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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 22, 2009 6:30pm-7:15pm EST

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there were a very small group of men who were architects, art historians, archaeologists, painters in civilian life and who were in the army and selected for this particular job. >> they were excited to be given this opportunity? >> yes. >> is it safe to say our lives are still in danger when they rescued these items? can you get a couple of examples? >> yes. a lot of the damaged monuments work least with my hands and so first-aid always meant walking on rubble that had been filled with mines, and very often -- ayman part of their job was to get to this monument as fast as possible which meant in some cases the bombs were the artillery was still -- the battle was still on. fred part, one of these men, rushed to some castles in the
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tuscan countryside where the two, the german and the indian life was still fighting. so it did put this life in danger. >> was the group composed of mostly american soldiers? >> every unit of the government was composed in equal parts of british and americans. that was one thing. so, yeah it was british and american. >> as far as the artifacts saved can you give a couple of examples of the better known pieces? >> there were lots of paintings that the nazis had taken from florence. we are talking about 563 paintings from the gallery taken up with and traced back and returned to florence before the end of the war. so that was the most important accomplishment. >> could you put a general percentage of the amount of artifacts that were saved?
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>> i think most were saved. that is not a very scientific way to put it. but it is extraordinary how much was saved or how little damage. if you think the campaign in italy covered the entire territory lasting 22 months and went from south to north and was a grueling battle all over. so in the end of their where three major buildings completely destroyed. everything else thinks to their intervention was restored after the war. >> where with the artifacts held during the war? >> everything that could be moved was taken out of the cities which were being bombed by airstrikes and taken to the laws and castles and this was the beginning of the italian campaign which lasted a very long time. so it was good thinking in the beginning. but when the ground war came to italy everything that had been taken out of the country's slide actually happened to be in the
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middle of the battle in many cases and unguarded. so what had been wise thinking in the beginning turned out to be a liability in the end. >> ilaria dagnini brey as the author of the new book venus fixers the remarkable story of the soldiers to save italy's art during world war ii. thank you. >> thank you here's a look at the upcoming book fairs and festivals over the next few months.
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matthew continetti associated fer of the weekly standard contends the media at pact sarah palin excess of the. he argued that her personal life was unfairly targeted and that her words were, quote come spawn to distort her image. mr. continetti appear on c-span's washington journal where he took national phone calls. the program is 45 minutes. >> host: matthew continetti is here now and with sarah palin's book coming out tomorrow why did you decide to write a book called "the persecution of sarah palin"? >> guest: the decision of this came early this year. as i watched the press coverage of sarah palin unfold when she debuted on the national stage.
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i was amazed at some of the myths, exaggerations and distortions that were being told and some of our most established news media. people said she was a supporter of pat buchanan. she wasn't. people said she was a supporter of the alaska independence party. she wasn't a member. rumors about the maternity of her youngest child were circulated on the web. all of these rumors and lies i decided we should catalogue to show not only the fact of the smiths were propagated but also try to explore the question of why. and i think the question is more the interesting question. sarah palin has this on their ability to summon up the worst feelings and her opponents. it's really quite amazing. >> host: what is that quality? why is that quality there and what does it have the effect it has? >> guest: i personally think she represents most of the
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things the left in this country want to change about america. they don't like her forthright christianity. they don't like the fact that she is not a member of the feminist establishment in fact she disagrees with a lot of the shibboleths of mainstream feminism. they don't like that she is representing the people who are kind of left out of the obama revolution. joe plummer of the world, tito the builders. these are people that do not have graduate degrees in semiotics from elite western, eastern universities. >> host: we will but the phone numbers on the bottom of the screen for our guest, matthew continetti, who has written his book on sarah palin, "the persecution of sarah palin." we are talking more specifically that the media, the subtitle is how the elite media tried to bring down a rising star. so you talk about these rumors and lies and gave examples.
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who were the biggest offenders in your view? >> guest: there were quite a few. i think in the case of "the new york times" actually ran the alaskan independence party and if on the front pages. all of the main newspapers, if you go to the museum website and see the cover stories for december 2nd, 2008 of the pages, the front page were filled with news of sarah palin's oldest daughter's pregnancy. this to me does not strike me as a front page news or certainly not something to be fronted without any consideration of the effect it has on the family, the effect it has on the girl or the effect it will have on the child as he grows older. >> host: what about the blogosphere? >> guest: the blogosphere is pretty vitriolic. i mentioned the rumor about maternity of her youngest son. that emanated on the far left websites. and this pretty soon from the
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course and referred to in many establishment newspapers as well all of these things kind come to fruition. we have to be skeptical of them, and it is because of the new media so much as on mediated. we have to kind of take a step back and say what is going on here? is this true, is a lot and in the case of sarah palin so much of it wasn't. >> host: said the 2010, 2012 and beyond and as we look at the media in these elections what do you see as the future? how will it be played out? >> guest: based on the reaction i think it is going to continue to get negative press but i think that palin has discovered another avenue to communicate not only to supporters but people who may become interested about her as time progresses and that's for the new media. you know, barack obama one of his many achievements in the 2008 campion was utilizing new social media like facebook, you
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to, twitter. these ways to communicate directly to your supporters and without getting much credit sarah palin is doing exactly that. her facebook has close to $1 million. in fact she is second only to barack obama in the number of friends of facebook among american politicians. twitter i think is about 15,000 or last i checked earlier this week and growing. and through this media she can communicate directly and she can also dispel some of the myths that she is not first in policy toward simple. you go to her face page and almost every day there is a lengthy essay posted which include footnotes on various policy issues of the day. >> host: first call for the guest, new haven connecticut. brian, a republican line. dhahran with matthew continetti. >> caller: good morning. i wanted to just agree with my matthew. i think it is a typical
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left-wing media bashing of someone can't to me the make themselves so obvious because if she wasn't important and she didn't matter there would be no coverage of her. the fact of the matter is i think they were very afraid of her and they were going out of their way to discredit her and any one that agrees with her. it's just so obvious and i think the american people are so far beyond this kind of trash and. no matter what they do this woman will rise. i don't know if she's going to run for office or not. it doesn't -- i think she will. i just think it's typical left-wing media and again the meek themselves so obvious.
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if they didn't care they wouldn't cover her. >> guest: you will like this persecution of the sarah palin. what's funny to me is i was thinking of all the politicians who have written books. the coverage devoted to sarah palin. remember she doesn't hold any office, she didn't win the vice presidency but john mccain she's the story of the week. everyone is talking about her. my feet critics and also for, the negative coverage of her book is the ap. the ap had 11 reporters, even, write a fact check of sarah palin's book and took 11 reporters to discover that sarah palin is ambitious. it's almost ludicrous in some manner of reporting on her and the reaction, her ability to drive her opponents bonkers is laughable. >> host: you write this is how the beast hunted down its prey in the beginning of the book and how she fought back.
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aside from social media how wells house she fought back? >> guest: i think the book is part of it. sarah palin has been unable to tell her side of the story and i think that her book, "going rogue," is her attempt to tell her side of what happened in the campaign. this is something she needs to do in order to start looking forward and i think while there is some policy discussed in "going rogue" it is kind of backward looking telling people about her life, telling people about her experiences both alaska and on the campaign trail. and then ending with a kind of brief look forward about what might be next. because she doesn't tell her story and the people like me will talk about the myths truths that have been said about her but she doesn't tell her side of the story, who will? certainly not the media. >> host: harper collins is the publisher of sarah palin's but that comes out tomorrow. she will be on the oprah show today and there is the cover,
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"going rogue." matthew continetti is here talking about his book. it's about the media and sarah palin, "the persecution of sarah palin" is the title of his book. fort lauderdale florida is on the line. mark, independent call. >> caller: hello, how are you christman? >> host: fine, go ahead. >> caller: my main question is this, the mentality that your guest [inaudible] someone asks hard questions of ms. palin and right away there is either an attack or reacting negatively or trying to be negative to her. asking someone hard questions is not going after them, is it? and if you don't mind i would like to hang on to hear what you have to say. >> host: go ahead, mr. continetti. >> guest: i have no question of people writing her questions and as i write in "the persecution of sarah palin" i think that hurt major misstep on the campaign trail of her interview with katie couric,
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which even sarah palin admits did not go well. she admitted that to oprah and talks about it in the book. every person, every person to high office should be able to answer to questions. what happened with sarah palin wasn't answering tough questions. it was a cultural revolution. it was the ability that any rumor could be spirited. every fact that might come from this character as some sort of radical conservative bent on taking us back to the stone age was in braced and every fact that contradicted which as i write in my book is most of her political profile prior to 2008 directly rebuts that cartoon. those facts were dismissed. >> host: does the call want to respond? >> caller: yeah, it seems to me everything you just said she seems to have this bunker mentality as do many like her
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that in any type of questioning or this latest negativity right away is an attack on them. i haven't read the book obviously it hasn't come out yet. i'm looking a hold of -- forward to getting a hold of it. it seems like a great deal of it is devoted to those guys are out to get me, the left-wing media. >> host: what else do you want to add their? >> guest: there's something to the fact people are out to get her and i think it has something to do with the earlier call. she is in many ways a threat to the current power configuration in washington. if we recall the only time john mccain was winning the presidential election last year, the only time that he was pulling ahead of barack obama is between his announcement of sarah palin to be his running mate and of course the collapse of lehman brothers on september 15, 2008.
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one part of that equation john mccain had something to do with and i was picking sarah palin. the other part neither mccain or palin or anyone else salles coming. and they couldn't do much about it. >> host: our guest is also associate editor of the weekly standard and the author of the case street gang, the rise and fall of the machine. a graduate of columbia. matthew continetti cheeks this call from this to california. jeff, democrats line to get the looker. >> caller: good morning. >> host: good morning. >> caller: matthew, i think it's incredible that you're serious. i didn't get any of mike negative feelings about sarah palin from any left-wing media. i got it from watching her and hearing her speak. and the fact that people refer to these days even too liberal media it appears to be one of those things that's sort of among conservatives dinosaur in
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the days they work and planning about liberal media during the 80's and everything if you recall media was pretty much just straight up and down liberal and conservative. some conservatives who didn't like anything they heard from the other side was simply because it wasn't a talking point so they called it liberal media. now there is liberal media. there is keith olberman and the conservative media took a big -- there was a lot of conservative media if you want to hear about people, not sarah palin but other people being trashed much more than her just watch fox news, the white power network. thank you. >> guest: i think you raise an interesting point, when you said that your negative feelings came from watching palin and hearing her. i actually happen to think one of the reasons that people have
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trouble taking palin seriously is that accent. it's more minnesota than alaska. but it's certainly not what you hear on their waves. it's certainly not what you hear on the coasts. and so i think this accident reminds people that she's not from what you would call the mainstream of american life. she's outside of these establishment networks and so i think that kind of rubs people the wrong way. and again, i will say she has had some tough interviews. and she has a lot of catching up to do. but i think if you look at her closely now as i write to rafiq in tough "the persecution of sarah palin" i'd think she's doing some of that work and if you go on to per facebook page you will see policy heft that may not have been so visible during the presidential campaign. >> host: you also wrote in "the wall street journal" this past week can sarah palin make a
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comeback? her number some independents are strong enough to give her a chance. >> guest: when you look at public opinion of sarah palin you find basically she in record time has become one of the most polarizing figures in american politics. republicans of her, democrats hate her but interestingly independence are divided on the question. or independence disapprove of her than approved but i happen to think the bridge is somewhat navigable for her. others on the about a seven-point gap in the gallup poll i quote from and that seven points seems to hold other surveys as well. as i say in the peace if she flips those numbers, she has more independent approving and disapproving the could be serving less burgers and the white house in 2013. >> host: there are some twitters as we look at the media and new media for the past one of them says mr. continetti de believe sarah palin crites her face the country's? terse another one here that says to you actually believe she wrote the book herself.
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take ms. moore into those questions. >> guest: i believe she writes them to the extent any political figure rights any material that they have under their name. politicians tend bosses. they like to run things. that is why they are politicians. so there is never a word that comes from out of their camp were under their name that they haven't been intimately involved in. of course she did of a collaborator on her book. she says that. but what i've been struck is the excerpts coming from the back there very much and sarah palin's voice. that voice is informal, it is and what we hear on the sunday talk shows. it's very casual and down to earth but i think that's one thing her supporters like most about her. >> host: back to the calls. st. louis, thank you for waiting. what do you have to say? >> caller: i liked sarah palin. i think she's very interesting people.
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when they were talking about with independent i think that's her problem. i think she's going to have a hard time winning over independence and that is the key to the presidential race. and i don't think she has that kind of reagan quality about her where she can kind of wind that and my fear is for the republican party conservatives winning the republican party is that she made from as a third-party candidate and really split the ticket and that is my biggest fear and it's going to be nothing but a when to the direct. what's your take? do you think she put go that direction. >> guest: i am actually skeptical. this is something you hear about quite a bit but i don't think it is winter happen. sarah palin has been a loyal republican since the age of 19. this is something when people said you supported pat buchanan in 2007 or were a member of the alaskan party we went back and looked at the voter registration and she has been a republican since 19. i don't see her leaving but what i do think is important is the
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constituency that she represents which is the tea party constituency of people who were very angry at the way the country is headed they want the big spending to stop. they don't want the democrats' health care plan to be enacted. they don't want to see a cut and dried plan put in place. those voters are going to be interpol to any republican comeback and she's kind of more less dee dee facto leader and is going to have to be included in any republican movement what your it is the 2010 elections or 2012. for palin your right i mean in order to be like reagan she does need to kind of get to the center but here's the thing. she did it before. as i write in "the persecution of sarah palin," the sarah palin that ran for governor of alaska in 2006 wasn't this cultural war year we hear about in the media.
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it was someone very different who was campaigning on bipartisan issues, ethics reform, taking it to the oil companies, changing the tax code for the oil companies and making the critique that the people of alaska were being left out of this culture inside of the state capital juneau 2012. >> host: next call is independent from bloomington indiana. you are on with matthew continetti talking about sarah palin and the media. >> caller: hello. when i first saw sarah palin immediately took myself back four years when i was lower level and was called to run political office and had no idea it was like being summoned to a den of lions. never experienced the futrell and some of the stops on the
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block. supply side with her greatly. she has a great deal to offer the country. she i think she isn't perfect but none of the politicians are in indiana where i live the vitriol astounded me how much people, females especially one time my son said what you think of that sarah palin and i looked and said i like her and i thought this woman was going to explode. [inaudible] she had more political experience than obama. [inaudible] -- athlete, lots of strength. so i hope she gets in there and
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win some. and you have to remember she and senator mccain almost won the presidential election. >> guest: if you will also love "the persecution of sarah palin." got to put my book but i think to make an excellent point about women in politics and it's interesting some of the ferocity may have been because sarah palin was a woman, different from the women we see on the political stage most of whom are older. they are past the stage of raising their kids even or older. sarah palin is very young and of course most of the prominent women in american politics are pro-choice and sarah palin of course the one thing almost everyone knows about her is she is pro-life. i was fascinated over the weekend when i heard hillary clinton told george stephanopoulos she would be interested in meeting sarah palin to read and i think that was also an acknowledgment of clinton's, of palin's mention of
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clinton's name for a trailblazer for female politicians but also a clinton maneuver. a owsley quote one of the democrats favorably of specific in my book is bill clinton whirly understood that a lot of people, not everybody by any means, but a lot of americans look at sarah palin and say she reminds me of me. she talks like i do. she has the same values i do. i kind of like her. >> host: dan walls wrote in the post over the weekend about all of this and asks as palin's book tour in opening chapter could provide a subtext to her political plans particularly in the presidential aspirations. so in addition to her book, the tour follows various states. the smaller cities from what we understand. but he writes the book tour will provide the subtext for the bigger discussion of what kind of political future she may have
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or may want to have. is she merely a political personality or is their something that can be called palin, defining a political philosophy that could help her win the elections and turning into a valuable national candidate. frist was their something called palinism? >> guest: i don't know if we have it palinism. will she be able to take this great support she has among the grassroots and use it to something bigger. recently i wrote in the weekly standard i think if she adopted a free market populism singing from against washington, run against the elites trying to manage the economy and try to design america according to their own theories about how society should work i think that could get some traction. but i also think she's going to have to prove to those independent voters that she is
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familiar with the issues, she can hold her own which i think she did as i talk about in "the persecution of sarah palin." i think that she more than hold her own against joe biden and the presidential debate. and tom illini fiction will have to go up for a rematch against katie couric. >> host: east point michigan now. democratic line, hello there. >> caller: i would love to see a katie couric reactor fuel. but the blast. sarah palin but look like a dear caught in the headlights. [inaudible] what did she do for alaska? not that much. the have the highest crystal meth problem. people are alcoholics. she ran up the panel for the health care and 286 she didn't want to fund the senior house. go home and tear your poster down i'm so over you. >> guest: why don't have her
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poster of, did. but as a critique of sarah palin. it goes back to her record in alaska which i'm happy to hear because so much of the critique of sarah palin last year it was amazing the "washington post" and "the new york times" went to alaska. sent teams reports and basically interviewed everyone who had something negative to say and never acknowledging she had the highest approval ratings of any republican politician in the country at that time john mccain nominated her for the vice presidency. so, yeah. like any politician, the record can be as its highs and lows, but on till she was nominated for the vice president and became this extremely polarizing political figure she was remarkably popular but there has to be a reason for that. >> host: san antonio, jack caulkett morning mr. continetti.
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i would like to comment on a couple of items. lummis the resignation of her governorship. it seems that the democrats were going way out of the way of using the system to file these ludicrous actions against her which eventually drove up her legal bills as she was going through her life savings and what's ironic is you see them left criticizing her after the orchestrated this a situation. the other item i noticed is the criticism of her since to be based more on how she seems to break the liberal mold of a successful woman, someone who actually sacrificed family for career and who instead of being -- having a good family come a good marriage, etc., etc. basically is getting what she wants in life without following
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that typically have. thank you very much. first, the resignation, i do not feel that she has adequately explained it yet, but the situation that she returned to when she came back was untenable at best. there were plenty of people on both sides of the political spectrum the told me that they did not think that she would run for a second term. no one told me that they thought she could rock -- resign at a time. it speaks to her impulsiveness as a political figure. the reason that she did it, as the caller mentioned, were these mounting complaints against her, most of which have been most of which have been dismissed and are really kind of fictional errs in some cases. i just really think the more important issue that had to do with it. one was that we tend to forget,
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because of course this wasn't covered when she appeared on the national stage. the bulk of their appeal and support in the alaska state legislature came from democrats because she had used -- she had run on a campaign reform and had really overturns the republican structure in alaska. as a result i'm not many republicans at osco liker to this day. so in order to get those three major bills through the legislature, the ethics reform, the oil tax reform, and the natural gas pipeline. she relied heavily on democrats. well, as soon as she became john mccain's remy, that democrat support evaporated. so when she returned to juneau chagrined editor into the legislator. she touchdown frank murkowski and go up against a state party chair. the democrats hated her for it being sarah palin. and then thirdly, her new political persona. here she is with the most famous
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republican woman in the rotunda national follower. every time she left alaska to communicate to visit with them, she beat hillary for it. i think she saw those three things and said you know it, it's time to move on. time to tell my side. on the feminism, actually have a whole chapter devoted to feminism and the persecution of sarah palin. one of the points i make is i think the caller is right. i think there is a narrative that many women you have to trade off a successful personal life for her professional success. and if their appeal in shows what is not necessarily the case. i think that dr. a demeaning and criticizing with what made fun of in some cases and ridiculed by the feminist. >> host: linda on the independent line. >> caller: good morning. well, first of all, i would like
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to say that sarah gave her reason for resigning. and that was because she owed $500,000 in legal fees for defending herself against so many ethics complaints. of which she was convicted of several of them, including taking money for food for eating and wasilla. taking money for taking her family traveling around the country. and several others that she was not convicted of, but there were still muddy waters when it was resolved, at least in the eyes of many alaskans such as firing the chief of the troopers and some of the others. >> host: what does all that mean to you, caller? >> caller: i voted for her. i was giving her a chance to see if she promised she would do as governor. she did very little of what she promised. in my eyes, she became a drama queen. and anytime things didn't go her way, any time she got criticism,
7:05 pm
she became poisonous, then the mistress of people who criticized her. she could not live with even a small bit of criticism. how ridiculous effort to pick on the mccain staffers in the book. i don't plan on reading the book, but i did see on your show and some of the also show that she's complaining about mccain staffers. that shows how low-level a drama queen is going to take it. >> host: okay, mr. continetti. >> guest: i don't begin with sarah palin picking on advisors, but sarah palin responding to them picking on her. it was an attempt by mccain advisers on background here so we don't know their identities, but they're talking on background reporters to blame therapy lamp for mccain floss. i totally disagree with that thesis. i think of anything she helped them close that gap with barack obama. i think many, many people who voted for john mccain who wouldn't have had sarah palin
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not been on the ticket. so i think she's more trying to put her side of the story up there, rather than just picking on anyone. the caller made a good point. i don't exonerate sarah palin and everything in the "the persecution of sarah palin." on the fiery of the department of the head of safety, where there was one political report, which try to blame her for not taking that to stopper has been from contacting ahead of public safety, by the judicial council exonerated her. >> host: from political, the mccain camp, they write to senator mccain camp back to sarah palin calling the former vice presidential aide self-serving fiction at the majesty of steve schmidt.
7:07 pm
excerpts he told political saturdays that her charges were made up. it's all fiction he said and then you go to u.s.a. today and other publications and they said mccain calls palin's buck a good account. he did acknowledge tension, but a lot of back-and-forth and contradiction. but he said it is a great book. so, what to believe. ask out exactly. it returns us to the mccain campaign, which was a pretty ramshackle organization throughout the entire time john mccain was running for president. and schmidt has now emerged as one of palin's biggest critics and she has had act in this book from what we know. she can hit back now, but the caller has made an excellent point. if you want the political future, eventually she will have to start talking about the country as a whole. she's going testes that criticism, she's training for much on steve schmidt. she's going to have to aim it at
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barack obama. >> host: she did mention policy. she has been lacking substance and has to pander to red state values for higher q. values or key ratings. not so much a question, but a comment. it goes back to your point about the facebook page and other direct to the voter weightlifter indicating. what is she saying? gas go well basically, if the conservative method. health care would let us have more regulations, adding to the cost of business. it would have unforeseen consequence is, not all of which were good. she said the cap-and-trade built was enacted to raise prices and if you're going to the responsible thing for energy reform, why not start drilling offshore. she is going after the obama budget, saying it spends too much money, that we have to be more careful about how we spend the money. so it's more or less the republicans appeal of the obama policies. i would say that that twitter
7:09 pm
commentor raises a good point. but the thing is opinion of public leaders change over time. look at hillary clinton. she's one of the most polarizing figures in america. she has razor edge close to winning the democratic nomination and now she's one of the four popular figures in the obama cabinet. and of course, look at ronald reagan whose political career had been declared dead many times before he won the republican nomination in 1980 and then presidency. >> host: we found this piece in "the new york times" and elsewhere about charlie crist. surefire for the republican becomes a right-wing target. he rapson then that they are surprising by mark rubio. the former speaker of the house answer to mr. obama by the national review. what's going on there and within the party?
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>> guest: same thing we saw in the election in new york 23, the special congressional election in two weeks ago. and we're seeing it here in florida. there is a revolt among conservative grassroots against establishment of public msm. and so in the case of the new york 23 race, we saw the conservative voters had wanted nothing to do with the liberal republicans who have been put on the ticket by the party establishment and local party bosses. and backed by the republican and d.c. something similar is happening with charlie crist and mark rubio. the most enthusiastic voters right now are in the right, people who show up at tea party, the people who do the marches. and if the republican party wants future, they're going to have to find a way to get those voters involved and active. remember it's the same thing that happened with democrats after the 2004 election. at first a lot of people saying about the numbers, they're going to hurt the party. well, the democratic artie was
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able to incorporate it but also reaching out to the middle. and then we have 2006 with iraq obama in the white house. >> host: democratic line, good morning. elko good morning, how are you. and i think they're confused as to give the language of the people are very simplistic and naïve. i mean, god help us i'd approach in her own view of things is so simplistic and so naïve in the world was not like that. the world was much more complex thinking and they are capable of, you know, about. just listen to what she said during her interviews and you will see that the woman has no knowledge, no depth, no
7:12 pm
broadness at all in any area whatsoever. >> host: mr. continetti. >> guest: i think you raise a good point about the world be too complex for sarah palin's message. i think when dividing line is exactly along those lines. for lack of a better word, the liberal view of reality was that it is so complex that it takes people with a more sophisticated technocratic act ground in order to manipulate it so we get the outcomes we want. again for lack of a better word, the conservatives to say that maybe true to some point, but really what is also necessary is a set of foundational principles, a set of values. because the world is so complex, we don't always have the answer to everything. and of course because we are human beings, we also just don't know enough in order to change the world to our liking. so more important than expertise knowledge would be a concept of
7:13 pm
political values. i'd also mention how much i see in her and mike goodale to mention the one thing -- the one interview everyone goes back to the katie couric interview. and as i write in my book, that interview was bad. sarah palin admitted to this day. i was one interview. she gave many others. and if you look at those interviews, you might have a different opinion of her. >> host: republican, good morning. although i like her because she is honest. even when helen thomas said at a conference that this administration pre-boxes their questions, they put them there with the way they want to. and when sarah palin gets her interviews. i think sarah would pick a good cabinet, not necessarily what she likes, but what people want
7:14 pm
to hear. obama has to read what the telecom print size. >> host: will you see a lot more interviews as opposed to the direct to voter appliance there? >> guest: we're seeing the big-name interviews this week. oprah winfrey, arthur walters. i think those interviews are meant to humanize her and say she's not necessarily the character. i don't know what's going to happen. of course i don't, but i would say that if she is serious about continuing to be a national political figure, she's going to have to do return to those more serious interviews. and like i said, she's going to have to revisit not only charlie gibson, but also katie couric and the other networks. she just has to prove that she can handle them. when she does that, and i think people's opinions of her may change. the bar set so low because the demonization that it's actually rather easy to walk right over it. >> host:


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