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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 12, 2009 8:00pm-9:15pm EST

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this is net star 1. joe and greg with you. washington had a very die knacky movement. why so? >> greg: they did it all in that first period. it was one of the best passing displays i have seen. it started at the top between alex ovechkin and semin. they just had it on the first. >> joe: over, over, around and through. it would be washington early with a power play strike. >> greg: it is a call they didn't like. here is jeff there. misses on the short side. >> joe: poetry in motion at the
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2 minute mark. >> greg: this baby has to be slowed down just to show you what he had to put it through. look at the goalie. no chance for the defenders. what a great pass from ovechkin to nick. >> joe: the feeling was great in the first # minutes to have game for the caps. >> greg: yes. look at that. intight. catching glove. the catching glove works to hold his team to just a 2-goal deficit. >> joe: looking pretty good for washington. these are great number. >> you will be delighted if your boudreau. they had 2 or 32 on 1-1's against the caps. >> joe: tornado has held washington to 2 goals or less. more after these words.
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>> joe: all those toronto heros looking down from the rafters. they have been chasing the caps from the get go. the washington have a 2 goal advantage after the first 20 minute. >> joe, we will see the chasing. that is what happens. here is ovechkin going for the loose puck in the corner. notice the guys getting ready to follow for the puck. ovechkin gets there. over here. look how far he comes up. covering the point. so, now they start the cycle. now, beauchemin has to read that. nick, over here. is that the best boyd you have seen against the defender. nick is one of the best, joe, in controling the puck. over here. here comes ovechkin. now backstrom is going to funnel to the corner. there, we will see the criss-
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cross that i was talking about and the ovechkin pass doesn't get better than that. but theover laps and underlaps get the better of them and it just doesn't get any better than that. >> joe: the caps hoping to heat up next on csn. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas
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about all the discounts we're offering. i've got some catchphrases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...?
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boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> joe: let's get you inside air canada center. the washington taking on the caps. the caps lead by 2 after the
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1st period. >> joe: and we are getting going with period 2. there the is air canada center. the home of the toronto mapleleafs. an early whistle and icing call, 12 seconds into the middle frame. alex ovechkin was on the board. the 2 minute mark of this contest for bruce boudreau. >> greg: his 3rd season as a
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capitals open. winning 67-plus percentage of his games. lost 3 regulation games. >> joe: and the capitals squaring off with the lead. next up, tuesday night at the pepsi center in denver. i am auction to see the colorado avalanche in the flesh. >> greg: yes. they have good young players. >> joe: and ovechkin just missed the mark there. wait until you see the young teenager, on top to have game. >> greg: i am looking forward to him. i think he has already nine goals. he can obviously put the puck in the net. a turn around that came around a lot quicker in colorado than
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was expected. the caps control that draw. and there is brendan morrison. the kaberle long island native wants it back. and he will squeeze. >> greg: talk about toskala laning there. he was laning away, maybe looking for a back door pass. toskala along several goal- tenders, jonas gustavsson
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still recovering from his injury. he was on the ice this morning. that was the first time i have seen a sign of him chemicalling back. >> joe: intercepted. going the other way. ovechkin fires. rebounds and scores! well, for goalies, you like to have a velcro chest and pad. right there, that did not stick to the goal-tender, neuvirth, and that juicy rebound came right back around. sort of a broken play. pretty routine shot, though. the goal-tender must draw the glove like velcro. he doesn't, kicks it right in the slot and there it goes.
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>> greg: work would the wall. below the blue line. >> greg: he is going to need a haircut, soon, isn't he? >> joe: which guy? >> greg: peru. i can't tell how long lit be. -- perreault. i need you to start wearing
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some sort of hat. close your eyes and what do you see? those are the hats i will be wearing soon. behind mayer. and there is the puck back in toronto zone. i don't aware what label is on it. i wish i could wear them but i can't wear them. and mayers takes it off the board. brodey, good pass. 3 minute mark of the 2nd period. rebound, 129. and tonight's action came in tied for 3rd. and kaberle takes care of him as mayers will clear. and bradley, back to poety.
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washington scratching. # and theodore working last night a win over california. and morrison got caught on the eyes late. the caps have a long way to change, especially if you are a defenseman. you were 10 feet from the bench when the puck was turned over. he has to stay out here now. they need to get him off. he is really dying. even 5 on 5. they were outstanding in the first period. and there is a rebound. and score -- oh, no. it is covered. and primeau changing jabs. notice, that happened exactly
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when the leafs were yelling from the bench to call too many men on the ice at the caps bench when they had the puck in the feet of the defender, then they come down on the ice and the call is made t. call is going to be made late. i thought they would get away from it, but wilson and company start yelling and screaming at the referee and there has to be a delay, at least a 10-second delay before the referee puts up his arm and he nicks the caps for too many men on the ice penalty. >> joe: important penalty kill now for washington as the mapleleafs work around the perimeter. and kessel there. and regrouping. toronto on the season, just
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below 20% effective. >> greg: turns it for kaberle. and off the wing, right handed shot on the left wing board. kaberle points issued. knocked down, rebound wide. just the second goal in 22 games against the caps, giving toronto some life here in the second period. >> greg: they have a lot of life now. the mapleleafs power play, the last 22 times. >> joe: and ponikarovsky right on it with some speed there. on the counter attack there, alex. and a split second goes down, then gives it up. wide. another penalty, or maybe a penalty shot.
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>> greg: capitals is going to ask for a penalty shot. he is not going to get it. it is great stuff. by toskala. nicked in the first. here comes hagman for the net. notice the leg go right there. pushing the foot through to trip the guy. that is why he goes to the box. >> greg: and the opponents in this situation are 0-4, joe, with over 2 minutes of work.
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scores! phil kessel. you mentioned a call of times, all great goal scorers can shoot from different angles and change the angles that they attack on. here is a simple set up by kaberle. getting it down. one of the cease assists you will ever get in the nhl. her comes kessel, and a good -- not a good position he want today be in. here comes pestle and there is the -- kessel, and there is the shot. excelration on the shot, catching wind inbetween. half way where they need to be, 3/4 of the way.
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>> greg: remember we talked about brendan morrison sees penalty killing unit and how much they had improved t. reason why, we are getting safe. now, another 28 seconds for the power play.
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and the toning there. and this one tripled into the corner. shoulder-to-shoulder with knuble. and chops it on around and it will be spun out. mike green up at that time penalty box. he leads and toronto does get one power goal out to have two- men advantage. sharp angle. paddle town. the other way. and ovechkin hit it is breaks. powered by two of them. and shaone morrisonn can't step in there. he would have been outside. then we get a whistle here, displayed with a hand pass. 2-2, just shy of the 8 minute mark. phil kessel off the wing. no mistakes. the mapleleafs are even with the caps in the field.
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>> joe: well, we are back again with you. watching some great action between both teams. fires here. that is about the 4th time he has brought one of the capitals with his catching glove. sneaking in there, and joining in the attack. here comes ovechkin. and there is the catching mitt of toskala. >> greg: yes. you can see him there with the glove. the calgary native. scores. ovechkin to backstrom, bull's eye! all of a sudden, he comes up
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with something big. man, this one looks like it was creeping in on him. right through the pads of toskala, and all of a sudden the leafs are down by 1 when they had the momentum. look at the rotation. we looked at the tell administration in the 1st period. here it is. another rotation. you didn't realize that the team didn't have the puck, it looked like. he just slammed it between the pads. backstrom on the board. nicklas backstrom 14 point in the last 7 games. watches back up, 3-2. even in full strength, 5 on 5. we here in toronto at the air canada center. and they will head home, the
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caps, tonight and make their way west to the avalanche. -- east to the avalanche. always a top game between those two teams. oh, rebound. look at that. wide. mayers mayers at point blank range. and orr trying to track down his own rebound. near the midway mark of regulation time. center strike. orr got himself in some hot water there. and brendan morrison, it looks like, in center, with an 80- foot missile right through the glove. the caps number one trio have
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really done the damage in this hockey game. alex, alex and nicklas backstrom have totally dominated. they are going through a good defensive crew whether you look at francois beauchemin and white. >> joe: yes. he can unleash a shot quickly when need be. giving him a lot of room. chance for us to step away. this is the nhl on comcast sportsnet.
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coach boudreau putting alex ovechkin back out there and getting results. >> greg: he seems to be doing well, the set up guy, and backstrom has been the finisher. a couple of goals and all over the score sheet here in toronto. >> joe: and alex ovechkin and nicklas backstrom with 2 points each. the washington capitals have the one point advantage now. and multiple goals for them.
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yes. >> greg: the last eight outings, 24 times now, they have had multigoal games from players. that would be expected whether the caps are the number one scoring team in the nhl. >> joe: off side against washington. the front runners against washington have 20 wins, 6 losses. knuble, back in line. returned to the line up after a pinky finger injury and suffering from surgery. and he and white sprinkle it out there for
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the team. and a save on backstrom. green a hook into kulemin. maneuver around the defenseman. this has been a dominating performance by this line tonight. backstrom. and over to ovechkin again. he goes by. gets it out. ovechkin didn't get very far. and over to kaberle. and brian pothier steps in.
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rebound slapped away. the better the passer. the longer the stick t harder the slap shot. look at long sticks from guys that bring it stronger and shoot it well, but it takes away from your passing ability. some are not real crushers. they rely on holding the puck a lot. all about transitioning and moveing the puck. that works well.
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and kaberle uses a hockey stick, honestly, that a 12- year-old could use, quick easily. and right there, a save! rebound home. and knocked him down. inside! great save. that is a game that could have been thrown off in the 1st
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period if not for soses' catching glove. it is in the right position here. look where it is. he is wanting him to shoot there. he is saying shoot there, i am ready. he is just been solid with the catcher. >> joe: we were talking about changing the angle on the side blocker and going low blocker side, and he still runs high gloves. how with you go low whether you use an ovechkin stick. >> greg: well, he is looking forward to getting a stick with his own name on it. right now he is still using an old stick when he start indeed atlanta.
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6 minutes separating us. three goals in the second period. caps with a 2-0 advantage after one. back-to-back. now, backstrom has the lead for a moment. round and round. and lost the edge there. over to the front. orr looking to stop him. good line for wilson, saying we don't get a lot of ice time, but, man, they made their presence felt. they have been hard on the puck against the caps defensemen.
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>> joe: 3-2. washington has the advantage. we will be back here in downtown toronto, in a moment. (announcer) we call it the american renewal. because we believe in the strength of american businesses. ge capital understands what small businesses need
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to grow and create jobs. today, over 300,000 businesses rely on ge capital for the critical financing they need to help get our economy back on track. the american renewal is happening. right now. >> joe: last night green was back to his regulation antics.
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buries it. you will see why here. >> greg: he has been impressive. mike green scored 116 into overtime last night. 10th career gwg. happy holidays to the americans in service. the toronto mapleleafs and washington capitals here this evening in toronto. one more get together between these teams before it's all said in done, comes mid january of the new year at the verizon center. on the eyes. one of the mainstays along with rice. 4-40 in period 2. and backstrom
8:38 pm
anoas vital players offensively for the caps. and here is semin. officials seeing the net behind neuvirth, gets the whittle. there he is, coming in, wiping out t. ref says keep the caps going. why do that. allow boudreau's team to get a scoring check before the whistle went. >> greg: boudreau hoping his team will put on a show. this has been an action-packed hockey game. back on top of the seats. and a save and change of
8:39 pm
direction. obviously played. that was a great kick and the fans like his excellent work. and hagman there. back on. shootings and scores! i am not sure i like this goal either, joe. >> greg: i know it is a broken play. he leads the team in goals and now has his 15th.
8:40 pm
and not going to be too happy. the caps overlap. sharp angle shot right there. for me, michal neuvirth went down too early, joe. he was down before the shot left his stick, and that allowed the forward, hagman to raise the puck, to score his 15th and tie up the game once again. 3:05 to go in the 2nd period. and the fingers. throughout showing his stuff. green will turn with it with 2:40 to go in period 2. and
8:41 pm
dodging over there. came to help. and toronto has 3 goals in this game. backstrom on the back check. semin the other way. alexander semin on theover lap with ovechkin. on the overlap. and he doesn't get there in time. right there so they can regroup. a minute-5 until the second
8:42 pm
intermission. and primeau is over there. and high by neuvirth. and on the boards for ponikarovsky. the toronto mapleleafs are skating through the puck, getting there first and starting to win some to have little battles below the top of the circle. that is case in point in the last couple of checks. and brendan morrison trailing the play. and knuble has the rebound for washington. erased by ponikarovsky. the final minute of the 2nd period now. high in the air by kaberle.
8:43 pm
timing it beautifully. knocked down and vice versa. looks like he needs a wind to get it out. 30 seconds to operate. and ian white, out of his own zone. scotching. crossed up by that pass. and morrison working 2-2 with knuble. and a second of the period. kaberle. and closes. one more. save it. 2 seconds. and another save by neuvirth. energily he brings it to the conclusion. watch the peaks and valley, goes one way then the other. tough stay at the end of the
8:44 pm
period, the direction is toward the toronto mapleleafs. here comes kaberle. across to kessel, staging it, good hard shot in the slot. neuvirth at his best late here in the 2nd period. >> greg: anxiety moments for the 21-year-old from the czech public. we are on the 2nd intermission live. highlights and stats coming your way. we will tell strait once more. the scores has intense fies and the hitting picked up. 3-3. toronto mapleleafs and washington cap boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> joe: it is coming your way on station station, with the on comcast sportsnet. we all know that the ladies love hockey. toronto mapleleafs and washington capitals here 3-3, tied it up. we can look at the ever popular ladies in heels. >> hi, there. >> ready? >> sorry. this is actually my 3rd hockey
8:48 pm
run here. i have had a really good time here. i have learned what it is like to be on the ice. >> we have a square off. we have to have our toes right there and it is all about being quick. ready? oh, that is good. ready? good battle. >> i love seeing all the female fans. it is important to teach them a little about the game if they don't know, give them the opportunity to see what we do everyday. >> take some shots on goal, get it, and shoot it on goal. sound pretty easy? all right. there we go! there we go! nice shot. good save. >> you find out it is not quite as easy as you think. >> let's try that one one more time. >> greg: they are very
8:49 pm
aggressive. they are all over the ice. >> greg: if we can educate them a little bit and give them an understanding of what we are all doing, they will be able to watch the game with a little more interest. >> when they come up, give the puck to mickey, right about here. it is really hard to get lower to get through these guys. i have to watch through the wood, they say now. never mind. [ laughing ] >> the pass is easy. they protect the shins. shin pads are needed. these shoulder pad, obviously one goes around the shoulder and then the jersey goes on. >> i guess we don't realize how hard they work, practice pretty much every day, play games every other day. it gives you a real perspective. >> there you go. did you see that?
8:50 pm
nice shot! good job! >> the ladies are die-hard fans! they get nice and loud at verizon center. they have a great time each year with hockey in heels. stay right there. toronto mapleleafs and washington capitals 3-3. highlights to come.
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>> joe: the nhl on comcast continues. the caps have traveled north tonight, playing with the mapleleafs. they each have 3 a piece. what is it about nick's talents that lend to him being so productive on the rink. >> greg: if you look at the history on the nhl, all great lines have a great pivot. what separates nick from most great player in the nhl, they hold onto the puck. nick is uncanny, when he get's
8:53 pm
the puck in the corner, joe, to shrug off a check, counter hit and still makes plays and that is what sets him apart as one of the elite center in the nhl. >> joe: he does it with such a subtle nature. it is great to watch. let's get to the geek cohighlights. the mapleleafs respond. >> greg: yes. look here. just a wrist shot. goes to the streak and stays underneath for the pass. one more look, joe. here is big rebound, right in the front, not in the corners where it should have been. 89 seconds into the 2nd period t. caps get in a little penalty trouble. they say, i am going to take it to the net there. is the goal-tender, neuvirth. a little too deep. he talks about the trickery of his release. kessel on the board with the extra two men. that was a 5 on 3 power play
8:54 pm
goal. and backstrom t set up man, so strong, well, there is a shot. 3 leads, round up, it gets through. the way he played it, he was way too deep in the game. >> joe: and ovechkin and backstrom each with 3 points apiece. >> greg: a lot of mojo going both way in the this game. there is neuvirth a little too early down. and hagman shot. he has been as hot as a pistol all season long. that is number 15. >> joe: and number 3 against the caps t. caps can't stop them. numbers presented by the washington chevy dealers. >> greg: picks off the shots, scoring chances and hits. in the power play period. both pretty good here tonight. >> joe: could we be headed to overtime again? 3-3 after 2, on csn.
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>> joe: i am telling you, it is pretty brisk out there when the wind blows. shivering. well, the toronto mapleleafs and washington capitals, both with 34. >> greg: the caps are all packed up, fly home tonight and get ready to leave monday for colorado for a tuesday might clash. it will be tuesday night at 9:30 on the eastern seaboard. then we are home for one. and one after christmas to boot, joe. not too bad once we get through this long stretch of road games. the capitals have obviously more than kept their head above water while they have been away from verizon center. >> joe: best mark of the eastern conference. nicklas backstrom and friends with 20 victories overall. they have been working in
9:02 pm
concert tonight beautifully along with alexander semin. >> greg: it is even stephen, isn't it, joe. this is good. the good teams should win on the road, which is exactly what the capitals have been doing. they are looking for their 11th win this season away from the verizon center. >> joe: it is the only time the capitals did not have a lead at any point in time. and washington in the white sweaters. and ovechkin looking for semin there. looking behind him but he trapped it with his knee. >> how great is that. the puck actually pops out and he still didn't know where it is. he is talking to the referee again. watch this shot. watch what happens. he is looking. watch what happens. he is looking behind but it sexually pops out in front. his defensemen shoves it
9:03 pm
underneath him. knee problems. rebound there. continue had it went in, it would have been no goal for the capitals. quit 1st minute of the 3rd period. the capitals had the lead by #. toronto puts 2 of 3 on the board in the middle stanza. washington a 6-4 win over toronto back in early october. a shoot-out loss three weeks
9:04 pm
ago. and surrounded. knuble turning and burning the other way with brendan morrison. and kaberle operating out of his own zone. he love it is stretch pad. too strong. he has been terrific in this team. you look at francois beauchemin playing against the number one trio. >> joe: no trouble for toskala. he saw it all the way. and toskala trying to keep peace in front of his neck.
9:05 pm
and forced to retire earlier than anticipated after troubles with concussions. the puck was played with a high stick. the face off come in the neutral territory. talk about the line all game long. 3 goals, 3 assists f shots, ovechkin, backstrom and semin doing a ton of damage. the rest of forwards and assists and 8 shots from the rest of the team. the rest of the team a -6 compared to the top trio for the caps who are a top 6 combined. >> greg: keep your eye on the caps. leading in goals this month. and mr. garnet exelby. and the guys need a breather.
9:06 pm
snatching on to it. really had to stretch behind the net to pick that up. the leafs putting on good pressure from finger and company. >> joe: here is the shot. gets the guy in front. the second shot. and clear, leading to a couple of stories in that sequence. really a great look at the foot work of neuvirth. how many times the goalie gets pumped and has to reposition. >> greg: and ovechkin. and pumped a little too early for my liking by beauchemin who has been out there every single
9:07 pm
shift tonight. >> joe: some legal interference is what you are saying. >> greg: yes. an icing call against toronto. just a little more than 3 minutes into period 3. >> greg: we need a little bit of rest there as he goes to the bench. alex ovechkin is tied for goals. if i told you that ovechkin only had two goal in the 3rd period, would you be surprise this had year. >> greg: yes. >> joe: only 2. >> greg: hum. >> joe: green did not get through. >> greg: i am surprised he only registered a power play goal in the 1st period. those are two surprising numbers for the great 8. >> joe: and over to the wall.
9:08 pm
and there is mayers. >> greg: and mayers a chip and chase after it. all the way to the black. and clark grappling with him. and orr continuing to cycle. and that pass is short circuit. chris clark was in the way. capitals able to get it out. not allowed across the center, however. 28-27, washington leading on net. mapleleafs leading neuvirth in the second period. and finger there.
9:09 pm
and right on and still, toskala a save. and the midsection. blake always gets shots because of his blazing skate. he would like to have a higher shooting percentage. can at least get a ton of shot this is season. set a club railroad with 61, joe and the islands here at acc. 5 goals on over a 100 shots for jason blake. >> joe: you were talking about shots on goal. heatley with more than most around the nhl. heatley for the san jose sharks. washington in the white. and keeping it in. and to alexei ponikarovsky.
9:10 pm
a nice stop for the youngster. >> greg: one of the best of the game for neuvirth. and a great save, 26 saves for michael here in the toronto. >> greg: yes. his dad was here to see it. remember, that was part of the dads and mentors trip. >> greg: well, well done off the face off. you talk about the capitals trio. it has been the kessel line doing the damage. the shot gets deflected, a nice bounce to go their way.
9:11 pm
there is staging coming in against the top corner. that is a pretty good shot on the top angle. again, down a little bit there. and there is the lead. and washington now. the capitals are at a one goal deficit for the first time tonight they trail. they have the 1st period when they were up 2. and case in point, right there.
9:12 pm
>> greg: we are approaching the 6 minute mark of the 3rd period. toronto on the lead. another one from staging. brendan morrison passes it. on top for schultz. and the lead.
9:13 pm
woe. look at this. he's in front. >> greg: could get a hold there from the right side of the circle. he is going to go off t. caps will peak in when we return. the play has improved for the mapleleafs. the stage is right into the camera lens for the 4-3 rases that'll make these savings even more memorable. gecko: all right... gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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