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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 28, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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along with plekanec. eight minutes apart. washington's goals from eric fehr and alex ovechkin in the 1st. gorges wins a foot race. an icing call against washington. on the toyota league leader board, don't look very far to see alex ovechkin shots on goal. >> craig: look at those shots coming into tonight's game. even tony. the toyota league leaders, ovechkin, carter, seater berg and nash. he had 5 already so he has 109 on the season for ovie. >> joe: 18 goals in 20 games for ovechkin. earlier he told the media, they said to him alex, 17-19. he looks and goes not bad. could be better. he's improved upon that tonight. >> craig: he is tied with heatley for the lead. and they trail by one goal. >> joe: he has been a major hit on broadway, marin gabarek. brooks laich digging one out of the corner.
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metropolit his old bud. gorges keeps it moving. erskine throwing his weight around. morrison on his bumpy way there and price the pads down. >> craig: i don't think he saw that at all, joe. >> joe: in front for a moment brushed away bypass rita. >> craig: i think -- by pacioretty. >> craig: i think he was going for that butter fly and it hit him because he was in perfect position. >> joe: looks ahead to ryan white. locked up with milan jurcina. jay beagle is there and david steckel rounding out this trio. bradley burrowing out of the corner. into the boards by mara. being frel his knees back up. do you believe teamed. good work by jay beagle. bradley for jurcina, below the goal line there. he has gorges hung up. a bang-bang play, right through david steek else' skates. capitals changing on the go. three minutes done in period
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three. top of the hour time, joe benny neat, craig laughlin with you. the nhl on comcast sportsnet from bell center in montreal. all the men and women in our technical crew for all their help. power play right now. for montreal once washington gets possession. >> craig: i'm surprised price wasn't out of the zone. i'm not even sure he realized that they were going to have the extra men, an offensive zone penalty against the caps, and giroux to the box. here is a look at the power play. there he is on the d and there comes the stumble and the fall. down goes to d man and to the power play come the montreal canadiens. down went big ryan o'byrne. >> joe: bruce boudreau putting up a protest. referees tonight, before tonight the power play had blank in five of the last six. they got one tonight. steckel looking for a shorthanded chance. the power play stats packaged
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by the ups store. >> craig: bruce was upset. i'm not sure he thought giroux got a piece of him. looks like the guy stumbled after he hit him with his stick. >> joe: andrei bergeron sets sale. this one through center looking to plekanec. plekanec deals it in. cammalleri along the dasher board crunched by green. mara back into the corner. green on the intercept and gets it out. >> craig: cammalleri is a key guy for the canadiens. first two periods, over 16 minutes. >> joe: cammalleri double teamed there. green with a take away. another penalty. this time it's holding >> craig: and bruce is going livid on the bench. not happy with the last call. now he won't be happy with this call. the opposition is going to their third 5 on 3 this season against the caps and here is cammalleri. here comes the brooks laich stick. that is -- that's a call. the trip, you have to look at it and say man i wasn't sure if
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that was a trip. that is definitely getting the hand in there was brokes like. >> joe: pressure- brooks laich. >> joe: pressure-packed moments for the washington penalty killers and semyon varlamov. the noise level rising here. cammalleri flame theories at the point. metropolit for cammalleri. bergeron. crowded by steckel. plekanec. puts it on a tee for bergeron. plekanec through the tee. cammalleri whistles it wides. 5 on 3, 55 seconds. bergeron to the midpoint. thought about the blast, cammalleri. metropolit. cammalleri, off the outside of the goal. pacioretty is setting the screen in front. pacioretty drifts off into the corner. schultz is there to collect him. bergeron switches it up for plekanec. look away pass. cammalleri. bergeron. high slice. plekanec whistles it wide.
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as varlamov moves post to post. >> craig: the worst thing you can do is shoot the puck wide. cammalleri did a poor job setting up the shooter. bergeron. he hand cuffed him with that pass, and that really thwarted their opportunity. >> joe: alexander giroux will be out of the box in 14 seconds. that is the time left in the 5 on 3. metropolit for cammalleri. bergeron are unloads and missed everything. cammalleri, bergeron again. winds fake, plekanec, goal line to the front. varlamov's save. bergeron with a blast. varlamov mades a pad save and another on plekanec. cammalleri settles. bergeron straight away. fires it's deflected. five on four now for 30 seconds. bergeron wrister. he scores. [ cheers and applause ] . >> joe: with moen setting the screen. [ cheers and applause ] . >> craig: again, a big screen and a big body in front.
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bergeron had a ton of opportunities on the slap shot, and i think it's the wave of the moen stick in front of the mask of the caps net minder that made him miss this puck. here it comes. look at in front, moen watch him get the stick up right there, joe. it just sort of gets in the way of the puck. then you are looking at dark and dark, and he misses it coming back with his catching glove. travis moen in front of the net. bergeron long range beat varly habs have their first lead of the game. >> joe: marc-andre bergeron, all five previous goals have come in montreal wins. he now has four in the month of november. [ cheers and applause ] . >> joe: bergeron, canadiens with their first lead on the night they have thoroughly erased the 2-0 deficit. mike green wipes out pyatt puts him on the outside of the goal. >> craig: mike green lost an edge when he was on the left side in front of the net. the caps need a big shift here.
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>> joe: pacioretty wheeling out of the corner. spacek with a goal and an assist looking for hamrlik. his wrister knocked down. number 44 in red already has two assists. backstrom for green. stopped in his tracks by travis moen. as hamrlik will swing. saturday night in montreal, now a happy bell center crowd [ crowd singing ] . >> joe: hamrlik sneaks his way in. >> craig: sounds like a soccer game doesn't it? packed stadium here tonight. 21,000 plus standing room only. can't get tickets anywhere. >> joe: erskine past carey price. locker you said remember the saves by carey price in the second period. pothier cut him off. >> craig: he made some great saves. i really believe it was the ovechkin break away on the d that really put this game -- that would have put the game i think out of reach. a three goal lead but that kept the canadiens in this one.
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>> joe: brendan morrison to the front it bounces wide. lapierre pounces on it and he will be happy to just float this one nearly off the score board at center ice into the washington zone. >> craig: the fourth time this season the caps have given up a 2-0 lead, and that's something you want to get rid of in a hurry. four times you have the lead you want to build on it. they haven't after sort of a sub bar second period. >> joe: jurcina's wrister blocked. pacioretty was nearly away to the races. he finds metropolit. metropolit jams it. varlamov the save! and he makes the snap on it. moen was denied. and varlamov gets the whistle. as tempers flare at the top of the washington goal crease. the caps had a 2-0 advantage. montreal has roared back with three straight to take the lead and varlamov has to do his best to keep it just a one goal deficit on csn.
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>> joe: things started out well for d.c. >> craig: eric fehr on the board. fifth goal of the season. wonderful deflection. alex ovechkin a scorching slap shot. he had everything into that baby. beat carey price. they called a timeout. settled things down. and here in the 3rd, after the excited bergeron on the power play gives them the lead. >> joe: a 5 on 4 power play goal the capitals had survived a two man disadvantage. varlamov was all over the place
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in the crease to do just that. and then bergeron threw a screen with his sixth of the season. cammalleri getting the lone helper at 5:34 and you are all caught up now. >> craig: during the break the capitals leaders like morrison and company had a good chitchat with the referee. hoping that maybe the next call is going their way. i think they think the last couple of calls were of the cheap variety. they would like an opportunity to go on their power play here tonight. >> joe: the last of 9 straight games outside of the southeast division. everybody in the southeast division is active tonight. washington will be in carolina monday. we'll have that one for you on comcast sportsnet. montreal waits till tuesday to get in ac against toronto right here. -- get in action against toronto right here. perreault back to point position. the long reach of schultz kept it in for a moment. as he gets on his horse to intercept sergei kostitsyn. perreault down the dasher board to the front. clark upset on his way to the
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net. cammalleri with a back check. spacek finding cammalleri. he scoots through center. he'll poke it below the goal line. sergei kostitsyn. injured brother andrei on the shelf. cammalleri sends one wide. >> craig: sergei trying to get back in the good books in montreal with a good performance. he's had a few run-ins with the general manager here in montreal and they hope he squared things away, got in better shape and is ready to perform like last season. >> joe: didn't play against washington in the first meeting. as green works in. to giroux. giroux beat then by a sliding defender, spacek in front. ovechkin's pass gets away from erskine. pacioretty puts heat on the bruising washington defender as varlamov puts it to the wall. moen fanned on a centering pass. ovechkin lost his egg. >> craig: there it is. >> joe: and the capitals will have a power play. ovechkin, six attackers on in
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white with varlamov on the bench. alex again blew a tire. >> craig: no he was tripped by john erskine. he was actually tripped by johnny as he collided with him outside the bench. >> joe: that doesn't seem like any fun. don't miss the caps care and casino night auction january 24th at the hilton alexandria marks center. mingle with the caps players and koaches all in the name of charity. >> craig: fans looking at that replay and not liking it. i call it a makeup call but the caps take it. pacioretty in the box for the second type. the habs can't believe it. they have to go peek in. the penalty, alex winding it up inside the zone. the stick. caught his left or right ankle and pulled him down. the fans didn't like it but pacioretty has one for tripping. >> joe: washington with the power play numbers packaged by the ups store didn't have a power play opportunity against buffalo wednesday. 0-3 in the first meeting with montreal eight days ago. they have to click now.
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>> craig: now they were slow getting to the face off and pushed ovechkin off to have a seton favor of fleischmann who was out there already. >> joe: midway mark of the third period 3-2. three unanswered from montreal in the red sweaters with the nhl on comcast sportsnet. pacioretty off in the box as you watch green at ice level work his way through center. backstrom's speed knocked down and the capitals are off sides on the thrust. >> craig: they're due for a power play goal. it's been a while. not a whole lot of power play chances. it will be nice to see the caps and ovie score on the power play. power plays on the road are probably more important than scoring on home ice. you score on the road you have better success. look at the shots on goal this period, the caps still haven't found a way to get volumes of rubber on carey price. >> joe: only atlanta averaging more goals were game than washington. this montreal team is in the bottom 5 when it comes to goals per game. they are not listening to those
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numbers right now. they have the advantage. >> craig: green. >> joe: picked up by brendan morrison. then nick backstrom will work the half wall looking in ovechkin's direction. travis moen read that play. ovechkin off the board hearing the blue birds here in montreal. price. to center. about halfway through the power play. ovechkin for laich. brendan morrison looking for green. that's interpreted. [ cheers and applause ] . >> craig: power play to start this the caps are a minute in and haven't generated a shot because they haven't entered the zone, joe. they need better transition to get the puck in the offensive area. [ crowd booing ] >> joe: ovechkin the boos getting louder. >> craig: i told you they were fickle here. they were cheering him early on. >> joe: thinking he took a dive on that last tripping call. ovechkin's pass is off the defender. fleischmann in front.
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tomas fleischmann. for alex ovechkin. hiding on the outside. fleischmann waits. 20 seconds in the power play. green with a blast. great block by ryan white. beneath him. peached for it and the whistle finally comes. >> craig: that was beautiful. ryan white makes a beautiful block there parkes rule player for this canadiens team giving it to the referee like most of the guys tonight, here is the little blocked shot. get it to the point here comes the slap shot and just timing is everything. laying the bodies down to preserve this one goal lead, the caps power play not mustering up too many second and third opportunities, joe. >> joe: 21-year-old ryan white, native of manatoba, an early november call-up for the canadiens as we have a look at this draw from our hooters face- off circle point of view. carey price the top of his crease. price called upon to make just 10 saves so far in this
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contest. we have 8:38 to go in the 3rd. brooks laich to the goal mouth comes to the high slot for erskine. pothier bluffed it. erskine keeps it on the outside. quickly for pothier. shaping up there defensively was plekanec. pacioretty leaves the box. david steckel's wrister deflected wide. played with a high stick. and the whistle will come all the way back into the washington zone. 8:16 to play in period 3 3-2 montreal.
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>> joe: on this pivotal play sequence end to end. >> craig: average bergeron. and then being tell follow-up denied by price. at the other end spacek moves it around with hamrlik and in front of the net thomas plekanec on the doorstep. nice back hand pass the left pad of varly here tonight. >> joe: capitals fans in attendance here at bell center with pretty good seats up against the glass. remember earlier in the day it was moen telling us locker if we get the lead jacques martin insists on defense first. they've got it now. 3-2 with eight minutes to protect it. john erskine rumbles back into his own zone. cammalleri drafting him. erskine's speed is off the skate boot of nick backstrom. to spacek. >> craig: a lot of chips and flips by this montreal canadiens team.
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the whole thing on the bench as a player you're saying let's get the puck in deep. look for cycles and keeping the puck below the tops of the circles. >> joe: brian pothier harassed by cammalleri. erskine settles in for a controlled breakout. and he'll yield it to pothier. straight up the gut. erskine hard around. price slowed it a bit. that helps hamrlik reverse the flow. metropolit sees all of their racing in off the washington bench. giroux. backstrom stops, alzner wifed on that slap not. not a lot of wood on that at all. blunted by hamrlik and pacioretty won't get out. jurcina wouldn't allow it. >> craig: that's what i talked about in between periods the good pinch is after the 1st the caps were really focused on that and did a good job. jurcina and the rest of them, joe, did a good job holding that offensive blue line. >> joe: 53 minutes into the game the capitals have 13
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shots. mara, off the glass and out. 6:45 to go regulation. 3-2 montreal and you can see the shots divvied up. >> craig: jacques martin's opened it up a little bit in montreal, hasn't he? >> joe: no. >> craig: it's the same book. the same book that he used in ottawa that he is using here in montreal. >> joe: saw it in florida in the southeast division battle. lapierre, looking for pyatt. found pyatt. posted up against schultz. schultz flushes him out into the corner. ryan white is next in line, looks down as green puts pressure on him. mike green waiting for it. with schultz tonight, still no shaone morrisonn in the lineup. without tom poti as well in the back end. missing the services of lang and knuble and alex seem minute up front as well as gordon. gordon has missed 18 of the last 19 with that back problem. brooks laich digging for it. brendan morrison joining him on the hunt.
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even and full strength below six minutes to go in the third. washington needs one to tie in the white sweaters. laich good look. erskine wrister turned away. >> craig: canadiens have shortened the bench. cammalleri is just about playing every second shift here in the 3rd period. >> joe: bruce boudreau who coached him in the american league says cammalleri has a great hockey iq. can play in all these situations. erskine, wrister on the way, wide of carey price. he reacted pretty late. this one is whacked back to center by cammalleri. both teams in the midst of line changes. marc-andre bergeron, he has the lead goal. came on the power play here in the 3rd period. two power play tallies for montreal among the three on the night. delayed off side washed out as the canadiens tag up. erskine. for pothier. the head man on through perreault.
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mathieu perreault the quebec native knocking down carey price's outlet. ryan o'byrne will choose the other side. pacioretty feeds it wing to wing. pothier ahead, too strong for perreault. o'byrne spins and puts it back onto the washington side. >> craig: like savard the way he spun on his skate there. nicely done by the big defenseman. >> joe: perreault in. mathieu perreault on the hesitation. o'byrne, using his long reach. ovechkin hiding behind the net. bergeron there. pacioretty is next. and the canadians will be contentious player. >> craig: seeing derek savard during the lunch hour at the hotel. he owns the hotel here in montreal. >> joe: i was going to say he runs the shop. plekanec off of schultz. whoa. kostitsyn cleaned out by mike green on the send away ovechkin. knifing to the inside he fires. spacek stays right with him. ovechkin back to point position for schultz. 3:50 to go in this 3rd period.
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backstrom. all four of his goals at home this year. a feed to the front knocked aside by cammalleri. skated to safety by spacek. he ran right into a waiting mike green. green the caps ice time leader scoops it into the corner. spacek turns and finds his mate, it's roman hamrlik on the back end for montreal. ryan white was bumped. still managed to get it out. >> craig: and the game of hockey is all about details. just the little plays along the boards exactly what both teams do a lot in the morning. we saw kirk muller doing it along with the caps, the caps coaching staff. working hard around, working shifts, under pressure and making it happen. >> joe: sen ting pass off of varlamov. we'll see when he will be lifted for the extra attacker. some three minutes to go in regulation time. brooks laich. should they are by gorges. shoulder there by gorges. morrison keeps it below the goal line. traverse moen helping out.
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gets it through john erskine and pothier has to come over. ryan pothier swings it, fresh troops on for montreal. fehr, kicks it for morrison. rink wide just out of the reach of brooks laich. travis moen, able to get it out for red-sweaterred montreal. two and a half to go in regulation as we hear the whistle a chance for us to step away and pay some bills. we will get you back for an exciting conclusion in a moment with the nhl on csn.
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sunny here is the ovechkin cam. started off well a little hook- off. this one hits the pipes and goes in. his 18th of the season. nice work with the puck. twisting and turning between two canadiens. a break, a turnover by the defenseman. walking around bergeron. and having a break away chance himself with the left show. the ovechcam here in montreal. >> joe: 3-2 for montreal. moen scored eight days ago. he has been credited with the third period power play goal. another tip-in this time past varlamov. moen has two goals this month and both against the caps. ovechkin roaring in. stumbled as he went to pull the trigger there. tomas fleischmann winds up. that one over top of the cage. >> craig: that was more than a wave of the stick in front of the eyes of the net minder.
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>> joe: to be honest i didn't see it change direction one iota. >> craig: neither did i. institute but if he asked for it he must have picked it on the way by. >> craig: they usually get it right in montreal, joe. >> joe: spacek to hamrlik. both of the guys with a couple of points tonight. green. using the glass to get it to the captain, clears there. fleischmann's bid turned aside by price. semyon varlamov looking to the bench waiting for instructions. 1:33 to the go in the third period. pothier in front of plekanec. ovechkin will turn with it. [ crowd booing ] . >> joe: alex ovechkin forced to dump it in. price will hold it up. around the boards, waiting there with backstrom. varlamov is on his way to the bench. six attackers out there now for washington in white. pothier will capture at center. gets around cammalleri. ovechkin down the alley way for
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backstrom. further still to fehr. backstrom in tight quarters. nick backstrom in in the final minute of regulation hits the brakes. backstrom looking for a passing lane. plekanec pushes him to the boards. fehr fires. price made the save. ovechkin winds and fires. way wide as price was screened. brendan morrison to ryan pothier from deep. that one buzzed wide of the goal. furious ovechkin trying to keep it in. he did not. 35 seconds to go in the 3rd. brendan morrison scoops it in. ill he'll give chase. price helping his own cause gave it up! a save price! marvelous! back patrolman waits, fires through the screen. that was stopped. fehr has the rebound for a moment with 20 seconds to go. backstrom on the give. brendan morrison to the front angled away guy gorges. penalty call comes against montreal. carey price almost gave the game away. >> craig: that was ugly when he was trying to help himself out as you said, joe.
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he didn't have a winger over there and i thought he mistook the caps player for one of his own and passedded it right to him. our thompson creek window of opportunity. brendan morrison along the wall hits him right on the money, takes the take and then brendan gets a good shot away and then we have a big-time commotion, bruce boudreau still has his timeout left here, and he will take it. and why not? furious motions around the goaltender, just going crazy for the caps. >> joe: montreal used its fat earlier in the night. jacques martin burned it when he was behind. the capitals two tallies in the first 12 minutes apart. montreal three in a row, spacek, plekanec and moen for a 3-2 lead. semyon varlamov watching from the bench now with six skaters on. he is our palm restaurant capitals player of the game
9:31 pm
with his 19 stops. >> craig: yeah. and several of those were game safers. he came up big when he had to. the goals that got by him screens and picks. >> joe: the youngest russian ever to start an nhl game in goal. he did it right here against montreal. he prevailed last december with goal tending legend vlad trechak in the stand. canadiens power is on right now. washington with the skoal and score! eric fehr! ties it at 3. >> craig: textbook face-off play. i thought the montreal canadiens weren't lined up all that well. they left the boards open but it's nick backstrom that works the face-off and actually uses a foot wedge to kick it back. and that starts the whole play. watch this. kicks it back, ovechkin the shot. [ cheers and applause ] . >> craig: and there is fehr on the doorstep right through the
9:32 pm
pass. one more look. the board side open which allows the man to get out there to make the pass. and there's the shot. fleischmann kickses it back and the caps have tied it up late and that's what the bench is all about. big-time goal late in this game. the caps have tied it at three. >> joe: it will read at 19:48. eric fehr now with a half dozen on the year. three of them against montreal in the last two outings. alex ovechkin gets the primary assist, the power play breaks through. a two-man advantage of course with varlamov on the bench. pacioretty with a long wrister. whoa! that is just wide of varlamov with five seconds to go. and now regulation comes to its conclusion. whoa. >> craig: that was a little bit of a dip and a screen on that pacioretty shot. >> joe: and eric fehr catching his breath. we have played through 60 minutes. we are tied at three a piece.
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it's the nhl on comcast sportsnet. joe beninati, craig laughlin with you. caps and canadiens need extra time. right after this. >> joe: visit them at geico pick, or call 1-800-947-auto. and by chevy chase nissan. your lifetime nissan dealer.
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in the beautiful city of montreal, quebec, canada, there are some caps fans sprinkled amidst the 21,000 or so rooting for montreal. a dramatic finish for the caps. they draw even 3-3 with 12 seconds to go in the 3rd and craig laughlin will show us. >> craig: the end zone view of what the caps look like. look at this side of the ice, joe. because it 6 on 4, nobody can go to the board. the foot wedge goes to the wide open guy back to the point and look arthritis on the doorstep. the canadiens lost sight of him. he was behind the rush towards the net. and eric fehr after a nice stop by price on the slap shot from ovechkin, fehr gets his second of the night. >> joe: he'll start overtime on the bench four on four these two teams their respective records in overtime and via the shoot out. montreal has been pretty darned good after overtime. or after regulation. i want to say they are 8-1 if
9:35 pm
you add up the columns. >> craig: that one hit a caps player on the bench. so the face off will be in the washington zone as we get going. first goal wins it. >> craig: a big game. this is a good way for the caps to be on the road here and get -- they've already locked up a point. scoring late big-time goal. they didn't play awful well the last 40 minutes but good teams find a way to get points. >> joe: if you are thinking about a potential hero in overtime brendan morrison has dut it 10 times during his career. plekanec finally wins the draw for montreal. gorges fumbled for a mom. cammalleri to a bitter angle. pad save varlamov. plekanec rolls to the front and on patrol was brendan morrison. he wheels his way through center. leaves it in his wake for brooks laich. lowering the shoulder. forming the crease. price made the save. mike green comes out of there with it.
9:36 pm
floats it for brendan morrison. 4 on 4 in the first minute of sudden o.t. morrison knocked down. mara the other way. 3 on 3, mara no numbers advantage. just keep it below the goal line. schultz. strides through center. >> whoa! >> a lot of guys on the bench there, joe. >> joe: may have been guilty. canadiens fans wanted the too many men on the ice call. >> craig: they weren't in the play just standing there deciding who was going to go. >> joe: on the cross corner metropolit fencing with schultz. metropolit very crafty along the boards to the front. pacioretty was in support. metropolit threw it blindly to the front. ovechkin hearing the boos here at bell center. backstrom picks it up for the first -- not finding backstrom. met min plate down the alley way. pacioretty in full slice. varlamov, no trouble.
9:37 pm
3:25 to go in period number 4. off side against washington. the team that's gone to overtime quite a bit in the last few weeks. >> craig: that puck just bounced up there on ovechkin trying to hit backstrom ranked wide just bounced on him tried to calm it down didn't get that rink wide past. but the caps could have attacked with speed. alex ovechkin as usual a ton of ice team here on the road. >> joe: the amazing thing about ovechkin is he gets to the bench and recovers so quickly for his next shift. green wandering backs through center. carl alzner floats it into the corner. o'byrne there for montreal. eric fehr digging. fair with a couple of tallies. the last of which tied the game with 12 seconds to go. pyatt. ushers it ahead for sergei kostitsyn. kostitsyn in his young career has great numbers against washington. using his speed in concert with pyatt and marc-andre bergeron.
9:38 pm
it's bounced loose to fehr. joining the thrust it's green. green. on the crisscross with fleischmann. mike green. and he whistled it too high. guy what was that, joe? that mike green vision and rush up the ice. >> joe: fleischmann turns. towards the front. bergeron would not be beaten. more than halfway through overtime. score board is three a piece. pyatt dumps it in. jacques martin is begging for the line change. ryan collects. backstrom taking his time. crowded there by cammalleri. and by referee watson. >> craig: there's that quick recovery you're talking about. as soon as he got to the bench one schiff and ovie and nick back out there. >> joe: two minutes to go. in the overtime. hamrlik. across the center stripe to cammalleri. met by ovechkin. cammalleri finds it.
9:39 pm
turning on pothier. he wards him off well. throws the stiff arm out. michael cammalleri all the way to point position. rejected there by schultz. plekanec, along the boards. across rink ovechkin on the steal one on one with spacek. ovechkin turning in. holds, sweeps. doesn't pull the trigger. >> craig: nicely done by spacek. >> joe: green coming in late and blistered one high and wide. >> craig: spacek played a great game holding ovechkin to the outside. he's had his stick, body, everything very well done. >> joe: pacioretty roaring in tried to put a move on jurcina. jurcina got him with a skate move. charges at center with one owe5 to go. gorges is in. he lets it go off the glove of varlamov. metropolit taps it along the wall. pacioretty out of the corner. deep to the front. back hands it wide. 55 seconds to go in o.t. >> craig: pacioretty brought energy there to the fans and to his team. a real good shift four on four.
9:40 pm
>> joe: washington all time 8-1- 10 in overtime against montreal. can they add to it with a win tonight? 40 seconds left in the extra session. cammalleri has to be dragging. mike cammalleri. with enough gas to get it to center. mara back behind varlamov with 28 to go. mike green, protecting it along the board. a final thrust perhaps for washington in overtime. pothier, accelerates for fleischmann. fleischmann tried to thread it for pothier. to the front. fehr stopped by price. he milked it in the crease. >> craig: montreal canadiens got caught out there a little bit too long, joe, and that allowed a good attack. the caps defenseman here in overtime have been joining the attacks, spacek takes down eric fehr in front of the net. if you are going to take someone down, why not number 16? he is in the man for the caps. the last play right here.
9:41 pm
a nice pass by tomas fleischmann. eric fehr a good chunk of that shot and notice where brian pothier is. he takes a beating in front of the net. a couple of kabongs to the bag of his noggin right in front of the net in front of price. >> joe: locker, it will be backstrom, laich, green and ovechkin four on ice for washington. the caps have the slim lead when it comes to face-offs. plekanec has been trusted with it for montreal. making sure these two guys are set. backstrom with the kick. ovechkin throws it right to the chest of price and there's no rebound. >> craig: ike toll the face-off that he wants to send this game to overtime. kicking it back with his foot. he ties up plekanec's stick then uses his feet to kick it back. well done by nick backstrom. if it doesn't work with the stick you turn your body and work your feet. >> joe: metropolit has had a
9:42 pm
good night at the face off. he'll come off the bench and take this draw. control belongs to washington. five seconds now four. ham electric floats that one. green was in the way. and this game will go to the shoot-out. 65 minutes, very entertaining stuff. price and varlamov both at their best in the second half of the hockey game. bruce boudreau's troops are going to the shoot-out as the head coach works on his lineup. we'll get you back to bell center in a moment on comcast sportsnet.
9:43 pm
9:44 pm
>> joe: tonight on comcast sportsnet the capitals had the first two goals of the game. thankfully they had the last one that is the most important one for now bringing the score to 3-3 after sudden death overtime. locker, let's get the people caught up. our viewers on comcast sportsnet with the third period scoring summary. >> craig: the canadiens really crowding the net. bergeron the wrist shot and they've credeed moen with this tip-in as he deflects it down. hire with about under 20 seconds to go, off the face-off the caps on a power play, the goaltender pulls and they just tied it up late against cammalleri's team the montreal canadiens. >> joe: the home team elects whether or not they will shoot first. jacques martin wants to go first and he'll send mike cammalleri out there. cammalleri is very good at this
9:45 pm
stuff. these one on one games. semyon varlamov a save percentage of 82%. quite nice. three rounds to get things started. this is the top of the first. cammalleri, straight lady. waits, fires, nothing there. >> craig: nice job by the goaltender. he out waits the shooter and that is so important in the shoot-out. cammalleri trying to go five pole but varly had him all the way. what he did with varly's positioning is took away all the options that cammalleri was looking for. then he just elected to shoot and by that time, varly knew what he was doing, joe. nicely done. >> joe: tomas fleischmann will try on carey price for size. fleischmann looking for his first ever shoot-out marker. holding.
9:46 pm
and faking. and price slams the door. [ cheers and applause ] . >> craig: price went to that butter fly the right leg just kicked out, thomas trying to go deep couple of moves here walking in here he is taking the shot. he was hoping that would freeze the goaltender carey price very quick with that right pad. >> joe: maxim lapierre is up. as you can see pretty effective. coming right at you, lapierre. against varlamov. no. >> craig: even tried the old stutter step. just about stopped and kept going. trying to change the way the goalies back up. all about timing. varly didn't stop, and he stayed with it all the way right to the net on lapierre. >> joe: alex ovechkin trying to give washington the lead. [ crowd booing ] . >> joe: below 30% in his career. remember, price with a great stop on a break away deep in
9:47 pm
the second period against the great 8 who snakes his way in, settles, goes to the forehand. again price says huh-uh. >> craig: and again about halfway in close to the hash marks the puck rolled on alex. so once it rolls, you take away any option. watch it roll right there and then boom, he hacks it deep, and then carey price stayed with him down low. >> joe: plekanec 1-12 in his career. can put the capitals in a hole right now. in the top of the 3rd. it would not end it. plekanec going all the way to the board. angles in. back hand. huh-uh. similarly move too elastic. >> craig: -- varlamov too elastic. >> craig: and too tough. froze tone the ice with his left pad. did he ever use the ice. here he comes. started to attack and really roll in the old back hand but look how strong varly was with this left pad. real tight to the ice.
9:48 pm
>> joe: number 19 scores here, this game is over. nick backstrom has a hockey game on his stick. in the shoot-out on comcast sportsnet against carey price. backstrom settles, fires and scores! washington will go to raleigh with a win! >> craig: exactly what nick needed as a player, and exactly what the capitals needed as a team here tonight! well done on the road. the capitals pick up two points and a hard-fought battle. boudreau's team never gives in, or ever give up, and that was the case here tonight. they'll take the two points and head to raleigh. >> joe: nicklas backstrom finishing it in round 3 of the shoot-out. >> craig: how about this release, joe? man, oh, man. why don't all the guys do that? what a great release, joe! just a flick of the wrist. >> joe: sometimes they get in their own heads thinking about all the head fakes and moves.
9:49 pm
craig laughlin, a job well done by you for craig, for all the men and women in our crew, joe beninati thanks for your time. washington wins it 4-3 in the shoot out. join us the next caps telecast is on comcast sports monday evening. rbc center in raleigh. the caps and the contains canes for the first time all year. sportsnite is next. michael jenkins, lisa hillary standing by in the studio. hello, hockey fans. very interesting game this evening in montreal. unfortunately the capitals end up on the short end of the score. >> you've joined geico sportsnite that is lisa hillary, i'm michael jenkins. the hockey highlights in a moment. but first we keep this thing going.
9:50 pm
basketball. oh, it's a good dog. a good doggy. hot and cold, gordon town hosting lafayette this afternoon at verizon hoyas reflecting their muscles early. georgetown a 14 point lead. check it out. hoyas continue to pour it on. jason clark with the steal to monroe on the break and the lead is now 21. for georgetown, clark takes the pass and looks for the long three pointer. that is good. he had a career 19 points on the day. georgetown improves to 4-0 and six players to hit double figures for the first time in the coach's six years at the helm. >> and look who it is. president barack obama and family supporting coach craig robinson, his oregon state beavers were in town visiting george washington. the colonials off to a slow start. this one josh puts the beavers up 10-0. gw finally answers back as they get the first basket. once again the beavers heat up.
9:51 pm
roland shapner hits the three. oregon state with a 15 point lead. michelle obama she's there. she likes what she sees as she cheers her brother's team. the colonials try to rally as the three from the corner. he had a game high 15 points. but obama and coach robinson, they celebrate the victory as oregon state takes this one 64- 57. tiger woods does not like people prying into his personal life. in fact the name of his monster yacht is privacy. but now everyone is waiting for an explanation after woods crashed his suv into a tree on friday morning. tiger and his wife were unavailable to meet with the florida highway patrol this afternoon. they will try again tomorrow, and release tapes of the 911 call that was made as well. all right. when we come back we're looking back at both the wizards and we have your washington capitals highlights from montreal. stick around. you're watching geico sportsnite. back in a moment.
9:52 pm
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9:54 pm
>> we head to montreal, quebec. capitals and canadiens meeting for the second time in the last eight days this time north of the boarder. first period washington strikes first. eric fehr deflects this call bast carey price. fehr's fifth of the season. alzner's first point. later nick backstrom sets up ovie for the one timer price doesn't have a chance. ovechkin's 18th on the season. 2-0 washington. then ovechkin working his imagine. the brilliant roof around bergeron and the shot, beagle with the rebound.
9:55 pm
but price stops them both. now 2-1. plekanec beats varly just like that the lead is gone. 2-2. third period caps running into penalty trouble again. varly a bunch of stops but surround find bergeron's blast from the point. deflected in front by moen. closing moments caps with a two man advantage backstrom with a draw back to ovie and fehr ties it at three. going to a shoot-out, where nick backstrom gives the caps a big two points. caps victorious 4-3, and washington still playing shorthanded, but they may get some good news back in the form of alex semin. there's a possibility the caps' other russian threat could be back thursday for the caps home game against florida. the capitals will travel to carolina next. that game for you -- we'll have it on comcast sportsnet. the caps are back in action again monday as i
9:56 pm
mentioned when they head to raleigh to take on the canes. puck drops at 7 but of course our coverage as usual begins at 6:30 right here on geico sportsnite. back in d.c. the wizards drop an ugly one to charlotte thanks in large part to the bobcats passing skill. charlotte has 21 assists on the night including six from boris diao. wizards lose 92-76 dropping to 5-10 on the year. we have got this team covered like no other after every game. dave johnson gives his thoughts on after you check out his thoughts, leave some of your own only online at yesterday morning put a public funeral for the washington icon will be held tuesday at verizon center. >> he passed away tuesday at the age of 85. he was the longest tenured owner in the nba. more sportsnite still to come.
9:57 pm
stay with us.
9:58 pm
welcome home, man.
9:59 pm
>> and welcome back to recap our top stories. the wizards get blown out by the bobcats 92-76, and up in montreal, the capitals get two points against the canadiens, winning in a shoot out. >> unbelievable. i was so worried. they were down, theyer up 2-0 and then again i hate saying that word but they choked but then they win it in overtime. >> at least you lowered your voice when you said it. >> lucky i didn't scream. i had the highlights in the corner and i thought oh, no. >> multi tasking, watching highlights and doing the show. thanks for being with us. >> see you back at 1. so long.


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