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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  December 11, 2009 8:00pm-11:00pm EST

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up to cleveland. anthony grant and dane hipsher, down in alabama will make their way up. there will be a car pool of players going up for the wake. some of you are going to go up for the service on saturday. it's going toing held at the high school where he coped, at john marshal just a tremendously loved kid. >> unfortunately, gone too soon.
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but there's help and it's free. go to what? >> mike: it's half time here at the ud arena. let's take a closer look at the university of dayton. plan
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>> mike: welcome back to the university of dayton arena, mike hartsock with derek duke. derek, you look at the first half numbers. they are not very pretty on either side but somehow, dayton managed to eek out a league. >> dayton shooting 50% from the field. the challenge is that they have not taken any shots in the first half but when they had good shots, they were able to knock them down. they have been able to keep their lead largely due to the monarchs' inability to make
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free throw, only shooting 29%. you look at the battle of the bobs, what we called the battle of the boards. at this point, the mop narcs have 8 offensive rebound, the magic number when they exceed 14 defensive rebound, they are undefeated this season >> mike: so you look at one other number that's glaring it's the 12 in the turnover department for the flyers, seven of those by chris wright i. unfortunately, those turnovers have come as his ability a result of his inability to recognize the zone. chris needs to to better in the second half. controlling the basketball of course chris seems to be antsy to me coming off the ball. >> derek: he is coming off a
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bad game. he understands, this is a big game. this monarch team has the ability to knock all 23 games in the week and chris has to perform and wants to prm for his team. we see some of the mop narcs highlight from the first half. coming from the bench, james provided that offensive punch >> mike: they are being led by james, the monarchs. flyers lead by mark just johnson. he has 7 point. chris has 5, chris wright does and a beg three-pointer, late there in the first half and it gives chris johnson five as well. let's look at the highlight. they are all going towards the basket. nice dibble presentation as you
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see wall williams pick up the charge. again, we continue to see at day some's highlights, rise to the basket, easily-in. when you reverse the ball against the zone, that's where the zone has the big gap in the middle of the court and in the baseline. it's very important you shift the ball from one side to the other but, again, all the common threat in those highlight, mike, easy buckets. side or dribble penetration. from what we understand on the sideline, as buick fabrizius stands there with crutches, it is the right knee, inside of his right knee is sprained. he's going to have to see what's going on with luke and a couple of guys. his knee is kind of loose anyway. >> yes. >> didn't look like a whole lot of contact but enough to put luke on crutches for the rest
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of this night. >> like paul williams with all his wait coming back, your knee is not programmed to go backwards. that's not a function of the knee, i should say. the challenge is that the monarchs are playing zone defense and this is where the employers need an outsite threat. luke is the best outside weapon. blaine taylor talking to his guys. brian brian gregory talking to his troop. old dough minimal going to won the first six, then lost three in a row to pretty good competition and came back and won two in a row. that's there are 6-4. then they will come up with a trip to georgetown which is not going to be easy >> derek: and then you have charlotte. charlotte a very good team,
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knocked out louisville at louisville a couple of weeks ago and you see duquesne. four opponents on the atlantic 10e, old dominion will stays this year. of course, richmond, duquesne, charlotte. >> mike: seeing a lot of pairs between the colonial athletic conference and the atlantic 10. we are back to action. sit back, relax and enjoy dayton flyers basketball here on whio tv. monarchs with the ball to start things off. that's gerald lee. lee has five -- four. i i flyers did a nice job of defending the mop narcs. that's a high post, low post screen for lee. now they' lou them to go one on one. rebound to dayton. here comes london looking to
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get points on the first possession. leaves it open to chris wright who fumbles it again, loose on the floor, chris johnson able to come away with it >> derek: this is where you see a point guard needs to bring the ball out and set your offense. it's important that you get a good shot on the first possession of the second half. 15 secs left on the shot clock. another turnover almost but, luckily, flyers able to get it back. 10 seconds left. blocking foul on gerald lee and gerald lee bails the flyers out with a bit of an acting job from london warren >> mike: he forced the big man to make a decision and that decision was the foul because london, if he didn't move his feet afoam yatchly, london would get by him for a dunk or a schupp many in. just under way in the second half, that's chris onson. >> not a lot good movement.
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marcus johnson, top of the key, two-pointer. marcus has scored nine now >> derek: marcus johnson continues to play his best basketball over the last thee games. he got off to a little bit of a slow start here in the senior game. that's gerald lee up high with him leaves it off, down low, permanent foul called on chris wright. keyon carter had position on him inside. they say chris battling from behind. >> derek: carter able to get great position and beat chris to the spot >> mike: now we have chris one on one with derek lee. chris johnson has him on the switch. down low, bazemore, can't get it to go and the rebound comes down to chris wright. london warren, pushing and turning it over but luckily,
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the flyers able to get it back. >> you see this team, we talked about how long and athletic they are. they do a terrific job of getting into the passing line and creating havoc >> mike: of out dibble, outside for three, missed one. and the rebound, old dominion. againey coming away with it. chris johnson stopped the break. bazemore inside. he's got six. flyers up by 3 again >> derek: gerald lee continues to be very patient on offense, standing in it the flow of the offense, not forcing any bad shots, able to come up with some nice easy lay-ins. >> this is partially blocked and old dominion comes away with the rebound. they lead by 3. carter way up top. didn't' get the bounce and daytop gets the rebound. quick shot that time by the
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monarchs. chris wright down the lane. marcus johnson out of the corner, misses, offensive rebound huelsman, he is fouled. kurt hustleman, back side offensive rebound that time and it's going to be a pair for old dominion i, when the shot is taken out one side of the corner, it is a missed shot, it will come out the other say. mickey perry into the line-up. gets it back to perry. we played 3 minutes here in the second half. dayton still up by 3. in the corner, paul williams. another weak pass, almost thrown away. chris wright can't handle it down low ant flyers turn it over. old dominion gets it back.
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>> the flyers, 24th turn overof the game. the flyers continuing to fall in love with that outside shop. >> gerald lee, he felt the n. >> with the ball, the foul. lee kind of had a step on him but chris had to put a hand out. that's two wick ones on chris here in the second half. he's going to have to come out. josh benson comes into the game. another struggle of a night so far for chris. in bounds, kicks, it will be old dominion ball. here come marquel de lancey into the game for od u. referee is going to check something out
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real quick, talking with the scorer's table. they reset that shot clock? i think they did. that's joe di maio on the left. >> that's ann myers, hall of fame beauty women's players. they are still trying to figure out what exactly is going on over there. >> derek: while they were street the game clock, five seconds had expired off the game clock. we'll reset >> mike: old dominion missed consecutive threes. they trailed by three. in bounds, out of bounds. it's going to be off marcus johnson. old dominion will keep it.
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in bounds, it comes to gerald lee. he will set it up for de lancey. he gets it back now. one on one with josh benson >> derek: he is creating the offense. count lane >> mike: loose on it the floor, stolen away. marcus johnson to mickey perry. >> derek: a nice take to the basket by mickey perry. transition offense by these flyers. they came up with the steal and able to get out into the open court for the nice, easy lay-in the lee backs out now, 18- footer on the way, nails it. >> that's the connect shot that lee has made in this game. very personal player. low post core. >> paul williams maces the three and the rebound comes out, old dominion.
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that's a missed shot and that's a good shop. that came from dibble penetration did from a dribble penetration. >> there a gerald lee back door again. he scored 10. that's a one-point flier lead and dayton with the ball. josh benson from 17. doesn't get the roll, gets up, no good. loose on the floor, out of bounds. it will be old dominion ball when we come back. timeout on the floor, 15:04 left to play. dayton up by 1.
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32-31, dayton with a one- point lead with just over 15 minutes left to play in this one from the arena. mike hartsock and derek duke, flyers and old dominion going at it pretty good here. 10 points for their top scorer >> derek: good week side defense by marcus johnson, outlet pass to mickey perry and mickey makes up his mind at the three point line that he was going to get to the basket for the lay-in >> mike: back to live action. old dominion with the ball. iliadis up top, de lancey. gerald lee out of the game
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right now for old dominion. 15 seconds left on the shot clock for the monarch. rob lowery is in, came in during that dead ball. >> the monarch team is really patient, deliberate on offense >> mike: five seconds left. bazemore off the dribble and old dominion grabs the lead, 33- 32 >> derek: i can probably assure you, mike, that brian gregory will come out at the top of the key because they let i am go up without impeding him. >> bob lowy sets up your fence. down low, that's chris wright. can't get it enough. back inside now. huelsman and the rebound comes down od u. crowd wanted a foul, didn't get anything. under 14 minutes left to play.
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old dominion up by 1 on the road. >> this is where old dominion really executes their offense, very poised team, veteran team, not going to make many mistakes on offense >> mike: keyon carter up top with it. they had some really good shots the last four possessions bazemore scores >> derek: bazemore, the red shirt sophomore is really taking the ball to the basket that, at this point, the flyers don't have an answer for him >> mike: that is old dominion's biggest lead, three. goes up, the air ball, the foul >> derek: maybe that will get chris wright going, the offensive rebound and play-in. a powerful move by chris wright, as we see. paul williams misses the mid- way yum many shot but good
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position enables them to get it up and the foul. >> mike: good news for flyers fan, that's number 3 on bazemore >> derek: often timings when you are struggling shooting the basketball, as this point of game. a free throw can get you into the rhythm and synch of the game. >> we are tied at 35. 1309 left to play. old dough minimal with the ball gps the flyers' full-court pressure. marcus job son on the ball right now. that's gerald lee for the monarchs. flyers trying again. one of those games that it's tough to get into for folks here in the stand. 11 seconds left on the shot clock. so old dominion content to take some time off but rob lowery
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with some great hustle and that's a turnover and dayton will get the ball back >> derek: that's the type of plays, mike, that may not show up on the sat sheet. that's a deflection but it resultd in a turnover for the mon marks. great defense by rob lowery. game tied again. up top is marcus. london warren. >> the alley oops. wow! that was way up there >> derek: you see the president of the flight club use every bid of that 42-inch vertigo to end that grab. james the other way. old dominion tries to answer. travel. finney didn't know whether to pass or continue to go down the lane. he turns it over. that broke his crowd up a
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little bit. time outold dominion with 12:0 of left to go. we'll take a time out. dayton up by 2. we'll be right back. it's one of the best mid-size sports sedans in the world. if it's not... there are 39 international awards we'd better give back. the 2010 jaguar xf.
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the critically acclaimed result of a very different way of thinking. >> mike: mike hartsock and derek dukes. this crowd has been waiting for something to wake them up and they got it >> derek: they got it from chris wright. you see the lob play by london
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warren and, no, that's not a trampoline on the court. that's chris wright coming into your living room with every bit of that 43-inch vertical. i was talking about it, if you can do it one time >> mike: and i don't want to either coming up that high. if i go that high, i come down and hurt myself. great work by our camera crew. flyers up by 2. back to live action. marcus johnson, chris wright, both with nine apiece. london warren gives off to chris johnson. here comes chris. a one-hand jam on the baseline. somebody woke him up. that might not be good for old dominion >> derek: there was a little whisperring in this right here because the last two finishes have been above the rim. i credible play by chris wright >> mike: gerald lee outside, they get chris johnson for the
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foul. they created the first alley oops play was the fact that we had a guy on the high post. we have a timeout on the floor. 121:30 left to play. flyers up by 4. we'll be right back.
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welcome home, man. >> mike: well, it was a lousy first half for chris wright. he turned the paul over seven times but in the first 8 1/2
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minutes here, number 33 woke up >> derek: he came to life. i said earlier in the half, that he made a free throw and maybe that will get him going. since that time, he had two amazing finishes. we have seen him find an only on the baseline and, folks, that's a 6'10", 200 pound center that he is dunging over. old dominion with the ball. in it comes and it goes in with a foul. they will get london for the foul. london was trying to dart gerald lee. that was a bit of a mismatch. >> just a bit of an advantage for gerald lee. now lee has chris johnson on him this time, stills seems to be a tad bit of a mismatch. 6'6" against 6'10". looks like curt huelsman. >> reporter: we have curt
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defending the inbound pass. talking over something here, resetting the hot clock >> derek: it was reset already >> mike: somebody get a hand on this. it will come at least. flyers up by three in a low scoring affair. it has not locked for excitement here tonight. >> post teams are defensive minded teams >> mike: outside, james will spot for though, rebound, battled for, london warren come out thereof with it and a foul on bazemore and that's his fourth. >> we talked about the hill thing that could gone his way. they made an effort and tipped the call and fortunately knocked it into london warren's hand but that's a little item that won't show up.
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show says that crest won't be criticized. as you said, created another fouls again beazmore. >> beaz more goes out. and trian iliadis comes into the game for old dough men on. coming up on 11 minute. another alley oops pass. oh, just got fouled as they backed into him. that was finney. i don't think he did that on purpose. finney was just caught napping a little bit. take another look >> derek: we take another look here. they have been very successful but he goes to the other side of the court and that's a realy risky play >> mike: finney picks up the personal foul. that's his third and chris wright, right back at the free throw line for a pair. he gets the first one to go >> derek: fortunately, chris didn't get injured.
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finney cleared right under his leg. that could have come out really bad >> mike: yep. he doesn't get the second one. one out of two. the flyers' lead is 5, 40-35, dayton and top. old dominion with the ball, under 111 minutes to play. chris johnson has been relatively quiet this second half. >> mike: devon searcy will pick up the permanent foul. that's the fifth team foul on the flyers. both teams with five now heading towards bonus situation. >> the mon marks again remain very disciplined. they know where their bread and butter is and that'sgerald lee. in bound pass, whistle foul called before the ball game in. they're going to get marcus johnson. marcus has two but that's six now on the flyers. so from here on out, old
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dominion is going to be shooting free throws. in bound, robbed up to lee. gerald backing his way down, took a couple of stems without drink the ball. offensive rebound. back up and in for carter. >> derek: another offensive rebound for the monarchs >> mike: carter got 7 >> derek: that's 11 offensive rebounds in the game >> mike: chris johnson pulls up, leaves it short. chris wright the rebound, misses it, tipped in >> derek: again, they have come to life here in the second half why yoo somebody got chris' ear at half time >> derek: he has really responded on the back board and, of course, giving dayton some fantastic athletic plays >> mike: devin searcy comes out and fouls. james will go free throw line >> derek: devin searcy attemptd
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to hedge out on the foul screen but not able to get good foot position and picked up the foul. >> mike: flyers with four substitutions or is it five substitutions? he gets all five in and out. rob lowy, paul williams, kurt huelsman, devin searcy stays in. darius james goes to the free throw line. he doesn't miss many of them. he shoots them at 90%. >> derek: at this point, he has taken 10 free throws on the season. he has not taken very many. he has been veryey fictive >> mike: misses that one. flyers dodged a bullet there. mickey perry coming on the run there >> derek: great decision or good decision by mickey perry to not force that foul.
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almost thrown away. flyers able to get that back. left his feet, had nowhere to go with it. i side, speed, hill. old dominion comes out of there with it. flyers not handlinging it well that time down low. lee scores. >> derek: talk about lee at the onset of the game, virtually impossible to stop especially when you allow him to get that deep into the paint. great position for lee, bad defense for the flyers. >> mike: old dominion comes out of there. lee has got 12. the flyers' lead is three now. inside to lee again he gets fouled. gerald lee will go to the proceed line as the flares are having a real tough time. >> the key is transition
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defense. first key is transition defense is stop the basketball. second is protect the rim. >> mike: he is a 76% shooter. chris wright comes n devon searcy goes out. 9:10 to play. daytop a two-point lead. he misses the second. flyers still with a two-point lead. that's rob lowery. off the dribble, penetrates, down the lane, scoops, doesn't get it to go. rebound, paul williams in the wrong place at the wrong time, makes the bump and commits the foul. that's 9 now on dayton. frank hassell for old dominion.
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free throw coming from trian iliadis. he has not missed yet. >> derek: iliadis, 3-for-3 on the year. pretty good proceed shooters have missed. >> mike: a 90 and 100, yes. rob lowery walks it across. a very slow scoring game. >> derek: there is the gap. >> mike: chris lee, the dunk gets blocked, blocked on him by ben finney. crowd wanted the foul. remember sees didn't see anything. finney back at the other end, trying to answer offensively. old dominion trailing by 2. big swing there by the monarchs. down low it goes. mills fired on the shot but the loose ball bounces out >> derek: this gives the monarchs a second possession. they forced this defense -- you
8:39 pm
see the block there >> mike: blocking foul called on rob lowery. it will send dleansey to the free throw line. crowd does not like it but watch lowery, watch lowery, till moving. that's a tough call. >> that's a tough call. that could have going to either way. you don't necessarily need to be stationery. you need to be in front of the man and beat him for the pot. that one could have gone both ways or either way. >> mike: here is de lancey. he will knock them down >> derek: only a one-point lead for the flyers, talking about them being an experienced team, i would say they would have a double digit lead. >> reporter: all tied at 42. flyers with the ball. >> derek: if you are dayton,
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you watch to have you lead at 8 to 10 points. >> reporter: rob lowery lose it is on it the floor, gets away with a walk and scores >> mike: flyers will take it and they go back in front. they certainly will miss. it was a. this is where i pump up. >> here comes day son. mickey perry, foul, going off and a blocking foul is on gerald lee. that's going to be his third. timeout on the floor. 7:36 left to play. flyers will have proceed when is we come back.
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>> mike: pack at the university of dayton arena, university of dayton with a two-point lead a belated hello to the folks in virginia, watching us on come was sport net. 44-42, blain taylor's team hanging in there against the dayton flyers in a place where dayton has not lost in 23 games >> derek: 23 wins in a row. that's good for fourth best in the nation, mike n terms of home winning streak. i can stay with relative confidence that that's going to be tough to tip that streak
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against the monarchs. >> reporter: old dominion trailing by 2. mickey perry at the free throw. rolls it out. rims around and out. flyers trying to stretch the lead, but don't get it there. mickey will have one more. gerald lee picked up his third personal foul on that last play. nickey misses them both and the rebound comes down, old dominion. flyers with a two-point lead. old dominion with the ball. hassell. that's gerald lee with the ball. isolated on huelsman, left side. bazemore is in the game, playing with four fouls. this is the monarchs' motion offense. late shot clock situation. they'll go ball screen >> mike: 10 seconds left. >> derek: here comes the ball screen with lee. he'll roll to the basket >> mike: bazemore low, hassell,
8:44 pm
misses. good position for the flyers. they turn it over again. darius james back the other way for the mono monarchs. finney is open, puts it on the floor, kicks it, swinging up top around the defense >> derek: good transition defense by the nice. great coaching by the monarchs. >> mike: kurt huelsman says, get that junk out of here, blocks the shot. that blocked shot brought to you by 1-800-got-junk and curt huelsman almost grabbed that one two-handed. flyers on top by 4 >> derek: more made the decision at half court that he is going to get to the basket >> mike: blain taylor want a timeout. 6:16 left to play. he didn't like what he saw the last couple of times defensively with his team >> derek: they are not allowing the flyers to get too much
8:45 pm
momentum. each time, the fliers got a one or two-point lead. i think we're going to have the opportunity to see the last block by kurt huelsman. you see the entry pass to lee and huelsman recovers and makes a nice block. they start under the basket on one hand and finishes up at the other. >> mike: london's first points of the night, first basket, first points of the night as dayton goes up by 4. i think the largest lead was 3, 3 or 4. brian gregory, his team looking to extend a 23-game home court winning streak.
8:46 pm
it's just tough to call >> elliot: that's right. that fall, we talked about it all season in terms ofsubjectivity of make that go call. nine times out of ten, they're
8:47 pm
going to call that a block but benson was able to step outside the cylinder of the rim and pick up the charge. >> bill: 52:55 to play. flyers with a three-point lead. trian iliadis has returned to the line-up for the monarchs. when they ran down that shot clock, he have the go-to guy but not anymore. marcus johnson. rob lowery for three. rob lowery >> elliot: mike, we talked about rob lowery being that other outside threat that the flyers certainly need. he took that shot in the flow. a good in rhythm shot, able to knock it down, able to give dayton the 7-point lead. their biggest lead in the second half. >> reporter: that might be the biggest lead of the entire night, i believe. carter, over iliadis, whistle away from it.
8:48 pm
they're going to get hustle man and send gerel lee to the free throw line >> elliot: we talked about the center piece for the mop narcs in terms of the offense. any time they are down and need a basket, they're going to go to lee. the offense is going to run through lee, whether that's low post play or get the ball down to him and get the inside out action. it all flows through gerel lee >> bill: final five minute and change. old dominion will be shooting two on every foul. flyers are in the double bonus tonight. gerald lee rattles home the first >> elliot: gerald lee, i really like this young man. he is a good ballplayer, at 6'10", good shooter from the charity stripe. has not taken the two shot but he has knocked down some. >> bill: he scored 15. chris wright back into the ballgame.
8:49 pm
back out front, flyers, with a five-point lead at 5 minutes left to play in the game >> elliot: lowery will be very key down the stretch. remember the gap in the zone or in the middle. blasted through the middle >> bill: 10 seconds left in the shot clock. lowery creates outside, down the lane. going for three, leaves it short and the rebound comes down to old dominion. they have to play defense now. james quickly, iliadis for 3. knocks it down and it's a two- point game. i i when i saw the offense by these monarchs, iliadis shooting 30% from the three- point lane, able to knock it down >> bill: devin searcy can't answer. a couple of flyers tipped the rebound away. here come the mop narcs. they can tie it with a basket >> elliot: repost by gerald
8:50 pm
lee. stepping away from the basket. >> bill: the shot, rebound brown low. lee gets it back up, 12 seconds left >> elliot: 1 -- >> bill: oh, i don't know about that one. rob lowery called for the foul. >> elliot: he stuck his hand in there for the reach. if he didn't reach, he possibly would have picked up the charge. you see this right hand >> bill: timeout on the floor. 3:51 left to play. flyers with a two-point lead. we'll be right back.
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>> bill: 3:51 left to play here. we have a two-point game and old dominion going to the line with an opportunity to tie >> elliot: they have an opportunity to tie it. what's keeping dayton in this basketball game and, at this point, allowing them to have a two-point lead is the opportunity to rebound the basketball. the mon marks from a plus nine coming into this game. thus far, flyers are 30 rebound to the mop narcs' 31 rebounds. at this point, just one more rebound than the flyers. >> bill: darius james misses again. >> elliot: the monarchs come into the game shooting 72% from the charity stripe. at this point, they are 47%.
8:53 pm
that's where ball games are won down the stretch >> bill: james will have one more. he gets that one to go. he scores 8. the flyers' lead is 1. 49-48, 3:45 left to play. flyers' london warren running the point. that's mark just johnson left side >> elliot: flyers seem to be able to get the double penetration, get that gap >> bill: chris wright, two-hand jam. >> elliot: that's the third dunk of the game for chris wright. it may actually be the fourth dunk of the game for chris wright. you see, where was the success and where was the opening? marcus johnson caught the ball on the wing, middle of the court. chris wright going down >> bill: for 32, no good. rebound run down by chris johnson. dayton, a three-point lead with 3 minutes left to play.
8:54 pm
chris wright with 16 points. 12 of those here in the second half. warren up top. chris johnson comes out and gives him help. 13 left on the shot clock for the flyers. lop done, creating down the lane, kicking, marcus for 3. marcus johnson knocks down the 3. his second of the night. and just like, that the flyers are back up by 6 >> elliot: mike, the last two possessions have started with double penetration through the middle of the floor >> bill: blaine taylor want a timeout. we'll keep it here. flyers coming up with some key plays and doing it from wright and johnson, chris and marcus. >> post possessions have come as a result of good precision by your senior guards.
8:55 pm
marcus johnson with the first pass, finds chris wright cutting to the basket. come noog your living room. amazing athlete. i'm not sure if we're going to have an opportunity to take a second look but that outside shot was made by marcus johnson, came as a result of dribble penetration by london warren >> bill: and a guy who has not been shooting at all and mark just has stepped up in a big way. old dominion will have the ball.
8:56 pm
>> mike: trying to get it to lee. they can't >> derek: little quadis doing a terrific job -- i will quad quiz, dog a terrific job. >> bill: the long three going up, no good. chris wright gets the rebound. we are under 2 minutes to play ant flyers have the ball and a six-point lead. dayton battled and battled. and not backed down. holding the ball >> derek: that's right. we talked about having a poor first half. he has responded in the second half, 16 point and 12 rebound, another double-double for the junior >> mike: up top, london warren with 6 seconds now on the shot clock. london for the three, scoops, offensive rebound,s that. flyers have it but here comes carter back the other way. 6-point game and a trap. gerel lee took an extra step up the top of the key turns it
8:57 pm
over and dayton brings it back the other way >> derek: that's the first poor decision by gerald lee all night. >> mike: 1:12 left to play, paul williams, quickly off the bench, kurt huelsman. the fires have chris johnson, ma, just johnson, london warren, paul williams and chris wright >> derek: right now, the flyers have their best shooters, at least three of the top shooters in the ballgame. that being chris johnson, paul williams and marcus johnson. marcus johnson, again, a struggle here on the season but tonight he is shooting the paul exceptionally well. >> reporter: mark just with 12, chris wright with 16 to lead the flyers. gerald lee with 15, the only player in double figures. give it up, chris, look out. he is in trouble. to london warren. trying to dumb team, creating a turnover which they have done real well tonight. timeout brian gregory. 22 secondes on the shot clock.
8:58 pm
59 seconds left in the game. >> derek: mike, this is where, again, we talked about dayton excels and that's out of a timeout, dead ball situations. look for brian gregory to draw something up going toward the basket. the monarchs, what they are doing at this juncture in the game, they are going any and all screens. they're trying to prevent any two players coming to the because if they to, that's going to result in a trap. they have final exams coming up this week. they don't play again until saturday night against presbyterian. want to talk daytop basketball, join us on the brian gregory show sunday mornings at 11:30. coach and i will talk about this game, talk about the trip down to george mason. we take a look at two tough teams in the colonial athletic
8:59 pm
association. >> george mason picked to finish fourth. the monarchs the favorite of the conference this year. certainly, i believe an n c a amount team. >> 10 seconds left on the hot clock. london warren turns it over, loose on the floor, chris wright dives for it and old dominion comes away on the turnover. 38 seconds left to play. carter for 3. long three, rebounded by london warren. and london will kick it to chris wright and get it back. coaches want them to foul. finally, they foul paul williams, maybe a little bit too late. foul is going to be on ben finney that will be his fourth. that's 8 on old dominion. one on one for paul williams >> derek: he shoots 75% from the charity stripe >> mike: paul has two tonight.
9:00 pm
his only points >> derek: paul williams has been the difference down the stretch, knocking down big free throws, one the biggest free throws of the game tonight >> mike: up and in. williams has two. the flyers' lead is 7. 55-48. paul williams one more and he rattles that one home. they lead by 7. darius james coming in in a hurry, almost loses the handling, gets it back. now the ball on the floor, iliadis lays it up and in. timeout. with 14 seconds left. old dominion is going to work this for as much as they can. this will be a full-timeout and they are out of their 30. so with 14.9 seconds left, now the flyers, as is normally the case, they're going to make
9:01 pm
some free throws >> derek: yeah, we talked about it in the early part of the broadcast that most games like these are won down the stretch by the team that has the ability to make free throws. the monarchs have struggled from the charity stripe this evening, only shooting 47% while the flyers are at 67%. but these are the types of games, again, that the difference would be who has the ability to make free throws down the stretch >> mike: fur joining us late, luke fabrizius left the game early in the first half. there is luke on crutches. having a good laugh. it must not hurt too much. >> come tomorrow, they'll have an mri and hopefully there is nothing serious, just a minor sprain. typically, it was really something bad, i mean they -- of course, he is on crutches and he has the brace. the thing you concern yourself with is the a c l tear or m c l
9:02 pm
tear, again, that's just a minor spring. >> chris wright stepping up his game in the second half. 12 of his 16 in the final 20 minute. flyers with the ball and a six- point lead. they get it to paul williams and paul is going to be fouled by gerald lee. gerald lee will pick up his fourth personal foul. paul williams, that's the 9th team out mark just johnson back in the game. paul williams at the line fort flyers, shooting the one on one. paul williams back on the line again, 75% free throw shooter. sends it on the way. and it goes. all of his points from the free throw line tonight but those are big and that's what this team has done better this
9:03 pm
season, shoot the free throws. >> they really v that was the point of emphasis that they had off the summer. the flares have put the time in and as a result, they are shooting a lot higher percentage from the charity stripe. >> 6 seconds left. the three-pointer fired up, no good. old dominion picks it up. gerald lee at the buzzer. that's the ballgame. the dayton flyers win their 24th straight game at home, 58- 50 over old dominion. we'll be right back.
9:04 pm
oh! blue! time! time out.
9:05 pm
i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call. >> mike: welcome back to the university of dayton arena. flyers over the university of old dominion. every televised game, we pick the flair of the game brought to you by the jeff schmidt auto group. unanimous, it's chris wright. >> he stepped up his game in the second half, mike. as you said earlier, someone put a little bug in his ear and
9:06 pm
he responded and he remains undefeated here at ud arena flyers heading into final exam week, this was a big win >> derek: it was because the mop narcs are the favorite to win the colonial conference, a very tough conference for dayton to peck up this win against an ncaa tournament type team, that's a significant win and a win they can build on as they progress throughout the season >> flyers win it 58-50, not back on the court going to until a week from tomorrow here at home against presbyterian. chris wright with 16. marcus johnson with 12 points. dayton ends up with a 58-50 win. for derek dukes and our entire crew, thank you very much for joining us on a friday night of flyers basketball. again, dayton wins it 58 to 50 over old dominion. have a great night, everybody.
9:07 pm
sometimes you're going to make a miss a shot, but i'm saying if you disgrail with me, challenge he, but challenge me on the merit of the idea. >> find out how kevin johnson, now sacramento's first african- american mayor is making the difference in in his own home town. and it's not just johnson making an impact, we'll profile several former athletes now
9:08 pm
making the political rounds. and you're the biggest hockey fan on the planet, right? but where do you draw the line between the casual fan and the hockey obsessed? net impact starts right now. and hello, everyone, and welcome to this edition of net impact, i'm art finell. you know, there's a long list of former professional athletes who later segued into a life of politics, guys like bill bradry, j.c. watts, steve largent, just to name a few. they've all made valuable contributions in the political arena for sure, but you canned a kevin johnson's name to that list. he was called k.j. on the court, and he was a huck of a point bard for the phoenix suns, made the all stars
9:09 pm
several times, but now he's called his honor, as the first african-american mayor of his hometown sacramento. we look at a day in the life of kevin johnson. >> reporter: it's 5:00 a.m., the city sleeps, but kevin johnson has traded in his comfortable bed for a pair of running shoes. moonlit pavement. and the biggest day of his young political career lies before him. >> for me, it's about staying in good shape, mental, physical, spiritual, and running allows that happen. when you get up at 4:30 to run, there's no distraction, it's quiet out. it allow use tow think and reflect, and a chance to certainly get the right perspective and early in the morning allows that really take place, because once the hustle and butle of the regular day starts, it's very, very difficult to have a private
9:10 pm
moment and get a peace of mind. >> reporter: with his workout behind him, the mayor begins what promises to be a very long day. even a quick car ride to a local television station is an opportunity to conduct business. >> this is kevin johnson calling, the mayor of sacramento, is the congresswoman ready? yes, ma'am, how are you doing this morning? i'm doing very well. yes, ma'am, i just finished a run and a workout. yes, indeed. >> on my desk, there's a gavel that my brother gave me on christmas day of december of 2007. i announced my canadacy on march of 2008, so my brother was the first one to kind of somehow have this vision that i
9:11 pm
should run for mayor of the city of sacramento. the next thing i know, i'm throwing my hat in the ring. >> reporter: the ride to sacramento's state of the city address is a familiar one. >> when i was growing up, everything that impacted me was in this two-mile radius. i do remember this growing up, that in my neighborhood, which was a poor are in city community, didn't have sidewalks. now as mayor, i know how to make sure to there's no equality across neighborhoods, not just the nice neighborhoods get things that others don't. >> reporter: he may have the home court advantage, but johnson is no longer in his comfort zone. in a matter of hours, the eyes of his hometown will be on him. the clock is ticking. >> good morning. >> how are you? first and foremost, i would like to report on the state of
9:12 pm
our city the economic crisis comes opportunity. can you go back? isn't this letter size here different than what we just had? >> yeah, that's the way it came to me. >> this will also help us in our goal to decrease crime and improve public safety. in terms of education, it's the first time we've brought together superintendents of the city to discuss the challenges that we are facing in our city. people's livelihoods hang in the balance. i can't read and talk. i'm not good at both. that's my weakness when i try to read and do that. >> ladies and gentlemen, join me in giving a rock and roll welcome for the 55th mayor of
9:13 pm
the city of sacramento, mr. kevin johnson. >> i'm not asking you to always follow everything i say. as i said earlier, sometimes i'm gonna be wrong, sometimes i'm gonna miss a shot, but what i am asking you is, if you disagree with me, challenge me, but challenge me on the merit of the idea, not because it flies in the face of the way things have been done in the past. our attitude and our perspective is going to to be the difference on how we navigate through all of these challenges. it is our ability to give back, to serve, especially for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. thank you very much for your time, and god bless each and every one of you. (applause) >> really a great job. >> thank you. >> at some point did your heart take over that speech? >> yeah, you know, early on, i
9:14 pm
was trying to just get my thank yous and my formalities out of the way, but i started off by saying i'm living a dream. i love this. there is nothing else i would rather do, and somewhere through the speech, you know, it just became the kid from sacramento talking to people in his city and saying, look, i want to do all i can, and i need your help and we can collectively get through this, but we're going to need everybody to be on the same page. and you did great. >> hey, thanks. we also wants to actage the special guests who are with us this evening. mayor kevin johnson, the mayor of the city of sacramento. >> i want you to put your hands together for mr. jim brown.
9:15 pm
(applause) >> governor arnold schwarzenegger! >> (applause) >> thank you very much karen for the wonderful introduction. also thank you for inviting me to be part of this great operation here. tonight it's about honoring those who break down the barriers and to promote social justice. tonight's heros have excelled in all walks of life. i think that each and every one of those honorees are also, at the same time, a great inspiration to millions and millions of people. and i will say especially for the young people, because that's the important thing. they need this extra push to know that the american dream is also there for them,. that they can reach whatever dream that they have, and so this is why we have inspired them to show them that there's more out there than just gangs and violence and drugs and alcohol and those things. there are positive alternatives. >> i have felt very strongly that athletes have a responsibility, whether they like it or not, or whether we
9:16 pm
like it or not, to be role models. those who had the biggest impact on us as kids growing up are the people we came in contact with every day. >> i would like to thank the governor for his remarks, and speaker bass for hernandez, and the legislative black caucus for being here today. i do want to poke fun at a couple of people really quickly. one of our honorees joe morgan. joe, raise your hand. and i saw joe morgan few minutes ago and said how are you doing? and he said i want you to know that even though i don't live in sacramento, i voted for you, so thanks joe. (laughter) >> i get a chance to spend a little time with our governor here, and i don't know if you know this, the governor has a little rhythm, got some dance moves.
9:17 pm
i think we might have to think about inducting him next year as an honor airy african- american. thank you very much. (laster and applause). >> reporter: a day of accomplishment here is concluded. but there is still time to reflect on the magnitude of what has happen, and what is still to come. >> even in a day among days, that has to be a big highlight. >> like i said, i'm living a dream. effect i get to do is somehow beyond my wildest expectations. jim brown. i couldn't even mess with him, that's too emotional. >> at some point, you realize there's not enough people that are doing good work in elected office, and i shouldn't stand on the sidelines and complain. if not now than when the? all of those things led me to saying i need to get in the ring and do my part to not just make sure the neighborhood i grew up in, but the city i'm so
9:18 pm
proud of, reaches its potential. >> thanks, matt for that report. by the way, you saw govern toker schwarzenegger featured in that piece, as well. but this generation may not even realize that in 1970, at the age of 23, schwarzenegger became the youngest person to be named mr. olympia. he would go on to win that competition six straight years. of course schwarzenegger was elected governor of california in 2003. you may also remember former nfl quarterback heath schuller who is now making his rounds in the u.s. capital. he was the third overall pack in the 1994 draft by the washington redskins. he played just three short seasons before finally retiring in 1997 because of a foot injury. well, he is now congressman schuller, and he represents north carolina's 11th district. still to come on net impact, one athlete recall as
9:19 pm
vivid memories of war as a youngster in war-torn bosnia. >> they kidnapped us and took to us where my dad was staying, which, and we just kind of hid there for a couple of months. >> now that same athlete is living his dreams out on the soccer field right here in the united states. and the husband saving his wife's life, but they say the philadelphia phillies played a major role in her recovery. we'll tell you how that happened, and you'll hear her amazing story. you're watching net impact on
9:20 pm
9:21 pm
comedian: stroke's no joke.
9:22 pm
finally, you know their names, crews by, ovechkin, preair. they are among the les of the top selling jerseys in the national hockey lead, but as chuck found out, blackhawk fans
9:23 pm
take their passion for hockey jerseys to a whole new obsession. >> reporter: blackhawk fans love their jerseys. how many blackhawk jerseys do you have? >> i have about probably 20. >> reporter: 20 jerseys? >> at least. >> reporter: from pure hockey passion to borderline addiction. you have your own separate closet for them? >> i actually do. >> reporter: that's sick. >> it's very sick, and i'm horribly embarrassed right now. >> reporter: so if you can't actually be them, you might as well ware them, even if you can't spell them. put you on the spot, how do you spell -- >> how do i spell it the american way or the right way? >> reporter: the way it's on the back of your jersey. >> byful -- let's see here, byfug --
9:24 pm
>> oh, okay. du. >> reporter: no, no,llu. ien. but hawks fans really remember those special ones from the past. >> this is signed by bobby hull, 1983, the year got in as a hall of famer. >> reporter: and who on the back? >> stan mckeithia, number 21. >> that's awesome. >> if i could get him to sign it, that would pretty much take the cake. >> dennis hull, you're the only person i've ever seen besides dennis hull to wear a dale earnhardt this hull jersey. why dennis hull jersey, why is that? >> to be different. >> reporter: i'm looking here, there's a kane number 14. i hate to say this, but past 88 what happened here? >> no, i'm 14, i'm pat kane,
9:25 pm
the real pat kane. >> reporter: you were born on the 14th? >> exactly. >> reporter: you were born april 14th, 1960? >> yeah, exactly. >> reporter: do you have your driver's license? let me see this. i need more on that within sense of license. your plummer's license. that says pat kane. okay -- think i'm gonna believe him. but then you might not believe this. you show up showing whose jersey? >> eric, my favorite. >> reporter: and he happens to be here. >> he happens to be here, i came here with my three nephews, they government me the jersey, and he hannans to be here. it's awesome. >> reporter: have you ever seen a fan wear one of your jerseys? >> no, it's the first one, i'm
9:26 pm
serious. >> i figured what better way to honor him than to get his jersey. that's the way to go. >> reporter: why were you named after hem? >> my dad's favorite player on the blackhawks. he said he was the best on the pk, swooping up and down the ice. >> reporter: ask and here you are today, and he's right over there, the guy you were named after is signing autographs right over there. >> what better way to come in here and get an autograph, and i added some research to do. i asked him if he tipped in bobby's 50th. so i heard it from the horse's mouth. >> reporter: what did he say? >> absolutely. >> reporter: so at your next hawks game, remember, everybody can be somebody, and we mean anybody. >> i don't normally ask people this, but can i have of have your autograph? >> sure. >> reporter: i really appreciate this. >> where do you watch me to sign? >> caller: just sign my
9:27 pm
sweater. thank you, i appreciate pit. >> and that will do it for another edition of net impact. i'm art fennell, thanks for joining us. coming up next months on net impact as the year comes to an end, we'll take a look back at some of our top sports stories that shaped 2009. and to find net impact in your area and for the law enforcementest breaking local enforcementest breaking local oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach.
9:28 pm
come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call.
9:29 pm
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serious program of microlending to let individuals have small sums of money who can't we get if we use that money to develop
10:17 pm
businesses for themselves where they can earn a living and then of course training for those individuals so that they know how to operate a business. i have such a training facility in my district the leavenworth christian center has something called the joseph school of business. they do an outstanding job of training entrepreneurs who with small sums of money can earn a living for themselves. >> congressman glenn more and then we will go to the next question. >> thank you triet to respond briefly as to how are we going to create jobs, the president in this administration has poured billions of dollars of resources into creating the new green technology. there are infrastructure jobs. we have aging bridges, roads and
10:18 pm
so what we indicated in the letter to the president is that we want pre-apprenticeship programs so that there can be a trap for low-income americans to be on the road toward learning the skills and obtaining the skills for the jobs of the future. to many programs require a baseline of education and training that many folks in the community do not have. but with a diprete apprentice ship program we can address some of the turf of skills many of these americans have and give them some in, while they are learning and training for the jobs of the future. >> right here. >> you talked about how -- speed where are you from? >> chad burger from fox news. we can talk about how the african-american and latino community were hit hard with the downturn and how some are preaching, the focus of these
10:19 pm
committees. how do you avoid any legislative solution to this being only on the lines of race even though these are communities that were -- >> you want to stick to the microphone, please? who wants to respond? >> atingua said that earlier. if you look what we suggested the letter in terms of how -- and we are not talking about race. we are talking about the hardest hit, where the members of the unemployment rates are the greatest. we are talking about qualified areas of economic hardship, where 20% or more of the population is at or below the poverty line and we want at least 10% of the resource is targeted to that. chairman conyers also has a provision that he would like to talk about as it relates to the markets. >> caroline kilpatrick talked about the short term. i'm going back to humphrey-hawkins for long-term, which is very important.
10:20 pm
it's already on the books, too. it needs to be funded, rewritten and comport with modern times. i'm looking are now. i don't think anybody was here when me and hawkins were here. [laughter] welcome you were in college and doing well. we knew you were coming to congress. [laughter] you were working, that's right. but anyway, for fox news reiteration, look, we deal with the places that have the lowest unemployment. regrettably it is in the black and hispanic communities. you got that? we've set it three or four times here. >> now to this question we have congressman jackson lee, david scott and we will go to the next questions. >> thank you, madame chair.
10:21 pm
i am pleased to join my colleagues believe you can see every member of the black caucus is intimately engaged in this process. what i would suggest to you is this caucus remains an ally in this administration and proud of the administration as we begin to see the efforts of crack edge lit mabey be clear we work in partnership with the responsibilities are to be the advocates and the changemakers in the united states congress. we are writing legislation. our job is to make sure the legislation that gets to the president's desk response to the degradation and crisis in our community. it is a crisis is a peaking crisis and no one should leave here without knowing that we are in a crisis. our community is bleeding. and we are the worst hit, the old adage. someone has a cold we have got h1n1 dewey we are not going to
10:22 pm
cease like our sleeves, and i will say this, as you help those that are latinos and african-americans you help poor whites and appalachian because it has to do with the targeted on employed and the underemployed. we have an additional issue of, of course. a high percentage of sex offenders. people who have done their time and paid for the crime seven, ten, 45 years and they want to simply provide for their families. our caucuses has to consider those responsibilities and i would like to say there are moneys already out in the system in addition to the efforts, the emphasis we are utilizing that are not being focused on the populations we want to focus on and i recite this to you in closing. home and public buildings authorization, a reading of public spaces and this is wasted recycling, public building, solar installation, forestry, training, to during our mentoring. a lot of these create right on
10:23 pm
the spot jobs and one of the elements i have asked for is to allow people who were on unemployment to be trained with a stipend. they keep unemployment and they have a stipend that means to get income and training at the same time. we are not ashamed of saying we are the rattlers and warriors for those jobless right now and programs we have in place are not helping them. our task is to make it known to the white house and anyone else who needs to be the decision maker to make this work for our constituents and that is why did this great plan is that has been offered by the chairwoman in the task force which i am proud to serve on. >> congressman david scott. >> i think it is very important to clarify this issue and make sure it is known concern is not based on the foundation of race.
10:24 pm
it is based on the foundation of need. a war, we are asking no less than what wall street asked for. when wall street had a problem there was no problem with the sense of urgency to the we are asking for the same sense of urgency. there was no problem with that money was targeted to wall street. we are asking for the same targeted areas on main street. now, when we put forth an effort to say that we need to have money going to those people at the low and middle-income areas that is the primary area because those are the people most likely to spend that money, not black, not white, but people will spend the money. we also have to understand for a sample we need to build on those two fundamental foundations that we in the financial services
10:25 pm
committee had already put in place in this financial services bill. we know there is a direct tie between the joblessness and for closure. if we were to target money to those areas where you had the greatest lead in foreclosure and greatest need for abandoned buildings and get money to the cities and counties that go in, built the buildings back up, that does two things, improved housing stock but it puts people to work in those jobs of reconstructing, redeveloping those homes. more than the 1 billion we've got the financial services to go there billions more can go to that, help the overall economy. we have people who are jobless or about to lose their jobs hang on to their homes by their fingernails. we've got $3 billion in the financial-services bill to go to that. while billions more can go into that program in and of itself. that is targeted. that is focused. we are asking for no more and no
10:26 pm
less than what wall street did. wall street is just as important as our communities. >> congressman ellison and then another question. >> it is true we are in the job crisis but also a very serious situation related to structural unemployment. economists are now telling us the national rate of on and when it is going to shift from 5% to 7% support of what we are saying is this targeted job creation needs to respond to what could be if we don't operate quickly lasting chronic unemployment situation for people and i want to point out when a person loses a job that creates enormous hole in the resonate which diminishes employment chances in the future and impact to their children, children grow up in poverty have more detrimental statistics on nearly every measure. so what we are talking about is even a generational problem we are trying to fix right now that will deal not only with a crisis that could be if we don't act a
10:27 pm
structural problem in our economy. last point, this is good for deficit reduction. yes we are talking about spending money but if people are not working, people are not buying, if people are not abiding people are not selling and you are not paying more taxes so we can track down the deficit through greater economic growth and economic activity. so we are calling for this and ask for your -- to report it. >> ben evans with associated press. is the caucus saying they will oppose any jobs package that does not include the 10% targeted? >> let me say it is premature to even discuss that. right now each and every member of the congressional black caucus weighed in on this bill in a big way and we are working through the legislative process and negotiations to make sure all of these provisions are included. would anybody else like to say anything? okay, next question right here.
10:28 pm
>> a lot of people who watch our network are not inside the beltway and of fluid in the washington speak so keep that in mind in this question. what do you say to the people watching the network and there is more months left at the end of the money. people's unemployment is not covering the other children are hungry, they can't meet their mortgage payment. impleader meeks say to the constituents out there watching this and their mission is all i need help. >> congresswoman you that clark from new york. >> what we say to our constituents and all americans is that we understand that the factor is very high and communities. we go home to the people we serve each and every weekend and we are working diligently. we are raising the issues other people shy away from raising. we are coming up with the solutions the need to be integrated in every piece of
10:29 pm
legislation that we pass to make a breakthrough for job creation in this nation. we've recognized putting our communities to work lifts this nation out of the financial malaise that is in right now. every community across this nation deserves an opportunity to have a comeback just like wall street has and we have the capacity, the intellect, this bill, the talent and legislation to make it so. it is time for all of us to use our political but, every job to representatives and let them know that it's time for job creation in this nation and that we will not tolerate anything less. thank you. >> can we go to the next question? >> for those people who have more month than money at the end of the month it is important for people to be assertive about their rights to be bailed out.
10:30 pm
in every single state we have added money to the recovery act for additional dollars, and the culture of the states has been to kick people off the welfare and denied them benefits. but we have given them money some people have to be assertive about their right to have money during these hard economic times. we increased amount of food stamps and eligibility criteria for receiving food stamps so people need to mollohan their head in shame. if we can be allowed goldman sachs we can bail them out, too and they should be assertive about their right to receive those benefits. >> next question right back here. >> cnn. congressman cleaver mentioned focus on banks to big to fail at the expense of smaller people who were too small to matter. given that president obama was a member of the black caucus before he became president are
10:31 pm
you surprised or disappointed there wasn't a more targeted effort in the big stimulus package that passed earlier this year? >> let me say first of all i'm very proud of the financial services committee members, all ten congressional black caucus members who led a very forceful and very honorable fight in the financial services committee to make sure this bill but we are debating right now leaves no one behind. let me ask congressman maxine waters who led the fight come speak to what was included in the legislation. ..
10:32 pm
we have been loyal members of that committee. we have responded to and supported the administration and the leadership consistently. and so, we finally are waking up to the fact that despite the fact we are loyal, consistent members of this congress and of our cocktails and of that committee we are not paying enough attention to the misery in our communities. and as we have said that it's over. you're absolutely right. not enough attention has been paid to the small banks. they have been suffering. they have not been able to get
10:33 pm
the capital from the window. they have not been able to get the capital of the private market and you do have goldman sachs and others who came here and got tremendous bailout money and made a lot of money with it. and they are maybe not talking about paying their top management the big bonuses, that the average employee at goldman sachs will get paid a bonus i've $770,000. and so, we are dealing with people whose unemployment is running out. we'll dealing with young people who are looking at the two of 30% of our many communities on america's corners and this caucus has decided not only are we going to employee a more targeted strategy and work with our own leadership, but we are going to legislatively put together efforts like this congress woman and leader has done in order to target the jobs
10:34 pm
possibilities for communities. >> thank you very much. right here. anyone else in the back? right here in the front row. and we'll have time for tumor questions. and members who have not responded will respond. >> mr. ellis and was urging that you come here and talk about small businesses. there are some parts to negotiations that we're involved in. one is the federal government is all spend a lot of money. they spend money on advertising or example. the department of defense spends trendiest dollars just in recruitments alone. but guess what? black newspapers and radio stations don't get that money. the federal government puts money into banks, but guess what? nordby and black banks don't get any of that money. do you realize that money deposited in a small minority banks would provide the capital
10:35 pm
that could be used to lend out to support those very business days that mr. davis is talking about and mr. ellison is talking about. do you realize that on wall street we have very competent professionals who can do asset-management and you should be involved in some of the response that the top money has been used for and developing all kind of consultancies. they are not getting their fair share. so if the government itself stop discriminating against small and minority businesses, many of those resources would be helpful in our community. and so that's what some of mr. ellison is talking four. >> i'm wondering if you have identified and then assign specific members of the congress to sit down with leadership that will be the leadership to craft out the policy details of that as this bill is being finalized here you are issues are being
10:36 pm
included. >> sure, the leadership of the congressional black caucus sits down with their leadership on each and every bill that moves forward. in addition to that we have 17 subcommittee chairs and for subcommittee chairs who are the take on each and every policy initiative that we are on. pardon quark? mr. clybourn is our whip and is a former member of the congressional black caucus and participates and former chair of the congressional black caucus and continues to participate with us as they congressional black caucus. anybody else want to speak? okay, one more question. >> with respect to the legislation that currently to be in debated as it results to regulatory forum and it a
10:37 pm
related issue of small businesses and microlensing that was discussed earlier. i'm wondering why it specific measures would be taken to make sure that people aren't entering into loans irresponsibly or getting in over their heads as it relates to loans for small businesses or the kind of micro loans that were discussed earlier. >> actually, we did a separate press release on not issue. and the whole predatory lending bill that the house already passed was -- is being incorporated into this legislation that's being considered on the floor. so that addressed the whole angel predatory lending that is taking place even fully debated is included in the legislation. in addition to a number of other targeted rings that we put out information on so we'll make sure you get a copy for mac.
10:38 pm
>> okay, let me thank -- okay, we have one more member. congressman al green from texas. >> well, i'd like to give a commentary if i may. it would be a tragedy of epic, in fact, biblical proportions if the economy recovers and we leave the african-american and latino communities behind. the money is going to be spent for the jobs. the question is where will the money be spent? and that is what this is all about. we want to make sure that the money that is spent that that money gets to all segments of society. it is very unfortunate that we have to make this commentary, but the truth of the matter is there are people who are suffering and have not been
10:39 pm
identified properly. that's what we're doing. we've got the courage and the commitment to say what needs to be fed. we cannot leave these communities behind. let's make sure that they receive as much attention as others will receive. if it goes to the areas where the unemployment is the highest, it will cover the people that are suffering the most and they will be african american and latino. final comments, dr. king reminds us what impacts directly impacts all input directly. we do this for people who are the most impacted were doing it for everybody in this country because they have a link to each other and we can never escape that link. we are all in this together and what we are doing is to help the president of the united states of america.
10:40 pm
thank you. >> thank you again and let me thank all of the members of the congressional black caucus for their incredible work. also emanuel cleaver and our jobs task force. thank you all for being here. members will be available for comment after this. thanks again. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
10:41 pm
this weekend on booktv at look at climate change with former vice president al gore on reducing the effects of greenhouse gases. and lawrence solomon on the scientists who question the validity of global warming. on afterwords joan and her bio of antonin scully. and can all lead on how google became the new media giants. booktv this weekend on c-span 2. >> now some of today's health care debate in the senate. it begins with a procedural motion by democrat dick durbin
10:42 pm
and an objection by republican senator mike and see. this is a half-hour. >> yesterday mr. president and majority leader propounded the unanimous consent to afford both with respect to the health care bill. a revote later objected to the consensus indicating they had just received a copy of senator lautenberg's side-by-side amendment to the dorgan amendment so they needed time to review the amendment. therefore mr. president and ask unanimous consent that follow. mourning this mistake resume business as h.r. 3590 for the certain pending crapo amendment to commit in the dorgan amendment number 2793 is modified. may senator baucus be recognized with a side-by-side amendment to the crapo motion. once that has been recognized to the dorgan amendment as modified. the vote specified in agreement be five minutes of debate equally divided in the usual
10:43 pm
form upon the use or yielding back of the time. the senate proceed to vote in relation to the lautenberg amendment that upon the disposition of elaborate amendment the senate and with a devoted relation to the dorgan amendment that upon his position papacy developed in relation to the baucus amendment and then upon dismissive of that they proceed to vote in relation to the crapo and motion to commit. no other amendments in the dependency of this agreement and the above-referenced amendment emotions that may be subject to an affirmative 60 vote threshold and that if they achieve that threshold then maybe agree agreed to and the motion to reconsider laid upon the table but if they do not receive that threshold then be withdrawn. >> is there an objection? >> mr. president, reserving the right to object. >> senator from wyoming. >> were going to have three republican and one democrat and the democrats wrote the bill. and the democrats are doing a side-by-side to their own amendments. it looks to me like they ought to get together and get some things figured out and they
10:44 pm
ought to be a little more fairness on the number of amendments. so i would object. >> objection is observed. >> mr. president,. >> senator from illinois. >> this is the second time we offered to call a mandatory vote. and the complaint from the other side is you're not calling amendment for a vote. how many times where to ask for permission untrimmed permission to call a vote, run into objections from the republican side and then hear the speech why aren't we voting on amendments? i am certain that in the vast expanse of time and space we can work out something fair in terms of the number of amendments on both sides. in fact, maybe the next round will have more republican amendments than democratic amendments. at omaha many republican amendments are democratic amendments would've voted on so far. can we get an official tally of that. i really think that a very minor element to stop the debate on the health care bill because we need to have equal number of amendments. can't grownups work things out
10:45 pm
like this with an understanding that we will resolve them? if we can't, then for goodness sakes don't subject us to these arguments on the floor that were not calling amendment for a vote. we just try to does in a row and republicans once again have stopped as with objections. and i would implore the leadership, not my friend from wyoming i know he's doing was instructed to by the leaders. i would employ the leadership to break this logjam. what's not at the end of the day say well we stop debating this bill would wish to debate me that we offered in good faith to days in a row to have actual amendments offered and debated. i would also say, mr. president, that this is the bill we are considering h.r. 3590 when we return to it. this is the welfare reform bill and this is the bill that has been the product of a lot of work, a lot of work has gone into its both in the house and the senate and in the senate to different committees met literally for months writing this bill. and they should take that time
10:46 pm
because this is the most significant and historic and comprehensive bill i've ever considered in my time in congress. more than 25 years. this bill affects every person in america. every person in the gallery and everyone watching this and c-span. every person in america. and it addresses an issue every american is concerned about, the future of health care. how we're going to make it affordable at a time when fewer businesses offer the protection of health insurance at a time when individuals on themselves unable to buy health insurance that is good that they can afford. at a time when health insurance companies are turning down people right and left for virtually any excuse related to preexisting conditions. we cannot continue along this road. those who are fighting change, those who are resisting reform are basically standing by a broken system. there are many elements in american health care that are the best in the world. but the basic health care system in america is fundamentally flawed. this is the only civilized
10:47 pm
nation on earth where you can die for lack of health insurance. literally die. 45,000 people a year die because they don't have health insurance they need to bring them to the doctor that they need at a critical moment in life. they don't have health insurance they need to afford the surgical procedure they need to avoid a deadly disease. if a person has a 5000-dollar did not develop on their health insurance, and the doctor tells them as a man from illinois said you should have colonoscopies or there is some medications you may have a problem. this could develop into colon cancer which could be fatal. and the man says how much is the colonoscopy? and they say $3000 out of pocket. and he says i can't afford it. i just can't pay for it. he doesn't get the colonoscopies and bad deeds can occur. that happens in america but no other civilized country. it's true in some systems that aren't as efficient as others he may have tied to wait an extra
10:48 pm
month. that he wouldn't die for lack of health insurance and not that's going on in america. almost 50 million americans without health insurance today, almost 50 million this great and prosperous nation who went to bed last night without the peace of mind of great coverage of health insurance. this bill addresses that. at the end of the day 94% of people living in america will be up to sleep at night knowing they have a decent health insurance plan. that is an amazing step forward. is it a step consistent with social security which finally took the worry away from seniors and their families about what would happen to grandma and grandpa when they stop working. i remember those days. there was a time when grandma and grandpa retired and moved in with their kids. you remember that era? i do. it happened in our family and they didn't have any choice. they had to because they had modest jobs and not a lot of savings and they depended on their kids to find a spare
10:49 pm
bedroom or sleep in a basement that's made over so they've have a comfortable safe place to be. social security changed that for most american families. this bill will change health care for most american families. and the same thing is true with medicare. the critics of medicare and they have been legion on the floor of the united states senate ignore the obvious. they will have the peace of mind to know they cannot affordable health care once they reach the age of 65. they will lose their life savings and will get a good doctor, good hospital, and a good outcome. isn't that what america's all about? isn't that why were so as to be here? why don't we have more support? or republican side of the aisle all it does is come here and tell us what's wrong with the idea of health care reform. this morning's "washington post" has an article which i hope some of my republican colleagues will read because it talks about a lost opportunity which the republicans have. we've invited the republicans from day one to be part of the conversation about health care reform. senator enzi from wyoming is one
10:50 pm
who assiduously gave every effort, spent 61 days trying to reach a bipartisan agreement and failed amah but at least he tried. i commend him for trying. too many others on the other side didn't try. stephen pearlstein right one can only imagine how republicans could have rationed health care reform legislation in the senate. without question, they could've won what deficit reducing cost savings of medicare by setting limits on spending growth, reform in the way health care is organized and they could've begun to realize their goal of consumer driven health care i insisted in a new insurance offer at least one plan, built around individual health accounts. he goes on on to talk about the last abilities. they could've taken a page from john mccain's platform and insisted on replacing the current tax occlusion on health care benefits with a flat tax credit that would be more progressive and put downward pressure on premiums. i'm a caring team that any of those proposals would've been in, but they all could've been and if we we had a dialogue.
10:51 pm
instead of a dialogue, we have a shouting match. one side of the aisle shouting at the other. it's exactly the stereotype of washington which america has come to hate. america wants us to solve problems. not given to these the first line debates where we see you can get the rhetorical better of the other. they want us to solve problems but unfortunately we are still waiting. were the first republicans across the aisle on the passage of this bill and work with us. the door still open. imitation is still there. the idea of doing nothing is unacceptable and that i think should be the message. the fact is there is no comprehensive republican health care reform bill. senders come to the fore like senator coburn and says i have a good idea and i bet he does. i may even subscribe to him. but his idea of having gone through the rigor this bill has gone through. this bill was sent to the congressional budget office and scored asking the basic questions. number one, will imagine the
10:52 pm
deficit? they came back and told us know. the democratic health care reform ones that save money. $130 billion in ten years, $650 billion in the second ten years. we asked them, is it going to insure more americans? they came back and said yes, 94% will be ensured when this is over. that same rigor has not been applied to the republican ideas because it's hard. it's tough and it takes time. so i commend them for their thoughtful ideas, but to say that they have something that they can match against this bill comprehensive reform just go to the republican senate website and look for the republican comprehensive health care reform bill and you know it shall find? you'll find a democratic bill. that's all they can talk about. they don't have a comprehensive health care reform bill but we're not going to quit. and america, we can't go home for christmas until we get this job done. after we been here 12 straight days debating what kind of get into a trancelike catatonic state here we can't remember our last speech was about to go to
10:53 pm
sleep at night thinking about what we might decide on the flora what we're going to say tomorrow. but the fact is, we've got to stay and do our job not just about health care reform but to do something significant to help the unemployed and deal with jobs in the economy before we leave here to try to enjoy christmas on the what's left of the holiday season with our family. this is a job that has to be done. i'm sorry that we've reached a point where the republicans have not been actively involved in creating this bill dared return for the longest time and the health committee, where senator enzi serves as ranking republican, more than 100 republican amendments were accepted as part of this debate and still not one single republican senator would vote for the bill in that committee. so far the scorecard and republican participation in health care reform debate is a lot of speeches, a lot of press releases, and that of charts on the floor, but only two votes. one from a republican congressman in louisiana for the house bill. one from senator snowe of maine for the senate finance version of this weird
10:54 pm
>> majority's time has expired. >> i urge my colleagues to join us in a cooperative effort to join something more positive than just speeches on the floor. i yield the floor. >> mr. president? >> the senator from arizona. the mac while my friend from arizona -- the >> i ask that morning business be closed. >> i want to make sure senator mccain has his time. >> i ask for an additional ten minutes of morning business so that i could maybe engage in a colloquy with my favorite combat didn't hear. talk a little bit about his remarks. and i have to say that i appreciate the eloquence and the passion of the senator from illinois has brought to this debate. and he makes some very convincing points. and one of the major points and i be glad to listen to the senator. i think it's fair for us to
10:55 pm
respond to each other's comments. quickly. the senator from illinois said that we have been engaged in the negotiations and inputs have been made into formulation of this bill. i have to tell the senator from illinois, i've been engaged in many bipartisan compromises, whether it issues such as campaign-finance reform or whether it be a whole large number of issues including defense weapons acquisition reform. and you know what the process was i say to the from illinois? people sat down at the table together when they were writing the legislation, when they were writing the legislation. now, i'm a member of the health committee, okay? and you know what the process was. i say to the senator of illinois because i'm on the committee a bill was brought before the committee without a single -- and senator enzi will attest to this -- without a single period of negotiation where he sat down
10:56 pm
together with the chairman of the committee were they said what's your input into this legislation? now we have many hours, many hours of amendments in the committee, all of which were any real substance or rejected on a partyline vote. i have to tell the senator from illinois he can say all he wants to bet there has been efforts to open this up to bipartisanship. there has not and my experience here in the senate, i know how you frame it a partisan bill and that has not been the process that has been pursued by the majority. and i understand what 60 votes mean. but in all due respect, i say to the eloquence of my friend from illinois, that is not in the process which i have successfully pursued for many, many years where people sat down together at the beginning where you are there at the takeoff and also then on the landing. and i'd be glad to hear what the senator from illinois has as a
10:57 pm
response. i ask unanimous goods went that we can engage in a colloquy. >> without objection. >> first, this is perilously goes to a debate on the floor of the united states senate which rarely occurs in the world's most delivered a body were senators with opposing views actually in a respectful way have an exchange. and i think the senator from arizona. i think the senator from arizona. i know that senator dodd taking to the health committee with a baseball to start with but it's my understanding the amended process that 100 republican amendments were accepted on that bill. if i mistake i have the senator from arizona will correct me but i believe -- i'd be glad to collect the senator from illinois. none of those amendments were of any significant substance that would have a significant impact on the legislation. i've got to say to the senator from illinois. for example, medical malpractice.
10:58 pm
we posed several amendments that would address what we all know, what the congressional budget office says is $54 billion. other estimates as much as $100 billion of saving. so there was no real, real fundamental amendments. and i have to say that some of those amendments were accepted. but it still doesn't change the fact that at the beginning, just as the senator from illinois said the bill came to the committee without a bit of one minute of negotiation before the bill was presented to the committee and the ranking members here on the floor here till attest to that. please go ahead. >> i went through bankruptcy reform the senator grassley and the process by the republicans were in majority. he produced a baseline bill and i made some modifications. d-delta miller, one point time we agreed on a bill and came up with a common bill. the starting point i think is just the starting point. i would say to the senator from arizona, look at what happened to the issue of public option. i believe in public option possibly. i really believe it is essential
10:59 pm
for the future of health care reform for competition for private health insurance companies to give consumers a choice to make sure that we have one low-cost alternative at least in every market. and yet, at the end of the day i didn't do what i wanted. and what is being proposed that the cbo is not my version of public option. we ended up bending towards some of the more moderate and conservative members of the democratic caucus and toward the republican point of view. i don't know of a single republican who came out for the public option. maybe i'm forgetting one. at the end of the data point i'm making to you is there was an effort of flexibility and an effort and change to try to find some common ground. unfortunately, the ground we are plowing has only 60 democratic votes. it could've been much different. it could still be much different. >> i asked my friend, wasn't the reason of the public option was in command and wasn't because of republican objection it was because of democrat


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