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tv   The Communicators  CSPAN  April 12, 2010 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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he flied out to left field his first time up. as you can tell by the number of walks that nick has picked up with nine, pitchers are reluctant to give him very much to hit. he hasn't seen a lot of pitches to drive early on in this season. understandably so in that lineup for the orioles in that third spot. >> mike: it's somewhat of a common scouting report in the few games we have seen. the plan with nick is stay away. hard stuff. and stay down. don't give him a whole lot to pull. every once in a while go in and stay honest. i would say it seems like 80 to 90% of the pitches are for that low-and-away corner. >> gary: the decisioning managers have to make, who is to in that lineup. pitchers make that. markakis seems to be the person
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right now, even though miguel tejada has been hitting the ball hard behind him. they would rather at this time take their chances against tejada than they would against markakis. 2-0 count. two down, runner at first. >> mike: clearly, maybe a free swinger. i think he only walked like 40 times at last year. nick is almost the opposite. very patient hitter. works the count. so you go from one extreme to the other. one hitter that may see the most pitches in the league to one that will probably see the fewest. >> gary: markakis will take that up high. so the count goes to 3-0. you would think garza would be working -- well, maybe. i mean, it's his decision. you have two down here. you want to move a runner to 2nd base with a walk with tejada coming up because markakis has shown he is not
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going to bite on bad pitches. 3-0 delivery. first strike. 3-1. now we'll see what garza really intends to do i we can drive the pitch count up. sometimes you have to work harder. sometimes -- i think he has thrown 41 pitches in the game so far. but there is an easy 41. kind of the 41 we saw yesterday out of nowhere. a hard working 42 so far for garza. that energy expenditure will take its effect down the way. >> gary: he surrendered a couple walks this inning. that will bring up tejada. so the orioles again with runners in scoring position. they were 0-2 in the second inning with runners in scoring position. now 9. 56 on the year. miguel tejada trying to do some damage to those numbers and
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raise them up a little bit. two on and two down. >> mike: good numbers for miguel. a couple of homers. >> gary: miguel tejada has been the lone hitter for the orioles getting in scoring position. he has a lead runner in pie. very fast. markakis on at 1st base. flied out to center his first time up. tejada has hit safely in the last three ball games in for the o's. the strat gy for gar garza works. tied at 1. [sound of waves crashing] [upbeat whistling in background]
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>> gary: we are this the home stretch for 2010 census. it's the same. it's not too late. mail it out. last night were you trying to figure it out? >> mike: 2010. >> gary: that's what the census uses. evan longoria. scoreboard says he has 1 strike on him as they attempt to assist jeremy guthrie. >> mike: we are missing a good game, aren't we? >> gary: and it is -- >> mike: the only way to get this guy out -- >> gary: it was a strike and he put it up there and he had to
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in advance. that's all. longoria hit into a double play his first time up. he will foul that one away. those of you who may have watched longoria, he takes ground balls on his knees. i was talking with him before the game today about where that came from. he said he started that in college with his coach because he says it helps you develop a faster hand, faster glove. he says you really get to move the glove. he says i think it helps me. >> mike: i thought he was just watching that golf. remember? the first thing i thought of. >> gary: well, you are a left hander. >> mike: i am. >> gary: further proof yet again. two ball, two strike count. pena and upton will follow. longoria to the 2-2. and he takes that one to the gap left
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center field. pie is there. hitters are not going to have the advantage of any wind- driven balls. at least not at this point of the ballgame. so just a very light breeze blowing. pena will take it away. carlos pena strikeout victim, guthrie already has four this the ballgame. pena is now 3-13 on the year against the o's. again, he is another one of those hitters, especially long
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ball-wise, who does damage against the orioles. two down. and again we -- these ball games all become very similar in nature, don't they? i mean, already you have a really good start go out there for jeremy guthrie. it is a 1-1 game. we are in the 4th inning. so many of these ball games early on, all of them have looked like this. >> mike: yeah, same pattern. if you think back top, i think it was the toronto game, score three and give up three right away. you are right back even. nobody can seem to pull away. >> gary: upton will take the pitch. first strike. >> mike: the tampa bay, oriole series it was a one run ballgame. the yankees, it was no closer than four runs. >> gary: boy, there was a nasty breaking ball. upton just walks away. he had no chance.
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>> mike: really, he has only made the one mistake. either the high slide or high change-up. 0-2 pitch. >> gary: two strike count on upton. a timeout taken as guthrie started the wind up. he was off balance and stopped. other is the 0-2 delivery to him. that will be further outside and away trying to get him to fight on it. and a one-ball, two-strike count on upton. >> mike: we need a bigger break -- there has been a bigger break on that breaking ball than in the past. >> gary: na one drilled in the air, left center field. jones will come over and makes the catch. guthrie is in the big part of the ballpark and retires them in order.
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both of the starting staffs for this team has pitched well coming into this season. the orioles trying find a way to generate some runs. >> mike: something i talked with terry crowley about before the game. they had a great batting practice today. i think they are trying to pass that on. we are seeing a little bit of it. >> gary: garza, hitting against him, you want to go early or wait? >> mike: i don't think you can wait. his stuff is too good. >> gary: see if the orioles can do that against them here in
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this 1-1 ballgame as the runs have come very hard. jeremy guthrie is going, come on guys, just give me something to work with here. >> mike: yes. >> gary: three left on for the o's. a couple by the rays so far. garza will work for the oriole catcher. scott and atkins will follow. matt wieters 10-23. singled his first time up. now a seven-game hit streak for matt. sorry. that was a strike, i guess. wieters had a nine-game hit streak. longest last year. the shift is on against wieters. came back inside, garza did, and an 0-2 count. >> mike: he really has been a
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favorable strike zone tonight for both pitchers. both pitchers have command, should be able to take advantage of it. >> gary: d. j. raburn is the umpire behind the plate tonight. 0-2 delivery. that is inside. garza with a 1-2. matt wieters came in 1-6 off garza before picking up that base hit in his first at-bat. the 1-2. and wieters over the top of that one. that will be the second straightout of the ball became for matt garza. one down. time for our at mobility trivia
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question. and name the four oriole pitchers who have won cy young awards. >> mike: oh, boy. i know palmer won a couple. quair. steve stone may have won one. and there was somebody else. >> gary: there they are. scott, single. a designated hitter to the orioles. garza's settling in here. the home run by pie was the first batter he faced at the bottom of the 1st inning. since then he has given up a
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single base hit one-ball, one- strike count. and luke scott. and scott is jammed. garza has been fairly effective coming in on both right and left handers, with some pretty good pitches right off the top hand. >> mike: yeah ecan pitch to both sides of the plate. everything is hard. hard breaking ball, hard fastball to both sides. sort of a machines mul energy pitcher. >> gary: jim hickey is the rays' pitching coach, and they are hoping that garza has double digit wins. they hope to gate first victory against the orioles.
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here is the 1-2 delivery to luke scott and he is out. outside corner at the knee and scott doesn't think about it. two k's in the inning. >> mike: close pitches tonight seem to be going to the pitchers. pretty good job by navarro behind the plate. scott didn't think so. >> gary: let's check in with amber i you would bet garett would want that back. he is hitting .333 on the year. jerry crowley told me he has good plate coverage versus looking at tapes from last year. he also said that he is waiting for balls much ber now. he is not overly committing too early. also one thing he likes about garrett is when he goes into the cage, he will specifically work on one thing. then when he gets in the box he will put his own signature onto it. one thing atkins told me he likes about crow is they will
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repeat things over and over again. he lets you go on autopilot. of the key is that you don't have to think about it. then of course carat not thinking when you are at the plate is much easier said than done. >> gary: atkins had a great history of hitting with a .289 major league average lifetime and a .226 year last year. 0-2 deliver. >> rick: garza's pitch is going to miss outside. a 1 ball, two strike count. before the game i asked him about that shin where he took the shot. he said i feel fine. i can run. i can play with a day off yesterday. >> mike: very quiet in the batter's box. terry probably really likes his approach. >> gary: 1-2. garza.
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and he went around on it and garza struck the side out. he will finish it off with the assist. three strikeouts retires. did the caveman invent fire? ♪ sweet times knocking at my front door, what else could i ask for, tonight. ♪ ♪ better times knocking... host: could switching to geico 15% or more on car insurance? host: is ed "too tall" jones too tall?
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>> gary: and let's take a look at our mitsubishi game flow. >> mike: it started with jason bartlett, a strikeout. upton. a change-up.
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well located away in the zone. >> gary: tonight's game brought to you by mitsubishi. test drive one today at the dare to compare sales event. burrell with a 1-0. and he will foul that one out. burrell popped out to short his first time up. this is a question mark in the lineup for the rays this year, whether or not matt burrell can put to the a solid season or not. burrell will foul that one away. and a one-ball, two-strike count. matt burrell 1-9 on guthrie. >> mike: he certainly had his best years with the phillies, anywhere from 30 to 40 home runs a year for eight or nine
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years. 14 last year with the rays and 122 games with just 221. >> gary: hits that hard to short. they will retire it, and one down. orioles on this homestand coming in after the three losses against the. had only a 206 batting average in that series and had only 2.7 runs per game. not going to win many when the offense putting up those kinds of numbers. start he is going 0-2 in the series. rear is brignac with his first home run of the season 3rd inning. like pie did, he shows a bunt next time up. >> mike: back in the 3rd inning -- 0-2 pitch. he was able to get the bat head
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to it. >> gary: fouls that one away. brignac originally we were talking about all the positions he plays. he was a shortstop originally. they have got shaun rodriguez, who is another 2nd baseman. he has a lot of maneuverability. zobrist and brignac can play about anywhere. rodriguez can play in the middle infield. they will all be in and out, depending on who is hot. two ball, 1 strike count. right now brignac getting a start at second. he fouled that one away. that will even you will the count at 2-2. -- even up the count at 2-2. orioles starters with a .389 e.r.a. in the first six ball games. 2-2 delivery. and down to 3rd base.
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backhand. two down. >> mike: one thing he has always been able to do is to sort of make it up with his arm. that ball was really swirling away from him. with a reach back and with a such good arm. >> gary: here is navarro batting in the number nine spot. the catcher, strikeout victim his first time up. navarro really struggled at the plate last year. started -- has started this season with much better numbers. 1 ball, 1 strike count on him. and off the end of the bat, and
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foul. raze at 3-3. the orioles at 1-5 as they start this three-game set. the orioles will have a long road trip coming up. oakland, seattle, and boston. tampa bay, this is their longest road trip of the year. ten games in eleven days. they go to boston for four. chicago for three after the three games here. 1 ball, two strike count from guthrie on navarro. everybody straightaway hits the switch hitting catcher. he will take it up high. two ball, two strike count. tampa bay came in for all the offense, they have hitting .260 as a ball club. down to first and fouled. they have been out homered 7. 4
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coming into this gammoned outscored 31-24. the -- will the yankees score a thousand runs? >> mike: that's a lot of runs. >> gary: 2-2 count. again that was off the end of the bat and fouled. navarro reaching out. >> mike: we were talking a little bit before the game that there was a time that the fewest amount of runs scored in the american league was 19. so the phillies had already scored 43. i mean, that just seems like that number 1,000, to score that many runs. >> gary: 2-2 delivery on the way outside. philadelphia last year had, i don't know if it was the best, but it was very close to the best differential in the league. they are a very tough team to
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play against. 3-2 pitch on the way, and navarro battling again. >> mike: that's a very valid number you were talking about. play a lot of close games, you will see those numbers very close. i thought the phillies would be a plus 25. that's pretty good after a week. >> gary: that's the second time guthrie has slipped starting into a windup. fortunately for humbles nobody has been on base. that went into air. going back with jones, and jones will get there. so navarro hit to the deepest part of the ballpark. that is seven in a row retired by guthrie. score 1-1
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>> amber: back again in 2010
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every monday and thursday game at camden yard. former oriole players and coaches will be here signing autographs and meet with fans. >> gary: amber, thank you. gorgeous evening. 66 degrees when we start the. clear skies after a beautiful day in baltimore around the inner harbor. a lot of folks out there with pedal boats and having lunch outside. jeremy guthrie, no walks, four strikeouts. he has given up only one run. brignac's run. and only five hits. matt garza, a couple of walks,
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four strikeouts, lone run, home run by pie. other than that, he has given up singles. three of them. >> mike: probably pretty much matched each other strike for strike in this one. >> gary: yep. >> mike: so far, pie's thrown from the outfield. >> gary: lugo, izturis and pie against garza. lugo is a strikeout victim. lugo made sure to go over to the tampa bay dugout u don't see players do that very often before a game, the opposing dugout. but he had a special reason. he takes that one in the air to right field. don zimmer, the long-time baseball manager and coach, is travelling with the ball club,


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