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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  November 23, 2009 5:00pm-8:00pm EST

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>> the executive order from president obama also encourages federal contractors and others doing business with the government to adopt and enforce their own policies, banning texting while driving on the job or working on behalf of the government. this order sends a very clear signal to the american public that distracted driving is dangerous and unacceptable. it shows that the federal government is leading by example. this is a big deal. . .
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>> but the time to address this is now. and that's why we are already taking a number of actions to combat distracted driving. a year ago in october, 2008, we began enforcing limitations on texting and cell phone use in freight, inner city, and the commuter rail industries. and now we're going further. we will take three separate actions at d.o.t. number one, make permanent presixth -- restrictions on the use of cell phones and electron
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devices during operation. ban text messages altogether, and restrict the use of cell phones by truck and interstate bus operators. three, disqualify school bus drivers convicted of texting while driving from maintaining their commercial drivers licenses. to further enhance safety, i'm calling on state and local governments to work with us, to reduce fatalities and crashes by making distracted driving part of their state highway plans, and by passes state and local laws against distracted driving in all types of vehicles, especially school buses. we are also asking states in their local department to back up public awareness campaigns with high visibility enforcement actions. high visibility enforcement has
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proven effective in reducing drunk driving and increasing seat belt use and we believe it can also work for distracted driving. by this time next year, every licensed driver in america, private and commercial should be far more aware of the risk and consequences of distracted driving than they are today. driving while distracted should feel wrong. just like driving without a seat belt or driving while intoxicated is wrong, seems wrong, should be wrong. we are not going to break everyone of their bad habits. but we are going to raise awareness. and sharpen the consequences. and with the help of all of the advocacy industry groups out there, we're going to change our
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culture to recognize that the distracted driving is personally irresponsible and socially unacceptable behavior. but in the end, it's important to recognize that we won't make the problem go away just by passing laws. as i said yesterday, you cannot simply legislate behavior, and expect to get the kinds of results we need to improve road safety. people need to use common sense. and show come common decency and consideration for all of the other drivers, passengers, and pedestrians out there. we need a high level of personal responsibility. parents need to set clear ground rules fir their teenage drivers and reinforce them on a regular
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basis. and employers need to change their mindset too. if you know your staff has left work for the day, please do not expect them to instantly return a phone call or a text message when they are driving home. the -- as a grandfather of nine, i want to my my grand kids are safe, and the roads will be safe for them when they grow up and learn to drive. and so i thank the cow rage survivors who joined us this week, who lives were turned upside down by care less drivers. and i want to thank the young adults on our youth panel for speaking out and say a special thanks to reggie shaw who's been very open about the tragic mistake that he made. and finally, i want to thank all of the folks at d.o.t. for
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working so hard on this problem. and producing a good result for the american people. peter, to you and your team at rita who've done an outstanding job bringing the experts together. i want to thank the federal motor carrier, the federal railroad administration, the federal transit administration, the federal highway traffic safety administration, for contributing to our ongoing work on distracted driving. the federal highway, these agencies are producing good research and information that will help us figure out how we can stem the tide of this dangerous epidemic. i'm greatly encouraged by what we've accomplished this week. working together, we're going to make sure that traveling in america is a safe as it can possibly be. and i strongly encourage everyone to show a healthy respect for the rules of the road.
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and let me just say here, since i finished my prepared remarks, all of you in the last day and a half have seen the coverage on this issue. from interviews from those who have lost lovered ones to those that are involved as add have cats for safer roads. this meeting is probably the most important meeting in the history of the department of transportation. because what it will do, it'll make people aware that distracted driving is an epidemic. and that over 300 people showed up in washington, and over 5,000 on the web to really make a difference. y'all have made a difference. this is the beginning. it's not the end. this is the beginning of a journey that will lead all of us to save lives and save injuries. and i had a discussion with a couple of the family members at
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a television station last night. and they asked if we would help them at d.o.t. to do the same kind of work that you've been doing, chuck, at madd. and that others have been doing all across the country. we're going to do that. we're going to provide the leadership to help them jump start their opportunity. you can help them do that. i know they will be grateful. because this idea of public awareness is so important. but all of us taking personal responsibility is so important too. there's no way i can say thank you to all of you. but we have made a big difference. this is a tremendous start. i know all of you know that. i wish there was other words other than just thank you. but please know from d.o.t. from the families, from those who have been affected so deeply by this, and for those who really want to make a difference, all of you and those that are
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watching, we are grateful to you. we are off to a great start. we are going to solve this problem. thank you very much. [applause]
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> thanksgiving week on c-span. a look from the bipartisan
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policy center. midterm election, and the look ahead from 2012. what's fair in politics? the load of the media, and assessing the obama presidency. the first state dinner as he welcomes the indian prime minister. and also american icons. beginning with the supreme court thursday night. >> special representative holbrooke briefed reporters today. he also praised the president deliberations on troop levels, calling it the most thorough process he's ever been a part of. this is about 40 minutes. >> i know that. it is. it is. [laughter]
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>> good afternoon. welcome to the department of state. last week secretary clinton on the tail end of her trip to asia was in kabul to serve the inauguration of president karzai for a second term of office from the viewer for a long on that leg of the trip. with her of course was our special representative for afghanistan and pakistan, who we thought of that it was important that there is a government in place in afghanistan from which to come back down to put her trip in context, and chart the way forward on the civilian side of the strategy as we wait the decision by the president on the military component. so that's richard. >> thanks, t.j..
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i'm here to report on secretary clinton's report on afghanistan, and also happy to talk about that also. before i go on any trip, i want to explain these members of our team from their office. this is not a whole team. there's some of the people. but i'd like each one of them just to stand, identify who they are, and what they do because we are here today to talk about the civilian effort. the most of it focused on the standard troop issue. that's not what we are here to talk about. this is the whole government approach. some the people you know, some of the people you don't know. i'd like to start here with derek, and let each personal stand say who they are, what agency they are with, and what they do. and then we'll get into the discussion. [inaudible]
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[inaudible] >> some of you know, ronnie. today it has been necessary. but it is very important issue. we have these big state treasury task forces on the list of finances. >> hi, meredith. i'm the fortune office that focused on energy. >> julie, i'm working on aig. >> hi, i'm also from work withing on development. >> hello, matt. from the department of justice. >> good afternoon, i'm from the state department of defense.
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>> joann has overseen the enormous increase. >> my name is jane. i'm helping the british forum and to work as an ambassador to achieve the elections and the inspirations also. >> good afternoon. i work on issues of elections. >> i'm from the department of homeland security. i work mainly on cross boarder and border management issues. [inaudible] >> i'm mr. gone -- gonzalez i'm from the department of agriculture. [inaudible]
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>> a lot of people are missing. my two deputies. some are in the field. some are traveling. and we're going to go off the projects right now. but i do want to just emphasis that this is the whole of government process in which secretary clinton limited themselves to when they announced this office two days after the inauguration. i've never brought this team down here before. we did one joint appearance. it was in the summer, but it was a smaller group then. and our purpose here today is to make clear that there's a major civilian components. i do want to say one thing. this is jane's last two or three days here. she was from the british government. she will be going -- can i say or is it a top secret? unofficially,. [laughter]
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>> unofficially, the government is sending her to tehran has the deputy chief of mission. she will be replaced, she will be succeeded, but she can't be replaced. she's done an unbelievable job. i've worked with a lot of people who were in the department. i've never seen anybody who has done a good adds job as jane. we will sorely miss her. let's see. what else do i want to say. we are also a real organizizing our international outreach. and the count parts of about 25 or 26 count parts to my job now. since the job was set up. and the germans has been coordinating that effort. and with the elections now behind us. we're going to be intensifying our effort on coordination, coordinating the international effort. the germans are appointing a new
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counterpart. it's part of the agreement between the cdu and the fdp. we don't know what that will be yet, unless it is announced today. and they will remain the coordinator, but we've agreed to et up an international cell here in the building which will do a lot of the work. so we are going to accelerate our international process. a matter on the floor on the secretary. i know some of you, i see here where on the trip with us. some were not. let me just start at the beginning. this was her first trip to afghanistan at secretary of state. and her fourth book in her life. and it was a very important book. she timed it to coincide with the inauguration, precisely because we felt that the
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inauguration marked the end of a long complicated process the president used the word messy at one point. and produced a new government that we have been waiting a long time to work with a government that has been -- that was a result of the elections. what everyone thinks of the elections, they were not perfect. we said from the beginning, they wouldn't be perfect. all of us said this well before the elections. they produced a winner, a legitimate, government of which we intend to work as closely as possible. as the secretary said, we are encouraged by what we saw during this trip. secretary clinton described that we saw a few days ago as a window of opportunity. on the night we arrived. she and i and ambassador and
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general mcchrystal had dinner with president karzai at the palace. it was very warm, very cordial meeting. the election was behind us. and he brought with him his senior ministers in the key areas, and the first part of the evening was devoted to very detailed discussions to the minister of agriculture, the minister of finance, and the minister of education, and the chief of intelligence. it was the interior that was supposed to be there. he was out in the city. but he was making sure that there would be no attacks during the ceremonies the next day. so we missed him. the conversation was detailed and engaged. those of you who know hillary clinton may or may not know this, but she has been
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agricultural section in the senate. she had worked with new york, i think, but i'm not positive, to get a bring tree planting program. she followed it very closely. she was fascinating to hear details that formally don't interest all of you. about 12 tons of apples that were air lifted. that was a very big story in the afghan press that opened up a new opportunity for afghan agriculture as i think y'all know. after the security issue we believe agriculture is a highest immediate priority from the civilian area. for the simplest reason. it's 80% of the people. they are great farmers. they had mass -- big export markets until 1978. they exported palm --
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pomegranates, raisins, saffron, wheat, and they want to get back. but they need help. we had a situation where we were -- the united states was putting less money into agriculture than anyone talking about the structure. it didn't make a lot of sense to us. so if i mentioned last time i was here, we phased out support ing activity. some may still go on. the u.s. is not involved. the military is focusing on it, and they are working closer to dea, and the fbi, and other parts of the u.s. government. and they have the very substantial success in addiction. and meanwhile, with putting a lot of money into agricultural. gonzalez is our liaison. secretary clinton will be going
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to afghanistan soon. the date is not clear. she will be going early next year. that will be very important. so she engaged in a very detailed suggestion of agriculture with the minister. then the finance minister discussed both economic issues, the ongoing negotiations and transit agreement. which president obama had mentioned specifically in the may 6th and 7th. it is our point person. and that both here and islamic of kabul. we talked about anti-corruption efforts. and the general financial state of afghanistan. then the minister of education gave a very encouraging report on the extraordinary progress that has been made despite the taliban in that field.
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this was an impressive performance in the field. but the intelligence talked about the taliban. and then she talked about that in her public comments in afghanistan which has been issued in the department. on the personnel side, we are dramatically increasing our personnel. joann is in charge of that effort. when we came into office, we were about 300 americans civilians, and all of afghanistan. and most of them were on six month tours. and they had very substantial arrangements to go to dubai, or abu dab buy. and there was no real continuity. there was no more six month tours. spouses are allowed to come, and encourage to come if they take jobs, and school-aged children
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issue is a big problem. but there are plenty of spouses there. leaves has been changed, and more and more people are signing up for a lengthier tours. and some of the people here have had tours in afghanistan. and we'll rotate back. seen we are going to be at about 900 people, i think, jack gave you figures in his lengthy press conference the other they. and some of you went with jack on thursday the same day that we were in kabul. and you saw the training process out there. which derek hogan has been responsible for setting up. the -- so the civilian effort is going quite well. i must say the tripling while we eliminate six month tours is really more than a tripling in
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terms of person days in the field. far more. so this is just an extraordinary increase. if you consider that each one the americans has a footprint of nine or ten support people, afghanistans third country nationals, ngos, it's a very large increase, proportionally larger than the military. we will have 900, about 900 by the -- say it again. way 974 by the end of the year is the target. actually, to be even more precise, 974 by the early weeks of next year. they have to run a couple of weeks behind the original build-upschedule. not because we don't have the people, but because of the bedding and personnel process. i don't want to go into all of these figures. that's not why you are here.
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you already heard from jack on that. but it is very important. and more american civilians will be on their way next year for an advanced talk with ambassador, aid, and elsewhere on that. on thursday of last week, the dinner was wednesday night. on thursday of last week, half the inauguration ceremonies, secretary clinton and i, and general mcchrystal met with an extraordinary impressive group of american civilians and military who have come in from the field. all of the seniors, expect the secretary of state sat off the table. the table was only the people from the providences run by ambassador tony wayne. and for a very long time, i would say an hour and a half or more. and this actually delayed our
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departmentture from kabul. this is the reason from those of you who remember, we didn't land until after 4 in the morning. it was the meeting. she really drilled down on rule of law, on civilian military integration, and i know that she is has already described this to our colleagues in the principals committee. and i'm sure she will do so again in the meetings that are coming up. it was a terrific meeting. and she was enormously proud of the integrated civilian military process. we all talk about integration. and the bottom line of this, the closer you get to the battlefield, the closer the integration. the providence level and the district level, it is really remarkable. now on pakistan. we haven't -- in this room,
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pakistan has since returned. i have traveled with, and watched many secretaries of state. i've never seen a secretary of state have a trip in which the public diplomacy part of is more extraordinary than this trip. everywhere that she went, she was greeted as an iconic person. but then hit very aggressively on issues. and she just kept taking the questions. and making an extraordinary impact on the pakistan people. because many of you in the room know first hand, everything she it was covered live. her visit to the shrine was a particularly successful. and it got huge approval.
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: she and valley -- rally
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and she are working right now on this. we are working out the operational lysing of the general agreements as we speak and we are talkinggeneration ma
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even realize that in 1970, at the age of 23, schwarzenegger became the youngest person to be named mr. olympia.
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he would go on to win that competition six straight years. of course schwarzenegger was elected governor of california in 2003. you may also remember former nfl quarterback heath schuller who is now making his rounds in the u.s. capital. he was the third overall pack in the 1994 draft by the washington redskins. he played just three short seasons before finally retiring in 1997 because of a foot injury. well, he is now congressman schuller, and he represents north carolina's 11th district. still to come on net impact, one athlete recall as vivid memories of war as a youngster in war-torn bosnia. >> they kidnapped us and took to us where my dad was staying, which, and we just kind of hid there for a couple of months. >> now that same athlete is living his dreams out on the soccer field right here in the united states. and the husband saving his
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wife's life, but they say the philadelphia phillies played a major role in her recovery. we'll tell you how that happened, and you'll hear her amazing story. you're watching net impact on
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here is another tidbit for you. former president dwight eisenhower, gerald ford, and ron at reagan all reached the highest office in our land, but before they were president, they were each standout athletes in college. wow. now this. what a year it's been for this next athlete. his name is bofgio. the chicago fire welcomed the rookie mid-fielder to her roster, and being all to play in front of his own hometown has been. a a dream come true, especially when you consider that his
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journey began in another country where his memories of death and destruction still remain a big part of him. josh mora has gee or geo's story. >> i spent a lot of time playing with my family, so that's really basically it, that i remember, is just playing around with my cousins, running in the wood, and that sort of thing. >> reporter: peaceful life. >> yeah, very nice, very peaceful. >> reporter: until he was 7 years old, he lived an idealic life in bosnia with his parents and older brother. his family owned land and had money, but wars a all around them. >> it's war, you see people dead. i lost my brother to, you know, yes, i lost my brother. yes, a lot of people dead, you can see it right there, bombed everything, you know, it's war. >> there are stores like they held up father, you know,
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rained the mom and just kind of left the kids. >> reporter: they left behind their family, their money, their home, their lives. >> had worked in the office 17 and a half years, she worked in the office, too, and war come, and we lost everything. and how she say, we left august 20, '94. just take a couple of bags in car and we stop at the border. >> my dad paid off a soldier, or i think he gave him our car to let my dad come across, and he stayed with his niece, who was located in croatia. so my mom told me and my brother to fake that i had a ear ache, and my brother had an
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eye problem. so when they let us come across, because, i mean, there was no way we could get across, you know. i remember they would read off names for like nurses to come take and you bring you in, and wire kind of in the middle of the line, they & they read our names off, and they wouldn't allow us -- you know, other people were in line, had been waiting there for days, you know, just like everyone else, and i remember the guards shooting, like, guns in the air, and they kind of ran away, and the guards came and grabbed me and my mom and my brother and took us across, and while we were there, a soldier who my dad paid off to, like -- he kidnapped us, and, like, took us to where my dad was staying, and we just kind of hid there for a couple of months, you know, and it was like we were, like, we had nothing. >> reporter: for a short time, germany accepted bosnian
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refugees. >> it was pretty hard. there was a lot of racism going on. we were an easy target for a lot of the kids. we were all put together with nothing, you know. you know, you could tell the way we dressed and everything, we had nothing. and we were made fun of so much, i mean i was fighting every day after school. three years later, the german government ended its program for families who didn't have visas, so the husidics had a choice, go back to boss the kneia, or end up in the united states. they went to chicago. >> that's when i finally felt like you can enjoy life now, we've made it. you can relax now. you know, it's yours, so, you know, i always, like, wanted to have a house i could have friends over and stuff, and every day, like, since we had the house, i always have people over, there's not like one day where my mom is not cooking for everyone. but in bosnia, it's just like
5:48 pm
that. you always have family over, friends over, you're grilling. >> reporter: and from there, life was good. boggio starred in soccer, and now he's getting plenty of playing time for the fire. >> i can't really describe like how you feel, like -- because you, like, you remember, when you go back, it all comes back to you like everything happened yesterday, and its just like, you know, it's -- you try to make it happy where you get to see your family again, but as soon as like that goes away, like, wow, like i left all of this behind. what if i didn't have this sort of future? >> reporter: and so you can understand when the practices get long and the guys get sweaty and the work seems difficult that boggio doesn't seem to find site hard. he is living a life that years ago simply didn't eve exist for him, not even in his dreams.
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>> when we played columbus, it was like a pretty packed house, and starting in that game, i it was like the best feeling work like such a big feeling of accomplishment, like everything my family and i have been through. >> you watch him after 15 years behind, i will show you he was involved, unbelievable. not just one, almost two guys, you know, oh, feel good. >> it has been a pretty good year for the chicago fire, they may have had in the playoffs, and the team is hoping for bigger things in their future. now let's talk baseball. what a season it was for the philadelphia phillies. one of the things that always feeds the philadelphia phillies is their fan support, which is always off the chart. by the way, they had more than 50 sellouts at sipsens bank park this past season, but this next story takes fan support you might say to a whole new
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level. as sportsnet philadelphia reports, one couple's love of the phillies truly became a matter of life and death. >> reporter: don has seen hundreds of phillies games, but it's the one he didn't see that he'll always remember. don and his wife sandy had tickets to see the phillies play the angels last june in what turned out to be a forgettable 7-1 loss. the events that drains spired that night, however, they will never forget. >> i went upstairs to get ready, and i got a splitting headache like i've never had before. i mean, this was the most intense pain i've ever had. he came upstairs and found me rolled into a fetal position on our bed, and all he could decipher from what i was saying was bad pain, hurts bad. >> i was just totally -- you know, company can see your life just flash in front of you. i took her into the hospital, they took her in for a cat scan, the doctor came out and said we have a helicopter dispatched from the university of pennsylvania coming down to
5:51 pm
pick her up, and this was, like, three hours after this first when i came home that this happened. it's, like, what is going on here? the skull is full of blood, it's a bleed, we have to get her up there immediately. she came in between annal and a 9 and 10 is fatal, and usually they don't make the flight, but they said we have her stabilized, next morning they twenty in and operated on her, and long, long road to recovery, and 50% of then people don't make this, they told me. >> reporter: if he was not at home to find his wife, it she likely would have not survived what turned out for a brain aneurysm. with that, they believe the phillies saved her life. >> don came home from work three hours early. the only time don comes home from work is when he's going to a phillies game. otherwiseny stays the rig rather time >> if it wasn't for me going to watch the phillies game that night, she would. >> reporter: be here for this interview. >> reporter: a speech and
5:52 pm
language therapist by trade, she's had to deal with the harsh irony of struggling with basic communication. under normal circumstances, degrees may have completely ravaged their lives, but a phillies title drive proved to have therapeutic powers. >> she followed the phillies games through the playoffs, light late in the year, and he was able in the hospital bed to to watch that, the world series. her sister came down and watched her for game four, which i winter up to see, and she weighed in the hospital bed in our house, and she watched the whole game there, and it just played out that the phillies won that world series that year, and it was almost like, you know, somebody was watching up above there. >> one of the things that they would do is every day they would come in asking what day it was, you know, what's the next holiday, things like that, to see if my brain was functioning. so when the phillies were there in the playoffs, they would come in every day and ask me, okay, who won last night? so i would have to remember who won, what the score of the game
5:53 pm
was, because they knew i was watching the phillies. so it was a big part of my recovery watching the games during the playoffs. >> and you can't blame them for believing that the greatest save in fills hist -- phillies history didn't take part of the field. >> they were just a major part of her recovery, and for sure part of my recovery. >> my neurosurgical team knows what they did to save my life. the phillies have no idea what what they did to save my life, but i consider them my heros now inspect >> and we certainly wish her the best on her recovery and for the philly, be a speedy return to the world series. coming up next, there are hockey fans who take obsession to a whole new level. we'll explain. g morning, sunshine. wakey, wakey. text me back.
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finally, you know their names, crews by, ovechkin, preair. they are among the les of the top selling jerseys in the national hockey lead, but as chuck found out, blackhawk fans take their passion for hockey jerseys to a whole new obsession. >> reporter: blackhawk fans love their jerseys. how many blackhawk jerseys do you have? >> i have about probably 20. >> reporter: 20 jerseys? >> at least. >> reporter: from pure hockey passion to borderline addiction. you have your own separate closet for them? >> i actually do. >> reporter: that's sick. >> it's very sick, and i'm horribly embarrassed right now. >> reporter: so if you can't actually be them, you might as well ware them, even if you can't spell them. put you on the spot, how do you
5:56 pm
spell -- >> how do i spell it the american way or the right way? >> reporter: the way it's on the back of your jersey. >> byful -- let's see here, byfug -- >> oh, okay. du. >> reporter: no, no,llu. ien. but hawks fans really remember those special ones from the past. >> this is signed by bobby hull, 1983, the year got in as a hall of famer. >> reporter: and who on the back? >> stan mckeithia, number 21. >> that's awesome. >> if i could get him to sign it, that would pretty much take the cake. >> dennis hull, you're the only person i've ever seen besides dennis hull to wear a dale
5:57 pm
earnhardt this hull jersey. why dennis hull jersey, why is that? >> to be different. >> reporter: i'm looking here, there's a kane number 14. i hate to say this, but past 88 what happened here? >> no, i'm 14, i'm pat kane, the real pat kane. >> reporter: you were born on the 14th? >> exactly. >> reporter: you were born april 14th, 1960? >> yeah, exactly. >> reporter: do you have your driver's license? let me see this. i need more on that within sense of license. your plummer's license. that says pat kane. okay -- think i'm gonna believe him. but then you might not believe this. you show up showing whose jersey? >> eric, my favorite. >> reporter: and he happens to be here. >> he happens to be here, i came here with my three
5:58 pm
nephews, they government me the jersey, and he hannans to be here. it's awesome. >> reporter: have you ever seen a fan wear one of your jerseys? >> no, it's the first one, i'm serious. >> i figured what better way to honor him than to get his jersey. that's the way to go. >> reporter: why were you named after hem? >> my dad's favorite player on the blackhawks. he said he was the best on the pk, swooping up and down the ice. >> reporter: ask and here you are today, and he's right over there, the guy you were named after is signing autographs right over there. >> what better way to come in here and get an autograph, and i added some research to do. i asked him if he tipped in bobby's 50th. so i heard it from the horse's mouth. >> reporter: what did he say? >> absolutely.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: so at your next hawks game, remember, everybody can be somebody, and we mean anybody. >> i don't normally ask people this, but can i have of have your autograph? >> sure. >> reporter: i really appreciate this. >> where do you watch me to sign? >> caller: just sign my sweater. thank you, i appreciate pit. >> and that will do it for another edition of net impact. i'm art fennell, thanks for joining us. coming up next months on net impact as the year comes to an end, we'll take a look back at some of our top sports stories that shaped 2009. and to find net impact in your area and for the law enforcementest breaking local
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probably the most memorable
6:05 pm
game between these two teams was a huge upset in the ncaa tournament in 1981. it was the second round of the tournament and depaul was ranked number one. st. joe's comes in and beats them with a buzzer-beater lay-up by john smith to win the game. i talked to chris prescott this morning about that tradition. really that's what brought him to that school in the first place. he was watching jameer nelson and delonte west and wanted to continue that tradition. against a team that they match up well with tonight, if they can defend that high ball screen, especially with matt coswall out, they should be all right. >> dan: university of the virgin islands and this facility is unique to say the least. this is the starting lineup for depaul. hill, wallace, stovall, kelly and walker. who stands out for their team that you see there, larry.
6:06 pm
>> larry: hill. when i said you lose 15 points and 13 rebounds with koshwal, that's what he's been averaging. jerry wainwright is hoping he'll get in there and help on the offensive end. what they'll have to do is pick up that rebounding and points slack from other positions on the floor. >> dan: the head coach of depaul, the blue demons. and let's meet st. joseph's from the atlantic ten. it's o'brien, hilliard, williamson, govens and prescott. >> larry: it's a three-guard lineup. i think the key guy really in this starting five is o'brien. he's the one guy that i don't think at this point is really stepping up and playing the kind of games that phil martelli wants out of him. he'll have a chance tonight with the fact that koshwal is out of there. pra perhaps o'brien can flourish.
6:07 pm
>> dan: this season, the centennial of st. joseph's basketball. goes back to the 1909 and 1910 season. of course, he has had a rich tradition as part of that history at st. joseph's. so the lineups being introduced to the crowd here at the university of virgin islands. this facility, as you well know, as you see the numbers there, three returning starters for coach martelli, this used to be a hangar. some somebody decided to step up and make this one of the better basketball facilities we've seen. >> larry: the navy had this property at one time. jim hatfield was the head coach here. jim had the opportunity to go out with people in the community here in st. thomas to raise the money and they really did a terrific job of putting together not only a great facility to play in but offices and they really made it something that they have a lot of pride in. the university of the virgin islands is a division three program.
6:08 pm
they do compete. it's a long way to come to play a basketball game, though. >> dan: when you're done with practice, you're done with your games, it may be the best place in the country to come to. >> larry: this is my sixth year in a row to come here for this tournament. i will tell you, to the coaches and the players, they all have great respect for what they've been able to accomplish here. this is a great vacation spot and a destination spot for the big ships that come in here and a lot of people like to come over and vacation. they've really built a -- a really good tournament for a lot of people to come in here and enjoy. >> dan: from a coach's perspective, yes, it's wonderful to come here and you want to compete and it's a good, early-season test, but how about a team from the acc like boston college? they come here and lose two games and they're supposed to win those on paper. that's not good. >> larry: the approach to this tournament really is different for each coach. a lot of guys like to come in here -- matt painter who coaches at purdue has decided he's going
6:09 pm
to play his freshmen a lot here. they have played a lot of minutes. i asked him about that last night. he said, we just simply want these guys to get experience. we want to find out if they can play in january and february when we get into the big ten schedule. some guys like to come in here and simply experiment with their offenses and their defenses. they'll try new things or different techniques about the way they want to put their offenses and defenses on display. and so there's the approach of different players and coaches coming in here and not everybody is the same. >> dan: larry, coming up in game two, i'm looking forward to this one. everybody that follows college basketball, looking forward to this one. you don't find a better matchup than what we have coming up in the orange of tennessee, number ten in the country, against number seven, purdue. a great early-season showdown. >> larry: maybe the best showdown of two ranked clubs anywhere in the country, at least through november. but, you know, i'm intrigued by this game right here.
6:10 pm
depaul was picked very low in the preseason rankings within the big east. i think maybe a team, once they get koshwal back and healthy, they'll be pretty good. they'll play well. they certainly played well against tennessee last night when they got down by 12 and fought back to take the lead. a lot of patience right there. for st. joseph's, a very guard-dominated basketball team. i know phil martelli, trying to find some help down inside. he wants some support to go with all of those good guards that he has. >> dan: it's seven newcomers for depaul this year. st. joseph's in the atlantic ten. depaul in the dark blue uniforms win the tip. we're under way in the third-place game of the paradise jam. >> larry: a man-to-man defense. immediately a high pick and poll right there. >> dan: coboth these teams, physical games. the three is up by kelly. no good. kelly gets it back. >> larry: how about devin hill?
6:11 pm
good start right there to get that first rebound. >> dan: stovall misses it. prescott, the sophomore from connecticut, pulls it away. garrett williamson. hilliard had a good night last night. shot clock under 15. >> larry: both clubs are very patient in their half-court game. it's just the way they like to play. >> dan: three up and buried. that's prescott. >> larry: good start for st. joseph's. >> dan: they just went cold in that second half last night. >> larry: a lot of that had to do with the defense they were facing. purdue really shut them down. >> dan: st. joseph's got off to a start where they led by nine points and then purdue stormed back and won by 25. it was a one-point game at half.
6:12 pm
as you talked about, depaul had a couple of opportunities to take leads late against tennessee. that would have been a huge upset and a huge win for the program. they couldn't do it. they have their first turnover of the game. three up from the right side. no good. we still have that -- coach martelli is going to let st. joseph's run and shoot. >> larry: he said that this year. watching him practice the other day, he said i'm going to turn them loose. >> dan: nice move by hill. how about that? just inside the arc. >> larry: devin hill already showing some health. got the rebound and the field goal. >> dan: shot up from the corner. that's no good. and the rebound to wallace. >> larry: wallace, already with two defensive rebounds. they're getting the good front-court work right now with koshwal out of there. >> dan: walker had a good game last night. he's got the basketball here.
6:13 pm
>> larry: he's a solid player. he was 5 of 15 from the field. >> dan: this is hill. under ten on the shot clock. wallace spinning, looking for help. two on the shot clock. that will beat the clock. and it's in. will walker. >> larry: i talked about walker not shooting the ball well last night. he was 3 of 8 from three. he hit another one there. >> dan: govens, the senior out of pennsylvania. coming to play tonight. walker gets it up, three left side. off the mark. that will go out of bounds and back to st. joseph's. st. joseph's from the atlantic ten, they are predicted to finish in the bottom half of the league. phil martelli has a tall order this year to get them in the top half. a lot of people look at, you know, the other teams that are in that conference to lead the
6:14 pm
way. most notably, we talk about dayton, richmond, temple. all those teams. this is o'brien. he'll give it up. a shot just inside the ark by govens. he's got four. st. joseph's, 2 for 4 to start this game from the field. depaul, 2 of 5. pump fake by stovall. in the lane. tipped, no good. they've not numbers if they hurry. gives it up left side. now gives it back. >> larry: ball is in the man-to-man defense. >> dan: he couldn't finish with the left hand. here's their tallest player at 6'11''. >> larry: o'brien, the transfer. he had to sit out last year because of the transfer rule. you sit out that one year, you lose a little edge.
6:15 pm
i think it takes a while to get going again. >> dan: it sure does. they've got stovall for the blue demons, a transfer from oregon state and wallace the transfer from ohio state. this is bizoukas. i love that name. >> larry: i do, too. nice cut to the basket. good pass. >> dan: three up and rattles out. no good. govens, the rebound. wa this kid is a treat. maybe we should explain carl jones. he will step on the floor when we come back. so we're shooting in china.
6:16 pm
no! no! so we're shooting in argentina. i don't hate this. you good? hey, i'm the producer. i just make it happen. and did i mention it's a film about... parisian squirrels that ride bikes? scooter. who ride scooters? i like what you're doing very much.
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my director... he can be a bit... i want to go back to china. much. but on tonight's flight... i can just sleep. [ announcer ] the new international business class. only on american. we know why you fly. why squirrel hate me? >> dan: st. joseph's, 3 of 6 to start this game with one three. depaul, 2 of 7 and a 7-5 lead. >> larry: already depaul having attempting seven shots from the field. five of those have been three-point attempts. >> dan: no fouls in this game. clean so far. >> larry: the kind of game you like to see. turn them loose, let them play. >> dan: we didn't see that can
6:18 pm
depaul last night. that may have been a by-product with the way that tennessee gets after you. also, depaul trying to muck it up and slow them down. a block, but that will be a foul. they're going to call that on the floor. that will go against garrett williamson. he's got quite a family, doesn't he? >> larry: yeah. that move right there was indicative of the way he likes to play. he likes to try to block shots because he's a big guard. that time he wasn't quick enough to get over to stop will walker. >> dan: his dad is a doctor. >> larry: i was telling this story last night. this past summer he didn't play any competitive basketball. he attempted 1,000 shots every day. he hired a guy to just feed him the basketball back and track his shooting. i don't know how much that guy made, but i'm sure it wasn't enough. to sit there and do that. >> dan: he's considered their best on-ball defender. he is long. you see him trying to go up the
6:19 pm
floor. >> larry: he's a senior. just a good, solid performer for phil martelli. >> dan: carl jones who wears number 35 for st. joseph's, we talked about him. 140 pounds. nice move inside by govens. but jones, a couple of times he got the ball and chucked it quickly. phil martelli had seen enough and he was on the bench. let's see how he responds tonight. >> larry: he had 16 against boston college, but only 1 of 9 against purdue. a lot of it had to do with the way the boilermakers were defending him. >> dan: kelly for the blue demons. he'll get a pick here. open look for the lefty for three. young man from croatia knocks it down. >> larry: a very nice move right there, shula. >> dan: he's committed nine fouls in 34 minutes. we were just talking about that last night. try to get quality minutes out
6:20 pm
of him, but they're few and far between. a travel that time by carl jones. double figures in all three of their games. going into play last night, he averaged 16 a game in their first three. >> larry: jones, very solid performer. phil martelli loves the kid. like i said last night, phil martelli is a very smart coach. he's got a freshman here that needs a lot of confidence. he's given him an open green light. but there are limitations, too. >> dan: at one point, you say, okay, enough is enough. >> larry: well, phil martelli is going to know that. he's been around long enough. he'll pull that string. >> dan: devin hill missed the three and then got it back. >> larry: devin hill is playing well to this point. about 6:30 minutes. an able replacement for matt
6:21 pm
koshwal. >> dan: depaul leads it 12-9. hill with four points for the blue demons. winless last year in the big east. at one point the big east had nine teams in the top 25 the first week in january. >> larry: that will not happen this year. >> dan: just too talented, aren't they? >> larry: yeah. they've got enough talent this year. >> dan: here's walker. one-on-three. and then wisely pulls it back. walker is guarded by williamson. on the line. that's a two. >> larry: how about a nice shot? will walker off to a quick start, huh? 2 for 2 so far. seven points. >> dan: 14-9, the blue demons. he'll let it fly. that's jones. no good.
6:22 pm
and the rebound to devin hill. we mentioned jones hit one shot last night. >> larry: yeah. he's 1 of 9 from the field. >> dan: here's walker. >> larry: nice move. >> dan: he steps in the lane. a little floater, no good. jones pulls it away. one-on-four, he doesn't care. this one is going up. i guarantee it. ]put-back is good. >> larry: how about that? excellent play. i said it last night. all the times when you've got a teammate going to the bavt like that, make sure you follow that shot. jones did and he was right there to follow it up. >> dan: he just knew that jones was going to shoot it for sure. >> larry: there was no question about what was going to happen with the ball. >> dan: that's short, no good. and the rebound for the hawks. that's brian irwin. good evening against purdue. very quiet, too. >> larry: yes.
6:23 pm
>> dan: here's jones. got a hand up on him. they know he can fill it up. williamson for three. knocks it down. wide-open three. >> larry: there are those thousand shots a day. that's what it does for you. i like guise that dedicate themselves to one of the parts of their games that is a weakness and make it better. he said. he's become a better shooter. >> dan: now we're tied up at 14-14. >> larry: we're going to see this all night long. >> dan: absolutely. >> larry: we're seeing the teams go up and down the floor. jones with that spin the last time on the break. but they're half-court teams. >> dan: and williamson picks up the foul. we've had two fouls in this game.
6:24 pm
in 1977, in johannesburg, south africa, an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. by the age of 9, he was already outplaying him. the odds of this gentle lad winning the junior world golf championships at the age of 14? 1 in 16 million. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro-golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the open championship once and the u.s. open championship twice?
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1 in 780 million. the odds of this professional golfer having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. coming up, it will be tennessee versus purdue. sam has more on tonight's game. what do you have? >> if you're not a fan of st. joseph's, you probably have no idea how seriously they take their mascot. the hawk this year is a marketing major. i got to meet here this week. she's on a full tuition scholarship and as we noted yesterday in the game, she will flap her wings 3,500 times
6:26 pm
during the game. he's over there getting water right now. she's exhausted. i'm thinking she has serious arm strength. >> dan: 3,500 times. and that does not stop. time-outs. >> larry: i want to follow-up later with sam and ask her how she gets water through that beak. >> dan: it started high and then it ended below the beak, the wave. that's something else. walker for three. too strong, no good. williamson pulls it away for st. joseph's. we're here with you from st. thomas in the virgin islands. williamson off the glass. strong move. >> larry: garrett williamson is playing very well. he had 18 against boston college. 12 against purdue. the problem last night was his turnovers. >> dan: and a foul on williamson. phil martelli has to keep an eye on that with 9:59 to be in the
6:27 pm
first half. >> larry: let's look at this nice maneuver right here. avoiding the charge. he threads his way between two depaul defenders to get that basket. phil martelli is not going to take any chances. if will be interesting to see if he gets him back in there. devin hill goes to the bench. he's done well in his first ten minutes here. >> dan: and bizoukas with the basketball. he's back in for depaul. three up. knocks it down. >> larry: how about will walker, huh? he's got it going right now. >> dan: that's his second three. he's got ten points. the only player in double figures tonight. combined, both teams have only turbed it over three times. there's only been three fouls called. this has been back and forth and well-played. another three is up. tipped. kept alive inside. i know for a big man, you like to see him keep that up high.
6:28 pm
>> larry: absolutely. that's very important. don't bring the ball down. >> dan: saved by the blue demons. faber kept it alive. they try to feed it underneath. it's kept out of bounds. it's off the hands of hilliard. >> larry: faber doing a nice job down inside. as is eric wallace for depaul. >> dan: so far jerry wainwright getting production out of his inside people. >> larry: let's take a look at the nice maneuver inside. keeping it alive that time was eric wallace to really get it to him to get the ball to go in the net. this is going to be a very guard-oriented game. the guys are pr s ars are playi >> dan: depaul has hit three threes with walker leading the way. here's eric wallace, the sophomore. he'll give it up. under 15 on the shot clock.
6:29 pm
>> larry: the defense is very -- he kind of gave up on him after he made that turn. he turned into the basket. he was a step ahead of him. no help on the other side. >> dan: 21-16, depaul. off a pick from the right side. that's over the backboard and no good. that shot attempt by charoy bentley. there's a look at mr. waneweight. he recruited tim duncan. >> larry: yeah. what a great player he turned out to be. and still is. >> dan: yeah. >> dan: wallace will let it fly. got it.
6:30 pm
that's their fourth three. >> larry: i think that's his first three of the paradise jam. >> dan: it is. showed us a little range right there. >> larry: i thought he was more of an in type of player. >> dan: and we'll step aside.
6:31 pm
>> dan: the blue demons up on the hawks 24-16. most of that is coming on the
6:32 pm
right arm of will walker. he's been shooting the ball well. he's got ten points so far. a couple of threes. he's the reason that depaul has this lead right now. once again, handling the ball and shooting it almost at will for will walker. depaul overall, 9 of 20 from the floor. there's walker's line. depaul with the basketball. they lead it 24-16. game one of our double-header from the virgin islands. shot clock under 15. there's an open look again for three. a little too strong but it's kept alive. faber inside. his second board. >> larry: a nice job on the glass. gets the offensive rebound.
6:33 pm
>> dan: this is kelly. wallace in the lane. a little baby hook. that's no good. kept alive again. and another rebound. they're at 13. stepping in the lane and finishing. and a chance at the three-point play for nate rogers. >> larry: brilliant by nate rogers. oftentimes the fact that the -- the direct line to the basket is taken away from you and you have to make maneuvers. watch this zigzag move. took the blow and still got the basket. nice offensive maneuver right there for nate rogers. >> dan: nate rogers, a freshman from maywood illinois. extends the lead to 11. largest lead of the night for either side.
6:34 pm
jones from the right side. >> larry: he's still struggling with his shot. >> dan: jones trying to pick up a steal and trap here at midcourt. rogers goes inside. this is wallace leaning in. spinning. no good. and the rebound to o'brien. jones is open. he'll fire for three. short. no good. and a foul against the hawks. idris hilliard. the last couple of shots by jones, you really don't mind. he's had open looks. >> larry: what's amazing to me, we've got six minutes left to play. st. joseph's has committed five fouls and depaul has not committed a foul yet. >> dan: it's hard to believe. we saw the whistles out last night a bunch.
6:35 pm
in both games. there's your first foul against depaul. no argument there. >> larry: i knew it was going to happen. just as soon as i said it. >> dan: once again, coming up, tennessee and purdue. number ten against number seven in the land for the championship of the paradise jam. >> larry: how about their fans? they have shown up here in great numbers. you see a lot of orange and a lot of black and gold. >> dan: gene cady, we heard from him last night. gave his blessing for matt painter to be the head coach. he's really done a nice job. jones. and a travel.
6:36 pm
>> larry: no question about the call that time. brian irwin handling the basketball, just took that extra step. depaul is not denying any passes to the lane. they're just playing a very soft man-to-man and st. joseph's is having a hard time getting the ball down inside. even when they come out to get an open shot, the ball is closing out very quickly. >> dan: depaul, winless last year in the big east. and most expect bob huggins and west virginia to win that conference this year. you were talking last night. watch out for rick patino. >> larry: yeah. i think louisville is going to be very good. >> dan: rebound to jones. that's jones. >> larry: he finally got one. >> dan: maybe that gets him going. >> larry: well, he was 1 for his last 12 counting last night and tonight. maybe that will get him going. >> dan: gives you an idea of his
6:37 pm
quickness and speed to the goal. 4:30 to play. >> larry: depaul went on a 10-0 run before that basket. >> dan: 27-18. nice look on the left block. trying to go up and understand. and picking it up and krys faber. >> larry: faber doing a nice job. how about the work down inside by the guys they need down there, faber and devin hill? >> dan: faber with four. three up from the right side. that's the second of the night for chris prescott. >> larry: well, if anything is going to happen for st. joseph's offensively, it has to be their guards. >> dan: the lead is caught to eight. walker in the lane. got it, blocked. st. joseph's has it. whistle and a stoppage in play. and they give stula the foul. against depaul.
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
>> dan: you're watching the paradise jam from the u.s. virgin islands. a score of 29-21 in fav of depaul from the big east. st. joseph's from the a-10. this is game one of our double header. tennessee and purdue coming up for the championship. >> larry: i've noticed that all of the fans that come here, starting really on thursday, they start blowing in here.
6:40 pm
by the time we get to monday, all of the sun-burned bodies begin to go away. thursday and friday, it's a clam bake. a lot of lobsters around. >> dan: that's us included, by the way. >> larry: included. absolutely, yes. >> dan: i like that. clam bake, huh? sure looks like it. left side. they hit that three. darrin govens. he had eight threes in their first three games and then cooled off in game four. let's see if he gets it going tonight. depaul being very patient on offense. they've played an excellent first half, having committed only two fouls to this point. >> larry: from the corner. they miss everything. jones with it. trying to rush things. he will. that's in and out of the hands of the big man, carl baptiste, the 68. >> reporter: freshe en ifreshmaw
6:41 pm
jersey. >> larry: st. joseph's has only turned it over five times and only two times for the blue demons. >> dan: depaul, 11 for 29. 38%. and st. joseph's at 48% in this game. this is walker. under three minutes to go, first half. and a first half that's moved rather quickly. lack of turnovers and fouls. walker for three. he's got it. what a first half he has had. will walker, the senior out of bolling brook, illinois. >> larry: he continues to score. >> dan: that's off the hands of prescott. sloppy play that time by st. joseph's. 2:26 to go. 34-24 in favor of the blue demons. >> larry: terrific first half for will walker. he's 4 of 8 from the floor. 3 of 8 from behind the arc.
6:42 pm
perfect from the free throw line. he's got a rebound and 13 points. >> larry: perimeter passing by depaul. you see a lot of cutters down on the baseline. the high pick and roll will come very soon here. here it comes. >> dan: walker on the right wing. they extend on him. >> larry: shula pops out. does not slip the screen. a couple of different things you can do with that screen. >> dan: three up again. they missed everything. i think they'll say that never hit the rim. >> larry: jerry wainwright unhappy on that last possession to say the least. >> dan: you know, st. joseph's is letting depaul run their offense. they're just moving the basketball, moving around on the baseline. cuts out front. using the high pick and roll. it's been around for, oh, about 80 years. and they're still very effective. and very hard to defend. 32-24. just under 1:30 to play. jones with the basketball.
6:43 pm
bizoukas. try to set up this offense. here comes that high pick. a walk that time against govens. that's the seventh time they've turned it over and only two turnovers against depaul. they've only committed two fouls, too. >> larry: well, depaul is playing almost a perfect first half. the only thing that's lacking is their shooting. th they have had ten more attempts at the basket than have st. joseph's. >> dan: here's walker. he had the big first half with 13 points. 15 on the shot clock. bizoukas hands it off. now to walker. walker in the lane.
6:44 pm
tough shot. foul. count it. chance at a three-point play for will walker. he's got 15 tonight. >> larry: what else can will walker do? he's rrb done just about everything in this first half. look at this again. watch the maneuver. turns the ball over, gets back to the inside, goes by govens and then stops and pops. a little fade-away at the free throw line. and also draws the foul. >> dan: short with the free throw. no good. and the rebound to baptiste. time-out taken by st. joseph's. they want to talk things over with 52.4 second remaining in the first half. >> larry: you've got to use it or lose it. might as well take it. so far, depaul really on the arm of will walker controlling this first half. phil martelli, not very happy. particularly on the defensive end. >> dan: and depaul has shot 41%. and they've hit five threes in the first half. walker leading the way on 5 of 9 from the floor, 3 of 4 from
6:45 pm
behind the arc and 15 points for a game high. last season phil martelli lost ahmad nimens. he was the player of the year, second-round pick in the nba. he averaged a double-double. and also field goal percentage for three years. that's a big ross for them. but st. joseph's has renovated home court and support facility. matter of fact, jameer nelson, one of the best all-time in st. joseph's history, has helped donate to that building and to the basketball facility. >> larry: i was talking to phil martelli about that. he is so proud of that building and what they've done to improve the looks and really make it a first-class place. phil told me i used to do a lot of a-10 games. he said, do you remember the old place? it is so much nicer. it's really a compliment to everybody who is involved with the athletic program up there. they have improved their facilities.
6:46 pm
>> dan: you think about jameer nelson, delonte west, two great players that went on to the nba. >> larry: i've got to say this. credit to them, not every professional player that played in colleges go back and give their school money. it's something that's really a shame. >> dan: jones. finds the open shooter. off the mark. it's kicked off of jones. and depaul saves it. shot clock is off. we're down to 20 seconds to play in our first half. and depaul, a chance to extend their lead. they lead it by ten. >> larry: high pick and roll. >> dan: they find the open shooter. that's no good. and rebound inside. this should do it. this will count if it goes. almost did for darrin govens. our first half comes to a close.
6:47 pm
halftime score of 34-24. let's check in with sam. sam, what do you have? >> coach, you're being incredibly patient on offense right now. are you playing at the right tempo? >> you find out before we play that mac koshwal can't play. we've got some kids playing out of position. we made some things up before the game, in all honesty. we're just trying to hang in there and do the things that fundamental teams do and run the clock. use the clock and try to get a good shot at the end of it. >> how much are you relying on will walker? >> we need him. we lost another 30-minute player, you know. i don't know how long mac will be out of the lineup. will is the only guy that's played a lot. we need his stability and his leadership. our young guys have enjoyed playing. i told them, give me a chance to talk to you at halftime and they did. i've got to tell them i'm happy about it. >> i don't think you're that lucky of a guy, coach. >> thank you, sam.
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
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6:50 pm
we've reached the midpoint from the university of the virgil islands. depaul leads st. joseph's by
6:51 pm
ten. hello there. i'm danyelle sargeant. about 6,000 miles away there is a different version of paradise hosting its own tournament, the maui invitational. the games got under way today. vanderbilt is number 24 in the new ap poll facing cincinnati. early first half, vandy down by two. a.j. ogilvy with the leaner. game tied early on. later in the half, gets it down low. yes. he's going up over everybody. moments later, lance stevenson in transition. cannot connect but yancy gates is there. he has his back. bearcats up by eight. still in the first, vandy utilizing the three off the swing pass. how about john jenkins? buries it. then jenkins again from the wing. the freshman sensation making it rain as cincinnati leads in the
6:52 pm
second half. in the opening game of the maui invitational, colorado and gonza higgins splits the defense. early. later in the half, colorado finds the three ball from the corner. casey crawford. then from the corner again this hornbuckle. then in transition, how about run. the bucks were up 11 at the break. second half, gonzaga on the comeback. off the inbounds from the corner. steven gray for three. later, elliott harris drives the lane. we are tied. under a minute to play, zags up one. boldin, off balance. gonzaga hangs on to win it. we'll get you back out to the university of the virgil islands. depaul leads st. joseph's 34-24.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
welcome home, man. welcome back to the paradise jam. depaul leads st. joseph's 34-24. i am joined by a very special guest, the commissioner of tourism here on the virgin islands. >> thank you for having me. >> we have to compete with the band back here. i was thinking about it, and you're the commissioner of tourism on a beautiful island here. how difficult can this job be? do you really have to convince
6:56 pm
anybody to come here? >> i call myself the commissioner of fun. i have the incredible job of selling my home island. we have three beautiful islands. >> so what separates these ilines from maybe a place by aruba? >> well, one of the great things is it's exotic but familiar. it's u.s. we use the same dollar. we speak english. and it's your home away from home. you don't need a passport to come here. >> what is different here? what can you come and expect to see and experience? >> well, one of the great things we love -- you'll get a distinct flavor of being in the caribbean. the food is different. the vibe is different. you hear the band behind us. when you -- there's a rhythm that's all our own. >> what are some of those things that you come to the virgin islands, you have to see while you're here? >> first of all, you have to taste our wonderful footd.
6:57 pm
unlike any other in the caribbean. but then you can't get -- [ inaudible ] we just have so much to offer here in the virgin islands. >> and you also have iguanas. the players are pretty impressed. >> yeah. >> tell me about that culture a little bit more. what's specific about the food and that that's going to make it different mere? >> you know, we have things that are very similar. like in the u.s. you have polenta. we call it something es. it's the same thing, but it has its own flavor here. it's served with local fish. so that's definitely our native fish. then we're coming up on the holidays and we have very special treats all of our own that are specific to the caribbean. [ inaudible ]
6:58 pm
there's some differences. >> i know that tourism is really important to the economy here. obviously it's been a tough time on the mainland economically. is it really affecting tourism here? >> well, it certainly has. one of the great things is that as americans stay closer to home this year, we really benefited from that. they got away to the caribbean. they came to the virgin islands. it was their own back yard, being in their own backyard, being able to come to the u.s. virgin islands. >> well, i know everyone has been having a great time. we've enjoyed this beautiful island so much. thanks for sharing it with us. >> thank you for coming. we're really happy to have the tenth anniversary with paradise jam. >> we hope to come back soon. >> definitely. >> we'll send it back over to you, dan. >> sam, nice job. our thanks to the folks here at the virgin islands. we have been treated so well. they do such a nice job with this tournament. last year, uconn who was faved to win the national championship, they won here and
6:59 pm
they must have known that, you know, purdue is going to be good, tennessee is going to be good and we've got that matchup coming up in game two. let's look at the highlights here in this ball game with st. joseph's and depaul. will walker really stole the show. >> if we hadn't had a will walker highlight y don't know what i would have done. walker had a great first half. 15 points. 5 of 9 from the field. 3 of 4 from behind the thre three-point stripe. darrin govens had nine points in that first half. he was 4 of 7. only 1 of 4 from beyond that three-point stripe. he was terrific, too. >> all right. let's look at the first half stats. and depaul, they wind up shooting 39%. st. joseph's around 46%. the offensive end for the blue
7:00 pm
demons, turnovers seven. st. joseph's turned them over seven times. points off the turnovers, you see 12. none for st. joseph's. fast break points, six for the hawks. we'll step aside.
7:01 pm
7:02 pm
>> dan: ten-point lead for depaul. moments ago, sam caught up with head coach mr. martelli, phil martelli. >> right now they're able to slow it down. to you want to run them more? >> we would like to get up and down the floor. you've got to play with passion. that's what we didn't do in the first half. six offensive rebounds between two kids who haven't played much for them. credit to them. but that's not the way we're playing. >> good luck in the second half, coach.
7:03 pm
>> larry: govens had a pretty good first half. williamson, maybe a little under the radar right now. how about play of will walker? and the two big guys inside, able replacements for mac koshwal who is not playing tonight. >> dan: williamson had to leave with about nine minutes left in the first half as we was playing with two fouls. this is stovall. >> larry: mike stovall with a nites steal. st. joseph's getting off to a pretty lackluster start here in the second half. phil martelli t was interesting to hear him say his club didn't play with a lot of passion. i would agree with that. >> dan: williamson has been guarding walker. when he went out, that's when walker got the majority of his points. >> larry: two fouls really hurt them on the bench over there.
7:04 pm
>> dan: sure did. hilliard in the lane. got it. >> larry: that's something positive. now phil can say, okay, let's pick it up from there. you want to get the second half started on a positive note. depaul just dominated the first half. >> dan: starting the second half of the first game of our double-header. they answer with an easy two. and that was eric walling. >> larry: hilliard got sealed off right there. wallace made a nice maneuver to kiss one off the glass. >> dan: hilliard in front of his own bench. gets it back. nice look. partial block from behind. wallace just to get a piece of it. williamson. those are the kind of buckets you've got to have. >> larry: oftentimes when a guy gets beat like that going down the lane, particularly on that cut to the basket, you don't
7:05 pm
expect them to come back. wallace made a nice move, just a little bit of that basketball. just enough to throw the shot off. >> dan: this is walker. and gives it back to kelly off the inbounds. 36-26. just under way here in the second half. the paradise jam from the virgin islands. we've got the championship coming up with purdue and tennessee. >> larry: really looking forward to that. stay around for that second game. >> dan: five on the shot clock. there's walker. he'll let it fly. the difference is with -- [ inaudible ] >> larry: it's a good point. he was out of the game. while he was out, walker took full advantage of it. >> dan: williamson fouled. he'll go to the line and try to complete a three-point play. >> larry: you talk about the ability of williamson on the defensive end. how about the offensive side of the ball? he's really good at scoring
7:06 pm
inside for a big guard. a three-point opportunity. he needs to stay in the game. he cannot commit these fouls. >> dan: williamson at the line. he only played 11 minutes in infiri that first half. he's normally around 30 to 35 minutes. cuts the lead to seven for depaul. depaul last year, 9 of 24 overall and 0-18 in the big east conference. as you mentioned, and i agree with you, it's a different-looking team with seven newcomers. >> larry: much more competitive. >> dan: three up, left side. no good. too strong. walker gets it back. williamson with a hand in his face. we've seen williamson extend on walker. in the lane. and a hold by o'brien.
7:07 pm
>> larry: nice move by stovall. oftentimes when you don't have your play going your way, the way you draw it up, you've got to have your players create something offensively. stovall did that time, and nobody from st. joseph's picked up except for o'brien, and he committed the foul. >> dan: stovall wanted to come back home to chicago. that's where he's from. he transferred from oregon state. tucker, a very good player for depaul a season ago. they've hit threes in 494 street games. walker's threes tonight. >> larry: i knew that stat from last year. i haven't seen it this year. but the two clubs have continued. right from the time that the three-point shot was put in effect, princeton, las vegas and there's one more. syracuse. >> dan: no, no.
7:08 pm
three up. wide open, williamson. to the left side. and govens hit it. >> larry: that's the third one. vanderbilt. they're going to be good this year. they'll be the sleeper in the southeastern conference, i think. >> dan: nice steal right there. he turned it back over. oh, aeeric wallace with a nice maneuver and then lost it back to st. joseph's. o'brien trying to chase it down and he can't. almost ran into the hawk who continues to flap. >> larry: i've got to tell you, phil martelli has put passion back into his club. boy, have they started off the second half playing the way he
7:09 pm
wants them to play. >> dan: it is one of the risks that you run. there's that clock. when you come to the maui -- or you come down to paradise jam or puerto rico, which a lot of schools do. you're dealing with 18, 19-year-old kids. sometimes it's hard to get them to focus. it is a risk that you run. >> larry: but it's also a chance for kids to see a different part of the world. that's one of the things i like about -- the educational part of traveling. you get a chance to play basketball, but you also get to see things you probably would nev be able to see in your own right. >> dan: oh, nice move. walker with the left hand. wow! 17 tonight for walker. >> larry: how about williams shutting down the long-range shot. o'brien goes to help. forget it. he just goes with the left hand. >> dan: eight-point lead for depaul. prescott is fouled.
7:10 pm
and that will go against walker, i believe. it's an eight-point lead for the blue demons of depaul. honey... the credit fairy... doesn't exist. what? it's make-believe. nobody left anything under your pillow. if there's no credit fairy then
7:11 pm
who will make our credit score go up? we will. by doing things like paying our bills on time. announcer: there's no magic to improving your credit. but there's help and it's free. go to what? and what did she say? she said whatever. >> larry: once he has the ball, williamson closes out on him. he dribbles by him. look at o'brien coming and
7:12 pm
trying to help. forget it. he shields the ball and gets it off of the glass. not only can he shoot the long-range shot, but he can also put it on the floor and get it to the hole with big people around him. >> dan: 17 points for walker. govens, 12 for st. joseph's. the free throw is no good. that's chris prescott. prescott with six points, their second leading scorer tonight. eight-point lead for depaul. second one is good.
7:13 pm
>> dan: receives the ball back. watch the screen on the wing. stovall wide open. high pick and roll. stovall will shoot it this time. that's no good. put away by jones. here comes st. joseph's. thought about the three. jones gets it. he'll drive. left side. williamson. walker. good matchup there. three up for jones. no good. devin hill pulls away the rebound. bizoukas to the corner. stula, the three. he's 1 for 3 in that department tonight. jones picks up his second consecutive rebound. and he carried it. and that will be it for jones. he's out of the game. prescott is back in.
7:14 pm
phil martelli, none too pleased. >> larry: he's a good enough coach to know when he has to pull that string and get his freshman going in the right direction. so far, jones is 1 for 6 tonight. and really, he's struggling. he's 2 for 15 in his last one-plus games. >> dan: he came out and averaged 16 in the first three games. williamson is on walker here. just about 14 minutes to play. >> larry: nice kick-out pass. >> dan: wide-open three. that's no good. williamson throws it away. they want to run. prescott spinning. finding help from the free throw line. too strong. to depaul, the rebound. >> larry: a faster pace here in the second half. more of a half-court game. the first half a grinder if you will. the second half has been a different story. everybody putting the pedal to the metal. >> dan: with the left hand, underneath, bizoukas.
7:15 pm
pretty. >> larry: very nice move. >> dan: we also saw in the first half that neither team got in the bonus. they've only committed two fouls and only one for st. joseph's. back door. williamson was there. quick hands, knocked it out of bounds. bounce pass. he would have had him. charoy bentley is back in the game for st. joseph's. >> larry: let's go back and take a look at the nice move by michael bizoukas right here. he looks up and under and then the reverse lay-up off of the glass. michael had mono in 2007/2008. he only played five games and got a medical redshirt. >> dan: high screen to the corner. yes. they hit the three. charoy bentley. not an easy shot that far over in the corner. they're hanging around. it's 22-36.
7:16 pm
a little more energy from st. joseph's in the second half here. and bizoukas -- that's a foul. guarded by bentley. >> larry: good defensive work by bentley on the wing. jerry wainwright, not too pleased. watch bentley right here. bizoukas just trying to get the ball. trying to rein in it. good defensive work that time by bentley. >> dan: very much so. just about 12:30 to go. 42-36. this is hilliard. he was big last night for st. joseph's. >> larry: a tough matchup that far away from the basket. >> dan: bentley. he's hit two consecutive. >> larry: he's got a -- just go
7:17 pm
to your spot. he's got a mark over there. >> dan: lead is cut to three for depaul. out of bounds. that's off the hands of govens. at some point you've got to get walker back in. >> larry: how about bentley right here? second time in a row in nearly the same position. >> dan: right when i said it, here's walker in the game. it has been a different game with williamson back on the floor. and guarding number 30 of depaul, walker. walker somehow comes away with it, gets it back on the wing. mac koshwal, if you're just joining a, arguably their best player is out with a sore foot for depaul. not playing. so walker really stepping it up.
7:18 pm
puts it on the line and knocks it down. 19 tonight. >> larry: yeah. gotten two good shots here in the second half to help his club. they have extended the lead to five now. >> dan: we're here in the virgin islands, st. thomas. and a good one here. tennessee and purdue. coming up in game two for the championship. it's number ten in the land against number seven. big man puts it on the floor. he'll try the three. walker has it. four depaul. five-point lead. >> dan: this jim nazgymnasium, small but it's filling up. we get a lot of the local inhabitants that live on the island come out to watch the games. it's great to see that, too.
7:19 pm
a lot of locals begin to show up in bigger numbers. they pass up the three. very unselfish. wide open from the corner. they can't beat the -- or they do beat the clock but can't get it to fall. >> larry: ryan siggins, the freshman, with a wide-open look. >> dan: williamsome was wide open. a foul underneath. and that will go against wallace of the blue demons. and irwin was fouled, the sophomore for st. joseph's.
7:20 pm
7:21 pm
44-39, depaul leads st. joseph's. game one of your double header. every ash lete has one game they wish they could do over. "replay" gives teammates the chance to replay the biggest game of their lives. premiers sunday. >> larry: i've got one game i'd like to replay. championship game of the ncaa, 1966. a little team called texas western got us. >> dan: your wildcats obviously one of the big stories this year in college basketball with john calipari taking over the reins at kentucky. great recruiting class. marcus cousins. those two right there are terrific basketball players.
7:22 pm
>> larry: they've got a great player in patrick patterson. first-team all-american. a solid basketball player. i think he's going to be a terrific pro. >> dan: you think about guys that are big. 6'9'', 6'10'', and you look at patterson's body. and while some of these kids at the college level, they do catch your eye. he's one of those guys that you sit there and say, whoa, look at this kid. >> larry: yeah. i mean, he's not the size of colt aldridge in kansas. >> dan: probably a top five pick. >> larry: absolutely. but certainly at 6'8'' and about 230, a good, small forward. potential candidate for the nba. >> dan: carl baptiste whistled for the foul. that sends krys faber to the line. the lefty had a couple of big buckets early on in this game. since then he's been quiet. and they mentioned aldridge,
7:23 pm
collins, kansas the number one team in the country. >> larry: i'm not too sure if texas isn't number two. i mean, they've got two teams in that league right there that will be prlaying for the nationl championship. they're really good. >> dan: people talk about the recruiting class of john calipari. but you go back to texas and -- he pulled his name back. >> larry: got a lot better, too. that's no good. nicely done. >> larry: mac koshwal is absent tonight because of a foot injury. tweaked it before the game and they decided to hold him out and not play him.
7:24 pm
good production from devin hill. also krys faber who has been out there for a few -- several minutes tonight. getting his chance. he's in there right now. >> dan: inbounds. and a block. and they'll call that against faber who thought he was straight up. and williamson heads to the line. we a we apologize for our technical difficulties. we're work on the problem. >> larry: while we were off camera, we talked about garrett williamson. he was forced to play the point guard position. [ inaudible ] he can move to the shooting guard or the off guard or the wing or forer with position. he's very good at any one of those three positions. he's a very good performer. he's 6'5'', 200. very capable of playing any one of those three positions. >> dan: really long, too.
7:25 pm
they've talked about his wingspan, what he's able to do defensively. [ inaudible ] >> larry: very quick guard to the ball. did that against northern iowa. >> dan: northern iowa winning earlier today against boston college. northern iowa from the missouri valley conference. >> larry: he led the squad in assists last year. >> dan: this is fabers. shot clock at three. tough shot. draws iron. faber keeps it alive. a fresh 35 for the blue demons. >> larry: a very smart play. he didn't try to take it back up. he didn't get himself in any trouble. turned around and found kelly out there wide open. reset the offense. >> dan: 45-42 depaul. out of the big east taking on the a-10 st. joseph's hawks.
7:26 pm
walker, tough shot. recognized the screen coming up and the defense. just off the mark. >> larry: shot clock was winding down. they needed to get it up. >> dan: they missed the lay-up and a foul underneath. and that will go against carl baptiste. phil martelli needs those to drop. >> larry: when you get that close up there, you've got to make sure you're going to use the glass. if you have indecision at all when you get up in the air up there, put it on the glass. >> dan: left side it goes. stovall with it. >> larry: jerry wainwright loves to use that high pick. >> dan: he sure does. he's done it all night. >> larry: top of the circle or on the wing. >> dan: faber. good hands. the steal.
7:27 pm
here comes st. joseph's. and wisely they'll pull it back and set the offense. inside the arc. put on the line. but knocked down by idris hilliard, the junior from new jersey. all of a sudden you look up and the lead is one. >> larry: got to give st. joseph's credit. they have really battled back. >> dan: 7:30 to play. one-point lead for depaul. at one point it was double digits. they've played very well in the second half. walker off the pick. williamson is all over it. see how long a wingspan he's got? one on the shot clock. they let it fly. does not draw iron. and it's back to st. joseph's. and when we come back, from the paradise jam in the virgin islands, st. joseph's, a chance islands, st. joseph's, a chance to take the lead.
7:28 pm
oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it.
7:29 pm
i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call. >> dan: depaul with a one-point lead over st. joseph's's 45-44. 7:08 to play. you're watching the paradise jam. coming up, it's the chimpanzee game. tennessee against purdue. as you see the scoring chances. offensive rebounds and second-chance points. and the blue demons have dominated in that category.
7:30 pm
>> larry: they have. they've only shot 28% so far in the second half. they need that man to get cranked up again like he did in the first half. he's got to have some support. >> dan: how about the key in game number two? what are you expecting? >> larry: i think it's a defensive struggle. i think both of those clubs, they take such pride in their defense. oftentimes when you talk about a big game, it doesn't live up to its billing. >> dan: and that will be a push-off underneath inside on todd o'brien. the sophomore from pennsylvania. >> larry: it's more of a reflexive action than anything. you just have a natural tendency to extend your arm and push. >> dan: jerry wainwright right there trying to pick up another win. he'd love to go home with two ws here. started out 2-0 with win s over
7:31 pm
columbia and northern iowa. a team that's predicted to win the valley. a team that went to the tournament a year ago. that is so important for teams like the valley for st. joseph's to beat depaul tonight. selection time isn't that far away. you look at the signature wins that you might get. it draws iron. knocked out of bounds. it will stay with the call. >> larry: eric wallace, a very tough shot that time. he's trying to turn around and shoot with his right hand. tough, tough shot for him. or anybody. >> dan: and time-out taken by the blue demons. they couldn't get the ball in. looking forward to watching two great coaches, too. bruce pearl and matt painter.
7:32 pm
7:33 pm
>> dan: 45-44. and you're watching the paradise jam from the u.s. virgin islands. coming up, tennessee and purdue. ten against seven. winner here wins the third place in this tournament. the paradise jam. and it is filled up, close to 4,000 will be in attendance at this particular gymnasium. we started our telecast telling folks about this building. former hangar that's been converted into a gym. >> larry: the campus across the street from this gym is just gorgeous. it really is. looks out on the beautiful water. maybe i should be commissioner of tourism here. i don't want to take that lady's job. she does a great job. >> dan: yes, you do. you want to live her full-time and get paid for it. just admit it. >> larry: okay. it's a wonderful place. >> dan: and the people here are so nice. they really go out of their way to be friendly. and why not? when you're in the islands, it's the way it is.
7:34 pm
>> larry: there's a term down here called island times. you can relax down here. >> dan: oh, yeah. just over six minutes to go. bizoukas fires a bullet in there. this is kelly. almost threw it away. now walker. takes it right at the big man. that's right at the 6'7'' sophomore, irwin, and walker now with 21 on the night. >> larry: 21 of the 47 at they have. >> dan: nice cut. fouled that time. charoy bentley to the line. and, again, mac koshwal is not playing if you're tuning in late. and folks that know the big east and know depaul realize he's one of the better players in that conference. there he is. he's in street clothes. he hurt his foot. they want to hold him out of
7:35 pm
tonight's game. he will play saturday this weekend. that is a huge loss for depaul. >> larry: and he's played so well here at the paradise jam. it's just -- he's played very, very well. he had 12 points, 19 rebounds against northern iowa. the thing about him, he has become a very adept passer. i was talking to jerry wainwright about that. he's got so much better. he's a three-time captain of the time. >> dan: so leadership and rebounding. a little bit of scoring, too. 5:30 to go. depaul by two. walker lost it. shot clock at 15. extended possessions now for the blue demons. >> larry: terrific pass. look at that passing by depaul. >> dan: shot clock at four. the lefty strokes it for ten.
7:36 pm
>> larry: i'll tell you what. got to biv bizoukas a lot of credit for that. the defense shut him off. a nice pass and an easy deuce. >> dan: that was faber. he has six tonight for depaul. williamson, walker. double team, high screen. shot clock down to four. all the way in and way too easy for bentley. and a time-out taken by st. joseph's. >> larry: several times in the second half, bentley has gotten that open look inside. i mean, he's made a nice turn off of the screen and made the cut. watch him on this turn right here. goes inside, avoids the defense. looks like faber was coming over to shut him off. he got by faber before he even had a chance to get there.
7:37 pm
nicely done. >> dan: larry, every possession is so crucial. 4:32 to play. take me inside that huddle right now, what we're seeing here with coach martelli. >> larry: i think we're -- st. joseph's has to shut down will walker. walker has killed them on offense. as well as garrett williamson has done dofsively on walker, he needs help. when a guy has got the basketball, you shut him down. but when he puts it on the deck and hits from the bavt, you've got to get help. for depaul, they've got to do a better job defensively. they're allowing sf joe to get easy lay-ups. so it's a two-point lead for depaul over st. joseph's. >> dan: and a whistle has stopped play. >> larry: depaul only had four players on the floor.
7:38 pm
they were going to play five on four. st. joe had five guys. one of the officials looked up and he started counting bodies and he said, well, we've got enough white jerseys. just not enough blue ones. >> dan: then they got faber into the game. he just hopped up off the bench. he went over the boards and away he went. >> larry: jerry wainwright is saying this game is hard enough. let's play with our full compliment. >> dan: coach martelli is saying how can he just hop on to the floor without checking in? he's saying if he wants to come on the floor he needs to check in. i'm saying -- i think he's saying that he wasn't already in the game. either way, they let him play. don't see that very often, five on four. >> larry: if you're in the game and you sit down, nobody tells you you have to go in.
7:39 pm
>> dan: now they have a chance to tie or take the lead on this possession. >> larry: i don't think i've ever seen that. >> dan: last night you saw something you haven't ever seen, too. >> larry: i want to talk about this for a minute. i've seen six players on the floor but i've never seen four. >> dan: in the corner it goes. for the tie. last night for those that didn't see it, we had the rim that was missing a screw and coach wainwright picked it up that the rim was crooked a little bit. and he is the only guy in the gym that saw that. under 3:30 to play. bizoukas with it. he's on the baseline. and shot clock now is under ten. push-off by walker. fades away. that's no good. and bentley has the rebound for st. joseph's. again, they can tie it here.
7:40 pm
>> larry: that's a good move by o'brien. he's getting ready to charge. st. joe's is going to get a time-out and retain possession. >> dan: o'brien takes the time-out. smartly. and 3:o7 to play. >> larry: a guy who's played well in the second half for st. joe has been idris hilliard. watch this maneuv down in the corner. bentley nails that one. bentley comes right down the lane. then again bentley on the corner. he has had a terrific second half. two three-point shots. and then a nice maneuver down inside. just as hilliard set that screen for him to allow him to get open. >> dan: st. joe's is shooting 45% in the ball game. and depaul has had 37%. st. joe's has hit seven threes. dupaul has hit five threes.
7:41 pm
walker leads all scorers with 21. he's the only depaul player that's in double figures. two players in double figures for st. joe's. you're watching the paradise jam from the u.s. virgin islands. this is game one of our double header tonight. 3:07 to go. two-point lead. williamson. he thought about shooting it. jones in the ball game. three up and a foul. and with this, they could possibly take the lead. that will send govens to the line. he'll shoot three. so we step aside.
7:42 pm
7:43 pm
>> dan: the 2009 paradise jam. this is for third place. you see some of the orange in the seats. that means the fans of tennessee have started to make their way into the gym. they'll take on purdue. there's the black shirts of purdue. that's coming up in game number two. got a good finish coming down the line here with 2:54 to play.
7:44 pm
govens at the line, 73%. hits the first. >> larry: govens was the third-leading scorer on this squad last year. his performance really tailed off at the end. he started off strong mid-way through the season. then things started to falter. phil martelli getting him back out there again this year. this is a guy he needs desper e desperately to play well. much like williamson. he's got a couple of terrific leaders out there. >> dan: well, now we're tied up, partner. what are you doing if you're depaul? >> larry: i'm going to get walker an open look at the baskt. >> dan: williamson is on him right now. hill.
7:45 pm
walker is going to try to take williamson. shot clock at ten. >> larry: here comes the high pick and roll. >> dan: this is hill. three on the shot clock. fades away and it rattles home. how about that? >> larry: good minutes here tonight for devin hill and the bench. >> dan: six points. and five rebounds off the bench. trying to tip it back in. fresh 35 for st. joe's. they're wasting no time. in the lane and a body foul against the blue demons. that will go against stula. >> larry: pretty good drive to the hoop. darrin govens getting to the free throw line.
7:46 pm
>> dan: here's a look at your game reset. and the time-outs remaining in this ball game. so crucial down the stretch. in fav of depaul, the possession arrow. and -- >> larry: yeah. that was a very good pickup by mike nance, the official, right there. they had given the indication that it was going to be two shots. as a player, you're on the lane and you're on the line and you relax when you think it's two shots. went back in and told everybody one and one. nice pickup. >> dan: the only problem with that, govens does his deal behind the back. a couple of bounces. he's enrhythm and then you take that away. >> larry: but he got the ball back again. >> dan: we're tied up. 1:45 to play. depaul wants a time-out. >> larry: it's been a good ball game. outstanding game.
7:47 pm
not a lot of turnovers. st. joseph's turned it over 23 times last night against purdue. little bit of a different game for them tonight. tenness tennessee/purdue. two ranked clubs. i don't anywhere in college basketball have we had two clubs that have squared off that are both ranked in the top ten. both of them solid performers. i think a chance to win their conferences. >> dan: looking forward to it. some of the assistants of purdue watching the final moments of this game. 1:45 to go. 51-51. what's the idea here if you're coach wainwright? i'm assuming find walker. >> larry: well, i would try to find walker but i'd also look at other guys, too. how about the nice maneuver by devin hill? he gets the high pick and roll.
7:48 pm
hill jams it. walker would still be my man, though. look at hill. trying to feed it underneath. he fires it out of bounds. >> larry: i've got to tell you, i'll fault stula on that one. he was wide open underneath. he's got his hands up. terrific pass by hill. was it a hard pass? yes. but if you've got your hands ready to go, get it up and get it away before the defense gets there. >> dan: williamson with it. almost a steal that time. o'brien underneath. and depaul basketball. sloppy play offensively for st. joseph's. >> larry: great defensive work by bizoukas to get on the floor and come up with that. >> dan: we're getting down to crunch time now. 60 seconds to go.
7:49 pm
bizoukas for depaul. inside it goes. fade-away. got it! and a chance at a three-point play. >> larry: how about the play of devin hill? talk about a guy stepping up big with mac koshwal out of the lineup. i mean, not only does he get the basket early, but draws the foul on the baseline. >> dan: koshwal is injured with a foot injury. not playing tonight. this guy has stepped up big. five boards and eight total points in this game. >> larry: devin hill, center stage. lights are on. >> dan: misses that. st. joseph's has it. difference of 13 seconds from the game clock and the shot clock. goes. the freshman trying to put it on
7:50 pm
top. now they've got a fresh 35. that's for the tie. it's good. there's your man again, devin hill, who pulls away the rebound. and a foul quickly by govens. >> larry: i cannot say enough about the play of devin hill tonight. i mean, he's given them so many good minutes. and so has krys faber. i mean, he's had seven points and eight rebounds. those two guys have filled in admirably i think for koshwal. >> dan: six fouls. that's it on st. joseph's here in the second half. that comes in costly with 23.8 secondses. >> dan: 14 fouls combined in the second half. and coach wainwright of depaul wants a time-out to talk things over. >> larry: phil martelli is going to foul as soon as the paul comes in if they don't get the steal. so the one thing jerry
7:51 pm
wranweight is going to make sure that he's got the proper man receiving the ball. discovered a long time ago this game is not very complicated. if all you'll do is do the right thing, your best free throw shooter receiving the pass. make sure the guy throwing it in is your best passer. >> dan: a couple of good looks. one was to take the lead. the other to tie and they couldn't get it to drop. st. joseph's is shooting 41%. depaul is shooting 39. >> larry: how about the combination of faber and hill in the middle there making up the difference. he came in averaging 15 points and 13 rebounds a game did koshwal. >> dan: bizoukas will inbound. quickly in. williamson doesn't foul. trying to trap out of this.
7:52 pm
and now they get the foul. >> larry: i think williamson was wanting somebody else to commit the foul. he says, come on up here and commit this foul. really doesn't make any difference at this point. >> dan: at that point he only had two. now he has three. 23.5 seconds remaining. substitution. that will bring jones back in. >> larry: depaul can go a long way toward a win here if he makes the free throws. >> dan: hits one more, it's two possessions. >> larry: right. >> dan: st. joe's can get a deuce because they know they've got to have two possessions to win this game. >> dan: good point. or tie it. it's in.
7:53 pm
williams at the way in. too easy, but he coot finish it. and a foul quickly. >> larry: how would you miss that lay-up? we were talking about being able to replay games. he'd like to replay that shot that he just took. oh, my goodness. >> dan: that took a total of just -- five seconds to get up the floor. that was it. >> larry: nobody contested it. >> dan: wallace it only hit -- misses that free throw. >> larry: is that a foul? we're going to get a pushing foul. oh, my goodness. no time off the clock and depaul commits a foul. i didn't see who commits it. who was it? was it stovall? >> dan: i believe it was. yeah, it was stovall.
7:54 pm
my goodness. >> larry: a chance to redeem himself right here. >> dan: you bet. the key, as you said, no time off the clock. make up for that miss. st. joseph's gets the rebound. they'll fire it out. a three up. that's no good. rebound to depaul. that sends walker to the line. >> larry: you can't say st. joe's didn't have opportunities. they had it. williamson with the missed lay-up right there. he missed a couple of free throws. now depaul with a chance to put this game away. they've got the four-point lead. if walker can make a couple of free throws here, it's going to be tough for st. joe's to come back. it would be a big win for jerry wainwright. >> dan: he is 4 for 5 from the free throw line. >> larry: how about the night for walker? 15 in the first half.
7:55 pm
>> dan: 8 of 17 from the floor. he's had three threes. seven rebounds. and 25 points. >> larry: 15 in the first, ten in the second. >> dan: 8.9 to go. jerry wainwright wants his guards to come down and press them, eat up a little time. >> dan: but don't foul. >> larry: do not foul. >> dan: the ball is loose. depaul has it. this should do it. the blue demons will take third place in the paradise jam. >> larry: nice effort by jerry wainwright. we were watching him play the other night. a chance to see him play a couple of times in the tournament. i've got to give him a lot of credit. his club really battled tennessee last night. just went toe-to-toe. against northern iowa, they were
7:56 pm
down a bunch in the first half and came back and got that win and really played better in the second half. it was their defense that got them going. >> dan: rogers, the second. no good. williamson, the rebound. two seconds to go. three up. that will count if it goes. it does not. and depaul wins it 58-51. coming up, it will be game two of our double header with tennessee and purdue, number ten against number seven in the country. hard-fought win for the blue demens. >> larry: it was, but a good win for jerry wainwright. he's going to get his club put together. i really felt like st. joseph's had a couple of chantses there at the end.
7:57 pm
they were going to get back in that game. they just could not convert. >> dan: and we a wawait the arrl of jerry wainwright here to visit with sam momentarily. coach wainwright pulling williamson to the side there and talking with him. williamson was a factor no doubt in this game tonight. >> larry: that's a nice gesture right there. >> coach, good win for you tonight. >> it really was. i had two non-scholarship players that got 20 minutes in this game. and that's one of those, sam, that i think in time really helps your team's confidence. and we've got to try and figure what we're going to do. depending on mac's injury as we go into our game saturday with detroit. >> coach, you end up third place in the turbment. what do you take away from this as a whole? >> you know, one of the things we said after the tennessee game
7:58 pm
was number one, no moral victories. we've got to be beyond that. there's a difference between third and fifth. and i think our kids played like that tonight. i think they were anxious to come out here with two wins. we've had a great time here. rather than just enjoy the beach let's get better and get a couple of wins. big win for our program. >> congratulations. get lack to the mainland safe. >> great seeing you. >> all right. back to you guys. >> sam, thank you. our thanks to head coach mr. wainwright from depaul.
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