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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 27, 2009 9:15pm-10:30pm EST

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got things to start moving. and coming off the curl. and hit the 3. drew a charge. the foul line. got all 9 points there within 3. and looking dead in the water at half time. >> michael: a 9-2 run. and and at the palestra here. ryan brooks off the park on that jumper. and the 3 halfleway in the hole then it curled out on him. williams. nobody h a food look at it. inside. getting to the free throw line
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when we get back. >> michael: up and down more. delaney has virginia tech with a 3. ( rhythmic clapping ) ( chanting ) ( shouting ) gatorade-- that's "g." continue. ( strokes violin ) ♪ do you need anybody! friendly service. real value from your friends at hampton.
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[vibrates] g morning, sunshine. wakey, wakey. you up? what'd you dream about? me? jk. text me back. i'll keep texting till you wake up. are your parents home later? [overlapping] is it something i did? exclamation point. question mark. this isn't a joke. text me. >> michael: coverage of basketball in philadelphia
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brought to you by: you may be enjoying the second day of your thanksgiving feast as dealle deal feasting now at the offense efficient end. and our producer director right and the comcast sports net. you are enjoying and segment greenberg. and temple's moore the sophomore out of southern high school in philadelphia. and 25 again. andist whenle off and started
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tighten up. and what we experienced. >> joe: you are seeing guys working harder off the screens in traffic. they are drawing more contact by moore. and the run a 9-0. and the first bucket and a 12-point lead. playing a bit. >> michael: the type of first half that greenberg. and delaney a good look. and blacks berg and ncaa tournament. they beat illinois in the first round. and the last few years the national invitational for the
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hokies. >> joe: 54-52 if memory serves. southern illinois, right? >> michael: correct. moore. there is some of that southern high work and a public league here. >> you with elnot play for tw- pbsive end. the problem for moore at times. >> michael: delaney in the crowd. green went, fernandez will start temple at the offensive end. you got it, it was a great look. but fern fashion for the tuesday -- fern fern for the deuce, they. they would not complain about it. >> michael: careful, careful.
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>> joe: he throws it at people's foot all the time. >> michael: hey, hey, hey: and michael vick as we see going to work in the offensive end. davila with that. >> joe: i'm not bailing i want to be more accurate. >> michael: i hear you. washington on sunday. and lincoln financial field. the challenge under the hoop and. >> michael: he is denied. right at the start of the iron. raise up. off the mark wide right. temple by 4. 6 and a half minutes in. tonight go anywhere now. wait for the time out and get a sandwich. one of the great finishes
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coming up. allen and missing 3. and williams is not bashful. fernandez. that was halfway down and out. green. up and down we go brooks to raise up that didn't drop. where did this come from. 3, 4 minutes the game. and missed shots and all of a sudden the energy level. saw it a moment ago. from beyond the arc. 3 of 15. allen had it snook off his hand. it will stay with virginia tech. it has been a wonderful 2009 school near. year here for the owls.
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for the masterful job and they did they got beat today to end the win streak. another bowl game. 9-3 they are going to a bowl game. more about that when we get back by 4.
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>> michael: back to the palestra with the owls. and trying the things. and the club losing the first two of the year. and and played for joe may rip off 9 straight wins. and got beat by the 35 team so, they will not get. >> joe: without the best player. >> michael: without pierce, right. the outstanding freshman running back. they will go to the bowl game. possibly the international bowl maybe for the owls. and chat with the outstanding information director at temple. they had a bracket, could you do it. we were talking about that.
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that's green and short on the deep jumper and sports in the town a long time. and temple football and 9 game winning streak. they have never been uttered to my knowledge. >> michael: that's correct. >> joe: that's all the credit in the world to the owls and their staff. >> michael: a big fan of al golden. it is they have done a tremendous job. he prepared. they 2007ed pearson who will be the mac fashion span of the year. running back and went down with an injury. didn't have him today. they have allen on the basketball side s that strong. pick up a body and finish in traffic in the paint. >> joe: that's something that allen has not always been willing to do it is the
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sacrifice. and the defensive end. you have to be willing to get hacked to score. >> michael: and delaney. didn't finish. look at compton. that would not fall. brooks a couple to the offensive end. green berg very demonstrative. after a strong board. he is upbeat. 7 losses last season on the last. that very right-handed put back after he delivered the bounce pass. we are. have a hold. and on ryan brooks. and allen, watch him clean this up. >> joe: that's a right-handed
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>> michael: and temple university on display here thanksgiving weekend. we mentioned greenberg in his 7th season. delaware tomorrow night. and then the acc big 10 challenge going to iowa city. and you know and greenberg was saying today. and package up the defensive toughness. and that is necessary. they lost leads in the last
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minute a year ago. the three buzzer beaters after. and greenberg said it is about pressure, trapping more. and take charge. watch the little things on thend. >> they help you in tight games at the end. it is not being in the tight games to start with. and that will involve more balance scoring and getting more than just delaney and allen. he doesn't know what he has. he will point out because it is now become something and with the program. and the last few years. and and. a put back.
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and guzman the 6'3" senior out of the bronx. >> joe: and the defense there in the lane by virginia tech. they may look back at that possession as a back breaker because they're about to get the ball down. they forced an air ball. and probably the weakest rebounder on the floor for tembel. guzman. the smallest player. not only catches it and scores but draws a lazy kind of pal and to go up 9 and twice. to cap off the opportunities. and the 34 starts in his sophomore and junior season. and like having him in the starting lineup. he will bring some of that tenacity out on the perimeter. >> joe: he is strong on the defensive assignment on delaney. >> michael: and thorpeson off
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the spin. allen in the crowd. and higgins has got an offensive foul for using that elbow on allen. , that's number 4 on jeff allen. being them down low, to me you have to let them play the situation right there. the guy used his body. giving it up. has a tough rebound. no advantage. he agrees with you by the way. >> michael: he had a chat with higgins. and lavoy allen will off the beautiful look from fernandez; and allen get as dunk just seconds after jeff allen goes
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to the bench. i don't think so. >> joe: here is williams grabbing inside. and davila. the old is on williams. that's number 3 on williams. ad on the kick for allen. >> joe: that's similar of one of his mentors. sanchez. and hended up being the atlantic 10 player of the year as a senior without averaging double figures that's how well he controlled the game with passing and defense. could not shoot a lick but was the dominate player on the floor. >> michael: segment has to get it stopped. >> joe: the largest lead, which
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we saw right at the outset of the second half played hard but guzman shut him down. with that tech has been silent. >> michael: coming off the 20- point win over ball state the other night. the center on north broad street, the beautiful facility on the campus. and raving about today. and shoot around 3 and bodies were moving, the and outbursts. >> joe: in the win. 21 assists. >> michael: how about that. >> joe: and a key of sharing
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and sharing it. and represented in that game. that's just the way that he coaches offense. >> michael: and thompson came to work. swatted by allen. and basketball on the deck. a number out of here for allen. >> joe: probably had up to two blocks. i got him with three, partner. three on the possession. tembel by 12. trying to extend the lead. a reach in foul. he had a for temple. >> joe: this a situation where the defend ser helping. he is stuck between a shot and a pass. he will not score.
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now free throws. make the deficit larger for the hokies. >> joe: and jefferson with another one coming. and duffy saying, you know his freshman for jefferson. and dileo and the sophomore moore, they will start getting more and more time in the location. a freshman from norris town. and traveling off the spin. a reverse from virginia tech's. and the sophomore. the starting for man. told we'll be back. and the final of this group event. , that's a move there by allen. it has nba written all over it.
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>> michael: the foul on the charge again. delaney. greenberg looks look he was ejected out of his seat on the bench. not happy. >> joe: and delaney. >> michael: and that hurt. delaney on the deck and greenberg will take a look. victor davila to the reverse. 14 d ♪
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♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. >> michael: both ends of the palestra, temple has opened up the 14-point lead again. and we take a look at the summary and it starts with
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lavoy allen. and. and delivered 17 and this half you can setonny dileo there on the baseline. all temple and the officiating crew and over here with us and they are taking a look at our monitor for replay. >> joe: it is reviewable to check and see if you are unsure which player and the foul. and we're in the second row here. one of the officials is over and does that mean the rest of the game. and the court. ready. the key here is no fouls. we can get a cheese steak. >> michael: i understand. >> joe: i'll let them play. you got have it. >> michael: believe me, i know.
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>> michael: let's look at what we believe is being reviewed on this drive to the rim. when it goes up they were lockky to see which owl committed the personal foul. >> joe: he went down hard. and has gone to the bench. been replaced. although seems okay at the bench as i look over to our left. just got a bloody lip. the stripes figured it out. >> joe: a very puzzled, very quizzical look on the face. after the explanation came goes by guzman who has done a nice job the last 3, 4 minutes. i think after allen challenged the shot, he caught a stray
9:43 pm
elbow. either on the bridge to the nose or the upper lip. >> joe: remember, though it was whistled as a player controlled foul. offensive foul a charge on delaney who took the brunt of it. he was wey..., they called it before he rose up and had the play up attempt blocked. he is okay. his team is not. the burst for the hokies who are running out of time. and 24%. show a 1-22 here. >> joe: temple attacked it. and off the back heel. and this is virginia tech
9:44 pm
basketball. and the strength0 to go up and get this. on the back of davila and sparing it. and for the playgrounds of that basketball strong city of baltimore. >> joe: i knew that was coming. >> michael: giving baltimore its due. you know dun bar high school. and in history and that's the -- >> i'll start with wilt
9:45 pm
chamberlain. on the other side you probably did. >> michael: probably right. and having all kinds of problems cashing in. and these is the large of the lead of the night. >> joe: and a gamble. resulting in looking take it out and you suspect. it is now down under 25%. percent from the floor from the miss. back with four fouls who is down 8 or 9 i don't remember. and the first half.
9:46 pm
another three down. he has dominated in the paint. going up but got it to drop this is at 16 i may have to go with mellow as number one out. and a good pick. i was thinking about it after you said lewis. >> joe: being doubled on the shot clock at 8. teeing it up. tripled. and 64 sophomore from argentina. >> joe: i'm taking the guy rogers as my point guard.
9:47 pm
loved it. 54 rogers and i want to say kennedy but the people listening said didn't know it was history. i'm doing my best. i was thinking about it you look at -- you look at the coaches you know and. >> joe: and you look at this program i mean and they talk about the wins and it started. they are one of six schools in
9:48 pm
the nation with over 1700 whips in the program. carolina. and guzman. turn it back to. and for sure. in your league in the nba. yes, yes. >> michael: won some games. >> michael: we lost chuck daley one of my favoritess. start using the look. you are going to get a time out in the 4 hin mark but it is
9:49 pm
about management. down 14 for segment greenberg. and balance. and temple has it. and virginia tech does not. and a nice you are not spoft to outscore them in this sport. is. >> joe: what were we discussing. they allow the opposition to shoot 39% from the floor and 27% from 3. they bettered the numbers tonight. >> joe: showing his name with a 3. and with the ball. and when you finish it likele allen that's a nice way to rack
9:50 pm
it up. and coming up with the rip away. and low a good luck would not go down. three and out now and guzman. the left hand the lead is back up to 16 again with 3 and a half left. and fernandez got whistled for a push. >> michael: we're in the mark and see if he can inch the lead after guzman and the advantage.
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>> michael: it appears the owls have designs on moving forward with their 4th win of the young campaign. and all of our great comcast sportsnet crew, getting a look at terrell bell. and connect on a pair. but down virginia tech down 15 here. now with the 94 pressure being applied. buzzman is entangled with hudson and thompson of virginia tech. we have a second, we want to thank the outstanding sports
9:54 pm
information directors for all of their help for joe and me and in terms of preparation and billups dier a larry dockerty. another scene here. >> joe: didn't larry blow us off to go to a game? >> michael: i wasn't going to divulge that but... >> joe: he is a classmateky get away with that. >> michael: you are classmates you can say that. no, he was with al golden and the temple squad in ohio, they hustled back. >> michael: they did. >> joe: shot at tony dileo there. the coach of the 76ers. i thought he did a good job a very good job with the 76ers. and philadelphia losing andre miller this year. now they lost lou williams to an injury that will keep him
9:55 pm
down. >> joe: and seems to be day to day every day. gentleman yeah, yeah. eddy jordan. all of you and midatlantic. and from the days with the wiz art. ards and the sixers. still playing hard trying to extend the defense and there is the young dileo. and a factor and last 9 minutes and temple made this game theirs. hudson. and free and virginia tech. and could not save. another turnover.
9:56 pm
the hokies. mack them pay. >> michael: the late game sloppiness. and 3s. yes they do. 14- it has not been a type of production. fouled out and all three in the second half; you runs over fernandez. and 13 a game. and 55%. and 8 rebound as game. and the inside offensive force. and 6 points does have 9 rebounds. and the 29 inins of work.
9:57 pm
>> joe: just six points. >> michael: it was 6 pointss after half time. >> michael: delaney and second highest point ad the coast guard conference. and. >> joe: if this score holds and we have no reason to believe that it won't. another win for the atlantic 10 over the acc we have seen dayton beat georgia tech. and saint joe temple over virginia tech here. and charlotte. >> michael: that was magical. delaney. getting contact. got it to fall. he has a chance with a 3 point
9:58 pm
trip. >> joe: the lack of balance and offense ofly and delaney with 27. with 18. >> michael: down to 12. and 18. a couple of moments ago and a 30-second time out. trying to collector his cherry and white. the acc moment. and jeff allen didn't get started. he had a couple of jump hooks off that right block in the first half, we saw this and said, hey, this allen matchup is going to be toe to toe in the paint. it didn't turn out that way. >> michael: and the game went
9:59 pm
up for temple and jets went down for the hokies. he is down for the game now having fouled out with 6 points. >> michael: segment greenberg has been making the last two minutes to spread out the game and get everything he can out of it. he started when it was 18. they have cut it to 12. looking for some pressure to cause turnovers. temple spreading things out we'll comele in the 2 minutes mark. it will be two free throws. and will salt this away. we talked about duffy and how about the last two seasons back to back and atlantic 10
10:00 pm
championships. 21 of 13. and 22 of 12. and is this the type of club that he has now. you mentioned some of the losses this can win again, i don't think that temple likely regular season winner but they have owned the conference tournament down in atlantic city the last couple of years n doing so, you know they have knocked off some teams to win the crownsment this they knocked off the top 10 team at xavier a year ago in the semi- finals a year before that in the champ game. and ncaa st. joseph team. that points to thiblety to coach and motivate and playing the best possible when it marts most in march. >> michael: they have look at
10:01 pm
this beautiful run of the offense. guzman got it go terrell owens go. they reversed it, virginia tech out. got the slash to the rim. >> joe: tech feels that way to get into position and draw the charge. temple getting the chance here but used the shot clock in doing so. and worth a. we're at the 1:24 mark. it will go temple's way. >> michael: the season high against delaware in a temple win. and tomorrow night in the final day of the event. temful will take on st. john's.
10:02 pm
continuing a big second half he drills the 3. but it will come in a say most disa-pbt ting offensive performance for the club. inside the final minute of this one. temple has done the job on the defensivend. >> joe: delaney with 30 of the 48. a tough way to play. >> michael: virginia tech in the acc is, you know, they're not. they're going to have to share the wealth a bit and get more involved to go through the rigors of the acc season. >> joe: keep jeff down and get a double-double out of him. >> michael: and fernandez let's take a look at the play of the night. watch this beautiful from fernandez for the crush. that our toyota play of the
10:03 pm
night. orchestrated by juan fernandez, the slick sophomore out of argentina. and right off the glass. and got it to drop; he has a lot to score. >> michael: he was one of seven in the first half, joe. he has responded but it will come for naught. what will be a temple win here in the classic and the cherry and white. >> they are letting the owls hear about it and the club here in the palestra. and he has master minded so many victories during his 17- year stay as the head coach. the night after thanksgiving as the shot clock runs out.
10:04 pm
and temple most convincing and not even as close as the 11- point margin of victory would indicate over virginia tech. >> joe: if you are virginia tech, you are back to the drawing board offensively because you get 30 plus from delaney. and is nowhere near enough virginia tech not competitive for long stretches of the game tonight. tem pal trying to rebuild without christmas, guy who took over 30% of the shots last year. and they still win relatively easily over an acc op pont here at the palestra. >> michael: tem pal got tremendous performances. allen and juan fer nan tkpwez and guzman to spearhead the win. happy thanksgiving to you and yours. it was fun. >> joe: see you nextel time. >> michael: good stuff. we return to comcast on saturday december 5th with at
10:05 pm
ca. a doable header at noon. virginia commonwealth then georgia state at james madison. from the crew, we wish you a happy thanksgivi why is travel these days about what you give up,
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greetings and welcome to sports nite. stpru been watching virginia tech. >> hokies lose to the owls. and we continue with the show talking some redskins football. wizards are not the only team with heavy hearts. it is the anniversary of the death of sean taylor, he is very much on the minds of his
10:08 pm
former teammates. >> i think about him more and more throughout the year than just this week but it is crazy that the other day i saw the sign. i thought this is the week he passed, it comes up but with him i think about him every day. i know he is up there standing tall. he was that kind of guy here. and like i told you i go on and i talk to him i feel like he is out there playing with us every sunday. i'm thankful for the lives that he touched while he was here and he is gone. >> the redskins suit up against the eagles this he will be shorthanded. and hall is out with a knee injury and a sense of tackle and haynes worth will be a game- time decision. on the offensive side of the ball and at running back.
10:09 pm
later on and one player who hopes to make the most of the chance on sunday. >> after all systems were a go for ben roethlisberger, he may not play this week after all. accord the nfl network, cosit out the game in baltimore for fear of another blow. and that would risk injury meaning dennis dixon could start. and he is expected to decide on saturday whether he will play or not. the opponent, the ravens, five losses a combined 23 points this season. and that does not make anyone feel any better. the bottom line is that the ravens have to figure out a way to win the close games. >> i have a problem with losing, i don't like it. i don't like losing close games i don't like losing nothing. i want to finish it out.
10:10 pm
and seeing players be coaches, whatever it s when you got a team like that on the ropes, finish it. >> we have played a lot that are tough games and close. we have not come out and didn't come out on the right side last year. and, you know, we'll have to eventually learn from the situation. and i think this gamele coming up in the next six i think they will help us go lieu the situation if it fronts it. again. >> every win is vital for baltimore. they have six left to earn a playoff spot. they trail in the wild card race. hurting their cause is four losses which is the first tiebreaker. you no he what they say about car ma. and patrick cole. it ta the receiver of a questionable call is the victim of a similar play. hokies hit the floor this
10:11 pm
evening versus the owls of temple. we have highlights coming. >> plus, more on washington's collision with the heat. this is sports nite. ♪ ♪ i always feel like (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ somebody's watching me.'s the money you could be saving with geico. ♪ who's watching? ♪ tell me who's watching. (muffled music) (announcer) it's right here, it's easy... ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico.
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owls in transition. and fernandez finds allen alone in the lane. he closes down. later in the first, loose ball here. and with allen grabs it. goes strong to the bucket. and down 10 at the break. on to the second. hokies cutting into the lead.
10:14 pm
delaney off the screen. drops the 3. ed it and away fernandez, driving and gets it to allen again. for the jam. hokies fall. for more we go to michael and joe. >> thank you. we appreciate that. temple's defense is absolutely rock solid. 29% shooting and the owls of temple ring up the win. just not enough offense for virginia tech tonight. delaney got warm, sizzling in the second half to finish with 3 #. no other hokie with more than 6. >> you look at temple. it is too much lavoy alnon-the game. 18 points. 10 rebounds. becoming a double-double machine on the young and what a
10:15 pm
reach offensively a 3-point play chance. he knows how to finish around the basket. and allen with four assists to go along with two credited blocks. but i think he had a few more than that. he certainly altered and changed some plays around the basket. >> the young man that has a tremendous throwing. stroke, he had 8 but, joe, seven boards and six assists to fill out the line. >> the shooting secondary for a guy who controls the game on and off the ball and treat. creates for teammates and then you drop in a 3 every ones in a while to finish. the 2 for 9 goes away with the 8-7-6. that's a stat sheet stuffer. >> he was the club now 4-1 on the season as they beat virginia tech in the classic.
10:16 pm
61-50 the final. happy thanksgiving. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, duke and connecticut in the ni. it final early on. and dyson stealing robinson. he is in finishing in style. 10 points. and dawkups. 3 from the dorn. corner. then john shier with the long ball of his own. duke got 37-28 at the break. second half more of the same. the acrobatic bucket. and a 19 points. and duke up 9. then shier. cannot get the three ball to fall. missing for the put back. and 60-34. 13 minutes left. dawkins the beneficiary of good movement. and putting the blue devils up 19. they win the 4th season tip-off
10:17 pm
title. >> and haven't had reasons to be excited this season but they are excited about this -- it is hokie week in as the coach told us, uv. a must respect the play makers. >> all you have to do is look at the video to see how well they played. and is really when you are -- you are a competitor, you may be spirited rivalry but you respect what you see in terms of talent and performance of other players and teams. >> la of the year you surprised virginia tech by inserting vic hall at quarterback. any surprises this year? >> we have picked up two new players. come here, guys. we don't have hall but we have
10:18 pm
two who arrived from ohio. they he came here to watch this presentation. they have their stuff on. >> you have the grandsons there. [ laughter ] >> , that's cute. >> and the washington capitals practiced. and they are on saturday night the team has recalled player from the bears. he has taken the spot of tiler sloan who was gone to calgary for personal reasons. the play against buffalo. and ovechkin boarding receiving a 5 minute major an ejection. they killed off the penalty and won 2-0. he will not receive further punishment for that hit. but ironic because. everything that happened when they played the flyers this afternoon. the same player received a major and misconduct for
10:19 pm
boarding the ross through the period. and ross stayed down on the ice for several minutes before leaving on his own power. sabers were won it 4-2. snapping their four-game losing streak in the process. back to football, redskins running back situation has gone from bad to worse. one local player hopes to use other players and turn it into an opportunity. sports nite returns right after this girl: my name is emily, and in 7 years... i'll be an alcoholic. all: hi, emily. announcer: kids who drink before age 15 are 5 times more likely to have alcohol problems when they're adults. so start talking before they start drinking.
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welcome back with continuing coverage of our top story, and a memorial service was held at the washington hebrew congregation. and mr. pollin's family and friends paid their respects to a man who was a washington icon. >> the compassion he had as a person and all the wonderful things that he did to make sure that his staff, the people that were working for him. his players, they were happy, he was one of the best competitors that i saw. when things were bad, he would come up with some of the unbelievable things to motivate the team or have meetings and to things. he was not one to sit around and not try anything. he had the values that you hope our young people would aspire to have. not just being successful as a
10:23 pm
businessman but being successful as a human being and someone who gave to every good cause that there was who reached out and who cared. it was efficient didn't ever why. every year. >> there are condolences about mr. pollin on our web site. and if you want to contribute your thoughts:out a video retrospective. back to the nfl t has been a tough year to be a running back for the redskins. clinton portis is missing time because of an injury. and bets is out after blowing out his knee. expect marcus mason to see some time. here he is with kelly johnson. , we have been doing the last four weeks. >> working out a bit. and being lazy and working out.
10:24 pm
>> you are ready, i'm always ready. if i were sitting around for a year i come back and play. the next day. >> when you look at the situation and clinton gone. were you hear when they there were too many numbers. you may play. >> this my opportunity now. this is my last chance. i had nine lives and this is my last one i'm on. and this is it. >> why you feel it is your last life. >> the team needs me. and i have been cut four times by the red skips, the jets. it can only happen so many times. i got to be able to stick somewhere. >> what would it feel like to make that happen here. >> great, it would be a great feeling i will be home.
10:25 pm
i can drive 20 minutes add be with my family. >> in terms of things expected should you get with the way the line is. that's key. i know that you had to work hard; you know with the eagles they blitz a lot. and you know knowing who and that's me and my coach this week we'll work hard and you know just learn it. >> snapping the losing streak at the hands of the heat. look at washington's second win in a row within we wrap up.
10:26 pm
[vibrates] g morning, sunshine. wakey, wakey. text me back. [chattering] [vibrates] hey.
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welcome back to sports nite. a milestone for jamison he had 24 giving him 16,000 points in his career. nick young added 22. and helping the wizards in the losing streak to the heat. arenas defeats dwayne wade for the first time in the 17 head to head matchups. the captain on fire coming back from anen gry hours after the death plaintiff pollen. he scored 19 of his 32 points in the second half of tuesday's game against philadelphia. he looked back to the season debut against the cavs. and 10 rebounds. tonight another double-double. jamison is fust. just the fifth active player to score 16,000 grab 6000 boards. the other and seven garnett. lebron imgentlemans macing on the bobcats.
10:29 pm
struggling on defense. blows past him and throws down the bobcats many. and jackson hits the triple over imwhat james. charlotte up 7 after one. and gets it in the second with the throw down. along with 16 in the first half of play. minutes later. wallace answers strong on the fast break. down and charlotte into the half of 13. and more in the second half. he will cook county from long distance through the 31 points. they pull off cleveland 94-87. the final. quick notes pittsburgh loses to west virginia. hoops michigan state falls to florida. >> that's going to do it for this half hour of sports nite. thank you for watching. we will see you again at 11. check out our web site.


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