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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  April 18, 2010 5:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> gary: two ball, two strike count. and just got a piece of nap last season, left-handers hit only .200 off brian. a couple of home runs. right-handers hit .315, had four homers, limited innings pitched, of course, as he made his major league debut, got his feet wet. sweeney with the 2-2. came in on it, popped him up, shallow left. montanez -- plenty of time to get in there. sweeney is retired one down. the orioles host the boston red sox for the first time for the three-game weekend series beginning april 30. tickets will not last so get your tickets at 888-848-bird. or go to >> jim p: hanging onto that arm and hand as though that shot to the back hurt him,
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barton getting back to the bag. carrying the wing there pretty tight. >> gary: one down. here's kouzmanoff. he is 1 for 12 in the series. orioles have a very tough beginning schedule, as we talked about, during spring training. this long trip -- four in oakland, three in seattle, three in boston. then they have the yankees coming in and then boston comes in then they go to play new york. there's no break. kouzmanoff lifts it in the air to right field. markakis -- puts it away. two down. >> jim p: yeah, they were talking about oakland playing 14 straight games to start the season, how that was one of the longest, if not the longest. well, orioles have 16. [ talking over each other ] >> gary: here's kurt suzuki. >> jim p: i look at the early
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schedule -- 16 in a row -- it's probably the way you want to play because you have the same continuity out of spring training. you don't have to skip guys that pitch their regular guys if you're playing well. >> gary: yeah. >> jim p: and if you're not, you want some off days. >> gary: that's why the orioles are trying to turn this around. red sox are getting shut out again today by tampa bay 7-0. they're in the 9th inning of the ball game. if boston doesn't win, they will be 4-8 in the american league east. the yankees have already won their ninth game. they're 9-3 on top of the east. 0-1 to suzuki. hard to right center -- jones. runner will go to third. jones will come to second base with it. suzuki gets the base hit, first and third, two down. [ cheers and applause ] suzuki is probably their best overall player and maybe in the long term their best hitter. >> jim p: certainly was last year. hit 15 home runs and of course
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didn't have a great throwing year last year but certainly with the pitching staff -- 116 starts from young starters -- best bullpen -- he did a terrific job calling the pitches. >> gary: scoring opportunity with two down now for the as. >> jim p: and you learn a lot from the previous at bats. he hung a breaking ball of some spot -- fox was all over it. so stay away from that. >> gary: fox to third -- that will be a base hit and an rbi. and it is a 4-1 ball game. >> jim p: one of the keys was don't change anything because of the changeup. look at the changeup in the middle of the plate and it's up. it's up and away. you got a strong, aggressive hitter. they got him for his bat. >> gary: fox is 2 for 2. >> jim p: yeah. it's just a matter of hanging the breaking ball the first time and then the changeup stayed up a little bit. probably the right pitch but
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wrong location. >> gary: fox has five rbis with a batting average just across the .100 mark. timely hitting. i guess. that's something the as have been able to do. here's rosales now. suzuki is on at second. fox is on at first. two down, 4-1. four hits now off matusz. rosales, fielders' choice his first time up. and he's going after that first pitch. both of these ball clubs lineup- wise know the opposing pitchers will throw some first strikes so you better come up and take a hack. two away. pretty big lead at second allowed to suzuki. and the pitch is going to be outside. one ball, one strike. as trying to add to it with two
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down. the orioles got in the 3rd inning, three runs, all coming with two away. 1-1 delivery and he chased one, tailing away and up high. one ball and two strikes. he's an aggressive guy and if you know that, the next time matusz faces mr. fox, he will say, you know what? this guy will swing so let's not make as good a pitch. say the perimeter of the strike zone and maybe the same with rosales, a very aggressive hitter. >> gary: 1-2 delivery. rosales is gone. five strikeouts. a run in and that was the batter who was hit to start the inning. rbi goes to fox. it is a 4-1 orioles lead.
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>> amber: back in oakland, the orioles have the lead. brett anderson signed four-year contract extension worth up to $31 million and kurt suzuki, the catcher, said one reason he was able at 22 is he feels he is very far ahead of the learning curve because he's the coach's son. jim palmer said at oklahoma state his father frank anderson is head coach but before that, his father was a pitching coach at texas tech and pitching coach at the university of texas under augier gorrito so he grew up with powerhouses and a father that knew how to pitch. you have to wonder, giving up the lead and if orioles hold on
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and he gets the loss, will dad give him a call tonight, gary? >> gary: dad will always call, no matter how it goes. jones takes the pitch inside. for the first time in at least two years, eric chavez is playing first base. he's appeared in ball games at a designated hitter, missed all but ten games last year when he was barton out of there after getting hands stomped on -- or hit in the back, rather -- on that last at-bat in the last half inning. >> jim p: six-time gold glover all kinds of shoulder and black problems. averages 121 gape over the last three years so hasn't been healthy athough appears to be swing better. >> gary: said he feels better. jones, single, scored, grounded out. 5 for 16 in the series now. trying to push that average up. hitting .300 on the road. marty foster said he could not
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go around. >> jim p: a little loose there. luke stopped the bat with the best of them. let's see -- what this is what the first base umpire is looking at. it could have gone either way. >> gary: jones will take it. >> jim p: when as a kid he broke his wrist -- how far it travels is what umpires look for. >> gary: sweeney puts it away. now for the moment you have been waiting for -- ladies and gentlemen, the at&t smoke trivia question -- mobility trivia question. name the two oakland a pitchers who won the american league mvp award. >> one is blue. >> gary: exactly. >> jim p: the other one may have been -- danysicersly. >> gary: pitch is in -- >> jim p [ indistinct >> gary: don't be backing up now. blue and eckersley.
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mvp. >> jim p: what did you mean mike would call in? >> gary: he didn't like the trivia answer. we didn't get any answers -- >> jim p: i heard you talking about me. the only one i got right was the one i gave them the question. >> gary: oh, okay. >> jim p: why don't we do this question? and then you don't know the answer to the question. >> gary: i didn't know the answer. did you? >> well, that one. >> gary: you didn't get it in advance. >> jim p: and as far as going back -- talking about remember things -- you with in napa valley so i remember -- >> gary: i wouldn't be remembering much today. ty wigginton, two rbi double in the 3rd inning. that one to the hole backhanded. long throw -- chavez can't get it. that is what we were talking about. you cannot hide in this game of baseball, not that would be an easy play. he couldn't come up with the backhand. an error on the throw.
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>> jim p: any time you have to go to the right, it tests your arm strength. he had plenty of time and just didn't quite get it over there. more adept first baseman -- six gold gloves, using a different glove. the ball does short-hop. teixeira would have snared it. chavez doesn't and you have an error. >> gary: second error of the ball game. os will try to take advantage. here's markakis. he had an rbi single. orioles getting three runs in the 3rd inning. two rbis, wigginton, rbi montanez in the 4th. 4-6-0 for the os. 1-4-2 for the as. there you see the walk leaders with barton out of the game. fastball. that's going to be inside by anderson. >> jim p: the kind of number -- bautista, an aggressive
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hitter with 12 base on balls. leading off for toronto. >> gary: go figure. markakis shoots it the other way but a foul ball. >> jim p: there are so many -- i was reading "the boston globe," being on eastern time in oakland -- j.d. drew, 1 for 18 with ten strikeouts, one ball out of the field. that tells you how this game can be. >> gary: that will be a base hit into left center field. wigginton will stop at second. davis up. and the orioles have runners on at first and second base now with one away. a couple of hit -- 2 for 3. a contusion above his right elbow. that's why barton came out of the ball game and chavez in at first base. here's reimold. one down, reimold hitting at
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.156, an rbi chance for him. grounded out, floyd out -- gets away and the runners will move up. so the orioles get another break as the lack i daze cal play of the as show up. >> jim p: you take advantage of it. he just misses. should have been a fastball and is >> gary: now a couple in scoring position and only one away. curt young will go to the mound -- the pitching coach for the as. red sox have lost, 7-1 the final against tampa bay. so new york and tampa tied for first in the east. toronto is now 7-6. boston is 4- 8. and the orioles 1-11. and the infield will be drawn in. so reimold will get the advantage here, 1-0 delivery to
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him. nolan will take the breaking ball inside and a 2-0 count. >> jim p: this is where the pressure is on anderson. get the ball -- you can hit in the air -- you have to fix your pitches, ahead in the count, can't call you out until you get the third strike. the three strikes. >> gary: best day for the os with the runner in scoring position number -- 3 for 5. here's another chance. for reimold. above the three-run mark. center field -- going back -- warning track, wall -- goes up and can't get it. two runs will score in the second base with a double is reimold and two rbis. a 6-1 orioles lead. >> jim p: a great effort by rajai davis but how about -- only 5'81"0. he's 6'3," probably catches as
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well. dave trembley gives the green light. a great pitch to hit. it's like the ball will get up off the wall. it does and maybe just out of the outstretched arm of davis and orioles have some run. >> gary: reimold has four runs batted in now. double number two for him. runner at second base, still only one away. inning start with the error -- wigginton reached and the oriole have taken advantage of it. wieters scored in the 4th. he's 1 for 2. matt hitting at .279. one home run. fouls that one off anderson. and an 0-2 count. keep in mind brett anderson has given up nothing since ramirez warming up -- first two starts combined in 12 innings and gave up no runs on nine hits, walk only three and striking out ten. >> jim p: you brought up the point of runners in scoring position -- the opposition, the
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mariners, specifically, were over six every time he got in trouble. he got in some trouble up in seattle on tuesday. fished his way out of it. not the case this afternoon. >> gary: orioles making him pay. one ball, two strike count. wieters, rbi chance -- swings late on the heater. that's just the second strikeout for anderson in the ballgame. the other one came in the 1st inning. you can see the four hits in a row today, four straight hits, first time this season in the 3rd inning, izturis, jones, wigginton, and markakis got it. that's part of the positives that have started here as the orioles struggled to spring the hits together. a strike on the outside corner. prior to today, the best they have done -- three straight hits, 4th inning against tampa -- week and pie. they do one better than that one here. atkins -- 0 for 2. broke the
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bat on that one. pennington up with it. throw over to chavez, almost pulled him off the bag but keeps the toe on it. orioles get a couple of runs, two hits, and an error to extend the lead 6-1. who doesn'r their dollar? been true since the day i made my first dollar. where is that dollar? i got it out to show you... uhh... was it rather old and wrinkly? yeah, you saw it? umm fancy a crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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>> gary: today's broadcast is brought to you by -- one of the prettiest settings in any city. san francisco on the bay. we have had gorgeous weather for the opener of the road trip. the orioles have the 6-1 lead. they head to seal after this one. tomorrow night we're have berg seven against fister. hernandez and vargas, game two and millwood and fernandez in game three. there you can see the mariners right now, last in home runs, 12th in runs. they're living on their pitching right now.
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they grin up a lot of dingers. gutierrez to a great start, as is ichiro. figgins not where he wants to be and bradley, .139 average and two home runs, not near the numbers they hoped to get out of him. that will be the o's next opponent, seattle. >> jim p: somehow they managed to win four in a row. ichiro -- double, triple, single, stolen base -- pretty good night last night. >> gary: big hits and good pitching. 6-1 ball game. matusz working here. and the breaking ball is in there. buck a strikeout victim his first time up. no walks, five strikeouts and a hit batter for the orioles. 23-year-old left-hander. 0-2 pitch. another breaking ball will miss down low. and a one ball, two strike count. orioles try to prevent a four- game sweep, something they
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have done over the last series. blew that one on. a strikeout. that's six in the game. >> jim p: the formula is get ahead -- when you get ahead you have to command your stuff -- and make another good pitch. you know hitters are going to expand the strike zone and then make that quality pitch knee- high. it's the most difficult pitch to cover, especially with two strikes because you have to cover all quadrants of the strike zone. >> gary: strikeout high for matusz' eighth. he did that in the last outing against tampa bay. he had done it once before last year against cleveland. he has six so far in this game. pennington had a single his first time up, he shatters the bat and will get another one. base hit to center, 2 for 2 in the nine hole. >> jim p: switch hitting,
5:21 pm
contact hitter, that's exactly what he does. give up a bat for a base hit, especially down by five runs. >> gary: that will turn it over and rajai davis will stand in. davis, heading to a double play, and has struck out. he's always been in the two seasons he played tough against the orioles. takes that one in the air, center field. jones gets the angle on the sun on the ball and put it away. davis is retired in one pitch. two down. too bad he's not relaxed in the field. >> jim p: i don't know how many guys that can blow a bubble on the way towards crashing into one of the walls in left center. >> gary [ indistinct ] >> jim p: apparently not.
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>> gary: chavez will have his first at-bat, coming on for barton who hit by a pitch. and came around to score. the long run on the board for the as so far. chavez did a lot of work as the d.h., nine out of the first 13. caught on and missed. he had surgery to end the season after only ten games. surgery on his back -- five surgeries since "07. pennington on at first. that pitch will be there at the knees and a one ball, two strike count on chavez. >> jim p: one of the great high-ball left-handed hitters and you don't see too many of those. nettles could hilt the high ball. most lefties like it down in the strike zone. anywhere from 25 to 34 home runs -- gold glover at third.
5:23 pm
what i liked was early on in his career, instead of testing the -- former number one guy -- he said, i want to stay here and sign a long this term deal. of course the injuries take his toll. >> >> gary: he was very happy in oakland. only two at bats against lefties this year. 1-2 delivery -- breaking ball. wow. stood him right up and bit the corner. seven strikeouts, two in the inning -- no runs and one left. look where it end up. ♪ we'll begin with a spin
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♪ in a world of pure imagination ♪ >> gary: final game of the four-game set on the mound. matusz on the ground and striking out seven without a walk so far in the ball game. good day for oakland early on. orioles' wigginton, big double, two rbis. markakis, an rbi and base hit. matusz controlling the offense. brett anderson is out of there, working five innings and giving up five earned runs -- six total -- on eight hits, no walks, two strikeouts. matusz will be on the mound for the orioles. ramirez. a master of the changeup. upper oit 90s or upper 80s in any changeup. an opportunity on last year's best american league bullpen.
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>> gary: fountains 1 for 2 in the ball game -- montanez 1 for 2 in the ball game, starting in left field. this is the 68th major league ball game for lou montanez. down to third, great stop. up and gets him. >> jim p: highest percentage of any national league third baseman. that doesn't tell you the whole story but if you go by this series -- of course playing way back because of the fact month yes doesn't bunt very much -- he makes it look routine. easily gets to it. there's a sense because it's a reflex position, you know -- because the ball is hit so sharply -- make a good throw and he does. >> gary: good deed to help ramirez and one away. justin turner, 08 for 2, grounded out -- 0 for 2, grounded out twice in the ball game. gets jam shot, second base.
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two away in the 6th. orioles lead by five. the dugout club presented by economic fill afor all fans. it's only 17-dollars. 88-848-bird or any chick-fil-a location. 888-848-bird or any chick-fil-a location. ramirez -- four times against the orioles last year. gave up six runs, seven hits, 5 2/3 inning when he was pitching for the yankees. 1-0 delivery. izturis takes it. 1-1. >> jim p: he started the spring with the yankees and then was traded to texas and then oakland on the 24th of march. kind of like the stuff -- not overpowering but again because of the changeup, very effective and of course they have had some injury problems here.
5:28 pm
michaelers with, shower problem. joey devine, tommy john surgery. an opportunity to prove you belong. >> gary: 1-2 delivery and late on the fastball but fouls it away. ball and two strikes on his fury wrist, hitting a .250. two down, nobody on. orioles trying to end the nine- game losing streak against the arks. against the as. and take a "w" with them to seattle. here's the 1-2 pitch. pennington. ramirez coming on -- three groundballs to retire the side and a little help from kouzmanoff. 6-1 os.
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>> gary: orioles looking to improve that starting pitching. there are the numbers ú09 and so far this year, e.r.a. better -- opponent batting average a little better, not as many home runs and a few more innings. >> jim p: more innings and strikeouts -- more positive things. and of course you have to get a lot of support. kevin millwood, as we see right there, comes on and doesn't have a lot to show for it but i think he has really set the tone as far as preparation, making your pitches, and having a great game plan. at 35 he certainly has been around some great pitchers and brings that to the table every
5:31 pm
time he pitches. >> gary: sweeney leaves it here against matusz. bottom of the 6th. 0 for 2. struck out and flied out. number one pitching team come into today's play, as far as e.r.a. is concerned, is this oakland team. so no small matter that the orioles have generated the six runs in this ball game against this staff, which has been so good. here's the 1-1 delivery on the way. that one will be fouled off. offensively, kansas city has the number one offense average- wise. ironically, though, they are seventh in runs. now, k.c. put up 10 more today, beating minnesota 10-5. the new twins ballpark. k.c. has the best batting average in the american league. two balls, two strikes on sweeney. orioles are 12th in average, last in runs into today's game.
5:32 pm
oakland 8th in average with third in runs. >> jim p: last in on-base percentage, no doubt, even though they don't keep that figure in our notes. last in runners in scoring position. that's all changed today. >> gary: this game, all you need is one good day to wipe out a lot of bad once. >> jim p: certainly shows you what you need to do to win. yeah. combination of a lot of things. of course, that's not one of them with a five-run lead. that's if first walk. even brett anderson didn't walk anybody. the orioles had the hitting shoes against anderson and he leaves the game. >> gary: matusz walked five in his first out against tampa bay and in that ball game, two came around to score. that was a career high in walks but came back in his second outing against tampa bay and surrendered only one walk. >> >> jim p: he said he got ahead of himself, trying to make two perfect pitches instead of just, you know, make -- throw the ball at the knees when they, you know, get ahead.
5:33 pm
you pitch in. one of the more adept young pitchers to be able to do that, pitch both sides of the plate and the change up in the back of your mind. >> gary: kouzmanoff a one ball, one strike count. he's in the cleanup spot. only one hit in this series in 13 at-because of thes. at-bats. he's continuing a career where frill april is not his favorite month. .217 in april. montanez won't have the play. one hop -- short. sweeney coming to third -- will be waved home. relay throw by izturis to the plate -- not in time. [ cheers and applause ] a double and an rbi for kouzmanoff and it's a 6-2 ball game. >> jim p: that's why billy beane got him, because of the home run power. he hits about 23 every year. 30 doubles or more every year and right now, he gets the pitch -- looks like a fastball. look for it or makes a nice short swing to it.
5:34 pm
send them all the way -- sweeney runs pretty well for a big guy. well over 6'3." >> gary: six rbis. >> jim p: one of the five runs they trailed by. >> gary: and three doubles on the season for kouzmanoff as well. it's not a habit you want to get into if you're matusz, to have guys in scoring position after threeoff walk with the 5-1 -- actually, 6-1 lee. five-run lead. bunting attempt fouled off. well, in the 4th in, barton got on, leading off. he got in. 6th inning, the player scored. a truism in baseball. >> jim p: yeah, and of course brian was so good. jason berken was watching millwood do the side work, pitched very well his last time out. >> gary: he's grounded out. center field. jones -- running will tag at second.
5:35 pm
and will move over to third base. rather slowly. kouzmanoff takes third on the flyball. >> gary: he knows ballpark here and is laughing about it but knew the ball would be somewhat routine. now into scoring position. puts little pressure on brian matusz. >> gary: 80 thrown in this ball game, 97 in his first outing. >> jim p: it's in our notes that one trouble thing for the orioles is they have allowed one run or more in the 8th inning or later in 10 of the 12 games so it's not a done deal with the back end of the bullpen -- at least not this year. >> gary: nine runs in the 9th inning surrendered? >> yeah. >> gary: ooh. six hits for oakland now. the orioles lead 6-2. fouled off hard by fox.
5:36 pm
fox with two singles and an rbi in the ball game. runner at third, only one down. oakland, a real chance here to get that runner in for third base. >> jim p: a flyball of any depth -- stay away because they will score. >> gary: swung on with a high heater and a one-ball, two- strike count. >> jim p: this is where we will see brian at his best in the sense that, you know he has a pretty good feeling this guy is looking for breaking balls, because one came on a curveball or changeup -- let's see if he can strike them out up and in. >> gary: that will be popped up. and that's playable. first baseman atkins should get it, and he does. hustling in, wigginton to cover the plate. >> jim p: matusz is standing on it. gives you a good idea how he was trained as a youngster. >> gary: big out right there.
5:37 pm
fox not getting kouzmanoff to third base. >> jim p: rick kranitz was talking last night -- he said what you want with young pitchers is you don't want the situation to control them. you want them to control the situation so getting roughed up a little bit, a chance for them to add another run because you're playing your infield makes perfect pitches to a guy that was 2 for 2. >> gary: now a chance to get out of it without surrendering another run -- rosales has struck out and hit into a fielders' choice, four hit in the series and 13 times up. rosales, runner at third base, two down, though. matusz -- jumps on him, strike two. >> jim p: he's a guy in the meeting you would say get him out with a breaking ball. for a young pitcher, that sounds good but can you get it over? struck him out with a changeup the last time as you look at the third run for oakland on third base and right now gets quickly ahead. >> gary: here's the 0-2 delivery. just got enough to foul it
5:38 pm
away. we welcome those of you who are watching the washington game. 11-7, milwaukee. wigginton coming your way with a two-rbi double in the 3rd inning. markakis got an rbi single as the orioles jumped to the lead and matusz is getting it done, his eighth strikeout, tying his career high, a run in after the leadoff walk, doubled by kouzmanoff but the orioles have the 6-2 lead. boss:hey, glad i caught you. i was on my way to present ideas
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>> gary: taking a look at the geico game highlight -- orioles on the board first. wigginton a double, scoring jones. markakis makes it 3-0, groundball single up the middle. orioles will add more runs -- davis can't get reimold's ball. they add a couple more and off a leadoff walk, barton will score. matusz has been cruising although he pitched out of trouble on occasion. a terrific day with only one walk and eight strikeouts. >> gary: we go to the 7th inning and top of the order for the orioles -- jones 1 for 3, runs scored. picked up a single. edwar ramirez on for brett anderson, the young lefty. ramirez retired side in order in the last half inning. jones -- big cut on that one.
5:41 pm
>> jim p: i think that's what you want to see. you don't want adam, as you did earlier in the series, switching early in the count. controlled aggression, i think, is how hitting instructors will talk. until you get the two strikes. you won't make out. just don't do it halfheartedly and put on a good swing. >> gary: 1-1 delivery to the gap. nobody will get that and jones is on. adam continues to be the hitter who likes daylight. his day average continues to climb with a 2 for 4 in this one. eric patterson -- rosales to short. he had been playing at second base, roe sell las and now at second base is eric patterson. patterson will bat ninth as pennington has come out of the game. >> jim p: he got his hand stepped on. barton got hit by the pitch so they left. a couple of as have departed,
5:42 pm
along with brett anderson. that mink makes three. >> gary: wigginton, two-rbi double in the third. 1 for 3 in the ball game. he reached on an error in the 5th and scored as the orioles have five earned, one unearned run on the board, charge to the starter brett anderson. jones at first, throw over will get him back. edwar ramirez -- jones would extend his lead at first base on chavez's holding. the slider will catch the outside corner for a strike. right back with you tomorrow night as we go to seattle and our game time linebacker o xtra at 9:30. 01 for bergesen and fister. they're the scheduled starters.
5:43 pm
1-1 delivery. hit off speed. good break ball. fister pitched eight shutout inningses against the a and then milton bradley in the bottom of the 8th gave them a win. throws a lot of strikes -- didn't walk anybody against the as. >> gary: seattle is playing at home against the tigers. 3-2 in the 6th inning, tigers lead. 1-2 to wigginton. the pitch stays inside. wigginton flicking them over and a two ball, two strike count. orioles looking to add to their lead. they have nine hits on the board now. this oakland team is just dominating the orioles for the last ten years. 8-60. ing >> jim p: it's hard to believe that. they were 5-1 against the orioles last year. nine in a row here -- wiggy, a
5:44 pm
high breaking ball. >> gary: ramirez's first strikeout to leave jones at first base. >> jim p: take another look at the 2-2 pitch. a changeup, something off speed just off the outside corner. >> gary: the a's winning percentage is .708, the best winning percentage against the orioles by any american league team. one away and a strike taken on the inside corner. markakis -- had a good one. a couple of singles, run scored. picked up an rbi. five hits, 15 at-bats in the series. second-base umpire. crew chief coming in to talk to ramirez. that will get suzuki to find out what is going on. >> jim p: there's a new rule -- you don't have to walk off the mound but you can't go to your mouth when you're actually
5:45 pm
having contact with the pitching rubber. in other words, you can walk from the pitching rubber and go to your mouth but you have to go to your uniform -- this is trying to speed up the game. he can do that but is supposed to wipe off. otherwise, you could -- you know -- >> gary: throw a spitter? >> yeah, do one of those. >> gary: okay my gosh. >> jim p: there we go, that's going to your mouth. it's not 48 degrees like it will be in seattle. >> gary: standing on the pitching. >> jim p: that should go a ball. >> gary: swung on and fouled back. 0-2 count on nick markakis. >> jim p: i thought it was easier to wet the brim of your hat, towel it off -- any time you need mitchell, go there, wipe it off. you don't have to walk off the pitching rubber, the game doesn't slow down. leonard from johns hopkins taught me that. >> gary: one ball, two-strike count. >> jim p: that pays off. >> gary: important stuff.
5:46 pm
davy -- it's funny. brett anderson signed a $12.5 million deal. davy signed for a 20% discount. >> i like that. >> jim p: played six years in the big legals. leagues. >> caller: 1-2 delivery, towering delivery. that's in the corner. 330 and a foul ball. nick knew would hit that way. not an easy yard so get home runs in. there's no breeze blowing here today, virtually none. virtually a big ballpark. power alleys, 388. >> jim p: you would imagine that the new football stands would knock the wind down some way. >> gary: 1-2 delivery. that's to center field. rajai davis has it. runner tagging. there's the throw to second base. not in time.
5:47 pm
play by jones to get that extra base. that will bring up reimold in our ford drive of the game. >> jim p: you can always use runs. 3-0, dave trembley gives the green lying. to markakis. an rbi double. >> gary: nice ford drive of the game. come to your local ford dealer to experience ford. come drive one. two down. reimold with an rbi single and the pitch is outside by ramirez. could have had a couple of hits -- was robbed by rosales his first time up. two-rbi double that you saw in the 5th inning. orioles left only three on, all in scoring position. more importantly they have been able to get people in from scoring position today. way outside and a 2-0 count.
5:48 pm
jones at second is able to get out of there with the secondary lead, a considerable distance. second baseman patterson not moving towards him at all. reimold -- that's a strike on the outside corner, 2-1. >> jim p: with one out they may be worried about him stealing third but right now the responsibility to knock the ball down, keep it in the infield if you can't catch it. otherwise, the orioles will have the seventh run. >> gary: outfield deep, straight away on reimold. ramirez -- the 2-1 and the big cut on the fastball. 2-2. hitting .182. trying to get some playing time in. you can see that 4 for 8 with runners in scoring position in this ball game. >> jim p: they're getting back to iting .284 as a team, second or third in the american league. yeah, 11th in runs scored last year and then --
5:49 pm
>> gary: curt young is coming out. the discussion from the crew chief about ramirez going to his mouth. and dave trembley wants to know whether or not -- why, if not -- a ball isn't going up on the board. >> jim p: there's been two instances in this inning that neither have been called a ball so i'm sure dave saying, hey, rules are the rules. it shouldn't be a warning. there are rules. what firefighters bases loaded, 3-2 count in the # and you go to the mouth and on the pitching rubber -- it's a ball. >> gary: a nice gesture but that's not how the game is supposed to be played. >> jim p: right and he should know the rules. >> gary: acting out of habit and reacting twice in the inning. 2-2 on reimold. jones at second base. orioles looking for a two-out rbi. reimold swings and misses. ramirez gets his second k. no
5:50 pm
runs, one left. 7th inning stretch time from oakland. 6-2 os. let the celebration begin. verizon is the nfl's #1 pick. get nfl mobile and watch live nfl draft coverage. plus view real time draft tracker. download it now to get it free through 2010. only on verizon.
5:51 pm
>> gary: text in your vote for at&t player of the game. 6-2 lead. wigginton, big day at the plate -- a couple of rbis, two runs scored, has a double. and reimold has had a couple of rbis with a double of his own. text a, b, or c to 51862. ♪ matusz remains on. a walk and the eighth strikeout and a hit batter. [ indistinct ] otherwise matusz has gotten it done again. third really good start for the
5:52 pm
left-hander. >> jim p: so 5 of 6 and six runs -- you pitch well, they support you well. not only offense but they play good defense. east around the plate. you're on your toes. he's around the plate. you're on your toes. you're a defensive player. >> gary: buck will lead it off. >> jim p: you look at the radar gun. that's 89. it won't wow you but is knee high, right on the plate. it was so good that travis buck said, i can't hit that pitch. >> gary: he has been struck out twice, hitting .148 for the year. he led off three times now. third, fifth, and 7th innings for buck. he will be followed by patterson, who will the get his first at-bat and davis at the top of the order. buck with the 1-1. matusz came inside. and he held up on it and a ball, one strike count. there's tyson ross.
5:53 pm
four-game series. two ball, one strike delivery to buck. leaving it up. 2-2. final out. [ indistinct ] a little rain while they played, a beautiful opening day with some cold weather. and the new yard is part of baseball. two balls, two strikes on buck. and that is going to be a base hit into right field. markakis --. the bottom of the 7th inning, leadoff man on. visit the official online shop of the orioles at orioles. com. you can drive the largest selection of official gear and officials for the family.
5:54 pm
visit >> an ace infield base hit and a bunt -- only two hits and five straight hits for tampa in the 8th inning. the bullpen didn't do a great job. they could no longer win the game. get some action in the oriole bullpen -- pitch couldn't probably around 92 or 93. >> gary: patterson coming on to play in the nine spot and will foul that one away. and a one ball, one strike count on patterson. he has been used as a pinch runner, primarily. meredith in the bullpen. two starts this year for patterson, both in left field. four strikeouts in the six at- bats he's had. and that is in there for a strike for matusz and the count goes to 1-2. >> jim p: his brother corey had a couple of nice year with
5:55 pm
the orioles and did everything he could in aaa, over .300 and stole over 40 bases. >> drove in runs. >> gary: 1-2, fouled off, matusz. >> jim p: that will be the fourth time they have seen brian matusz. one thing about this i have noticeds from bryan -- i pitched with some great left- handers -- they can get you more than one way and this kid can do that. >> gary: here's the delivery off the bat to center. can't find it! had trouble with it right from the get-go and could not find it. and patterson is on with a base hit. >> gary: in the opening i talked about this is a great pitcher ballpark but on a day like this -- it happened to me and to anybody that ever pitched here -- you lose balls
5:56 pm
in the sun and when you can't see you can't catch them. easy as that. >> gary: the oriole, obviously -- when you lost nine in a row and are 1-11, these kind of things become very big in ball games real quick because the orioles have already lost three times when they have had a lead after eight innings. that happened only four times all of last year. and they've given up the home runs in the 9th inning, trying to stop it in the back of your mind when things start happening. >> jim p: and real is uehara -- he has been hurt with a hamstring. gonzalez was supposed to be the closer. you know, arm injury and mediocre stuff -- so all the stuff with dave trembley and if you're rick kranitz, the pitching coach -- you done know what you're going to get.
5:57 pm
>> gary: nope. >> jim p: you would like to think you can bring in guys and they will pitch to capabilities. through 12 games, it hasn't been the case. >> gary: davis up. and will take the pitch for a strike. davis struck out, hit into a double play, and flied out. he has done 4 for 17 but always a dangerous contact hitter. buck is on at second base. patterson, great speed, is on at first. davis -- takes the pitch down low for a ball. one ball, one strike count. hitting at .230, better than that with runners at scoring position for davis, at .273. matusz looking for a groundball for a double play but davis is mighty tough to double up. swings at one that's away. 1-2. >> jim p: yeah, you have to hit and do a double play and of course he -- his career started last year for the as, hit over
5:58 pm
.300 after june 1, stole 41 bases. >> gary: delivery to him -- he's got a groundball to short. got to hustle. there's one -- really quick turn -- not in time and that's all turner could do. so buck will move over to third base. patterson is the force out. now the corners covered here with one away. >> jim p: another example of the maturity of matusz. he doesn't let the ball get lost. a great pitch. davis with too good of speed, what seemed to be a routine double play isn't with him running. >> gary: and that is going to be it for brian matusz. he will come out of the ball game with chavez, the left- hander, coming up. ohman, the left-handed tosser, will come on. matusz leaves with a chance to win his second game. the orioles up 6-2. [ cellphone rings ] [ katie ] hey.
5:59 pm
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6:00 pm
verizon is the nfl's #1 pick. get nfl mobile and watch live nfl draft coverage. plus view real time draft tracker. download it now to get it free through 2010. only on verizon. >> gary: brian matusz will watch now. only one walk, eight strikeouts. he is responsible for the runners at first and third. here's will ohman. >> jim p: matchup situation. lefties 2 for 8 with a couple of walks. >> gary: chavez is up and fouls it off. he came on for barton who left after being hit above the elbow. one at bat, struck out.
6:01 pm
big-time speed at first base. rajai davis, stuck at third. almost threw that away. atkins stops its. >> jim p: you want to give them a good move, and you can see him leaning. atkins is kind of leaning right and has the last minute, knock it down. >> gary: runners on first and third. one out. chavez swings through that one. 0-2. >> jim p: very deceptive of ohman, who battled shoulder problems last year. seems to be healthy when you look at the velocity numbers. anywhere from, you know, high 80s -- 88 to occasionally low 90s. up to 93 miles per hour.
6:02 pm
0-2 delivery. left center field. montanez will make the catch, tagging up. buck will score, going back to first base is davis. rbi for chavez and a 6-3 game. >> jim p: try to sink a fastball and that's hard to do after all the injuries. try to get another run on the board. >> gary: the hero of the ball game last night, brian sweeney. >> jim p: you wonder if davis will be off and running. maybe he saw something will ohman's pickoff -- he would like to get in scoring position. >> gary: beam back over to the bag. sweeney hasn't extended his hitting streak. he did score, a walk in the 6th inning, officially 0 for 2. time out taken as the ball gets
6:03 pm
away and it's above the 15th -- [ indistinct ] >> jim p: you have great stuff when you throw i to the chevron center. >> gary: when the ball gets by when somebody warm up in the bullpen, it end up in left feel. two down. good lead at first base. >> jim p: you have to reverse. throw in the dugout in case the manager doesn't bring you -- try to hit on one hop. >> gary: and you can watch the game while you stand out there, warming up. we were noting they have a ball boy or somebody to protect the pitcher -- nobody protects the catcher, closer to the line. foul. an 0-1 count. >> gary: >> jim p: in the old days you were warming up between the dugout and home plate.
6:04 pm
>> gary: 0-1 delivery on the way and that's in there for a strike. sweeney, behind on the count, two strikes. versus the lefties and righties. >> jim p: big differ. big difference. >> gary: distinctive differential. 0-2. davis on first base, not going. that will be outside. wieters blocks it to keep it in front. and a one ball, two-strike count. although the orioles jumped out and have the big lead, they led at one point 4-0 -- then 4-1. and then it was 6-1. it has suddenly become a ball game at 6-3 in the bottom of the 7th inning. the next win won't come easy. one ball, two strike delivery. and -- ohman thought he had
6:05 pm
this one. did not get the call. two balls, two strikes. >> jim p: a little breaking ball -- didn't throe it to chavez. the slider just misses. sweeney lets the ball travel. >> gary: groundball. off the glove of the pitcher and that's going to be a base hit. throw to second -- there's a huge out! raja davis rounded second base and izturis quick enough to see him off the bag! and justin turner got over there to cover and they get the out at seconds base! a big-time base-running mistake.
6:06 pm
6:07 pm
>> gary: we hope you will join us tomorrow. we'll be on another beautiful waterfront as we head to seal. berg seven against fister. coverage will begin at 9:30, followed by game comple at 10:00 in mans 2 hd. all access you need here on masn. the orioles hope to go there for the win. they have the 6-3 lead. matusz looking for his second win of the season, is out of there, on the left. guthrie on the right. good performance. three runs, eight hits, 6 1/3 against matusz. tyson ross the pitch. second round draft choice, 2008. this year in the big leagues.
6:08 pm
punched him out. he's a local bioboy and went to the university of california. they believe he will do what he did last yore, be a starter. >> gary: matt meters, 1 for 3 with a single and run scored. patterson. retired on a couple of pitchers. one away. we're in the # inning. atkins and montanez to follow. orioles and as have nine hits. 6-3 lead. 4 for 8 with runners in scoring position. atkins, 0 for 3. by the way, sweeney is credited with a base hit in the last half inning. the out recorded at second. with that, he has a 13-game hit streak. ryan sweeney.
6:09 pm
he's had at least one hit in every game helied in. that will miss outside. one ball, one strike. >> jim p: you think tyson ross, because he is 6'6," wears number 66? >> gary: yes. >> jim p: must have something to do with it. >> gary: 1-1 on the way. that will go to their. short hop. kouzmanoff makes the play. two rbis for wigginton, one from markakis in the 3rd inning. a couple of rbis -- howl din in the 5th. >> jim p: a couple of hits -- the big one being the double. how about trembly saying we're struggling a little bit. let's swing away 3-0. high off the wall. a couple more runs. >> gary: take some chances. 1-0 count. fountains. getting his first start since
6:10 pm
being recalled from norfolk. single and an rbi. and robbed of a base hit by kouzmanoff in his last at-bat. chavez -- played that one into the seats. 14451. 14451 is the announced attendance in oakland. . >> gary: the seagulls know it's about feeding time. soon these people will get out of the way so they can eat whatever is left. strike called. >> caller: yeah, that and if you're 14 and under, you can run the bases if you come to exit 104 and lineup. >> gary: they're lined up. >> jim p: they're ready. touch them all. >> gary: got him. ross comes on for the
6:11 pm
strikeout. orioles are retired in order in the 8th inning. we got to the bottom of the 8th. sea gulls will have to wait to see what happens. let the celebration begin. verizon is the nfl's #1 pick. get nfl mobile and watch live nfl draft coverage. plus view real time draft tracker. download it now to get it free through 2010. only on verizon. download it now to get it free through 2010. anncr vo: can get help gwith a flat tire.... anncr vo: ...find a nearby tow truck or gas station... anncr vo: emergency services... anncr vo: ...collect accident information. anncr vo: or just watch some fun videos. anncr vo: it's so easy, a caveman can do it. caveman: unbelievable... caveman: where's my coat? it was suede with the fringe.
6:12 pm
vo: download the glovebox app free at >> gary: jim johnson will try to gain a little back of what happened to him yesterday. boy, what a tough outing. >> jim p: yeah, he had a one- run lead and tried to strike out davis with two strikes, throws the power curveball. boy, ray foes i, who caught here and broadcast here -- i have never seen that.
6:13 pm
and the 3-2 changeup to sweeney. >> gary: that ended up in the stand and ray was saying before the game, i've never seen a ball bounce to the stan before. that's what happened. it turned the whole ball game around. work to kouzmanoff. he has had an rbi double, 1 for 3. only a couple of hits in the series. that will miss inside. suzuki and fox are scheduled up in the inning. right back the next day, get right back out there and try to put that away. >> jim p: he's a three-pitch pitcher. the orioles pitching coach was talking about the fact sometimes, although you need three outs, you have a starters' mentality where you have to use the pitches. >> gary: at the end of the day he seems he is at his best with
6:14 pm
his sinker going. he has to find out how to do that. >> jim p: there's a breaking ball, trying to strike out. >> gary: dave trembley said the same thing about tomorrow's starter. bergesen has to get more sink on his pitches. the orioles will look at that from him and the start in seattle. 2-2 delivery. shallow center. second baseman turner -- jones will hahave it. kouzmanoff flies out and one away in the bottom of the 8th inning. >> i think sometimes yore analyze the situation and, you know, brad was saying that -- you look at trembley -- bergesen said i probably threw as many sliders as sinkers. i'm not a sinker pitcher. >> gary: kurt suzuki the catcher. >> jim p: brad does have a reason -- the shoulder problems and carry on the into spring
6:15 pm
training so maybe not the strength he had. jim johnson said i'll have to be more aggressive. yesterday he cohn do that. maybe he'll pitch both innings. >> gary: i would think so. suzuki takes it to right center field. plenty of room. and there are two down in the 8th inning. two down, bases empty. >> jim p: i don't think you ever underestimate the opposition. you think sometimes you have to respect what you're able to do more than what they can do. sometimes i think you just get defensive out there and say, hey, you know what, i have a good sinker. i have one of the better singles in baseball and have success with it. if they hit the pitch, i will make some adjustments.
6:16 pm
not the other way around. i would have to come out there. i have to look at the scouting report even though i'm a sinker baller. i have to throw the curveball and changeup -- that's not jim johnson at his best. >> gary: two down here. and gets the cut from fox. jake fox had two singles, an rbi. three in the game. and it would be nice to see if jim johnson pitched two innings. nobody else warming up in the bullpen for the os. that's the way to get around the problem in the 9th trying to close. a strike called on the swing that time. nope. nope. sorry. he said outside, 1-1. >> jim p: it doesn't matter. we have an 0-2. >> gary [ indistinct ] >> jim p: i think he was pointing to the goals. >> gary: 1-2. foul. >> jim p: there's a gull. >> gary: they come around the ballpark at the same time. every day.
6:17 pm
they do know fans leave and there's a time when the ball game is over -- they don't have a good time index or anything. that's outside for a ball. the count goes 2-2. >> jim p: night gulls and day gulls. >> gary: it's cleveland, i think, with the night gulls. i think it's cleveland. at the old jake. here's the 2-2 delivery. strike three called and a very solid inning. jim johnson gets the strike out, retires the side in order. we go to the 9th inning. orioles up 5-3.
6:18 pm
6:19 pm
>> gary: orioles baseball is brought to you by southwest airlines. go to grab your bags. it's on. 9th inning. orioles try to end the nine- game losing streak and avoid a four-game sweep. 6-3 lead. >> jim p: started the year with the yankees, he came up in the bullpen last year. san diego and the yankees, try to make the club -- didn't pitch very well. 2/3 of an inning, scoreless inning yesterday. he faced 19 batters and struck out nine of them. his job, of course, is to keep it where it is. they would like to add to the 6- 3 lead. >> gary: boy, would the orioles like to adhere.
6:20 pm
turner, advertise tourist and jones. they're hoping this could be a night he will be able to get some sleep. put a "w" up. >> jim p [ indistinct you mentioned the white sox not playing that well. that will keep you from sleeping? he said, no, i sleep like a baby. get up and cry every two hours. [ laughter ] >> gary: only ozzy. here is justin turner. and takes the strike. turner is grounded out three times, getting the start at second base in this ball game. izturis will follow him. gaudin with the 0-1. fastball. will miss, inside and high. leadoff man on. orioles against go dan, see if they can do something with it. put across another run here.
6:21 pm
>> jim p: you know if turner gets on they will play small ball. izturis is a good bunter. >> gary: 1-1 will be fouled away. one ball, two strike count on gaudin. >> jim p: they play as they should, shallow. hopefully hit it over their heads. davis can go get them in center so he can run down almost any ball. >> gary: 1-2 delivery fouled away. >> jim p: i saw it with justin turner -- when he came up in september, didn't have a lot of bats. maybe because, you know, being a young guy, he probably played, had more at bats that be he's ever had. he hit .300 in aaa. and it was not a hitters' park, either. >> gary: no. certainly an opportunity because of the injuries to have the ballclub take a good look. they wanted him up here because they felt they needed middle
6:22 pm
infield help, even with lugo available to play. here's the 2-2 delivery and just got a piece of that. fouls back. and stay at 2-2. orioles three outs from ending the losing streak. batting in the top of the 9th. three runs, eight hits over 6 1/3 could be the winner. anderson could be the loser. fouled away -- oriole have no action in the bullpen so jim johnson trying to pick up an inning saved. in the bottom half of the 9th. crowley mighty happy to see the bats going, continuing with nine hits and six runs. 4 for 8 performance so far with runners in scoring position. 2-2. battling as gaudin continues to work inside, outside, and down on all the pitches.
6:23 pm
>> gary: you can hear everybody. sometimes not so good. >> jim p: i remember my rookie year, there used to be a guy that got on john orcino -- one of the catchers we had -- had a conversation with the guy. and the guy was sitting behind home plate. >> gary: that's not good. >> jim p: i think we finished seventh back of the twins. >> gary: to right field, will back up sweeney, going back and -- he's got it! [ cheers and applause ] sliding on his belly, he holds the ball up. and the call just now being made. you think -- [ indistinct ] >> jim p: it took gary awhile. very shallow and hoping he can get back on and it he does. sweeney about 6'4," long arms, able to run it down. and there you go.
6:24 pm
lo when stein, the salute, terrific play. could be three bases if it got by him. rough landing. >> gary: thinking of seagulls. >> jim p: yeah. >> gary: really good play by weeny. there's an extra base hit tonight. down the first -- over the bag -- that is a fair ball. sweeney will run into the bullpen area. that will be a stand-up double. izturis, 2 for 4 as he pumps one down the line. >> jim p: you have to think with bryan roberts, hopefully he'll be back shortly, but he is one of the orioles that cannot only get on base but if he gets on -- not the case because he hits the dub -- chavez can't get it. he can steal bases. two years ago, 20.
6:25 pm
last year with the appendectomy, only 12. another opportunity to add to this run. >> gary: some big total. big potential run out there. jones, 2 for 4. six hipts, 18 at-bat in the series. goes after that high heater and doesn't catch up to it. he came into the game 0 for 6 with runners in scoring position. he has not had an opportunity in the ball game prior to this. get one inside. one ball, one strike. ten hits in the ball game for the os. >> jim p: how about that st. louis-mets game? >> gary: gosh, 20 innings? >> almost seven hours. they scored one in the 19th.
6:26 pm
metz get another win to win 2-1 in 20th. 0 for 18 with runners in scoring position. initial. >> gary: pelfrey came on. two pitchers in the outfield. it was just all kind of craziness. >> jim p: lopez pitched and mather. >> gary: two nonpitcher. >> jim p: right. >> gary: amazing. >> jim p: lopez unveiled the knuckle ball. >> gary: three ball, one strike count. how happy are they they're the sunday night game? [ laughter ] >> jim p: i remember the minor leagues and i think molina was 3 for 9 but he had nine at bats. a lot of guys had seven. i remember when i played for cal ripken, sr., we had a game like that. landry went 0 for 9. >> gary: 3-2. >> jim p: a tough night. >> gary: a long, long -- >> jim p: 0 for 9. >> gary: to go that long
6:27 pm
without getting a run for either team -- i mean, just absolutely unheard of in this day and age. >> jim p: and go to one on the 19th -- >> gary: yeah. three ball, two strikes. one away. izturis at second base. jones looking for his third hit and an rbi. and adams takes the big cut and goes down swinging. >> jim p: a little bit of extra right there. 93 to get. >> gary: wigginton, 3rd inning, got it started as he delivered a double. good for two runs batted in. izturis and jones came around to score and then wigginton himself scored. markakis followed up with the base hit. that got the orioles at to the early 3-0 lead. they added to it in the 4th with 4-0 and they have been ahead ever since. >> jim p: that was a huge hit and good approach because it wasn't like -- [ i distinct ] it was down in and away and slice into the right field.
6:28 pm
and mar may case took the 3-2 pitch. >> gary: wigginton look for two-out rbi. that's going to hang inside for a ball. you would think you would have a pitch to hit. with nick markakis on deck -- nobody in the bullpen so no match tup guys. there no matchup guys. >> gary: 1-0 delivery. fastball. snared that one. he has one of those yellow all around the green so you really get kind of a centering just on his chest protector. >> jim p: that's important because a lot of pitchers -- especially with the breaking ball -- will throw off the shoulder. gio gonzalez in the bullpen --
6:29 pm
overhand curveball. i said, how do you throw it? off the right shoulder of the catcher. you can see that right shoulder right there. makes it a lot easier for maybe off the shin guard or whatever the case may be. matt wieters made a nice transition because he's gone from black glove to kind of a marine-colored glove. >> gary: it's easier to pick up. >> jim p: rick dempsey used to have the neon circle in orange. when he gave you the target, you couldn't miss it. >> gary: 3-1 delivery. wigginton going for the long one. so 3-2, two down. izturis on at second base here in the 9th inning with the orioles leading 6-3. and wigginton working it full. big lead by izturis. and the 3-2 delivery. foul back again. >> jim p: velocity just going up.


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