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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 29, 2009 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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questions? so don't wait until lier shows up. use a spiral notebook so that you can write it down and have your own authentic record. >> thank you very much for speaking here at the miami book fair. i live up the road in hollywood, florida. i wrote a book called hollywood gambler thomas story about the unsolved murder of dust gus guo. we all now know there were no massive weapons of mass destruction. i would like to comment on your experience and how that may relate to our current conflict in afghanistan. >> as i indicated, i was chairman of the intelligence committee at this time and beginning in the late part of 2001 with our counterparts in
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the house we lost a congressional inquiry into 9/11. that had been all-consuming through the summer of 2002. at that point it became obvious that the administration was starting to sound the drumbeats for of war in iraq. the president had made a very highly publicized speech in cincinnati. the vice president had been speaking before every group that would invite him to say bad things about saddam hussein. so we put aside for three weeks 9/11 and held a series of closed-door sessions on the situation in iraq. the head of the cia at that time was george tenant. george presented us with a very thick book. the book was of the places in iraq where weapons of mass
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destruction were either being stored or produced. there were 550 sites. the book had a satellite photos of the roof of the building, ground level photos of what the front door looked like, the address of most of these 550 places. so i was stunned with the amount of information that we had on saddam hussein's weapons of mass destruction. so i asked, where did we get all this information? and his answer was, from the exiles. well, that set off a couple of bills for me. one, i knew that most of the exiles had left iraq ten or more years before 2002. and second i knew that those who had come back and who wanted to resume a position of power and
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influence were smart enough to understand the only way they were going to get into power was on the following in a u.s. tank into baghdad. so they had a tremendous conflict of interest. so the second question asked mr. tennant was, who did we have on the ground that was responsible directly to the united states of america to verify this information? if we knew the street addresses and have pictures and prices somebody ought to be able to go and look in the window are not on the door and see what is on the other side. how many people did the united states have been a country of about 30 million people to verify these 550 places, the answer was zero. so we were totally reliant on this group of highly conflicted exiles. that was all i needed to hear to
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have serious doubts at the validity of this information upon which we ultimately went to war with, i think, disaster consequence. .. >> if people are trying to get involved and they see
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that this government seems broken and does not work they get cynical said on top of that asking about "the new york times" max wrangle said he is not read about the existence of that but the newspapers in the country and of those go down they will learn of local problems to get them involved so how the system seems not to be working and the decline of the press what is your comments on those two aspects? >> what i have been discussing is declining citizenship plays a very direct role if the decline of our governmental institutions. if people don't have basic knowledge and understanding to feel they have those
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institutions are likely to be cynical. there's also an enormous increase in the partisanship of our government. when i went into the senate january 1987, if i could use a football analogy i would say one-third of the 100 senators played the game inside the 40-yard lines will little left and right of center but close enough they could communicate. there were people and i will mention several republicans like rhode island and john danforth from missouri who were good examples of people you could talk to and reason together but today instead of 33 i doubt there are 15 in that category and most of the movement has been to the end zone. in institutionally things have happened with the advent of what i would call
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reapportionment on the steroids we ended up with a system where 90% of the members of the house of representatives are almost mobile to attack in a general election. the only way they could be deposed if not far enough to the left with or to the right to of those eight opponent in the primary. that condition does not a encourage people to seek out ways to be more compatible and compromising to find a reasonable center. those are all contributors to what is clearly a system that is in distress. [applause] >> one of the things that you said that was going to
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help build of citizenship and create less the satori and more action is journalism and journalist. i am a journalist and have been one for many years. and it is frustrating for i as us as much as the cynics among us because i feel adamant about the things that you say and i see it if you watch it jay leno showing pictures of the vice president and they don't know who that is what is a journalist doing half of the newspaper's labor body off? i have had a column in two different papers with humor i have tried to bring up the good things because that is what people need to hear to dig out examples of doing wonderful things but would you do as a journalist when 90% of the doors are closed?
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>> the question has no easy answer and a particular concern i had is that mr. frankel talked about in this room shortly before we started a and that is local news is particularly being reduced there is encouraging sign to this survey of citizenship that those that describe themselves as being significant users of the social networking, everything from facebook, much wetter, a blocker or reader, and they were more likely to also be actively involved in their communities than people who were not active. where social communicators which i found to be cancer intuitive. thought maybe people
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isolated themselves with there ipod and apple computer and did not come out of the door to talk to people. but statistically that is not the case. maybe it is a new bosnia -- business model to support quality journalism and that may be more of an electronic form fe and traditional pen and paper journalism. the. >> that investigation into the fax of 9/11 is necessary in light of all the facts that have come up over the last eight years mainly that there were explosive the pulverize the skyscrapers in 10 seconds. no plane debris found at the pentagon and many other
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contradictions and inconsistencies on the part of a government and where review the morning of 9/11? meeting with the chief of the cia whose head had given recently 100 grand to the fall guy? can you explain the big lies of 9/11? because deepen the current administration use that big lie to escalate in afghanistan and we will also be framing the lead sheik muhammed in a trial in new york. thank you. >> let me first talk from my culinary issues. august 2001 with several other members of the intelligence committee we had gone to pakistan and our host was the head of the pakistani intelligence service called the isi and
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we said if he would come to the united states we would sit reciprocate. it turned out he came and on september 11th was having breakfast of the chairman of the house intelligence committee to which i was invited. it was there that we learned what was going on and that the york for growth this man had been funneling funds to atta i have heard the have not seen any substantiation it is a rumor that has not that sustain cheated. -- substantiated but of the question is there further questions of 9/11? there are. in fact, i will now extend to you an invitation if
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midcap plan is going to give me an invitation to my next book project which is a novel about some of the unanswered questions of 9/11 which i had intended to write to as a nonfiction book but because so much of the information is still classified, it could not be written so i writing it with a slight fictional modifications as a novel. i hope before my life expectancy expires i will finish it and get invited to talk about that and market on your calendar 2011 as well. [applause] >> senator graham i have a
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comment in observation. it seems in my humble opinion that there has been a change in a sense of community and south florida in particular is thought of be as a transit committed the when you read that to the melting pot of cultures of those that are here if the may have contributed a lack of civic involvement. with that, i do think that is a contributory factor? and if so what steps can we take as individual citizens to remedy the situation? >> yes. again, i think the most immediate place to start is in our schools, colleges and universities to reverse the decline in civic understanding of the next generation. how to do it with the older
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generation and projector lee with a generation which moves to florida at or near retirement, there is a wonderful editor of the now defunct miami news which used to be the afternoon paper called the bill bags if you have been to the southern tip of key biscayne, the state park is called the bill begs state park because he championed the back. if you want to learn about florida, the place to learn it is on the obituary page. you will see the cincinnati central its -- cincinnati syndrome, john smith born 1925 pin cincinnati. after world war ii, john smith as a young man moved to miami beach.
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jon smith established his family, his business, active in civic life on miami beach. said lee he died on wednesday. the funeral will be on monday and on tuesday the body will be returned to cincinnati for burial. the message being that so many people live here frequently for long periods of time but psychologically their commitment is still two the previous home. if somebody here has the answer to the question of what is the vaccine you give to people as they come from cincinnati to recognize that they are now in a new place, and exciting place in a place where the of their commitment and efforts, i would like to talk with you and take you to a
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pharmaceutical company so they could take your invention and produce it in mass quantities. >> hello senator nice to see you again. iran for class president and lost four bleak in miami beach and two years later i was at miami-dade north the professor and invited me to work on the state senate campaign. i was a neophyte the only thing i knew about the candidate is he had some property and a beautiful wife and had two attractive daughters. i went to work on the campaign and he gave me a title as assistant director of communications program learned a lot about
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politics. utah by example but went to work on 15 additional campaigns from dukakis to bloomberg. no matter what you write about a civic responsibility, you're the best teacher i ever had. [applause] one lesson that you talked is not to let the question point* go on too long or you'll get the ultimate question that you never hope will be asked. this gentleman just ask it. i am sorry. that is a joke. [laughter] >> senator graham thank you for coming out today. i know you are encouraging civic responsibility and involvement of government at all levels but part of the problem especially in south florida we look at officials and it seems to be case after case of corruption and there are reports each day
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of commissioners under investigation, indictments and one months ago we have officials in broward county at the local and national level and people look at government and see that it attracts people who see it about personal gain rather than public service. how do you change a system like that where people would be encouraged to get involved? >> the situation we have seen in south florida is not unique. i was in san diego that was a place i had grown up thinking i was almost a model community and they have in the recent years fallen into the same corruption pit that we're facing in this community. part of that is a function of what we were talking about earlier is the mobility and transitory
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nature of the population population, people frequently don't know the candidates they are voting for and they can be persuaded to vote for someone who is good and attractive on television, but may not have much moral foundation underneath. i think back goes back to journalism they play a key role in giving the citizens the information on what each -- on which to sort that out. it is also important in that it is what keeps public officials on their toes. if you think nobody cares what you will do and nobody will report to you will do, it it creates an environment that can be addictive to inappropriate behavior. third, we have to encourage more good people to feel
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that they have a civic responsibility of public service. it may not be elected office or surveying on a committee of your community or some other policy or capacity but involvement of good people is a powerful anecdote to success by less than a good people. [applause] thank you very much for your being here coming your patience and tolerance and warmth of acceptance. i would like to multiplied you across our community. think you. [applause]
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>> you have tickets, your book, your receipt, fair enough.
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there is roughly 26 different letters. then there is a small vip group the first people to purchase from the members give back program so when we let you and at 10:00 we will close the store to people. he will be free to shop the store we will line people up by groups so you will not stand in one space four or five hours we will let people up by groups then you go up. it will be very quick program telling people in a van special be signing very fast and she has a lot of people that she wants to try to get through some we're telling people in advance that she asked to leave on a hard deadline to get back to
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columbus. issue will come up through the back entrance then she will come back and do the signing. >> thank you. >> day to ohio. >> what brings you here saturday to the sarah palin book signing? doesn't have anything to do with us what shirt? >> reading to do with it and i went to some of the rally is and estate up all night to get the front row. >> how can you explain your enthusiasm for sarah palin? >> because she stands for the values and principles of what i believe them. less taxes come a strong
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military and sticking to the constitution. she walks the talk basically. she is the one politician that walks the top. >> will you support hurt in 2012? >> i will be supporting her the rest of my life. i am pleased to be living this long to see a woman politician like this. >> what makes her different than other politicians? >> she is not afraid to take on her own party she is full of integrity says what she means and not afraid to bring down her own party or if she sees something that is wrong or corrupt she tackles it plus she is not from inside the beltway and has not been to washington d.c.. she is unbelievable. a politician we have not seen. remember the movie
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"mr. smith goes to washington"? of this is mrs. palin goes to washington. >> is something needs to be fixed, what is wrong? >> we need to get rid of the long term politicians in there 30 or 40 or 50 years to just get entrenched with that kind of mentality. every time you turn on a tv there is another corrupt politician for the ethics charge. they don't listen to us any more. they don't listen to was in the heartland. she does. >> there is something you wanted to say? >> she is a woman with strong values but impeccable integrity and a very strong faith in god and not ashamed to let that show.
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>> we believe. >> you are here very early. why are you here so early? >> we wanted a chance to get an. [laughter] exactly. >> do you remember when you first learned about sarah palin and what your reaction was when you learned about her? >> my reaction was i went to the republican national office and started making phone calls for the campaign as soon as i heard that she signed on and i heard her speech that night. >> great inspiration. >> what about hurt inspires you? >> currie integrity, her confidence, how she holds herself, she is, what she stands for and how she expresses to the average citizen and comfortable ways that is easy for us. she comes from the same
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background, same situation that we are in every day. she is a great inspiration to the country and will make a lot of changes in whatever she does. >> 100%. she is one of the best things that we're finally beginning to get people like herself. we need to start turning our country around. we're becoming a socialist country right now with obama. i am totally against at and i think it sarah would be the best person to come through and come up and i think she will help turn our country around. >> when you say we becoming socialist? >> obama. obama's. >> why? specifically? >> i do not like his idea is
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or what he does and i think it is horrendous. >> it is also a mind set regards to socialism that the government does for the citizens and we have to get back to the values of what we do and we make our own lives and our own future, not because of what government to gives us. it is a simple term but it is not something that is in to get in regard to the policies but it is a mind-set that he and stills in the so many people in the population. that is was socialism is. >> and i want to be able to create some feelings of support for sarah palin. she is a great leader and i
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have to see with all due respect, you guys who are running our country for so long, you cannot seem to get it right. we need a leader in the female gender to get the world turned around. we need to be on the committee and run the committee and a sorry, but you guys have goofed up to many times over the years and we need new leadership. as far as obama's, i think he is an abomination and to go before our troops to say you make a good photo op. that did it. he does not know what he is doing and the sooner, the better we get a lady, a woman who is the caliber of sarah palin, we can turn things around. thank you. >> do thing she will run in the next election? >> that is up to her. i am not here to tell her to
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do that or not. she has a lot of response and a lot of leadership qualities and whatever she believes she can do i am sure she will and i think she will do it with gusto and she will have a lot of followers to help her along the way. she is knocked at every turn by the looney liberals and people that want to tear things down. they do it because she knows she is a force for good and they are only a force for evil. i am sorry to say it. i am 75 years old and i have seen a lot of changes in our country but we're on the wrong road. absolutely on the wrong road. who does obama bring into the fold? people that have not paid their taxes, peoples whose goals and leadership qualities why are we letting
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some little squirt two may have a good view and good ability to speak turn us going in the wrong direction? we have made a great mistake and we need to correct that mistake as soon as possible. i urge every person in this country to get behind someone who can help us instead of taking and send the wrong direction and at this point* in time, one of the candidates for that is sarah palin. >> i am sure live from cincinnati. i lit what i -- i later conservative values and a great role model for young women she is what young women need right now and she is great all the way around. >> when you see like her conservative values what do you mean?
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>> specifically she believes in the constitution. of the abortion issue i am against abortion. good american values. i love that about her. she is a real person. one of us. not from washington d.c.. not anything that or act like anything she is not. she is just yourself and i like that. >> my name is nancy and i am from dayton, ohio. >> have you seen her in person before? >> no. i am anxious and excited to have the book signed. >> have you heard anything about the book yet? >> i have not read it yet. i watch fox news a lot in and they have had lots of interviews on there and i have been watching those and enjoying those just watching her.
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i am real excited. >> what is it that you like about sarah palin? >> just about everything. i like her conservative values, she is one of she is not ever trying to be something she is not. down to earth. she has her head on straight. not like the people that we deal with now and the government. >> day you have your ticket? no? sorry we are sold out. thank you for coming out. do you have your line letter for the event? >> i want to buy a magazine. we are closed for the syrupy many of them. sorry about that i am
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completely at of tickets. it is entirely sold out. >> can we come in to buy books? >> we're close for the event. do you have your ticket? >> i am here to pick up. >> rights over there. >> two weeks ago ... >> do you have your receipt? , and. thank you for coming. go out through the coffee shop door. thank you very much. >> again on the committee i
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think the current administration wants us to go downhill all the way to the bottom. >> i have five girls and five granddaughters and we all feel that sarah is a great lady. >> what is it about a her? >> she seems like a real woman and a real person. she raises the family and does all of the things is that we all want to do do and live our lives and be a good person? the most important thing she to lee believes and what she says and does a. >> did you already have a ticket or wristband?
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>> we called and talked to joseph. >> i don't know what we would do without you. the bill o'reilly, sean and did he, fox news, we love all of you. >> i think she speaks her mind and knows what she is talking about and she knows what is best for the country especially on the energy issue and she is a constitutionalist i think there is such a high turnout of people just one year after the election pass it makes me ask what does it
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mean for the united states? what is going on for the country? we're finding that most americans that voted for barack obama, but we're supporting sir and we feel that the future is in our hands. the government should be there to protect the country and that is their main opposition -- position in society of the united states. we do not need social agendas but we need to was still hard work, integrity and dependability. that is being lost in america. for an individual to tell
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people that she may have the answers. >> how does she differ from the establishment? >> she does not believe in the department of education from the federal government that should be at the state level. >> my name is thomas and i blog of the internet. and originally from california but i live in cincinnati ohio now. >> you were here very early this morning about 7:45 a.m.. what brought you here so early? >> wanted to scout out the area of the parking would be and if any lions had developed. there were not a lot of lyon -- long lines the system was not first-come but first serve rather than groups based on a lecture so
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it worked out pretty good you do not get back up and it works out pretty good. >> your shirt says conservatives 4019, we have your back governor. what does that mean? >> conservatives for at the defense serapeum against the media attacks and also supplies out columns related to politics. it was started by a gentleman named russo with about $10 now it is very popular website out there where people can go to get information on sarah palin. very fast and factual based and very professional and i would strongly recommend it.
11:41 am we came of age i am the oldest it and she is a reverse with the oldest daughter our fathers were both high school teachers and poached sports. also we're the same age born in 1964 and our political beliefs are the same with fiscal conservatism and social conservatism i am catholic and she is christian and evangelical also for a strong defense. i think reagan played a big party and our a preens in the formation of our beliefs as we grew up. >> what does conservative mean to you? >> there are many strains. i tend to gravitate most to edmund. or russell kirk which tends
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to be in during order worthy virtue of prudence and i would recommend if you want to know about that conservative is some i would recommend blocking the the books of the conservative mind that i believe cannot in the '50s or '60s but that was a movement >> if you look at political leaders right now who is closest to kirk and burke? >> sarah palin she has the convictions and the charisma and most importantly she has the courage. the country right now is headed very collectivist and we see economics was a slowing economy and growing government that is really getting out of various of the constitution.
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i think sarah palin is a champion of the libertarians and conservative movement -- conservative movement today. >> we were allowed to release 1,000 guaranteed line letters the people we were pretty sure hertz tea was sure they could get through in the three are signing and also did 200 standby tickets in groups of 50 to run as time permits. we ran out of guaranteed tickets friday and the standby tickets on sunday. two-- later. >> i need to see airline ticket. >> she will come on the bus
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which is completely draped she will get her family settled in the backroom then come out to give a very brief hello to cincinnati and to her fans then she will begin the book signing. her team, harpercollins and my team here have worked to get the signee area sets according to her requests and the issue will begin assigning books very quickly, no post photography or personalization is and try to get to as many of her fans as possible. that he will have a photographer here taking a series of still images there handing out cards were people can go to a website and hopefully find a pitcher of them getting their books signed by mrs. palin. >> you have other events of this size? >> just in my time as a
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bookseller and cincinnati location, we have posted caroline kennedy which had about 3,000, stephanie by year from the "twilight" fame eclipse and people coming in and a number of very large events. johnny bench. it spans the gamut. >> how do these big events help a bookstore? >> the biggest thing is the challenge of letting people know that we do you vince is tricky. seems like we do a big event people that live in the city or neighborhood say i knew you were a bookstore but you had authors. but we have 25 authors her month.
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so awareness is probably the biggest benefit but also just having people experience the event here to understand how we do it with the line letters and letting them know what it takes to get from their door to our door back to our door hopefully at once or twice per year they will come in and read a lot more. >> i am here from the cincinnati. >> what time did you get here? >> about 7:30 a.m. [laughter] >> you have been here over three hours almost four hours? >> i had breakfast while i was waiting for this to start. >> why did you come so early? >> wanted to be sure i got in and got a place. it is important for me to be here. >> why? >> i want to leave her or
11:47 am
see her in person. she is an upping cover and i agree with her politics and i voted for her. >> what do like occur politics? >> she follows what most people that i know middle-class middle americans is about she is my kind of candidate. >> most of the people that you know, , what are their politics? >> most people want smaller government. we do not want the government interfering with their lives to that extent. we do not need a nanny state. people in my family go back for generations and we did not believe that we need to be taking care of. we take care of ourselves. the government should be very limited and that is more her style than the current president unfortunately.
11:48 am
>> you are not in favor of any health care reform. >> there are things about health care that need to be changed by you do not need to take over everything to do do it. they said originally they would cover everybody not covered but none of the bills they have will do that. instead it will tax and create more problems. i have medical problems that i know will be seriously affected. i read the bills but congress does not unfortunately. one congressman was on tv and said he cannot read the bill even in three days he could not understand it if he did. this is what they're voting on? >> what we use a tune serapeum and if you have a minute? >> 2012 baby. [laughter] >> sarah palin will be joining us shortly. thank you for your patience.
11:49 am
there is a lot of room in the store. enjoy yourself brush shop pro. please enjoy yourselves panic you can all the way from florida for this signing? >> i had to see this woman who represents middle america. she is our voice. >> why is that? can you explain? >> everything she says pertains to the middle people she is dynamic and for middle america she knows the issues. i the issue will represent us more than we anticipate. >> when you say middle america, what do you mean? >> , honors for people who don't know where to go to get information or representation pricing she
11:50 am
will be their voice. >> day do vote for mccain and tailwind -- palin in 2008? >> i did. >> why didn't they win the election? >> too much outside influence and was not given the opportunity there was too many people strategizing and kept her from speaking out. >> a number of people seem to be upset about how she is treated by the media. would you agree and what would you say? >> she was treated unfairly and should be speaking more fairly and have her own platform. >> are you a lifelong republican and? >> no. i used to be a democrat. when the palin came on the scene i felt that i needed
11:51 am
to vote for somebody that was in my corner. >> thank you very much. what about you? [laughter] i am sorry. you said it she knows what the country needs. what does the country need? honestly. >> they want to hear the truth. they're not hearing the truth right now. we are hearing a convoluted defamation that is totally confusing on the matter. we think we're voting for one thing they're really it is twisted around and tied up in into the legislature that will make it something to vote for. that is what scares me. >> where are you from? >> cincinnati ohio and this
11:52 am
is my daughter. >> i think sarah palin is a real voice for america and pass a platform to stick up for us and give america the change. she is the change that we need. >> you look familiar. [laughter] >> gasper pro do i look like sarah? >> i am from king's mehl ohio. >> ehud dressup to look like sarah palin on purpose? >> we just happen to look alike. >> why are you here today? to meet sarah palin and get my book signed. >> what do you like about her? >> i think she is real and
11:53 am
seems like one of the us and raising her children and doing everything that she does come running for vice president and hopefully she will continue. >> if she were to run for president in 2012 why would you support that? >> i support that because she is a woman who knows what she is doing and i just supporter and i like her. [applause] [cheers and applause] >> thank you for being here. we will have a blast. figure.
11:54 am
they do for your courage especially you carrying your book under your arm you are "going rogue" with me. [applause] it is good to be here and i appreciate you those that want to read my work i will call it like i see it nobody else will get out there and speak the truth. thank you so much we would get to work and want to shake every one of your hands and thank you for being here. [cheers and applause] [chanting]
11:55 am
[applause] >> they have restricted the news media. led to come here to see sarah palin on your own you are out of luck the store is completely closed until the signing is over. >> thank you i appreciate you. i appreciate you so much. thank you for being here. >> the lady in the green?
11:56 am
>> thank you. we will get you through quickly and have a good time >> why did you come here to the book signing today? >> she believes everything that i believe. she is a great girl and a conservative a great mom. >> thank you for being here today. >> it was so nice to meet her. >> did she talk to you? >> a little bit. i had a few words to tell her that she needs to readjust the radar and we will see her and 2012. >> can i see the signature?
11:57 am
>> i have the signature. >> nice to meet you. thank you so much. very good. okay. thank you is so much. thank you. how're you? >> i am good now.
11:58 am
[inaudible conversations] this. >> my name is joe and i am from cincinnati. >> what brains you are here today? >> first of all, i believe this woman is a lot different from the average politician you see today and and eight -- actually answers a question without trying to digest and that is the best thing i like about her. also if you look at all of the political books, she dedicates it to the americans just like mark levin most politicians dedicated to themselves. look around. there is no northeast or california people they are all midwestern people fact
11:59 am
are like her which is not like the normal politician we see today. >> 1/2 to ask you what is wrong with people from the northeast or california? >> nothing. i was born in new york but when you leave new york city you are camping out and that is not true. again, she sounds like the average american and and when you ask a question, she answers the way the average american would instead of the politicians who run away from those questions. >> does she have a chance to be president someday? >> yes. my own guess would be hurt plan is to get on the campaign trail with other conservatives and raise a lot of money for them and will be able to stand next to them and show


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