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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  December 16, 2009 11:00pm-2:00am EST

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when they're adults. so start talking before they start drinking. tonight the big 12 pac-10 hapac-10 hardwood series heats up. oklahoma state junior james anderson is the big 12's leading scorer, and second year coach travis ford is the first to aknowledge as anderson goes so goes oklahoma stay. >> this is a team. no question he's the guy we're going to rely on a lot to score points and be the leader on and off the court and teach these younger players. there's no better example i want more than james. >> stanford will address the young team and their chances of
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victory ride on the shoulders on the 6'7" senior landry fields. offense aside, defense is the key to the coach. >> guys have a chance now to grow and understand what we want from them, so i expect to see us make a jump defensively he. >> the big 12's oklahoma state cowboys battle the pac-10 stanford cardinal. college basketball action is now. welcome to the san francisco bay area on a cool, crisp night for at continuation of the hardwood series presented by toro tires. tonight the oklahoma state cowboys make a house call on the hometown stanford cardinal.
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and hello again, i'm barry tom kins. a pleasure to hook with marcus johnson. stanford looking for a little respect. >> they've had ownership papers on the pac-10, but stanford is playing against a good, quality basketball team. stanford is picked to finish 10th in the conference. they play well. >> no question about it. it seems like four years ago we saw this big, tall, 6'5" gawky and skrawnk yid, landry. >> i think barry he's one of the top five point forwards in the entire country because he can step out and knock down a jump with range. he does a great job pushing it up the floor. he's a stat stealer, rebounds, steals, blocks. had a great game against kentucky.
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he makes things happen, landry fields. >> a complete player, and when you talk about a complete player, that was exactly the way oklahoma state coach talked about james anderson. >> he's a tremendously gifted player, great athleticism. he can also step out and knock down a three-point shot with consistency. the thing i he like about him, when the opposition's best offensive player gets on a run, he says to the coach i want to guard him. he's said it several times during his career. it's a great two hich way match-up of two of the best ball forwards in the country, james anderson and landry fields. >> it will be a great basketball game tonight. we have two teams really looking to make a statement. oklahoma state 8-1, but that one loss come in the only road game. stanford played a tough game against kentucky and almost won it and lost in overtime and beat virginia. two teams on the rise looking to make a statement.
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ed big 12 pac-10 hardwood series is presented by -- and we welcome you back to the campus of stanford university in stanford, california. the big 12 pac-10 hardwood series continues. the oklahoma state cowboys and the hometown stanford cardinal. cowboys coming in here 8 up and 1 down. the one loss on a road game at tulsa. ray penn is a talented freshman at the point and james anderson about whom we spoke. travis ford, has mentor, rick at that tino has learned more from him than anybody else. brings a 31-13 record to
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oklahoma state. speaks for itself. >> barry: he can shoot the lights out when he was a player, and his team can also. stanford picked last in the pac-10 conference. andrew zimman is a transfer. and johnny is getting a boost out of this basketball team. >> marques: he's doing a terrific job for stanford last season, got up in the college basketball invitational semis. it's a process. dick davey to his right, so that's always night. always comforting. >> barry: a couple of guys with smiles on them. he's changed a lot as a coach and learned a lot in his first
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year. had an outstanding recruiting class coming in, and this team so far, as we said, overachieving. >> marques: he's a regional mvp back in '93 for kentucky. pretty good guards sitting on the sides for both teams. >> barry: we're going agt foul called on obi muonelo. >> marques: they'll be physical with fields. let's see how tough you are. >> barry: green with a good look, and he sticks it. >> marques: trevor green is from kentucky. that doesn't apply to me. i'm from texas. it's a tough match-up. >> barry: he managed to control it. marshall moses kind of a lemon in the last game.
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>> marques: the whole testing thing is interest. oklahoma state is going to test them with stanford. >> barry: anderson taking the basket and reach-in foul. >> marques: he gets into the body of landry fields. he's the top offensive player from each team going at it. that's just great man-to-man defense. oklahoma state, a lot of times teams back off on that denial about two or three seeds to protect against penetration. oklahoma state wants to make contact. full on contact with that offensive player at all times. >> i think it will be a great match-up to watch all night long, fields and anderson. i suspect they'll both get theirs. >> marques: you're right. it's going to be how else it steps up. they have to contribute offensively and keaton page, what kind of page does he have to keep the basketball. >> barry: pressure by the cowboys. mann will bring it across.
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>> marques: a loot of size for stanford in the backcourt. a little miscommunication. turnover to mann. >> barry: second turnover for the cardinal. >> marques: snapping about 11 turnovers a game. oklahoma state slightly more than 11. >> barry: here's anderson work on fields. second chance put up and misses by moses. and finally going to get a final on oklahoma state. >> marques: marshall moses is an undecided center at 6'6", but he's come on and had a terrific game in last time out. double-double for the big guy. but, you know, he's a guy that talked about last year coming in as a sophomore and how he was touted as immature and wasn't getting time he wanted and he had to talk with the coach to get pumped up. >> barry: long three, contested three, moses with a rebound. a quick outlet in front, and coming back with it is anderson.
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page misses a trade, and landry fields with a rebound. >> marques: he can go and get rebounds. got to love a small forward who is not afraid to get in 13 rebounds against kentucky, averaging 8 rebounds a game. you have 7-footers that don't get you that many rebounds. >> barry: here's anderson, one on three, and a kick off the pace. >> marques: risky to both teams right now. playing a little bit too fast, trying to do too much in the feeling out process in these early stages of this game. >> barry: here's fields. fields puts it on the floor and drives on moses, now a kick-out for green. 1 for 3 for green. >> marques: he gets the basketball out of his hands. he tries to become a ball handler facilitator in a role
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he's not accustomed to. >> barry: 0 for 5 in the field early on. >> marques: they're showing early on. about 46% for the season. >> barry: stanford playing a second game after a break from finals. go home and chase down that ball, try to drop it down, but it's knocked out of bounds for the cowboys. roger franklin coming into the line-up now. travis ford with the first substitution with the game. he's kind of energizer bunny. >> marques: i like him. i watched him yesterday. like tony allen without the offense of a tony allen. plays tough defense. >> barry: fields that time got moses in the air. it comes down. second. >> marques: landry fields is matched up against anderson staying out of foul trouble. he's averaging that against the
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first foul this season, just 14 minutes are left in the game. >> barry: one step too many. call for a foul. >> marques: nice job by fields. all of a sudden anderson has to check it out. he has to switch out on landry fields. he's not accustomed to playing that defense out on the perimeter. there we go again. two defenders running at the point guard for stanford, getting the ball out of his hands. >> barry: zimmermann, it was your conversation with him that made the difference. >> barry: he's from wisconsin. about 40 miles away from milwaukee. you would know that town. in the meantime at the other end, first bucket for the cowboys. moses for the second foul. he's out of the game now.
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>> marques: i talked about the big backcourt for stanford was green and mann. both guys are about 6'4", 6'5". conversely, he's about 5'9" but he's tough from houston, texas. he doesn't back down from anybody. a ve >> barry: fourth team foul for the cowboys. couldn't hang onto it. gulley to the basket. well-defended by green, got a hand on it, but count the basket coming back and won by matt pilgrim. >> marques: nice job running the floor by matt pilgrim, transfer by hampton university by way the kentucky. did a nice job running the floor. there are certain guys you play with when they're going through a speed for a lay-up, it's like an automatic two points if you run hard enough and play it off the backcourt.
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>> barry: pilgrim converts a three-point play, and cowboys take the lead. >> marques: great pressure in the backcourt. a lot of physicality of different names to that. there are two defenders to it. he's not allowing mann to catch the basketball. great defense for oklahoma state. >> barry: this man is posting up, and it's off the glass. rebound knocked out of bounds by the cowboys. stanford will maintain possession. oklahoma state on a 7-0 run. they lead it 9-6, 15:52 remaining to the plaid he in the first half.
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>> barry: oklahoma state on a 7-0 run. johnny, of course, playing at duke for coach k, and no question where his influences are. >> marques: very similar styles coaching the game, man-to-man pressure, not a lot of full court traffic but not a lot of traffic but wanting to read and react and play instinctive basketball. we see that with johnny dawkins. >> barry: you were talking about how much that pressure defensively oklahoma state is putting on is bothering
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stanford. mann has three turnovers in in game. >> marques: fred gulley, two little quick guards up in there. they're double-teaming in the backcourt. >> barry: landry fields following. tough shot knocks it down. >> marques: that's the grown man shot. you have a smaller defender like fred gulley defending gulley at 6' 6'2". that is a major mistake. you underestimated me, sir. drives on zimmermann off the window. >> marques: rebounding is a problem for stanford this year. they've been out-rebounded two or three rebounds a game. oklahoma state is crashing the boards with four rebounders. every shot at this. >> barry: green guarded by the smaller page. got a little too much of -- >> marques: that's how travis
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ford teaches his small guards to play defense when they're going against a 6'4" shooting guard like jeremy green. get up into his body and get into his body first playing physical and tough. he doesn't mind that foul. he's in the ear of the official hoping that the official will back off and let the team play. this is a familiar style of defense. >> barry: a traveling call against mann. sixth stanford turnover. very uncharacteristic. >> marques: he wasn't penciled in this year. they would cause some problems. the transfer comes in. the senior shooter extraordinare. he has to hold down the point guard shot and withstand the full court pressure that oklahoma state is throwing at them. >> barry: there's gulley
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bringing the ball across. driving on trotter. pilgrim had seven. >> marques: matt pilgrim started out and he had a look at kentucky. kentucky didn't play that on a transfer year, and that situation changed. he moved on to oklahoma state and petitioned it and got this year so he didn't have to sit out again. he's good. he's good. >> barry: got a man in the air and puts it on the floor with travis. >> marques: oklahoma state is causing major problem. that athleticism and quickness beating stanford to the shot. zimmermann is a catch-and-shoot guy. there's the catch and shoot, and there's the contest. he does something a little bit characteristic of him trying to go off the dribble. >> barry: cowboys with the ball on an 11-2 run and lead it by 5. drives on trotter. zimmermann stepping in taking the charge.
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>> marques: you have the new rule. you can't wear the rim as a halo. you have to be away from the rim, but the defenders for stanford did a nice job clearing himself from the rim, picking up the body and charge. >> barry: shiller worked on by page. >> marques: good defense for page. all up in his body. >> barry: a spin move on anderson. what a beauty. >> marques: that's what stanford needs to do offensively. it's obvious you're having hard time creating shots for oklahoma state. landry fields will do that. he has a great first step and he can create his own shot. >> barry: it won't go, loose ball on the rebound. gulley fights forward with trotter, and we're going to held ball in possession there for oklahoma state.
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>> marques: here's landry fields. nice job cutting him off by james anderson. when you have the skills to read and react as an offensively player, you don't mind being cut off because you have options. >> barry: the improvement in landry fields is really mind-boggling in the last year. >> marques: he talked about confidence. i thought he would have a breakout season last year. he got caught in the mission with the seniors, so he didn't get a lot of shots. averaged 13 a game. nice move. roger franklin, the freshman from duncanville, texas. there's that full court pressure. no you have to make a play. let's see what trotter has. to the basket and rejected by pilgrim. that's what you want. pilgrim is laying in the wings. >> barry: one on three, and a kickout for gulley. the three-point shot won't go. a push in the game. >> marques: you put guys in a position they're not accustomed to. that's not a bad decision by trotter, but you get the ball
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out of the ball handler's hands, and they have to make -- they have to bring landry fields more into the backcourt and allow him to be a guy to push it up the floor. it's a much surer offensesive option. the double-team can pass the basketball. >> barry: 17th foul on oklahoma state. that means stanford will be in a shooting situation for the remaining 15:11 for this half. >> marques: about 40 miles north of milwaukee. it's right on the lake. which lake is that? lake michigan. that big lake, that real big lake. there's a lot of lakes in michigan. i didn't know. he started out at santa clara and was recruited by dick davey. never played for dick davey, but
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was there. they had the coaching change. kerry took over. a bunch of guys transferred, and he was one of them. he felt a lot more comfortable around big davey. stanford losing zone. all right a 1-2-2 and landry fields at the point man because of his length. they kind of bother the passers out top on this zone. get a deflection that leads to a steal. >> barry: anderson steps up and knocks down a three. >> marques: he's concentrating on the defense and not forcing a lot of shots, kind of allowing the game to come to him. landry fields is the playmaker, the point forward on the floor, gets the ball out of shiller's hands. >> barry: landry is drawing a lot of attention and still knocking it out of the baseline. >> marques: he's knocking down shots and jumping over
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defenders. >> barry: he's 4 for 4 in the game. >> marques: green with a rebound. nice job. a little too aggressive, but green turned his head. he went in there and almost got the steal. there's anderson looking for the ball against the zone. he gets it to him. nice job of picking up shiller. and then at the other end this is like under extreme defensive duress. just two orange-shirted cow boyce in the area but doesn't bother landry fields with great elevation on the jump shot. >> barry: i don't think he's had a contested shot. >> marques: you almost feel better when you have a defender around you to contest the shot, because you elevate to jump out of the defensive bother. >> barry: stanford can go bigger here. they brill in elliott bullock at 6'11".
11:25 pm
zimmermann will sit. green and the rebound to anderson. >> marques: he's done a nice job this season of shuffling these guys here. they thought they were going to have josh owens. >> barry: anderson again. >> marques: because of health reasons, owens hasn't been able to contribute. stop-gap measures rotated nicely for them. >> barry: at 6'11" and he won't go. the rebound to pilgrim took out that pass. >> marques: they encourage them to shoot it. the defense is spread out. they're confident they can knock that shot down. the coach has given them the go ahead. >> barry: we get a foul called once again against the cowboys. we'll take a time-out, 18-13, oklahoma state. (announcer) pizza hut knows you've been good.
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>> barry: welcome back. the cowboys over the cardinal, 18-13. 11:23 remaining in the first half. we talked to travis ford yesterday, watching practice. this is what they worked on. defense. >> marques: his coaches do a nice job allowing this team to play aggressive defense. they were trapped in the backcourt. obi muonelo got that turnover to get trotter to attack that area
11:28 pm
of the basket. an easy bucket at the other end. >> barry: you can see seven turnovers for the cardinal. very much a factor, a man with five of the turnovers is on the floor now. >> marques: that's how you force your will on a team in a game like this, a team that does a great job taking care of the ball. what do you do? you pick it up. he almost got it stuck on his hip for another turnover on that play. we'll see how he responds to this kind of pressure. >> barry: cardinal have had to earn every shot they made. green 6-3. gets up top nicely and a great relea release. >> marques: with the way he's shooting the basketball, 46% of the three-pointers made this season, he needs to be a lot more aggressive. an effective year for jeremy green. >> barry: page tries to get rid
11:29 pm
of it. he's whistled for the foul. landry fields surprisingly few fouls so far this year. >> marques: landry fields doesn't average picking up the first foul, so this is an anomaly for him, until 14 minutes are left in the game. that's how smart of a player he is. he played 39 minutes this season no fouls against oral roberts and 45 minutes against kentucky. >> barry: only 14 fouls called all year. page with a good look. he averaging 44 a game in high school. >> marques: all time leading scorer in oklahoma high school basketball history. >> barry: played for his dad and brother, both coaches there. >> marques: do you think they encouraged him to shoot? >> barry: just go ahead and take it. why not? >> marques: he's a tough player, so they had them against washington last year, this oklahoma state team. really started to like him.
11:30 pm
this is just the grit. when he steps on the player, he looks like opie taylor. >> barry: landry in the air, second chances. mann steps in. another foul to landry. >> marques: nice job by mann. you saw him on that penetrating dish to landry fields. >> barry: now two on four. oklahoma state getting back on defense nicely. good drop down low to mann and a foul from behind. >> marques: he has the permission of johnny dawkins as a senior who played his dues in the program to get it off the defensive glass and push it. i like grant hill, the way he did it at duke. look at the great penetration move by jared mann.
11:31 pm
that's freedom. you can make things happen and be the facilitator on the offense. jared mann has continued to struggle. didn't want to miss it, butd you have to. two big free throws against kentucky. they're up two. they upset number 5 wildcats. >> barry: and here's landry fields once again. anderson comes out to defend green. doesn't give him much room. >> marques: obi muonelo, very aggressive player against landry fields. able to respond against muonelo. >> barry: drew with the look and loose ball controlled by mean low. >> marques: he's back underneath the basket.
11:32 pm
>> barry: lifts the three. andzson turns around. that match-up tweens anderson and landry fields as advertised so far. >> marques: dave anderson is a big boy, a good, strong aggressive player himself. 6'2" and 210 pounds. >> barry: we have his dad in the house tonight. his father is a guard at san quentin prison. made the drive down here to watch his son, and got to like what he's seeing so far. >> marques: had a chance to talk to robert anderson before the game, and he talked about them coming to visit them. he grew up in junction city, arkansas. he would stay with his dad in the summers, and he would take him right to the health club, 24 hour fitness club and beat him up on the basketball courts. >> barry: that's a tough game there. >> marques: he credits him with his toughness and skill development. >> barry: no road game hes at that place. >> marques: no. >> barry: pass is up and good by franklin.
11:33 pm
>> marques: probably easier playing at san quentin than playing some of those dudes, because shiller is the ball handler taking jarrett mann off the basketball because of the pressure he's experiencing. oklahoma state all up in his grill. >> barry: we'll take a time-out. 28-18, ten-point lead for
11:34 pm
>> barry: welcome back. oklahoma state and stanford, and the cowboys are doing it.
11:35 pm
got a ten-point lead, 28-18. you know this place is going to be rocking on saturday. two of the best women's college basketball teams in the land, number two and number three, stanford and tennessee get it on here. the cardinal putting a 34-game home win streak on the line. again, pat summit and the tennessee volunteers, jayne apple, and stanford has another big one. duke last night in the building led by 16 at the half and never looked back. great women's hoops. >> marques: two pretty decent coaches running those teams. >> barry: two coach that is could coach anywhere at any level. i believe that. stanford with the ball down ten here, and oklahoma state really disturbing the cardinal defensively. page, and the guard is shiller.
11:36 pm
5 on the shot clock. double clutch in the lane, and the miss by harris, the freshman on for the first time. gulley comes away with it for the cowboys. >> marques: you have the wrong guy -- or the right guy for oklahoma state taking that shot. keep the ball away from landry fields as much as possible. >> barry: what a night delivery by penn. franklin couldn't do it. >> marques: dauk kins is struggling to find somebody to advance the basketball. harris is the freshman out of birmingham, alabama is elected but at a tough position late here in the first half. the shot is blocked. >> marques: he got into jeremy green, and that's not easy to do. >> barry: take that rebound away from harris.
11:37 pm
fields right around muonelo leaves this time for zimmermann. zimmermann trying to get it up over franklin. banged it off the side of the basket. >> marques: landry fields, great idea, nothing wrong with that play. he has to be more aggressive. had a great move going towards the middle. a little jump hook right there about 5 feet. fortunately for him zimmermann made the catch and drew the foul. he's got to be the guy to carry this team to victory if it's going to happen. he's done his work so far, but he could be more aggressive out here because oklahoma state is playing defensively. >> barry: anderson coming back for oklahoma state. travis ford is playing a lot of bodies so far. 11 points off the bench for oklahoma state so far. >> marques: they need to give their conditioning guys a rise. they all are buff. look at moses. he's exploding out of the jersey. >> barry: it's the orange
11:38 pm
uniform. >> marques: yep. >> barry: there's anderson again. we have a man here. now penn 0 for 3. >> marques: good breakout. those things go unnoticed. i'm glad you picked that up, the little guy. >> barry: short on the rebound for anderson. >> marques: they need to have a talk with the big guy zimmermann, and let him chill out a little bit. there's a reason why -- >> barry: oklahoma state is going to maintain possession here. into the line-up now for the stanford cardinal. >> marques: if you're stanford, you don't want to take a shot until landry fields has a chance to touch the basketball during the possession. >> barry: franklin opened three for two. >> marques: yesterday he was shooting lights out. he got a chance as the scout team joining the play.
11:39 pm
he had the complete green light. he did nice things out there offensively. >> barry: zimmermann way away from the basket. a reach-in foul going to be called on roger franklin. >> marques: travis ford is on the sidelines saying why? you have a big guy blowing by you. you have the advantage speedwise, equipmentwise and you can back off a little bit and don't commit the foul. >> barry: stanford going to the line. >> marques: they were in the penalty 11, 12 minutes to go until the half, maybe longer. was that an intense practice that travis ford conducted yesterday or what, man? >> barry: we were talking about this. rick fa tino that worked players harder than anybody i'd ever seen. >> marques: rick fatino takes
11:40 pm
you up on game day. >> barry: yeah. they played a game on game he day. some recognition that time on the split but franklin comes up short and yanks it out of the air. >> marques: nice job by zimmermann. that's not the shot you want for travis ford. you see stanford, everything is happening on that right side of the floor. you have three guys over there, kind of a high post offense. landry fields on the weak side. you have to swing the ball back around to the weak side and give him a xhans to take a look. we've seen how unselfish of a player he is. he's not going to force things too much to the detriment of the basketball team. you got to give him as many touches as you possibly can. here he is. >> barry: that drops it down for zimmermann. now fields for three. he yanks it out of the air.
11:41 pm
again, a second chance, and muonelo can't get it to go. bounced around and getting on the ground for harris to control it for the cardinal. >> marques: nice job, gabriel harris a freshman, holding his own and not turning the ball over. >> barry: shiller 0 for 3. the rebound to anderson. anderson going all the way to the basket. big-time play by a big-time player. left-handed dribble. right-handed guys with his size loves to go left in and out of moves and get by his defender. zimmermann didn't do a good job getting set on that play.
11:42 pm
>> barry: anderson converts the three-point play and he's absolutely playing up to his billing. >> marques: the thing i've been impressed with is he allows the game to come to him. landry fields is going to get the job. now he's playing the five spot, so he has to rebound and do a good job boxing out andrew zimmermann on the inside. stanford played with a 2-5 defensively in there battling with some big baheamoth on the inside. he brought a defender into the area. almost a steal. >> barry: man, he pulled out and missed everything. gulley with the rebound. stanford not shooting the ball in. fields is, but nobody else is.
11:43 pm
mann off the baseline. muonelo for three. for the finish. >> marques: you can live with that. a great job passing. he's keeping the ball in his hands as much as possible. >> barry: he's missed his last eight shots. landry fields 5-7, but the rest of the team just 3-14. zimmermann for three. comes up short. rebound to penn. penn avoids a collision, leaves it for muonelo. anderson from the corner, a little off. the rebound. mann to the basket. good look again by landry fields. >> marques: keep the ball and let him change positions. we have a turnover against oklahoma state. >> barry: seventh oklahoma state turnover. the cardinal battles.
11:44 pm
oklahoma statd seemingly in command, but yet a ten point ball game, 33-23 cowboys.
11:45 pm
>> barry: welcome back. time now for our toyo tires driven to perform. >> marques: jarrett mann did a nice job setting up the play on the penetration.
11:46 pm
landry fields is just terrific. >> barry: seven rebounds to go with it. james anderson 12 points and he has four rebounds. >> marques: you talked about it. these guys get the numbers. who else will step into the fray and make a he name for himself and help his team win this basketball game for stanford in particular. landry fields has 7 and the rest of the team, the last miss. >> barry: 38% for oklahoma state and 37% for standefoford. it's all about defense, though. >> marques: oklahoma state has done a great job man-to-man defense, a little zone defense right now against stanford. still man-to-man with the zone principles. it looked like a two-three zone. they're following cutters
11:47 pm
through. >> barry: stanford ball off of anderson. the only thing hurting them is the inability to hit three-point shots right now. >> marques: 15 three-pointers here. >> barry: off the inbound pass. converts and to the free-throw line. >> marques: nice execution for johnny dawkins. the stanford cardinal slid into the open area. it wasn't so much the execution but the defensive lapse. he's happy about everybody doing productive things on the floor. >> barry: stanford is first as it has been for a long time. >> marques: defensive rebounding, defensive possession for the energy to secure it the defensive rebound. that's key. >> barry: muonelo with a good look. that's 3-16. muonelo turned his back and missed the shot too hard.
11:48 pm
it's out of bounds for oklahoma state. >> marques: that's okay. you can live with that if you're johnny dawkins. that's a good, hard take by landry fields going left. he draws the contact to the free-throw line. he thought he'd get enough to get to the free-throw line on that play. >> barry: with the crossover. drive and a nice leave that time and a finish by anderson. >> marques: he's showing his quickness. he was a scoring-minded point guard in high school in houston, so that's been his big adjustment here on this level playing for travis ford. >> barry: mann forced the shot up the baseline, and drew the foul. got to get the foul on anderson. it will be his second. so muonelo with two, anderson with two, moses with two, franklin with two, and pilgrim with three.
11:49 pm
>> marques: jarrett mann a 52%, and two big misses against kentucky. he has to find his confidence to take shots that haven't gotten close. he has to put those out of his mind. terrific high school player back in the new jersey/delaware area. four-time all state. >> barry: green for three. halfway over the top and a foul. >> marques: that second fould on fields. we talked about his ability to stay out of foul trouble. this is a blow right here with the two fouls. he has played some long minutes. that's the one thing johnny dawkins has to keep an eye on as the pac-10 season continues. >> barry: anderson now with fields driving him. he pulls the trigger from three.
11:50 pm
fields there for the rebound again. >> marques: you have key fouls on landry fields. anderson had the basketball in his hand. maybe you allow him the freedom to take it to the hole, pick up that third foul before he leaves the basketball game. >> barry: which he does right now with 1:22 remaining in the half. i suspect he will stay seated for the remander of the half. >> marques: nice, nice offensive execution again for stanford on the inbound play. >> barry: zimmermann with eight points, his team stays in the fray here. >> marques: a little maneuver. >> barry: not a travel. watch it. here it is. >> marques: coming right down here. a little brush screen on the other side by trotter to free him up. just kind of running interference. >> barry: those are free baskets. >> marques: they work together. they're not going to put the fear of god into their
11:51 pm
opponents, but as a combo they've been an effective tan m tandem. >> barry: he pulls the trigger anyway and scores. jeremy green with seven and a time-out called by travis ford with 46 ticks remaining in the half. the cardinal get to within five. >> marques: the stanford cardinal, it looked like the game was about to get away from them because of plays like this with anderson. you can see it simplified in those two off-balance plays he makes, but landry fields showing that he's got some skills also on the west coast. he does a nice job with the finish and tough contested jumpers and done a tremendous job rebounding the basketball, landry fields. >> barry: i have the feeling that johnny dawkins when he looks at the numbers at the end of the first half, say we
11:52 pm
shouldn't be in there and we are. 5-12 at the free-throw line and not taking care of the basketball. >> marques: those are the things that -- knocking down free throws and valuing each and every possession, not that stanford isn't valuing. they're getting a lot of pressure and not responding to it well. the guy handling it best is gabriel harris from birmingham who hasn't played a lot of minutes. he's done a decent job. we'll see more of him in the second half. >> barry: drew shiller, too. he's been out for a while. >> marques: stanford is back in the zone. twending the perimeter, and he's doing a nice job getting the rebound or just throwing his body in the way. >> barry: tough guy scored after high school. had his jersey retired in three sports from the time he graduated from birmingham high school. >> marques: to have your jersey
11:53 pm
retired in all three sports is mazing. >> barry: saturday east meets west. a great s.e.c./pac-10 double header. two teams each with a national title dream home. the lady 'vols take on number 2 stanford right here. the men take center court. we'll be down in los angeles. it will be number 9 tennessee and their explosive attack. they try to shut down the hometown usc trojans. it starts at 2:30 eastern. two outstanding games. >> marques: yes, indeed. it's going to be a tough one for usc. but they're big and playing better. they're having a nice season so far. >> barry: anderson doing exactly what we thought he might do. 14 points in the ball game. >> marques: johnny dawkins putting landry fields back on the court. 25 seconds left.
11:54 pm
he has the basketball. you can guess who is taking this last shot for stanford. >> barry: i don't think there's much doubt. from the high post now with gulley laying on him. got 6 on the shot clock. now you got to do something with it. trotter for a hook shot, and it's short. the half comes to an end. not exactly the way johnny dawkins drew tup. >> marques: you want the ball in landry fields' hands at some point. >> barry: stanford ends the half on a 9-2 run. it's 35-30 ball game. after the break we'll take you to the college hoops halftime show with andrew sa sill yawn notice. oklahoma state 35, stanford 30. 20 minutes of basketball remaining to be
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
welcome home, man.
11:58 pm
halftime, oklahoma state leading stanford 35-30. we head back to the studios in los angeles. welcome to your pac-10 college hoops halftime show. busy he wednesday, so why look at me? let's look at highlights. how about that, including 25 cincinnati at alabama birmingham. usually a tough game here for the bearkats. the blazers are up 14. first half, millsap had 22 points, 15 rebounds and this was uab's night pretty much all night. here in the second half. aaron johnson straight down the lane, a 64-47 uab victory. wake forest/unc wilmington. dominick lacey, no. john fields, yes.
11:59 pm
will ming done is down two early. in the second half it's all wake. deacons are up 13 and they would keept the pressure on. l.d. williams at midcourt. the alley-oop finished 80-69. wake is a winner. coming up on the halftime show, the presbyterian blue hose travel to columbus, six freshmen with no seniors. guess what happens? why is travel these days about what you give up,
12:00 am
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12:02 am
halftime show. don't forget saturday an s.e.c./pac-10 double helder. the women take on stanford and the men taking on usc. action tips off at 2:30 p.m. eastern which means 11:30 in the morning for us. presbyterian, and he drives and jams the entire game for the buckeyes. you'll get the point. david lighty had 20. two of the 20 come right here, and this would be a blowout. presbyterian, six freshmen, and it shows. wisconsin and cal poly, hello. first half. they're up 10.
12:03 am
hughes also had 20 light david lighty. and then more of his 20 are right here. time winding down in the first half. no need to show you the second, because it was kind of a plowout, 90-42. wisconsin is a winner. oklahoma state/stanford, when they're done you get a full 30 minutes of the "final score" presented by burger king. until then, oklahoma state up by 5 at the break. enjoy your second half. talk to you guys later.
12:04 am
12:05 am
12:06 am
>> barry: we prepare to start the second half by five points. it's been a strange game. approximate if you just walked in here and watched the game and didn't look at the scoreboard, you'd think it was a 15 oor 20--point lead for the guys in the orange. >> marques: they've played more physical than stanford at times. you would think how stanford turned the ball over nine times in the first half, here are some of the turnovers created by extreme pressure in the backcourt for oklahoma state, two defenders running at jarrett mann. a nice adjustment. what does he do? he takes mann off the basketball. he allows other guys to be more
12:07 am
of a playmaker and put jarrett mann at the other end finishing and do a great job executing on two inbound play. that's what is keeping stanford ft basketball game. >> barry: you look at the numbers and oklahoma state didn't take care of the basketball and, b, score the basketball. >> marques: the field score percentage is down. oklahoma has used a lot of guys. will stanford wear down as the game progresses? we'll see. >> barry: oklahoma state in foul trouble early in the first half. will they stay out of the foul trouble in the second half. they lead it by five. stanford ended the first half on a 9-2 run. 35-30, oklahoma state, second half coming up.
12:08 am
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welcome back where oklahoma state leads stanford as we he prepare to start the second half. barry comp tins and marques johnson alongside. both coaches are good game day coaches. >> marques: yeah, yeah. you look at the shooting in the first half. both coaches really put a premium on defense, and stanford came out and fed oklahoma 37% shooting, stanford shot 40%. the turnovers was the main issue, especially for stanford early on. >> barry: foul situation for oklahoma state. landry fields doing what he's done all year long. he's got 10 to go with 8 rebounds. zimmermann has 8 points and 7 off the bench and he has three fouls. stanford with the first possession of the second half. they finished the first half on a 9-2 run.
12:11 am
missed the jam, and i think moses got a hand on that ball. >> marques: landry complained if i'm not fouled at least give he me the ball back because there was some type of contact going into the dunk. a nice offensive trickery on the part of dawkins. almost got the benefit at the other end. >> barry: muonelo 6 for 3. that's an aus pishs start for oklahoma state in the first half. >> marques: he can do that. a high school teammate from baylor, santa fe, oklahoma, santa fe high school in edmonds, oklahoma. >> barry: green contested three. loose ball. and it's going to be oklahoma state. >> marques: i can imagine the halftime speech of oklahoma
12:12 am
state coach of travis ford. we have a five-point lead. we let them back in the game, we have to come out here and establish the toughness quokwoe she not right off the start. he wants his team to play aggressive, attack the offensive glass and get up in their shirts and make it tough on them and advance the ball. if you defend jarrett mann right here. he's bumping it up. a guard turned his back three times before he gets to midcourt, you've done your job. >> barry: drop it down for fields. goes baseline to the hoop. >> marques: jarrett mann has struggle with his medium-range to long-range jump shots and free throws in this game. he does a nice job. second consecutive time finding the basket. finding the rim. >> barry: it will clear out for the moment for anderson. now page, and they jump out on
12:13 am
page. >> marques: action on the part of oklahoma state. a lot of baseline screens. >> barry: a little jump by moses, and it won't go off the best night ever at arkansas pine bluff. he's been bageled tonight. there's going to get ten on the push. he's going to say no, but that was a full takedown. >> marques: right there night job. trotter supplies a screen, and it extending the forearm to knock him down. >> barry: he's kind of being a pest. fields' jump hook is soft off the window. >> marques: good defensive job by anderson against landry fields. tough shot. >> barry: anderson got a good look for three. >> marques: they thought he traveled with a quick shuffle of the feet before he delivered
12:14 am
that pass. may have gotten away with one. this is an offensive play and contact. oklahoma state on the verge of trying to blow this thing open. >> barry: landry fields struggling a little bit. give the defense a lot of credit. a lot of challenges inside and bottling him up. and anderson, you can't give him that wide open of a look. he decides to pass up that shot. >> marques: penn gives it to him begging him to take a jump shot. >> marque >> barry: he has the left hand. >> marques: he's struggling and he knows everybody else is watching it. still shutting it down. he's doing what has been successful, finding a way to score on the interior. >> barry: the pull up, and
12:15 am
oklahoma state comes out of the gate shooting well here in the second half. >> marques: zimmermann back on that play. >> barry: on his heels. >> marques: yeah, collapsing. >> barry: now fields is in the back now. >> marques: too much orange going on in that area of the floor. moses is on the foul call. he doesn't agree with it. that's his third. >> barry: they're going to call a foul on moses. >> marques: you have to give him more of an area to work. look at that. just orange shirts all around him, helped position really know where to go. not a lot of contact. moses picks up that third foul. >> barry: i'll say. moses had a pretty good argument there. oklahoma state now with four players with three fouls. penn has three, pilgrim three,
12:16 am
franklin three, and moses three. page couldn't control himself there. >> marques: jair any green's shot. you try to get it to your offensive opponent's rhythm as a defensive player. he wasn't trying to block a shot, but he knows green can elevate. he's trying to get up this to just bob on the shot and comes down and lands on the neck of jeremy green. >> barry: 14 fouls in the first three and a half minutes of the second half. >> marques: oklahoma state like the first half. he could have done a better job converting free throws in the first half. 5 for 12 from the free-throw line. a much tighter basketball game. >> marque >> barry: jeremy green at the free-throw line. stanford continuing to struggle at the line. >> marques: 57% for the season. that's an area of concern for
12:17 am
johnny dawkins. 5 for 13. 6 for 13 now for the stanford cardinal. >> barry: muonelo brings zimmermann out with him. page up top. they're going to come out and guard him. there's muonelo, lost his man on the screen to him, and anderson right there for the fallout. >> marques: a good, solid, defensive possession by sanford. a nice job of patience -- keeping page to force up a shot of two. muonelo got that shot. you have great offensive rebound position. >> barry: back to a ten-point lead now. mann takes it all away. draws a foul on anderson.
12:18 am
>> marques: anderson saying i'm a jump shooter but i'm a scorer also. when you're a scorer, you find ways to score it. nice job, no blockouts. finishing off the plays, james
12:19 am
(announcer) we call it the american renewal. because we believe in the strength of american businesses. ge capital understands what small businesses need to grow and create jobs. today, over 300,000 businesses rely on ge capital for the critical financing they need to help get our economy back on track. the american renewal is happening. right now. >> marques: she leads the stanford cardinal team ranked number two in the country. that's jayne appel, but the lady
12:20 am
'vols come to stanford on saturday. number two and number three in the country. the stanford cardinal and the tennessee lady 'vols. cardinal have won 34 in a row here at maples pavilion. in fact, if memory serves the last team to beat them here might have been the lady 'vols of tennessee. that is saturday. you can see what the stanford women have done. pretty impressive. we talked about the two coaches in that game. a lot of experience, a lot of great coaching ability. >> marques: jarrett mann is getting off the schneid his first make after four free throw tries, and then does wonders for your confidence, especially when you shoot 5 #%, especially when you're the point guard with the ball in your hands. >> barry: a little short on the second. that's been his problem so far this year. davey was trying to work on it
12:21 am
yesterday in practice to get him to bend a little bit more at the knees. >> marques: a nice cut action on the part of oklahoma state. back screened and then you get a down screen. it leads into some motion as the shot clock winds down. >> barry: going to get a grab foul. a man on that foul. shiller comes back in the line-up. he'll lead. a tough night so far for him. >> marques: he picked up the third foul. coaches don't like to alter the personality of their team and do isolations and get that fourth foul. you have dave anderson putting the ball in his hands. he has to be aggressive attacking. >> barry: unusual for fields to be in foul trouble. pilgrim misses the three. the rebound. >> marques: how much more would that secure your case in the game?
12:22 am
if you can get landry fields out of the game for a stretch here late in the second half. >> barry: they picked up anderson's double-clutch, and pilgrim rejects it. anderson one on one with shiller. now stanford gets help. >> that's the second time pilgrim has done a nice job on the right side. trotter is comes in for landry fields. >> barry: baseline, kickout for gulley. gulley leads for anderson. tough three, and he gets it. >> marques: landry fields with three fouls. you can't close out aggressively. he gets more time to get a he bead on the bucket. >> barry: anderson with 22. a little shot. muonelo comes away with it ahead to anderson. one on two all the way, and a foul. >> marques: the official takes away the bucket. but that finish was a thing of
12:23 am
beauty. the setup may have been a bit flawed, but the finish was a masterpiece. >> barry: he's 0 for 4 here in the second half. >> marques: that was deflected, the shot blocked by matt pilgrim. >> barry: pilgrim comes out of there with it. no page goes for shiller, kickout for muonelo, open tray. >> marques: that's a great try by page. the two guard doesn't want to play the point guard role, but you could have fooled me on that one. great job setting up his teamma teammate.
12:24 am
learn more at >> okay, everyone, we have a lot to cover this morning. tim should be here any second with the latest budget numbers to -- uhh, take us through the initial... schedule... for production and..ndndndnd >> ouch. >> this is one way to avoid getting the h1n1 flu virus. >> oopsie daisy. >> all right. good morning!
12:25 am
let's get this meeting started. >> for some better ways, visit [man sneezes] [groans] [groans] >> marques: oklahoma state is threatening to run away with this. james anderson's offense aggression throughout the entire game, knocking down the outside shots, finding the lane for offensive rebounds on the inside. strong bodies, 6'7" and 210 with deep range. very bright future for that young main, james anderson from oklahoma state. >> barry: three point field goals and 7-24, but they're 4-6 here in the second half. the cardinal does not have a point off the bench. oklahoma state doing everything he it did in the first half, and it's taking care of the basketball and scoring the
12:26 am
basketball. >> marques: doing a nice job. the ball movement has also been extraordinary. it's keeping page penetrating, and either you're passing up a shot to get a better shot. you're passing up a decent shot to get a great shot. >> barry: 16-6 in the second half for the cowboys. that chance for gulley. to the back to get it. now fields. between two. >> marques: a nice job isolating him on that right baseline, and then find the seam getting to the basket. >> barry: first score in the second half for landry fields. muonelo drives on fields and drives the foul and one. >> marques: if you're not going to do it, i'll do it. muonelo with the isolation putting him in a quandary. he gets a bite on a shot fake, and kind of wind and weave your
12:27 am
way on the finger roll. muonelo doesn't know he has three fouls and is being aggressive or what. that's the right play in that situation. >> barry: he has ten in the second half. >> marques: he's coming to the table right now for landry fields, just don't want to take that chance of fouling out. if he fouls out you have no chance. tough chance now if you rebound 15. >> barry: mann forces the shot. trotter gets it back and the put-back. >> marques: trotter throwing up a 14-point game against uc davis. >> barry: trotter at the other end with a rebound. fields leads it this time, and mann goes down hard and draws the foul.
12:28 am
>> marques: draws a foul is the operative term. he did a nice job of finding the body of the shot blocker, pilgrim. get him out of game. >> barry: fourth personal foul on matt pilgrim. >> marques: he's done a great job defensively plugging up the hole, contesting and blocking and being a physical presence on the inside. >> barry: he cannot find it. it's got to be psychological, huh? >> marques: yeah, it is. those two bigs ones with kentucky that could have sealed that deal and helped you upset the number five team in the country, that doesn't help. >> barry: just 1-7. too late. this oklahoma state team has all the the elements of being a darn
12:29 am
good basketball team. >> marques: they were a very good team last year also. it's a travis ford style of basketball team. tough defense. >> barry: here's a man in the middle, zimmermann on the wing. almost off the side of the backboards. stanford gets another chance here. we'll take a time-out. oklahoma state 53, the stanford cardinal 41. we're coming back. oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it.
12:30 am
i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call.
12:31 am
>> barry: welcome back to the san francisco bay area. this is a big 12/pac-10 hardwood series. today's broadcast is on afn broadcasting to the u.s. armed forces serving in 175 countries and abroad and aboard ships at sea. they're watching around the world in iraq, germany, italy, southwest asia and japan. we welcome all of you. >> marques: my friend and chris and i were talking about it playing ball in italy. the american sports was the one lifeline that was going on. we'd go to the army base in italy and watch duke and wake forest. when that shot was hit by tate george to pull that game out. i understand how important the american forces network is from personal experience. >> barry: we're glad to be with them. green with three. >> marques: another great job of
12:32 am
executing on the inbound play. that's kind of a lost cause. you talk about mid-range jump shots being lost arts. look at the score on inbound plays. >> barry: the cardinal not going away. long three by muonelo. he has another one. >> marques: muonelo, a strong body, looks like he could be a future nfl tight end, but he's got that kind of range, especially in the groove and he's officially in the groove this evening. >> barry: 13 points in the second half by muonelo. a long-range by green. >> marques: other guys have to step up to have a chance to stay in contact. it's going to force jeremy green and some of these other guys to be more aggressive stanford on a 9-3 since fields left with the fourth foul.
12:33 am
andson to the basket. >> marques: you know where he learned that move. summertime, his datd worked at can quentin prison. he's play against the old heads at the health club. 24 hour fitness center. beat him up and beat him down. he's used to the contact. that kind of gets you prepared for this kind of contact. >> barry: he did a great job protecting with the body and making the basket. >> marques: a lot of guys shy away from the contact and do a little cute move inside and come away empty-handed. he went and sought out the contact. >> barry:. >> marques: travis ford put it on ice for a while. now he's back into the scrapping of the guard up top. >> barry: offensive foul against
12:34 am
zimmermann. >> marques: you have andrew zimmermann playing out of the character. james anderson, and i'm not sure if he did this. contact kind of an injury or just a cramp. >> barry: he doesn't appear to be in any great pain. taking some liquid. the first turnover for the cardinal in the last ten minutes. muonelo steps in. a rare miss for him in the second half. green with the rebound for the cardinal, ahead to mann. what a pick. zimmermann, and mann cannot convert. penn ran right into zimmermann. >> marques: penn letting zimmermann know his displeasure. wow. i thought that was an illegal screen set by zimmermann. i don't think he was set. i thought he stuck that shoulder a little bit in the pin. you have to be on top of that. that was a play that can hurt
12:35 am
you. >> barry: he went down hard. >> marques: a little blindsided, head injuries, neck injuries, all kinds of things that can go wrong. >> barry: it wasn't pretty, but he'll take it. pilgrim going back into the ball game with four fouls, and moses leaves. moses has been very quiet tonight. ford has always had one or two guys play their "a" game and three or four play their "d" game. >> marques: he didn't communicate. travis ford said somebody will get hurt out there, but the big man has to be on top of the play. muonelo behind the pilgrim screen. now page off to the right side, but it's chased down by pilgrim.
12:36 am
good hustle play. >> marques: you're sandwiched between two defenders contesting the shot. the crowd is trying to pick this team up. >> barry: again, good ball movement from behind by drew shiller. drew on three. shiller tripped his way to the basket. no call. picked up by muonelo. four-on-one. pilgrim to penn, and penn can't hang onto it. out of bounds. >> marques: you have to give the basketball up to the point guard as that first pass, let him find matt pilgrim for the lay-up as opposed to executing the fast break. let i am make a play 15 feet away from the basket. it's not happening. >> barry: it's going on right now. >> marques: he's a tough one. he's out there. he's got -- we think he has the hard screen set. travis ford had this
12:37 am
conversation with his big. moses is back up to check back in. >> barry: three-on-two. muonelo offensive foul. good job by zimmermann to get the foot out. >> marques: travis ford is complaining. he's retreating and going backwards. that's not a bad job. i thought may have been a more blocking type of situation, but it looked like zimmermann got back and got set, took the contact. >> barry: muonelo will leave. on top, now, mann works on it. really nice job. >> marques: there are a lot of baseline screens. >> barry: another turnover. it's get sloppy right now. >> marques: he has to do a better job. you're the point guard out here. you've done a great job taking care of the basketball.
12:38 am
you're going to see a lot more of this based on the results that have happened in this game in the course of the pac-10 season. >> barry: really going to push away from the ball. called on trotter. this is the 15th foul. >> marques: nice job, no place to go for page or penn. >> barry: penn will start the offense again. >> marques: and the ball screen. >> barry: ten on the shot clock. still time. page back for that. got trotter on him, and he still
12:39 am
pulls the trigger. missed the shot off the left side. >> marques: good defense. that's the best shot out of the possession. excellent defensive possession by the stanford cardinal. >> barry: jeremy green behind him, can't get the shot off. green knocks it down. great shot. difficult. >> marques: like last year, just to be able to not only shoot but shoot shots and knock them down. the dribble between the right move. >> barry: green has picked up the slack with the absence of landry fields, who shot 10 in the second half, 17 in the ball game. >> marques: it's a growth game for jeremy green, the sophomore. >> barry: again, the cardinal just not going away. it bounces around and finally drops down for roger franklin. we got a time-out on the floor with a nine point oklahoma state
12:40 am
lead. it's 61-52 lead. the cardinal are all about coaching and practice. >> marques: the best offense has been on the inbound plays. zimmermann nice job, trotter finding the seam, landry fields gets the screen, fades into the corner, jeremy green a little staggered double screen. he knocks down a shot so he's able to square up. johnny dawkins and his outstanding staff and they've done a nice job of designing and executing taish working on the execution of those offensive plays. >> barry: how long dube wait to landry fields? >> marques: you have to have a feel for your team, and right now, i mean, the way they're playing, jeremy green, offensively playing well, the defense has picked up. you could probably wait another two minutes if you wanted to just to see how this game continues to flow, because stanford is coaching ten points
12:41 am
and we're out of the game. we're out nine. you haven't lost anything. >> barry: this week it's fox nfl live beginning with the 49ers battling the eegers and the packers take off the steelers. the buccaneers battle the seahawks. coverage begins on sun with america's number one pregame show only on fox. check your local listings for the game start times in your area. forget all that. they were down by 15, and 53-38. with just under 13 minutes left when landry fields went out of the game. now, after a 14-8 run, stanford down just nine. so they played well. >> barry: it was this guy, jeremy green, who was the trigger man for stanford. mann really being bothered. out in the field. second in front, and it's franklin and out of bounds.
12:42 am
it's stanford's ball when woe we come back. 61-52 cowboys. and he says he's dizzy comedian: stroke's no joke.
12:43 am
>> barry: 61-52 ball game. anderson coming back onto the floor now, apparently it just was cramps. he has 25 in the ball game. the cowboys have been rather quiet since he's been on the
12:44 am
sidelines. >> marques: they rely on him for so much. the only 20 point per game scorer in the big 12 this season. he's had an outstanding performance, led the points and more importantly the eight rebounds to get out and help your team when they need you on the backboard. >> barry: here's landry fields posting up for the basket. >> marques: nice job. starting at the right elbow. there was a pass that was big on the other elbow, goes down and he just explodes to establish position right in the middle of the paint. good execution. >> barry: they're try to get him involved. they have some isolated plays for him. there's anderson, and had the ball on his hip. still converted it and caught the basket. that was a tough shot. >> marques: a tough shot. he comes up cramping off of this play. watch this play here. landry fields a little screen there and establishes his position in the middle of the paint and overpowers him on the inside. here's anderson once again using
12:45 am
that big, strong upper body of his to bounce a man off of contact trying to back door it. he's having problems. he's having some cramp issues right now. >> barry: you can see a guy that gets to the free-throw line as much as he does and an 85% free throw shooter. that's not bad. >> marques: that's bonus points. he has a lot going on, dad and four or five cousins drove down for this game. he has not disappointed. >> barry: no, i'll say. green. >> marques: he's got a jumper. he's got a jumper that can make him a lot of money. the way he he elevates and moves about the basketball. he needs to be a little biltmore aggressive and take things into his own hands offensively. >> barry: long three for muonelo.
12:46 am
he's been a stick out in the second half. >> marques: man, that play was designed to get him coming off the downscreen to put more pressure on landry fields with the four fouls. >> barry: green again. long three. not this time. rebound zimmermann. backing off to start the offense again. >> marques: a back screen on the part of stanford. >> barry: down to fields again. off the baseline. it won't go. it goes to the free-throw line. anderson still flexing that right knee, still cramping up. >> marques: he's working that hamstring on the back of the right leg, but he's trying to tough it out. he still has a 10-point lead and a lot of time left. we have the official, bill kennedy, noticing what's going
12:47 am
on and asking does he need to have that looked at. >> barry: we have a better officiating crew in this game. they've been around the track a little bit. >> marques: good common sense crew. that's what i like about them. >> barry: you're right. that's billy kennedy. landry fields at the free-throw line. he's had to earn everything he's gotten tonight. can't get it to go. very uncharacteristic of a stanford team. does not shoot it well at the free-throw line. approximate. >> marques: in this stage of the game, obviously, they need all of those. >> barry: just 10-22. that's not going to get it done. tried to leave it that time
12:48 am
stepping in front, now two-on-one. fields on the wing to the basket. >> marques: a couple more defensive stops for stanford. this is going to be tough to do away. muonelo is shooting the ball, and the quickness of the guard and the rebounding of moses and the always lurking anderson out on the floor running off two or three screens at the same time. >> barry: moses trying to post up, draws a crowd. ten. long tray. long rebound, and it was knocked away from behind by shiller. he saves it nicely for green. shiller doing all those things tonight. >> marques: made the hustle play. hasn't shot the ball like you're accustomed to him shooting it this season. >> barry: a reverse that time going to the basket by mann. >> marques: run it through
12:49 am
landry fields, good things happen for the basketball offensively. stanford within 7. >> barry: they've been there a few times, but unable to get inside of that. sunday it's an acc sunday nights hoops double header. it's the first conference showdown of the season. florida state looks to shut down georgia tech and north carolina state collides with wake forest. both battle for early acc supremacy, and action at 2:30 pacific. >> marques: right here at this stage of game, this is where your assistant coaches earn their money. what do you think they're going to do and run? james anderson is on the right side of the floor, worked for him going to the left. obi muonelo coming off a downscreen looking to shoot his jump shot. you might want to switch that. you maybe try something defensively out of the zone. maybe throw 1-2-2 to landry
12:50 am
fields at the top of the key to get an entirely different look. >> barry: it's a critical time in the game out here. 3:36 remain, 7 point game. cowboys with the basketball. they were going to show some pressure. >> marques: they have to give them something different. give them a different look. aggressive trapping pressure in the backcourt. i love this move. i don't think how it's turning out, obviously. you roll the dice and gamble. >> barry: over zimmermann short. good no-call i thought that time. the cardinal with a chance to get as close as they did in a long time. green can't get it. a rebound, and a big one. >> marques: that hurts. that's the shot you want in transition. jeremy green has knocked down the shots a little late. comes up short on the play. >> barry: now anderson.
12:51 am
anderson for three. halfway down, came out. fields with the rebound, and again the cardinal with an opportunity. >> marques: jarrett mann almost a major mistake underneath. that's a move here. that is inside-out action, baby, right there by landry fields. >> barry: 20 for fields. an 8-0 run for the cardinal. just like that a five-point ball game with 2:25 remaining to the plays. >> marques: you're at peace with your hand. >> barry: knocks it out of bounds. cowboys will have it when we come back. 67 oklahoma state, and 62 stanford. landry fields dazzling in the house. we're coming back.
12:52 am
12:53 am
>> barry: this is the 9-minute mark at the first half. >> marques: nice job in transition, and just toughing it out again obi muonelo. this is the play that i love. that is a hot jam. you're going against the cone. 50, 60, 70 times in a row doing that inside-out move. at some point you have to call on it. he called on it and it was there to i am. he worked on it and prepared for
12:54 am
this moment. we talked about the other guy at the top of the program and that's james anderson. he has 25 points in the ball game, and he's playing with cramps for about the last five minutes. >> marques: obviously, he's taking the point forward. these two guys are highly he skilled point forwards, scored 28 and 20 and making it look easy. >> barry: muonelo has another. he's come up big in the second half. >> marques: we talked about andson and fields putting up points. obi muonelo has done a terrific job. >> barry: fields the runner. nice lead. zimmermann the finish. credit landry, too. >> marques: that's a tough catch from zimmermann on the inside. that comes from zimmermann. >> barry: a costly turnover right here for the cowboys. >> marques: he turned his head, and that turnover went to ten. you have to be aware of that, and muonelo was not looking when
12:55 am
that pass was delivered. you have to turn your back on the basketball, but when you do you don't want your point guard passing to your guy. >> barry: 16th turnover for the cowboys in the game. 1:43. plenty of time. clock not yet a factor. obi muonelo has really stepped up in the second half particularly. >> marques: nice job knocking down jump shots. this is a big play because that is a hard foul on landry fields going hard into the basket. using those strong shoulders and strong upper body to bounce the defender away, that creates space at the free-throw line. >> barry: you see the difference between the first and second half. he's always had some body other than james anderson step up. tonight it's muonelo. >> marques: between the two of them, muonelo 18 points and anderson 14 in the second half. 32 of oklahoma state's 34 second
12:56 am
half points. that's crazy. >> barry: that tells you everything you need to know. as we said earlier, stanford is hanging around. they don't belong here, but they're here. >> marques: they're doing some damage if they continue to score. how do you continue to score? you continue to give the ball to landry fields. >> barry: nice save by fields out of bounds to oklahoma state. >> marques: in fairness to jair any he green, he had a double screen at the free-throw line. he got a nice look from 20 feet straight on. he just did not come through and knock down the shot. >> barry: two opportunitieses like that for green in the last couple of minutes. moses had andzson on the wing if he wants him, and a reach-in foul.
12:57 am
>> barry: they call a foul on jarrett mann. >> marques: that's not a bad foul by stanford based on the free throw shooter. moses puts the big guy at the line. 64% for the season, and hasn't had a lot of offensive rhythm and touches and shots at the basket. that's even more important. >> barry: he's only had two shots in the ball game. missed them both. that came on the heels of a 10-11 shooting night. >> marques: moses touches the basketball and grabs it. >> barry: moses obliges by missing. fields with the rebound for the cardinal. clock still not a big factor. 1:16 remaining. fields had a good look. now he steps in and to zimmermann, and zimmermann
12:58 am
scores. >> marques: fields is making it happen, drawing the orange shirted defenders, leaving the big guys open. that time zim herman was the recipient of a nice one. >> barry: that's a career high for zimmermann. he has 12. jarrett mann has a career high of 10 for stanford. >> barry: that bothers him enough. that's a good offensive play. it bobbles him enough to make an impact on the game. that was exactly the right call. there was no question about it. >> marques: great position here. you can move on the perimeter and pick up the foul. a lot is determined by which area of your body you take that hit. he takes it right square in the chest, solar plexs area. that's a he good call by the official. >> barry: >> barry: the cardinal now with an opportunity to get within one or tie. approximate stanford just 4-16 beyond the arc in this game. not necessary by any means to go for three here.
12:59 am
>> marques: you don't have to. you have too much time left to think about that. if you're johnny dawkins he's drawn up a couple of plays for jair any green to get a nice look at the basket, and he hasn't converted. do you roll the dice and say i go back to him? he's missed three threes in a row at this point. do you have enough confidence in him? do you do what i would do? >> marques: to landary fields and let him make the play. he's going to make a play for somebody. >> barry: a 12 second differential between game clock and shot clock. zimmermann scores. one-point game. >> marques: landry fields screened and got a flair screen from zimmermann. zimmermann got that screen. stanford adjusts that offensive play. >> barry: a 12-2 run for the
1:00 am
stanford cardinal. now the object is just to play defense. >> marques: zimmermann sets the screen at the free-throw line. he bites on the screen for landry fields coming to his left. there's two defenders going that way. wide open down the middle for the big guy. >> barry: that is our toyo tires driven to perform. >> marques: that's the stuff the coaching staff picks up on. you see him right there in the middle of the screen. the arizona assistant for lute olson for a number of years. he brought that influence with him with johnny dawkins and the way he they run offense. they're ahead down on the flair screen and going with fields and slip zimmermann in there. >> barry: 14 in the ball game, a career high. we were talking about when the right time to bring landry fields back. they brought him back at 6:55. obviously, that was the right
1:01 am
time, because stanford has scored 16 points since he's been back. >> marques: they outscored oklahoma state 14-8 with landry fields on the bench. they were down 53-38 with him out of the game. great gamble move by johnny dawkins. they increased the pressure on the backcourt of oklahoma state. >> barry: there's a two-second difference between game lock and shot clock. >> marques: stanford is aggressively attacking and trapping the basketball. they want a foul. penn is not a bad guy to foul. freshman and 82% free throw shooter. again, the operative word, "freshman." >> barry: penn has not scored in the ball game or been to the free-throw line and 0 for 3 in the field. a lot to ask of a first-year player on the road. >> marques: he's a tough player out of the houston area. wears number 14 because augustine gave it to him. i hate to admit this, he said.
1:02 am
>> barry: he calmly knocks it down. >> marques: i hate to admit this, but i love augustine. he gives it up like that. knocks down a real clutch free throw situation. gives you an idea of the mental toughness of this young man. >> barry: 18.4 seconds remaining in the game. gets them both. calmly got them both. still not absolutely necessary for the cardinal to shoot three here. >> marques: they have a couple of time-outs left. >> barry: anderson has picked up his fourth personal foul, sends landry fields to the line. still 12 seconds left in the game. >> marques: with the time-outs left if you're johnny dawkins, you have to call a time-out if he makes these free throws, makes the second free throw in particular.
1:03 am
but -- >> barry: after being 0 for 2, pretty good run to make right there. makes it a two-point ball game with 12 ticks remaining. >> marques: obviously, 1 for 3 for this game is not a given. if landry fields knocks this down -- >> barry: which he does. >> marques: got the call the time-out, gets your defense up. >> barry: well, they're numerous for both teams. how about andrew zimmermann for stanford? >> marques: i'm liking andrew zimmermann. he's done a nice job. he's just kind of finding the gaps and not doing too much. he made great plays defensively and getting in the play and picking up offensive fouls and making a nuisance like him. >> barry: what was that lake again? >> marques: that big lake.
1:04 am
>> barry: it starts with "m." >> marques: lake michigan. >> barry: here's the story now. one time-out remaining for each team. double-bonus situation for the cardinal. >> marques: 12 seconds left. you're down one if you're stanford. you got a foul. obviously, oklahoma state you want to give the ball into the hands of page or ray baste based on what happened there. dave anderson is an excellent free throw shooter for oklahoma state at 85%. so it's all-out denial on those three. you beg marshall moses to catch this inbound pass. >> barry: you're playing for a steal here. a foul before the inbound pass. >> marques: that's a tough break for stanford. you had them in a situation where you had great denial on three guys we talked about. anderson was denied. here comes -- i didn't see it. that's tough to see at that
1:05 am
angle, but moses was the guy who was the last outlet left before that whistle was blown. >> barry: i think they called it it on zimmermann away from the ball. page misses the free throw, and sdplimerman flairs. got to hurry. green -- time-out. with 6.4, and a one-point ball game. >> marques: he could have stripped it better. we could be up by 20, but if you have to be in this situation, this is a great opportunity now to put the ball in the hands of one of the best point forwards in the country for landry fields. he shows us tonight to let us do the thing whether drawing the shooter or taking the shot himself. >> barry: stanford has not let in this ball game since a long time ago. >> marques: if they can pull this game out -- it's a he great testament to them.
1:06 am
you think he's got coaching in his future? >> barry: no question. he wants to be a broadcaster. >> marques: i think landry fields, you give it to him, six seconds, you almost have to give it to him right away to get to the top of the key. your shooter is out on the floor out towards the baseline, and he puts it on the floor trying to make something happen. >> barry: oklahoma state led this game by 15. landry fields went out with his fourth foul. since he's come back it's been all stanford and now the cardinal has an opportunity to win this basketball game with 6.4 ticks left. certainly trying to get the ball in landry fields' hands, but landry will give it up. >> marques: that's what oklahoma state -- i think what they will do conversely is try and deny and switch everything. landry fields will take it out and get it back. this is a good play by johnny
1:07 am
dawkins. >> barry: stanford out of time-outs. >> marques: you get it to zimmermann or mann and give it back to him. that would be the play in this situation. >> barry: they're trying to get the coaching staff of the oklahoma state to sit down. >> marques: he doesn't have to down three for jarrett mann. >> barry: he gets it into zimmermann. zimmermann puts it on the floor, puts it up a little too hard. rebound to pilgrim, and this game is over. probably not the shot that johnny dawkins had drawn up. >> marques: yeah. he was supposed to get the basketball back. james anderson did a pretty decent job of keeping landry fields away from the ball. zimmermann thought he was fouled, but you don't get that call in this situation. good job by travis to put the other rebound in there. there's a buck there. the time is winding down.
1:08 am
he had it. he thought he had loss time than he had on the clock. >> barry: they posted landry fields up on the other side. that's all about would have or should have or could haves. >> marques: a great job by james anderson and got a chance to play in front of his for her. obi muonelo outstanding supporting role. >> barry: they finish with 28 points. that's a wrap from maples pavilion. the final score, oklahoma state 71 and stanford 70. this saturday east meets west. the women, number two and number three, the lady 'vols with tennessee against the stanford cardinal and with the men it's tennessee as they go to usc to go battle down at the gables center. that's a wrap for us.
1:09 am
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hi. there thanks for hanging around. coming up, a baseball bonanza of cash. first, for the first time all year, they are out on the road now. only six of the lakers' first 23 have been played away from staple center. only once before wednesday have the lakers played back to backs on the road. and this is unlike most roadies. after playing in utah saturday, they went home for a day. they beat chicago. then they bused up to milwaukee. kobe had 42 on tuesday. what would he do bad finger and all on wednesday? under two to go. bucks up two. we're tied. kobe off glass. we're even now at 93-93. about 30 to go now. on the other end, andrew bogut. pau gasol, bogut would miss the free-throw tied at 95-95. final ten seconds, game winner, no. how about overtime? in the overtime, the bucks have
1:12 am
been up six. now one. >> the lakers for the win. kobe going up. >> yes! at the buzzer, he tuesday it. was there ever a doubt? >> 39 for kobe bryant. the lakers win in overtime. >> we made a couple plays offensively. at the end of regulation, i had a really, really good look. you know, it was such a good look that i missed it. if i had another opportunity, which i got, i want to go right back to the same spot and try to redeem myself. >> philadelphia tried to go back to back for the first time since october. the cavaliers up three. they get out of lebron james' way. on the defensive end. tied 72-72, the cavs'
1:13 am
broadcasters. allen iverson, andrew iguodala. no laughing here. fourth quarter, cavaliers down three. a.i. throws it away. lebron deem it to himself. andre, maybe? a three-pointer from the quarter there. from the outside here. lebron, a game high 36. the cavaliers have won four in a row. hedo turkoglu back in orlando for the first time since the signing in toronto. we are getting the basketball. elbow, dwight howard. matching 11. a big night for howard. here, the little pick and roll. with vince carter. he would add 18. it was a big night for howard defensively. one of his eight blocks. eight blocked shots right there. every time i see it i laugh. 14 blocks for the magic. 118-99. whether you call them companion deals or simply call it as you
1:14 am
see it, which is a 14-9 player trade, either way it was kind of complicated but it became official on wednesday. cliff lee is a mariner now and roy halladay is a philly. three years and $60 million. >> it was an easy decision for me. i think once the opportunity came up to be a part of this, it was something i couldn't pass up. you know? i'm overwhelmed with this opportunity, looking forward to what could be. so you know, for me, it is kind of a two-part thing. i'm excited to be able to continue that, the chance to try to play in the postseason. and ultimately, win a world series. >> coming up on the "final score," the presbyterian blue hose travel to columbus with six freshmen and those seniors. how do you think that goes? the "final score" is presented
1:15 am
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"final score" presented by burger king. it was the only meeting with presbyterian two years ago. trivia for those of you at home. what is the mascot? that's alice lauder dale. anybody? ten turnovers, first half.
1:18 am
the answer is lou hose. david lighty. evidently the road to cincinnati, ohio, now runs through mount pleasant, michigan themselves went right back to the place they found kelly which is central michigan. bush jones is the new head coach. he will take over after the little sugar bowl gettogether with florida. meanwhile, the basketball team, not the coach by many jones. this is never an easy road trip. elijah millsap makes a point of that. 22 points and 15 rebounds. he's a blazer. blazers up 13. second landfall, aaron johnson. 64-47. you call that an upset? i don't know. louisville. coming off charlotte and western carolina. posting oral roberts. reginald had that.
1:19 am
back to our alley-oop. the cardinals are up 23 at the half. tell me who gets credit for this basket. buckles, jerry smith, anybody? jerry smith will get credit. couldn't they give him even one point on that? 94-57. coming up on the abbreviated edition of fine score, a one in six chance steven jackson faces one of the team. wednesday was one of those nights. and acc basketball coming up. (announcer) pizza hut knows you've been good.
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finl skorl presented by burger king. trevor or tevon. devin with the finish here.
1:22 am
in the first half, up 16 in the second. tanner smith, a nice cut, a nice finish. 80-63. wake forest and usc. hang around for a while. dominique lacy, no john fields. and unc wilmington is town only two. but eventually, wake would take over. wake is up 13. wake would eventually win this thing by heavy. l.d. williams right there. 80-69 is the final. back to the nba now. steven jackson is used to taking on his old team. he has five of them. now on his sixth nba stop, jackson seems to be settling in nicely in charlotte. the former hawk, spur, warrior, pacer, was back at indiana wednesday. also a net, you know. jackson and the bobcats only one on the road. larry brown also is a form early
1:23 am
patriots coach. the third quarter pacers up. here he finds him. indiana has an 18-point lead. picking up in the third, steven jackson had the highlight. two of his 22. fourth quarter, lee town to seven. gerald wallace at the hard working. wallace with 12 rebounds leefl now only five. now only they have. boris diaw. you see that shot doesn't count. here's the larry brown shot. pacers with the win. coming up on the "final score," maybe this or maybe that. i'm going to guess kobe for your i'm going to guess kobe for your
1:24 am
1:25 am
oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex.
1:26 am
sorry coach. alex! good call. time to go to the overtime report brought to you by las vegas. why is this funny? the wizards have won one. not remotely funny. a couple of rookies. evans would finish with 26. under 30 to go. butler, the inbound pass. now it is only a one-point game. only ten seconds remaining. a 1-point game. still gilbert arenas.
1:27 am
makes two points. up they have. one last shot for the wiz. butler for three. kings win 112-109 california knucks trying to win four straight. tied 1-1, second period. >> scored! a rebound. what a piece by la rondo. >> ryan getz. kyle calder. tucks beat the canucks 3-2. that is basically it for us on the "final score." thanks for watching the show live from los angeles this evening. i guessed earlier that the las vegas big moment would be kobe bryant. they at any time tell me, really, we knew it would be kobe bryant. overtime winner in milwaukee.
1:28 am
good night. >> lakers for the win. kobe going up. yes! at the buzzer, he does it! he wins it for the lakers. in overtime. 110-106. the best closer finisher. i'll have one of those. you know every time you order a captain and cola a holiday fairy gets her wings. shh, holiday fairy.
1:29 am
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