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tv   Book TV After Words  CSPAN  December 6, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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time. >> steve: he will lead anderson back in as ucla has suffered ten first half turnovers and they've only played 11 minutes. >> marques: if you don't have speed and a break off the dbt#úzó/,)ng against kansas defense you're in for a long night. >> steve: they thought they had that guy. >> marques: exceptional body control on the part of xavier henry. he does a great job. taking the path of least resistance. he does a great job of that. >> steve: dragovic. >> marques: you have to seal the game up. you got to look for that first, wide-open opportunity there for your shooter. dragovic had to go ahead and pull the trigger.
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malcolm lee. >> steve: and a whistle prior to the shot so no basket. it goes against kansas university. after the break we will take you to our pac-10 college hoops studio. it's 400 calories but... something's definitely missing. - here it is! - kentucky grilled chicken. all that great kfc taste for 395 calories? - and for $3.95? - how do they do it?
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think watching your calories can't be delicious? - it's time to unthink. - two pieces. - green beans. - mashed potatoes. - and gravy. - i love gravy. all for 395 calories and just $3.95. colonel, i like your number. unthink. and taste the under 400-calorie side of kfc. >> hi. coming up at the halftime report number 14 u-conn facing harvard. you might be surprised at the
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result of that one. highlights at the half. now we send it back out to westwood and ucla taking on kansas. >> steve: we're back with you at pauley pavilion where the number one kansas jayhawks look like a number one team, kansas going for their sixth straight big 12 title. they've gt a couple great players in sherron collins, cole aldrich. when they said they were coming back just two weeks after the ncaa tournament many critics said at that time kansas will be number one and they were. >> marques: and throw in all the other athletic types that they bring in. we talked xavier henry, marcus, markieff. this is a chance for kansas to win their second half championship in four years.
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>> steve: perhaps when north carolina won last year, maybe cole aldrich will be it this year and sherron collins. >> marques: great to have that inside/outside talent those two possess. >> steve: the crowd yells behind me.h"hñ)e a nice job wedging himself between two defenders. the jump stop. a bo-bo sighting in pauley pavilion. a positive sighting. >> steve: he had a good week in practice. with gordon out he7v$nhç gettina lot of playing time and his confidence, he knows he is going to get minutes now. >> marques: i'm not going to name names but talking with people close to the program they are not sorry to see drew gordon go. they liked him as a person.
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they thought his attitude was a bit of a distraction to the basketball team. it's going to mean more minutes and opportunities for guys like morgan. >> steve: anderson, it doesn't go. markieff morris. >> marques: their style of play is geared to their talent. >> steve: life is about fighting through challenges. >> marques: i don't care about the nba. i'm not preparing for the nba. i'm preparing guys to play here. >> steve: tyshawn taylor with an oy six points. he's been averaging seven per game8yg this year. >> marques: and it gives you an idea of the balance and talent of this basketball team. >> steve: 14% from three-point
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range in six games this year. there's collins missing. anderson gets it, throws it away. thomas robinson. >> marques: all that being said, down by nine despite all of the turnovers, missed shots. they should tighten that aspect up just a little and they cannot so much win the game but keep it competitive. >> steve: ucla has 11 turnovers in 14 minutes. the season high is 21, kansas that's why they're number three in theiw8 nation -- >> marques: honeycutt back into the fray. he came]&h'o in, played four o minutes, didn't do much now. give him a chance to rest up and
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regroup. get him back in there to see if he has the experience for the second time around. >> steve: collins picked up, great block by aldrich. out to taylor. >> steve: career high of 11 and already has eight. >> marques: he is the bigger are of the twins. 6'9". i asked markieff and he said he did -- they didn't play jump,p shot only. theg
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ucla bruins. michael eaves on the sidelines. a nine-point deficit. michael roll coming back in for the bruins. it'll be honeycutt, nelson on the front line with anderson. roll in the back door. >> marques: michael roll has shown it compared to last year. he can't worry about that. >> steve: markieff is killing them down low, shooting 73% from the floor this year and he is 5 for 5 today.
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>> marques: yeah. just great foot work. that's the impact and influence of danny manning, the big man coach, one of the best there ever was, collegiate player and gets it down off the post. >> steve: honeycutt to the side. aldrich grabs the rebound. kansas has opened up by a 13-point lead over ucla with 4:30 left. 29-19. sherron collins doing everything along with markieff morris. >> marques: getting out, throwing into the extra gear. nice job on the dish inside. to morris. and then he is double teamed.
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gets out of the pressure. turning the ball over. and then the beautiful between the legs step back jump shot over michael roll. >> steve: we talked with bill self yesterday about this team compared to the team that won the national championship and he said if you took that team on december 1st and this team on december 1st the '08 team would win because of toughness, because of desire. and he said that's what we're working on in practice. he said our plus is our team likes each other, but our minus is our toughness. we're not a complete team yet. >> marques: on tuesday bill self had to deal with a bad practice in the morning. he brought them back out for a second practice at 8:00 p.m. that evening saying how, you know, the guys didn't appreciate the fact that they weren't working as hard and they had to learn that also. >> steve: looked like a good pass by honeycutt but it was picked up by dragovic.
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>> mike: talking about bill self questioning his team's toughness, he's right. he doesn't know how good his team is but he said maybe the best thing about us being ranked number one this early is that it will put a bulls eye on our back and we will determine how tough we are and hopefully get to that level because if you're going to win a national championship you have to be talented. as you guys are talking about you have to be mentally tough to put up with the situation they faced two years ago against memphis. >> marques: michael roll. forget percentages and quality and all that good stuff. get some shots up if you're michael roll. you got to think aggressively. he's been more of a role guy the last years because of so much talent here for ucla. this year he's going to have to score big points for them to win games. >> steve: no but foul against jerime anderson. earlier this week ben howland was talking about playing a zone defense against kansas university. but we haven't seen it yet.
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>> steve: number one kansas by ten over ucla at pauley pavilion. it's time for our driven to perform. >> marques: take a look at tyshawn taylor out of that storied st. anthony of new jersey program playing early. a great job defensively and then the finish is pretty much easy
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if it weren't for tyshawn. tyshawn taylor is a terrific, all-around team guy. you would expect that playing for bobby hurley's team. they were 32-0, number one in the country. he was a lead scorer on that team. >> steve: you're saying he's talented and disciplined. >> marques: disciplined is the key word. there is fans take reading, a year in the life of the program at that school. >> steve: sherron that brilliant career with 77 points -- >> marques: nice back door on
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the overplay. tyler honeycutt gets his first basket among many he's going to score in his career here at ucla. >> steve: the foul is called against honeycutt. >> marques: a great job. dragovic double play, goes back door. terrific body control, attacking it. great shot blocker. 6'11", cole aldrich of the kansas jayhawks. >> steve: the long arms. collins on the drive. michael lee, ahead michael roll. honeycutt. aldrich. nelson gets the steal. he powers it back up. aldrich with another block. >> marques: maybe trying to do just a little too much.
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get the offensive rebound. stand up and keep that baby back out. you get a better shot. this is what i'm talking about. though under extreme duress i think it was a major problem for the kansas jayhawks. >> steve: i'm thinking cole aldrich in my face back on the wing. >> marques: that's what i'm saying. understand. >> steve: a nice drive. honeycutt and ucla have pulled to within eight of the number one team in the nation. came in shooting 73% from the floor and has missed only once. >> marques: the prep school after high school, graduated at 17. he's doing a nice job, markieff morris. just finishing off plays. they did not worry about wins and losses. they were more concerned about
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the conditioning and strength of their basketball team and it's evident in the improvement of markieff morris in particular and also to a lesser degree his twin brother marcus. >> steve: that went to his brother marcus. markieff 5 for 5 in this ball game. >> marques: he had 15 straight makes earlier this season. making kif shots is nothing new. they have the same tatoos. same, identical tatoos. >> steve: i thought you said they don't dress alike. aldrich great speed. from out high, down low. the catch. wide over the free-throw line. >> marques: kansas does a great job of clearing out the back side and you'll see him getting
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an opportunity. a great, late weak side defender on the part of tyler honeycutt. i've even seen them against memphis run a play, back out, get the line to the back and go to the basket and get a lot done. >> steve: those are the first points of the ball game for cole aldrich. he's been averaging over 11. jerime anderson comes back in. honeycutt, who picked up that foul, his second, now goes to the sideline. dragovic, anderson, roll, nelson, and lee on the floor for ucla. >> marques: this team as bill self was talking about, they like each other allot. >> steve: aldrich with the steal and block and he hammers that basketball.
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tyshawn taylor. >> marques: the big fellow. he covers a lot of ground. the best of them. >> steve: kansas basketball. shot clock at 35. he has four blocks already. >> marques: he runs all the way out to the three-point line to get a piece of that shot by reeve nelson and trust me, nelson's second effort was definitely influenced. >> steve: watch for the lob. watch for the lob. they go for it. ucla read it nicely. the layup. no. the university of kansas has done a great job getting back defensively any time ucla has had a break opportunity. >> marques: the guys back to the blue area, painted area. nice job. nice attempt at least.
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another one of the plethora of ways that bill self looks to get his big man off. >> steve: aldrich at least three blocks in every game this year. >> marques: and you can tell he's a team guy. he's not concerned that he has gotten a lot of constructive work on the inside so far in this game. >> steve: collins. >> marques: all over that move. nice job. going left. a little step back to create some space. you can see he put in a lot of work on his offensive skills during the off-season. >> steve: dragovic.
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dragovic, long this time. taken by collins. sherron one on three. a little long. henry. >> marques: one shot, trying to get his team to slow dune little bit. >> steve: ku will go for the final shot of the half, leading by seven. >> marques: more effective at penetrating -- oh, got to get it done. >> steve: good defense by ucla bruins.
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oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball.
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don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call. we have reached the midway point in westwood with the number one team in the land kansas visiting ucla and the jayhawks doing what they do. they are leading at 35-28 at the break. now we welcome you inside our acura halftime report studios. i'm barry lebrock. safe to say the ivy leaguers were not intimidated. remember last season harvard beat boston college in chestnut hill. here we go.
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harvard not going to win this one but they came close. stanley robinson. 79-73, u-conn a winner. miami at boston college, late second, bc up two. reggie jackson driving on reggie johnson. big move but doesn't count. reggie jackson calls for the offensive foul. reggie johnson, 61-60, boston college a winner. with the acura halftime report returning, more college hoops, clemson looks to bounce back in the epic collapse last wednesday. sunday they face south carolina. ♪ [ male announcer ] the day you give someone a lexus is just the first of many memories you'll make with it. [ children scream ] ♪ [ laughs ] the lexus december to remember sales event, with some of the best values of the year. special lease offers now available on the 2010 rx 350.
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welcome back to the ak ewera halftime report. number eight clemson hosting rival south carolina. grant throwing down the two. clemson a winner, 72-61. florida international taking on number 21 florida state. isaiah thomas and company. the golden panthers off a win last time out. no win here. finishing strong for fsu. they take care of it. 82-62. later tonight after the villanova/maryland game keep it right here for a full 30 minutes of the final score with all your nfl coverage including michael vick making his return to atlanta. until then back out to westwood for what should be an exciting second half between kansas and
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learn more at >> okay, everyone, we have a lot to cover this morning. tim should be here any second with the latest budget numbers to -- uhh, take us through the initial... schedule... for production and..ndndndnd >> ouch. >> this is one way to avoid getting the h1n1 flu virus. >> oopsie daisy. >> all right.
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good morning! let's get this meeting started. >> for some better ways, visit [man sneezes] [groans] [groans] the number one team in the nation the kansas jayhawks coming to pauley pavilion, leading by seven. ku is so strong in the middle. they haven't even needed much offensively from cole aldrich and they bring this kid markieff morris off the bench. he has been 5 for 5 and outstanding. >> marques: a terrific job. you expect him to be solid but markieff has been more than that. he's done a nice job establishing great position, great hands on the inside, and right here you'll see some of the danny manning influence. a little spin-off a contact. left-handed finish. now, for ucla i'm talking about
6:34 pm
volume shooters. i don't want to see any quality out here. we want quantity. if you've been hot, telling your team that, get shots up. a good job. the only way to shoot yourself out of a slump is to keep shooting. >> steve: exactly. ucla in the latter stages of the second half handled the basketball better, went to the offensive glass better. >> marques: they settled down. i think they were a little shell shocked, the number one jayhawks coming in here. their play improved at the half and on. see if they can sustain that in the second half. >> steve: great crowd here at pauley pavilion trying to root the bruins on as they trail by seven to number one kansas. it's 400 calories but...
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>> steve: a cool day in westwood but hot inside pauley pavilion with number one kansas leading ucla. michael eaves has reports on both teams. >> mike: let's start with ucla, steve and talk to the coaches coming out of the locker room. they said quite frankly we have to do a better job taking care of the basketball. they were pleased with that final eight minutes of the first half. they only had one turnover. also they got to get back in transition. kansas scored 14 points off their turnovers. they want to get back and meet them a little earlier with the defensive transition and also block out against some of the taller kansas players. as far as kansas is concerned, bill self said we wasted too many possessions. just not handling the ball well, they have a double digit lead at this point. he said they have to rebound the ball well and take better advantage of their size against ucla and see if they can do that
6:39 pm
here in the second half. >> steve: right, michael, because the rebounding is even and kansas came in plus ten against their opponents this year. ucla as you see malcolm lee, they are very young. this is howland's least experienced team ever. ucla lost 62% of their scoring. both of their point guards to the nba and their best defenders then to start the year, jerime anderson by injury. tyler honeycutt. they are within seven against the number one team of the nation. aldrich powers his way up. a foul called against reeves nelson. >> marques: kansas tries to establish the inside line off the bat by going inside to cole aldrich and reeves nelson at 6'8", cole aldrich at 6'11". cole aldrich with the long arms,
6:40 pm
long torso. >> steve: bill self said cole needed to get stronger and worked on his lower body in the off-season. he said when we came to play the pac-10 in the series last year, he committed himself during the summer to getting strong inner the lower half. >> marques: jordel works a lot of guys over. a lottery pick of the new york knicks in last year's draft. one of many lottery picks out of the pac-10 the last couple years. >> steve: cole should be this year. michael roll. in and out. >> marques: you just cannot have any concern about the percentages. >> steve: ucla. anderson giving it up to reeves nelson. fouled by tyshawn taylor. >> marques: they had a couple
6:41 pm
guys, concerned and confused about who's playing point guard. jeremy anderson almost bumped into him at mid court. you get a transition opportunity you got to bail out if you're malcolm lee, defer to jerime anderson and allow him to make the play as the point guard on the floor. >> steve: ucla only shooting 55% this year at the foul line and here's reeves nelson, a freshman from modesto, only a 53% shooter. bruins opening the second half with nelson, anderson, roll, dragovic, and lee. kansas going with morris, henry, collins. >> marques: the second time he's gotten his hands on a pass that would have led to an easy two on the inside. great defense. >> steve: steal by lee. malcolm up and in.
6:42 pm
>> marques: collins to aldrich, nice defensive play on the wing by malcolm lee. >> steve: morris -- no. a foul against henry. >> marques: ucla has to do more defensively. nikola dragovic, looking at that last defensive play, nice job on the wings. active hands. did a nice job barreling down the floor. cutting off the defender. finishing at the rim. >> steve: ucla has outscored 16-7 over the last six minutes. that concludes their final moment of that first half. and a turnover. that's number 12 by the bruins. >> marques: wide open, steve, on the handoff play that just happened but because he's missed some shots out here he felt he
6:43 pm
should have made his confidence is down. you got to keep, you have to shoot yourself out of your difficulty if you're michael. you can't pass up open shots. >> steve: defend by ucla malcolm lee. scores. >> marques: the nuances of basketball by sherron collins. you maybe wouldn't notice it but dea great job, kind of looking off to the center, getting the pass to the corner. just enough for the easy layup. >> steve: almost a steal but the ball was knocked free. >> marques: right there, right there. malcolm lee out of position just enough for sherron collins, the 5'11" footer to use that body of his to get to the basket without
6:44 pm
a defender able to stop him. >> steve: lee, stopped by taylor. it couldn't have been me. that's his third personal. deep. got four point guards, four guys who can play that spot. collins, taylor, johnson, and xavier henry who could slide over on occasion. >> marques: this young man, malcolm lee, averaging 12 points a game this year, the doughnut in the play -- he has got to get more involved offensively. he's got to find some openings for jump shots. he's a good shooter, out to about 15, 18 feet to the two-point line. >> steve: 6'4". >> marques: you want a chance to pull off a major upset on a
6:45 pm
sunday afternoon you need everyone. >> steve: good screen for collins. he misses rebounding, nelson. anderson pushes it ahead. michael roll got it! michael roll got it! 17:17 to play, the bruins mark, we have teams on both coasts that are interested.
6:46 pm
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>> steve: number one kansas with a four-point lead on ucla. we go back to the last meeting, march 24th, 2007, west regionals san jose, in an exceptional second half, aaron scored 15 of his 24 points and the bruins held off the top seeded jayhawks for a 68-55 victory in the west regional final. rush had 18. afflalo was a man in big time. >> marques: indeed. afflalo was just a warrior. ben howland's first signee i believe as a coach here at ucla. paid dividends. now out with the denver nuggets. >> steve: it's been eight minutes since someone other than collins made it. now they finally get one. marcus moore. kansas goes back in front by
6:48 pm
six. >> marques:or the high/low basketball. >> steve: a high/low to reeves nelson but he misses on the alley-oop. they swing it out. tyrel reed, a big-time scorer in high school, but misses. rebounding. doing a better job on the glass. here is xavier henry. a charging foul. let's go to michael eaves. >> mike: he said he thought the team was a little too impatient offensively in the first half. maybe they took it the wrong way because in that last time-out he was saying, guys, we got to get movement. let's move around. let's move some bodies and move the ball. even though xavier henry got a foul on that ball there was a lot more movement in that half-court possession by kansas. >> steve: doing a great job. henry scored all of his points, seven the first ten minutes, has
6:49 pm
been shut out since. anderson down low. nelson. no. rebounding lee. and malcolm throws it off and out of bounds, bruin basketball. >> marques: it wasn't particularly pleasing to look at but got the job done getting the ball inside to reeves nelson. great position on the inside. >> steve: morris at first. >> marques: they've got to stay aggressive and especially, not so much a height but strength advantage on the inside. morris in particular. >> steve: malcolm lee with the fade, missing. xavier henry for three. >> marques: xavier henry the leading scorer on this team at 17 points a game.
6:50 pm
>> steve: one thing i noticed is the fact that the kansas stars are stronger, more physical than the ucla guards. >> marques: they're stronger than a lot of nba guards. sherron collins, xavier henry, these guys are as much as they come. >> steve: on saturday a double header with the wooden classic, pac-10 power number 12 washington against number 16 georgetown. then ucla looks to get back ontrack as they battle mississippi state. the action starts at 2:00 eastern 11:00 pacific. is there any way you and i can get three games in that day? >> marques: ah ha. ernie banks plans to. let's play four, huh? great game the other day against texas tech. the overtime loss was a wild one. that game was lost in regulation on the last-second shot by texas tech. the official reviewed it.
6:51 pm
they couldn't get the job done in overtime. >> steve: the big 12 has a 6-2 series advantage in the hardwood series. victories by the pac-10 at morgan state and also by california who won last night over iowa state. >> marques: that was good last night. great team effort. a lot of contributors. >> steve: dragovic. i like this kid. nelson. >> marques: he goes after it. and found a way to get it up without getting blocked. uses the left hand up and over cole aldrich. >> steve: you know, he's a ben howland player. he looks like a ben howland player. >> marques: nelson had that early. he cut it off and now he has the renewed power inside. (announcer) pizza hut knows you've been good.
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so here's a great holiday meal deal. right now get two medium one topping pizzas and five breadsticks for just $14.99. that's enough to feed the whole family. carryout and we'll throw in a free two liter pepsi. happy holideal from pizza hut.
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>> steve: good game in southern california. it's time for our lexus playbook. >> mike: take a look at a little high/low basketball kansas style. cole aldrich, great passing, big guy. morris on the inside. nice job stealing. markieff using the big body. marcus does a nice job. contact, release, pass from again the big guy cole aldrich. then the high/low. a great job.
6:54 pm
good guys with great hands who can pass the basketball. big guys who know how to use their bodies and steal their defender to get the optimum advantage. in together for one of the few times this game. >> steve: good defense by anderson on collins. down low, morris. off of the weak side to lob it back in. markieff already with 12 points. >> marques: he's my brother. >> steve: yeah. >> marques: bad job of identifying and blocking out -- the big man talent for the block, you need to rotate and come down from the outside. nice pass. >> steve: beautiful.
6:55 pm
>> marques: you've got to put it on the floor if you're jerime anderson. draw some defenders. look for a team mate. ball movement for kansas, inside, outside, now you've got it. haven't gone zone yet as ben howland said they might. their man-to-man defense looks like it's -- >> steve: jerime anderson, but nelson is battling to keep it. >> marques: that might be good. the way the rules are now he was starting his shooting motion. officials are conferring. i think just on that very thing. >> steve: he just flipped it up and it went in. the officials, outstanding
6:56 pm
officials. they say no basket. >> marques: it was close but now nelson is down. there's the contact right there occurring. because of the injury, that was way after the contact. good call by the officials. wow. >> steve: look at. he says i made that shot? are you kidding me? >> marques: and they took it away. >> steve: yeah. going to have a black eye. no reward. this kid has six offensive rebounds in today's ball game. >> marques: take another look at that. poke from morris. i thought they may count that because over the last couple of years pac-10 officials are a lot more lenient with those kinds of nba-like, continuation type plays. they tell me if you start with a shooting motion, you get the benefit of the continuation.
6:57 pm
he was close to it but not close enough. that eye is a major concern right now. >> steve: he is getting worked on. we will see brendan lane see his first minutes of this game. >> marques: with the new rules you can choose to be the opposition, one of the players on the floor to shoot the free throws. >> steve: jerime anderson, 46% -- >> marques: the guys are kind of struggling. the coach knows which guys are struggling and which guys are not. good job by kansas identifying that player. >> steve: poor free-throw shooting has hurt ucla all year long. they turn it over a lot. first stage of the ball game. there's brenldan lane the 6'9" freshman from california seeing his early time. 3.5 points and two rebounds per game. going with morgan now.
6:58 pm
>> marques: plays solid, unspectacular basketball in the first half. >> steve: collins on the pullup floats it in. he makes it look easy. >> marques: we talk about that and michael eaves talked about it. now is the time to see if the bruins can manufacture enough to stay in this game. kansas is the number one team in the country for a reason even though their schedule hasn't been -- unthey've got the nba ready bodies out there and players on the floor. >> steve: morgan rolls his way, gives it to dragovic. misses the three. it goes out of bounds to kansas university. >> marques: with the distraction dragovic has been through, he looked like a man distracted on that play but he'll be one of the guys with tyler honeycutt though this is his first game as a collegiate basketball player, it's going to be hard to shake it off, somebody has to step up. have to make some plays
6:59 pm
offensively. kansas, they're going to keep coming at you. >> steve: a traveling violation. ucla will take anderson out of the game, bring malcolm lee back in to play the point. reeves nelson still getting worked on, that right eye when he was driving left to right across the lane and got jammed in the eye, cut just below the right eye. >> marques: the immediate swelling is a problem. bo bo, j'mison morgan. good speed. tyler honeycutt can do that. he's just a basketball player. >> steve: comes right back. misses the shot. honeycutt


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