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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 13, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EST

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these two teams counter-punching one another. trying to lay claim to control of the game. either with speed or discipline. (announcer) pizza hut knows you've been good.
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that's a lot of food! (announcer) now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rollers, pizza mia, the p'zone, and our personal panormous pizza starting at just five dollars. pizza hut's big eat tiny price menu. order on your iphone. >> tim: two teams jockeying for control of this game. now, listen, this rhode island team has got the ability to play with anybody. last year they nearly shocked number eight duke. it was the coach's son, jimmy baron, who now plays in turkey. he carried the rams scoring 21 of his 24 in the second half. john shir had 24 for duke and the devils were leading by one. baron with a shot for the win, missed it after two key free throws. team was running out. he had one last chance to tie the game and fell short. 82-79 was the final. this is a legit basketball team. >> mike: you know, jim baron,
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they're playing oklahoma state this year. so they krael amp up their nonconference schedule. >> tim: when you think of the teams always there in that league and the success they've had in the tournament, getting into the top three of the a-10, pretty tough. >> mike: temple today beating nova by ten points, number three. >> tim: sanders, nice inbounds play and boston college. sanders now with six. >> mike: i think boston college is out of siync. they're still trying to work their way into a new rhythm. >> tim: there's outerbridge, baseline extended. not there. ravenel is hammered. outerbridge got him and will pick up the foul. esche ravenel is a big youngster from tampa, florida, 6'8", 255.
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outerbridge did pick up his first. got a hold on mejia, who was trying to keep up with biko paris, giving up a little size to the veteran boston college guard. >> mike: five turnovers, but two have been dead ball end line turnovers that allowed them to set up in some sort of pressure instead of giving bc a run out on them. >> tim: out of the time-out, tyler roche, the senior from new hampshire, has come on the floor for boston college and plays for trapani. reggie jackson, roche off the nice feed from paris a thing of beauty there. outerbridge beating bc. that's very rare to see them beaten down the floor. so a quick one for rhode island. >> mike: bc better get in the north carolina mind set that even when you score baskets, you
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have to get back immediately in transition defense. >> tim: fast break off of -- there's sanders again. could not collect that pass from paris. last touched by rhode island. and delroy james will take a seat. wilson's also out there, sophomore from norris town, pa. wilson giving away some poundage to sanders as he tries to check in. he opens it up here. he really wanted it. shot clock at two. got to get it up. sanders, that's a shot clock violation. pretty good job that time by wilson shadowing sanders. they couldn't get it to him in time.
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i would say a shot clock violation is the point guard's responsibility. bc falling asleep, not understanding how much time was on the clock. >> tim: elmore checks in for biko paris. >> mike: reggie jackson becomes the primary ball handler out there for bc at the front of the zone. >> tim: as you mentioned, jackson's a streaky player. in amongst the threes. unable to get that one to the rim. it's out of bounds, last touched by boston college. jackson is the kind of player, mike, that just can absolutely take over a game. >> mike: and for this last stretch, when sanders was out, he's had that free rein. it's going to be a switch for him as far as what he needs to do for this ball club. >> tim: steal on the inbound pass. right away, gives it up to roche. >> mike: nice play by jackson.
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didn't force the action. roche is a perimeter shooter. >> tim: 16-15, boston college by one. halfway through the opening half. richmond. i love those lean ones. >> mike: richmond has only taken four free throws in eight games so he's a long-range specialist. you have to identify him out on the perimeter. >> tim: he's launched 46 of them this year, more than any other ram. 16 for 46 now from three-point range. sanders. what a jumping jack. that was a strong move by richmond. again, boston college able to set up shop defensively. wilson nearly stripped by sanders.
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they want a one-four set. he's being checked by elmore. shot clock at five. ulmer decides to drive it right to the rack. >> mike: that's normally as long as jim baron wants to go in possession but you need guys to bail you out at the end. ulmer, nice circus shot to finish. >> tim: if there's any doubt why they utilize this style, mike, that's it. just about every player on the floor can put it on the deck. sanders' pass corralled by elmore. ravenel back in the game. jackson, again slashing to the basket. unable to get it to go. out of bounds. last touched by reggie.
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>> mike: there it is. you look at it, nice long jump shot by richmond outside. well done. drive inside.
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>> tim: 20-16, rhode island leads it by four. 12 minutes gone in the opening half. next week it's an "acc sunday night hoops" doubleheader. first, it's their first conference showdown of the season when florida state looks to shut down number 24 and vastly improve georgia tech. then north carolina state collides with wake forrest. mike and i will be on hand for that one in winston-salem. both teams battle for early acc supremacy. action tips on off at 5:30 eastern.
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you've got a feeling, mike, just watching this game unfold, that neither team is able to get in rhythm because the other squad is imposing their will. to one can take control of this game. >> mike: if you're al skinner, right now rhode island shooting 57%. >> tim: richmond again, two quick threes since coming into the game for the freshman from north carolina. >> mike: that's not how this offense was built. they average five made threes a game. they've already got four. that's been the difference so far for rhode island. >> tim: on an 8-0 run. they lead it by seven. roach remains in the game. sanders now being joined by jackson. he takes the pass from him. a tough fallaway jumper out of bounds. help from eaves and the ball
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will be to boston college. >> mike: richmond, good kick out and double team right there. he has to find. most dangerous three-point player. then we talk about the offense and how it's built. you see fourth fewest three-point field goals in teams scoring 80 point a game. >> tim: richmond has already been an a-10 rookie of the week. final week of november he was able to pull that off. averaged 28 points per game as a senior in high school. he has an ability to light it up right away. >> mike: that's the other thing, boston college is not dominating rhode island on the glass. they've gotten a few offensive rebound but not a lot of second-chance points as a result. >> tim: and after a quick start, mike, i'm beginning to see rakim sanders, he seems to be a bit winded. jackson decides to take it and use the window. sanders appears to be laboring a bit. getting into game shape and
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logging a lot of minute. early in the game he was lathered up. now i think he probably needs a bit of a blow. >> mike: especially with any lower limb extremity, you won't be able to keep your wind and legs and lift. it will take a while for him to get everything back. >> tim: richmond again, lighting it up. akeem richmond with nine point. 3 for 3 from downtown. >> mike: and now the thing you've done is you've gotten him off. he's a freshman that has confidence. >> tim: an offensive foul. good defensive work by orion outerbridge. and outerbridge is still down. >> mike: raji went under the screen that time. you have to fight over the top and try to get a hand up. that's that duck of the short. when you dip in like that, automatic call for the referee.
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>> tim: taking a look at outerbridge's midsection. i think he'll be all right. >> mike: midsection, yeah. i think he'll be okay. >> tim: yes. in this extreme world of ours, i try to stay away from extremities whenever possible. so i go midsection most of the time. >> mike: that's a safe -- >> tim: delroy james is back on the floor. th akeem richmond is also out there. he's the guy boston college better find on the perimeter. >> mike: he's struggled on the road, averaging six point away, so a terrific start for him. >> tim: he's enjoying the rims here. he's barely touched them. james on the wing, not there. martell finds james again.
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that's a good pass inside, but he's unable to convert. he felt he was in. johnson on the other end leads boston college. ravenel. those charges continue to come. great defensive work by james. >> mike: they've done it both ways. they've blocked shots early. stepping in and covering up the body. a great recovery by james and then took the shot right in the chest. >> tim: that's an easy call to make. >> mike: ravenel went right through him. >> tim: roche appeared to be smarting just a bit, as you see trapani back on the floor, along with southern for bc. just under five minute to play. rhode island, quick 8-0 spurt. now lead it by eight. it's going to be a charge. this time against delroy james.
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josh southern got in position to collect it. >> mike: that's a good scouting report charge. easily left-handed player, you know he want to get to the strong hand, so step in and take it on the body. >> tim: two fouls on delroy james. he'll have to be careful the remaining five minutes plus. sanders. that was anan errant pass. that is rogers' game right there. >> mike: he has a great nose for the basketball. he's one of those 50/50 guys. if there's a 50/50 chance of getting it, he'll get most of them. >> tim: there he is. zooming up on cothran, who has been quiet here in the first half. it's been akeem richmond, just as i say it he lights up the trey. cothran has six. and it's 2-9-20, rhode island.
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>> mike: forget what i said about them not being a prolific three-pointing team. doesn't matter about the record. they've got it going tonight. >> tim: they're hot tonight. that has truly been the story. the uconn transfer is coming in, rui sgrchlt. richmond finally takes a seat as eaves is on the floor along with lamonte ulmer. another violation by paris. >> mike: jim baron is the only one that can stop akeem richmond at this point, taking him out of the game. >> tim: he'll enjoy the dean smith reference you just made there. eight turnovers now committed by boston college. some of them unforced. rhode island's pressure has been
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a factor here in the first 20 minutes, no doubt about it. cothran, that time martell was not ready for the pass. cothran gets it back. again, the rhode island quickness the difference. >> mike: a missed opportunity for bc. they get this -- they could have had the turnover on a break the other way. rhode island gets bailed out. cothran getting into the offense a little more. >> tim: the next 3:30 are crucial for boston college. they've fallen behind by double digits. largest lead of the night. 31-20. martell just gave a left cross to paris. it's a block. when we come back, we'll see if boston college can get back in it. quicker to the basketball, my old friend al maguire used to say. (announcer) pizza hut knows you've been good.
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so here's a great holiday meal deal. right now get two medium one topping pizzas and five breadsticks for just $14.99. that's enough to feed the whole family. carryout and we'll throw in a free two liter pepsi. happy holideal from pizza hut.
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>> jenn: boston college trailing rhode island by 11. rhode island has gone on a 16-4 run here. this is something this team for boston college has struggled with the last couple of games. they have had stretches where they can't seem to score. in fact, their last two games they have had stretches of about 20 minutes without a field goal. i talked to biko paris about it. he said it comes down to execution. there's always going to be times in a game where things don't go your way. you have to be mentally strong enough to get past that, have faith in each other, faith in your system. mike, i'll ask you, how does it bc team kickstart things and get it going here? >> mike: it's hard when you incorporate with a star back in. we talked about with sanders, you have a different starting lineup, a different rotation, different minutes for guys. it really takes -- it's going to take some time. i think it's interesting that the players, biko paris talking about offensively, the coaches are talking about lapses defensively. and where the concentration is. right now, rhode island shooting
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60% from the floor, tim. 6 of 7 from three. >> tim: we just got an illustration of what can happen. biko paris is a pass first point guard, no doubt about it. he does not have the court awareness at this stage of his career -- martell with the putback, not there. southern collects the rebound. and for years, when you think about it, when boston college was struggling to score, it was rice that took the game over. now they've got to find that guy, when times are tough, is willing to take the shot. >> mike: sanders is going to be that guy but he's just not there yet. >> tim: yeah. >> mike: it's going to take him a little while to get into shape. >> tim: he's not in playing shape right now. you can tell. he's struggling a bit. wide open for three, though. he'll take that one and knock it down. >> mike: that was out of the flex. rhode island really got buried inside and left sanders with a wide open look.
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>> tim: eaves, not there. raji the rebound. now biko paris looks to motor. finds sanders again for three. not this time. watch the elevation on those jump shots and see if they maintain their normal level. >> mike: he's not a guy who's going to really get off the floor. again, the long jump shot is going to be the thing that comes back as your legs are still not at game strength. >> tim: he just hasn't played. if you haven't been logging a lot of minutes, or any minutes, there is a period of adjustment. cothran, a floater off the glass. not there. eaves stays with it. misses a tip inside. and southern gets the rebound for boston college. paris with his head up. eaves, raji, rejected by martell, the big 7-footer got that one. boy, he runs the floor well for a man of that size. cothran off-balance. run down by raji again.
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>> mike: rhode island the last few possessions have left some points on the floor. really could have broken this game open. >> tim: which is exactly the kind of finish boston college would need to settle things down to make it a two-possession game, perhaps. sanders, nice back door maneuver and he induces the foul. coming up at halftime, "final score" studio in los angeles will have vil november have at temple and an incredible ending of the ncaa men's soccer championship, akron and virginia. highlight of the first half of our game coming up on the acura halftime report. >> mike: congratulations to virginia for winning the national championship. 3-2 in penalty kicks. not to spoil the buzz of the studio at halftime. >> tim: well, it makes you sound as though you're informed. that's good. >> mike: that's because i am informed.
7:26 pm
by the way, juan fernandez had 33 off the bench for temple to beat villanova. another big five championship. >> tim: not a bad eight or nine days for the acc. carl hicks was up here with us last week, making his continual road appearances in the league. he does a great job getting out, seeing games. >> tim: should i take that personally that he chose to come on a weekend when i wasn't here? >> mike: i would. >> tim: 31-24, under a minute to play. boston college needed to have a last three minutes. and so far they've done that. richmond's in the game and he really wants it. martell, tough shot. well-defended. out of bounds. they're going to rule it rhode island basketball as trapani was
7:27 pm
unable to corral is. ulmer decided to knock it off. and they'll have to play some more defense here for 33 seconds. 0.9 seconds differential between shot clock and game clock. rhode island, 1 for their last 7 from the floor. you're right, they've left some point out here in the last three minutes of this first half. marquis jones finds martell. yes, and a foul. sanders picks it up. jimmy baron, and the bench of rhode island, explodes on that. that was a well-conceived play. >> mike: a little screen roll. martell does a nice job of diving down into the low post and finishing it. those are his first points of the half. marquis jones has not scored in this game.
7:28 pm
but terrific finish for the rams. >> tim: he's got some touch, does this lefty. a rain-making free throw, isn't it? a lot of arch on it. a quick time-out called by al skinner. rams about-v been doing just a little bit of everything. >> mike: out of character and how they scored. this certainly is in character, the pressure by cothran and getting mejia the easy layup inside. a number of blocks this half, inside rotation. richmond coming in and burying threes. >> tim: stepping up inside is james for the charge. and there's just a mental lapse by bc in that over and back. all those things combined, an eight-point lead for the rams with six seconds to go. >> tim: jimmy baron, we talked about that run he had at saint
7:29 pm
bo bonaventure. and then he knew of the circumstances surrounding dealing with a program that had had sanctions, because he had to do that at st. bonaventure and only now, only all this year do they have all scholarships available. >> mike: he's very proud he came into those two situations, taking over programs, reviving them and restoring some trust. >> tim: '99-200 season at st. bonaventure, an incredible run. sanders almost nailed at midcourt at the buzzer. we're at the break. 33-25, rhode island has the lead. so jimmy baron's club has done a really nice job of getting some control of the tempo of this game, which was vital in their mind coming in.
7:30 pm
and i believe jenn has a very special boston college guest, coach duquette, sta right? >> jenn: this uri team is giving you trouble. what do you need to do better? >> we need to handle the ball better. their press bothered us. we didn't get any offense. and number ten hit three open threes for us. we didn't do a good job locating him in our zone >> jenn: first time you've gotten significant minutes out of sanders. do you think you've had difficulty adjusting to the flow? >> he looked good. maybe that impacted some of our other guys and what roll they'll play but we need everybody in the second half, rakim and everybody else to handle the basketball better and do better against the press. >> jenn: thanks very much. tim? >> tim: it's one whale of a staff, really, that al skinner has. pat duquette, mo cassara, preston murphy is on that staff as well. listening to him, you can see
7:31 pm
there's great concern about their ability to control the basketball. those turnovers really hurt. >> mike: seven turnovers for bc, maybe this is working in a new starter, new times. the three-point shoot willing for the rams, a terrific job there. and, you know, jim baron and his team showed a lot of confidence. they did not get off to a quick start and didn't have a great ending, but with a nice lead here. >> tim: no doubt about it. you can see boston college trying to make it's move in that big play inside on that screen and roll. gave rhode island something to lean on going into the break at halftime. coming up at halftime, "the final score" will bring you up to speed on all that's been going on in sports. football, basketball and even some acc soccer as promised. virginia dancing in heroic fashion today. es but... something's definitely missing. - here it is! - kentucky grilled chicken. all that great kfc taste for 395 calories?
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series winning 21 of the last 22 games. temple has not beat the wildcats since 2004. second half, temple keeping it tight, down one. not anymore. fernandez with a career high 33. later in the half, reynolds end to end, tough layup, puts it in. nova within four. duncan beside himself. under two minutes left. temple pulls it up. ryan in the paint. temple, hey, halfcourt, the owls win 65-55. first half, taking the pass down low and slams it low. second half, orange up 18. the back end from trish. 24-point victory over st. francis. coming up, men's college cup, fantastic finish as virginia looks to claim another national title for the acc. mark, we have teams on both coasts that are interested.
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learn more at we're back. men's college cup. virginia and akron for the ncaa championship. maven is in the goal duringing penalty shutout. akron in it. another save on monaco.
7:39 pm
akron can now tie it. gavin for the tie. oh, blair gavin over the net and it is over. virginia wins their sixth college cup championship. unbelievable. back to basketball. a couple of other acc games this afternoon. wake forest had no probable with elan while clemson blew out fuhrman. tune into "the final score" comes at you although 10:30 on most of these regional sports network. we have a good one going on as the rams of rhode island lead boston college at the half 33-25 the score. send it back out to chestnut hill after the break. enjoy the rest of the game. we'll see you for "the final score" tonight.
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oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three.
7:42 pm
nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call. the rhode island rams lead boston college 33-25. and akeem richmond, a perfect 3 for 3 from downtown with nine points to lead the way. more of the acura halftime report coming up.
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rhode island leading bc as we get ready to start second half action. it's 33-25, "acc sunday night hoops" presented by pizza hut. both teams jockeying for control of the tempo in this game. the three-point shooting was certainly huge. richmond coming off the bench had a lot to do with that. rhode island with all that slashing to the basket able to
7:46 pm
really hang with bc with points in the paint because of it. >> tim: you know, there were seven offensive rebound, only eight points. sloppy play right there to start the half. >> tim: harris has it-t strapped. nice work by jones. ulmer, the snow bird. oh, a little double hammer slam. he has got eight. >> mike: you know, here rhode island bails themselves out. they get served up -- they serve up a turnover right to start the half. and then biko paris can't convert. >> tim: foul goes against jones. >> mike: he makes the play on the other end to save them from a layup and then the he's say play on the other end, and rhode island gets to get into their pressure. >> tim: that pressure again exhibited. it's knocked away. those long arms of the rhode
7:47 pm
island rams. cothran got his hands on that one. you look at this rhode island team, they've got a lot of pieces to the puzzle. quality depth, players that are quite similar that can come in, second-line guys and they give up very little when they go to their bench. >> mike: well, consider the fact their point guard and their backup point guard are both in the top ten and top ten in assists. i don't know i've everer ed heard of that before in any conference. you know they get solid play at that position. >> tim: pulled down by lamonte ulmer. ulmer similar in his approach as james. cothran using the right hand and going to the glass. he has ten. cothran averaging 17 a game. >> mike: with cothran, he averages seven points in the first half games, ten in the second. he works late.
7:48 pm
you know what, jim baron, he'll live with that play. an occasional breakout layup like that as opposed to the turnovers in the early part of the press. >> tim: rebound of the cothran shot. biko paris with a stop and go move but he spun off. rakim sanders. raji gets the offensive board. and the putback. i believe trapani got that one. >> mike: good weak side action. raji makes that play by getting the initial offensive rebound. this is an area they need to dominate rhode island in the second half to get back in this game. >> tim: we'll see if that helps trapani get going, mike. i think they need for him to score some in this second half. out of bounds. last touched by boston college. and at halftime our jenn hildreth had a chance to talk with jim baron. >> jenn: what mike said about rebounding, certainly that's going to be a key for rhode island. they know that's where boston college wants to bring it.
7:49 pm
that's what jim baron said, we have to do a better job of that. we have to be physical and aggressive. very clear he did not want his team to let their foot off the pedal at all. >> mike: i made the point about cothran and his scoring. a lot of times great scorers will let other guys work into the game and then look for their own offense a little more aggressively in the second half. that's what cothran has done in the first 2:30. >> tim: concern for cothran, a reach-in that time by james. out of bounds to boston college. but cothran was somewhat reluctant about be becoming the team leader for this rhode island team as jimmy baron dominated the ball so much. he was a tremendous player, his son now playing over in turkey. cothran looks every bit the leader that jimmy baron want him to be tonight. james with the loose ball again. what a pass to cothran! rejected by sanders. that's one of those, mike,
7:50 pm
behind-the-back passes that was absolutely necessary. >> mike: starts on the defensive end of the floor. paris really struggling. he invites the steal with that lazy pass back outside. >> tim: was that good or what? >> mike: this is a left-handed player making that with his right. good play. that was a fundamentally sound pass. you don't oftentimes say that when you witness it at the collegiate level. these guys know what to do at the free throw line had they get there as well. 15 points for cothran. another near steal. >> mike: bc continuing to try to throw the ball into the corner. i think they've got to get it into the middle of the floor somehow or over the top. >> tim: paris, he's going to force the issue and he's fouled.
7:51 pm
>> mike: it wasn't martell who cleaned it up. it was marquis jones on the reach-in. >> tim: marquis picks up the foul, his second. he's got a little help, too, from steve mejia. interchangeable parts, as we mentioned, real key to this rhode island team. >> mike: the liability jones had. he's a very good outside shooter but only 44% from the line. mejia is 48%. you have to think he'll be end on offensive set. >> tim: biko paris now has six points. three minute gone here in the second half. rhode island leading by 11.
7:52 pm
scoop to the hoop, not there. out of bounds. >> mike: this is the kind of game al skinner is frustrated with, but jim baron, this is the kind of game that gets you eligible for the ncaa tournament if you fare well in your league. paris taking it coast to coast. he's fouled. cothran will pick up the foul. >> mike: we talked about biko paris as a point guard but he's been very impressive in the press breaking it himself, ala ty lawson, what he used to do last year at north carolina. >> tim: take a look at rhode island to this point in the season. we mentioned early loss at vcu, the game was in richmond. they don't have many home and home opportunity. this is a two-to-one contractual
7:53 pm
situation. they'll play two here and one game at home. >> mike: good job by davidson on the road as well, and play oklahoma state. a very challenging nonconference schedule. >> tim: if you can win one or two of these, along with finishing in the top three of your league, it boths well for an at-large opportunity come march. sanders takes it away. biko paris, cyprus christian. knocked away. stays with it. martell did a nice job of keeping his feet that time. and just going up straight, making the block. paris much shorter. here's the look. keeping his arms straight. very sound fundamental play. >> tim: sanders, halfway down
7:54 pm
the cylinder and out. martell collects another rebound. he's got four. cothran, just so quick. a lot of hops in that game. >> mike: james, i think, gets the tip-in on that miss. >> tim: james and ulmer and cothran very similar styles of player. strong move by josh southern. again, the tempo of this game, right with rhode island. ulmer. you get the feeling from bc it could be fool's gold, mike. you might get a few easy shots, but the game and the pace of play is right with rhode island. they lead by 13. >> mike: for a lot of coaches, that would have been a bad shot. ulmer, 52%. it was one-on-three. he got a decent look. >> tim: sanders, using the strength of willis closer to the basket. >> mike: bc looks much better offensively. they've got to get some stops to get become in this game. >> tim: right.
7:55 pm
rhode island, some of their best passes have been missed shots. because the guys attack the glass and are quicker to the rim, allowing themselves some opportunities at putbacks. they did that a moment ago. delroy james, especially good at that, as is martell. three ball won't fall. raji. >> mike: bc has calmed down the three-point shooting. you wonder when akeem richmond will come back in and make his presence felt. >> tim: nice pass to southern. and josh southern knows what to do with it. he has four. >> mike: he had an easy look. you get the ball that low in the post, you've got hit it. >> tim: cothran. a there's ulmer trying to keep it alive. biko paris comes out of there with it. stop and go, floater. oh the teardrop. a beauty by biko! >> mike: the guy with the ball
7:56 pm
is very important. you've got to identify him. >> tim: the eagles fans rise to attention at the conte forum. a seven-point lead now for rhode island after falling down by a baker's dozen. just like that, raji gets it started with a sunday best dish to josh southern. oh, my, the teardrop, courtesy of the norl new orleanian.
7:57 pm
7:58 pm
>> tim: six minutes gone. you look at our game summary, just like that, boston college down by 13. able to make a few plays, i think in large measure, because of biko paris. that young man has been dogged by two or three different guards pressing the issue. i thought he responded in that last sequence. >> mike: i thought he was more aggressive, especially against the fullcourt press, taking it up, trying to get in the lane. eight point for him, a few steals, assists, cut down on his turnovers in the second half. much more poised against the press. >> tim: interestingly he has some people he can call upon in that huddle that were outstanding guards. not just al skinner, bhofs a very good player himself, but also preston murphy as a part of the boston college staff. there's biko, sitting down now
7:59 pm
with eight points, four assists. next to him is preston murphy. in fact, preston is talking to him now. preston played at rhode island. he was on the team that went to the elite eight in 1998. he was the sixth man on that club, that included tyson wheeler, the cuttino "the big cat" mobley. only a whisk away from going to the final four in san antonio. james, delroy james knocked it down. >> mike: first three of the second half for rhode island. not a good sign to get that pilot light relit. >> tim: james knocking it away again as they try to get it inside to sanders. rhody trying to hang on. they lead by ten.


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