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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 19, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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sights set on the legendary rock! sights set on the legendary [captioning made possible by espn] arena, where today the third ranked and undefeated kentucky wildcats continue their march toward history, playing host to austin peay governors of the ohio valley conference. i'm matt stewart joined by legendary wildcat kyle macy.
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hope your holidays are off to to a great start. they're off to a great start. you were here for 78 of their victories. getting to the 2,000 milestone will not end the debate but will strengthen the argue in the the bluegrass state their program is the best in basketball. >> kyle: the kentucky fans have been counting down for the last three or four years. the other four schools with 1800 victories are north carolina, kansas, duke. good company. >> matt: the star watch, coach calipari and legenda lege rupp. today he could break the record. >> kyle: he has done everything right. he's saying all the right things and showing up in the right places. recruiting a great class. he has not lost a game at kentucky. being compared to adadollph ru
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rupp shows what he can do. >> matt: and john wall the freshman continues to grow with each passing game. john wall and the wildcats take on austin peay. starting line-up and opening tip up ne s ars are down
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and the wildcats putting on their customary opening at rupp arena. the best start since the 1998-'93 final four team started their year 11-0. number three in the espn and a.p. poll, won first place in each. the kentucky wildcats with
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john calipari joined eddie sutton and frank mcguire as the only three coaches to take three different teams to the top three rankings in the nation. the starting line-up for austin peay at 7-4, 2-0 in the obc. it's caleb brown, wes channels, and the co-player of the week. anthony campbell, the leading scorer. marcel willaims and john fraley on the front line. for kentucky wildcats 10-0, darius miller joined by john wall for the fourth time this season. fourth consecutive week s.e.c. player of the week, eric bledsoe. a fine guard joins him in the back court. another great freshman in demarcus cousins. the junior preseason pick for sec player of the year patrick patterspatterson. dave loos, head coach of the
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austin peay state governors. for the fourth straight year, he is the only man in the nation not only the head basketball coach, but alston the athletic director of his school. >> kyle: the first decision as athletic director not to fire the basketball coach. >> matt: what a decision for him. >> kyle: the austin peay team without the game started, they'll be tough and grind it out. offensively, run down the ucla high post set. they'll work hard. give you everything they have when they're on the floor. >> matt: kentucky in their home white and austin peay in road red. cousins and fraley. mike stewart, bird, smith is the officiating crew. kentucky starts on offense. john wall, 6'4", 194 freshman out of word of godacademy. many had him number one recruit in the nation when he signed on with the wildcats.
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lived up to the billing. patterson with the first miss. the ball is saved by austin peay. anthony campbell, the sophomore had his hands on the board for the wing. >> kyle: excuse me. austin peay is being patient here. they want to use the clock. when they get the shots, it's important they knock them down. >> matt: that was campbell on the miss. fraley on the save. channels. austin peay has the early lead. >> kyle: if there has been a history, opponents shot the three ball well. here is austin peay starting one of two in the early going. >> matt: eric bledsoe caught channels with an elbow. no call is made. cousins the miss. got his rebound. ball knocked out of bounds. last touched by austin peay. john calipari, first season
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as wildcats coach after great run in memphis, with 455 career victories. >> matt: darius miller with the three. the game is tied. >> kyle: thigh are picking up the the tempo and leading fast breaks on the other end. >> matt: caleb brown to the hole. marcel willaims had it. lost out of bounds. austin peay, you wonder about austin peay. what is austin peay? it's located in clarksville, tennessee, enrollment of over 10,000. nicknamed the governors in the ohio valley. they've been to six ncaa tournaments and their 79th year of basketball. they have over 1,000 victories in their program. >> kyle: they lost a toughover time victory last year or would have had their seventh ncaa appearance. >> matt: moorhead in the
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double overhead to prevent a spot in the ncaa tournament. here comes austin peay. fraley. gives austin peay the lead again. >> kyle: fraley is a player that is from clarksville and went to high school in kentucky state. christian academy. and coach loos says he improves game-by-game. big high and learning curve getting better with each concept. >> matt: cousins inside. kentucky wants to feed it inside where they have distinct size advantage against smaller austin peay line. but so for a the governors have survived that game plan. wes channels, a senior out of memphis and ridgeway high school. there is campbell. either campbell or channels
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most likely both need big games today. three on the shot clock. austin peay with the third basket. fraley again. fraley the young man, who was mr. basketball in the kentucky christian athletic association. >> kyle: excellent execution by austin peay. using the shot clock to five. wide-open look at the end. one thing the kentucky team had problem with is -- as john wall knocks down the three-pointer, they play down to the level of the competition. austin peay doesn't look like they've come out as focussed against the bigger name schools. >> matt: dave loos said conventional wisdom is that you want to shorten the game when off physical disadvantage as you do against the kentucky wildcats. he said they would take their shots if they had open looks, they'd take their shot like campbell did right there. inside to patterson. john wall. wall at 7.1 assist in the
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game. >> kyle: the freshman can recognize the defense. austin peay went to the 2-3 zone. too high. over the top with lop pass and dunk. >> matt: fraley was fouled by cousins. and a time-out. we're four minutes and one second into this ballgame. kentucky wildcats with a one-point lead at home.
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welcome home, man.
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kentucky off to festive start, leading 8-7 over austin peay. >> kyle: you think that they'll score a lot of points but this is what he brings to the team, versatility. we saw austin peay stepped up high and patrick patterson sneaks on the baseline. a lob pass to the rim. patrick knows what to do when it's low. >> matt: wall on pace for 220 assists this season. shatter your former teammate freshman record of 126 assists in the 1979-'80 season. >> kyle: he's shooting well. that is a knock because when he came in college, he wasn't outside shooter. he came in, rebounds, and six and seven a game. he has 25 steals early in the season. >> matt: john fraley hits the
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first free-throw. john fraley has five of the first eight points for the governors. the average is 8.9 a game. he has been a solid redshirt sophomore for them. that was a big concern for dave loos' team was the first redshirt sophomores on the in the line. they haven't been great, but they've been okay. okay is good enough. >> kyle: they work hard to improve. that was the area to improve to come can pete for their title. develop the depth and inside play. >> matt: orton reaches his man. >> kyle: orton is another freshman giving quality minutes for john calipari. >> matt: daniel orton came in for cousins during the time-out. williams shoots it over the hoop. channel chan channels for three. that's on williams. >> kyle: austin peay didn't score but that's taking advantage of the opportunity. they felt like they had the number when they broke the
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press. they had the number. took the shot. the shot didn't go down. that's the key if you make a big run and upset kentucky. you have to make the shot. >> matt: john wall, number three in the southeastern conference in scoring at 18 points per game. the feed ends up in wall's hands for a second three-point attempt and the second three-point basket. channels. brown, and now campbell for three. and he's having some hard luck on the three-point shot to start the game. a 49% three-point shooter. the first h miss for wall. a whistle. and a foul. campbell is called for coming over the back here. >> kyle: patrick patterson going to the offensive board and showing his strength. going back up and drawing the foul. that patterson is the unsung
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hero of the team. he goes about his business every game. plays hard. puts up good numbers and doesn't care if he gets recognition. >> matt: getting recognition from the nba scouts. >> kyle: every time he makes a jump-shot you hear the cash register ring more. >> matt: came back for his junior year, when he could have gone pro. wall puts it on the floor. now two consecutive misses. he gets it back. >> kyle: austin peay in the zone, as coach loos says, wad it up on the inside. kentucky is missing shots. you can't allow a second and third attempt. >> matt: kentucky is a great rebounding team. 32 rebounds per game. number nine in the nation in rebounding margin, plus 10.6. wall, his third three-pointer. >> kyle: hard not to talk about wall. he felt like his team needed
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a boost. shot the wide-open three. wow! >> matt: john wall, nine points, two assists. three of three on the three-point shooting already in the ballgame. >> kyle: now you hear the crowd excited. deandre liggins checked in the game. he played the last minute of the last contest. been in the doghouse for whatever reason. no explanation given. coach calipari liked the play. he recruited him heavily at memphis and he feels like he can improve the team pushing the player above him. excellent athlete. plays good defense. very long and fast. >> matt: fraley keeps it going for the governors. fraley with eight points. he's not yet missed a shot from the floor. >> kyle: i think they'd be going to him more. >> matt: fraley no doubt jacked up to play in kentucky. the shot was blocked by fraley.
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channels. orton rebound. fast break to wall. wall. wow! le left it short. follow. by liggins. >> kyle: team that is eight deep. you add in deandre liggins. now you're nine deep. you keep bringing the waves of pressure. [ whistle ] >> the ball kicked by stevenson. big ballgame in the nfl tonight as the saints taken to cowboys. join us for sports night on monday night. the nfl expert dorothy levins will talk about that and more. join us on sportsnite. 6:00 and 11:00. 7-point lead for the wildcats. inside to fraley. orton comes up with the steal for the wildcats. liggins was getting a lot of
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run time in practice yesterday, as you watch the kentucky can wildcats go through their work-out at the practice facility. bledsoe got tripped by marcel willaims. that is the second foul on him. dave loos will go to his bench. roberson will check in. and caleb brown goes to the bench. tyrone cladwell checks in for him. >> kyle: coach loses it. caldwell feels like is an offensive threat, than brown. brown more defensive. that fits, because coach loses into the defense first and then gets points as well from the offense. >> matt: demarcus cousins. [ cheering ] nine-point lead for the wildcats. >> kyle: big 'cuz is the ultra personality as they call him. >> matt: fraley. fraley walks into a double
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team. got it up and over. his point of the ballgame. he had a double-double the last time out. that was against naia marion. went for ten points and ten rebounds. ten points already in this ballgame. to the hoop. darnell dodson got fouled. and the kentucky wildc wildcats. establishing their dominance here at rupp arena as they go for win number 1999. demarcus cousins slams it home. the wildcats have a 7-point lead.
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7-point lead. dave loos says every time he looks up he sees john fraley seeing ten to 12 points per game. he'll take it. >> kyle: he has given them a big boost. ten points. first through the midrange jump-shot. then comes back on the right side with another mid-range
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jump-shot and getting down low points. not shying away from the kentucky big men at all. >> matt: fraley the only governor to score in the last seven minutes. dodson is at the line. already well within his previous career high of 16 against niagara. kentucky has a nine-point lead again. kentucky comes with full court pressure. this time was 1-2-2. one trap and out. >> matt: watch the defense to see what they do with fraley here. he has gone to the top of the scouting report in the huddle for the kentucky wildcats. caldwell. channels for the three. hits it. >> kyle: excellent ballpen tration and rotates again to
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get the wide-open look. great wa wal ball movement. he's a very aggressive player but got teammates involved. he's getting everyone else involved first. >> matt: channels to roberson. time-out called by john calipari, as four straight baskets by austin peay gets the governors within four. >> matt: roberson with a mid-range jump-shot as well. >> kyle: the big men are hesitant to step out on the floor and defend. that is one of the opportunity. see the steal down low by fraley. the transition basket. channels is pushing up hard to find his teammate on the right side. roberson from the knock-down jumper. less is more with wes channels. he's not forcing things like in the past. the real key according to
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loos, when you get your best player involved on the defensive end and the best player on the offensive end, you can do a long way. >> kyle: you can. everyone else falls in line. one of the upper classmen and he's given the effort day in and day out in practice and starts on the defensive end of the floor. i tell you, i better get that evident as well if i want to play for the governors. >> matt: bledsoe will bring the ball to the floor for the wildcats. john wall comes back to the scorer's table. there is a turnover on bledsoe. >> kyle: that is where bledsoe gets in trouble. too much dribbling. instead of keeping the ball moving. >> matt: kentucky is dead last. 16.8 turnovers per game. they are 11th in turnover margin. negative 1.9. >> kyle: having said that, though, coach calipari one game they had eight turnovers.
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every time i heard a coach say we need to turn it over more. >> matt: eight turnover tos means they're not playing as aggressively. push back by roberson, not playing ass a aggressively as they'd like. >> kyle: the only thing you lack in strength, doing a good job. >> matt: austin peay was caught with a back pick. fine pass to the rim for patrick patterson. >> matt: four-point lead for the wildcats again. fraley tried to answer with his own jam and got fouled. >> kyle: it's not going to come as easy this next time, big guy. we'll be there and bump you around a little bit. >> matt: fraley. out of clarksville, tennessee. the home of austin peay. played his basketball at hetay, across border in
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hopkinsville. shooting well from the free-throw line. 15 of the last 17. after 11 for 21 start this season. watch the jam by patterson on the other end. >> kyle: simple play. there was not a switch. no one talked to allow patterson to get the two-handed finish. >> matt: fraley hit two big free-throws. now 68-66 victory at ohio. that was the victory that gave dave loos the all-time ovc record. another great feed by wall. cousins could pn't finish it. cousins takes care of it there! >> kyle: he grabbed the pass off to the side. still managed to get it. square himself up. get the rebound. the pass not to him. gathered himself and got the ball up on the board and got it to go down. demarcus cousins, 14 points per game.
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he's number five in the s.e.c. in that category. number five in the s.e.c. >> kyle: as big as he is, 270 pounds, he's quite agile. he moves well down post. footwork will get better. sometimes he plays more with the upper half of his body. >> matt: long baseball pass. too long. kentucky will get it under their own basket. >> kyle: tried to get a run out that time. it's an option. if it's covered, as he should have seen, look down for it, inbounds authority, let the offense bring it up the court. >> matt: austin peay down six. he seems upset over the turnover. i'm laughing about it. he's not. they understand what they're up against here in kentucky today. their main objective today other than to get the check, let's face an it, this is a guaranteed games is to get better and get ready for
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their ovc schedule, which is underway by the way. they've won two games in the conference already this season. with victories against southeastern in overtime. >> kyle: there are tough places to play in the conference. this will prepare them, perform them how they want to play, style and defense. be a better conference team. foul is called on fraley. away from the ball. >> matt: is packed with everything you need to know of basketball to schedules and upcoming games and scores and more. you can find it at home court advantage. miller off the inbound. eight-point lead for the wildcats again. tyrone caldwell on the dribble for the governors. defense by miller made him
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change his shot. and finally give it up. unfortunately for the wildcats, they didn't get the turnover. the shot clock never reset, of course, because the shot never got near the rim. they're down to ten. justin blake! >> kyle: dodson gave up and allowed the wide-open jump-shot. >> matt: patrick patterson. just inside the three-point line. [ applause ] >> kyle: nba scouts like to see that. extending his game out on the floor on the offensive end. >> matt: patterson had a big game. four of nine against indiana outside the paint. the ball got knocked away for a moment. nearly another steal. time-out with seven minutes and 52 to play in the half.
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kentucky seven-point lead on austin peay, as today they go for win number 1999.
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>> matt: a little holiday tiff here at rupp arena. the wildcats with a 7-point lead at austin peay, with 7:52 to play in the half. i hope the holidays are off to a great start. a lot of folks are getting away from work and getting out to the holiday destinations. i have hope your travels are safe. the weather has been iffy in the southeast. certainly in the kentucky area the last 24 hours. snow here today >> kyle: basketball weather, right? >> matt: it is! especially where you're from. snow on the ground means it's
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time to go inside and play hoops. not so much from where i'm from. john wall walking up the floor. you see the stat tracker. kentucky leading in the rebounds. no big surprise there. they usually do. wall, two-man game here to patterson. [ whistle ] a foul is going to be called on roberson. patterson is going to the line. >> kyle: patrick patterson does an excellent job of the footwork in the low post. excellent balance. good hands, catching the ball. instead of going to the middle like before. fake middle and reversed back to the baseline. not a lot a lot of line but en to draw the foul. >> matt: austin peay is taking on kentucky. wildcats are 10-0. i'm matt stewart joined by legend from kentucky kyle macy. kentucky in the road white
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and austin peay the road red. wildcats with a nine-point lead, matches the largest lead of the ballgame. the scenario is not unusual for austin peay. they have a habit of falling behind in the first half. they've won five of those games. it's 11-point run for the wildcats. roberson over patterson. the wildcats can push the lead to double digit with the basket. >> it's been interesting because they have been behind double digits eight of the nine games. if you play with the fire there, you continue that trend. >> matt: loos knows that they're playing with fire. after miller hit the three-point basket. he called a time-out. c cc css is your home court advantage. catch live men's college hoops all day today. we have the coors classic live from mobile late orn
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this evening. as uab takes on south alabama at 6:30 eastern. then the alabama crimson tide take on kansas state at 9:00. bob neil and sanderson and sonny smith with the call of the coors classic live from mobile alabama. that's coming up following this game right here. right here, the kentucky wildcats now enjoy their largest lead of the afternoon. 36-24. several records on the line today. we told you how coach calipari trying to break adolph rupp's record for first year head coach. dave loos standing in the way and his austin peay governors. >> kyle: dave loos was outstanding athlete himself and in four hall of fames, which i thought was amazing. >> matt: one of the hall of fames he was in is the st. louis amateur baseball hall of fame. >> kyle: yeah. >> matt: dave loos was an
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all-conference short stop for the memphis tigers. memphis state when he was there. he was also the starting point guard for the tigers 40 years ago. back at rupp arena, one of the last time he was here was spectator for final four, where final four upset georgetown. and roberson. perfect. again, the austin peay big men stepping out on the floor, showing range on the jump-shot. kentucky big men slow to defend. wall gives it up. >> matt: to liggins. patterson. oh, nearly spectacular tip-in.
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justin blake on the double. >> kyle: austin peay being patient. working the shot clock down. trying to execute to get the good shot. >> matt: what is interesting here is campbell has yet to score in the ballgame. he had 11 games where he scored in double figures. four on the shot clock. campbell fires away. still has yet to score. open to, darius miller. patterson, the tip-in. we have no answer for the junior from huntington, west virginia. >> kyle: that was set up by the explosion of john wall. pushing it up the floor. patterson running the floor to get in position for the offensive board. >> matt: and a steal. john wall. showtime! [ cheering ] wall has 11. and four assists.
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>> kyle: he never played in a game and picked by one poll as maybe the national player of the year. living up to the xpat expectatis but he may exceed them. >> matt: what is amazing is on the sec coaches preseason team they voted him second team. they haven't had the coaches preseason team often, for very long i should say. you know how reticent they are to give them credit. and they voted him one of the top ten players of the league before he played a game. >> kyle: most of them are at the same tournament. >> matt: they knew what was coming. roberson was fouled on the play. he will go to the line.
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roberson will step up to the line. he's fourth year junior. played at everett high school, the same high school that produced magic johnson. you'll never be the greatest player to come out of that high school. no matter how great your career. tough shoes to follow. >> kyle: i like how roberson. he will dunk that down and get a chance for the three-point play. shows good skills on the floor. show good score from the floor. >> matt: 48% free-throw shooter. >> kyle: trying to change it up and keep the kentucky offense confused if possible.
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>> matt: in the corner. wall off on the three-point attempt. campbell ahead. jammed. first points for anthony campbell. >> kyle: good transition looking ahead. campbell is running it hard? good look sophomore. doubled his point production from the freshman year. young man that says could be the next all conference tight performer once channels graduates from the program. foul on t the play. >> kyle: he does well. channels did that and this year it's campbell. >> matt: 3:38 to play in the first half. kentucky with a nine-point lead. john wall, steal and a dunk. but anthony campbell a and austin peay got one of their own as they're hanging in here at rupp aren
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>> matt: wednesday with a
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nine-point lead on austin peay. the first game since last saturday when they beat indiana 90-73 in bloomington. patrick patterson said it felt good to have coach cal congratulate us on the 10-0 start when he referred to the 9-0 start as being 4-5 because of poor execution. that's calipari's mantra, okay, we're 10-0, but 5-5 in my book. >> kyle: ongoing joke with the media. >> matt: patterson is no joke. look at the numbers. 16.8 points per game. number six in the conference. big man nate up in the free-throw line in demarcus cousins. >> kyle: one thing that helped patrick patterson with the freshman, demarcus cousins in particular in the low post. not receiving the double and sometimes terrible t terrible t he called the past two seasons. >> matt: 11.2 for the wildcats. and bounces to roberson.
4:44 pm
ran into a double-team. and cousins gets the rebound. bledsoe. 23 his last time out against indiana. knocked down the three-pointer to give kentucky their largest lead of the ballgame at 14. as the wildcats are now 6 of 8 from behind the arc. dave loos called a time-out. kentucky, led in points with john wall at 11. four assists. and patterson and harris with four rebounds. the story line for kentucky this season, freshmen leading the way. wall, cousins, bledsoe. part of a recruiting class consider canned by many as the number one recruiting class in the nation. they lived up to the billing. points per game. one of those three freshmen has led kentucky in scoring in in nine of their first ten games. >> kyle: a lot of talk when
4:45 pm
bledsoe and wall both continued to kentucky, why would they go to same school. but they're the closest of friends and complement each other on the floor. we saw it with bledsoe on the jumper. outside threat. there was a concern. >> matt: nearly stolen by the senior stevenson. off the hands. >> kyle: he was upset because he felt like the team cut it down to single digits and allowed transition baskets. they have to get back and wad it in around the basket. clump it up. make them beat you from the outside. >> matt: wall guarded by caleb brown. stevenson one of the seniors on the ball club. >> kyle: austin peay drops the two-three again. >> matt: stevenson was at the top of the circle. watched as his minutes per game plummeted this season.
4:46 pm
wall, the dipsy doodle. 16-point lead for the wildcats. >> kyle: john wall has a knack of getting in the gap and making the right decision. the pass or trying to finish like last time. >> matt: john calipari intent on not letting there be a repeat of 2002. that's back when he was the head coach of memphmemphis. dave loos brought the team and beat the tigers. john calipari said we lost the game and then i had to hand him a check. fraley. four on the shot clock. three. they get it off you in time. the rebound by bledsoe. bledsoe in the front court. the ball stolen by robic. >> kyle: that is a turnover that drives him crazy. bledsoe dribbled off the foot
4:47 pm
of the defender. taking care of the basketball. trying to figure the issue. shaking his head side-to-side. that's what freshmen do. >> matt: wes channels, you see his numbers on the season, averaging 14 points per game. four rebounds. his 3.4 assist per game, tenth best number. 63.5% free-throw shooter. going by wesley this year instead of wes as he had before at the behest of his aunt. dave loos didn't know and his aunt wants him to be called wesley. he said if it makes her happy, it makes me happy. inside they go to cousins. just when you say just muscled his way through the defense. >> kyle: stepping through for the score. >> matt: fraley, got off to a
4:48 pm
great start. has been held scoreless over the last eight minutes. roberson. off glass. nice touch for roberson. 6'8", 215. fourth year junior. shooting 60% from the floor, which is fifth best number. >> kyle: i like his game. good length. more strength. you can see kentucky is 1-3-1 against the 2-3 zone. >> matt: caleb brown comes up with the steal. gets it back on the feed from campbell. inside the last half minute of the first half. channels for three. boy. rimmed out. kentucky, a chance at the last shot. wall, out of control. reaches in for the steal.
4:49 pm
committed the foul. more college basketball from the southeastern conference coming up tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. join me along with auburn tiger damian fishbeck as a they take on sam houston state. that is a dange louse game for the auburn tigers. system houston put on a show and ran with the wildcats here at rupp arena earlier in the season and lost by only ten. >> kyle: good game. sam houston state shot well. and made a lot of threes. kentucky had their hands full. >> matt: tigers coming off a loss to florida state. channels at the buzzer. that is the end of the first half. kentucky is a good half of basketball. as they shoot 51% from the floor. six of nine from behind the arc. perfect at the free-throw
4:50 pm
line. outrebound them by hefty 21-11. all those numbers add up to a 14-point lead for wildcats at the break. halftime coming up from rupp arena after this time-out. as kentucky closes in on win number 2,000.
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halftime at rupp arena where the kentucky wildcats lead the austin peay governo governors. as we approach conference play, there are freshman starting to stand out in the crowd. take a look at bob wenzell top five impact freshmen this season. >> living up to enormous expectations seems to be no problem for this year's college freshman player. john wall of kentucky is exciting, entertaining and explosive scorer. he uses the dribble to get anywhere he wants on the floor. he has tremendous feel for
4:53 pm
the game. gets his teammates involved and he's at his best when he is taking the ball to the bask basket. bill self's high powered kansas offense, the skill set perfectly. he's athletic slasher. what he does is complements the skills of the veterans on the team. control collins and aldridge. with henry's help, jayhawks have their sight set on run. departure of nick, the coach donovan was in dire need of scoring guard. 6'3", bointon. earlygoing, quickness, length and hustle has been impressive in their defensive and fast pace offensive attack. taking it to the hoop. fact he's known for his defensive prowess and
4:54 pm
tenacity, separates bradley of texas from most first year players, on a longhorn team whose expectations are high. my guess is bradley's role will expand as the season progresses. he's one tough customer. at 6'10", 246 pounds, favors is imposing figure. he's a possible bubble double guy. so far his field goal percentage has been through the roof. taking those shots and tech will be dancing in march. >> it's hard to imagine there was a day in college basketball when freshmen weren't allowed to play. what would it be like if that's the way it was today? kentucky with a 49-35 lead, one of those freshmen john wall leads all scorers with 13 points.
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>> matt: welcome back to rupp arena. kentucky wildcats leading austin peay. matt stewart and kyle macy with you. john calipari put his guys stlu the works this week. at times, unhappy with the way they practice and scrimmage. any fears they would not be ready for austin peay are unfounded. >> kyle: sometimes that is your fear. you have a young team. freshman on the team. they play to the level of the competition. every time you go to the court. improve and set your own
4:58 pm
standards. austin peay have got to do a better job rebounding. 21 to 11 on the board. better job controlling the board. outside players need to get involved. inside guys doing well. fraley leading the way. anthony campbell has to hit shots. better balance. >> take a look at the southeastern conference scoreboard. plenty of non-conference action going on today. number 25, ole miss over sentinary. lsu beat rice on a game you saw on css. mississippi state beat the houston cougars by ssix. southern cal under way. and vanderbilt leading tennessee state by 18. at the half, steven f. austin with lead over the arkansas razorbacks. still to come, richmond will take on number 13 florida. south carolina and later on tonight, 9:00, css, course
4:59 pm
classic, k-state plays alabama.


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