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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 19, 2009 5:00pm-7:00pm EST

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for any trip on amtrak. details at halftime here. check out talking hoops friday january 15. exciting in-depth look at top notch basketball. host bob neil, espn mark slay-ball and lethal weapon three-star brian oliver and dennis felton, talking hoops coming up in january on css your home for advantage. kentucky going for all-time win number 19991999. 20 minutes away.
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wildcats leading austin peay 49-35. let's look at the first half highlights. patrick patterson scored ten points in the first 20 minutes. >> kyle: a good pass from john wall. patrick making himself a presence in the low post. responded with a short jumper and then right back to the other side. hits a jump-shot. good scoring down the front line for austin peay governors. wall with an oopsy do underhand off the glass. >> matt: a shot at a double-double. patrick patterson, ten points and four of seven shooting up there for austin peay. john fraley, 11 points. a long time after getting ten points in the first seven or eight minutes of the ballgame. duran roberson gave them nine off the bench.
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and austin peay three of nine. >> kyle: they have to improve in the second half to have a chance of winning the ballgame. 3 of 15 is abysmal. but they are a second half team. they're used to being behind at halftime. now the competition level may be different than some of the teams they've played. see if they respond. >> matt: the odds are against them. two and 40 all-time of the current sec teams. the only other victory against sec program was vanderbilt. kentucky was 32-0 all time against odc. >> kyle: proud to say i added a couple of losses when i was at moorhead state.
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not proud but it happened. >> matt: austin peay in road red and wildcats in home white. >> kyle: and marcel willaims starting center. >> matt: took an early seat after two quick fouls in the ballgame. >> kyle: they need him down low. he brings good strength. gained 20 pounds. >> matt: 65 pounds on the bench press since he has been on campus. the shot clock malfunction here. stuck on 35. either that or they fell asleep at the scorer's table. >> kyle: stewart giving him a jab about the math skills. >> matt: 14 second came off the game clock but only 13
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off the shot clock. something wasn't right. foul will be called. on miller miller. number two on him. darius miller, sophomore out of maysville kentucky. >> kyle: a talented player but needs to assert himself. he blends in with the rest of the team. >> on the kentucky team, that's -- >> matt: you can get overshadowed in a hurry on the kentucky team. no question about that. marcel willaims. working against patrick patterson. fraley. patterson, the rebound. bledsoe. darius miller. wall and the rebound cousins put it on the floor. maybe shouldn't have. ends up in a battle for it on the deck. still nobody has it finally. tied up. and possession arrow is pointing kentucky cankentucky's favor.
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>> kyle: crowd appreciates anytime a big man gets on the floor for a loose ball. >> matt: i listened to mark good god godfrey, if it was on the deck, he said jump on top of it. recover the fumble. >> kyle: you can tell he's been in alabama for a few years there. football country. >> matt: yep. >> matt: a turnover by the wildcats. they committed seven in the game. but not a high number for either team. only five for austin peay in the first half. still waiting for anthony campbell to get going.
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channels for three. there he goes. channels. another three-pointer for him. he has 88 11 points. >> kyle: see if they capitalize. nothing fancy. but grind it out. if you get an open shot grind it down. >> matt: campbell cold on ice. try to draw a foul. maybe get on the free-throw line. >> matt: caleb brown with the steal. dished the channel. had his shot blocked. wall is hurt. >> kyle: got his leg tucked up under him when he reversed. sere yours pain. he was moving slow -- serious pain. he was moving slow yesterday at shoot-around. >> matt: he had his back attended to in the work-out. hard to tell what happened. you can see the left leg twisted underneath him.
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>> kyle: yeah. thigh muscle might have been stretched there. >> matt: he's going to hobble off the floor with the assistants, the training staff for kentucky. >> kyle: it looked like it didn't get twisted so makes you believe it's a knee problem. hopefully a thigh stretch. had he did show pride to start the second half. >> matt: channels hits the first free-throw. looks like they're looking at the calf -- no they are look at the knee. they are looking at the stability and the lateral
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movement of the knee right there. the pass tipped out of bounds by channels. everybody is now kind of distracted away from what is happening on the court. everybody is wanting to know what is happening on the bench. apparently he's okay. they're not looking at him more. if it was something more than meets the eye, they'd still be looking at it. good news for kentucky. reach-in foul for channels. >> kyle: you wonder how long he'll sit. there you don't want him to get stiff. look if he returns soon to at it chance and see how it feels. >> matt: i said a reach-in foul on channels. it was the front player. that was caldwell.
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patterson. blocked by fraley. channels inside the arch. that's a three-pointer. i thought he was inside. calipari wants a time-out. austin peay cut it to six! how about that? >> kyle: how many times do you see a great defensive play lead to basket on the other end. >> matt: wow! whatever dave loos said at halftime worked. governors still in the game.
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oh! blue! time! time out. i touched it. i touched the ball before it went out, coach. come on, alex, the ref did not call that! you gotta be kidding me, alex! it's the championship game! talk to him, coach. i touched, it's their ball. don't foul them when they inbound. team on 'three.' one, two, three. nice going, alex. sorry coach. alex! good call.d
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for kepz at halftime has been whittled to six. if you're just settling in the easy chair, here is what has happened since halftime. the injury here to john wall. he was not hurt seriously, because he's walking out on the floor. watch fraley stick it back in patterson's face. the block by fraley. channels comes down. hits his fourth three-pointer of the ballgame.
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a 12-212-2. wall just lost the ball. his son told him why don't you give him the halftime talk before the game. i hate to tell the guys they stink before the game starts. ? you told them they stink at halftime, the motivation worked again, coach. you're in the ballgame. campbell with three with two. channels had a shot blocked by wall. shot clock. live ball. wall. orton. he gave up on it when the shot was blocked and the
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momentary lap gave kentucky number on the break. >> waiting for the whistle sound to get it off the size. don't throw them up to the rim. they look to the lob more than any pass on the floor. bounce williams and a foul on williams. that will be number three on him. >> kyle: kentucky picking up the defensive intensity. bledsoe going for the loose ball. darnell dodson checks in for the wildcats. kentucky after a basket, built an eight-point lead. another con sacktive turnover by -- consecutive turnover by
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wall. campbell with the shot contested. channels the offensive rebound and reverse. >> kyle: getting the reverse off the glass. >> matt: he had a streak of four consecutive 20-point plus games ended when he scored on the eighth in the lop-sided win over marion. he is headed to 20-point game today. almost money in the bank. every time he delivers for the wildcats. >> fraley had a block on him earlier in the half. like to see block the jump hook. hard to do. it heads over the head of fraley. so four minutes and 54 seconds in this second half. loos's team made a run. they're down eight in rupp arena.
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>> matt: you have to figure the top program would not go quietly. they have taken the fight to the wildcats in the second half. >> they pick up the defensive intensity. diving on the floor for the loose ball. gets everyone involved. good ball movement. defensive again. fraley with the block leading to transition basket. channels knocks down another three. >> matt: a 112-46 league record. went 16-0 in the ovc in 2004. >> kyle: he is a competitive.
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>> matt: eight-point lead for wildcats. 10 on the shot clock. wall. got his man in the air. drives. fouled. wall to the line. >> kyle: he does a good job of using the body to the shield to draw the foul and get to the free-throw line. has a knack of being able to hang in the air longer than the defender. >> matt: leads the wildcat in free-throws. free-throws attempted. this is his first trip to the line today. 79%. eighth best total in the s.e.c. john calipari. 10-0 start. only one man in his first 18
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years as head coach has one more game and that's roy williams. among active coaches out there today. 10-point lead for wildcats. brune brown brown takes it to the hole. look at the jam. he ate his wheaties. 13 points. patterson, over the back. patterson called for the foul. >> kyle: austin peay, though they lack in size. did a good job with the position. attacking the basket. john fraley gathering the ball. finish on the dunk. fraley with a mature approach to the ballgame said he looked forward to the game, because it would make us better and considered it a privilege to play against kentucky. played like it today.
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campbell lost it out of bounds. sutton did it at arkansas. oklahoma state. and with kentucky frank mcguire did it with north and south carolina. >> kyle: he did a good job of ijusting the philosophy. he said in memphis he ran the dribble drive. he has patterson and you can see the win totals. he has the inside presence. he's adjusted and going 40% with the dribble drive and doing more sets to feed the low post. 15 more than roy williams. fraley picked up the foul. >> kyle: what the offense does, it allows young players
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to use individual skills. you don't see the pick, cut to this and that spot. you play and the read offense. how many times do we see the high school players that struggle in college because once they get in the structure -- >> matt: kentucky knocks the lid off the basket. wildcats trying to turn up the pressure with the full court defense. 10-point lead after austin peay trailing by 14 at the half. cut it to six. shot clock. dodson got a piece of it. has it on the break. slow it down and lost it out of bounds. wants to take a bite out of it. john calipari. the perfect match for this
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kentucky job. came in. showman. salesman. loves basketball. loves to promote. loves his team. a lot of media think of him as a bad guy of the i've never seen that. >> kyle: he has brought excitement to the program. i haven't realized it's been since 2002 that the team were ranked in the top five. get the enthusiasm back. if you win the games, you love it more. >> matt: you bet. trying to match the 2003 start with 11-4 start. and orton is at the line being fouled. >> kyle: but now it's important to remember that 11-0 start for a first year coach there. have been teams that went 25-0 to begin the season. >> matt: yeah.
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the 1953-'54 team as a matter of fact went 25-0. orton. kentucky now with a 12-point lead again. >> kyle: both teams head the run and it gets the offensive flowing. you start on the defensive end. championships are won with defense. >> matt: caleb brown came back on the break. broke up the pass after marcel willaims scored the first two point osthe ballgame.
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the lead is 13 again. miller. 11 points. three of five from behind the arc. >> kyle: he improved the outside shot. calipari noticed he was leaning back with the shoulders. wasn't shooting well. shooting lights out from behind the three-point line. >> matt: channels. air balled it. >> kyle: unable to save it was marcel willaims. kentucky after weathering a storm by dave loos and the austin peay governors saw the lead to six pumped it up to 13 with 11.5 to play.
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>> okay, everyone, we have a lot to cover this morning. tim should be here any second with the latest budget numbers to -- uhh, take us through the initial... schedule... for production and..ndndndnd >> ouch. >> this is one way to avoid getting the h1n1 flu virus. >> oopsie daisy. >> all right. good morning! let's get this meeting started. >> for some better ways, visit [man sneezes] [groans] [groans]
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>> matt: kentucky leading by
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13 as they look to go 11-13 in the season. adolph rupp, this was built in his honor. joe b. hall 2297 in attendance today. tubby smith national title. and rick pitino 219 and national title. john calipari, ten wins maybe national title. >> kyle: hall and calipari have developed a unique relationship in the short period of time since he's been here. in the i.u. game, cats tried a 1-3-1 zone defense. hall loved that and probably tried to encourage him to give him a chance. >> matt: alley-oop. possession arrow in favor of the governors.
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austin peay started their orc schedule. they were picked third in the ovc behind murray and moorhead. 19-13. second in the ovc. holding their own for most of their day. here at rupp arena. addition side. roberson got mugged. >> kyle: this contest, they're trying to get focus to make them a better team for a conference play. they did come away with a win at southeast missouri state. which is a big win. austin peay was up eight with a minute to play. let them go to overtime before they put them away. >> matt: roberson at the line played a big role in that victory. career high 15 points. got ten today. two of three shooting at the free-throw line. boy has his role increased dramatically. coming in to today. he already played 225 minutes
5:32 pm
after combining for only 340 minutes of action. >> kyle: john wall is back in the libe-up and has a big cut over his eyebrow. >> matt: i don't know where it came from. i didn't see it happen. >> kyle: at the speed he plays he needs to be durable. going 100 miles per hour on and off the floor. saw earlier the knee and now scratch on the eyebrow. >> matt: first sec freshman to win player of the week honors four consecutive weeks. he has a shot at obliterating the sec player of the week record of six in a season. set by roberson and alabama in 1990-'91.
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inside cousins fouled. by channels. you're watching sec basketball. austin peay and number three undefeated kentucky at rupp arena in lexington, kentucky. cold and wintry day here in the bluegrass state. austin peay in the red. kentucky in the white. matt stewart with kyle macy. thank you for joining us. hope we're getting your holidays off to a great start. >> kyle: a great weekend for basketball. big games going on. and the students for most part are through with finals and they can concentrate on their play over the next few weeks. >> matt: number one kansas already won today. beat michigan. in that big game at cowboys stadium in the billion dollar facility. texas and north carolina were playing today. a lot of big games on css as
5:34 pm
well. roberson. double header to come. roberson hooks it in. 13 points for roberson. austin peay not going to go away. down eight with 9:9:45 to play. last time they played in the tubby smith era, wildcats won by only eight. that's where we are now. tied up by channelsment number three on him. bledsoe will be at the line. as i mentioned earlier had 23 in the last ballgame against indiana. has only three today. tine in monday at 10:30
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eastern for the ride on css. join nfl player and coaches as they take eight high school quarterbacks through training and emotional development for shot at the u.s. army all american bowl. monday at 10:30 eastern. channels off a screen. ball up in the air. lost it. >> that is where he gets in trouble. >> matt: speaking of being in trouble. that rim was in trouble! [ cheering ] [ cheering ] >> nine minutes to go down 12. austin peay needs to recognize every possession is huge. they won't have a 12-point shot. but chip away at the lead. if we get it to single digit by the five-minute mark. a couple of threes late. give yourself chance to stay in the game. make a run toward the buzzer. blake was fouled.
5:36 pm
>> kyle: look how fast he gets down the floor. >> matt: fine game against indiana. throws down there. 14.8 rebounds and three blocked shots. calipari was complimentary of his effort in the ballgame and said he grew up today. question mark, can he stay grown up. >> proud of him. conditioning practice. >> matt: they just ran. >> kyle: demarcus cousins made everything. surprised him. but he told him how proud he was. he was able to get up and down that well. >> matt: takes it coast to coast. 17 points for wall.
5:37 pm
>> kyle: somebody has to step over and give help. can't allow a play ier to go 94 feet from rim to rim. >> matt: kentucky by 12. >> kyle: easier said than done. >> matt: austin peay not the only team trying to figure out how to stop that. caleb brown for three. not much of a three-point shooter. just his third three-pointer of the season. >> they will grind it out offensively and defensively. that's why they've been successful over the years. >> matt: under eight minute to play. austin peay has not put them away. three on the shot clock. cousins missed the dunk.
5:38 pm
as beautiful as dunk on the previous and ugly as that one. >> matt: if campbell gets on track in the ballgame. 0 for 6 today from behind the arc. for anthony campbell. the leading scorer at 15.3 points per game. five in the ovc. 11 straight games of double digit scoring to open the season. still can't find the bottom of the bucket. john wall can, though. he has 17. cats lead by nine.
5:39 pm
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>> matt: goodness gracious, great walls of fire. it has not been enough to put austin peay away as the
5:41 pm
wildcats lead the governors with nine. over 20,000 that packed in rupp came to see kentucky get all-time win 1999. it's been tougher than folks thought it might be. >> give austin peay the credit. even though kentucky get highlight plays, the young team needs to develop the consistency. dropping back for half court defense. most part, austin peay is man to man the second half. inside. and a foul. >> kyle: catch it or it will hit you in the chest.
5:42 pm
pass from hort hort to patterson -- orton to patterson. the two-man game out top. >> kyle: sometimes they think it's keeping this. the lead is back to 12 again. not far enough to put them away. he has struggled today. the alley-oop. a double alley-oop! how about that? a one-two punchpunch! >> you can see that coming.
5:43 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> matt: watch it again! that was two great passes. >> they answered the the critics saying there is that much talent. so far this season, the wildcat team shared the basketball. not so concerned about the individuals but as much as a team playing well, and winning ballgames. they will make the extra pass. john wall you know john calipari says he is leery of doing the interviews. we were at the practice yesterday and i was amazed at
5:44 pm
the hoard of reporters. most of them wanted to talk to john wall. calipari said he is leery about the interview because he dufsht doesn't want it to be per zeed that it's about him and not really about the team. >> kyle: he said he would like to back down on some of the press notoriety. he doesn't want to disrupt his team. the teammates feel like he's getting the attention. >> matt: brown misses. orton knocked out of bounds. reset the shot clock. give the governors another chance at it. justin blake fraley check back in for austin peay. no doubt they circled his name at the top of the scouting report. one for ten. trying to reversion. it was swatted by dodson.
5:45 pm
wall comes out of there with it. like a blur. up the floor. bledsoe for patterson. patterson gets his own tip-in. are you kidding me? [ cheering ] playing volleyball with it. >> matt: crossover dribble. he overshot the basket! that would have been a great highlight. but you got to get the basket. bledsoe splits the defense. the shot blocked. patterson rips it in the corner. 19-point lead just like that. >> kyle: thompson can shoot the ball. he did it off the pass. quick time-out. >> matt: now the crowd really enjoying the start of the holiday season.
5:46 pm
watch this. the double alley-oop. like the harlem globetrotters. if you're an austin peay fan, you're a washington general now. >> bucket of water in the face can't be far behind, can it? john wall, 10-0 run. any thoughts of austin peay mounting the upset at rupp arena have been araced with that run -- erased with that run. too early to call it done with 5:14 to play. austin peay has been, if nothing else, resilient. all season long and in this ballgame today.
5:47 pm
caldwell. orton says try something else. orton is another great fresh freshman that is living in the shadow of the rest of them. kentucky comes away with it. wall. one-on-one. lost the dribble. wow. got sloppy now. blake corner. fraley. who has it? anybody's guess. like a fumble in football. find out who is at the bottom. it will be austin peay's ball. >> kyle: you have to love the effort by both teams though. looks slippery.
5:48 pm
watch this. five guys jumped on it. >> kyle: mike stuart on one knee to make that call. >> matt: 4:30 to play. kentucky leading austin peay by 19. score not indicative of intensity level competitive level and excitement level of this ballgame. it's been a fun one at rupp arena. john wall. one of the few times he hasn't gotten a payoff at the end of a drive. reverse lay-up. great defense by kentucky. made him change his shot. >> kyle: did you see the two defenders that went to the block. point guard, bledsoe and wall. patterson.
5:49 pm
tempo has quickened. >> matt: much to austin peay's detriment. patterson going for 20th point. 1 19 points. eight rebounds. close to double-double. 40th on kentucky all-time scoring list as he's gone over 8 1200 for his career. 19 now 20 today. 1205 point. >> kyle: you have to be a fan of patrick patterson. he doesn't get in the hoopla. he had a history of playing second fiddlefiddle. played at the same high school. >> matt: same here. great recruiting class.
5:50 pm
he embraces it. >> matt: last week jodie meeks dropped him 50 in a game. can't buy a break. roberson. new career high for him. 16 points. mosely. mosely hadn't played a lot today. freshman out of louisville. got it back. fumbled it out of bounds. >> kyle: having trouble holding the basketball. >> matt: orton with an easy dunk. have to wait another day to get that one. 3:16 to play.
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tune in for live college basketball on css. throughout the season with your favorite sec teams. visit for a complete basketball schedule. live basketball continues 37 minutes with tip-off of coarse classic. soth bamz played u ed c cans kentucky enjoying their home court advantage. 36-14. they outscored austin peay governors in the paint. en route to 18-point lead. he will break adolph rupp's record and kentucky will be at all-time win 1999. the rebound controlled by austin peay. then they go for the
5:54 pm
milestone. >> kyle: looking back at the numbers with coach rupp's years, 15-3 was the record. that's halfway point now days. >> matt: it is. this is the 11th game for kentucky. next up is drexal. long beach state after that. sec opener january 9 against the georgia bulldogs. feed to cousins. 20-point lead for kentucky. first time they've been at 20 all day long. the irony -- the rpi is a great tool for measuring the college basketball records. you get a skewed look at things in december. the victory over this day is the rpi win over victory over north carolina.
5:55 pm
mosely, the miss. on the airball. he looks good even when he misses. the clock is ticking down. kentucky moves closer to history. >> kyle: their semi-delay game trying to force the ball in the low post. >> matt: 22-point lead. not indicative of this ballgame and how it's played for most of the afternoon.
5:56 pm
ahead to bledsoe. bledsoe. 24-point lead. flood gates are open now. get the deeper reserve in the ballgame. 18-3 run by kentucky to open this up. harris with the foul to allow kentucky to get reserves in. 1998 1998, add one more to the total. call it 1999 and 4448.7 seconds. monday night against drexal john calipari will have a shot at leading the program in college basketball history with win er facing a former coach flint who was with him at umass.
5:57 pm
and now at drexal. doing a good job with the dragons. three-point there by channels. put him at 21 on the day. steal by channels add to his total. take it to the hole. stevenson number six on the all-time block list. 149 for him. >> kyle: only fitting that the austin peay team continues to do battle, defend steal to the wire. never going to give up. >> matt: liggins to stevenson. don't have to take a shot. 90-69 win over austin peay. john calipari a new record for the kentucky program.
5:58 pm
11-0 start, best ever for first year coach break adolph rupp 79-year-old record. that matches the '92-'93 final four teamteam. will they have a final four in the future this year? here is the bass pro shop in the net play of the day. >> kyle: excellent team play. team passing. leading to a slam dunk by david paterson. >> matt: the double alley-oop alley-oop. don't see it every day. next up is drexdrexal. austin peay drops to 7-5. next up for the governors they'll be back home on tuesday against the aces of evansville evansville. john calipari congratulations. career win number 456. just the seventh u.k. coach in 79 years. this is off to the best start in program history. john wall leads the way
5:59 pm
today. finishes with 17 points for the kentucky wildcats and had four assists as the wildcats win it by 21. now for my partner, kyle macy and the entire crew, i'm matt stewart. so long from lexington. happy holidays from rupp arena. isten, i know you're upset, but it was just one date. and dating's like the...stock market. there's, uh, ups and--and downs and--and--and... ups and... so, always buy low. announcer: you don't have to be perfect to be a perfect parent. there are thousands of teens in foster care who would love to put up with you. learn more at
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>> the panthers are away this weekend, that leaves sports fans free to focus their mind on tennis in the queen city and what a final they have. two battle for the crown here at the breezeplay championships. two men who between them have 18 grand slam titles and 13 titles on the outback champion series. the most of any two players. and this will be good.
6:01 pm
>> temperature be fasts fascinating to see if courier has the legs and enough skill to break down sampras who you know can take it away from any opponent because of his power. no one has broken sampras yet. it will be up to courier to find a way. otherwise have to get it done in a tiebreaker because sampras' game is built on his ability to put pressure on his opponent. >> sampras got a bye in the first round and the win over cash last night in the raindrops. courier with a quarter finals win. the win earlier today in the delayed semifinals. and here they both are. jim courier to serve.
6:02 pm
>> he's a wig apple guy now up from florida now that his att career is over. native of dade county 23 career titles. four grand slam titleses. >> you have to watch a little bit further down the line. he play this had ball crosscourt from your forehand corner, yet he hadn't really come back too far and he found the winner.
6:03 pm
>> there is an intensity in the stadium that i'm not sure we felt all week. these fans we talked about how satisfactory the carolina tennis fans are and they're hungry for tennis here having never had a regular tour stop and they like this. >> quick serves out of the gate for courier. >> he'd lake toike to challenge it.
6:04 pm
>> so the lead for jim courier. >> jim, take you on an old flend, an old rival in pete sampras. what's it going to take today? >> it will take great returns, going up against probably the best server of all-time. first and second serve. so no rest for the weary. my second match i'll have to be ready to go. >> do you feel that you have the stuff to get it done and when you take on sam prats, do you look for anything in the serve to get it back? >> i wish i could figure out what it is so i could see a key where he's going. one of his great strengths is his toss. he hides his serve really well. so i think i'm going to have to guess i'll have to be on my game. and i have enough to get it done, but it will be tough. >> good luck. >> thanks. >> did a good job up there in that opening point forcing sampras into a volley situation off the second ball.
6:05 pm
there is a time to get sampras, it would be early in the match before he's found his rhythm. >> no long everyer the holder of the grand slam record, but doesn't diminish in any way. >> who could have possibly known the record would be beat so soon after he retired. thought it might stand for any number of years. >> held it for seven. >> i thought the record might be safe the french wimbledon back to back within a month. >> i think pete would tell that you a worthy man took it from him.
6:06 pm
>> exemplified his usual class. went to london. how great were those moments post-match? sharing in that moment, federer and sampras. >> that's what makes a royal box. >> tennis royal. >> you bet. >> courier will have to adjust a little bit. they'll call it even. one all.
6:07 pm
here are the keys to the match courtesy of carolina's million medical center. >> try to find the backhand of courier. get some balls back into play. and when you you get those chances against sampras you have to take them. >> don't come off it. >> i think roger federer may have described it the best when he said he could just take it all away from you. the match, the moments, the points in your hands. sampras seemingly the one dictating the play. >> agassi used to say the same thing, he was the only guy in the world who when both were playing their best could make andres do things that he didn't want to do.
6:08 pm
>> you watch pete play this kind of shot, a bit of a throwaway shot. trying to find the range on the forehappened. he's not into to go worry about these errors because he knows he just has to hang on to the serve, put one good game together and apply the pressure and get the break new. so courier swimming upstream again.
6:09 pm
>> good second serve there. >> a long way to go. >> searching ing serving well out of the gate. come on back after the break. he'll give us a tip on how to crack it like he does.
6:10 pm
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6:11 pm
sampras and courier a lot of talk about his deep serve being the greatest of all time. let's hear it from the horse's mouth. >> i see a lot of amateurs with their ball tosses going too far left too far right, too high, too low. you want to get a ball toss that's consistent. something you have to work on even in your living room, just work on being consistent, having it go at the same spot as often as you can and just work on that simple fundamental. all the other things you work on, but if you don't have a between ball toss, you won't have a good serve. so that would be a big tip for
6:12 pm
you guys. >> one thing about his toss he can hit every angle corner of the box spin with the same toss. that's why courier is saying it's hard to find a cue to where the ball might be going. you can't read that from sampras' toss. >> seems like when other guys you see it go behind their head, but not pete. doesn't waste anytime. his play has gotten quicker as he got orlando and i understood it last night because he was trying to get it in between the raindrops, but he is hustling.
6:13 pm
>> the chip approach. so handy with the volley. they've only met once in the outback series. but 20 times they met in their att days. sampras holding the edge in that category 16-4.
6:14 pm
>> courier's not the only one. sampras as he defined a great player with having a winning record with all your great rivals within your era. there are very few players who have winning records against pete. >> todd martin met pete 22 times in their att days. pete won 18 of those. and let's just get it out of the way. your career record against pete sampras was -- >> the suspense is killing me.
6:15 pm
>> i did meet nim once in detroit. i'm trying to remember if i played him a second time. >> you remember. you didn't, did you? >> i think i got him before he was pete sampras. >> he was nine. >> so the first break. takes the early lead in this f in 1977, in johannesburg south
6:16 pm
africa an 8-year-old boy picked up the game of golf from his father. by the age of 9, he was already outplaying him. the odds of this gentle lad winning the junior world golf championships at the age of 14?
6:17 pm
1 in 16 million. the odds of that same boy then making it to the u.s. and european pro-golf tours? 1 in 7 million. the odds of the "big easy" winning the open championship once and the u.s. open championship twice? 1 in 780 million. the odds of this professional golfer having a child diagnosed with autism? 1 in 150. ernie els encourages you to learn the signs of autism at early diagnosis can make a lifetime of difference. how about the star power on the series? sampras here this week. two weeks from now andres agassi will make his debut. >> it's great for the sport of
6:18 pm
tennis, but obviously for these events to see him playing again, it's a very popular champion in america and he'sing for to bring a lot to the table here. and just hopefully the start of something for him to play more. it would be great for m i'm playing him actually end of october, but it's great for this tour that he's playing. and he'll playl. he still hits the ball solid. he doesn't move quite as well but he'll be tough to beat. >> you got to light the subtle digs with each other. doesn't move quite as well. that rivalry will never die. and i mean that the way pete means it with the utmost respect for each other, but that doesn't go away. and i believe it's michael who drew the short stick, he has to
6:19 pm
play andres first. good luck. >> but he's going through the process pete did having stayed away from the game. you have to relocate and start to miss the court and he's getting to that stage. >> and agassi already has so much on his plate with his foundation foundation, the school. and his charity affair was last night in vegas and that is truly one of the memorable events on the national charity calendar. always has big names. elton john constantly plays robin williams. raises a ton of money. documented for the charter school sends underprivileged children to college.
6:20 pm
>> there's a break point chance. a couple of loose moments for sampras and the door is slightly open for courier. and again the body serve. and it gives you and you good chance of at least playing a volley that you feel good about. . >> if you haven't seen his serve in a while, you're reminded of that little toe move that he does as he creates his rhythm. how many young people have followed that and mimicked that. it's such a pattern thing. i know i'm geeking out on seeing sampras play, but it's kind of cool, you know?
6:21 pm
>> you have to be aggressive. you're the one taking the risk coming to the net. you can't just put your volley for play. you have to be aggressive with it. another thing sampras does so effectively. amazing how quickly it get gets to the box. >> i know back in the day and i imagine he still might, he put lead weights on. >> he's got plenty of weight on him.
6:22 pm
>> courier well-known in france and australia, runner up at the open in '91, a finalist at all four slams. >> all the tried a of great americans all did something a little different to distinguish themselves. courier won the french, something sampras never did. agassi won a career slam. sampras gets the greatest of all-time, but other guys have done things even he was unable to do. one thing about all the guys is they all had a hand in davis cup
6:23 pm
achievements for the u.s. '92 might have been the best davis cup team ever assembled. jim courier, andre agassi, pete sampras, john mcenroe. >> there are your slam wirns. . >> where have all the left handers gone? jimmie conners and john mcenroe. not too many lefties out there anymore except for the spaniard. andre.
6:24 pm
>> sampras part of that team in '92 but then in '95 when the u.s. won it against russia, did he win all three points? >> yes he did. doubles with todd martin. the '92 team, sampras and mcenroe played doubles. that was mcenroe's last davis cup match. >> set points here. >> and pete sampras with relative ease and a couple of
6:25 pm
breaks cruzs 6- s
6:26 pm
back live in charlotte. 6-3 over jim courier. pete, i know you haven't played a ton of tournaments and you only had one match prior to this, but everything's working. >> hitting it pretty soft from
6:27 pm
the backcourt. kind of had a bit of a hick upwhen i was serving, but hitting the ball good, seeing the ball good and hopefully i can main taken 37. >> you talked about trying to find his backhand at the right times and you've been able to do that. what do you look for at cues to go that way? >> he's in the middle of the court and can do some damage. i can open up the forehand, it's pretty basic against jim. i've played him so many time, bull he'll play better in the second set. >> well played. good luck. >> 6-3. we'll see if jim can figure out any answers. back with set number two. championship match at the palisades right after this. honey... the credit fairy... doesn't exist.
6:28 pm
what? it's make-believe. nobody left anything under your pillow. if there's no credit fairy then who will make our credit score go up? we will. by doing things like paying our bills on time. announcer: there's no magic to improving your credit. but there's help and it's free. go to what? it's championship sunday in
6:29 pm
charlotte charlotte, our title match. due to time constraints, we move ahead to action later in the match. playing with some confidence right now. >> he's serving so much better than he did in the opening set. suddenly first serves coming in with variety. sampras not able to get into a rhythm as a result.
6:30 pm
comfortable lead 4-2. >> that confidence on serve i think dribbles over into his return tacking the sampras serve with more confidence. >> some great returns. you're right. a different feel, a different sense of the match when you're ahead in the score. your opponent see it is a little bit differently, too.
6:31 pm
such a familiar service motion, isn't it? i think the att le googo is pete sampras. >> here comes break points for jim to take a stranglehold. >> nice shot. edge of the line. courier could not get a call. >> and it even had some side spin on it so when it bounced on the line, took a right turn.
6:32 pm
>> you feel like taking chances, you're more comfortable with it, and a wonderful change of direction. >> break point for 5-2.
6:33 pm
every serve in this game has been in play off courier's return. except that one. and that is it. break points seemingly against the ropes. serves his way out of trouble. the lead for courier.
6:34 pm
jim courier looking for his second title of the 2009 outback champion series season. he won it in april on the hard courts there. that big win over arias in the final. big effort by jim there. runner up twice both this rio and on the grass at the hall of fame.
6:35 pm
>> a low ball never easy. sampras makes it look that way. this one earns him the short ball and the racquet head drops below the ball quickly at the back. really apunderrated serve. everyone talks about his ground serve but serving the forehand put those in combination, tells you what courier is all about.
6:36 pm
>> wow. >> nothing like a break in the serve in the opening game of the set to change your perspective on how you're playing and your chances. he looks like a different man from the opening set. >> oh, man. that exemplify what is both have done as they've gotten older. net one was as strong on the backhand as they were on the forehand, and probably still aren't, but so badly want to improve.
6:37 pm
>> a rematch of the '93 wimbledon final. a couple of tiebreakers in the first two sets. courier i think won the third set. but sampras up two sets, had a little bit of room to work with. >> and it had been three years between sampras' grand slam and the u.s. open. thought he was going to be a one hit wonder guy and the pressure was starting to build and that's when he started taking tennis more seriously.
6:38 pm
>> so he does his job. the margin remains one break. jim courier will serve for set
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
welcome home, man. second set of this championship match in charlotte. jim courier up a break serving for it.
6:41 pm
>> should jim win the second set, champions breaker will decide the third. finish line is near for both men. >> something we would have predicted about 40 minutes ago.
6:42 pm
>> something that has not happened all year on the outback champion series. each champion loses a set. 6-4 in favor of jim courier. pretty impressive run by j.c. picked up the pace. again he was free to play the tennis he was comfortable doing. a good turn around. >> and we'll have jim turn us for the mid match interview. jim, something happened there at the beginning of your second set. your serve started to click in a way it hadn't been. >> i just got my legs a little bit more into it. i was just running a little bit light on gas. i was drinking water and started drinking about this magic power, but seriously the second i had a sip of that kay a little bit to life and got a little bet more juice on the serve and obviously keeping pete on the defensive is critical. and he gave me a good look on
6:43 pm
his serve. >> we talked at the top about the cues you get, it's hard to read, but you were getting more balls back it play and giving yourself more chances. >> i was lucky. he dropped his first serve percentage i'm pretty sure, so i got a few more looks. you can be up 40-love and he can hit five aces on you so you're never comfortable. down to a breaker and maybe i'll get lucky. we'll see. >> well played. big turn away, 6-4 in the second set. what do you skekt in the champion break? we talked about the momentum issue and so many times the guy who wins the second set carries the momentum in to the champions breaker. >> i think both guys will be playing well at the same time. courier's got a little momentum. sampras i'm sure is not happy
6:44 pm
having lost that set losing his serve. normally he does that to other guys. so i expect it to be fairly close. >> all right. first and ten wins the tournament. >> if jim courier win this is match he has for sure qulinched the year end title. jrk jrk. >> sampras able to move out of the way of the body serve. a great wrurn. it's the throw of the dies. >> gets it right back. 1-1. >> you have to play your way
6:45 pm
into it. get involved early. >> another big first serve from
6:46 pm
courier. plenty of sting. sampras able to handle it. >> could not do enough with that volley. >> trying to keep the pressure on the sampras backhand, but didn't back it up that well with the volley, so he'll be happy to be a 3-2. >> an untimely double fault.
6:47 pm
remember this is first of ten instead of the normal first of seven. jim courier has played three champion breaker this is year. he's 2-1. pete sampras has not played any. >> you have to tee up that second serve and go after it. such tremendous faith in that second delivery throughout his entire career.
6:48 pm
>> pulled that string. halfway home. >> did he ever connect. his body weight on that ball, pull it inside in. >> and a double fault for courier as he gives the advantage back to sampras. this is unchartered territory. as we said, sampras 18-1 all-time. his only loss was to jock mcenroe in boston last year when he had isseverely injured his back. how good is that second serve?
6:49 pm
a slider to have that much pace on it. that's not right. >> most guys would be happy to have sampras' second serve. >> do you get the feeling in the last minute he just went to another gear? 5-3 down to 6-5 up. >> sampras this time couldn't get out of the way of it. >> so they'll change ends. this entire week of tennis
6:50 pm
coming down to first of four. >> some say the stakes aren't as high here, but if you don't think they want it you don't understand the competitive minds of champions. >> he got away with one there. into the sampras forehand. >> a long serve. that's two for sampras. crowd is dead silent. sampras's serve way down in the
6:51 pm
second set. and the crosscourt backhand winner winner for 8-6. and a one hander, as well. >> not enough angle. band hand whipper. . >> 8-6. almost there. >> and a chance to do it on his own racquet.
6:52 pm
>> wise serve. >> i'd go right down the t, high permg. >> waiting for the crowd to be quiet. >> back on even terms. still championship point but this time sampras to serve.
6:53 pm
>> and on a double fault jim courier does something only done once before on the tour. he's beat pete sampras in the champion breaker. he had so many momentum in the second set and carried it through into the third. sampras not able to play as well in the opening set. what an effort by courier. sampras serving a lot of first serves in to the net. he was living on second serves. that time he died by the second serve. >> we will digest this perhaps unexpected result, come back, toss to the winner. courier wins charlotte. back after this.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
after getting thoroughly man hammed in the first set, jim courier bounces back and wins. let go court side. our winner standing by with wayne. >> congratulations on your third charlotte but have you ever in your career beaten todd martin and pete sampras in the same day? >> no. i haven't. and that's probably because, a, if given this opportunity i would have lost to one if not both but it's never happened before, i never had to play these guys twice in the same day other than on the practice court and i've never beaten them both on the practice court either. so a pretty special day. i'm pretty happy. just nice to play in some sunshine. it's been a little challenging with the weather so we're glad we got it in on time and obviously happy to come away with the win. >> pete really had it going in the first set. you really were able to turn it around. >> i got a little bit more energy in my legs. and also when you play pete, he puts so much pressure on you
6:57 pm
with his second serve return so i was trying to make more first serves. and he's all over me. i was lucky to get 6-3. could have been 6-1. so once i got my serve going everything else fell into place and the tiebreaker, it's anything goes. >> had is your third charlotte title. are you going buy a house and move in here? >> wouldn't be a bad idea right? it's a beautiful place. we love playing here. and it's been a great home for this tournament. fourth year here. it's been a terrific field every year and really just a lot of fun to come down here this time of the year and spend a little time in carolina. >> congrats. black to you brett and leif. >> thanks. there's the winner's check. 60 k in the pocket of our champion for the third time in the last four years that we've been here at the pally sides. when you look at pete sampras playing this caliber of tennis, jim occur quer winning, aps you
6:58 pm
have to like the state of affairs. >> it's in great shape an only going to get better. andre agassi in arizona. pete didn't have enough here in charlotte, but the fact he was playing great tennis against jim courier, great to be a part of it. >> the sun came out on a sunday in charlotte and jim courier provided some high caliber tennis. he's our champion at the palisades. make sure you join us two weeks from now in surprise arizona. until then, for our entire crew, a long. jim courier wins charlotte. we'll see you later. -- captions by vitac --
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