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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 28, 2009 12:15pm-1:00pm EST

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tim tebow. what will his legacy be? >> well, that graphic was pretty illustrative, although when you talk about what he's had as a career, 33-5 as a starter. all of that is incredibly impressive. you think of him, you think of tough runs, the clutch plays, maybe a little red-faced screaming to get your team going, but what i think is last year in defeat against ole miss when he made the promise, where he basically set the course for this football team, and they've won 21 straight ball games, set themselves up for to another sec championship bid, potentially another national championship bid. that's what leaders do. he has charted a course for this team. >> tebow and company seeking their 22nd straight victory today. they would get that with a win over in-state rival florida
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state. number 15lsu hosting arkansas at 7:00 on espn, and tennessee and kentucky, you're thinking that's the outback bowl preliminary game. >> who would have thought we would have been talking about the vols and wildcats, but sure enough, the win her have the second space slot. >> and georgia, their conference record very low compared to to the other teams in the sec west, they take on georgia tech in atlanta. georgia tech the highest ranked bcs team with one loss. both of these teams pretty much predicated on running the ball. >> yeah, this is clean old- fashioned hate. it's pivotal for them, kind of paints the entire season. georgia tech has had a great year, if they lose to georgia, it won't be a victorious one,
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the fans won't be happy. >> in our household, we teach that we don't use the word hate. >> w yelling at mom for some deal. shay hodge and ole miss next.
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t.j. fuller returned the opening kickoff for clemson but not getting better for the game cocks at home. garcia rolls to his right. picked off for the interception by hall and they are in gamecock territory already. beautiful day up ahead here. highs in the upper 60s for the egg bowl. women see you at halftime. now we send you back out to
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starkville. for kerry, andre and dave neal. >> it is our wrangler game of the week a mag noel georgia state show down. ole miss ranked 25th, taking on mississippi state in the 106th edition of the egg bowl, and this is what they are playing for the battle of the golden egg trophy. and a pleasant good afternoon, everybody, i'm dave neal, alongside andre wear. they don't like each other, but they give it done on the football field.
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with mccluster on the field, don't turn away, anything can happen. now anthony dixon is a senior, he won't be here, but he's one of the guys who has brought the passion back to mississippi state football. he has been unbelievable this year. >> they do it with speed with mccluster, but with dixon, it's more of a grind it out approach to it. already over 1200 yards. he is the heart beat of this mississippi state football team as he goes, this football team will go. >> dave: he has been unbelievable this year, anthony dixon. see what we can do against this
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very good ole miss defense. today we look at the history of the egg bowl. well, it's pretty special to be a part of this egg bowl. 106 meetings. ole miss, though, has owned the overall series, but lately, the last 18 games have been split right down the middle. nine games apiece, and that's really set this series returned back to campus series in 1991. anthony dix machine his final home game, in his final game in a mississippi state uniform. highly energized would be an understatement for dixon. okay miss will get the football first we and we are underway.
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short kick, fielded at the 12 by the true freshman, brandy. out over the 30, to the 32-yard like, and that have where ole miss will take the football. sneed makes his way on to the field 17tds, but andre, 14 interceptions. >> andre: yeah, that's the number would like to see him cut down. playing with a little bit more consistency now. >> dave: first pass, right on top of the sec mark. that goes to dexter mccluster, his first catch. mccluster now with 35 receptions this season. >> andre: they just try to find a way, any way possible to get the football in his hands. so dangerous when he does have the football, and capable of
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going the distance at any point. you cannot blink when you're watching him play. >> dave: second down, throw back the other way. pass is caught, falling forward, that should be good enough for the first down. >> dave >> andre: this is way to get sneed involved in the football game, get him relaxed early. a little first opening pass to dexter mccluster, and then out to his favorite target in hodge. just want. to get him the football in the open field and allow him to go to work. >> dave: out of the i formation. here is mccluster. trying to stretch the field, cuts it back, hit at the 25. let's look at our impact
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players brought to you by hampton inn. >> andre: it all starts for ole miss with dexter mccluster, 184 yard his averages the last couple of ball games. jerry, since his move from right tack spool right guard, really solidified the offensive line, and then pope, he will have is along with his defensive line, the task of trying to stop anthony dixon. >> dave: second down and we'll call it 8, out of the i, here is snead, just overthrows his target down that right inside. >> boy, a nice, deep threat for ole miss. he comes wide open. going to see the corner release him to the safety, and no one gets over there. broomfield, who had an excellent game last week. and sneed, that's one you wish you had back as a quarterback.
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how main types have i said, dave, the hardest passes to complete are the ones where a guy is running wide open? >> dave: now third down, the cow bells are a-ringing. pressure comes to the far side, pass is caught by summers. that will be a first down. good throw by sneed. >> andre: boy, nice job of seeing the field by sneed, waiting, processing things. you're going to see summers right here just settle in, and it's man to man, just a little natural pick. he's able to pick off charles mitchell, the strong safety, who had the job of try ting to stop summer -- trying to stop summers. >> dave: fresh set of down for the rebels. mccluster big hole off the right side. as soon as he picked up four,
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he got stood up at the 40-yard line let by chris white, the junior linebacker. houston nutt in his second year at ole miss. 17-7 with the rebels. and i give him a lot of credit, because when the offense wasn't working the first four week, they weren't afraid to go a different direction. >> yeah, they put mccluster in at tailback, and made all the difference in the world for ole miss, made them a lot more explosive. now you expect to hit the big plays, and they have. >> pass to the inside for mccluster. how did he get out of there? dropped for a loss, however, couldn't scramble away from all of the marine jerseys -- maroon jerseys.
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>> andre: you see right there four guys coralling mccluster. >> dave: third down. 41% for the season the ole miss on third down. sneed, pass is caught by mccluster, but he's two yards shy of the first down. coverage by washington, the senior out of missouri city, texas. >> andre: yeah, they slide him down inside. the last think you want is for a line backer in space with dexter mccluster, and marcus washington does a nice job of making a nice tackle and stopping mccluster short of the first down marker. >> i was wondering why they're going for it, but they're not. pass complete down at the 20-
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yard line! it was intended for reggie hicks, and he caught it! billy capps came in, a backup quarterback, took the snap. i was, like, two yards, and you're kind of in four-down territory. >> watch this, the play fake, going to hold the linebackers to allow hicks to get just in enough space, and charles mitchell mistimes his jump. nice job of concentrating. better pass there, and ole miss
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right back at work. >> dave: mccluster. >> andre: watch reggie hicks the tight end, nice little delay, and boy this ball is well throne. >> dave: andre, they were co snead which allows them to make th
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at the line of scrimmage. not much happening. swarmed by four marine jerseys. >> andre: mississippi state answering the bell right there. going to bring up a fourth down situation a field goal attempt by ole miss. >> dave: joshua 13 out of 16 this year, with a 25-yard attempt from the right hash. kick is on the way, to and it is good. so ole miss takes the opening kickoff. they had a couple of third down conversions, had a fourth down converse at work. sets up the three-point field goal, and ole miss leading the
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bulldogs 3-0. 7:54 to go in the opening quarter, and this is the play that kept the hopes alive for the rebels fans. the play that kept things alive for the r fans.
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. >> dave: you like the opening drive for ole miss. >> andre: yeah, they get mccluster involved, but it was the trick play that kept the drive alive, and allowed them to get points on the end of it.
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time for us to send it back to our studios. >> we take you to the palmetto state. clemson up 7-0 on south carolina. gamecocks out of the wildcat. big pick-up. we're tied at 7. >> dave: well, south carolina not going to go easily. 6-5, a chance to get to 7 wins against for steve spurrier. >> inside handoff, about 3 and a half, maybe four yard as for dixon, as lee, the walk-on junior college transfer from just down the road in columbus, mississippi, get this final start of his bulldog career today. >> hasn't had quite the season that he envisioned. he allows them to stay in ball
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games, gives them a little consistency at that position. >> dave: we will see a lot of -- wide open, pass is caught, marcus green. past mid-field. they'll spot it back at the 47. green drags him down, but a big gain by the bulldogs of 27 yards. >> andre: yeah, it's the play take to anthony dixon. you're think on second down, that's where they've got to go with the football. it brings everybody up and allows marcus green to to sneak in behind the coverage. >> dave: in motion, going the opposite direction. tyson lee spins we about a yard then tripped up. let's look at our impact players. here are the bulldogs key any ingredients. >> dixon lead this way for this
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offense. defenceive side, they have a tough chore, cheney and wright will have the assignment of trying to slow down dexter mccluster. >> dave: second down. they say lee lost a yard. there is dixon. he'll get a couple of yards, close to mid-field. that will bring up third down and long. cornell with another tackle. dan mullins has reenergized the fan base here after a disappointing season. this program was at a low. they get shellacked 45-0 last year in oxford. shortly thereafter, they make a coaching change, and andre, he just brought back some energy, some life. >> i'll tell you what, and a couple of ball games could have gone either way. the lsu ball game, we were there for that one, and just about an inch from having
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another win there, and a couple of other games during the season. >> dave: close to the first down. think he has it. brought down near the ole miss 41, and that will be good enough for a first down. >> andre: they get some nice kickout blocks for chad bumpas, and he is dangerous. leads this team in receiving. nice kickout block on the outside by mcrae, and picks up. the first down. >> dave: dixon ran right into a blitz situation. cornell meets him in the hole. that's the third tackle for cornell, the junior out of california.
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lee will step up, and run with with and he's got plenty of room. he's to the 25, to the 20, knocked out of bounds. he'll is have another first down and the bulldogs are inside the red zone. >> andre: i don't know if i'm going to turn back in to johnny, if i play quarterback, but lee trying to energize this team. a big hole along the back side of it.
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look at this. the offensive line, no need to take that lick, tyson. >> first down and 10 from the 19. dixon. looked like he wanted to throw it. he is dragged down. that will be a loss of about 5, maybe 6. patrick tray hand playing on a bum ankle makes the play for ole miss, but we'll wait on that flag. >> andre: is patrick hasn't practiced in a couple of weeks, and he's been in a boot, but come game time, he seems to respond for ole miss. and ole miss flagged for an offsides penalty. >> dave: well, that's a huge break. now you get the down over again. >> referee: off sides. still first down. the to think the bulldogs just gave the 5 right back to ole miss. >> andre: boy, the cadence changes when you bring in a new quarterback. >> referee: false start, 79 on the offense, five yards from the previous spot. first down. >> andre: it's like a mullly gap, going to do it all over again.
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>> dave: brought down by tray hand and cornell. boy, you see the limp on a tray hand. they don't know what it is. it's not a sprained ankle, but he has some sort of issue. >> andre: watch the block here by chad bumpas at the top. >> dixon stays on his feet. met at the 10 by green, falls forward to the 8-yard line. and that should be that will be
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real close to the first down, and they're donna give it to him. first and goal. ole miss all over it. that was red by lockett. >> andre: yeah, he was all over it. well played inside. you get a guy on the quarterback right there forcing him to pitch it, jonathan cornet forcing him to pitch it inside, and locket right there to make the play.
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>> dave: lee under center. zips you have it it off to the left side. that's not happening. scott among the white jerseys on the side. what a job tyrone nix has done as ole miss's defensive coordinator this year. >> andre: yes, sir, and getting off the filed on third down. just 28% on third downs allowed by ole miss. and he talks about it, that's why they're so fresh at the end of games because they're able to stop you and get off the field on third down. >> dave: that's fourth in the country, by the way. let's see if they can get off here on this third down and force a field goal. >> dave: pass is dropped at the 12! stevens with another big play defensively for the ole miss rebels!
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>> andre: well, you've got to sense once a guy goes by you, gets him up the field, now, if you step up, you know stevens is going to redirect himself. if you commit to it, now you have to go ahead and go there if you're tyson lee. >> dave: 29-yard field goal. >> andre: they've had some clock management issues. >> dave: that is i end of the quarter. >> andre: yeah, that was -- you talk about a fast first quarter, my friend. >> dave: two drives. one of the fastest 15 minutes of football i can remember. football, 3-0 ole miss.
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taeuf blank >> dave: welcome back to the . >> dave: our first stats, andre. >> andre: well, you look at it, ole miss going to throw it around a little bit, and mississippi state going to run the football, and that's kind of what the stats have show ised us. >> dave: splits the uprights. one drive apiece, both result in three points. so a good solid opening drive by the what do they have in store for us? stay with us and find out.
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. >> dave: tide at 3. jevan snead led his team down the field for a field goal his first drive. getting set to start his second drive. >> andre: led a good drive, with a nice run in there as well. can't you feel the energy in this stadium? >> dave: that kick sails to the 15-yard line. over the 30 to the 31. last drive, you mentioned it, it was really a jevan snead show. >> andre: yeah, the got it
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started with a nice quick pass out there, out to hodge, to kind of get him started. sides one down here to markeith summers, out to dexter mccluster, and then a nice little run, as well, to keep the chains movie. basically that entire first drive was jevan snead. >> dave: afumble,, and the bulldogs are in some serious business! >> andre: well, one of our impact players, j.j. wright coming from behind on dexter mccluster to make the play. and then another impact player, chaney, coming up with the fumble right there. ing with it, wright, out in space, chaney with the fumble
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recovery. two guys that we targeted that said they had he job of trying to coral dexter mccluster. >> dave: s that the the 13th fumble lost this year, actually the the 9th lost. they are minus 7 for the season, tied with mississippi state in that department. dixon, has to beat a bunch of white jerseys. breaks a couple of tackles. ends up losing about 7 yards on the carey. let's check in with rob stone in our network studios. >> 14 unanswered point is about south carolina now following an interception. garcia finds saunders, nine- yard score. gamecocks with this first lead of the afternoon. >> boy, andre, they have had some troubles at south carolina closing out the season.
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if south carolina can hang on, that would do wonders for the gamecocks. >> dave patted in the air and intercepted. strahan, brad ankle and hall, to the 40, and -- bad ankle and all! to the 40, and dropped at the 39! >> andre: boy, gets a hand on his football, tipping it he his buddy tray hand. just like you draw it up in the tip drill. watch it right here, tyson lee
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trying to force one in.
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you're looking at jonathan cornell. tipped it to trahan, who walks in right on cue, thank you, patrick. >> andre: two buddies working together defensively, and on the camera shot as well. >> dave: there is mccluster, the tailback. snead will throw, though, off the hands of hodge. >> andre: let's go back and take a look at the two
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turnovers to start the second quarter. right here dexter mccluster, j.j. wright strips the football, chaney comes up with it. now lee going to force one in, a i allowing cornell to het kiss hand on it. picked off by trahan to start this drive for ole miss. >> dave: that's the 14th interception this year for tyson lee.
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now a quick pass to patterson, down to the 16-yard line. >> andre: one thing that has helped snead out is his presnap read. right here realizing patterson may be coming on a blitz, the safety over the top, just swing it out, let him pick up the first down. excellent job of recognizing what the defense is going to do for you. >> dave: patterson has a ton of talent. inside the 15, down to the 14- yard line. you know, we talked bout jevan snead and the


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