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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 21, 2009 2:15pm-3:00pm EST

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back flipless. >> we have seen ttyrone jones come up. >> and maybe a little mowing. when was they are lined up in the slots on this football team. have we seen him in the game. >> all of a sudden, full back in the slot and the next thing you know, they are running the ball. >> no disrespect to connor. >> no. >> but they are the number 1 passing offense in the caa 2nd down from maine. en he could be match dollars up. on the left side. and looks right. and he overthrow it is.
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and looking for landis williams' leading receiver. >> if you don't have it. >> you throw it away. and throw it to the back. see who they ends up bringing in the game. >> keating is going to come in. >> here is what is going here. and full back. and what you have is one on one here on the outside. >> and it is williams in motion. >> and for the bears. still on his feet and pushaun brown with a touchdown. and it is on for the black bears. >> good job up front and josh.
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and it is the conner keating credit. and spins the guy around. >> it is questionable. >> could lend up being a holding call t and getting it in the ends zone. and the freshman for the point a and it is good. it is getting interesting. and this is a terrific ball game. it has been. and drives you down the field and makes a couple of big throws on the drive and 14 play. and 77-yard drive. and it is just absolutely sucks the life out of the clock. and now, it is 44 and a half seconds to go in the 3rd quarter and now the pressure mounts. and sean mcdonnell was
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saying. you don't win this game. you don't go to the playoff it is. >> we wanted to see some fire. and what does mmmaine do. and sean mcdonnell. you have to find a way it make a big defense. and biggest play in the game came on the dino vasso interception. >> some were wondering how treister is going to respond. >> and ranked six defensively. and giving up and 23 of 36. and he is stacked up. and they did hurt and there is a 4th quarter. and he is the young quarterback. >> r.j. toman is terrific. >> the wildcats can come back
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and put it. >> and this game subpoena not over by any stretch of the imagine nation. >> and a being. and take it is back. and. >> it is over. and dropped down. number 28 and mike koun made the tackle. >> and they ran reverse the last time. and this time. kackert ends upkeeping it. and runs by one of his guys there. for crying out loud. and tight end. get out of my way. >> let me go out and make a play. >> they will go back to the reed option game and stack trips to the left right here.
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and peters to the 1st down. allows. unh. to keep him honest. >> i am waiting for him out of the trips stack. and you can see for a nice blocking up right there. >> and 68 was a good block. >> you go to the trip sack. and i am waiting for him to turn and have two blockers in front of him. >> you have mangieri in the ball game and at the ends of the quarter. 24-17 and maine in the lead over the wildcats. a year ago. maine had it at orono and wound up losing the contest. when they scored a touchdown. this one is certainly not over. and you really shouldn't change the channel. this is going to be extremely exciting. 24-17, maine leading unh.
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and it is the game the week on comcast learn more at
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maine leads unh am and it is the number 1 jewelry store in america am and andy, every kiss begins with kay. >> yes, it does. >> we can singh it if you like. >> i agree with you on that one. >> and no schenscher nan begans and that is the best one and right here on comcast sportsnet. 24-subpoena and r.j. toman and twice in the 3rd quarter. and it is the wildcats that have the play off sides future on the line. and jellison in the ball game. and shawn jellison. up to the line of scrimmage. >> i think you get the 1st down there. >> and they are going to move the chains.
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and that is what unh has got to do. >> they have to find a way to get the tough yards and at some point. they need rj toman to make a throw down. >> yes, they needed the first down and they got it. >> jellison with it. >> and toman is going long and he has got it open. and j.t. wright had the ball and couldn't hang on to it. it is slightly under thrown. >> i am screaming he is open. and he was standing there. and now, the safety had rolled over the top and see it here. here is the flea flicker. and this ball is under thrown by r.j. toman. let's see. >> no, that is a trap and right away. and watch him hit his hands and hit hid head.
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he knows. he dropped it. you work all week and one simple thing goes wrong. and the opportunity you work the whole game to set up is now gone. >> it has been a game of big plays. and really has been and maine is in the position they are in. and toman under pressure and rolls to his right and right on him and it is incomplete. looking for jellison. it is terrific. >> terrific pressure and one of the leaders andal is the guy who makes the initial pressure and 95 to 425-pound senior and
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he is a heck of a football player. and he is the first guy on the scene. and you see him there. and forcing toman to start the reactor in the pocket. it looks like he is setting up for a 252-yard goal here. >> his longest is 250 yards. only field goal of plus 50. we got a whistle on the field. and we have a time out on the field. >> so, new hampshire sends out the field goal unit. >> they call a time out. and then they call the time out and this is interesting here. and here is the situation shawn mcdonnell is dealing over.
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you have to take the chance here. >> be sure to keep it here. delaware and the blue hens taking on the wildcats at 3:30. check your local listings again. and a field goal. manning has done it once this season and kicked a 54 yarder. >> he did miss it. here is the boot again and it is good with the second try on that one. thanks for the time out coach. unh gets on the board with a 52-yard field goal from tom manning and what a great advantage it is for the them to have a kicker. >> he smoked that thing and landed in the stands. watch it. >> here it is. curving. and watch it. it is four rows up into the
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seats. that was good up from 60. he missed a 42 yarder earlier in the game and missed the initial goal. and that was thanks to the time out for that. and we have a four-point ball game. 24-20. maine leads unh. and shawn mcdonnell taking -- sean mcdonnell takes it. >> six plays. 11 yards on the scoring drive. en now, if you are maine, you have already had one long drive and now, you would love to get six or seven minutes off the clock. >> and field goal is now doable and you get unh when they have to score a touchdown and maine has done a good job of answering. and he is going to be proud of his crew. and gets him off here from
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manning. and i will tell you, gary. dicey spot. >> and tells randall to stop. and decides to take it out any ways at the 9-yard line. and roosevelt is coming. and he decided he could take it out. >> there, it is very clear. the guy who is going to catch the ball. gets told by the guy who is back there and what to do. and tells him stay. that is a bad play right there. >> nothing you can do about that. and has to be smarter. and couple of yards deep in the end zone. and critical field position error right now. >> here is treister. and two interceptions and 264 yards. leading. and it is the full back back in. and he has a direction. brown looking. and still on his feet. and for a first down. longest run of the day
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forepushaun brian. >> doing a nice job of protecting the football. and the unh defenders are interested in stripping them out and forcing brown to cut back t and watch this. you get 17 in. there and ryan hind and go up there and stick someone. brown gets the call and up to the 26-yard line. and up for the hit. >> what do we have? >> clock is starting to tick away. and we have a new hatch hatch defender down. 13:01 to go in the ball game and when the wildcats came from behind. and 28-24. and that was the six
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consecutive win against the maine black bears. >> that is the official terminology since you are a graduate of the university of maine. they call it umo. >> i am incorrect. they changed that. and i should know that. >> well, consider you are such a giant donor to the university of maine. they would have notified you of that. >> me and stephen king, we are up there. >> they are going to be building buildings for stephen king. i can't get a free lunch. >> you are lucky to get a sandwich named of after you for crying out loud. >> either that or a pint of beer or pitcher of beer, i should say. >> there is young that is leaving the field under his own power. > >> he had a fat guy fall on him. >> i have been there. and been the guy on top. and been the guy get diagnose
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squashed for crying out load. and it is extremely sensitive. and there's how you end up popping the shoulder and land on it wrong. and then it starts on you. and. >> and it as nice job and that is brusko in motion. and he is going to handoff to pushaun and more yards and another 1st down. and second one. and ocean getting up to the second level and start walking the backers up and that is sort of what they have done here on the 1st down. >> there goes the full back in motion. and it is a smashing. and he has some room.
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and he has it all the way to the 44-yard line. and what a series. what a run by pushaun brown. >> great job by cobber keating. and leading the way. and we will watch it. and watch the contacts there. and he pancakes him. and that's the kind of stuff you need if you are going to win on the road in the contract caa. >> and tricks to the left. >> it is at some point too keep him honest. and they have got him on the inside receiver in the slot. >> you are right. and good point by you. >> we get a motion penalty. and he jumped. >> my bad. >> 5 yards. he ryan mass 1st down. >> matt barber jumped. >> you had a bunch of guys in
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there. jumping. >> he is tracking the bullet for the crew. >> always got to be one. and now, they end up taking keating out the game. and bring in brusko. and they go with three receivers to the left side. >> it is first and 15. and along the mid field. and rolling through his left. and looking where he has it and throw it is out-of-bounds. and doesn't want to throw it again. >> first and 15. you got to try to get something. and now, the advantage is all on unh. and if i am them. i have to start to think of pressure and there comes the roll out. well covered by everybody. and he might have had the ability to give it to tyrone jones and if you don't have anything that is easy to go to. then you better throw it away. >> second and 15 for the bears. >> at the catch 49. and they go five wide.
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and he comes out and back inside. and trying to get something up through the 45-yard line. and it is going to be a third and long situation for the bears. very good luck and this is a tough one. >> they decide to go back to the screen. and as soon as the lineman turns the run down, down the field. >> it is brian. and runs sideways to make sure he is going to be a part of the chase. and 13 for 18 on 3rd down conversions. and try to get the ball in the middle. >> i think. >> why not. and brusko today. and keep an eye on 15. and to throw. and he has it. and not going to be enough. and tyrell jones. and it doesn't do the job for the bears. >> fur maine, you are disappointed. and unh did a good job of taking him out of the play.
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and you are rolling on the clock am and if he can hang it you mean there. they could headache this up there and get in the 10. you are still making it difficult on the unh offense who is very inconsistent. >> joey orlando is back with his own 10-yard line. and brusko to punt. if anybody can do it, he could t and the cat it is have the ball. we will be coming back.
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holla back. let's try something new. nude pics. send me some. text me. . >> the bears have got 24-20 over unh and look at scott sicko and landis williams. he has the big catch. he had the touchdown catch and that's the difference in the ball game and it was tie rope jones. >> when you look at it. it has turned into mike brusko versus unh. and/or lap doe had a chance and j.t. wright had a chance to
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make the play. and they didn't do it. and 91 yards to government and for the wildcats. and that is going to be good. and first down. and scott sicko and speak of the devil. >> they do a good job on play action. and linebacker split and there you go. >> watch it right here. >> simply on the out. and step p. around plenty of open space for him to work in the open field. >> 1st down here. anoa wow. and he takes his hand off and down to the miss field. and r. j. toman and he had everybody followed. >> with scott sicko and then the plas play. >> rj toman on the shake here and on the back side. he got sucked down inside. and i don't know if that was my
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guy jordan stevens. and 95 got sucked in. and stay wide and respect his ability to pull it out. >> jellison in motion t and kackert is a handoff. and kackert with an unh 1st down. and down at the 41-yard line and they are moving the football. with 8:51 to go. >> maine is starting to bring pressure up front. and bring someone up off the edge. there is no one in the middle of the field to take care of kackert you have mangieri and kackert in the backfield al almost with r.j. toman and it is down by four. on the line. and heavy rush from stevens and then intercepted and taken away
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by trevor s and mangieri had it and taken from kaufmann and human play for the bears. >> boy, i thought mangieri had the touchdown down there. and we are going to see this on replay. sean mcdonnell is looking for answers right now. that is a heck of a play. mangieri goes up. >> he took it away. >> i don't know gary. >> that's a tough call. >> that's a tough call. >> that's an unh touchdown. and they both got the ball and they are both on the ground. and no, mangieri has the football tossed and trying to take it away there in the en. when you see it on replay, you know what is going to happen. one guy is going to say they had. it and they had the hands on the football. >> pushaun brown gets the ball and up to the 24-yard line.
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it was a terrific effort by both players and makes the catch and trevor to never give up on the football t that's a close call. >> i thought he had his handles on the ball. and so did mangieri. and once it crosses the goal line. it is dead. >> and the defensive of these officials. >> i look at the tough call. >> and i am not saying it is on the officials and when we have a chance to look at it. it looks like it as touchdown there. >> you are right. and we do have the benefit of looking at a replay. and real speed tough call. >> when you get three guys hanging around the goal line. it is a tough play to make. en and i go back once it crosses the gold line t and in the means, he didn't give full
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perception. >> and 1124 to go. and looking for a conversion. that is the story for them. and that man, pushaun brown. and he has got it. another university of maine 1st down. and they look to move it. even more. >> and maine is starting to show it away. and taking advantage of an opportunity given them that one will be calid about for a long, long time. as it should. no pivotal play and playing their hearts out today for the top spot in the northern division tment and 1st down for treister and the sophomore quarterback out of portland, maine and it is the wildcat and to the wildcat defense. and that is their 30th sack
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of the season. >> ryan, big number 90, the 300 pounder. >> or excuse me. that is jarrett smith. 275-pounder nothing on top of him am and that is the bears. 5:51 to go. and setting up for the wide receiver screen. and going for the right. and then keeps the ball. and that is jackson in on the hit among others. it was making the initial hitual mcguinness. nothing on that one. >> big number 90 has not come back for unh and he has go where to go. and treister. and steve young is on the side
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lines and has the right shoulder braced up. and cannot get back in this one. and he is another one the defensive tackles you would love to have. >> this is the biggest 3rd down of the game without question. trying to hang on to it with the right. and back to throw for treister. and looking down feel. and sousa knock it is away. and incomplete. third and 17, you are looking to get positive yardage or the best you can. and put yourself in a situation. and keep the clock running and punt. and to be quite honest with you. >> you would take a 2-yard run and keep the clock rolling. and orlando is back.
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brusko to punt. nice punt as he sends orlando back to mack the catch and his own 34-yard line. and it is going to be tied for the defense. 4:46 to go. maine leads it 24-20. with a title on the line in occur lamb. oh! blue! i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! it's the championship game! i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team! alex! good call.
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>> gary: welcome back, maine leading the . welcome back. >> what is he thinking? >> he has to say. you want to go to the playoffs. they have a healthy amount of seniors. scott sicko and others who have contributed for multiple years and says. you want to go back to the playoffs. you have to go 65 yards and score a touchdown. this is what every players wants. and they control their own fate right now. >> first and 10 from the 35. and they come out throwing. and 1st down. j.t. wright. >> and it is pig. you have to have the locks. >> it is new hampshire.
2:49 pm
here we go, brings him back am and stevens is active on the hit as well. 4:22 to go. they came back. similar situation and they defeated them in the final minutes. and there is your trip right here and waiting for them. and throwing it out to one of them. >> goes to kackert. and kackert goes to the 1st down. terrific hit by wrerry mcmillan. >> he ends up saving a touchdown right there. and he got through to the second level. and started to cut back. and after the three trips. and he got them running down the field. they couldn't provide a convoy. and they are faster guys and get in front of someone for a measurement here. and gary, i think unh is going
2:50 pm
to and tick short of this 1st down. >> eagle eye, baby. >> that's why you don't need the bin knocks and glasses. >> lace lasix does wonders. >> now you are on here am and if you are unh. i am not thinking of the 3rd down play. i will call that. and what i want to run on 1st down and do i want to take a shot. i am wondering if they had to do the converse. >> it is orlando and wright. and they should be enough for toman. second one of the day and touchdown for the wildcats and gets them the 1st down.
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and running 3:49 to go. toman has played much, much better decisions. >> last on may. and in the regular season. and 2002. it has been awhile. and looking to throw. and directing his receivers. and toman escapes and wow, that was a near miss by him for the black bears. that was joe. and he was trying to tell the receiver to get down the field. and he gets mere him. and considering what could have happened to him. >> second doyne and 13 for the cats. 3:12 to go. and motioned him down to the
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bottom the formation. and they have the running back out where there is no one slid out to him. >> here is the blitz. and joey orlando. first out and more. and he drags them out and what a cash. and by joey orlando. >> some of this. and it is motioning kackert out the backfield and sending him down and maine blitzes and goes with the middle stream and look out. and they barred the door. and look at that. the play that tyrone jones made earlier and he it gets chipped. and right there. they come up with a blitz up the gut and takes it. and up to the second and third level and now, unh knocking on the doorstep. and four cracks at it. kackert. and bounces off, one, two, three. and touchdown, chad kackert. and the wildcats have taken the
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lead. 2:26 to go. the number 1 offense of the caa has come through here. >> that's all effort from chad kackert and it might say 5'8". but he doesn't run 5'8". nice job and then, there he is matched up against him. and made the big play earlier. the point after is good. and by unh. and a major test ahead for the young man. >> treister, the quarterback for the maine black bears and he is phenomenal today. and we have a flag down.
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>> that done help. anybody pull your shoe. >> no. >> when you are 6'5" and over 300 pounds. most people don't want to touch your feet. >> you are right about that. >> 2:26 to go here. >> crushing penalty for maine. >> let me mention. you have 2:26 to go. and jordan waxman and talked about this all day. and now, it comes to maybe. rear its ugly head. and down three. on the road. and knocked down a field goal earlier and this is where, not knowing the truth disthanks. or not the kind of knowledge. and let me ask you this, andy. >> why don't you do that. >> and if you are maine, and go for the went?
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if you are maine, do you go for the win? >> i think. you have to let the situation dictate it. and did something stupid or give yourself a chance to at least. get to overtime. and have a crack at it. to where. it is at least an even situation. and if you have the chance. you are going to do it. >> you are going to go for it. and say this. >> if the ball is on the 15-yard lean. >> you are not going to be foolish. >> but if you go to one. it is four down wherever you are. >> thank you. >> and you have to choose what you are doing. >> manning is going to kick off. and he will be back. and for maine, they are back at their own 5-yard line. and it is treister. and black bears will go to work
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with 2:26 to go. and two and a half minutes and they are down three. >> they are trying to make earlier. >> with wax man, you know where he is comfortable. >> kicking the football from the right hatch. and million. and general feel. and now, you will go to the team and you don't have that kind of knowledge. and it does change the way. >> two touchdowns. and it is the sophomore. and taking over for warren smith. and the starting quarterback. and offensive player of the week. >> his chance to be a hero. >> and it is the big bide receiver. >> and jeremy kelly. and 2:16 to go now. number 1 and sousa, and they
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have the ability to knock it down. >> 2nd down d and almost has it intercepted. and sean ware can't believe it. captain linebacker thought he had it in his paws and two minutes to go, andy. >> vasso knock it is down the corner. and here comes number 9 and jumps that. now join is jumping. >> and it is huge in the game. see, if they can keep it up. >> back to throw. and keep it alive. and 1st down made. that's a for mike brusko. and down to the 46-yard line. and maine has life ten. >> if this is the last game mike brusko plays you know, football. competitive football. he he should save this tape. he has been fabulous today.
2:58 pm
>> 12 catches. and treister throwing on 1st down. avers complete the landis williams shy of the 49. >> this is what maine has done well. and second run guy. and now, they are past the second run team and they are probably about 35 yards from field goal range. they lost it. with scoring more than 18-points and puts an end to that. >> 2nd down. right now for the bears. >> and to throw. knock down right away. and it was for tyrell jones. >> this defense does a great job of anticipating. >> had he all the numbers. >> and patents. >> and number 44, their middle
2:59 pm
linebacker. and you wonder if he is involved in the field. and that's where they are trying to go with the football. >> maine, third and five. >> another big one. down three. >> and six time play by the wildcats. big time play. and getting his paw up to knock it down. >> getting the deflection. and it is pretty styled up front. >> here is the season for unh. and you are going to stop here. >> you know, you are going to the playoff it is. en and if not. he is here. >> 4th down and five. >> 1:32 to go in the game and he has been sensational. and can he pull out a miracle. >> under pressure and elected


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