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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  April 11, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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inning ground ball, 0-2 in the game. 0 for his last 6. luke takes it for a strike the outside corner. down 2-16 on the season. and that one is going to be taken down low. 1 ball, 1 strike down. marcum won 7 innings in that first start. pretty amazing when you think about it. >> mike: yes. that surgery has really helped a lot of the pitchers in their careers. >> gary: base hit. grabbed ahold of that one. scott out with a single, one away.
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matt wieters inside for a ball. strikeout and a fly out. orioles with scott on at 1st base. and the orioles have stranded four. two of those in throwing position in the game. 1-0 count. short lead at 1st base. and wieters takes it the other way. not very deep. not going to get to it. wieters holds a single. 1 down in the 6th.
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so, for the orioles first time since the 1st inning , they have been able to get a couple of base at the same time. now, wigginton into a single and grounded out. here is another chance for the orioles to help out kevin millwood. certainly deserving of it. toronto will get the bullpen going. casey janssen warming up. >> mike: yes. and wigginton takes it down low for a ball. wigginton is single and grounded out. 1 in, 6 on the season.
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looking for his first rbi of the year. and looking for 3 right there. >> off speed pitch, really let it fly. 1 ball, 1 strikeout on ty wigginton. and ty wigginton, 1-5. and there is shaun marcum. scott and wieters is base runners. 2 ball, 1 strikeout. you can almost feel the tank empties on marcum. >> mike: fastball has dropped off about 3-mile per hour from where he first started, down to about 86. that is what happens when the fastball slows down and the change up stays the same. the differential becomes
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closer. >> gary: and orioles trying to put a couple more up here on the board. they have had a couple of the close ball game that is end up going to the opponents' favor in the late innings. and in the 6th, the orioles have the chance to gain the spread. 2-2 delivery on the way. and just off the end of the bat. hold the count of 2-2 on ty wigginton. >> mike: gone more to the slider with wigginton in the change up which has been his bread and butter pitch all afternoon. >> gary: 2-2 count. wigginton goes down swinging. and another big strikeout for marcum. 2 down. >> mike: it was a slider.
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2 of the last 3 pitches. ground and out the zone, bottom falls out of it. excellent pitch out in front. >> gary: and the orioles, those numbers are piling up again. that is 1-7 now with runners in scoring position today. >> mike: if things aren't going well for you, offensively, especially with runners in scoring position, impressing for runs, the pressure is on the hitter. >> gary: and bautista, shading his eyes, puts it away, marcum works his way through it. 2 more left on base. 6 fleet, and the orioles 2 still, and the jays 1. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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♪ ♪ >> reporter: back up, the orioles up 2-1 in the 7th inning. who will be the closer for the orioles? we know the answer is not alex gonzalez. he will not be used today, that he still has issued to work out in the bullpen. what is interesting, trembley has not elected to move him out. the good news, gary and mike, is that you see millwood, the only one 62 pitches right now.
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he could throw a complete game. it might not be an issue. >> gary: that has to be the hope here, especially with millwood as efficient as he has been. certainly these types of ball games would like to have tacomfort feeling of the closer ready to go. gets wells one pitch. wells 30-3 with the ground ball. -- 0-3. and for the orioles, as to who might do it? mark hendrickson, 1 in twine twine. >> mike: you can e-- '09. >> mike: you can eliminate a few right off the top. yes, exactly. 2-0 count. and the pitch is big and inside. and overbay an 0-2 in the ball game. a couple of hits in his last 21 at bats for overbay. hitting under 100.
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3-0 delivery. to 1st base. wow, how about that. 3-0, swinging. and cito gaston will give the power hitter a chance to tie the ball game. >> mike: i think overbay feels he had some of the better numbers against millwood. >> gary: wishful pitching, i guess. give it a when i remember. that is 9 gaston eren on the side of performance. and taking the pitch down low for a ball. and millwood, first two starts. that is what happens here. put on quite a show for the
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orioles, giving them what they opened for in the way of a solid veteran starter at the age of 35. looking for his first win as an orioles in this ball game. 2-0 count. power and a strike on the outside corner. buck has a .343 average here in this ballpark that. one to 3rd base. and another fine innings. retires in order, 6 in a row again. he has been running streaks like that in this ball game. and 1-2-3. 7th inning stretch time here at camden yards. a real fine sunday crowd on hand for this ball game. they are saying a real fine pitcher's dual with the
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>> gary: 7th inning stretch as the orioles have the lead, 2- 1. when i do a ball game, i always have 100% raw honey on hand. you should to. >> mike: where does it come from? >> gary: my wife. she has been making it for about three years. she is into it big time. i love raw honey. this actually that is honey comb in the jar. good stuff. >> mike: yes. >> gary: and a good ball game, here, too, on the way. >> mike: yes. we have a small lead. and we are going to see the pen. and there is casey janssen, coming out of the bullpen.
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so, marcum, we raced the issue earlier, how long would you leave him in? this is his 2nd start in 2 years and there is the answer. so, casey janssen is the new pitcher. 2nd appearance in this series. izturis, and will take the strike. >> mike: needs a good luck charm so far for 9 cito gaston. >> gary: yes. and izturis is retired, one away.
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>> gary: well, marcum leads. could be the loser, could not be the single. felix has singled, and a couple of hits. and janssen making his 3rd appearance of the season. the early fullture in the first season of play. 2-0. two wins. >> mike: yes. close bam games, come out to have pitch, 1 inning or less. la do you think shaun marcum is saying? >> gary: yes. now, here is casey janssen, in with a chance to get another one. and pie called out on strikes.
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and pie goes down with a 1-4 after that one. 2 down quickly. >> mike: and a 0-2 pitch. pretty good breaking ball. justs take a little bit off. pie knew it. >> gary: that will bring you will adam jones. jones has had a triple, single and a slide out. >> mike: better than the change up fastball combination down the right field line. on the chalk line. more difficult there. and jones cruises into 3rd. adam last year loved hitting here during the daytime. 2-3, 1-1. last year .369 and
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32 dig-ins. and a 1 ball, 2 strike count there on adam jones. 2-8-0 for the orioles. they left 7-1-3-1 for the jays. only a couple on base in the ball game. we are in the bottom of the 7th inning. and puts it away. that is it. a 1-2-3 7th inning for casey janssen in the out of the bullpen. we go late and tight into this game, close, 2-1.
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>> gary: we are in the home stretch for 2010 census. it is not too late to fill out and mail back your census form today. do you say 2010, or 20-10? that was one of the issues going into the new year. i couldn't sleep just thinking about it. here, have a little honey. you will feel better. okay, dear. i wanted to get the comment in there. [ laughing ] 2-0. outside for a ball. encarnacion, and mcdonald. millwood split up in the k department today, and will
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foul that one back. run ball, two strikes out. 72 pitch mark. tough to stay consistent. 88, 89, 83 on the spotter. and encarnacion, 3-18. off the plate. toronto blue jays will be heading home as they will open, in the dome, against the chicago white sox tomorrow night. that will be their home opener, a four game stand against the white socks. and the orioles will have tampa bay coming in, as the match up in the second game will be matt on the left, againstt neiman.
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map here is travis snider. and milwaukee up high to him for ball 1. snider dangerous. he has power. road trip, he had 3 hits and 18 at bats. >> mike: a lot of offense coming into this toronto line up. >> gary: yes. a couple of times intentionally
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there. watch it. snider to be followed by mcdonald. 1-1 delivery. and the count goes 1-2 on snider. he turn to ask angel hernandez where that pitch was. a number of batters have done that today. 6th strikeout, 2 down, 8th inning. text in your vote for the at & t player of the game. millwood still out there. or jones, who had a tripping, single and a run scored. or tejada. text in your vote, a, b, or c, to 51862. mcdonald with two singles. wouldn't you know it, in a game like this where millwood has been so solid, it is the
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number 9 hitter who puts 9 hits up on the board. the other one, gonzalez out of the ballpark. for his 3rd home run back in the 4th inning. two base runners left on, both at 1st base, both have been mcdonald. 1 ball, 1 strikeout. and wasn't that close. easy to say will you are up here. >> mike: not that close when you are 300 feet away. [ laughing ] >> gary: i didn't feel anything. >> mike: sliders, one pitch to the inside and you are paralyzed. >> gary: what was that all about? [ laughing ] john apparently has family on hand. >> mike: yes.
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close being low and away than up and in. here is the 2-1 delivery on the way. and the count evened up, 2 balls and 2 strikes. and applauding the performance of millwood. looking for a strikeout here. millwood hopes this is the last batter. ground ball towards 3rd. and miguel tejada. you can see problems written all over that one. that is where the ball play it is fielder. and mcdonald on again. looks like a slow slider. >> mike: and try to side saddle it. >> gary: may have come up a
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little bit. low. going to be a base hit. and mcdonald is 3-3. wow. so, millwood, standing on the mound. 2 down here. bautista the lead off hitter. grounded out. 9 hits, 22 at bats to start the year. a couple of rbi's for bautista. short lead for mcdonald. millwood with the 0-1. just missed outside. 1 ball, 1 strike. and that is now going to be an error charged on that last
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play. i am sorry, they changed it. >> mike: strike? >> gary: what do i have to be sorry about? [ laughing ] >> mike: for sure. >> gary: breaking ball. hit that one in. 1 ball, 2 strikeouts on bautista. in the air to left field. he has a lot of it at a wall pie, and good-bye. home run. and bautista delivers a two rbi homer in the top half of the 8th inning, and toronto, for the first time has a lead, 3- 2! >> mike: breaking ball. easy to get the bat out to him t. ball really carried well, about 10 rows up in left field.
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>> gary: and that is tonight's ford drive of the game. your local ford dealer invitings to you experience ford like never before. ford, drive one! >> mike: unbelievable how the games continue to go like if for the orioles. here is kevin millwood, nothing but spectacular in his performance, but now trails. it has been 2-1 since the 4th inning . >> gary: and, again, it comes with 2 down. we showed you earlier how the orioles have surrendered ones with 2 outs and an inning. and it was an error that opened it up. other at 3rd. allowing mcdonald to reach. intended the inning. gonzalez, the other home run game in the 4th. fouled that one back. and a 2 ball, 2 strikes out.
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and bautista getting 2nd career home run off millwood. and his 2 rbi shot has given him the lead. , so again t orioles are going to have to come back in the game. that one is foul, and gonzalez holds that count to 2 balls and 2 strikes. 9 home runs hit by the jays in the first 6 games of this season. wells leading the charts with 4. here is the 2-2 delivery. and that one the to left field and add another. good-bye home run! that is a fair ball. gonzalez gets his 2nd of the game. his 34th of the season. -- his 4th of the season, and it is a 4-2 toronto lead!
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>> mike: on his 93rd pitch, up and on the inside of the plate, on the top of the strike zone. >> gary: so, gonzalez is 67th multiple -- 7th multiple homer game in his career. that will be it for kevin millwood. what a tough way to leave this game. the orioles fans on their feet for him. ♪ we'll begin with a spin ♪ traveling in the world of my creation ♪ ♪ what we'll see will defy ♪ explanation [ male announcer ] remember when you were five
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livesthere is the line for him as he gives up four home runs, 3 runs in the ball game. >> mike: he doesn't tell the whole story. >> gary: so, with two down, matt albers is coming on. and here is lind. he will take it on a strike.
3:32 pm
a 4-2 lead now. and that is down low. only one earned run off millwood in this ball game. the innings should have been over, but mcdonald reaching in the air and bautista and gonzalez got the homers. there is the 1-1 delivery by albers. that will be down low. 2 ball, 1 strike count. albers, 90, 92 with the fastball, power sinker. >> gary: and 0-3 off albers. 2-1 delivery. swing and a miss back on that one. lind 0-3. 3 game hit streak. he has had a good bat to start the year. 7-23. home run, 3 rbi's. it is a 2-2 delivery.
3:33 pm
missed with it and the count goes full, 3-2. there is a struggle desperately with starting pitching over the last three years, getting pretty good starting pitching here, but it is not showing up. and albers watched the first with toronto. keeps the inning alive. and vernon wells, a couple of strikeouts and a ground ball up. he has gone 3-7 with a home run off albers. >> mike: very quiet series. >> gary: 11 career home runs for vernon wells here at camden yards. .282 lifetime average here. four home runs on the season.
3:34 pm
two down, runner at 1st base, 1-0 delivery. and that will miss outside, and a 2-0 count. 3-0. 94-mile per hour fastball. a little state of shock how quickly this changed. he was going to have a 1-2-3 inning here. >> mike: for a while it seemed like a huge 2-1 lead. >> gary: and fouls it up the plate, 3-1. if you think about it, when mcdonald reached on
3:35 pm
the air that, was the 27th man to come to the plate. 3 over the minimum for millwood in 28 innings. 3 strikeouts. wells and nelson cruz of texas both winning with strikes in the american lead. >> gary: so, albers comes on and watches the first two hitters. toronto up by 2. looking to add more. rick kranitz t pitching coach
3:36 pm
is coming up to the mound. overbay coming up. taking on style of their own. orioles get a couple runs early, maintain a bit of a lead maybe through the middle innings. >> mike: unable to add on to run to give themselves any sort of breathing room. >> gary: so, albers has to get overbay with 2 on and 2 down. orioles with a very real problem with that last year. ball games in which they had leads in that they lost. they had the second most losses of ball games where at some point in the game they lead. 0-1 count to overbay. over to albers. takes it down low, 1-1. lind on at 2nd base. wells on at 1st base.
3:37 pm
1-1 delivery. and snider missed inside. 2-1. drives a manager, pitching coach crazy to watch. here is a 2-1 delivery. and albers gets it even, 2 balls, 2 strikes and 2 down. runners on vernon wells. 2-2. overbay is a dangerous hitter in this kind of situation. big time power threat. >> mike: yes. >> gary: try to drive the ball
3:38 pm
with runners on like this, trying to get the team an increased lead. big time cuts. left-handers at .342 last year for albers. over. 3 unearned run in the an inning. bautista delivered a home and the orioles will try to get back from a 2-run deficit. [sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background] discover all that northwest florida has to offer. seventeen hidden beaches, one revealing destination. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding)
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>> gary: so, the orioles have a rebound again, with 3 run in the 8th. bottom half of the 8th inning to scott.
3:41 pm
fouled it away. reached on a walk in the 1st inning . scored. 0-2 fly ball. scotts ground ball produceing the only 2 runs for the orioles. 0 since the 1st. and casey janssen worked an inning with a strikeout. now the pitcher of record for the jays. last year markakis hit .262 off lefties, .314 off right handers. and off the mound, jim johnson, pretty good numbers. >> mike: yes. >> gary: and 0-2 delivery on the way. 1 ball, 2 strike count. so, again, it is the pitching staff of toronto, along with the hits being homered for the day. that is the way they started the season. winning ball games.
3:42 pm
1-2 delivered. markakis again late on it. fouls it away. >> mike: fastball off to the left side. 224,999, the announced attendance on this sun-filled sunday. 3-17. >> mike: that is what he was brought on to do. markakis retired. 4 out of the inning. >> mike: cut fast, right to the outside corner. >> gary: that will bring up
3:43 pm
miguel tejada. and tejada 5-7 himself. a double and an rbi, 1-3 in the ball game. and take it for a ball. and orioles continuing to struggle with runs. and a veteran. 48 games and 9 saves for toronto. stats for downs. and now, tejada with scott on deck.
3:44 pm
2-1 delivery. down the line. and a nice play made by bautista, who gets over there. retired, 3 away in the 8th. and luke scott coming up with 2 away and nobody on. >> mike: back-to-back home runs in the ballpark. big time. bautista, 2nd home home run of the season, followed by gonzalez, with his 2nd home run of the ball game and 4th of the year. so, gonzalez with as many home runs as he had all of last season. >> mike: exactly. >> gary: jim johnson and cla
3:45 pm
meredith for the orioles. there in the bullpen. >> gary: and luke hit .260's off lefties, 2 points higher than right handers last season. >> mike: 0-5, eliminate history with scott downs. breaking ball, a sweeper that will miss up high. scott hit a single, an rbi for a ball game. really shut is orioles down after the 1st inning . meanwhile, millwood, magnificant performance until the 8th inning long ball. popped up. encarnacion. and he has it. and retires in side in order in the 8th. we go to the 9th inning. toronto trying to sweep the 3-
3:46 pm
game set.
3:47 pm
>> gary: orioles will go to the bullpen again. trailing, 2-4. and meredith now. >> mike: an overtime doctors submarine delivery, try to keep it right here, give the orioles a chance to come back. the orioles have not lost an opening series being swept
3:48 pm
in it since 1977. that was when texas swept the series in the orioles home opening series of the season. last sweep by toronto here was 2004. still trying to avoid that. meredith gets the swing, 0-3. 3 ground ball out to short in the ball game. same play, same result, 0-2. right field. right where markakis was playing. orioles baseball on masn brought to you by southwest airlines. go to grab your bag. it is on!
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and gary thorne, mike harris, good to be here with you this sunday. gathered in the first. lost it in the 8th. trying to get it back in the 9th. the orioles have now given up at least one run in the 8th or 9th inning in all 6 of their games. 10 runs scored against the orioles in the 8th and 9th inning. >> mike: can you couple that with the stuff that we had yesterday, the orioles only scored 2 runs after the 6th inning all year. >> gary: all year. sweeping pitch on the outside. and encarnacion, 0-3 in the ball game. 3 hits and 19 at bats on the year for him. toronto trying to get it cup with pitching again and get
3:50 pm
their game done. oh, my gosh! way back in left field and good- bye, home run! edwin encarnacion just crushed that one! it is a 5-2 lead, all home runs for toronto! >> mike: pretty much the same part of the ballpark, too. >> gary: ball stayed up on meredith. >> mike: and encarnacion was there waiting. >> gary: first of the year for indianapolis. toronto, 4th in homers last year. -- first of the year for encarnacion. and that is their offense right now, the home run.
3:51 pm
snider has an 0-3. and meredith gets it to wigginton. and alex gonzalez, two solo shots. bautista, 2 rbi shots. ouch. 5 runs, 6 hits for the jays. 2 runs, 9 hits for the orioles. and the orioles pitchers have given up only 3 home runs coming into this ball game, so they gave up more in this game than they have in the first five. >> mike: pretty amazing effort from the blue jays. for home run in the game, just changed from millwood really
3:52 pm
dominating. >> gary: down to 3rd base, and that will be a fair ball. you talk about a pain in the side of the orioles. mcdonald's in it in this ball game. 4th time he reached base, 3 singles and a error in the 8th inning that allowed tejada to reach. mcdonald has really gotten it done. >> mike: really, going in the side. at the first hit of the ball game, retired the first day a of the ball game, ended the perfect game and was later on instrumental in the come-back rally. >> gary: so, they have a chance -- toronto does -- to add more, as they get back to the top of the order with bautista. bautista delivering his home run. two rbi shots that game in the 8th after the error when mcdonald got on. now 4 rbi's on the year.
3:53 pm
slider away and he went after it. and a few strikeouts an bautista. and pretty amazing for this ball club, toronto. they have been able to do a .340 batting average to get 4 out of the first 5. but the home runs, piling up there. outside with it. and a 2 ball, 2 strike count. >> mike: a disturbing trend, being shut out yesterday. you have to go back to game 1 of the series they scored in the 8th inning. at a streak where they scored at least 1 of the last 19 innings. and damage done here. and bottom of the 9th. use theyp
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>> mike: a big error opened it up here, and the blue jays now have the lead. >> gary: yes, the orioles not much power today, either. so the orioles knocked down by 3, coming up in the bottom of the 9th. stay with us us. the orioles struggle toll find a closer. toronto has a couple of them. they are using them frequently here in ball games. frasor has had to work so much, they didn't want to use him. first game of the series, down here looking for another one. >> mike: they have had a lot of save opportunities. they are off to a terrific start. the orioles have been on the leading edge, therefore their closers have had a lot of
3:56 pm
exposure. now it is gregg and frasor. gregg had the save in game one of the series. >> gary: he has 86 career saves. 23 out of 70 last year with the cub in the saves' department. he is the set up man this year. he is getting another save chance here. first strike. bottom of the 9th inning. the orioles trailing it by a score of 5-2, as the jays look to sweep this three-game set. four home run in the ball game to take the lead. wieters inside. wigginton and lugo are due up. and the orioles have stranded 7 in the ball game. and that is going to be down low. and the 2 ball, 1 strike out.
3:57 pm
>> mike: i guess you go back to the thick. back to the 3rd inning, really. >> gary: and a base hit. that is what the orioles need right now, runners. 2-4. single lead off the 9th inning. let's update you in the voting for the at & t player of the game. it is still millwood on top. you can still cast your vote, illinois, jones artejada. and that will bring up ty wigginton. wigginton with a single, grounded out and strikeout. and off the 5th short. 1 over the first double play. 2 down. and bottom of the 9th.
3:58 pm
nolan reimold coming up. 0-3 in the ball game for lugo. 2 down. bases empty. and trembley staring at a 1-5 start save a miracle come back. and reimold still bothered by the heel. down the 3rd. and that was a foul ball. >> mike: we were talking about earlier, reimold expect today be the starter in left field. the heel bothered him. now sit tender and the heel bothers him. he is another one of the orioles starters who has not
3:59 pm
started. >> gary: not 1 100%. you never seem to quite get back to 100% after an injury like that. that is what is seeming to have happened to reimold. >> gary: swung and miss. and the apologize have swept the orioles. a 5-2 win in this ball game. -- the jays have swept the orioles. and the casey janssen will come away with a victory and millwood a very tough loss. join us tomorrow for more action. the coverage on masn. for mike plan began, i am gary thorne, and amber theori


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