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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  April 16, 2010 11:00pm-2:00am EDT

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and one of the numbers we were talking about, you have no luck when you have that kind of a number rolling because just by accident, you you will have a better number than that. that is just how it has gone to the oakland a's. >> mike: i am still trying to remember -- >> gary: 2 outs. we will look that. 2-0 count, 2 down. fastball, right there for a strike 2-1. the baltimore orioles against left handers this year they have left handed starters, 2-0 against all left handed starters or releavers, 2- 1 pitch on the way down to third base and kevin kouzmanoff has got it and gets the out and dallas braden gets himself out
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. >> amber: they are talking about the oakland a's lack off fence but he said these guys are proofing their ability to throw a lot of pitches to foul off a lot of pitches but he
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said coming into the game against kevin millwood, he throws a lot of strength but he probably will not get that opportunity and will have to be aggressive. we saw jake fox forced him to get a sacrifice fly so these oakland a's are battling against kevin millwood here. >> gary: they are doing that amber. kevin millwood with the off speed breaking ball, ball 1. eric chavez jake fox and gabe gross in the 9 inning,ing eric chavez had a singleel, first time in the plate, 1-0 delivery, a little late on that one. kevin needs to try and keep himself on the mound by getting some outs, getting some innings overwith below that 15 pitch mark and that will miss down low, 2-1 streak count on eric
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chavez. >> mike: he was with toronto with that same number in >> eric chavez wait -- >> gary: eric chavez will miss away, 3 ball 1 strike count. kevin coming in with 55 wents 122 losses and that's a second, ty wiggington gets the out. >> mike: we were talking the -- >> gary: we were talking the other night about the numbers that were making my eyes swirl. the new york times now every friday will carry these, the all time leaders in the adjusted batting runs it is about the battersability to produce runness all the ways it can be done. here are the all time leaders, williams cobb and gary. that will be a base hit by jake
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fox. so historically, when you put all the math tact together, the names you come up with are the names you expect to see. >> mike: exactly. another common theme? >> gary: what would that be? i think they will carry these ron friday and those are the met tricks they will run. -- metrics they will run. gabe gross, a single his first time up. the others are the all time e.r.a. for betting the other team for scoring, a justed e.r.a., number one pedro martinez, then walter johnson, top 5 and foul
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territory, no play. >> mike: he cap come up with a common denominator. >> gary: they could pitch. >> mike: no matter what century. >> gary: interesting, rivera has reshaped the whole context of the end of the bullpen with the tremendous numbs he has put up. we are not going to try and explain in any way how the the math works in coming to those numbers, you can go online and read about it in the new york times as the connecting point to save the met tricks and it is -- metrics and it is interesting to look at. 1 ball 2 strike outs gabe grossen the drop of a ball, he
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got on that one. >> mike: take a look at it. he tried to get a kick at it but a high hop, it seems like they want to have another crack at that one. >> gary: i thought he was going to get that one. it did come off the mound. it will go as a single and there are now 2 on with 1 away. he flew to right field and they are all singles. but there are 2 runs and 6 hits for the oakland a's. they had 9 last night in getting the 6-2 investigate are you and ben sheets won over david hernandez. kevin millwood's pitch, off the fist and fouled away and the count goes to 2 strikes. >> mike: kevin millwood last
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time he was dominating against toronto. i remember john mcdonald, the only thing between them and a no hitter was in most of that game. >> gary: yep. 0-2 looking back at second base and away up high with it, cliff pennington, he is waiting on deck. and kevin millwood, trying to get the outs, the oakland a's working deep in the count good pitch holding, swung out and missed, they kept the ball out in front and walking away is adam rosales. he wantsedto have a foul ball called on that one but he didn't get it. >> mike: he is doing a lot of moving around in the batters box. it reminds me of mikey hatcher.
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>> gary: adam rosales 5th, kevin millwood with tampa bay and cliff pennington a string out victim his first time up, runners at first and second with 2 down and the left hander again right off of the end of that bat, a one strike out. well you have to say the baltimore orioles have gotten that and more. a base hit down the line and he comes around to score nick markakis after the ball on his way to third base looking for a triple is cliff pennington and he will get it. a 4-0 lead.
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. >> mike: the baltimore orioles have not been able to get it but he went right down the first base line. that score by cliff pennington taking 3 all the way right through to nick markakis. ballpark getting tipples and doubles, we have seen a lot of extra base hits through the series. >> gary: cliff pennington is a big hit on base two down at the top of the order, randy jackson has -- rajai davis has scored a run, what a start for cliff pennington, he has 10 rbis and leads the oakland a's in runs batted in. >> mike: he just messes. and probably -- misses.
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and probably broke his bat. on the top of the order, with rajai davis, with two breaking balls you can handleel it and it seems so far in the series, if you leave it up to rajai davis with a breaking ball, he goes into left field and that seems to be accurate in >> 0--- >> gary: 0-2 count kevin millwood. coming down on the batters box. >> mike: what kevin millwood does, he has the ability to know when to come in, he takes a lot of braking balls to rajai davis and does not have to be that far inside. the speed is very affective. >> gary: then go away, he did. plays have to be made at first
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and strike out number 6 for kevin millwood, two rbi trips for cliff pennington and it is 4-0 oakland a's.
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. >> gary: baltimore orioles baseball brought to you by at&t and watch a free video. go affordably, -- affordablebly
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go rv. a moon on the west coast. here at the oakland alameda count he stadium and a 4-00 lead for the hock -- 4-0 lead for the oakland a's. nick markakis double in the 4th ending and dallas braden has struck out two. 1 ball 1 strike. and i asked dave trembley about felix pie, he played regularly, shortstop nice play cliff pennington and dave trembley said he is still concerned that, that heel is still not recovered enough for nolan reimold to go and play in the outfield. >> mike: he said nolan reimold is just not able to work any
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pre-game or work any extra for fear of not healing that heel up. >> gary: luke scott called the out and let's check in with amber. >> amber: dallas braden but for the game luke scott said he was excited to be in the lineup but if you remember he was lobbying to be in the lean up. he wanted to prove he can do it and when he got he proved he can hit better than righty. he feels like if he keeps his shoulder down that breaking ball will get away from him and he does a better job at covering the far side of the plate gary. >> gary: lefties, the average is indeed better against the right handers and heel get a
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break -- he will get a break. scott will take it inside and let's see if he could take advantage of that. >> mike: so the oakland a's continue their error prone ways. i told you the league in errors committed. and he pops it up again, pitcher out of the way. dallas braden looked as they he wanted to make a play on that, he gets it and is smiling about it. >> mike: they had it all the way. luke already got away with one for catcher. you always get one run off. you being see he is a typical left hander and is nowhere near the ball. >> gary: that is garrett atkins.
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>> mike: you know he is 45 feet from the ball. i got it. >> gary: 2 down nobody on centerfield his first time up, game in 3-3 against dallas braden. garrett atkins hitting at just 216. and the pitch misses and the count goes to 3-0 and that's the first 3-0 count the left handers have. garrett atkins takes it, walks surrender and he comes to two down. 1 on, 2 away and let's take a look at our trivia question. 5th oldest ballpark in the majors and can you name the other oldest ballparks? >> mike: wriggly and fennway.
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>> gary: then where are we? left field, that is way back and goodbye home run. ty wiggington the long ball. and after the walk to garrett atkins, the baltimore orioles get a couple and it's a 4-22 game. >> mike: ty wiggington took the long ball and i can't remember the last ball i saw going through upper deck in left field. maybe he can head back down on it and it's really at the at with 2 outs on the second deck. >> gary: wow. >> mike: you can chet the footage -- check the footage in >> that gets the baltimore orioles -- >> gary: that gets the baltimore orioles right back in it. it is only the second run on dallas braden. up in the air to right hollow
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-- shallow centerfield for ryan sweeney and he has it for the out. ty wiggington gets it and he delivers the long ball and the baltimore orioles are on the board 4-22. -- 4-2.
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. >> gary: he finally got the baltimore orioles up there making it a 4-2 ballgame. a little bit of optimism for the offense. they are in it mac mizing their hits dark maximizing their hits -- maximizing their hits. they are more efficient and they will have ryan sweeney and
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kevin kouzmanoff coming up. daric barton lined up and strike out, he has had 7 at bats in the first two games of this series. a delivery on the way for speed and a strike. we will not be tell advising tomorrow's game. jeremy guthrie against chad justin duchscherer. on base miguel tejada and he has got it. let's see, our at&t trivia answer, what goes with wrigley's and fennway to be the four oldest ballparks? >> mike: i don't know. >> gary: dodgers stadium and angels stadium.
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a breaking ball and that's in there for a strike. ryan sweeney has struck out picked up an rbi and a ground ball, out. he will keep his streak going. >> mike: we were talking yesterday that this ballpark opened in '68 with the baltimore orioles so it is a few years after that. >> gary: ty wiggington knocks it down. [crowd noise]. >> gary: that will be a base hit so ryan sweeney has a 11 hit streak, longest in the majors. >> mike: he picks it up for the first time. it is just with that momentum heading towards right field, they need an accurate throw on 1l1stl0 base.$♪. >> gary: kevin kouzmanoff has
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singled and flied out. red sox tampa bay, 1-1 bottom of the 9th and it is raining. they have been sitting for a while in that ballgame. 1 strike count. eric chavez waiting on deck, kevin millwood longing for that ground ball right here and that's a foul. he gets ahead on kevin kouzmanoff with 1 ball and 2 strikes. >> mike: the next pitch will be pitch number 90. depending on how long dave trembley let's kevin millwood go >> gary: baltimore orioles are already a little concerned about the bullpen which is starting to pileup some
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innings. they started 5.9 and that's 12 in the american league ball clubs. here is the blow over -- throw over, not a big lead for ryan sweeney. garrett atkins holding. kevin kouzmanoff down to first base garrett atkins has it, good try as kevin millwood went over to cover the bag. throw in the dirt against him and we get the force out on ryan sweeney. >> mike: a good play by garrett atkins, he throws across the runner and he was not able to get enough on the throw. over there in time. fortunately this kid is in front. >> gary: that will keep the
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inning going with eric chavez's single and has grounded out. kevin millwood battling to give the baltimore orioles a chance and rbi ryan sweeney ground ball out and so far the big hit of the game tipple by cliff pennington with 2 down in the 4th inning. oakland a's 4-2 lead. 1-0 delivery in the dirt. matt wieters stops it. we were kidding last night with all the numbs being 42 of course. today is the anniversary of the first time numbs worn on the backs of any team in major league baseball, cleveland indians. it was supposed to be the
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yankees but their team got rained out. so cleveland ended up with the first team with numbs on the back. >> mike: i guess they didn't changeup the lineup around too often. >> gary: no, they didn't have to and they had a lot of at bats too. 3-1 count on eric chavez. >> mike: i wonder about the names then. >> gary: another research project. back to center field and adam jones is there and he has it. no runs, no hits no errors and ballgame 4-2 oakland a's. oh, 10 years. fill it out and mail it back today. 2010 census.
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. >> gary: tonight's hd broadcast brought to you by your local ford dealer end vise you to experience ford. drive one. amber is here, 59 degrees when we started, the usual cool but comfortable evening. 12 ,255 announced at the couldn't fines with the oakland
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a's. upper deck is completed closed at all times. you can see all that green up there. that is coverage and they just take them down. >> mike: adam jones 0-2, he has popped up and grounded out. into he has been on base from 5 straight, doing a little better on the road with matt wieters throwing at him right there. 468 on the -- 368 on the road coming into this ballgame. overall 244. >> mike: a couple of pretty good fastballs from dallas braden. he is not overpowering. he is getting into a good spot and with him being on the 3rd base side of the rubber, his
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taxi will be -- act cure i will be going into the line. you take someone who split the rubber in the middle was able to pitch to both sides of the plate was able to get the extreme first base side and went away for the right hander. >> gary: that is off side, off speed delivery with a 2 strike count. that is efficient. >> mike: and one time over 15. it is not all about philosophy. >> gary: he took a little off that and cliff pennington has to hustle. he is going down the line charging, baltimore orioles park setting, co-workers,
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colleagues, have a great night and discounted ticket prices, party facilities with groups up to 1,000. baltimore orioles park, get more info. nick markakis a double and he has grounded the out. one down here in the 6th inning,s baltimore orioles have left only one on base, they have to walk, 2 down to garrett atkins and the home run by ty wiggington. those are the only base runners the baltimore orioles have had against dallas braden. 1 ball, 1 strike count on nick markakis. and that's going to catch the inside corner. there is ty wiggington. now with 3 home runs on the season and continues to force his way into the lineup.
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he is providing some much needed offense. 1-2 delivery, nick markakis chops down on that within and it will be a foul ball. >> mike: i think with that double, that would have been 0- 11 against dallas braden, the only other pitcher who has had a tougher time is brian matusz whose 0-12. >> gary: he says he is ready to come back to the red sox. 1-2 delivery and that will be taken and a 2 ball, 2 strike count. cameron and jacobi else berry have some injuries. they may be out at the same time for boston, i didn't hear
11:33 pm
anything about a decision but they both have physical problems. 2 strike count on markakis. the final three games on this one road trip. a 2-2 delivery, nick markakis takes it and just messed. the count goes to 3-2. >> mike: watch nick markakis attract this pitch, he flinches and goes away with it. he has always had a great eye. 3 strike outs for dallas braden. take a look, it is a little unconventional, if you could see that circle change grip, it is excellent camera shot, not many pitchers throw lefties to changeup.
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>> gary: just 195 for miguel tejada, fouls it back, grounded out, returning to the site where he played so many great games. better average, baltimore orioles shrugging percentage, home runs, same pace, rbis, not much difference, just has a better batting average and / at that inside pitch, pennington up and dallas braden retires the side in order and he has done that for you times in this ballgame, it remains 4-2 oakland a's.
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. >> gary: we have a 4-0 lead before the baltimore orioles get back into and cliff pennington a 2 out dribble and ty wiggington in the upper deck, getting back into 4-2 and comparison between kevin millwood and dallas braden, the only big difference is with the helps and probably the score. and the pitch is on the outside corner, jake fox leading against kevin millwood struck out 6 walked none, blocks a single, rbi in the game with a
11:37 pm
1 strike count. tomorrow jeremy guthrie, and justin duchscherer. you can catch it on the radio. 105.7fm or anywhere on the baltimore orioles radio network. manfra, not tell advised because it is in the time protected timeframe. we will be back sunday with a tremendous matchup and two young pitchers, belly dean -- billy dean was saying, jake fox this year not next year will be their number one pitcher. >> mike: it will be a fine matchup. >> gary: 1 ball 1 strike out on
11:38 pm
jake fox. and the count goes to 2-2. oakland trying win their 5th consecutive game here at home. swung off speed delivery and matt wieters puts the tag on and that's the 7th strike out of the ballgame for kevin millwood. >> mike: a tempting curve ball, runs it through the strike zone and that's 103 for kevin millwood in >> a new strike out high for this season, his career high is 13 and he has reached that twice. >> mike: which is kind of a mazing about this at let technical club and kevin millwood does not have a lot of pitches. he is really work at the bat. >> gary: gabe gross has scored
11:39 pm
a run and had 2 rbi secondel -- singles. he is taking advantage of the starting roll, it is the -- starting role. it is the third game that he started. a couple of starts in left field for him. >> mike: it will be against kevin millwood next time he pitches, he is 0-5. >> gary: that is going to be inside. he is a head of the count 3-0. he is trying to get on here with one away, and he is taking all the weight in there for a strike. and then the count goes to 3-1. matt wieters has pigged up -- picked up a good blow there and
11:40 pm
good delivery 3-2. the way these evenings go, generally during the evening, as it cools down you get that pacific air and that's why there is great wine in napa. 3-2 delivery and that will be a base field. so 3 for 3 and 5 a lifetime off kevin millwood. >> mike: a little bit of a high changeup, there are certain hitters and believe me, they will find a way to get it in. >> gary: you just want to grill them, don't you? >> mike: yep. >> gary: there is adam rosales,
11:41 pm
he was struck out matt wieters. he stakes that pitch for a strike hitting at 353. it starts at second base in place of mark ellis and he fouls that one straight back with a two-strike count. he played with cincinnati last year and the organization a couple of stents with the big club, 19 rbis with the reds. they are 0-2, gabe gross out first. and the inside corner strikes, see you later. that is 8 strike outs no, argument thereby adam rosales. that will bring up cliff
11:42 pm
pennington with a renter on at first, now there are two down. a big trouble came with the rbi and pennington was also called out on streaks. he was just trying to old off with a secondary lead and he is not a base dealer about the 2- 2. cliff pennington will take that in therein and he is out there for a strike why.$♪$>> he it -- >> mike: he threw a changeup, a curve ball and 8 strike outs going back to his last outing. strike outs and flyballs were more dominant than ground balls. >> gary: 4 run ofs, 9 hits off oakland with kevin millwood, he
11:43 pm
missed it a 1 ball, 1 streak count. i mean that the come extra base hit but it came with two done and one on. 1 run delivery, 1 ball 2 strike count. >> mike: number 120 and that's 114 for kevin tonight. he looks over to 1l1stl0 base.$♪. >> gary: he strikes the side the out and has 9 in the ballgame, 1 hit, 1 run, no errors and oakland a's on top
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. >> gary: we are in the home stretch for the 2010 census. it is not too late. mail yours in today. a few deductions, had a couple tonight and feeling rest fully and enjoying the ballgame right there. >> mike: i can get something to
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eat? >> gary: no. i told you no. leaders -- matt wieters will lead it off, both starters moving on, matt wieters has ground out twice in the game, and cliff pennington was denied a hit his first time up. baltimore orioles had not had a lead off on in the ballgame, dallas braden retired 2 of 72 lead off hitters. he hit that -- if you hit that 70% marker, you you are doing well. one ball one strike count, they take the ball that is in there for a streak. dallas braden looks as fresh as he did when we started the ball
11:47 pm
game. there is the 1-0 matt wieters fouls inside and pitches. >> mike: he ties it up with that little cutter that you you talked about. 1-2 delivery,ing swung and messed, probably chased one that was high, 4 strike outs, 7th inning. you being go to facebook. com, get your latest news or do as mike does and go find out communication all the news you need just a click away. one down 7th ending, nolan
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reimold, brad ziegler has been down warming up. dallas braden is pitching and as he has pitched, he doesn't have a complete game. 1-1 ripped into left field and that's why he took the ball hard, gets the single, takes the run to the 7th. >> mike: he think that is what he is preparing for never having a complete game. >> gary: it is the second longest number of starts without a complete game in oakland a's history, hitch had -- rich had a good number, 91- 95 and luke scott has struck out popped out, has a home run
11:49 pm
off dallas braden, 1 for 7 lifetimes. team out taken at the plate. >> mike: but game has certainly changed, i checked the league stats. it sounds like an anomaly with maybe 10 years ago in >> you saw -- >> gary: you's saw nolan reimold -- you saw nolan reimold and he wanted to stay with dallas braden. it was a huge lead with a kickoff that dallas braden has. he won 10 kickoffs in his young career. >> mike: if you put your left foot on the base, get as good a lead with your treat.
11:50 pm
creeping on. what he has is a great step throw. >> gary: 0-2, double play. good play all the way around, only 3 up, nobody left. 7th inning stretch time, and it is brought to you by jack daniels tennessee whiskey, please drink responsibly. it's not too late to take 10 minutes and answer 10 questions,
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to help our community get what it needs for the next, oh, 10 years. fill it out and mail it back today. 2010 census. . >> gary: a 4-2 lead for the oakland a's, we were talking about the kickoff moves. >> mike: he lifts his right leg and we are not sure, he looks and then he double takes and probably one of the reasons he gets the double play, turning that double play is a great asset. we didn't even see the good one which is supposed to be better
11:52 pm
than that. for a left hander, he has mastered that move. >> mike: knows is on for the pull again of the baltimore orioles. walking okay along the way. he is very much in this one even though he only has 3 on the innings. >> gary: 4 runs, he walked none, struck out 9 so he has walked only one batter in the 18 and two thirds innings that he worked and it is the pitch count that he can't do it here in the 7th. will ohman, and they get that forage rajai davis at the top of the order. one down. >> mike: coming up with that great outing against toronto and in and out up and down with the ball, a couple of left
11:53 pm
handers, it has beenen predictable, fastball cutter, changeup if you need it, once again up out over 10 pitches stricting out over the -- striking out over the side and it is close to the end. >> gary: there you see the 6 innings, 9 strike outs 115 pitches. a pitch is in there for a strike, 0-4 in the ballgame. number 2 hitter, daric barton, went 8-24 against lefties last year including the home run. that was from will ohman. of course he likes to be known
11:54 pm
as the o man. 1, 2 delivery, a little rolledder to second, ty wiggington, two down and ryan sweeney coming up. last time up, now with 11 game hit strike, also has an rbi which came with a ground ball out. he has 268 last year, 2 down bases empty and he will miss that one,ing brad ziegler still in the ballgame for the as.
11:55 pm
i assume he is in the ball game with a 2-0 count. left hander misses outside and the count goes to 3-0 on ryan sweeney, clean up batter for the oakland a's, oakland a's 7- 4, the baltimore orioles 1-9, 6 behind in the east. 3 ball 1 strike count. toronto lost to the angels five won over texas, still waiting in the bottom of the 9th inning, arraign delay that has been at least an hour now. >> mike: i hope we have been
11:56 pm
able to play, there is the 3-2 delivery. >> gary: foul ball on dallas braden. fly to boston in a 3 game set bust os return home. ryan sweeney takes it to left field, scott is there and he puts it away. good job by will ohman, retires the side and completed 7 with 4- 2 oakland a's. and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r... ♪
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. >> gary: we hope you will join us, our coverage begins at 3:30 presented by our local ford dealer, masn hd and all the access you need right here on masn. don't forget, tomorrow we will not be broadcasting the game in the fox exclusivity timeframe. 4:00 with justice justin duchscherer. >> mike: a second loss of the season, his career was a
11:59 pm
testament to perseverance. >> gary: there is a base hit, garrett atkins gets a single and the baltimore orioles have the lead off man for the first time in the ballgame. ty wiggington was one of those hits, accounts for 2 rbis. >> mike: he goes back to the last at bat in the 5th inning on the upper deck. one swing and he goes back and he is one swing away from tying it. >> gary: we would like to you experience ford. drive one. >> mike: he wasn't thinking of hitting it to the opposite field. 1-2 in the ballgame, ty wiggington now has 3 home runs on the season. ty wiggington hitting it 3-04, baltimore orioles get the
12:00 am
potential shawl tying run the -- potential tying run. >> mike: nothing has changed and ty wiggington was the last one starting the season and now he is a fixture at 2l1ndl0 base.$♪. >> gary: 1-1 by brad ziegler. last year he had 73 innings, the third lowest average among releavers in the american league but ironically, 3-run homer was given up tuesday night. 1-2 delivery on the way and a changeup on the way, a good one. let's take a look at the last pitch, everything else sinks and sinks dramatically, you throw a braking ball from down
12:01 am
under and it tends to stay up. >> gary: the baltimore orioles are so unique, so different. certainly brad ziegler has overcome two skull fractures in '0 4 / '08, he had not even made the transformation. >> gary: felix pie going on the dl and the discussion is how to pitch to him. you saw brad ziegler turning to his shortstop cliff pennington and he is now just starting to throw in the bullpen. they had a very good spring for the ornament, had attorney ligaments, it was -- had a torn ligaments and it was a chance
12:02 am
for him to get more time. he takes the pitch inside and a runner on 1l1stl0 base.$♪ aaa this year and 5 rbis. brad ziegler clearly trying to get inside from the first 1 ball 1 strike count. backing to dave trembley, the outfield der from off the -- outfielder from off the bench. a toss to garrett atkins and back to the bench as well. baltimore orioles have had 5 of the 7 losses they have had.
12:03 am
a foul. >> mike: they really done beat you with speed, they beat you with location and -- they really don't beat you with speed they beat you with location and movement. >> gary: brad ziegler has stayed there and there is the 1- 2 delivery he missed inside under the arms and a 2 ball 1 strike count. a lead off single 1 down. he is justable to get an off speed breaking ball way out in front of it dallas braden, a
12:04 am
walk, an out, a chance for double plays. a real good play and a real good decision to go to second, 1 run, no hits no errors, 4-2 oakland a's. anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncr vo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it. caveman: unbelievable... caveman: where's my coat? it was suede with the fringe. vo: download the glovebox app free at
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. >> gary: here are the players, gabe gross a score to run in
12:06 am
the ballgame, ty wiggington 2 rbis and an rbi triple. text in your vote. julio lugo is short. a pinch hit for matt albers on the mound. >> mike: he walked a first couple of guys with a 3-run inning for carlos pena and testify home stand -- tough home stand base runs in the third inning. >> gary: miguel tejada has it and kevin kouzmanoff retires in the bottom half of the 8th inning. it cannot be reproduced and the accounts may not be disseminated without the express written consent of the
12:07 am
baltimore orioles. closer up in the bullpen daily, they tried being looked at. eric chavez takes the pitch for a strike eric chavez has singled grounded out and flied out. 4 runs 9 hits, an or record for oakland a's 4 runs 2 hits for the baltimore orioles. sounds like a british comedy show. >> mike: okay. >> gary: julio lugo makes the play and there are two down. 2 ground ball outs picked up by
12:08 am
matt albers. >> mike: going back to what has been successful, two sinkers, a lot of breaking balls will get him in trouble and let's go back to your strength, use that power concerninger and he has been 93 / 94. >> gary: ground balls are what they count on and that's why he is in the bullpen. jake fox has had a strong performance with a single and run scored, he is 1 for 2 at the plate. 0-1 delivery on the way and that's outside, a 1 ball, 1 strike count. rbi the baltimore orioles will have to make a come back to cut this losing streak off, 1 delivery on the way, swing and a miss, and a 1 ball 2 strike
12:09 am
count. dallas braden really shut him down but for that clip ty wiggington with a home run. 1-2 delivery, foul territory garrett atkins... a ball and 2 strikes. >> mike: 1l1stl0 base man and second baseman kept track of it on the playing field but it really is amazing on that bullpen you like so much. >> gary: 1-2 delivery is outside and a 2 ball 2 strike count on jake fox. >> mike: you always think you can get away from the hecklers but in fennway park, you are
12:10 am
trapped. >> gary: they are right on top of you. 2-2 delivery and got him. matt albers retires in order and baltimore orioles 33 outs to work with -- 3 outs to work with down by 2.
12:11 am
. >> gary: baltimore orioles baseball is brought to you you by southwest airlines, grab your bag, it is on. >> mike: hey, they fixed the
12:12 am
lights. >> gary: oh did they? >> mike: it is good to know. >> gary: the yankees have a 4-2 lead. >> mike: he is an outstanding young closer jumping to the major last year and was mailed the rookie of the -- named the rookie of the year. power arm, power slider, maximum effort, suck suck is -- kurt suzuki is in to receive them and had some consecutives in a row. >> gary: top of the order for the baltimore orioles arizona he is 0-3, 3 for 8 in the two
12:13 am
game set. barely concerted -- converted two save opportunities for the baltimore orioles last year. that will be fouled away. and looking for his first save this season, all his outings have been there with 4 appearances. dave trembley's ball club looking at 8 losses in a row. they do not come back in this one. adam jones takes it outside. only 4 hits in the ballgame for the baltimore orioles, two extra base hits a double by nick markakis he was stranded and the double by ty wiggington. ten in a row were retired before the nick markakis double by dallas braden's starter. down the line right field. ryan sweeney has it. they are retired 1 down in the 9th inning. great selection of official gear, all the latest with
12:14 am
authentic classics and just go to baltimore orioles. com shop. 1 down, nick markakis 1-3 in the ballgame. dallas braden, could win it, 2- 0, 4 runs, 9 hits over 6, he takes the loss despite 3 good starts. andrew bailey has his first save of the year. 1 strike out for nick markakis 0-2. don't forget it is still time to text in your vote and that's the way the voting has gone so far ty wiggington on top. the final results will be on the baltimore orioles extra
12:15 am
post game show. he hit that one hard back near the wall, his throw coming into second base, a 2 doubles night for nick markakis and the baltimore orioles will get the potential tying run here in the 9th. >> mike: nick goes right with it staying down on top of it and nick is starting to heat up and adam jones had a good at bat so nick markakis is showing some seen of coming out of it a third double in the last two games in >> -- >> gary: baltimore orioles had a chance for tying runs at the plate. miguel tejada 0-3 and baltimore orioles two chances with runners in scoring positioning in this ball game.
12:16 am
>> mike: this is a guy that is around the plate and throws hard. it is a momentum swing, they are one swing away from the tie. he is facing andrew bailey for the first time. he is 0-7. >> gary: that one towards second base, adam rosales. nick markakis is takes over and they are 4 over. so two away. matt wieters has gone 0-6 in the two game set. runner at third base and two away. andrew bailey, misses outside with it 4 balls.
12:17 am
oakland a's looking to take their 12 of the last 13 against the baltimore orioles strike on the inside corner, jim johnson is ready in the billion pen, baltimore orioles can keep this game alive. 1 hit 1 strike out andrew bailey on, eye in the -- high in the air, ryan sweeney says he has got it, 1 hit, no errors and the baltimore orioles have lost 8 in a row. as the oakland a's take the first two of this four game set, 4, 9 and 1 for oakland a's, baltimore orioles 2, 5 and 1. we will be right back.
12:18 am
. >> gary: the losing streak is now 8 consecutive games usually in a loss, you can see missed
12:19 am
opportunities but baltimore orioles did not have a lot of the opportunities, they had 6 base runners. >> ty wiggington hit his third home run of the season good job by ty wiggington. baltimore orioles extra post game, back to gary and mike. >> gary: thank you. this game with brett anderson and baltimore orioles he canning from followed by game coverage on masn hd. noon to the -- and to in to the 4:00 game. from all of our crew i am gary thorne, thanks for being with us, this has been a masn presentation and jim and rick
12:20 am
are standing by. welcome back in everybody. it is baltimore orioles extra with rick dempsey, and he ends up with the losses as baltimore orioles score only two and we saw that last shot from miguel tejada looking simply bee willed derred they absolutely cannot believe what is going on, 8 consecutive losses on the year. >> i can't believe it either. nolan reimold and matt wieters nobody seems to be able to put together some big hits at the right time and that's what it's all about. nick markakis in that 9th inning, he was the only man out there to tie the ballgame, when you need one swing, you you are really not going to do it, you
12:21 am
have to keep your chins up, things will turn, i still have faith that this team can still put it together somehow. >> and they had a couple of plays, oakland a's got the lead in the bottom of the third ending had a 1-0 lead and he was stalled on a ground out. on the bottom of the 4th he went triple down the line all the way to the corner and two runs came in and that made it a 4-0 lead. here is the offense, ty wiggington hits a home run, a 2 run shot that made it 4-2 and that's where it would end, 5 hits and no walks, 6 base runners the entire night, dallas braden tense his masters and he is now 5-1, 3-1 against
12:22 am
the baltimore orioles. he should move to the amount of l. so on it goes and back we go to the coliseum and we rejoin gary thorne and mike flanagan. >> gary: thank you very much. if you had this game and you had 500 on the record you would say good ballgame and we could get it tomorrow but with the baltimore orioles every one of these puts the dagger in a little further. >> mike: it is one of those things again just coming up a little bit short. >> gary: take a look at what has happened, during this 8 game losing streak it is about not being able to score. >> we have documented it daily, it just stays that way and they just don't seem to be able to
12:23 am
get the big hit. they just can't break through late in the ballgame which has been a problem all year long. >> mike: left handed starters and the baltimore orioles continue to have problems against lefty this year. >> they have hitters who have a good lineup they could put out but they never seem to get a good feel for them and it gets into your head after a while. left handed and breathing, they willel have a hard time. >> gary: they seem to be a formidable faux and the oakland a's seem to dominate them. jim and rick, back to you. >> thanks very much. they were talking about the
12:24 am
mastery and what is about soft tossing left handers that the baltimore orioles cannot beat. >> it is the change up. that is exactly what you saw while dallas braden was out there, he threw a lot of changeups and that is what had the baltimore orioles off balance. he has a lot of command with that. the slow surf, the fastballs were up late in the counts and we didn't swing at the fastball and the changeup was the key to all neat, they keep fabulous books, what pitch sequences they use, there is so much technology that goes into it every time. every team is headed of the team knows exactly what they want to throw in certain situations, because these guys are inexperienced and they will swing at those pitches.
12:25 am
>> at&t player of the game has been voted out by the fans and oakland a's win it by a fine fall 4-2. the baltimore orioles lineup has stayed hot and more to come stay tuned.
12:26 am
12:27 am
. >> jones wants to win, i can feel him squeezing the heck out of the bat -- >> despite last night getting three base hits struggling overall and we were talking about why left-handed pitching donates the baltimore orioles and when you see a had the hitter who is struggling, you
12:28 am
can see how the rep to your of the pitcher can frustrate the batter even more. >> what you see from adam jones and a lot of the other guys, they try to pull these pitches. adam jones is no longer takes those to right field like he was the second half of the first year and you can see it popped up to centerfield because he is not waiting long enough on the ball to drive it. he certainly has enough power to drive it. when you doesn't take -- don't take advantage of the situation, when you know they will throw you the shieder, three out of -- slider, three out of four pitches will be there all the time. but you rarely ever get it in a fastball situation and that's why they are not putting hits back to back in the innings.
12:29 am
>> i thought it was final at bat with andrew bailey, but again, they are working him away, he went with the pitch but he hit a line drive which was a solid at bat so you never know he might break it out. in the meantime ty wiggington has been the consistent run producer. all of a sudden, here is a guy you can not consider taking out of the lineup because right now, he is your power threat. he is not going to bring it all to the pitchers, he got the past ball and he fuss so far up -- he puts it so far up in that second deck at least ty wiggington knows his strength is up there looking for the fastball and he did it tonight. right here another opportunity to hit to ball to left field and he gets underneath it and
12:30 am
it is just a monster shot. shot up into the corner and ty wiggington with a two run shot giving the baltimore orioles a chance. >> another hit with 2 rbis and 7-2 over the last few games 3 of those hits were home runs and ty wiggington is doing his part to stay in the lineup. from manager dave trembley let's rejoin gary and mike. >> gary: back here with dave trembley, kevin has had 3 good outings, hasn't he? >> he pitches with his heart as well as the stuff that he has. he keeps you right in there every pitch, has got a purpose to it, you just love the way he goes about his business. a real pro. unfortunately we didn't give
12:31 am
enough run tonight but he put us in a position where we had a chance. >> i know we talked before the game but kevin millwood pitched as well as he could pitch but have you spotted anything that comes to mind with the offense? >> you know dallas braden located well. he has a lot of off speed pitches. mike had some extra men out in the field. they made some very good plays defensively. we were encouraged late in the ballgame. i think we are getting close. we need to come out and breakout of it put some crooked numbers on the board and go from there. >> skip, do you want them to go deeper into counts or do you want them up there and just looking for the pitches that they think they can hit? >> i think you play for a particular purpose and i don't think all four are at bats.
12:32 am
you have the same game plan. try to pick a pitch, you zone it. obviously you are going to work the field with guys on base but you still at the same time have to be selective. >> gary: it seems nick markakis is finally starting to heat up and historically he has been a slow starter but it has to be good for the offense? >> yes, we need to get some guys on base and maybe move some guys around. we had a good hitting session with the guys, i see some encouragement out but we are not out of the woods yet. we need to score some runs and kind of relax so it is a real tough time for everybody. geese are doing the best they can. >> we appreciate it.
12:33 am
oaklandthe baltimore orioles a couple of runs but not enough. >> they talked about kevin millwood, we are seeing why the baltimore orioles wanted this guy on the team with all these younger pitches around at the top of the rotation because the guy simply knows how to pitch and knows how to get out of jams. kevin millwood faced 6 batters, there were guys all over the place and by the time the inning ended, he got out of it inexpensively. >> kevin millwood is no exception. they are trying to hit the ball the opposite way with men in scoring possession. they had two men on and then they go into it and they give an opportunity to drive somebody in on a sacrifice fly and that's exactly what this team is doing. they play one run at a team and
12:34 am
right now it is -- at a time and all they need is to get the one run. back at the beginning of the inning, you saw a sack fly and a line drive out despite the six batters in that ending, only one base runner scored. he did not walk a batter, and his last 16, very good numbers but they could not support him as the baltimore orioles have now lost 8 consecutive games and the oakland a's one it 8-2. we are not able to tell advise that game -- tell advice that -- tell advise that game tomorrow. you can listen to the game with jill and fred on the baltimore orioles radio network. sunday, the finale and baltimore orioles head up to seattle and monday tuesday
12:35 am
wednesday they head to boston thursday. that closes out the road trip. >> he was a tough luck looser, the oakland a's win it 4-2. gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir?
12:36 am
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12:37 am
. oakland a's between 4-2 and nolan reimold gave another base hit and let's head back to the coliseum, amber is with nolan reimold. >> amber: it is not the best thing to do and bringingit on tonight, -- bringing it on tonight, how did you do? >> we have to start swinging the bats better. >> amber: it seemed like they
12:38 am
were coming scarce but after that nothing seemed to happen. >> well you have to spring a few -- string a few together, get the guys in scoring position do the little things, we know we have a better team than what we are showing but we will get them tomorrow. >> amber: does it get to the point where it is frustrated and it seems like that break is not coming and every game that comes as a loss does it seem like okay it can't happen tomorrow and it keeps snowball? >> yes, all it takes it one break and you get some momentum and springs a few together. >> meantime, the double. a fell wait has won seven consecutive games, the bay socks are now 9 games on the season and that's the best
12:39 am
start in buoy history. zack and steve johnson will play with perez and they pitched 6 strong innings in that game tonight. he picked up his third save already and the buoy bay socks are winning 7 in a row and are now 8-1 on the year. the poll question we asked you, which baltimore orioles will have the most successful major league career and 3 5% said jake by 1%. 400 fans vote every day and you can answer the question of the day. yankee stadium bottom of the first rangers on 1-0, two outs. bottom of the 4th curtis
12:40 am
granderson, he throws to second and swisher in with cc sabathia. this was arraign shortened game and the yankees win by 5-1 and cc sabathia has two and wilson 0-1 on the year. elsewhere in toronto, the angels and top of the jays 1-1 tie, solo home run and that makes it 3-1 angels. this will get bob boy a bray -- bobby abreau and angels lead 4- 1. top of the 8th two on two out torres goes the other way, a double over the head of the outfielder, reggie willis and
12:41 am
jaun rivera they mound a come back. we have is strong, 7 innings, did not walk a batter and struck out 8. vernon wells continues 3 out of 4 at his 6th home run already of the year. other scorers, tampa bay in boston, that game suspended in the 9 tied at 1. josh beckett going 7 innings, no runs on 4 hits and they will have to pick that one up before they play the second game of the series in fennway park. the indians win it, paul couldn't nearco, his 4 on the year. >> the baltimore orioles drop it 4-2, daric barton with a foul play on the ground.
12:42 am
12:43 am
12:44 am
. fans can log on today form your own league, you you can even have a chance -- you can even have a chance to have dinner with dave trembley. another tough night in oakland, kevin millwood again comes away with a loss, back to the clubhouse with kevin millwood. >> amber: before this game eric chavez said it was a lineup that would throw a lot of pitches early seemed like in the second inning,ing that is what we saw with jake fox. >> it was -- i just couldn't throw the ball where i wanted to. my fastball, i feel like i didn't locate it at all. the sliders stunk all day, kind of getting into survival mode early and it's hard to pitch
12:45 am
like that. >> how dire is the situation, i know it is early in the season but the frustration has been building too long. >> yes, it is frustrating. we are not hitting the ball and we are just not winning. it is definitely frustrating but, you know we have another game tomorrow so you can't let it beat you down too bad. >> amber: i mean with the way this team is going offensively is that something that weighs on your mind going out there? >> i think any time you play this team, you are not going to get a whole lot of runs. they pitch really well. you have to keep a total on the score of the game but you know i think i just was not able to do it. >> so kevin millwood being honest about his loss tonight and he said we are not getting
12:46 am
blown out, we are simply not winning. i guess when things are going bad, the stolen base of rajai davis, they are unable to knock it down and prevent rajai davis from going to third. here is another play on a bouncer back through the middle, won't you know, here is a two run triple down the line, they got on a bouncer that got by the glove of the team and they are just not making it happen. >> most short stops in a case like that when you have someone stealing second base, you notice right away the throw has to be short. you have to be a catcher yourself and keep it from going into centerfield and keep them from getting into scoring
12:47 am
possession. that is what happened. group ball up the middle, he had the range, he is trying to make a play at the same time but really he has to catch the ball because no play can be made without it. >> if he does go to center field, that scorer does not score. you loose two plays right there and that's what is going on. rick, he is back in the lead 4- 3, nick markakis with a couple of doubles luke scott 0-3 on the night and he can ponder that. oakland a's is now 1-10 on the young season. listen to joe and fred on the radio. we will be back with you on sunday. have a great rest of the your friday night have a great weekend everybody, we'll see you on sunday.
12:48 am
12:49 am
look at 88, flying in at the right place at the right time. blackhawks up 1-0. third period, same score.
12:50 am
j.p. dumont, flips the puck at the net from the blue line. it goes off the post and in. game tied at 1-1. it's a game-tier. this is the game-winner. david legwand the shot. it's dumont cleaning up. second goal of the game. preds go on to win it 4-1. nashville scored four unanswered goals including two . nationals scoring 2 in the 48 second in exactly two years, he scored two more goals in his first multigoal game in april of 2007, the black hawks, they lose their third straight playoff game dating back to last season. >> white sox, mike buehrel, and the bottom 4th and second of the season gives cleveland a 3-
12:51 am
1 lead. buehrel, 6 innings, they are up 2-1 and indians win it, 6-2, against chicago, 1 in 5 against everyone else, tall bet with his first career win with. first time starters throw back to back complete games since '96. it's the . twins royals, second series, jose guillen swinging. bottom two, young in the highlight. podsednik making the highlight. laying out. greinke is like, yeah, my boy's got it. bottom third, bases full for michael cuddyer. no one is catching this.
12:52 am
down the left-field line. 2-0 twins. the o-dog in that same corner. it's like a replay. twins go on to win it 10-3. twins get 11 hits and draw nine walks, matching their season high for runs scored. michael cuddyer went 2-5 with three r.b.i.s. twins have won four straight. greinke takes the loss and drops to 0-2 on the year. tigers and mariners. 11-2 m's. bottom of the eighth. ichiro 2-5 with a couple of runs scored. gutierrez a two-run triple in addition to his three hits total. seattle scored multiple runs in three straight innings. felix hernandez has the win if seattle can hold on.
12:53 am
>> july 1, 2010, in the nba, it's the start of the holiday shopping season. in high demand, a lebron a wade and a bosh. but they won't come cheap. good news, teams will have a little more to spend. the nba's projected salary cap next season $56.1 million, $2 million to $3 million higher than expected. great news for the knicks. it good -- guarantees they can sign two max free agents. based on the cap, the knicks will have the most money to spend and their the only team that could give out two maximum contracts. the projected cap also helps out the nets, heat and bulls, among others. >> mike leach has added espn analyst craig james and university official and regents in his wrongful termination lawsuit. attorneys for leach claim that
12:54 am
a top administrator and two board of regents agreed to fire leach last year a day after he signed a new contact. he was fired one day before he was due an $800,000 bonus and two days after he was suspended over claims that he mistreated adam james, craig james' son. a lawyer for craig james says that the leach claims have no merit. >> still to come on espnews, why they're calling him sid the savior. plus, how the devils got even with philly. also ahead, the nba playoffs tip off saturday. top stories are next. e next.was. keys. keys. stacy, keys. girl. um. billy. hi, boy. saddle. hermes wassup, little buddy, wing-tipped sandals. let's go. nobody flying tonight.
12:55 am
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12:57 am
>> blue jays hosting the angels. jered weaver, was filthy, seven innings, two earned runs, eight strikeouts. he shut down thinks toronto offense. weaver would improve to 6-1 all-time against the blue jays. top four, morales with offense. his third of the season. l.a. up 2-1 at that point. top five, it's torii hunter. opposite field off shaun marcum. bobby abreu scores. angels win it 7-5. fuentes on the d.l.
12:58 am
vernon wells, his sixth home run tied for the a.l. lead. he didn't hit his sixth last season until june 20. >> nationwide tour fresh express classic. jerry rice, yes, that jerry. fresh express, one of the world's largest producers of packaged, ready-to-eat salads. jerry rice, a baby on the greens, got that, baby greens? jerry rice, all-time nfl leader in every major statistical category. >> that's a good one. >> yeah. 17 over par for the tournament. next to last of 151 golfers. doesn't translate. how about the golfers who are major statistical greatness for real. jim furyk. fourth hole. that's a birdie. no bogeys on this tour.
12:59 am
charles howell iii. putting from the fringe. drops it like it's warm. howell moves to 7 under. that's tied for the lead. furyk, howell and this guy will tie for the top of the board. if you don't know, now you do, greg owen. >> tony stewart will begin on the pole for his 400th career sprint cup race. friday stewart qualified first at texas. first time in five years since he won the pole, a span of 155 races. stewart said, i'm surprised. i'm not much of a qualifier. sam hornish will start second for sun's race. >> phil mickelson will play in the quail hollow championship, same event that tiger woods will play in next. mike williams back in the league, signing with seattle.
1:00 am
>> coming up on espnews, get mad and get even. that was the plan for three of the nhl's elite. dazzled in his philly debut and helped to stop a streaking marlin. plus, the king begins his quest for a crown, along with everybody else. this is espnews. >> welcome inside the glass sandwich. he's steve weisman. i'm anish shroff, helping you
1:01 am
stay current. entering friday, we've had pretty good stanley cup playoffs and unpredictable. >> the only thing guaranteed is drama. every game headed into friday won by a single goal. one of the upsets, defending stanley cup champs, down 1-0 to ottawa. 18 seconds in, peter regin beats marc-andre fleury. fastest playoff goal in sens' history. we're tied at 1-1. check this out. andy sutton, big boy, laying out jordan leopold. no penalty called. it was a clean hit. leopold had his head down and goes down harder. he would eventually skate off the ice and good to the locker room. still looks woozy. third period, tied at 1-1. volchenkov out front. puck trickles past fleury. sidney crosby coming out of
1:02 am
nowhere. that's why he's potentially the best hockey player in the game. no disrespect to alex ovechkin. and crosby to letang. crosby all over the place. letang's fifth career playoff goal. pens even it up at 1-1, winning 2-1. after being held to two shots in game one, sidney crosby a game-high five in this one. more importantly, a goal, assistant that huge save. pens 15-5 all-time in playoffs games in which crosby scores a goal. marc-andre fleury stopped 20 of the 21 shots he faced. afterwards, all hail sid the kid. >> we praise them for the shift at the end of the game that got chris the puck for the goal, but i think we talked and i think we were more appreciative of the one that got behind. i haven't seen it yet.
1:03 am
i know he flew through the crease and i don't know how close it was, a key for us was keeping it 1-1. >> everybody was invested in being physical, not needlessly, but with a purpose. as the game went along, we felt that that worked. it's playoff hockey and probably took us a game to really get that mentality. >> we make our way over to the devils, home for the flyers. new jersey trying to even their series at 1-1. flyers stole game one on the road. matt carl puts it past marty brodeur. second period, white beats boucher right through the five hole. tied at 2-2. devils in game one 0-5 on the power play. power play chance in the second.
1:04 am
patrik elias finds andy green in front. devils with a 3-2 lead. four on three. pronger blocking brodeur's view in front. then it's zubrus with four minutes to go. marty brodeur wins his 99th playoff game. only patrick roy has more playoff victories. and they won despite having only 14 shots. >> roy halladay looking to make his home debut and end cantu's streak. it's an early battle at the top of the n.l. east. top first, scoreless, halladay gets john baker swinging. four k's in eight innings of work for the doc.
1:05 am
placido polanco, second homer of the year. bottom seven, 5-1 phils. chase utley going clubbing and not talking about black pants and a tight shirt. his fifth jack of the year. phillies cruising. top nine, jorge cantu has a hit but needs an r.b.i. to extend the streak. that's groundout. phillies win it by a final of 8-6. chase utley six homers, most in the phillies' first 10 games of the season since mike schmidt hit 10 homers in '76. halladay 3-0. cantu's record streak of consecutive games to start a season with an r.b.i. end at 10. he was 1-5. >> last time c.c. sabathia took the bump, he took a no-no to
1:06 am
the eighth. sabathia struck out six straight at one point, first yank to do that since david cone in '99. granderson grounds to first. chris davis' throw hits nick swisher in the back. two yankees score on the error. yanks go up 3-1. they would win it 5-1. this game called after six innings due to the rain. robbie cano and derek jeter the only yankee teammates to get a hit in each of their team's first 10 games of the season. >> should he stay or should he go? for lebron james, the lyrics represent inner clash. if he goes, there will be trouble in cleveland. if he stays, it could be double, as in the cavs can offer him more money than anyone. it's clear that lebron will not let us know before the end of the season. right now, the only clash he's concerned with involved any team on his way to a title. >> our goal is to win the nba
1:07 am
championship and that's the only reason we prepared ourself this way and it's the only reason we're here to play in the playoffs. i never look at a full season as a failure because guys continue to improve. it can be a disappointment because you want to get better and not take games for granted, but we want to win an nba championship. >> you have to be able to execute, have defense and have luck. i have four championships. three of them, lucky as hell. derek fisher, the shot, robert horry, top of the key and gary payton in miami the baseline shot. you have it have all of those things working for you. >> for those that may have slept through the regular season, you may not recognize these cavs from last year's playoffs. they added the big daddy, shaquille o'neal, anthony parker and jamario moon and
1:08 am
picked up antawn jamison in a blockbuster deal at the trade deadline. utah jazz gearing up to go against the nuggets, but have injury issues. carlos boozer will be a game-time decision but he says he expects to play. boozer did not go wednesday when they closed out their regular season. andrei kirilenko is out two weeks after aggravating his strained left calf on thursday. he missed 15 of the last 17 games. boozer and kirilenko make up 30% of the team's scoring output and 40% of the team's rebounding. >> blazers' guard brandon roy had surgery on friday. he's been ruled out of the first-round series with phoenix. the taken, though, left open the possibility of a return should the blazers advance. roy is portland's leading
1:09 am
scorer. the playoffs, they tip off saturday at 3:00 eastern. it's the cavs-bulls on abc. that's followed by a tripleheader on espn. atlanta home for milwaukee. miami in boston. and utah and denver the late game. >> with the first pick in the 2009 nfl draft -- >> drumroll, please. >> this year we won't know who's going number one until draft day. >> in the nhl, the wings were down a game and so were the sharks. see if they could both even their playoff series. and rivalry renewed. giants-dodgers. why manny had to leave after three inow that all my favorites from pizza hut are just ten bucks each, i'm saving tons of money. yeah, it's insane. [ male announcer ] right now, any pizza at pizza hut is just $10. any pizza, any size, any crust, and any toppings -- for only $10. only at your pizza hut.
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>> red wings-coyotes. game two in phoenix. phoenix trying to go up 2-0 in a series for the first time since 1987. they were the winnipeg jets then. filppula ties it up. it's 3-3. the steal and the score. the wings go up 4-3. become and forth we go. coyotes with the two on one. shane doan. we're tied at 4-4. todd bertuzzi tires one on net. zetterberg there for the rebound. zetterberg finished with a hat trick. wings up 5-4. and then filppula with his second goal. red wings would tack on an
1:13 am
empty-neter and detroit would take it 7-4. the wings snap a three-game playoff losing streak. phoenix 0-4 on the power play after going 3-4 in game one. detroit now goes home 1-1. >> avalanche still hanging on to the one-goal lead over san jose. one minute to go in the third period. sharks calling the time-out. they've pulled nabokov, who has given up five goals on 18 shots. chris stewart, two goals. hejduk a couple of goals as well. the eight seed trying to take a 2-0 series lead on the top-seeded sharks. colorado has jumped out to a 2-0 lead in a playoff series 12 times and won all 12 of those series. >> dodgers tried to make it interesting, just not interesting enough. they beat san francisco 10-8. matt kemp has homered in four
1:14 am
straight games. now five homers through 10 games. ethier, two jacks including a grand slam. ramirez left with tightness in his calf. >> it's a mirror matchup, 3-6 mets at 6-3 cards. albert pujols went 0-4. one big reason why, david wright. laying out for the nice defense. bottom seven, same score. felipe lopez. last two grannies have come against guess who -- the new york mets. top nine, mets down one. two outs. man on second. ryan franklin gets castillo to ground out. all the runs coming on the
1:15 am
grand slam by lopez. franklin allowed two runs in the ninth before closing it out for the fourth save. >> if the rams do decide to take oklahoma quarterback sam bradford with the number one pick in the draft, we won't know until draft day. the two sides will not have a deal in place before the draft. now browns' g.m. says that cleveland has spoken to st. louis about moving up to number one to take bradford. the draft less than a week away. it gets started thursday in prime time starting at 7:30 on espn. >> a police officer involved in the investigation into steelers' quarterback ben roethlisberger has designed. sergeant jerry blash took the first report from the woman who accused roethlisberger of sexual assault. blash told investigators that he made derogatory comments about the accuser to other
1:16 am
officers. roethlisberger was never charged. >> still to come, an alien to the postseason before last year, the black hawks are back as a major predator. what could they do against the actual preds? plus, free agent frenzy in the nba. details on a new decision that could have lebron and dwayne wade playing together [ male announcer ] thank you, heat oven. thank you, pothole tarmac. thank you, saltwater spray-tunnel and shaker machine. thank you to all the 5,000 tests that helped make the nissan altima better for everyone who drives it. the nissan altima. made to make your life better. and highest ranked in initial quality by j.d. power and associates. now lease a new altima
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1:18 am
life in rural areas would look like but we should see as part of that tradition i grew up writing the interstate highway because national parks and wilderness areas in the west the first experience in colorado and
1:19 am
those landscapes one of the challenges is not the virtual and extreme reality which toppled the ground between where you get to know the whole nation so for me one of the virtues are programs like yours are like the getting people to all parts of the land, not just particular locations but experiencing what store ship works in agriculture and the federal land on private lands and cities and rural area and wilderness how kids can of the will make a difference but the last thing is the kids really want to believe they could do something real. they could make a difference. it's not just a plaything. really make a difference and there were few projects in the world and standing in america for the future. think of the work of your body
1:20 am
in this room does asking how your agency from your organization can give kids real experience is you're point, experience so they can make a difference where they can know they are doing something that changes the world that's with the inspiration does. sprick i've spoken with a secretary before about is there a way that we can speak to it was almost in 19-years-old they did an incredible work and we stayed clear about that work as a lifelong connection we talked about as well. one of the most famous politicians and the washington state is a three term governor and then samet bdy kucinich evans telling a story not long ago still in his eighties or reactive it i've been involved in the spring and called the mountain greenaway which is a dream state along the i-90 corridor in the rapidly organizing area. he said every time i trifle longer i-90 i work for my tree.
1:21 am
sorry it's coming in and out i said george free? he said yes. i have a treat you can see as you draw along i-90 that's 72-years-old or 74-years-old because of plant it when i was 10-years-old. so that connection affected him and the ccc and it's something they're doing in the conservancy , student conservation association is to bring in the national parks and local land all around, earth corps in my neck of the woods is taking people out so it's not media the same way it was as the secretary helped mobilize that we had the core network and nonprofit groups of youth conservation corps all over this country making this happen and i just want to get the congressman from a reason for the legislation that he just passed
1:22 am
in the house by center bingaman that begins to bring this back that if we can globalized it was because the kids were out there, they want to work, they are underemployed or unemployed and they don't have the plan that many of us wish they would have and this is just the way to help the infrastructure as well as provide jobs in connection to that place so there is no better thing that we could be working on. [applause] to the to bill's because we are at the end of our time, the big issue for this country's huge economic development you know from your history books world as
1:23 am
historical, cultural preservation played and we ought to be looking at from the future of america and our young people >> for me the project of protecting history and culture and nature and not separate project is not divided from each other they are the same project and that project is about reflecting on where we came from as a nation. that is what our history is. that is our share of the story however much we have conflict with each other it's one people out of many one. so the reservation is making sure the benchmarks of the journey we made together with the happened in nature for the happened in cities, with the happened and culture we recognize how they are connected with each other and it's a sort of moving story.
1:24 am
and learning how to help americans remember the way they can tell that story that seems to me to be one of the missions certainly of the national park service has had from its founding act and it's what a lot of the interior has been about about helping africans remember who they are. that is the shared culture and shared history. >> obviously the importance of the story of cultural preservation and a state like mine and mill to cultured tradition but as part of that i want to emphasize one important point and that is about 20 years ago when i was a congressman i had a very good relationship with the environmental community by made him mad ones. i said you are asking me here to it was amount of money to the national conservation area i like that idea.
1:25 am
but you are a movement that is really white. i don't see one hispanic, native american, african american on you and what are you going to do about that, and i think i have seen in the last 15, 20 years a strong integration of minorities in the environmental movement and i mention it because if we are coming to have bipartisan support, but if we are going to have a base of conservation leaders it has to include the people cory booker talked about. it has to include my friend over here. it has to include the native americans the hesitated engaging because they are worried about sovereignty and this is the enormous light i'm sitting next to the first hispanic secretary of the interior, a proud generation of leaders in the west and i think that is what i see of the importance of the
1:26 am
historical and cultural preservation is who we are bringing all of them into this movement. >> thank you very much. let me just say you heard from one of the greatest panels that we have ever assembled. governor richards and who i think many of us believe he is one of the greatest governors in the united states of america. give him a round of applause. [applause] whose historical writing seven from this you today and will continue to inform us as we move forward on the conservation, thank you for joining us, bill cronon. [applause] to soudet for bringing the voiced the business community to be heard strong and allowed across the capitol and over the states of america we love so much, thank you for what you do.
1:27 am
[applause] gary myers who inspires people like sam hamilton to say we must connect to the landscape, thank you for being here today and leading the way. [applause] and ernesto pepito for standing up for the young people of america eloquently today who i believe will be one of the next perhaps presidents of the united states of america. ernesto pepito, thank you. [applause] ready to start the campaign. bill didn't quite get there but we are ready to go with you. [laughter] seriously, seriously part of this let's get in shape and move the agenda of the first lady, we have town selects for every for
1:28 am
the rest of the years of this is part of the agent the first lady asked us to work on to read your lunches are waiting in the breakout sessions. there are 12 break help rooms. we will take all that information and as lisa and tom and bob gates and authority is involved in that move forward but this is the last time we have the whole entire group assembled so i just want to see first of all it has been a wonderful adventure putting this together. i want all of the people who have worked with secretary vilsack including undersecretary chairman robert, of the department eckert culture people please stand up and let's please stand three [applause] >> and to all the other people here from the council of an
1:29 am
donato quote and the white house, please stand. [applause] lisa jackson and all of her people from the epa, please stand up we are going to hear from you. [applause] thank you so much. the army corps of engineers is telling us to have more visitors and they do in their facilities and the and we do in the 400 million who come to see the national parks, the land etc. i don't believe them all of the army corps of engineers, please stand up let's give them a round of applause. [applause] and to the departments of defense, thank you so much because we have so much that we share with the department of defense on so many issues. thank you for being part of this. the department of commerce at the national oceanic and atmospheric administration and her people many of whom are here
1:30 am
today, please stand if you are still here. thank you. [applause] the days ahead of us are full of excitement and energy and we will use this today as the launching pad for the work ahead and we will be in communities across this country from the everglades to the rockies to the san francisco delta all over the great united states of america, the days and weeks and months ahead as we formulate the kind of conservation agenda that the president has asked us to formulate. he was clear in his message to all of us this morning this is a priority for president barack obama and to all of us who are very much a part of his team with me just say that our work has just begun. we are dreaming very much about the 21st century conservation agenda and for all of you who
1:31 am
know brought the ball and his team results matter and we will get it done in the kind of unity experience governor richards and talked about. republicans and democrats standing together as one nation saying that this planet and this place which has been so much the creator of the best ideas for conservation and the united states of america will continue to lead in the 21st century. thank you the very, very much. [applause] ..
1:32 am
1:33 am
1:34 am
[inaudible conversations] >> come to order. the time of year when the-- are longer it is a tie move that year when the daffodils are in bloom i don't know if you heard the daffodils ended this time of year when we file tax returns. so it is time to ask the iras for the update on a recent filing season and it is time to discuss other matters of the administration. the finance committee holds the irs to a high standard and it is appropriate to do so because of this responsibility but with the american people. taxpayers have a right to expect their government
1:35 am
applies tax laws fairly and correctly and a right to expect the ira's operates efficiently and a right to note the irs is protecting their personal tax information will have the opportunity to consider all of these matters and i am pleased we have with us today steve miller iras deputy commissioner and also ms. olson irs national tax advocate. welcome to you both record today we want to know what actions the irs is taking during this filing season to encourage and facilitate the use of the many new taxes to jump-start the economy and create jobs? the irs as reported a 10% increase refunds falling with these incentives. for individuals they include the making work pay tax credit, american an
1:36 am
opportunity tax credit, new home buyers tax credit common military homeowner assistance program, adoption tax credit just to name a few. and four businesses come of these incentives include extension of small businesses expensing and i carry back of the losses and payroll tax exemption and the vast energy credit to name a few. they are effective only if the tax payers use them. the irs plays an important role to help taxpayers understand the availability of the tax breaks and how to claim them. if the iras can help to make these incentives work effectively than the country can grow more rapidly and create more jobs. and more generally i look forward to learn how the 2010 filing season has
1:37 am
unfolded looking forward to updates on electronic filing rates with the effort to reduce errors and generate faster refunds. i want to know how the irs is working to approve taxpayer services including the level of service on the telephone, and those that contact with the question can get through to have the questions answered timely and accurate the. interested to know about the duo strategy of accountability and transparency. paid preparers doing more than the 2% of individual tax returns the quality is a direct and significant effect on compliance. and the committee will also take this opportunity to catch up on other matters or $1 received an update of the tax cap. however redoing?
1:38 am
like to know of the 345 billion number will be updated and what specific actions the irs is taking to close the tax gap? intel was up to last summer of particular interest is the progress on planning and implementation of my past client proposals that have been amended the credit card information reporting and security reporting offshore loophole are provided and in the estimates will raise 40 billion of revenue over the next tin years in aid to them won't improve voluntary compliance with our raising one singled five of taxes on any one with the implementation especially critical of their effectiveness of remic we want the iras to address their rooms about the ira's role in the administrating
1:39 am
we heard the rumors they will hire of two agents to fly with health care but those summer against criminal penalties. >> we want to hear two 1/6 statement does it request a need were to conduct its role of health care of small us any increase staffing in forms. >> elah by two send my condolences to the airplane crash and the thoughts are with the family with hunter a long time irs employee was killed in the accident. threats and violence against the irs and employers are unacceptable. we have a lot to cover today i want to think miss nelson
1:40 am
and will look forward to your testimony. >> thank you, mr. chairman as maybe appropriate for a tax day we will hear a lot of members there are millions of returns processed and phone calls received by the irs. there are millions of individuals but the millions of dollars of arrears other credits then there is that 12 billion irs budget and having almost $1 billion increase for fiscal year 2011? as the chairman has related we don't hear anything about the billions of dollars are thousands of but i employees the irs will have to implement for health care reform. >> my first issue is in a
1:41 am
letter six months ago from ms. geithner the response that treasury and iras would not have estimates until legislation was enacted. the house passed their bill last fall the senate pass their bio on christmas eve over three months ago while the final bill was not signed into law until last month the provisions did not change much so it is not clear why we don't have the estimates of the dollar's by the irs to implement health reform. meanwhile, the cbo has estimated iras will need between five than $10 billion over 10 years to implement health care reform alone stood does not take into account the blood is troubling is that they are not all related to the ira's mission and that is a
1:42 am
collection of revenue but what smaller in the landmark restructuring legislation of 1998 directed the irs to have greater emphasis on serving the public and meeting that needs of taxpayers." some require at the irs has health-insurance program virus employees will have to become the owner to calculate dave subsidy for those who receive a financial request for asking for that eligibility by sharing income information with federal-state and other entities. it is likely that they will not have the necessary information send some eligibility is based on household income which is not taxable income.
1:43 am
these are some of the provisions impacting the individuals interaction with the irs there are many more that impact businesses interaction with the ira's which i will not get into out this time. the earned income tax credits is the largest social spending program that also unfortunately has one of the highest fraud and abuse rates that any tax provisions while the irs has steadily reduced the fog in this program common knowledge of populations have been huge challenges for the irs broke the one former commissioner said the best "these kinds of programs require social welfare expertise. irs agents are not recruited were trained to do that well it is mixed and but she also
1:44 am
added decades in her testimony today the irs is not keeping up with the needs of low-income taxpayers and experience with them teaches us that a social worker with they calculate your should be a job description of the department of health and human services to not have the agency that is before us today. of the virus is to say it on top it should treat complex tax evasion schemes to improve the customer service instead of administering social programs in which the irs has historically failed chantix fares trying to do the right thing regarding responsibility should not have to be put on hold because the irs is now thank
1:45 am
you, mr. chairman for holding this hearing so we can discuss at length these particular issues. >> think you senator burr of a first witness is an artist and the next guest is nano '07 thank you both very much for that we both babette and reno of the word pro and prepared your statement but to summarize? >> can i explain to our distinguished witnesses i will be back for questions later on. >> thank you mr. chairman ranking member grassley, thanks for the opportunity to testify on success fall tax season but
1:46 am
the fighting season is expected to move slowly tough on sister service has has the in accuracy rate to a very high but with respect to kerns the total individual returns is almost 80 percent continuing a very positive trend and in this challenging economy added is easier the average refund is over $29 the irs takes other additional steps to help people with financial problems the most those taxpayers facing economic troubles including recent unemployment they can now consider current and potential future income when negotiating an offer and holding hundreds of special saturday open houses to give
1:47 am
taxpayers more opportunity to resolve issues and at a recent event earlier in march, more than 8,000 taxpayers came and more than 80% were resolved that day these events will continue on saturday we will focus on small business issues the irs has begun the emblem based -- implementation to work on revised programming solid but employers can claim the new tax incentive and act quickly to get the word am putting out a revised 941 for the incentive and for newly hired employees. we're also spreading the word about the new health care tax credits between sending out affirmation about the credit of postcards to potential to eligible employers we also have an array of major initiative for paid tax return preparers including registration and minimum competence cease testing and
1:48 am
continuing education of the goal is to improve compliance and the recognition of the critical role the irs plays and in the 2011 budget includes judicious investment in the core service and enforcement programs. it provides the resources for the irs to implement a strategic and balanced agenda and includes service to the taxpayers such as continuing to raise the level of telescreen -- telephone free service but it helps us to carry out the robust and targeted program with offshore tax evasion and improving compliance with high income taxpayers an additional resources are given to further centralize and focus expertise on a complex web of related entities. the 2011 budget will help to
1:49 am
implement the new tax payer account database for the 2012 filing season achieving this milestone low of the migration of 140 million taxpayers to modernize the relational database that will support faster processing and resold in faster refunds for individual taxpayers. and the light of recent events talking about our employees one employee flew the ira's plane into austin, texas we have no reason to believe it could have been prevented a report of an organized effort but we continue to be concerned the irs not the demonized it is filled with dedicated public servants reflective of the overall general public. the vast majority experience the irs try to help them by answering questions by processing returns and issuing refunds.
1:50 am
this concludes my oral testimony and will be happy to take any questions. >> ms. olson? >> thank you, mr. chairman ranking member grassley and members of the committee thank you for inviting me today to discuss the 2010 tax filing season of like to begin by commending the ira's response 21 problem identified in 2002 and this year the need to improve oversight of the return preparation industry since 2002 there has been considerable support for regulation including legislation passed by the full senate generate 2010 the irs issued a report setting out a blueprint to do the job itself while the devil is in the details when fully implemented i believe this initiative to improve tax administration significantly helping taxpayers locate qualify prepares to establish clearer requirements of
1:51 am
ethics and compliance and even shutting down and ethical prepares and with respect to the 2010 filing season i designate the inability of the irs to answer taxpayer from calls as the number one most serious problem for taxpayers the target for the current fiscal year is to answer only 71% of the call seeking to reach assistance but among the calls that do get answered the irs projects the wait time is 12 minutes up from over four minutes in 2007 i encourage the committee to support additional funding for the ira's lines so it can achieve 85% level of service and a great time of five minutes. >> over the last few years directly to the ball to the passage of special initiatives including the economic stimulus payment
1:52 am
the first-time homebuyer credit and making work pay credit because of the documentation requirements for the first-time homebuyer credit taxpayers are on able to the file so processing of the amended returns can take anywhere between 8311 weeks and about five months if audited death by the end of february the irs received one point* 8 million and original amended returns and selected over 260,004 examination of those correspondence closed through march over 139,000 involve the homebuyer credit. those of its accounts for almost 21% of irs correspondence this means that the irs has to scale back the audits of other issues to concentrate on preventing improper homebuyer credit claims.
1:53 am
my point* is not to say the irs should not be administering social programs but rather i believe the social programs would be designed in such a way that they can the minister of them effectively in addition to the core function as did this placing those functions. in my written testimony i makes several recommendations for improvement. for example, if congress extends the making work pay credit are a recommend it has the pager agency like social security reports on the end of your statement the amount of credit they received had this been in place the irs would not have rejected over 1.8 million e filed returns at the end of the very bad judgment -- generated work for the ira's and confusion and delay for taxpayers needing their refund i recommend congress and the
1:54 am
irs explicitly recognize the virus has a dual mission of collecting federal revenue and delivering benefits to both individuals and businesses a trend that is, and around the world. the recognition will help you to identify the needs for both core functions and to administer the programs. bond that would be vastly improved is for the virus to process and from a shin returns such as form w-2 and 1099 before processing a tax return that would enable the irs to substantially reduce refunds and eliminate the doctrine matching exam and make it available buydown moving into a soccer program is vitally important for the effective administration firm recently enacted by
1:55 am
congress but this is much easier said than done congress required treasury to study and report back within one year upon the steps necessary to make this happen. finally i note that my report designated the filing policies as the second most serious problem although perhaps counter intuitive the more remains do not necessarily translate into more revenue and as discussed in written testimony with long-term damage to the viability and the cost of clean filings taken into account and a shotgun approach may actually result them less revenue collection. thank you. >> i would like to begin mr. roller to rescue a question about the degree of which the irs is informing
1:56 am
taxpayers every seven provisions that we passed and congress that help reduce individual income taxes and also help increase refunds that include the making work pay tax credit and new home buyers tax credit and carry back and if you would just tell us the degree to which making taxpayers aware of these incentives and how it makes it easier for taxpayers to take advantage. >> i would be happy to do that. we continue to be aggressive in terms of the outreach events going out to various both partners and into the taxpayer domain and talking about these things we have been very good relationship with a batch of partners as
1:57 am
people are working on their returns will be informed. we obviously have web based information out there and we have gone one step further to issue i apologize the small business health act credit we will send out postcards to those we think maybe eligible so they can plan accordingly because that is live right now as we speak. >> can you address a small business tax credits it with the health legislation? and mentioned that there are some allegations that the irs will have 17,000 armed agents to force compliance and the us you know, it is better than most of those with 50 or fewer employees
1:58 am
are under no obligation to buy insurance and of less than my state virtually every one does not have the obligation but at the same time the credits are available for small business to the employees should they choose to do so. but you could explain the degree to which the agents and forcing small business professions? >> guy will do that the way we would approach the small. >> you have armed agents going out there? >> we have no of armed
1:59 am
agents but criminal investigators come a 2000 that do criminal investigations generally in total you have no new agents targeted for small craft it? >> it is very early and i recognize mr. grassley it is a view that point* of fact they will assign until the bill is signed we were not prepared to dig in and decide and determine exactly how the booby proceeding in terms of the higher health bill which is a perfect example the esquire's -- with the health credit it makes people aware of what they have responsibilities such as the post card, the web, moving from there to making sure people have the ability to read jim and get the information they


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