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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 26, 2009 8:00am-9:00am EST

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of it. i am also but the new person who will head tsa is confirmed by the senate. he cannot stop terrorist attacks but it is important to have a permanent person in place. host: will procedures get shared with other governments and if, for example, nigeria and the netherlands had this kind of information, they might have been able to prevent this man from getting on the plane? guest: the short answer is yes. we have information-sharing arrangements with governments around the world. the extent of the sharing of varies from country to country it depends upon our relationship with the country and the history of that country being able to give that information well. .
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to be threats to the aviation. some people get drunk on flights and cause disturbances. people like that are on the no-fly list but they are not terrorists. all to be confirmed is that this fellow was known to have terror ties but the ties were considered to be so tenuous he was never look at as a real threat.
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now you have to look at whether the no-fly list should be revised that it include everyone looked at connected to terrorism. >> if you are on the terror list, why wouldn't that automatically make you a candidate to be on the no-fly list. >> well, i think that's the way it should be but it's not. the no-fly list is for people deemed to be a threat to aviation. if you're a terrorist and never threatened aviation but mass transit or -- but you're not on the no-fly list and i think that's ridiculous. i think that will be changed by our government. host: san antonio, texas you're on the "washington journal" with us, welcome, robert. caller: good morning. i'm calling. i have a background of u.s. air
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force father who worked for the national security agency in germany in the late 1970's and very much aware of security precautions taken to protect the country. it really surprises me that there are terror lists that are separate from the no-fly list. and that they don't seem to intertwine. you just mentioned, i think you put a person known for being drunk on flights on the no-fly list but this gentleman was on a terror list for having ties to a terror organization. it's almost insane that this is the case. i think a lot of people are waking up yesterday when this happened and finding this out and finding that this situation is something that really needs to be figured out. and it's quite shocking that after september 11 that this is still the case. guest: well said. as i said i think this policy
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should be reviewed and i think it will be as a result of this incident. host: good morning you're on the republican's line. caller: good morning. my concern is the looseness of the obama administration with borders. we're very concerned about the mexican border with the drugs and cartels. my concern is the northern border along canada. i think it's very peculiar that muslims that are used to very warm climates are coming to detroit, coming to chicago, wisconsin and settling there and building mosques. my concern is that they might, the muslim terrorists might be coming over the canadian border into the united states and settling in detroit. and i think we might have on our -- on the platter there a trojan horse, and muslim terrorists coming into the
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united states there. guest: first of all, as far as detroit. detroit has been a population center for arab-americans for decades, generations, and that's not a recent phenom. and of course let me quickly underscore the vast majority of arab americans and muslim americans are like the rest of us, they have absolutely nothing to do with terrorism and are as appalled by these incidents as anyone else but both the subject of the borders the mexican border and the northern border, both of them are -- there's a possibility for terror illses to exploit our border defenses and there's been considerable tightening along the southern border continued by the obama administration. relatively the efforts to intensify the northern borders as well.
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the north erin border is likely less well-defended, in 1999 the turn of the millennium, october med, a syrian attempted to blow up lax and was coming from across the border of canada. host: on the front page of "the new york times", cash flows where the u.s. and mexico meet and they are awe talking about clamping down on banking and money laundering schemes. it means people are trying to find different ways of getting cash across the border. they say american shiments and scuttleling money laundering are key to crippling the cartel in mexico that have unleashed a wave of violence that has claimed more than 15,000 lives since president felipe took over. guest: the degree to which the
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drug cartels are wreaking havoc in mexico is amazing. it's really a very serious problem and i think americans are dimly aware of this. mexico, it can be a controversial subject mexico being in danger of being a failed state. i know there are have been lots of security forces to beef you have security forces and president coldiron is to be commerneded for taking on the drug cartels but texas, california, other border states can have greater effects in the united states. if something is not done there. it's really a serious issue that we need to focus on. >> back to the phones and our conversation about national security with mr. ervin, our next call is from beaumont, texas. caller: good morning. i just wanted to make is a comment to mr. ervin.
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i think the government is doing a wonderful job. i think they are doing everything that they possibly can when it comes to defeating the terrorists. but i had a concern. whenever there is an individual who is part of a terrorist group, and i know earlier the callers were talking about racial profiling and all of that. i came to an agreement that racial profiling is something that is necessary, because a lot of these terrorists, they are not on a list. they are not on the no-fly list or another list. a terror list. and these are individuals who are part of the terrorist group. so i think racial profileing is something that's a necessity when it comes to trying to combat the terrorists.
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but isn't it going to be, like, a very difficult thing that y'all are going to have to deal with? host: thank you for your comments. the fact that al qaeda knows whether we admit it or not we all have in our mind what a terrorist looks like. arab-american or muslim male. but al qaeda has been placeing a premium on recruiting people who don't fit that stereotype. increasingly as i say we're seeing these homegrown terror types. an american citizen born in california and actually with jewish roots. there was an incident a few months or actually a year ago. this thing terrorism linked to the -- pakistani-americans whoen didn't fit typical
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profile. so terrorist trysts come in all nationalities and incumbent upon us not to raise the profile not just because it is not pernicious but also because it doesn't always work. host: after the arrest of five northern virginiain' men. that i write that they regularly issue statement that is reject violence but after the arrest muslim leaders have been scrambling to fill what they describe as a gap in the connection with their young people. guest: that's a very helpful story in the postpartum this morning. this incident in northern virginia which was the focus of our attention until yesterday largely good news for you. good news because whatever these young men were planning did not and will not take place
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because of the discussing. but their family members reported their concerns to the local muslim community, imams and in turn imams and the muslim organizations did what they are supposed to do and communicated with the authorities. that's what happened a number of young so mall i didn't -- that's right. the old ant dote for terrorism will have to come from those inside the muslim community. not i or the president. we don't have any credibility. but we need the vast scrort of muslims, law-abiding citizens to communicate to the kindly snort -- host: our next call for clark kent ervin comes from new jersey. colleen on the republican line. caller: thank you c-span for taking my call and thank you,
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very much for serving for your service. it is greatly, greatly appreciated. especially here, i'm sure you know berk lynn county is within 7 miles of new york city. and we still duck when planes come come by. trust me. i wish people would understand that. there's an ear in my voice. because i follow the be on the lookout list and the one person that i really follow is the pilot, he has been spotted -- he was spot indeed 2005 near a navy base out in kern county two times and at least he's been spotted over the border in canada and in mexico, and he speaks spanish and looks american, because he was born
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in america. do you know anything about what is going on or where his whereabouts are? >> i can't speak to this particular individual, but i can certainly talk to the larger point that you're making, and that is that citizens ultimately have to be the eyes and ears and -- -- guest: our law enforcement authorities have to be right every day 24-7 and that's a huge task. we have tens of thousands of police officers, f.b.i. agents, but still not enough to police a country of 300 million people with a huge number of targets. so the average citizen campaigning in new york city and washington, d.c., if you see something, say something. if you see something suspicious, it's your obligation to report it to authorities.
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host: next up, mastercard. steven on our line for independents, go ahead. >> i just want to say how can you, i understand a carry-on but fur -- you might as well put everyone in the country in it because you really don't know who the terrorist is. it can be anybody. >> what would your thoughts be, steven, if for whatever reason your name turned occupy on a list and next time they pulled you aside and put you into custody. >> well, as soon as i get off this call, i'm shur he probably will. i'm not going to do anything wrong. but first of all, need stop lying to the people, stop getting so much government involved and kick off your martial law because we know that's what you're doing, that's what you should be
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talking about and all your fema accounts. host: we're going to leave it there. do you want to respond to any of that? guest: uh, no. the e other than longer the terror watch list is the less useful it is. there are people who shouldn't be on it and people who are on it and shouldn't be. so it's a work in process. very difficult indeed but the longer the list is, the more difficult because as you said, can't but 300 americans and the trial location becomes a complex case itself etches -- host: those in connection with the 9/11 attacks including cleedcleed, that's going to be taking place some time in new york city. your thoughts on puting the trial in new york and the security concerns that will
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follow, making that decision? caller: well, i have lots of comments, in new york city to do whatever there's no better police force in the country than new york city. that said, i think the city to try cleedcleed in civilian khalid sheikh mohammad in in civilian court. as i say. it's -- point two, there's no question. khalid sheikh mohammad is a very, very skilled person in propaganda and is going to use that flosm incite people in the united states and argue his point of view. if there's ever a reason to contest a military commission, it seems to be the reason is to
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tocks i mean i think we're going to come to regret that decision very much. host: pittsburgh, pennsylvania, pat on our line for democrats, go ahead. caller: good morning. i wanted to ask. i'm glad the guy just talked about the trial. in new york. khalid sheikh mohammad, the blind sheik was tried there, and we were able a handle that. yauns why we can't show the world that we can handle terrorism. and my next point is ted kennedy was turned away on a no-fly list about five tiles. now how can you -- the problem is with credibility. i'm sure most of the people in
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that airport knew who ted kennedy was. and i just -- you know, the credibility and also of the orange alerts and we had a discussion about that. host: well, the caller has raised a number of issues. guest: to take the ted kennedy example that underscores the point i made earlier. there are people who are on the list who shouldn't be and those who are and -- not on the list and should be. obviously there was a man named ted kennedy probably connected to -- there's a world of difference between the blinet sheik and khalid sheikh mohammad. he was the latter was the master mind of 9/11 and therefore an iconic figure, so
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for the reasons i said trying him in new york host: next up is chandler, arizona. christine on our republican line. welcome to the "washington journal." caller: yes. thank you. first i think it's ironic that all the black people calling this morning are calling sailing they are for racial profiling. but the ma sod, we were attacked because of our support of israel and the palestinians. host: christine, do you have any evidence of that? caller: yes, look at the 9/11 commission reports. now it's they are writing bills right and left because they have a strangal hold on both parties of congress. host: we're going to leave it there. she is starting to go off the rail. on our line for independents. go ahead. caller: you can look at what motivated highjackers at
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american host: in o'needa our line for democrats. caller: good morning. we're talking on the subject of hometown grill off here and all the things -- home homeland security we've learned we really haven't done no such secure this country. now i wonder if you're aware of executive order 12425 signed by your president last week that to me, we're going in the wrong direction. this executive order gives diplomatic immunity in this country. there can be nobody who questions what they do in the name of security for this country which threatens and i wonder how many of you are aware of this. 40eu7 are you aware of this order center guest: no. it's certainly not case of
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immunity now terrorism is a very, very serious issue and these things undercut the government and counterit. host: the search depose on for osama bin laden. should he ever bal caught or killed, how is that going to affect the level of terrorist activity guest: well, i think certain is the case that if he were killed or captured tomorrow, it wouldn't necessarily mean an increase in people trying to make a statement indicate just that. on the other hand, becky is clearly public enemy number one. it is hugely important for the united states sonner rather than later to find him, to --
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the inability to find him hampers our efforts. every day that goes by is deemed to be a loss by the united states in this ongoing propaganda war. host: from 2003 to 2004 from homeland security he is current thirty director of the as pen institute's homeland security member in aspen. and the wartime contracting commission on iraq and afghanistan. back to the phones, desoto, kansas. diana on our republican line, thank you for waiting. caller: thank you. mr. ervin, you seemed quite surprise that had a person who was on a terror list was not automatically on a no-fly list. i'm going to ask you was there a change in policy since you
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were in your position or do you see this has a glitch or what do you think may have occurred here? guest: i wasn't surprised by it. i'm just making the point that most people would think the terror list and no-fly list are one and the same and i was saying one of the lessons we should take away from this is they should be one and the same and unless there's a big reason, anybody on any terror list ought to be on a no-fly list whether they are known to have been but it remains the case that there is a difference between the terror watch list and no-fly list and i think the two ought to be the same to a considerable degree. host: in the wake of what happened yesterday, the flight
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into detroit, what would you -- what should travelers trying to get home from christmas expect to see tomorrow when they start going to the airports? guest: well, i think they are going to see it today. increased armed police presence, tovep -- appraisal officers. as i said, these are people trained to distinguish between what might be an incendiary device and behavior officers, specially trained screeners who can look top and because of they may have terrorist attempts. i'm sure the tsa is doing everything possible now. one thing i should undercore score is what undersecretary napolitano underscored and
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that's that it is incumbent upon passengers to do what they can. one of the lessons we learned from 9/11 is that passengers can be and ultimately must be their own last line of defense. we know in this instant yesterday that once passengers noticed that something was going wrong with this passenger, he was jumped immediately by a number of passengers. we need to take our own defense into our hands and beef up security force that is may or may not be present on the flight. one thoft things that wasn't reported is whether there were air marshals on the flight. i gather there wasn't one. we won't know whether there is -- whether they are or not, passengers need to be their own security by taking steps against someone who is perceived to be a threat. that's exactly what happened with this flight yesterday. host: is there reports of air
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marshals flying on international plights? guest: one of the things we learned is there were not only 11 air marshals covering the country on 911 fen the exact number flying in the united states and bound for sove -- guest: but we also know we gist don't have enough air marshals to cover every flight or every flight of concern. so we need to beef up our air marshal ranks but also passengers need to be their own tomplee -- host: timothy in mobile, alabama. go ahead. caller: just a quick comment. i thought that osama bin laden was the master mind behind 9/11 and how do you register internal terrorism and -- on
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your list i saw a couple weeks ago homeland security was apologizing for having say like the nation of islam on a security list or for investigating them. and then they were saying they weren't supposed to. and what keeps people from driving in and going to an airport from out of the country. thank you. guest: on the first point, osama bin laden is the head of al qaeda and the number one iconic terror leader, but khalid sheikh mohammad was the mastermind of 9/11 that's exactly right. this is a plot conceived that he brought to bin laden and bin laden ultimately fled. i don't know that the nation of islam is on any watch list. i don't believe that to be the sfofe -- host: our last call for clark kent comes from memphis, tennessee.
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larry on our democrats line, go ahead. caller: good morning. i hope you let me express my opinion. what happened yesterday is fast propaganda. i really do meeve it. sfo the wheelchair snore keep on making fools of american people, these are the same people that bombed us on 9/11 host: larry, we're going to leave it there. thanks for the call. guest: i guess the the only thing eye'd say is what i said before. these conspiracy theoristser, it's a problem because every time it was believed there was a series it makes it hrt. host: we're going to take a short break. and when we come back we're going to open up the phones and find out your thoughts about the president and domestic policy priorities for 2010.
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we'll be right back. host: we're going to be talking
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about domestic priorities for the obama administration for 2010 for about the next half-hour. if you'd like to get involved until that conversation we'll show you the mubs in a minute. if you're calling outside the u.s. the number is 202-628-0184 and if you want to send us a message, in the washington post this morning, headline, taliban releases video of american soldier attack and it is said that is propaganda. they issue ad soldier jer of a
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u.s. soldier captured in afghanistan the u.s. military condemned the tape and the decision to release it on christmas was cruel. private beau appears in the video wearing sun glasses and a u.s. military-style uniform including a military helmet. 4 egives his name and hometown and other personal details before saying he is a prisoner of war of the taliban. it is not clear when the video was made. also in the papers this morning, this from the philadelphia inquiror, a different look at the military life overseas. for troops, creativity is the theme, reported by the mcclatchy newspapers, thomas and nancy yousef a frequent guest here on the "washington journal." soldiers deployed thousands of miles from loved ones did thing on christmas day they wouldn't have at home, improvised making
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a christmas tree out of communications equipment and had dinner including prime rib, shrimp cocktail and a cake in the shape and nearly the size of a christmas tree. after the sun went down and the ma'am moth spread of the food was removed the morale welfare and recreation club at camp phoenix cleared the dance floor and blasted hip-hop music until midnight. go ahead? caller: i was calling to make a comment. i think the president and the attorney general's creating a problem themselves, here we have this thing in nigeria or with this airline, and you know, it's starting up again. and we should be aware of what's going to happen. you know, they bomb the first towers and stuff in 1993, and
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now they are starting it up again. and we need to look out for that. why are we bringing these people to the united states? it's starting up again, that's their first phase. thank you. host: we're talking about domestic and foreign policy priorities for the obama administration in 2010. this op-ed in this morning's "new york post." post partisan? quotations? not. he writes obama the outsider hasn't changed the way washington works. he's worked washington in a way only an outsider with no respect for the place would dare. consider his domestic health care reform after a year of working on it his progressive base is either profoundly disappointed with him or seethingly angry. his republican and conservative opponents are not only serious, they are 'em boldened and they
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are disgusted with the whole spectacle. also in the papers this morning. this op-ed from ross who writes in "the new york times" this morning under the title "the obama way." obama baffled observers i suspect because he's an ideologue and pragmatist all at once. a doctrine narrow liberal who is always willing to cut a deal and grab for half the loaf. he has the policy preferences of a progressive bhogger but the governing style of a wheeler dealer. we expect our politicians principals to align more neatly with their approach to governing. our deal-making mackie vel are supposed to be self-conscious centrists. our ideological liberals and conservatives are supposed to be more concerned with being
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right than with being ruthlessly effective. back to the phones, largo, florida. frank on our line for independents. your thoughts about the obama administration's priorities for 2010. either foreign or domestic. 12k3w4 good morning. thanks for taking my call. i think he's going down the wrong road with foreign policy especially with what was accomplish indeed copenhagen el seems to -- they did put a 27 tax on all signature in a tori and many of the attendees said it was to align us with a global governing system so i see the obama administration capitulating and these calls we tend to call conspiracy
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theorists, there's a fact around them. an executive order granting immunity and the caller was right. and also six of the 10 9/11 commissioners have came out in the past couple of years saying that the spire investigation was a fraud and a cofferup. and i would have liked to have asked mr. ervin if he knew about operation north woods, the declassified joint chief of staffs paper that shows our government was more than willing in the 1960's to perform a false attack to get us into a war with cuba. host: you still with me? caller: yes, sir. host: in "the washington post" you mentioned copenhagen and they mentioned after hard in copenhagen and harder in the senate julian writes although many senators, especially and
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the aftermath of the health debate it's clear that the the enacting -- is essential to delivering on the pledges that obama made to other world leaders. your thoughts on this. caller: cap and trade is nothing but a shell game and whatever treaty obama signs, yes, it does have to be ratified then approved by the senate. but he's trying to do an end run around that by to the tune of 5 1/2 pounds a day. they are trying to declare that have carbon mo knocks i'd may be a pollute. but carbon die ox i'd is not. this is all a scheme to tax what we have and to to tax
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anyone making 250,000 or less. families making $250,000 or wills. he promise that had and all these extra taxes are coming in from the world bodies that we have no control over like when obama violates will to have by becomeing the chairman for the u.n. security council. he was gaveling that in. that's in complete violation of article one, section nine of the constitution. so we're going down the wrong rift and all because like ron paul said, we're not following the constitution. host: david on the line for republicans out of chester brook. go ahead. caller: thank you. i think president obama is creating some kind of high expectation from people because of his capacity to speak well. and his i had yomatic
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expressions are quite impressive, and he's bringing high expectations to those who bought this for him. so high expectations under the muslim world, and i don't think to which match his actions, and this can create a situation, because some stations are very high. and it tomas seems that he is more inspired than things on pace with cooperation with everyone. and i think in the short run, he will win, obviously a lot of issues. but in the long run, i think it will maybe boomer rang against him. and i wish him if best. he is my president. but i think that we will see the result definitely until 2010. and i am predicting that it will be one -- he will be a one-term president.
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host: specifically, david, what should his priorities be in 2010? >> his president would be to find a realistic way to work with the republicans and great and for him to surnt his national agenda and international agenda to the left in his party, i think it's going to work against him and it's not going to help the majority of the american people. host: louise on our line for democrats, out of chicago, your thoughts on the the president's foreign and domestic policies, what they should be in 2010. caller: thank you under having me. i'm just retire indeed february and living here in chicago. i can see exactly what's going on in the country, because we have these problems of nobody's
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in charge of making sure that the nashedse and businesses are up and going. we have situations on the south side as everyone knows where there are no jobs and the kids are killing each other, but you can walk down our streets going downtown and everyone from somewhere else owns the business. so it makes you wonder who is in charge of our domestic snoil no one is in charge of making sure that american citizens are working and owning businesses. it seems like everybody from everywhere else own as business somewhere down here. but where are the businesses for the neighborhoods and the people who were born here? host: sorry about that. i thought you had finished your thought. we've got a tweet here from lynette. she writes the country would be better off if the president, senate and congress would just take next year off. that's unlikely. next up is clifton heights, pennsylvania, abdul on our line
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for independents. about barack grok's foreign policies and -- caller: i forgot what the topic was. host: foreign policy priorities. caller: for 2010. i think that my comments are that it's somewhat of a smoke screen for the things that are being allowed to happen to americans that are practicing islam and being targeted on our own american soil to kind of allow them to move forward with certain plans and i dueled mention earlier executive order tore allow interpool immunity to go about bringing foreigners over here so they can take up arms and making this a police thing. i don't understand why everyone is so busy focusing on muslim
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terrorism when the real terrorist is the american government, and that's all i got to say. host: in the philadelphia inquiror this morning this from the associated press. iran open to nuclear swamp have i hay turkey. they write out of the foreign minister paid? iran's latest counteroffer, aimed at thwarting its ability to produce atomic weapons, the u.s. aims to reduce iran's stock pile of low-enriched concerns that the etch that the -- under the proposal, it would be shipped to france and russia for more highly enriched that are not --
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host: sharon, what's on your mind this morning? caller: i noticed that a lot of our democrats in the last election were for obama and i notice the republican party they seem to be the party of no. they don't want anything to change, yet they don't allow this president and give him any support to change to -- host: go. caller: i'm very saddened about the republican party, because i've always been republican for the past, oh, gosh, since i was in my early 20's. but i do believe that our country is in a change. i do believe that obama is doing a great job in dealing with what and in terms of what he has to deal with. i just hope that our republican -- all of the republican
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leaders will work with him in this next term, in terms of 2010 and we'll get into the second part of his election. i'm just saddened with the republican party, because they won't help him. he's willing to reach out. they refuse to work with him. and they fofe let's give obama a chance. and let the republican party work with him rather than against him. host: all right. sharon, thanks for your call. our next call is from ben in conroe, texas. good morning, ben, you're on the democrats line. caller: good morning. this is ben. host: go ahead, ben. caller: like the last woman the republican party don't do nothing. when people talk about taking away rights, can you talk about the terry schiavo's case,
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didn't the wife that was brain damaged and the republican party is for rich and rich only and poor trash, they going to get y'all in the end. that's the only thing i got to say, sir. host: in the national section of "the new york times" this morning, this political memo by adam in a gurty. the health care debates -- it's not just that the left wing of the party thinks that its centrists hold too much sway and when faced with pressure from the right, it is also this white house stocked as it is with insiders, people whose view of politics is shaped by the compromises innarnte legislateing. it's made up largely of outsiders in the law making process who are asking why they
8:47 am
should accept politics as usual. it goes on to say that as much as mr. obama presented himself as an outsider during the campaign, a lesson of this battle is that this is a president who would rather work within the system to seek -- rather work within the system than seek to end it. he's not the ideologue ready to stage a symbolic fight likely to end in defeat. in dealing with the rules of the senate and preparing to accept compromise in search of the larger goal. for the most part democrats on capitol hill have stuck with him. you can read more of that political memo by adam in a gurty in this morning's "new york times," and you can find that online or in hard quick points.
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caller: quick points related to iraq and afghanistan. that's another quagmire like vietnam, we got to get out of there. we're bankrupting our country and few people are declaring war for the masses. 9/11 was a criminal act. the second thing is the economy . i have a -- with the president you can see a letter from him to me if you google -- h and now i have an interview i did and i mentioned c-span in it where i describe a whole new form of global and census economy that requires no risk for business yet offers unlimited opportunities to both businesses and individuals. it's just a question of leanching how to think more creatively and interact with the existing technology and with each other in a caring, sharing way. so there is a lot of hope on
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the horizon for the economy. host: next up is connie the in omar, west virginia. go i a head. caller: hello. host: hello. caller: hello. host: connie, what are your thoughts about what the president's domestic and/or foreign policies should be in 2010? caller: sir, i am really upset about these -- the congress, the way they are handling this. host: the way they are handling what? caller: all of the health insurances and think, like that and their doctors. an i sympathy we need to be free. i think people -- i think what's happening is people don't even realize it. but it's older people and people who have lived under communist rule and things. there's a communist rule.
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that's what i think. host: connie, how do you feel like your freedoms have been lost over the last couple of years? why do you feel like that? caller: well, because they are making all the decisions. the people are not making the decisions. we're having to thereon people that are listening to someone that is trying to say, oh, you have to take this or you're going to be fine, you're going to go to jail. host: who are they and what are they telling you that you have to take? caller: this new law. they are coming up with a health law. you're going to be put in jail if you don't pay this and close all our companies and the companies because they can't afford to pay health care. so what are you going to do? close down and what's going to happen next? to have on and on. stop working. and all these people are going to go to jail what are they
8:51 am
going to do with all these people. host: so if you're -- caller: they are going feed you and take care of you in jail. you might as well take your family and friends to jail so everyone can just go to jail and get health care. host: we're going to have to start building a lot more jails. thomas on our line for democrats out of hot springs, arkansas, go ahead. >> yes. i've been watching this and i see the way he acted. and have been doing it for two years. even with republicans in charge. an ip think we got too many old republicans and old democrats in the offices. i think we ought to replace them and this health care, if they are going to fine you $1,000 just because you don't have it.
8:52 am
well, [coughing] host: bless you. caller: and they ain't got no job, how are they going to pay for it? host: ok. in this morning's paper sheryl crow says i'll ride herd on obama. out of reno, she says cheryl crow and other wild horse advocates have called on obama and harry treed block a roundup of mustangs set to begin monday in nevada. the request came after a federal judge upheld al government roundup in the cal co-mountains -- complex. until congress decides how to manage our living legends of the west. the usually pro democratic crowe said on thursday that -- in a statement released by the horse advocate group cloud
8:53 am
foundation. back on the phones, minneapolis on our line for independents. good morning. minneapolis? caller: yes. now i can hear you. host: go ahead. caller: first let me thank you for c-span. i think president obama ought to have secretary of state clinton focus on problems between israel and the palestinians so we can go ahead and debunk this idea that if there was some kind of a deal that if the palestinians got a state that terrorism would vanish into thin air, which it's not going to. that's not what this is really all about. i don't think that we can have connelly in the had? name. senate anymore. we've become so polarized in this country that there's no compromise in either party. and i believe that well, just
8:54 am
like there was a poll out not that long ago where the tea party, which doesn't even exist actually polled higher than either the democratic or the republican parties. and then in a national poll, which is just beyond belief, but it actually happened, i believe we need to think about doing away with the two parties -- two-party system that we have in this country. host: so let me ask you, lee, a question, do you feel like the obama policies anything will be directed either by the democrats or republicans or independent tea partiers? caller: no. i don't believe it does. the president is paying a whole lot of attention to what the
8:55 am
general public is saying. i am afraid that mr. obama is seoully on the subsidiary of the left wing of this party. wildly left wing of his party. host: going to leave it there, lee. in minute happen -- host: lee, you with me? caller: yes, i am. host: go ahead. caller: ok. i was doing a lot of research yesterday, because i didn't have much to do. host: ok. caller: and if people would go to the youtube, they would understand why we're in the mess we're in. host: and what was it that you found on youtube that explains about the mess that we're in? caller: well, for one thing, people think they are going to get a good deal with this
8:56 am
health thing. and if you'll go to page 16 on -- and read the bill, h.r. 3200, you'll find out that people can't even -- they -- it will be illegal for them to even buy health care on their own. just a lot of other things. i went to hialeah and found out that -- went to hawaii and found out that the ambassador for kenya says he was born in mambasa kenya not hawaii.
8:57 am
host: all right. lee, we're going to leave it there. in "the washington post" this morning this item regarding govern mark warner. his quest to achieve in the senate, amy gardner writes a hugely popular former govern who came to politics after earning a fortune in the cell phone business, warner entered the the taking the national stage. taking to the national change of conservativetism and business know how that helped him win over virginia independents and republicans. but the freshman senator has found himself mainly on the sidelines as congress and president obama have pushed health care reform, spending, and energy measures, without much attention to building a center-based coalition.
8:58 am
jeannine go ahead. caller: good morning. host: what's on your mind this morning? caller: i wanted to make two points before actually asking the question about domestic and foreign policy for 2010. actually i'm going to criticize i guess the nearest post where they keep referring to our president as mr. obama instead of president obama and i saw that you just read mr. obama. but people pay attention they keep saying mr. obama and really should be addressed as president obama and my second disappoint if president obama was a constitutional lawyer so americans get your facts straight and realized and understand that our president is trying to re-establish and give credit back to our constitution. bush and cheney pretty much ripped it apart. he's actually trying to put it back together again and so give him his credit and pay
8:59 am
attention that he is for the people. ok? but the foreign policy priorities, i think they finish and the back part of making everybody happy. people, pay attention, if you don't have a job, you cannot afford it. which means it puts you in a category that you're either going to get a, medicare, or b, medicaid. it depends on your age. that is -- it's a no-brainer. i don't understand the problem. host: thanks jeannine. we're going to leave it there. matt on our line for independents. in brooklyn. good morning. caller: yes. i'm sorry. there's a delay. host: turn your radio or television down. caller: i apologize. first i want to say thank you for c-span and my pointer as i think president obama must focus on domestic policy seoully in the next couple of years. we've hired ourself


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