over in a three-player deal. a good breaking ball by clippard. still a little bit off. a lot off, in fact. 76 miles an hour. >> rob: well, the 80 mile an hour change-up, and he really takes something off that 12 to 6:00 breaking ball. blows some high cheese right by him. >> bob: looks like his best outing of the year. there is your high cheese. >> rob: nice choice. do it again. or a change-up.
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if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision... stop taking cialis and call your doctor right away. announcer: 36-hour cialis or... cialis for daily use. so when the moment is right, you can be ready.  >> bob: nationals baseball masn, brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by corona and corona light. kick back and relax with an ice cold corona and lime. relax responsibly. >> reporter: and the nationals are looking for some runs as we move to the bottom of the 7th inning, the nats trailing the mets by a score of 5-2. now how about the potomac nationals first baseman chris morero? he has been on fire in the carolina league and he was recently named the player of the week. you can't imagine why? well, he hit .500 with a
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double, a triple, a home run, four runs batted in, eight runs scored. the 21-year-old is leading the carolina league with 99 hits. he is also among league leaders in total bases, runs bassed in, batting average and home runs, he is hitting .303 and has hit 13 round trippers. bob. >> bob: a great week, debbie. thanks for the update on chris. we've had our eye on him for a couple of years. three years ago drafted. so here we go bottom 7. and after the stretch, josh bard looks like anderson hernandez in the on deck circle. and then nyjer morgan. josh bard 2-2 tonight. pair of doubles. he has 19 rbi's. there is the former met, hernandez who played an inning in the outfield yesterday.
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josh bard trying to get over the .270 mark with a base hit here. did he hold? yes, he did, says brian knight. 9-1 now in philadelphia. the phillies are battering ted lilly and the cubs. and atlanta game still 3-2 braves, bottom 6. >> rob: i doubt ted lilly is still in there. >> bob: i will check it and i would agree with you. jeff stevens is in the game now for the cubbies. 3 in the 1st, 2 in the 2nd. 4 in the 4th for the fighting fills who scored 9 on eight hits. >> rob: they are looking for
8:50 pm
some pitching. they had to sign a guy like pedro martinez, that shows you they're hurting for no one give them some innings. >> bob: what's happ? 7-0 now. >> rob: yeah. jay happ. >> bob: jamie moyer 9-6. >> rob: talking about trading happ to the blue jays. >> bob: kensing takes it and on the outside corner is where hunter called it. and for livan hernandez, his second strikeout tonight. >> rob: frank ma court the owner of the dodgers said heat not give up the future even for a halladay. just a bit outside on our pitch track. livan meets those calls. >> bob: now correct me if i'm off base here, but it seems to me like what jprichardi has done in toronto, he's set himself up if he doesn't move
8:51 pm
roy halladay for the next year or plus he is stuck, with a great pitcher, but an unhappy employee after he has been openly slopped around baseball, rumored to go two or three different places, and then your fans are thinking well, we're getting rid of roy halladay, he's given up on this season. so what do we have thrown look ahead to? am i wrong about that? >> rob: you're not wrong about that. here is what halladay could do if he really wants to be a northern his side, is say no to any trade. like jay pea 53 in san diego, which he has the right to do. he can basically say you have 10 prospects for me in philly? i'm not going. 1-2 to anderson hernandez. he was hot for a while. he is 3-8 as a pinch hitter
8:52 pm
this year. >> rob: and besides that, he's already trying to shop roland and everybody else, too. so he's not just trying to dump roy halladay up in toronto. as hernandez strikes out. >> bob: and everybody is all over the gm, and maybe we're not the biggest fans of this particular guy, but maybe he's doing what he has been told to do by the ownership. >> rob: absolutely. >> bob: the rogers group who owns the blue jays. a good pitch by livan. that swing back fastball we're always talk about. here is nyjer morgan. so maybe jp is taking all the heat for what he has been told he has to do. >> i don't think anybody told him to sign vernon wells to over 100 million bucks back in the day. >> bob: true. bad deal. nats still don't have a hit since the 4th inning. livan spinning his web of deceit one more time tonight. ♪
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♪ tell me who's watching. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ (announcer) it's right here. it's easy.
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 >> bob: time to spring you to speed with the at&t rapid rewind. j.d. martin major league debut and the mets roughed him up. they don't hit for power, but they did five runs on seven hits in the first two innings until tyler clippard came in to retire nine of them in a row, five on strikeouts. and settled this game down for the nats and their bullpen. mets lead it 5-2,8 inning, and
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at&t is the nation's fastest, 3g network. your world delivered. game summary, angel pagan acting like a lead off man tonight, two hits, two runs an rbi. josh bard 2-3 and four total bases, and daniel murphy. batting in the number three hole. usually where you put your best hitter. doing a good job for the melts tonight. so here is logan kensing month, did not have a good debut with the nats early in the season. but he straightened his game out since then, rob. 1-1. 3.91 era. and in 23 games, 12-13 save conversions. >> rob: love that minor league statistical jargon is wonderful. derek mock came back, and j.d.
8:56 pm
martin come up here. a little bit shaky. logan kensing came up here and throws strikes and get some people out. >> bob: 1-1 to luis castillo. out to short. came up on guzman. good runner, has to hurry, one out. so that now 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 hitters in a row retired by nats pitchers. three of them as we give you a visual on his stats at syracuse. so martin, clippard and kensing untouchable since the 3rd inning. next up, daniel murphy. and i know when the nationals had to face this guy when he was with florida we were always impressed with his arm. 48 appearances last year. he was hurt a lot in '07, 37 games in '06. but the one thing he's never been able to do at the major league level is keep that era
8:57 pm
down. his major league earned run average coming into this year 4.94. >> rob: pretty good pitch. he gave that pitch probably about six inches out farther for livan hernandez. >> bob: swing and a foul. 1-2. >> rob: they are front loading kensing. do exactly what i was doing in syracuse, pound the strike zone, throw 95 miles an hour. this is not a very good hitting ball club. you want to get in the good graces up here and get yourself a job for next year with jim riggleman and this pitching staff, blow some people away for the next two months. >> bob: 1-2 delivery. got him! [ cheers and applause ] . >> bob: hunter windelstaff thought about it for a moment and then pulled out the bow and arrow on daniel murphy. how about this bullpen tonight? >> rob: well, logan did a great job down in the minor leagues, establishes the fastball and gets the breaking ball back
8:58 pm
door. hey, murph, go grab some pine. great delivery. >> rob: you still don't like hitters, do you? >> bob: i hate hitters. i will hate them till i die. >> bob: not ours. >> rob: i love our guys. if i was facing them i wouldn't like them. a good hitting team. the short arm, it reminds me a lot of kenny hill. >> bob: right. he was an expo. >> rob: and he has to stay together mechanically, but he has a great arm. throw 95 and you are basically throwing from the back of your ear like a catcher. very impressive. >> bob: the ball just explodes and seems to be on you in 0 a. hurry, because you don't -- in a hurry, because you don't see it right away. >> rob: and the uniqueness of his delivery, 9 out of 10 don't throw like logan kensing. they have a nice reach back, slow delivery. >> bob: kensing can't get it
8:59 pm
but belliard can. and it's a 4th consecutive perfect inning by the bullen and five in a row for the pitching staff. it's on. - it's on. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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 >> bob: nationals baseball masn, brought to you by southwest airlines. book your next trip at and by pnc bank. pnc, leading the way. and as we reflect on a
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beautiful monday night here in our nation's capitol, early offense by the mets against the pitcher j.d. martin making his major league debut, still the difference the nats have six outs left to work with but you have to be encouraged by the bullpen tonight. >> rob: absolutely. tyler clippard and logan kensing did a fantastic job. if you want to take a role in that bullpen, there's plenty of openings. julian tavarez was just sent back and assigned. there's a lot of job openings up here. they are just looking for a few good men right now. you have about 70 games to assert yourself in this nationals organization. i think you could be here for a few years. go out there, do the best you can and have some fun. and the worst you can do is just go out and be successful. >> bob: interesting thing about the nationals bullpen. they started the season young. then it got older. it might be about to get a little younger again. 8 inning, ronnie belliard, 1-3.
9:02 pm
pedro feliciano takes over for the mets after livan hernandez worked 7 good innings. 2-1. >> rob: it wasn't bad enough that livan hernandez was throwing from everywhere, which feliciano now will throw from the other side every arm angle. >> bob: but he misses 3-1. 97 pitches, 57 strikes, for livan. seven innings, two runs, five hits a couple of walks three strikeouts. one double play ball. 3-1 nats need runners. belliard, johnson, and dunn in
9:03 pm
the washington 8. ronnie works for the walk. he is on for the second time tonight. >> rob: tommy hansen tonight, 6 and two-thirds, three earned runs, but 11 strikeouts. >> bob: and you can check out the nats on your i-pod touch and your i phone. it's called at bat, 2009. play by play, video highlights, live audio broadcasts. visit on your i phone or i-pod touch. to purchase. >> rob: got it right here. >> bob: all right. so what's nick johnson tonight? >> rob: 0-3 with a fly out in the 5th. >> bob: how about nick johnson, 1-4? [ cheers and applause ] . >> rob: we'll take it. >> bob: the tying run is coming to the batter's box.
9:04 pm
in adam dunn. this could get interesting very quickly. >> rob: nick johnson takes that left-handed feliciano pitch to left field. nick continues to feast on left- handed pitching. >> bob: adam dunn is 1-3 tonight. sean green, they have some good arms in their bullpen. green, bobby parnell, brian stokes. the former national tim redding is in their rotation no longer and is considered a bullpen guy. probably middle innings long guy. nobody out. they can't shift because of the runners. enhancing dunn's chance of a hit. taking one away there is [
9:05 pm
cheers and applause ] >> bob: how about that? a three-6-1 double play by the mets, and daniel murphy made a very good play. belliard to third with two outs, and that is a rally killer. can't play it any better than the mets just did. >> rob: well, you know, talk about situational hitting all year, not a good at bat by adam dunn. >> bob: the nationals this year have hit into 91 double plays. their opponents have hit into 66. that's a lot of extra outs. >> rob: it's just not using your head. you have to think as a baseball player. be a little bit more cerebral and say listen. the last thing i want to do right here is help this guy get
9:06 pm
off the hook and hit into a double play. >> bob: so a new pitcher comes in and the nats rally. we will see if guzman can keep it going. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on. from that first dollar forward, cash flow isn't just an important thing to small business. it's everything. that's why pnc is introducing your new cfo, cash flow options designed to effectively improve your cash flow. cfo helps every dollar work harder.
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from the very first dollar to the last dollar of the day. get in touch with your new cfo. pnc. leading the way. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 including who i trust to look after my money." tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "the dust might be settling... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 that's great, but i'm not." tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "i guess i'm just done with doing nothing, you know?" tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "oh, i'm not thinking about moving my money. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 i am moving it."  >> bob: by 2, mets over the nats in the bottom. the 8th. when has adam dunn ever hit into two double plays in one game? johnny and ray next nats extra post game presented by verizon fios. analysis of a short outing by
9:08 pm
j.d. martin, big league debut, four innings. josh bard seeing double. and i mean twice tonight. oliver perez, john lannan, lefty/lefty tomorrow night. >> rob: steal a line from keith olberman when he worked for espn. gaa. >> bob: that's a line? sounds like a sylable to me. >> rob: this one guy used to boot the ball and stuff like that. there's ronnie at third. ronnie is lonely. he wants to see his teammate. bring them in. >> bob: the nats lost a base runner on the double. guzman is 0-3. now 8 for his last 16. see if he can get washington within two runs here. sean green, three years as a mariner. and he is up to his old tricks
9:09 pm
with appearance number 45 for the mets. but a high era, 5.31.   1-2.  cristian guzman's bat average now below 300. and a breaking ball hit out to left center. there is pagan. double play kills the innings. going to the 9th.
9:10 pm
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 >> bob: we're back with you tomorrow from nationals park game 2. john lannan threw a one run, no earned run complete game against john maine and the mets here. first career complete game back on june 6th. nats won that game 7-1. a nice game that night. remember that five double plays? >> rob: right. >> bob: 96 pitches to go the
9:12 pm
distance. where has that been? worked out of a few jams. but that's nice. >> rob: and the mets $36 million man, oliver perez, 7.99 era. could shape up as one of the worst free agent sign information recent baseball history. 6:30 johnny and ray, holiday and knight, nats extra. another inning of work for logan kensing. that ball well hit. [ cheers and applause ] . >> bob: jeff francoeur has left the building! [ cheers and applause ] . >> bob: and he is 3-4 tonight. with his 6th homer of the year. and for the mets who have very little power this year, just
9:13 pm
their 53rd home run. >> rob: bob, you said it best earlier, if you throw him a strike, he will crush it. right there, 94, lower half of the strike zone, franky francoeur. 6th home run. maybe the change in venue will help him. he's a good guy. >> bob: everybody who plays with him likes him. i know ryan zimmerman, brian mccann and francoeur are good buddies, even though they go at each other on the field. >> rob: very good kid. very good kid. >> bob: but if you throw the ball down the middle, he will kill you. >> rob: well, and a lot of pressure put on him. he was a home grown kid from georgia. >> bob: and jeremy reed pops this one up to nyjer morgan. one out. the mets are about to beat the nats for the eighth time in 10
9:14 pm
games this year. tonight's copyrighted telecast presented by authority of the washington nationals. may not be reproduced or retransmitted in any form and the accounts and descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of the washington nationals. the nats are in danger of being 40 games under 500. at the end of this one tonight. out to second base off the bat of alex cora, two outs. >> rob: seen this before on the busch twins, they gave the secret -- bush twins. they gave the secret service fits. aren't they like young girls? isn't that what young girls in college do? >> bob: they give dads fits. >> rob: exactly. my daughter is 19.
9:15 pm
she gives me fits. >> bob: this inning is over in a hurry. >> rob: right. >> bob: and brian schmider is gone. solo -- schmider is gone. the mets carry a four-run lead into the bottom of the 9th. @
9:16 pm
 >> bob: it's a 6-2 game heading to the bottom of the 9th at nationals park. johnny holliday and ray knight with the nats extra post game in just a couple of minutes. 6-2. the score. the nats breezed through six scoreless innings, but francoeur tags on the 6th run. >> rob: first of all, martin didn't have his stuff. 89 mile an hour maximum tonight, johnny. very flat. went down behind the plate and he just didn't have a lot of movement. they didn't crush them, but they made a lot of good contact, and our offense just had one really solid inning. >> how about tyler clippard? we'll talk about tyler tonight. >> we will.
9:17 pm
>> let's go back upstairs to the bottom of the 9th. >> bob: thank you, gentlemen. three outs to go. even though it's not a save situation, francisco rodriguez was warmed up, and rob, obviously, you did this for a living. when you warm up your closer, he almost always pitches. >> rob: they've also lost 16 of 20, so he hasn't had a lot of save opportunities since we last saw him through that jerry manuel just wants to win. >> bob: let's see how many saves he had when they were in town. he had 15 saves on june 7th, and now he has 23. he's had eight saves in the last month and a half. >> rob: that's not a lot of quality work there. you need your teammates to give you the lead. for that to happen. >> bob: austin kearns, in the bottom of the 9th. stopped on six hits tonight, the nats have been.
9:18 pm
same pitch, same ball. >> rob: glove order finally game through. he now has a blue glove to match his black and blue uniform. he had a red glove to match his angels uniform. >> bob: and the guys who just don't allow you to get hits. willie wagner says he's coming back and be in the big leagues, whether with the mets or not remains to be seen. and the nationals are about to go 8-32 against the east. that's a 200 winning percentage. that goes one way, ball goes the other, and austin kearns is out.
9:19 pm
this is a busy week. 888-632-nats for tickets. john lannan and oliver perez tomorrow night. cardinals in for a game on ee-gamehs0yúyo,,t and then san diego in for the weekend. and this will be 0-5 since the managerial change. willie harris 0-2 in the walk
9:20 pm
and 0-3 castillo two down.  last hope for riggleman's nats, josh bard. josh 2-3 with a pair of doubles tonight. the nats just cannot beat anybody from the east this year. pretty good success against atlanta, but a nightmare against florida, philadelphia, and new york.
9:21 pm
josh willingham if it gets as far as the pitcher's spot, next. one hit since the 4th inning. for the mets, one hit since the 3rd. a final look around the score board has the phillies ahead 9- 1 bottom 7 over the cubs. the braves all over the giants now, bottom 7, 8-3. and the marlins later at san diego. so you're up to date on the east. the phillies, it appears, will keep their 6 and a half game lead over the braves. by the way, that will be nine
9:22 pm
in a row for the phils. the mets one pitch away. and bard will continue to battle, trying to get on for the 3rd time tonight. right down the middle. game over. ball game that takes about two hours and 16 minutes, and the nationals drop it to the mets 6- 2. outhit 9-6 and livan
9:23 pm
hernandez continues his mastery over washington this year. he's 3-0 against the nationals. for rob dibble and debbi taylor, bob carpenter. mets 6, nats 2. masn 2 tomorrow night, the nats continue game two in this series. we will get you going at 6:30 with nats extra. visit for -- visit for all the latest news on the nats. stay tuned, nats extra post game coming up with johnny and ray and from the booth, so long for just a while.   >> welcome to nats extr game brought to you by verizon fios. good crowd on hand to watch the opener. the mets come in and leaving 44-
9:24 pm
48. the nationals fall to 26-66. losers of six straight, 11 of their last 12. another disappointing night but there were some bright spots. number one would be the pitching of tyler clippard. the fact that the guys still hang in there. they just gave up too many runs in the early part of the game. johnny holliday and ray knight with you. happy to have you with us tonight. i don't know what the answer is, ray. it's frustrating all the way around. >> yeah. you're asking me? >> sorry to put you on the spot there. >> the answer is they came out of the gate, seven of the first 12 hitters got base hits. martin throwing the ball really flat. i heard he had a lot of sink. i hadn't seen him pitch. he was throwing the ball 89 was the highest we got him on the board. a lot of balls 87. but he threw some breaking balls that looked real sharp. they were just right on top of him. a lot of difference in the big leagues and obviously triple-a. but it just didn't look to me like he had the sink on the
9:25 pm
ball. ball was very flat and as a result, they hit the ball pretty hard, early. >> one of the scouts sitting next to me said exactly the same thing. the defining moment in the ball game, 2-so o. mets lead after 1. they get three more in the 2nd inning. two outs, an gel pagan comes up, gets the key base hit and that was it. >> this is a great play by nyjer making a great throw. that is a deal where you have to let the ball get to him. he gets the ball as opposed to staying at the plate and letting the ball come back to him. that ball was up about his kneecap, and that is one of those deals you have to position yourself right in the baseline, stay there, stay strong. make the guy go around you so that he misses home plate. that ended up being, could have been the third out of that inning. they tacked on two more runs to put them ahead 5-0 at that point. >> and francoeur deep in the 9th. 6-9-1 for new york.
9:26 pm
washington, 2-6-0. pagan a couple of singles. josh bard has two of the nationals six hits. he also drove in the only two runs in that 4th inning and then francoeur had a big night. he came from the atlanta braves 3-4 a home run number 6 of the year and a double that he also drives in a couple runs. 6-9-1 for the mets, and 2-6-0 for the nationals. the nats now are 2-8 this year against new york, 1-3 in this ballpark. just can't seem to get on the victory track. jim riggleman 0-5 as interim manager. >> it doesn't matter where you play, whether home or away. when you are struggling and don't get pitching. that's what we had really stressed over the last month, is that we've got to get starting pitching in defense. our offense, they're just not going to score a lot of runs. the first part of the year, i think was an aberration when we scored five runs a game. now after the last two and a half months we are barely
9:27 pm
averaging three and a half a game. when the pitch gorse out, they know they have to give up four runs or less to be in the game and we've done that. a lot of times, but we haven't been able to score a lot of runs. tonight, martin a little flat, offense scoring, you know, in the 2nd inning. >> one bright spot tonight, and i think you saw it right here on masn. the pitching of tyler clippard who came from the bullpen. back up to bob and rob, and he was lights out tonight for this club. >> bob: three perfect innings, johnny. we thought that logan kensing would follow it up with two perfect after that. gave up the francoeur home run but at one point the nationals pitchers, martin, clippard, and kensing had retired 17 consecutive hitters. >> rob: and not a lot of positives out of tonight. that's just make shift mets lineup that showshed have buried and shouldn't. but the bullpen threw up sop donuts. clippard, is as good as anybody to get a start in this rotation in the next couple months. he has been a starter at the
9:28 pm
minor leagues. excellent out of the bullpen. three great pitches tonight. fastball, change-up, good breaking ball. of the nine outs he got, five were strikeouts. and kensing, it's been a while since he has been in the big leagues. forget that francoeur. he is an all or nothing home run type guy. the rest of the time kensing was on his game. we have a couple of guys that want to work out of the bullpen. right now there's plenty of work for anybody who wants to do the job. >> and rob, before we get back to johnny and ray, your quick impressions on what you saw from j.d. martin and his debut. >> rob: it's early to really tell about what j.d. martin might bring to the major league level. he is a guy that has to stay off the edges. he should have learned from the master, listen hernandez, that if you don't have overpowering stuff and can't dominate hits were a 95 mile an hour fastball, you can't throw pitches on the inner half of the plate. you will be dominated by even that put-together lineup by jerry manuel. so, even with gary sheffield
9:29 pm
not in the lineup, they put it to our pitchers pretty well. >> bob: guys, livan hernandez won 23 games in just over two yearses a a met. he is 6-5 this year. the nats are keeping him in the mets rotation, 3-0 against washington >> thank you, mr. bob and mr. rob. see you tomorrow for game 2 of the series. if you are just dialing in, it's 6-2 the final the mets taking the first of three. j.d. martin called up from syracuse. only threw 74 pitches. 50 some of them in there for strikes but they were teeing off early. then he settled down after the first couple innings. >> i'm sure he was nervous, johnny. golly, he has had such a hard road back to the big leagues. 1st inning, checked swing. what are you going to do about this? then a sacrifice bunt and murphy singles to right field. doubles to right felted. francoeur doubles to left on a breaking ball that actually was very bottom of the strike zone. i thought that was a good pitch
9:30 pm
and he went down and got that. i guess he saw it right out of his hands. looked like a god pitch but sometimes you can't getaway with those up here. singles to left center on a line drive. pagan right up the middle. these balls were flat down the middle of the flat. ground ball up the middle. that was a sawed-off pitch on a hanging slider that got in. i believe it was a slider. but it cut him off and he slipped it to left. the story changed as he got ground balls, a double play. as he settled down in the 3rd and 4th innings. ground ball to second. hernandez pops up on a cutter pitch, and pagan grounds back to first base. nice play there by nick. he settled down. what i liked about him, though, the way he carried himself on the field. he looked confident to me. just by the way he carried himself. i don't know how to really explain that. it's just watching a lot of pitchers in the course of my career, he looked as if he
9:31 pm
thought he belonged out there. it didn't go well for him early. >> you have to feel that way, don't you? >> you have to. but sometimes body language, you know, indicates how you're feeling. he looked like to me that he was striding confidently. i thought he was going to have a good outing. >> right downstairs, jim riggleman talking about this loss. >> having that late movement, but it looked like it wasn't there tonight. >> you know, from my angle, i can't tell as much about movement and stuff. i know that i felt like, you know, a lot of balls be no disrespect to the hitters, but you know, there were a lot of balls that found their way onto a base hit. you know, which added, i know they squared up some balls and got some hits, but there was just a couple on the end, on the handle, that, you know, i think were because of some
9:32 pm
movement. and they ended up being hits and that's the way it goes, regardless of how you get the hit it's a line drive in the box score. i thought he did ok. he composed himself, he got a little better as he went along. i would have liked for him to go a little further, if we had had only a man on first, individual let him continue buzz there was a man in scoring position. i thought maybe we better try to get one more so we pinch hit. but he was settling down be and i think, you know, i can't speak for him but the nerves are probably going. this guy has competed in a long time in the minor leagues to get here. we are happy he is here, both him and logan, i feel like is a nice addition to the ball club. >> tyler clippard, nine consecutive outs, five strikeouts. what did you like about his outing today? >> you know when you come in the game and you're down, if that guy can come in and you know, hold the fort for a little while, it's up lifting to the team.
9:33 pm
you feel like ok, put a rally together we're still in this game, but you know, we just didn't come back and get them. i was really happy with a lot of our at bats tonight. we had some great at bats from belliard. a base hit and a walk. the walk was huge. kearns some good base -- some good at bats. the key play in the game was murphy made a great play turning it to cora and back for the double play. dunn hit that ball very well. that was kind of our chance to put a little pressure on them before their closer got in the game. >> what made him so tough today? >> he was tough on us in new york. he went nine against us up there. he is just the ultimate pro kind of changes his speeds. he has movement, he can cut the ball. the curve ball, he's a thinking man's pitcher, and he gave them a great effort tonight.
9:34 pm
>> well, jim riggleman, that's a very, very quick press conference he held. certainly you can understand that. the last time livan hernandez lost to the nationals, 2006, september 2. he's had their number ever since. he has faced this club. >> he changes speed so well. we're a fastball hitting club and he changes speeds in and out and a lot of balls soft. you just aren't used to gearing down that much. it's always easier to gear up to a 95 mile an hour fastball than something around 65. >> more to come on our nats extra post game right here on masn. johnny holliday and ray knight. game one of the new york mets, the mets win it 6-2 getting most run in the first couple of innings. pxopo
9:35 pm
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from the very first dollar to the last dollar of the day. get in touch with your new cfo. pnc. leading the way.  >> welcome back, everybody. nats extra brought to you in part by verizon fios. over 100 hd channels and fastest internet. 6-2 the mets tonight knock off the washington nationals.
9:37 pm
and happy to have you along with us tonight. we will try to dissect as best we can what happened this evening, and look forward to game number 2 tomorrow. and livan hernandez got to get him early. talking to brian schneider before the game tonight around the batting cage. he said it's best to get hernandez early. even though he had lost four straight games, the longer he goes the tougher he gets. >> he is a control pitcher. usually takes awhile to adjust to the mound. people will get you because you make that mistake. as soft as he throws he can't throw it by you. but he is pretty tough. the nats offense tonight, how little there was of it. we have only scored 13 in the last five games. belliard gets a base hit to left field on a single, and then a little wild throw to second base on an error. and then adam hits into a double play here. which he did twice tonight. and they got out of the inning. that was really the extent of our offense early. then a base hit to left field by adam.
9:38 pm
then how about austin kearns singling to left field? he hasn't had many hits lately. harris pops up and josh bard the big offensive guy tonight. he doubles to right field scoring two runs and that was all the offense he had for the offense. that was it, ladies and gentlemen. >> yeah. >> two runs. what i was alluding to earlier, johnny, the 8th inning, if double playground ball. hit it pretty hard, and then guzman flies out to center field, and that's just the way it went. we just only had one hit after the 4th inning. they only had one hit, the home run by francoeur in the 9th, after that 3rd inning, so we went basically 30 outs without getting but two hits, both teams. a pretty dead game after that first couple innings. >> we will show you some exmo. great pictures of the deliveries of j.d. expharn livan hernandez. watch how each guy, a little different delivery for both. martin right off that rubber,
9:39 pm
great shot right there. >> he pushes off the mound a full effort, all effort guy. strides very, very long. hernandez much tighter in the way he approaches. he doesn't have to really extend himself that much, because he's not a power pitcher anymore. he's just trying to throw the spots, change speeds, change the direction of the ball by moving it in and out. and he does a tremendous job doing it. a guy like that can pitch until he is 45 years old, johnny. some people say he is that old. that's -- >> you mentioned scoring in the last five games. how do you account for the fact against the astros july 11 they blow them out in houston scoring 13, where everything that night seemed to be working? >> well, that's the game of baseball. you can't base anything on one night. you have to base it over the course of enough. >> but can't you build from that one night? can't you take this momentum, or it doesn't work that way? >> it doesn't, no. >> in a perfect world, right. >> a teamam can have momentum through pitching and defense. if you are pitching well and
9:40 pm
playing good defense, then you don't have to do a lot. then the managers can manage the game. he can bunt, he can hit and run, create some offense, because each run counts. you can play base to base baseball, or you can play the type of deal where you are trying to get the first to third. use your pinch hitters, the double switches. our managers haven't had a chance to manage this year. we have not had a chance to make any moves, really, because our -- we're always behind. >> well, what did j.d. martin think about his first start as a major league level? comments from j.d. when we come back and we will continue with more of nats extra post game here on masn. johnny holliday, ray night with you 6-2 the new york mets come to town and take the first game. still two to go in this series. - oh, it's on, all right. - it's on. - it is totally on. jimmy, it's on. it's on. oh, yeah, it's on. pilot: affirmative, it's on.
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9:43 pm
extra pregame starting at 6:30. and then wednesday masn hd in high def, 7:00 the same situation. the cardinals, that is the makeup game of the rain-out about a month ago. nats extra pregame then san diego for comes for a weekend series. a couple of reporters gathered around j.d. martin and gets his thoughts. the quit question from debbi taylor. >> what were your emotions like out there today stepping on a major league field for the first time? >> you know, i was trying to keep calm and get out there and throw strikes. i kind of took the same approach that i have been taking all year. that was my approach. >> a little bit of struggles early on and then you got through the next couple innings. what were you doing differently? >> nothing. i was just trying to keep the ball down. everything was up a little, and i talked to bard and he said keep the ball down and let them hit it. >> nerves? >> maybe i'm not really sure. i feel like the nerves went
9:44 pm
away after the first couple of batters, but you know. >> who all was here for you? >> oh, a lot of people. my dad, both my sisters, my brother, his family. a lot of friends, and probably a good 30 people here for me. >> your dad was telling us that he was just here last week with the department of defense. it is kind of ironic that a week later he is here to watch you in person on a field that he took a tour of a week before? >> yeah. that was pretty funny, yeah. >> did it mean a lot to you to have your brother who you played minor league ball with the indians here in the stands, as well? >> yeah. absolutely. he was -- he's part of my success, i would say. he -- i grew up with him, and always worked with him and he's helped me a lot. >> you had elbow problems for theory years -- three years in a row. did you ever think you would ever be in the big leagues because of the injuries? >> yeah. that was always the plan. i always had faith that i would come back from the injuries, so -- >> how was your stuff tonight? did you feel on at all in
9:45 pm
>> overall i felt ok. my cutter was spinning a little bit. but besides that and my balls being up a little bit, i felt ok. >> and he knew exactly what the problem was. kept the ball up to high, didn't he? >> well, he's had quite a bit of experience and gone through a lot of trauma physically. it's a guy you kind of pull for. >> no kidding. >> he knows he can't keep the ball up. if you throw cutters, you have to throw them in near the hands but you can't get that up because people can fight it off there. if you are a sinker ball pitcher and our crack crew said he actually reached 91 on the gun tonight, johnny. so i didn't look up there enough, i guess. if you can throw 91 and locate and have sideways movement, you can beckett i have. >> i think josh bard was effective tonight. you know he can hit. had a couple of doubles. let's look what josh did against the mets. the only two runs of the night for the nationals. >> he is swinging right. the fastball drivessist to left field for the double. inside with it and that is a hitter that knows a little
9:46 pm
about hitting. look for a pitch away you know he won't necessarily go that way again. pitcher changes his pattern, but you're right on top because you are thinking with it. rbi's number 18 and 19 for the catcher for the nationals josh bard. we'll step out for a moment. more to come of nats extra post game. 6-2 new york wins it. some fans still hanging around and filing out of nationals park after a disappointing night but tomorrow is another night. announcer: what's your cialis moment? when she gives me that look. when at last we're alone. when we both decide.
9:47 pm
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9:48 pm
 >> welcome back to nats extra, brought to you in part by verizon fios. over 100 hd channels, and the fastest internet. this is fios and this is big. big performance tonight, solid performance for tyler clippard. he comes in, throws three shut- out innings. he was asked what was working best for him when he came out of that bullpen. >> just kind of everything. putting the ball where i wanted to. i was able to change speeds and locate my off-speed stuff. you know, it was a successful
9:49 pm
night. for me. >> is this the best you've felt all season? >> i felt -- i been feeling good all season. you know, just obviously one of my better outings, but more of the same. i've been feeling good. >> when you have an outing like this, do you feel like it's something you can definitely build off of? >> absolutely, yeah. you know, on a personal level, yeah. it's frustrating to get losses. we need a win badly. you know, i was hoping to kind of keep us in there, and we could maybe do something offensively. didn't happen, but yeah, i mean everybody's building towards w's, and that's the most important thing right now. we're just frustrated as a team, but it will come around >> knowing that john lannan is taking the mound tomorrow, does that give you a little hope? he has been a stopper in a lot of situations like this. >> for sure, john our go to guy. he has been around the longest out of any of our starters. he wants to win, she very
9:50 pm
competitive. so i know he will give us a good outing tomorrow. i think we feel confident and we're due for a win. we will see see what happens. >> i like the way he handles himself. he is confident, knows it's going to come sooner or later. >> you can see it on the mound and we've seen it develop for the last year and a half. we talked about him starting out. i think he needs to stay where he is. >> tomorrow might it will be john lannan trying to stop this six game slide. nobody better to put out there than your ace against the mets. >> johnny has just done a fantastic job. he is 6-7. his earned run average is 3.64. eight of his last nine outings have been quality starts. he just gives you that yeoman's effort every time. oliver perez has been hurt all year long. just his second start after a two-month stint on the disabled list. good fastball. hard slider. he's won 25 games over the last two years for the mets. he's struggled this year. he has been injured all year long. if you see him good he is real good. >> lannan has that complete
9:51 pm
game back in his arsenal he can go back to and say hey, we beat them once here 7-1. he had that complete game june 6th. so look for good things from john. >> he's pitched really well against the mets. they're a different lineup right now. a lot of guys out and they just kind of have a makeshift lineup. they are playing -- well, they haven't played well but john lannan can pitch and hope flee he'll give us good outings. >> ryan zimmerman didn't play tonight. a close play at home. another play at second. see you tomorrow night. make your plans to be was at 6:30 at masn 2. for ray knight, johnny holliday, good night. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "the dust might be settling... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 that's great, but i'm not." tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "i guess i'm just done with doing nothing, you know?" tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 "oh, i'm not thinking about moving my money. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 i am moving it."
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9:53 pm
>> more than half-a-million followers on twitter. he wrote, now, i'm going back with one more carry on than i had over. it was put into a case and put in the overhead compartment. >> you can't check it. front legs.
9:54 pm
[laughter] >> 40 years ago today, neil armstrong and buzz aldrin walked on the moon, eight years after the president said america would send a man to the moon. walked for 2:31:40. they left the next day, monday, to return home. char li gibson, and espn's peter gammons reflect on one of the proudest days in american history. >> i was glued to the television set. but, i think the critical thing, is the -- the context in which it came. 1969, was an unsettled year. we had gone through, gone through the assassination of kennedy, and martin luther king and the country was a sort of foul mood, and, when something like this happened, that was the
9:55 pm
e pet me of the can do of the american spirit, it made you believe that we could do anything and perhaps, the really rough times of 1968 and 1969 were behindus. >> people, my age, had grown up in an era of cold war and always ussr versus the united states and they were always, where, john kennedy said we'll we'll put a man on the moon. it was astounding to us. >> in the spirit of the 40 on the anniversary, let's look at some of the best space-related names. >> ready to get your fight on.
9:56 pm
set to take him on in vegas. 145 pounds. boxing analyst has more on thist outing. >> it's a compelling fight,li f? get the two most exciting fighters in the world,d in the ring together, guys who p are at the top of their game. it's a can't-miss fight. they've made some great fights, and for several years and it's a fight that should be s a barnburner. this is not going to be a lot of dancing and moving.lot and fans want to see action fights, and they got it. no disrespect to mayweather and marquez. but, i think, what would get the juices glowing, with the prospect of the action, is theit two.ts befor and that sort of fight, comes without a lot of nonsense from
9:57 pm
mayweather. >> the death of gatti sent shock what i was to the boxing world and the accusation it was his wife who strangled him. rodriguez is in jail and will remain that way. lawyers have petitioned for her release. a report has raised doubts that she is responsible. police cannot comment until it is complete. >> still to come on "espnews," their coming off and starting a surge, have you to see a clutch-hit in the bottom of the clutchi'm robert shapiro.of the over a million people
9:58 pm
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>> coming up on espnews, to couldn't get out of their own way at home. lately feels like they can't lose. how they're able to pull out another one. michael vick's debt to society is officially paid off. what it's going to take to get the former pro bowler back on an nfl deal. >> plus, he's a back-to-back mvp. one of the premier guards in the league. they're relieved after what happened today to steve nash. and it's one of the most important things that's ever happened in this country. we'll relive the events from 40 years ago
10:01 pm
[closed captioning provided by espn, inc.] >> espnews is presented by: >> hi, and welcome to espnews. always available in hd. helping you stay current with the latest breaking news, highlights and scores. i'm j.w. stewart. he is mike yam. full slate of baseball tonight, yammer, and the yankees have done it again. it is unbelievable. they'd love to see the baltimore orioles in baltimore. pretty good pitching match-up as well. and one of his best starts of the season. 7 and a third innings, one run. eight strikeouts. top of the eighth. runners on second and third. nick mark acheis. the groundball, mark teixeira with the play. next batter is adam jones, the wild pitch. and out at the plate. jose molina. getting the ball there at the plate just in time. yankees out of a big jam. bases empty.
10:02 pm
hideki matsui, getting it done. his 15th home run of the year. the fourth walkoff home run of the season for new york. actually ties the rangers for the most in baseball. hideki matsui, that is his second career walkoff. the 28th win this season. it's amazing. >> former braves teammates square off in the first of a three-game series in arlington. john smoltz and kevin millwood played in atlanta from 1997 to 2002. millwood said i learned a lot in atlanta. it would be fun to use some of that stuff to try to beat him. red sox in the al least by one game. the pressure on, the yankees winning tonight. and the red sox losing down 3-2. michael young tied this thing up with a solo home run off smoltzy. his 12th of the year. that matches his home run total from all of last season. and ahank blalock put the rangers ahead with an r.b.i. single to bring home josh hamilton. smoltz still in trouble here. two outs and a man on third for
10:03 pm
david murphy. trying to work out his troubles here in the sixth inning. if they lose, the yankees are first in the nl east. >> bottom 1, raoul ibanez. dead centerfield, gone. three-run home run. his 25th. 3-0, fighting phils. bottom four, 7-0, shane victor even owe and alfonso soriano. i got, he i got it. no, i don't got it. carlos ruiz scores. you know, lou piniella doesn't love that. out there in left field, gives soriano a standing o for that. phillies win it by the final of 10-1. back to 500. chicago's four-game win streak is over. time now for postgame extra. and dan schulman, steve phillips and/orel hershiser. >> well, the phillies could beat
10:04 pm
you in a variety of ways. they're the hottest team in baseball now. they've won nine in a row. maybe the thing they've got going the most their power. >> most powerful offense in baseball. leading in home runs. we saw that home run power come into play earlier in this game. raoul ibanez hits a fastball. ted lilly drives it out of the ballpark to deep centerfield. just when it looked like he was going to get himself out of a jam. of in the second inning, carlos ruiz takes a high fastball out of the zone. he powers it over the left field wall with a two-run shot. adding to that power total. taking the pressure off lopez in the rotation. finally, ryan howard takes a fastball up in the zone. drives it out to deep left field. that power a major factor. and continues to reinforce the power and the importance of the power to this phillies offense. adding to their totals. four players with 20-plus home runs. and at this stage. season to have that many home
10:05 pm
runs, you see the impact of that power, and the impact it has on the pitchers to take the pressure off of them. >> a guy that some people feel is keeping a spot warm until martinez is ready to join the big league club. >> hey, what about me. pedro's getting ready to get his inning up to five or six innings. maybe in a trade. >> all of a sudden, he goes from 9 to 90 miles an hour. the breaking ball was up there. it was the command that really rocked them in. and they have won every one of his starts since he's been up here in the big leagues. these phillies have been very, very hot. >> and the cubs four-game winning streak with the nationals is over, as the phillies beat up on the cubs 10-1 here tonight in phil phil.
10:06 pm
back to you. >> all right, the mets are struggling here as they take on the nationals. top of the second, on second, base hit to centerfield. coming up,on and he's throwing. coming in, and swatted right past the tag, and you see the pick, that's an athletic move there. mets up 3-0. top nine. it's 5-2, jeff francoeur his sixth home run of the of season. a solo shot for him. his first home run as a met. in new york. they go on to win, hernandez had lost his last four starts. he was winless in his last six. seven innings and two earned runs. now he's got eight straight wins against washington. >> jonathan sanchez has had nine days off. no hitting the padres. taking on the braves tonight. picking up right where he left off here in the first inning, it's brian mccann. sanchez did not allow a hit in the first. bottom of the second. there would be no back-to-back no hitters for jonathan sanchez.
10:07 pm
garret anderson made sure of that. solo home run, his 7th of the season, the braves down 2-1. bottom 7 of a 3-3 game. matt diaz, this is going to split the outfielders. two runners come in to score, diaz on third. braves take the 5-3 lead. got a no decision in this game. later in the 7th, the pinch hitter, ryan church. >> the two-run home run, his first as a member of the braves. three earned, four hits, 8k's, hansen, the rookie for atlanta gets the win. 7 innings, 3 earned, 11k's. now 5-0. the last braves rookie to strikeout 11 or more batters. he struck out 12 in the shutout against the pirates back in september of 1963. >> the texas rangers have put up
10:08 pm
five runs in the sixth inning. now lead it 6-2. as they pounded john smoltz all over the ballpark. and gave up three home runs in the sixth inning. david mur fee and the red sox would tie their season high. >> as far as society is concerned. michael vick has served his time, and finished his 23-month dog fighting sentence. the former pro quarterback is hoping his debt to the nfl is paid off. commission will commissioner roger goodell lift the suspension? it's unclear when that face-to-face meeting will take place. the review of his status is ongoing, but we're providing no
10:09 pm
other details at this time. john clayton tells us what it's going to take to get vick back on the field. >> the one word, remorse. and as long as they can see that remorse and see that michael vick is a different person. not the person that lied to him a couple of years ago about the fact that he had a dog fighting operation, and that he's remorseful about that. he realizes the damage that he's done, and also, he's going to be responsible in trying to stop dog fighting. you've seen the numbers on how dog fighting throughout the country. and michael vick can be a big part of him continuing that. and he'll speak out about it. if he doesn't see it, michael vick won't be playing football in 2009. but i do think that michael vick will have a chance to prepare himself to share in that remorse. >> when you take a look at what michael vick has coming up next, he's on probation, also on a three-year suspended sentence.
10:10 pm
the review of his status ongoing with no timetable expected from commissioner roger goodell prior to a ruling. >> still to come, the offensive rookie here, now the face of a franchise. >> our expert tells you why the two-time mvp is be leaving phoenix. stay current with espnews. welcome to the nascar sprint cup series on the now network. currently, 120,000 people are headed to the next race. 10 are using gps on their phones to find a rest stop. - average pit time: 578.2 seconds. - hey! 203 people are watching race highlights on nascar sprint cup mobile-- one while waiting for a speeding ticket. and a video of a kyle busch-themed winnebago passing tony stewart's hauler is being uploaded to vimeo-- now. america's most dependable 3g network. bringing you the first and only wireless 4g network.
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10:13 pm
the brickyard. twice in the last three years, the hometown favorite stewart is the points leader. jeff gordon looking to become the only primetime winner at this legendary track. the brickyard 4:400, 7:30 eastern on espn. >> cristiano ronaldo playing his first match for real madrid. in dublin, 21st minute, ronaldo, the free kick, he goes wide to the goal. he missed two of them. ronaldo, tonight, stepped up raoul. but he could not get a shot off. >> from one player to another. steve nash is not leaving phoenix. he notified the suns he's
10:14 pm
accepting a two-year extension worth almost $22 million. nash is already owed 13.1 million next season. mark stein explains. >> the suns pretty much made it clear from the start of the summer that this was their number one priority. they consider steve the face of the franchise. they were just not going to consider anything but finding a way to get this done. but nash really did give serious thought to playing out his contract. and being part of that 2010 free agent clarks i don't think it's a secret with mike d'antoni in new york. the knicks whoever been all over nash next summer if he made it to the open market. he spends his off seasons in new york. that was a definite lure. but ultimately, when the suns bumped that up 22 million in two years over the 13 million nash is making, he couldn't pass that up. >> other nba news, being traded
10:15 pm
from minnesota to los angeles to take place of the clippers. 25 games last season, averaged under 10 points and five assis assists. richardson heads to minnesota. >> free agent point guard andre miller today, this comes from the new york daily news. it is not believed the knicks made him an offer. the guards are hoping to sign him for 5.8 million. the possible scenario, a sign and trade deal between new york and philadelphia. >> for an organization that's had to deal with the drama of michael vick. the new quarterback couldn't be better. with theee offensive rookie of e year last season, and now expectations are sky high for the second year. questions are abund ant. can he duplicate the success. getting totally out of michael vick's shadow while tony gonzalez helped the team. we sat down with ed werder and answered those questions. >> here's ryan, looking, caught.,
10:16 pm
touchdown atlanta. that's the throw on first down. it's beautiful there. not only in atlanta, butw throughout, how difficult was it to come in and be the next guy? >> it's tough to replace someone in that position. and there's a lot of michael vick fans on the floor, and there still are. he did some great things while he was there. i was a fan of his just like everybody else, watching. he's an unbelievable athlete. bunt i never worried about it to much when i got there. if i take care of my business and do my job, it would work out. >> that's up to the commissioner. but i think mike's done his time, and hoping to get reinstated. and how do you think your success and flacco's success as a rookie effects the argument and the young quarterbacks to
10:17 pm
sit and wait a couple of years and learn on the sidelines. >> we went out there and played really well last year. we made the kind of plays, and it's from people's perspective or if it was just a coincidence that happened twice in one year. >> how do you think that effects the quarterbacks this year? matthew stafford, and mark sanchez? >> probably doesn't help. i p know the expectations were certainly high when i came in last year. and that being said, prior to that a lot of people had a lot of success in their first years. so it might change. but i don't envy those guys going into it. >> those big acquisitions could also effect the passing game in tony gonzalez. what kind of comfort level do you have withl him right now? and how important is it for a quarterback to have a guy who
10:18 pm
can dominate in the field like that? >> well, it's huge for us to be able to pick up tony. i think any time you can add first ballot hall of famer to your offense, you certainly become better. but i'm excited for training camp, just to get out there every day and work with him, and get a feel for where he likes the ball, what he's capable of doing, how he runs his route. just the little things that go into being successful. so, i feel like it's year one all over again. having a new chore to go out there and play with. >> last season, that shiny new toy was pretty money. combined for 19 receptions and 211 yards receiving. gonzalez caught five times as many balls and gave five times as many yards all by himself. >> still to come on espnews, what jack nicklaus said to his old friend tom watson following yesterday's heartbreaking loss at the brish british open.
10:19 pm
>> and it was one of the proudest moments in the history of the united states. we'll relive a magical moment in 1969. there's something big happening at pizza hut.
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10:22 pm
the par putt on the 72nd hole, and lost the british open to stewart cink in the four-hole playoff yesterday. his old buddy jack nicklaus said, i feel terrible for him. nicklaus spoke to mike greenberg earlier today on "sportscenter." >> we're very pleased on welcome on the telephone to "sportscenter," 18-time major champion jack nicklaus who faced off against tom watson on that same golf course in 1977 in the duel of the sun. so, jack, as you watched this unfold over the weekend for tom watson, what thoughts are going through your mind? >> i was sitting there watching it, and obviously rooting for tom. he's not only a competitor, but he was a good friend. we spent a lot of time together. and i wanted to see one of the old folks do well. as tom -- you know, i think what he did last week was just unbelievable. here's a guy who shot 65 in the first round. he led tied into the second round. led after the third round, and was still at the end of
10:23 pm
regulation tied for the lead. that's pretty phenomenal. for a guy 59 years old. >> you've spoken to him, obviously. what else did he say to you? >> he was he was ready to go. he was, you know, confident in what he wasan doing. we -- i said, tom, i felt bad about the playoff. but your tournament was over at 72. you don't need to feel bad about the playoff. what you did, nobody your age has ever done before, so feel very proud of it. >> you won the masters in 1986 at 46 years old. that's a golf course that tends to shoot toward the longer hitters. at 59, doing what he did this weekend as compared to what you did at 46 at augusta? >> well, i think you've got to take the situations. i think, you know, i i think i could have competed probably into my 50's at the british open. but i don't think i could have
10:24 pm
competed in the masters. actually, i did at 58 i finished sixth, i guess. but i think the masters, as tom said, the masters golf has gotten too long for him. he can't play it anymore. but an older guy can always play the british rotation, because power is not that big of a deal. power is helpful, obviously in any golf course. but the british open is a golf course that is won because you ever to use your head. play position, play the right club off the tee. you don't see guys playing 280 yards, 3 and 4-irons here in the states. you see it only in britain when starts running on the fairways, and runs out forever. the bunkers are key over there. you have to put the ball in place, but you don't play that much golf in the united states that way. the masters certainly doesn't play that way. but i think his feat there probably certainly is equal to
10:25 pm
what i did in 86. >> tiger woods missed the spot. phil mickelson wasn't interest there, tending to family members that are ill. what did tom watson do this weekend? >> he brought a lot of hope into us old guys. i told him i'm thinking about coming back and playing, i told him i'm coming out of retirement after watching that. fat chance of that. but anyway, i think a lot of guys you always have the ability to come pete. >> well, i think it's a foregone conclusion that tiger's going to chew up the golf courses and beat everybody up. it certainly wasn't a foregone conclusion that tom watson was going to play well. i got a bigger kick out of watching tom.
10:26 pm
i enjoy watching tiger. i think tiger when he plays well, he's poetry in motion. and i think that this week, watson was poetry in motion. >> finally, jack nicklaus, next year, 2010, the british open will return to st. andrews. do you think you can get something like this? >> i don't know what is expected out of him. but i can promise you, he'll be there trying. he played st. an driewz well. st. andrews >> 40 years ago today buzz armstrong, and buzz auld -- buzz auld ren #
10:27 pm
>> on a monday, he returned ho home. >> kicks offer in january, with the asl. and the bona fide league thanks to joe namath who had a aguarantee, and he came through in super bowl number 3. how about kareem abdu abdul-jab. at that point he was loual cinder. >> although things were great in los angeles. the celtics beat the lakers in 7 games. he moved into the loveable losers. that mets team stunned the world to beat athe orioles, old scho school. >> you do not want to
10:28 pm
10:29 pm
10:30 pm
>> coming up on espnews, the phillies have to get out of their own way at home. lately it seems like they can't lose. we'll see if they can pull it out again against the cubs who came in hot. michael vick's debt to society is officially paid off. what's it going to take to get him back on an nfl field? >> he's a back-to-back mvp and one of the premier guards in the league.
10:31 pm
why fans are relieved after what happened today to steve nash. >> and it's one of the most important things that's ever happened in this country. we'll relive an event 40 years ago. >> espnews is presented by sprint. >> hi, and welcome to espnews. always available in hd. jw stewart and mike yam, helping you stay current with the latest breaking news, highlights and scores. everyone okay over there? live tv, you never know what's going to happen. with the yankees, you pretty much know what's going to happen because they enjoy playing in the new ballpark. >> it is unbelievable. when you consider what's gone down. when baltimore heads to the boogie down bronx. the yankees came in winning
10:32 pm
seven straight against baltimore in new york. runners on 2nd and 3rd. mark teixeira with the play. the wild jump comes in. and molina with the throw out. roberts at the plate. bottom of the ninth. bases empty. hideki matsui, going around the ball. his 15th home run of the year. the yankees come up with the dramatic win for matsui. it's his second career walkoff. his first since 2003. and the yankees have a ncaa for coming back. -- have a knack for coming back. their 28th come back win this season. for teams that struggle, they are 1-12 on the road in the division. >> the red sox came in leading by one game. but the way things are going tonight, they're tied for first because the rangers are up 6-2. they scored five runs in the sixth inning. they hit three home runs off john smoltz in that inning. for smoltzy it's the second time in his career he's given up
10:33 pm
three home runs in an inning. the other time he gave up four home runs. the powerful quartet of kevin mitchell, jeff branson, and ed eddy. phils lead the n.l. east, cubs two out in the nl central. we're talking aboutl spring power. the phillies lead the national league in home runs. raoul ibanez, a three-run home run in the first. theei 5th of the year. the bottom of the fourth inning, shane victor even owe to left field. should be the final round of the inning. >> alfonso, fourth down on top of the ball. oh0 , yeah. oh, lou, what are you thinking. though the phillies would have won easily if it wasn't for that error. probably can't say what it is. >> yeah, these are the mistakes that just are have them boiling
10:34 pm
over. the phils have won 9-0 overall. the win streak is over. >> take on the nationals 10-2. that's a good thing if you're a new york fan. top top of the second. that's actually alex sykora, he's coming around the pitch at center. >> mets on top 3-0. top 5rbgs it's a 5-4 game. jeff francoeur, getting it over the wall in left. the solo shot, his sixth home run of the season. hernandez has now won eight straight starts. seven innings, two earned runs. >> jonathan sanchez has had nine days off. when he's no-hitting the padres. taking on the braves tonight. picking up where he left off here in the first inning. striking out brian mccann, who
10:35 pm
has a no hitter through one. second inning, it's broken up by garret anderson. the solo home run. his 7th of the year. and the braves are on the on the board, down 2-1. bottom 7 of a 3-3 game. matt diaz will split the outfielder. diaz, the triple. braves are up 5-3. later in the seventh. pinch hitter, ryan church. the two-run homer, and the braves win 11-3. improves to 5-0, he struck out 11, as he's the first braves rookie to strikeout 11 or more batters. he struck out 12 against the pirates in 1963. >> updating you on the dodgers and the reds, jason schmidt who is making his first start since
10:36 pm
june 16 of 2007. knocked around here in the first inning. willie tavarez scored after a leadoff triple. after one half of an inning. >> the electronic monitoring device he's had to wear under home confinement came off today. as far as society is concerned, michael vick has served his time as a free man after completing his dog fighting sentence. now the former pro bowl quarterback is hoping his debt to the nfl is paid off. vick's hope, commissioner roger goodell will lift his suspension and allow him to play again. and he has said he wants to sit down with vick, but it's unclear when that face-to-face meeting will be. he said the review of his status is ongoing. but will provide no other details at this time. for now, our nfl analysts weigh in. >> the question is, is that federal sentence time served?
10:37 pm
cris carter and hasselbeck join is now. question for both of you here. if you're in the nfl office, you, what do you do with michael vick now? >> iin think if you look at what michael vick has already lost as far as his overall success, his overall thing, and his name and credibility, michael vick, time is served, he could be playing football this summer. >> i agree 100%. he can probably take the time in terms of his meeting with michael vick. but when he meets michael vick,e if he shows remorse, and maybe even apologizes for lying to he and arthur blank. i think at that point it's time to let michael vick back into the nfl and see if teams are interested. >> even if that's like a pr thing to appear tough and accomplished. >> he's already lost two years. what can they accomplish? >> might happen though. >> it easily could lap. >> if he does come back now, at
10:38 pm
what point, if at all, do you see him coming back and being a starting nfl quarterback? >> i think if you sign michael vick, you're signing a back-up quarterback. you're not signing someone to compete with your starter. or maybe to be your starter at some point in the season. that being said, if you sign a back-up quarterback, the way people get hurt, you might as well get started in football games, but i don't think it's by design, michael vick is a quality football player. so he's a quality football player. and their thing was if you put michael vick on any football field on any nfl team, he makes that far more difficult to do. i like michael vick on the 53-man roster. the wildcat thing has come up with an innovation since he's been gone. is there room for him? >> it's a cop hey cat league. just like you do your tithing in church and everything. >> you don't build a team around
10:39 pm
a wildcat. that might be something you do in your offense. but if you'reou going to run the wildcat with michael vick, you're going to take your starter off the field. you're notg going to take tom brady off the field to put michael vick out there to run the wildcat. >> he'smb the number one quarterback in the league. there are a lot more guys down there to value. an establishede head team and established head coach. and most of those teams have an established quarterback. those are the teams that are going to sign michael vick. >> the back-up for the quarterback, michael vick will find the job. >> thank you, guys. of. >> well, vick does remain on probation for three years. he's also on a three-year suspended sentence for each conviction. the review of his status is ongoing with no firm timetable. though he is expected to meet with commissioner goodell prior to the ruling. >> after looking at footage of favre, childress said i like his
10:40 pm
throwing motion. it looks fine to he me. here's chris mortensen with more. >> i think we're all going to be surprised if brett favre is not a viking by july 30th. i wouldn't be surprised if an announcement came later this week. but, of course, he'll take all the time he needs. i do know this, brett favre would be disappointed if he can't do it. because he's worked so hard to get to this point. including having surgery. which he was initially opposed to. so my suspicion or speculation based on all the facts is that he'll be a viking when training camp opens at the end of the month. >> he if you're wondering what that was, the beginning of this half hour was the top of the w on the espnews back falling off. we're a year and a half into the studio and already falling off. >> the crazy thing is 40 years ago, he this they put a man on the moon. >> our technical crew chewed some bubble gum, and put it back
10:41 pm
on. so it will stay for another week. >> very technical. that's how we roll here on espnews. >> talking to steve nash, by the way, he's not going anywhere. our expert tells us why the two-time mvp is not leaving phoenix. >> jack nicklaus settled his old buddy following tom watson's heartbreaking loss at the british. we'll see if it holds up. >> espnews is presented by: the now network. welcome to the now network. population 49 million. right now, 1.5 million people are on a conference call. 750,000 wish they weren't. - ( phones chirping ) - construction workers are making 244,000 nextel direct connect calls. 1 million people are responding to an email. - 151 accidentally hit "reply all." - ( foghorn blows ) that's happening now. america's most dependable 3g network bringing you the first wireless 4g network. - sprint. the now network. - ( whoosh sound ) deaf, hard of hearing and people with speech disabilities access
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- thanks, professor. - don't forget the good student discount. and there's even more discounts! it's no "secret" that you can save hundreds with esurance. make it your "mission" to click or call esurance today. >> nascar kicks into high gear at the brickyard. the hometown favorite, tony stewart comes in as the points leader.
10:44 pm
jeff gordon planning to become the only primetime winner at this track. coverage begins sunday at 12:30 eastern on espn. >> ronaldo playing his first match for real madrid. he missed two free kicks today. later in the first half, ronaldo, the nice foot work gets it to raoul. but raoul not able to score. ronaldo would step out at halftime. and wins the exhibition. >> soccer superstar to a guy who is a big fan of soccer, and that is steve nash of the phoenix suns. he's not leaving phoenix still. the point guard notified the team he's expecting a two-year extension worth $22 million. nash already owed 13.1 million.
10:45 pm
mark stein explains why they made the deal. >> the suns pretty much made it clear. they made it their number one priority they're the face of the franchise. they were just not going to consider anything. just finding a way to get this done. nash did give serious thought to playing out his contract. and being part of that 2010 free agent class. knicks would have been all over it spending the off seasons in new york. that's a definite lure. but when the suns bumped that off up 22 million over two years making it next year, they couldn't pass that up. >> other nba news, the kid from brooklyn, sebastien was the first round pick of 2004 is being traded from minnesota to los angeles.
10:46 pm
s. >> the knicks met with free agent point guard andre miller today. the he was signed for more than the mid level of 5.8 million. one possible scenario, a sign and trade deal with new york and philadelphia. 59-year-old tom watson missed the par putt on the 72nd hole and lost the open in a 4-hole playoff. his old buddy jack nicklaus said i feel terrible for him. we're pleased to welcome to welcome a major champion. faced off, on that same golf course in the duel of the sun. as you watch this over this weekend, what thoughts go through your mind. >> i was obviously rooting for
10:47 pm
tom. he said, not only a competitor, but he was a good friend. they spent a lot of time together. and i wanted to see one of the old folks do well. and he i think what tom did last week was unbelievable. here's a guy in the first round, he didn't leave one shot out of it. and then he led tied into the second round. led after the third round, and was still at the end of regulation, tied for the lead. that is pretty phenomenal for a guy 59 years old. >> you've spoken to him since, obviously. what else did he say to you? >> he was pretty disappointed. s. >> he was confident at what he was doing. and we, i said tom, i said i felt bad about the playoff, but your tournament was over at 72. you don't need to feel bad about the playoff. you don't need to feel bad. what you did, nobody ever your age has done it before. so feel proud of it. >> you won the masters, you were 46, and of course, that is a
10:48 pm
golf course that tends to skew toward the longer hitters. >> what happened this weekend compared to what you did at 46 at augusta? >> i think you've got to take the situation. i think that, you know, i think i could have competed probably into my 50s at the british open. you know, but i don't think i could have competed into my 50s in the masters. >> i think the masters, as tom said, the master masters has goo long for him. but an older guy can always play the british owe rotation, because power is not that big of a deal. power is helpful, obviously, on any golf course. but the british open is a golf course that you really, golf courses that is one that you have to use your head, play position, play the right club off the tee. and, you know, you don't see guys playing 280 yardes, 3 and
10:49 pm
4-irons here in the states. you see it only in britain. you see it when that ball runs on the fairway, and runs out forever. and, of course, the bunkers are the key over there. you have to avoid the bunkers and try to put the ball in place. you don't play that much golf in the united states, in the masters certainly doesn't play that way. but i think his feat there was probably, certainly, if not better, certainly equal to what i did in '86. >> tiger woods missed the cut. phil mickelson wasn't even there tending to members of his family who are ill. what did tom watson do for the sport this weekend? brought a lot of hope to a lot of us old guys. you know, i'm thinking about going back and playing now. i iga told him i was going to ce out of retirement after watching that. fat chance of that. but anyway, i think a lot of guys would say isn't that great to see he that golf is truly a game for a lifetime. and if you continue to work at it, keep yourself in shape, you always have the ability to be
10:50 pm
able to compete. >> so jack nicklaus, what do you is more exciting? to watch tiger woods tear up golf courses or watch tom watson almost beat all those guys out there? >> i think it's a foregone conclusion that tiger's going to chew up the golf courses and beat everybody else. it wasn't a foregone conclusion that tom watson is going to play well. i got, obviously, a bigger kick out of watching tom. you i enjoyed watching tiger. i think tiger is phenomenal. when he plays well, he's poat hery in motion. and i think he's poetry in motion. >> and finally, jack nicklaus, next year, 2010, the british open will return to st. andrew, do you think we can expect something like this out of tom watson again? >> well, i don't know if we can expect it out of him. but i can promise you he'll be there trying. it will be his last attempt to play in a british open. he played st. andrews well. st. andrews is not too long for him. and i wouldn't be a bit
10:51 pm
surprised to see a repeat. >> jack nicklaus, he we celebrate your time and perspective. >> coming up, it was one of the proudest moments in the history of the united states. coming up, we'll relive a moment from 1969. you do not want to miss this. >> you are watching espnews >> you are watching espnews presented during the autobahn for all event you can get great deals. yeah, it's great. we just really want to be sure. whoa, it's us from... - the future. - cool. 11 days in the future. man: look, you love your new routan. you love the german-tuned suspension. you love not having to pay for scheduled maintenance. i love what you've done with your hair.
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with the astros in the first meeting this season. commemorating the 40th anniversary of the lunar landing. bottom 4, there is a moon shot from carlos lee. the three-run home run off kyle lohse. his 14th of the year. astros up 3-2. in the ninth. jose valverde against chris duncan, grounding into the 4, 6, 3, double-play to end the game. 3-2 down there in houston. they beat the cards for the first time this year. improves to 5-1 with a 2.79era in his last seven starts. >> 40 years ago today, neil armstrong and buzz auld ren walked on the moon. even more amazing, just eight years after president john f kennedy said america would send a man to the moon. aldren, and armstrong walked on
10:55 pm
the moon, and the apolo 11 astronauts left the next day, a monday to return home. we reflect on one of the proudest days in american haddistry. >> i was glued to the television along with everybody else. but i think the critical thing is the context in which it came. 1969 was an unsettled year has had been 1968. we had gone through the depths of vietnam, he had gone through the assassination of bobby kennedy, and martin luther king in the previous year. and the country was just in a sort of foul mood. and when something like this happened that was sort of the epitome of the can-do of the american spirit, and it made you believe that we could do anything, and that perhaps the really rough times of 1968 and early 69 were behind us. >> you have to understand, people of my age had grown up in an era of split neck, and the
10:56 pm
cold war. it was always ussr versus the united states. and the soviets were always on. and the john kennedy campaign came and said we're going to put a man on the moon, and it happened. it was so astounding to those of us who never thought it possib possible. >> >> at this exact moment, 10:56 p.m. 40 years ago, we have been walking on the moon. >> that's right. armstrong and buzz aldrehn walked on the moon for a little over two hours, and became instant heros. as buzz aldren likes to say, back in the day students used to tell him we read about you in the science books. now we read about you in the history books. that's how time has changed. only 12 men have walked on the surface of the moon. >> i actually think they learned about him via wikipedia. are they even using textbooks in school anymore? >> probably over the internet.
10:57 pm
>> i was not alive for this. neither were you. my parents were, my grandparents were. and, you know what, this is what it would be like if you and i were to go to the moon today. >> not bad. don't you like drop weight when you're in space? >> yes, you do. and you can hit a golf ball a lot further. both buzz aldren, and neil armstrong did on the moon. >> all right, that's just cold though. you'd have to go there. >> that's one small step for yam, one giant leap for j.w., for mike yam, i'm j.w. stewart, have a great night. we are walking off the set as we go back in time to the black and white days. and we have coming up next, anish shroff and will selva, ready to take you through the night. this does require some significant thought. i support mr. terry's efforts and i think he's to be applauded
10:58 pm
for taking what he knew what might be an unpopular stand on this committee and i intend to vote for his amendment when it comes to vote and i thank mr. buyer. >> i reclaim my time. ms. capps, this is exactly why i supported your amendment so that we could couple both your goal to make sure the education is out there, that these individuals make informed judgments about their own bodies if they want to take risky behavior is there are consequences from that not only to you perhaps to others on down the line in the future, and when we couple the education along with abstinence we can go after this pandemic that we have in our society, so what i am hopeful here is that we can combine our efforts, your amendment along with mr. terry
10:59 pm
and i think it would be good for our country and with that i yield back. >> the chair recognizes himself. i want to suggest mr. buyer that we be pragmatic. in the adoption of the caps amendment, abstinence program at work can qualify for funds. but this title v abstinence-only program has been a failure. it has gone through randomized controlled study, and at no impact with their teams had sex compared to a control group. no impact on the number of partners, no impact on pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. so when it was measured it came up short. it failed and in fact some of these states, 25 states decided not even to accept funds because they just didn't think was worth


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