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tv   Capital News Today  CSPAN  April 21, 2010 11:00pm-2:00am EDT

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normal self-again. matt tuiasosopo was a teammate of adam's in the minors, and he said he noticed adam was dic idea the other day and -- dejected the other day and said he remembered him as the guy who talked to everybody. and he talked to the latin players in spanish and his spanish was not very good. adam making a decision not to succumb to the losing mentality and he will try to get back on track, gary. >> gary: and we were watching him while you were giving the report. he may have hurt his right wrist when he fell down in the batter's box. he may have landed on it. he has been moving it ever since he got out there. >> jim: ball in the air to center. gutierrez retired on two. one away on the 4th inning. >> jim: obviously trying to run the ball out.
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i think everybody was put on notice. right there just falling unexpectedly. certainly cannot brace yourself for that. >> jim: that was right on the bat. the hand on top of the bat. he certainly looks like something is wrong. we will see. >> gary: the orioles need to see. millwood, again pitching, having a tremendous start here. lopez flying out to center field his first time up. johnson, one hit. in the 3rd inning, no walks and two strikeouts so far for kevin. >> jim: the unfortunate thing about the 1-0 lead, whether it's 1-0, 3-1, 3-2, if you're a veteran, you know how tenuous it is. things can change. a lot of times you can control it we mentioned 20 strikeouts, and one walk. adam is still flexing the hand. but you just have to keep doing what you are doing. the pitching coach was talking
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about managing the lineup and who could do it better on the club than millwood because of his experience and knowing who you have to get out. >> gary: he comes in with an amazing 20-1 ratio with strikeouts to walks. he's up to 22-1. he has issued one walk so far. that's a foul ball. his lifetime ratio is 2.56 with strikeouts to walks. this year he just is not getting behind in the count and not surrendering the from pass. >> jim: maybe not as much velocity this year as in years past. i think the experience factor, you understand that and you have to make better pitches. >> gary: as soon as i say that, he issues the walk. >> jim: he has been around the block long enough to know, gary lopez last year not this year hit in the mid-20s. hitting 26 homeruns. when you fall behind 3-0 which you didn't want to, and then you see the loud foul, you get
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a little careful, and you don't make your pitch. if you do make your pitch, you want to make it perfect, and he ends up walking him. >> gary: this lineup has been loaded with hitters with success against millwood. kotchman, 5 for 16 with three homeruns. jones, continuing to shake off whatever it is on the right hand, the throwing hand. >> jim: hence the 3-0 record at safeco and 8-11 lifetime because of the matchups. >> jim: one down, runner on 1 1st base. runner kotchman, fly ball to center his first time up. right handers, 2-95. -- .295. kevin has given up four homeruns all hit by right handers this season. 1-1 count on kotchman. -year-old.
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who has given the orioles everything they could have wanted in the first part of the season. the orioles with a run on the 1 1st and they have not been able to do anything since. here's the 1-1 delivery. wieters. 4 rows back behind the screen. >> jim: kevin has done a great job of managing the things he can manage, that's his performance. >> gary: the first month kevin millwood in his career is 23-25 in the first month of the season he has pitched. the only month in which he doesn't have a better than .500 record in his career. he certainly has pitched better than to be 0-2 so far in the first month of this season. you see the walk, two strikeouts he has put up, and kotchman waiting on a 1-2. breaking ball and outside with it, 2-2. >> jim: just trying to back door the breaking ball. i think if you pitch long
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enough, you realize sometimes the one thing you control is how you pitch. looking the the box scores. dan last night gave up six runs, seven innings and gave up a run. that doesn't happen often, but it happens. you can't control how many runs they get for you, but you can certainly control how many runs you give up. >> gary: 2-2 delivery on the way. hit hard. base hit to right field. lopez will. get a base hit. the orioles hosting the red sox, the first time three-game series beginning friday, april 30th. good seats remaining for each game and will not last long. let's show the red sox nation about birdland. go to for tickets. the red sox are the next opponent coming up friday at fenway. you see the numbers coming into today's play. 6th in average, 3rd in homeruns, 13th with runners in scoring position, and 13th in
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e.r.a., and beckett got handled today. you collision is not hitting -- youkilis is not hitting well tonight. extra inning against texas. follow the air to right center. runner is halfway. that retires sweeney, and there's two down. boston in 12, an 8-7 win. they will be playing a game tomorrow night at fenway. the orioles will be in boston and have the day off. >> jim: i don't think lester has ever lost against the orioles. they saw him in spring training. he was quoted in the globe the other day saying i have to stop throwing and start pitching. he has not been the john lester we know early in the year, especially in april. >> gary: they may get a break with cameron and ellsbury on the dl. they were just put on the dl yesterday. tuiasosopo grounding out his first time up.
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two down. runners at 1st and 2nd base. the pitch is inside. . the baseball gods are proned to do, those who have failed at one point in the game generally get their shot at retribution. he made the run in left field. allowing the only run of the first game. now he's up with two out and two on. 1-'0on the outside corner. millwood, 1-1. >> jim: a little extra at 90. again a quality pitch. watching him taking batting practice, and matt really staying inside the ball. i mean not that he's not strong, because he is, but it looks like he is for this ballpark, a good approach. and that's what don wakamatsu likes about him. >> gary: and he gets the base hit. markakis is with the play at the plate. they will hold him up. runner falls down, and wieters will not have a play there. lopez coming around hard and got held up. he tripped and fell but by the
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time the ball got to wieters, he got back. >> jim: yeah, the damp rain came early. the field was covered and the roof was on, again dampness. the inside-out stroke, but hit so hard, and of course the mariners know how nick markakis can throw. >> jim: so they are loaded. that is hit -- >> gary: so they are loaded. that is hit number three for the inning. johnson with the other hit, coming in the 3rd inning will stand in. bases loaded, two down, the orioles with the 1-0 lead. >> jim: i would mention kevin millwood would go back in his mind's eye and remember it was in the middle of the plate, elevated like that but that was a breaking ball, a late breaker catching the inside corner to try to stay down. >> gary: here's a chance for the mariners to not only get even but better.
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the 0-1 delivery on the way, and that is going to miss just a little outside. johnson has had one opportunity with the bases loaded. he got a walk with the sacks full this season. 1-1 count. >> jim: yet to get a hit with runners in scoring position on this season. >> gary: and a grounder, middle, have to hurry to 2nd. they do not get the out. game is tied! turner trying to get it to izturis for the force out. tuiasosopo got down there in a hurry, and a run scores. >> jim: there he has two for the error there, and again i think what happens, justin turner wants to make sure he catches it, and he takes the deeper angle. by doing that, you're just farther away from the plate, and the only way you can get the ball to the shortstop is to shovel it. if he had taken a better line
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to it, he probably would have been a little bit closer. >> gary: that will be a base hit and an rbi. johnson with his third run batted in. the bases remain loaded, and here's wilson who was hit by a pitch the first time up, and he will take that one away for a ball. a good hustle by a base runner, the inning going on, and the game is tied, each team now with a run on four hits. >> jim: that started with only the second walk in four starts. jose lopez. >> gary: that is popped up outside of is 1st base. atkins coming over, and he will not have room. 1-1. jack wilson, second chance with the sacks full on the season. . picked up one rbi in his other opportunity this year. three singles and a walk here in the 4th inning for seattle.
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kotchman, the lead runner at 3 3rd base. 1-1 delivery on the way. right center field, and that's going to fall. and a base hit. markakis left with it. coming across the 3rd run. [ cheers ] wilson, clearing them with a double. >> jim: oh what a series he is having. third double or actually make it the fourth double of the series in three games. he just finds the open gap adam jones playing the full step. markakis playing straight away. he can't get to it. kind of going back to what don wakamatsu was talking ability, that you usually play to the outfield, and they don't do that and then the ball falls in. what a big fly ball that falls in for a double. >> jim: wilson just equaled his
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r.b.i. output through the first 15 games. he had 3. that at bat he gets three more. and a 4-1 lead. and the base on balls, always coming back to haunt you. it is really haunting millwood in this inning. here's the 8th oriole to hit in this inning. two down, and he has grounded out and flied out. >> jim: i think right now when you're down 4-1, you really have to make the decision of who you want to pitch to here. do you want to pitch to ichiro or a guy who is 2 of 28? you really just the way the orioles are scoring runs, you don't want to walk anybody, but you may have to think about pitching around them. >> jim: ichiro 3 of 13 with the runners in scoring position. the orioles have been hurt with the crooked numbers this year.
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one five-run inning. tonight four runs here in the 4 4th. >> jim: that's why you can't pitch to them. this has to be a pitch around. >> gary: up high, the count going to 3-0. ichiro followed by figgins who is 0 for the last 16. here's the intentional at. >> jim: s it not what you want to do, -- it's not what you want to do, but the guy at the plate knows knows it. >> gary: ichiro drawing the intentional pass. 1st and 2nd with two down. >> jim: it's a calculated risk because you know sooner or later figgins will get a base hit. he's not an 0 for 16 guy. he's just in one of the slumps. it was well played down in the left field corner. >> jim: ichiro's second intentional pass of the year. the ms have batted around here. figgins 0 for 2. struck out and flied out. two down. the fastball is going to miss
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up high. the first time through the lineup for millwood, and one for eight against him. no runs, hit batter, and two strikeouts. second time, four for eight. a walk, no strikeouts, and four runs have scored. >> jim: we talked earlier about how teen use -- tenuous the 1-0 lead is. they make adjustments, and times you don't make as good of pitches. the lights take effect. that's not the case tonight. you get into the 9:00 to 9:30 9:30 times, otherwise it's twilight. >> hendrickson up in the p.m. bullpen -- up in the bullpen for the orioles. the orioles falling behind on the big inning in the 4th. keep many mind mariners' team, the starters giving up virtually nothing.
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inside. after the intentional pass, millwood falling behind figgins, 3-0. . >> jim: and you know he is not swinging here with gutierrez on deck. 9 for 15 with runners in scoring position coming in hitting .421. >> gary: wilson at 2nd,ive even at 1 -- ichiro at 1st. the orioles are up against the pitching staff of the mariners with seven consecutive starts where they have given up three or fewer runs. seven in a row. here's the 3-1 delivery, and he walked him. they are loaded. >> jim: they are stacking up the earned run average in the american league after the e.r.a. last year. this is what they are about. you walk ichiro, you hope you to make some pitches. there's ball one. running outside. ball two a little low. ball three, and there's a strike.
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3-1, and then you miss up and away. >> jim: one thing about figgins, he has been able to work the walks. by doing that and by being disciplined, he gets gutierrez to the plate. >> jim: bases are loaded. the 13th walk of the season for figgins. gutierrez starting this inning by flying out to center field. he's 2 for 2 with the bases loaded this year. two down. in the dirt, wieters, blocking it. here's the big chance for seattle to have an explosive inning here if they can get the big two-out hit. millwood with the 1-0 count. gutierrez with 3 for 7. that
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evens out a strike. >> jim: when you're 11th in the league. 4 runs is explosive. it can get more explosive. taking just one swing. of course the other side of the coin, kevin millwood a veteran at 35, he knows he is one line drive or one out from remaining in the game. he didn't want to give up the four runs, but he doesn't want to make it worse. >> gary: 1-1 delivery. gutierrez on the offspeed delivery. had him on that one. 1-2 count. the orioles in the series, second time around has not been pretty. this was pretty for kevin millwood. >> jim: no pretty. he swung right through it. >> gary: brad burgson got touched up second time through the order, and now this time millwood running through trouble. 1-2 count. gutierrez high in the air, left
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center field, and he's over. he has got it. that will retire the side, but not before four runs are put up on the board. the bases are left loaded. 4-1, mariners. [upbeat whistling continues] discover the unexpected beauty and man-made relaxation in northwest florida. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding)
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will ohman one of the new members of the orioles working out of the bullpen in particular to get out the left handers and others as well.
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he's joining us. will, how are you? >> based on the score i'm not happy. but you know -- >> gary: it seem like it's a tunnel the orioles can not get out of. >> i disagree with that. we will get out. it's not a question of that. at the end of the day, the team with the most points will win. >> jim: have you ever been anything like this? ? >> get through. very nice. >> we will keep talking. >> if we drop the five-spot here, i will stay live the entire game. >> you will. we will not let you go. >> i have been through rough stretches before but it's magnified because it's early in the season. >> gary: turner coming up. strikeout sick him his first time up. we were talking before the game, this is an area i know you love in the seattle area, tell the folks a bit about your history here. >> reporter: i lived here in west seattle from let's see 1 1st grade to 5th grade.
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from the time until i was 12, and i had an opportunity to go back to the old stomping grounds and go to one of my favorite restaurants, spud's fish and chips. unbelievable stuff. i was very happy. i went by the old elementary school i went to, and i just hung out. >> gary: turner will foul that one away. i told you i was going to ask you this because i wanted to know. you one of the greatest senses of humor we will find anywhere, ballplayer or otherwise, did someone in your family pass that to you? did you have someone around you with the great sense of humor growing up? >> as far as the hue -- the sense of humor, allegedly i have a good one. it was probably just me being left alone in front of the mirror. >> terry: no one wanted to spend time with you or do anything with you? >> i just entertained myself. >> nothing with being left
11:22 pm
handed? >> absolutely nothing to do with that. a lot of time left alone in the darkroom. >> that answers the questions we had previously. 1-2 delivery fouled off. >> jim: do you have a roommate on the road or are you by yourself? >> i have my other personality. i'm good. [ laughter ] >> jim: only one. >> i said other personalities. >> jim: oh, okay. >> yeah, i'm serious from time to time. >> i know you're serious when you pitch. >> absolutely. >> gary: pretty good breaking ball. a strike. i went through shoulder problems, and when you get back. do you embrace being healthy? >> jim: absolutely. i missed two years with three successive elbow surgeries you miss the time from the clubhouse and being around the guys, and it's a situation where you feel that every day you're back on the field, that's a blessing, and unfortunately i was battling the shoulder bug for quite
11:23 pm
awhile, and i finally got it fixed this offseason. >> gary: the runner is going to be safe, and that was a good bunt there. >> nice. i approve. >> gary: you got it that's izturis laying it down. moving atkins to 2nd base. >> jim: you also have a guy on the mound. last year second in the cy young voting. winning 16 of the last 18 appearances, and this is what cesar does very well. again, you know you are not hitting the homeruns. let's try the small ball. boy, does that work. a little collision. >> gary: make sure hernandez is already. he took a good shot to the head from johnson. johnson fell on him trying to make the play. >> jim: i don't think you want to do that to felix. this is what you're talking about, right over the -- and then kicking with the back leg. >> gary: that's not good for the pitchers. >> no, i don't approve of the collisions. >> gary: no? >> no, but i'm in favor of what we are doing.
11:24 pm
there farcing -- doing there. forcing the action to make the good throw. you put the pressure on the other team and don't lay back. we are absolutely trying to do that right now. >> gary: montanez has singled twice to move into the leadoff spot for the first time this year for the orioles. on the wired wednesday, will ohman is joining us. a 1-0 count with wigginton to follow. a chopper to 3rd base. lopez to 2nd. one, and that's all they are going to do. how about a scouting report from one pitcher on another? will, on hernandez, as you watch him throw, what do you see? >> he as electric stuff. when he brings his leg up, he curls his body, so he is going to add deception there, but he has great light on his fastball. excellent bite on the breaking pitches, and he has a mound presence. any time you have a number one starter, that's what you will
11:25 pm
be dealing with with the game that roy halladay pitched for the phillies. that mound presence accounts for a lot. you can see sometimes some players some teams have to take a different approach against a guy like that. >> jim: there are two down here, wigginton is up. hitting into the a double play twice in the ball game. >> jim: you went to pepperdine university. how did you end up going there? did you surf or anything like that? >> reporter: no, i'm -- >> no i'm not a surfer. i tried once and failed miserably -- let's see if this ball gets down. >> gary: not that time. how did you get to pepperdine? >> i ended up sitting down with my dad and wrote ten schools good at baseball, and ten with academics, and that one was hitting along all three. >> gary: will, we appreciate you joining us. wired wednesday brought to you
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by verizon. will joining us and they fail to get a run in. it remains 4-1.
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a 4-1 lead with the mariners 4-5-2. the orioles are 1-6-0. adam jones has gone back out to center field. has he came off for the last half inning break, he went to the trainer, and the two of them went back towards the clubhouse. here's how the right hand or arm may have been hurt. >> jim: just bracing himself he aggravated something. i don't know if it's the wrist that has gone through the long sleeve on the right arm that is protected. not a rubber sleeve that a lot of guys will wear. >> gary: we will see. when he gets to the plate in
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particular. kevin millwood after having ten mariners at the plate. facing millwood at the plate. four runs on four hits with the bases left loaded in the 4th. millwood with the three walks, one intentional, and a couple of strikeouts. we are in the bottom of the 5th inning. lopez, he has had one hit in ten at bats for the series. even know he has been a solid producer in the number four spot for don wakamatsu so far. lopez to short. izturis, one away. time for the at&t mobility question. hark in the words, who has the most games with the home run from both sides of the plate? the all time leading home run hitter as a switch hitter? . davis, teixeira, mantle, or
11:29 pm
murray. >> jim: i have to think it's mantle or murray. >> murray. >> jim: both of them hit over 500 homeruns. wow chilly. now playing golf in arizona. >> gary: 11 times. >> jim: 11 times? >> gary: that's half of it anyway. here's kotchman, down the line. montanez is playing the other way. that will fall in for a base hit. lou cuts it off. a shot at 2 2nd. he tries to get back to 1st. big turn. two singles. two of throw for kotchman. >> jim: already down by three, and you know you're not getting to it, but don't let it spin away from you. making an excellent throw. yesterday, very quickly getting to a ball off the bat of actually two nights ago jack wilson hitting, and making the good throw. that time the perfect throw.
11:30 pm
really working on the outfield play. i don't think there's any doubt he will figure out how to hit. good young hitter for the orioles. >> jim: that's going to be six hits for the mariners. each team with six in the ball game now. sweeney, 0 for 2. hard hit ball. tailor made, izturis, turner, and that's going to do it. double play ground ball out by sweeney. only three faced on the inning. remaining 4-1, seattle. in ♪ ♪ traveling in the world of my creation ♪ ♪ what we'll see will defy ♪ explanation [ male announcer ] remember when you were five and anything was possible. ♪ happy 5th birthday again. ♪ come with me and you'll be ♪ in a world of pure imagination ♪
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orioles baseball on masn is brought to you by at&t. rethink possible. the orioles are trying to avoid the sweep in this three- game series. seattle swept them last in the three-game set in 2003 here. and a 4-1 lead. kevin millwood. the one big inning against him. account oriole bats find a way? the orioles have had two or fewer runs in eight of the last 11 games, and they are trying to up that against felix hernandez. the 18-game winner from last year. nick markakis will take that away for a ball. he has singled, scored, and grounded out. >> jim: it appears he will help you out. the irony he walked only one in the last four starts.
11:33 pm
starting with the leadoff walk. maybe the orioles will get a rest from mr. hernandez. doesn't happen too often. >> gary: he has walked nine in the 20 innings that he had worked. 2-0 delivery on the way, and markakis taking it for the strike. 2-1 for the count. >> jim: i think another thing, a lot of times it doesn't manifest itself to the base on balls but you like to get them wild on the strike zone. >> gary: that's a base hit into left center field, and markakis starting the inning out with a single here in the 6th. the jr. orioles dugout club presented by chick-fil-a, the kids get tickets to ten games, the membership card, and the lunchbox and it's only $17 and get exclusive giveaway items at each game and family and friends get tickets for just $6. or stop by any
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chick-fil-a location. seven hits now for the orioles. wieters with the big cut. wieters has singled, driven in the only run, and reached on an error. >> gary: -- >> jim: the one thing when he gets behind, 2-0 hitting .421. doctor. >> gary: kotchman, one, relay, not quite. hernandez got over there to cover. never quite got set. the low throw and he couldn't handle. the fielder's choice. >> jim: 1st baseman, he's left handed, and watch how quickly he gets rid of the ball. plenty of time to get out of the way of nick markakis, is then the pitcher is getting out there. the perfect throw is probably a double play. they turned it quickly, but it was not perfect. >> gary: the orioles one down
11:35 pm
now. wetterstweet -- wieters is has grounded out and flied out. 3 of 16 lifetime off felix hernandez. that one goes in the air to center. moving over to left for it, and gutierrez has it, and there are two down here in the 6th inning. . >> jim: you know that covered on 1st base is when you're trying to find the bag and get set no an easy play, and when the throw is in the dirt, very difficult to do all of those things and come up with the ball. >> gary: let's see what this at bat looks like. for adam jones he has grounded out twice and first time he has come up since he currently hurt the right hand or arm in the at bat in the 4th inning, when he grounded out and slipped in the box and fell on the arm. that's going to be a ball away. and he's looking for his first hit of the series, 0 for 10.
11:36 pm
here's the play. it doesn't look bad. >> jim: you made a good point early on. that right hand braces itself on the bat. >> gary: hard to tell if it was the hand or the wrist or the arm. strike on the outside corner to him. struggling at the plate. only 3 hits in his last 24 at bats. not very adamesk. >> jim: he has really struggled since june 1st of last year. in the .230 range. the league adjusted. he had such a great start last year. his second full start with the orioles. .339 and then .233 and then .270 and barely over .00 this year -- .200 this year. he's such a good kid, and he has made it easier for the
11:37 pm
opposition and the opposing player by expanding the strike zone. >> gary: he took one hand off with the swing. that's strikeout number four for felix hernandez. no runs, no hits, no errors, and one left on base. 4-1 mariners' lead.
11:38 pm
for kevin millwood, he started out getting the outs, and as the orioles played good
11:39 pm
d behind him, and then a 4th inning in which he surrendered four innings and four hits. the bases loaded double with the most damage. and jones back out there with his head down after he walked out strike out to end the inning. , and sure looks like he is not 100% on that wrist. we will see. kevin millwood remains out. in the air, left field. he's there. and tuiasosopo is retired on one pitch in the 6th inning. go behind the scenes with the orioles facebook and twitter. go to and you can become a fan. go to you can following the o's with the best information available from the communications department. birdland news, all you need just a click away.
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one down. johnson, two for two. rbi and a run scored. >> jim: really kept the inning alive. hit a ground ball by the one that izturis got to. he was able to flip to izturis. the lead runner beating it out. the runner alive for the wilson double. the one thing he brings to the table, and then 3.22 runs behind the plate last year. he is an excellent runner. maybe not a catch and throw guy. he doesn't have the outstanding arm, but he is very very good at calling games, and that's how you lead the american league in era. it's the pitcher's ballpark, and guys who really kind of go to the tune that he leads them with.
11:41 pm
>> jim: 2-1 count. breaking ball to johnson. missed. all kevin millwood can do right now is try to hold it where it is and hope the orioles' offense that has not been there so far this season can find a way to get it going. day off tomorrow, and then the orioles take on boston for three. jeremy guthrie, john lester opening it up on friday. brian and lackey on saturday night, and hernandez and wakefield probably making the start on sunday afternoon. wakefield last night in the ball game for the red sox. >> jim: he wasn't happy with his control. too many walks. >> gary: markakis, and he runs it down. good play! nick markakis with a long way to go right there. johnson retired. two away. >> jim: just slant towards
11:42 pm
right field. when you can go get them, he should have a gold glove on his trophy shelf, he doesn't but he can play right field. this really turned the game around. playing them straight away center field. the ball drops in. when it drops in on the ballpark because it's so big, all three runners score making it 4-1. >> gary: two down here, wilson with the ford drive of the game. the local ford dealer inviting you to experience ford like never before. ford, drive one. >> jim: an excellent series with four doubles. >> gary: 1-0 delivery by millwood. chopper to 3rd. back handed fair, wigginton nice pick and throw by atkins. six completed in seattle. the mariners up by 3.
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
hope you will join us on friday. more o's action. it will be the red sox guthrie versus lester. our coverage on manny ma -- on masn will be on thursday. the game coverage at 7:00 on masn hd. all the access you need on masn. freddie anderson will be on board. radio friday, tv with us for the game on saturday, and then he will be on o's xtra for the game on sunday.
11:45 pm
off the field into the booth. 4-1 lead, mariners, 7-6 the hits, in favor of the mariners. >> jim: brady started with the red sox. mike will also be with us this year from time to time. >> gary: atkins at the place and he will take the pitch down low for a ball. singled and struck out. one hit for the series. the orioles into the 7th inning outhitting the mariners, 7-6 but trailing in the ball game 4- 1. >> jim: unearned runs, 72 pitches. >> gary: wilson. one down. run in the 1st inning, again happening in the ball game last night. and nothing since.
11:46 pm
one away. hernandez no walks, four strikeouts. . >> jim: the orioles have left only one in scoring position in the 5th inning. >> gary: 53 strikes. right back to the mound. turner retired. >> jim: you kind of expect this in a sense when your best players, tejada, brian roberts or whoever out of the lineup. again this is the guy that at 24 is about as good as anyone you will face over the course of the year. now looking for his second win. vargus last night couldn't get it. in the 7th inning, you know again offensively not doing anything. >> gary: one of the pitchers,
11:47 pm
fister vargas or snell will be gone. >> jim: april 30 30th will be the simulated game. 30 pitches yesterday. >> gary: izturis, lopez, way in on third base. n't being for a base hit his last time up. >> jim: you made a good point, they deponent have a lefty in the bullpen, bullpen, and vargas is the guy who did pitch with the bullpen. that would be an option. >> gary: he just missed outside. he was headed to the dugout. hernandez. you don't find too many young pitchers at 24 pitching with such command and control. he will add and subtract and make good pitches. fouled off. the count will stay at 1-2. the team record in his last 37 starts is an amazing 28-9 in
11:48 pm
his last 37 starts. >> jim: 32 of them going at least 6 innings, and at least 3 or less runs. >> gary: center field. gutierrez is there. orioles are retired in order. remaining the 4-1 seattle lead. 7th inning stretch brought to you by jack daniel's tennessee whiskey. please drink responsibly. boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways - on motorcycle insurance, rv, camper, boat insurance. nice work, everyone. exec: well, it's easy for him. he's a cute little lizard.
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11:50 pm
hoodies i will go to great lengths to show my support and love going back to my days after lafayette college and he said once it has you in its warm cloth and head cover, you can't leave. joe madden on hoodies, and there's one. nolan reimold. >> jim: did he fall off his bike? >> gary: we now return to the originally scheduled program. >> jim: in baltimore he rides his bike to the ballpark. >> gary: yes. >> jim: with the hoodie. >> gary: the hoodie is always there keeping his neck warm but he never puts it on his head as i can recall. >> gary: oh, yeah. when it's cold. not only does he do that, but the hat goes over that has the pulldown. >> jim: he's from pennsylvania. >> gary: and proud of it. >> jim: but you would think he
11:51 pm
would be used to it. >> gary: and the race to 1st base. a good play to get the out. a atkins with that on the money to millwood. in order to get ichiro, he's 0 for 3 and a walk. >> jim: kevin says this is a foot race i may not always win there, got him. he has bigger feet than itch itch. -- than ichiro. >> gary: and they avoid the collision. >> jim: again, your route to the ball has to be direct when you have the speedster. >> gary: wigginton wanting to know how long he needs to regain the breathing functions. here's clay meredith and castillo, castillo the newest member of the bullpen with durgesson sent dun down. ichiro one away. io chronic ichiro has not -- ironic that ichiro has not been a part of this.
11:52 pm
that one is fouled away. 18,401 in attendance here tonight. the largest of the three crowds for the series. the orioles on the road. a couple of wins, seven losses, and the mariners trying to win another one on him here. here's the 0-1 delivery. the 0-2 count. the orioles only run in the first inning, an unearned run with wieters getting the rbi. wilson three rbis on the ball game, and johnson the other. the 8 and 9 hitters with the rbis for seattle. turner making the play. figgins is retired. two down. visit the official online shop of the orioles at, and you can browse the largest selection of official gear with
11:53 pm
apparel, memorabilia, and you can get your gear from the official source >> jim: one of the keys to the game, stay within yourself even if you're pitching against felix hernandez. he has pretty much done that. his lifetime e.r.a. coming in with 154 wins is 4.01. that's pretty much what he has pitched to tonight. >> gary: the orioles run production this season is three runs below that, and that's staying right there in this one. two down, nobody on. gutierrez offspeed pitch. did he go? the check at 1st, no. chad fairchild down there. maybe the last chance to extend the hit streak that is at six games. millwood with the 2-0 delivery,
11:54 pm
and misses with it, and the count will go to 3-0. . the orioles coming into the ball game, averaging .223 at 12, and they are at 3 runs a game that is last in the american league. >> jim: also the onbase percentage going back to what dave trembley talked about. being overanxious. the reality when you lose brian roberts, you will not be the offensive team you wanted to be. of course tejada back to the league. he has not played the last three games. >> gary: wigginton around on it, and he makes the play. we have completed 7 now in seattle, and it remains the 4- 1, mariners lead.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
you get to vote for the at&t player of the game. felix hernandez. giving up one unearned run in the game. wilson big bases loaded double 4 4th inning. three rbis, and montanez, he has had a two for three at the top of the order tonight for the orioles. text in your vote,a, b, or c. orioles running out of at bats into the 8th game. montanez two of three and then wigginton and markakis to follow against the 24-year-old right hander. 4-3 lifetime against the orioles, but 0-3 against the orioles here in this ballpark. >> jim: he's looking for a complete game. that was his 80th pitch. you mentioned the breaking balls, got them out with the sinkers the last time.
11:57 pm
the amissing thing to me, this kid can pitch anywhere from 86 to 98. he has a slider, curve ball and change-up. but tonight we have seen he can sink it with the best of them and has a couple of double plays to show for it. >> gary: timeout at the plate. montanez backing up. >> jim: of course he came to the big leagues a the 19. i was talking to don wakamatsu, and he said he is still young. he has really matured but we told you he went 15-2 after the 24th of may, and he said he would come in, throw his glove, and we just had to address that. they have addressed it well, obviously. >> gary: 1-2 delivery on the way. ground ball to 2nd base. figgins, jammed on that one. one away here in the 8th. now for the home depot doing more on defense.
11:58 pm
it was jest ty wigginton. 3rd inning, 5-4-3 double play. montanez on in both of those innings, and the pitcher's best friend coming to roost. more savings, more power, more doing, home depot. wigginton is two of nine in the series. 0-1 delivery. felix hernandez was a teenager coming up in the 2006 season. and-the only teenager on any roster that year. and from 2006 forward, his e.r.a.3.52, his 5th beth -- best. greinke over that time is number one. holliday and sabathia. swung on and missed.
11:59 pm
wigginton. eric not sure when he will get back back, but his arm looks good and they hope he will be back in may. >> jim: everybody is hoping this, after winning 85, they hope with the angels losing guerrero and lackey going to the red sox, they will get into the post season, and then how would you like to have bedard, lee, and this kid into the postseason? >> gary: you would win some games. >> jim: formidable big three. for any of us seeing erik bedard on the regular season, he can be overpowering. >> gary: two singles for markakis, two for three in the ball game. no reason to believe the division is not going to be tight. with an oakland, seattle, texas, los angeles. i mean any of the four could be in their own right. >> jim: and then matthews had a
12:00 am
chipped bone. he will be out for six weeks. i mean napoli will do more catching. they have a backup to come in and do some of the upping a. >> gary: they are not the same angels team. >> jim: no. >> gary: the 1-2 delivery on the way. markakis is on again. nick continuing to shoot the ball the other way. starring the season, he has three singles in this game. that one comes with two down here in the 8th inning. the orioles now have outhit the ms 8-6. >> jim: he's now 13 of 25. those are ichiro number. >> gary: yep. .455 average coming in against felix hernandez. >> jim: unfortunately the double plays in the 1st and 3rd didn't allow nick to get up there with the ability to drive in some runs or the opportunity. >> gary: the only run in the 1 1st since then, the only run in scoring position in the 5th 5th. and now the orioles with with one on, two down in the 8th.
12:01 am
matt wieters, rbi single in the 1st. he has reached on an error and hit into a fielder's choice. and the pitch is taken down low, and a 2-0 count from felix hernandez. >> jim: two complete games last year. his 92nd pitch, and of course that single with markakis getting action or at least stretching in the bullpen. maybe some tossing. >> gary: 2-0 delivery. that's in there for the strike. >> jim: 96. 93rd pitch of the game. a little extra to throw the strike. >> gary: brandon lee will throw in the bullpen. 2-1 count. and a chopper down the 1st base right on the bag, and that will do it. kotchman is standing there and made the easy play.
12:02 am
1 run, no hits, no errors, and 1 left on. 4-1, seattle mariners.
12:03 am
our geico highlights for safeco. the orioles on the board early. 4th rbi of the year for matt wieters. markakis after singling will score. and then in the 4th inning, the three-run double after a walk and three base hits, and that gives felix hernandez who has been overwhelming tonight and
12:04 am
had not walked anybody, outstanding stuff. cruised into the 4th inning. millwood on the mound for the orioles. he pitched well, but just the one bad inning, and again that double up the gap in right center by jack wilson. >> gary: down to 3rd base. wigginton bobbles, and lopez is on. >> jim: you could see that coming. again the short hop, and it's where you can see it right here. and right there. it comes up, and ty can't come up with it for the error. >> gary: first error charged to the orioles tonight. the mariners have two. putting the runner on in the bottom of the 8th inning to lead it off. kotchman with two singles tonight, he's two of three. four for eleven in the series for casey kotchman. kevin millwood is looking at potential complete game loss, maybe.
12:05 am
the bullpen is active if needed. three complete games with texas last year and 20 on the career. >> jim: the problem is the fact that the pitch count is at 102, and then a guy with really good at bats against them. not just tonight, but lifetime. >> gary: swung on, fouled, tipped, and that got wieters. >> jim: what i have always liked and if you go back and look at the pedigree for millwood out of the atlanta organization, the ground ball tipped right out of the legs of matt wieters, the pedigree, if you watch. >> sean: and maddux, and -- if you watch glavin and maddux and smoltz, that's how you get them out late in the game. >> gary: 1-1. the score board
12:06 am
looking much like last night because this game looks like last night's. that one run in the last inning and nothing after. strike called on the outside corner. 1-2. truely amazing that the orioles' offense just continues to go along with these kinds of numbers. it's unfathomable. getting bumped up, but not yet. >> jim: it's such a difficult park to hit in. >> gary: strike called on the inside corner, and kotchman, not really happy with a couple of those. millwood getting his 3rd. >> jim: again we talked about being able to pitch, not throw, but right there on the inside corner. i agree with you 100%, but it's not like they are going to cover off the ball. if wigginton throws a double play. as bad as he was throwing, 3-1,
12:07 am
4-1. i mean one tonight, the double. the double off the gap, and that's the difference in the ball game. they earned it because they got three hits and a walk. but again that's very difficult when you have injuries, and the guys guys are not throwing the ball well, and then talking about the lack of speed. brian roberts out of the lineup, and you lose your ability to steal bases and manufacture runs. >> gary: as dave trembley said, no excuses. >> jim: that's right. that's why they are losing. >> gary: sweeney, and that's in the dirt. you have to believe that millwood doesn't get a couple of outs here in a hurry, almost have to get them out of here if another mariner reaches base here. jim johnson is joining in the bullpen. sweeney is the dh and had an 0 for 3 in the ball game. that will be in the seats. >> jim: yeah, because of the offdays, the orioles are going
12:08 am
to stipthe fifth starter. it's not like he will get an extra day between starts. i think you have to be careful. i think one of the reasons jim johnson is up. if you do have a lead he needs to be your closer and he needs to pitch. he struggled on saturday and then they brought him back on sunday for the save in oakland. >> gary: high fly ball to center. jones. runner half way and will go a back. sweeney is retired. two down. miguel tejada not playing. dave trembley saying he is 90% and will play barring anything else happening in the series in boston. dr. james andrews examining michael gonzalez. the report was no surgery necessary. the rehab will continue. and hopefully he will be back after some, probably a total of three weeks maybe he would be
12:09 am
out. >> jim: it's that strengthen program they do, and he will go down to zaire quota. -- down to sarasota. >> gary: two down, runner on 1 1st base. >> jim: it would be terrific for the ball club to obviously get miggy back. he will come back in the next few days, and then again mike gonzalez, get him back to where he was throwing the ball last year with atlanta, and then your bullpen is better. there's the closer right there. >> jim: it will be interesting. he has only had 16 straight consecutive saves saves in a row, so if you're don wakamatsu, that's been pretty seizesy to bring him in -- easy to bring him in the game. >> gary: a breaking ball, with a complete game for millwood, and he hopes that maybe it will end up not being that if the orioles find a way to get runs.
12:10 am
12:11 am
orioles baseball on masn is brought to you by southwest airlines. go to grab your bag, and it's on. so the west coast, part of the road trip could conclude with a sweep here in seattle. felix hernandez is going to stay on and try to throw a complete game. he has seven of them in his career, and he has pretty much dominated this one after the orioles got the unearned run in
12:12 am
the 1st. >> gary: his highest pitch count of the year is 110. he starts the inning with 94 pitches on the evening. scott will take that up high. walked none and struck out five in the ball game. looking to go 5-3 against the orioles to get his 60s major league win. >> jim: an easy 94 in the 9th inning, and you can see the movement, because luke scott is a good fastball hitter, and he was just fooled. >> gary: breaking ball, inside, 1-2. . >> jim: that gave him the five- year, $78 million deal, and you can see why. he can flat out pitch it. i don't mean throw. i mean pitch.
12:13 am
>> gary: 1-2 delivery missing down low. trying to make it 17-2 in the last 29 starts if he can get the victory here. orioles have outhit the mariners 8-6 in the ball game. that doesn't matter. retired. one away. on sunday, voting for the at&t players of the game. still time for you to cast very ballot. 51862. the results on the o's xtra postgame show. certainly one concern after this game is going to be adam jones and whether or not that hand is all right. he stayed in the game obviously, striking out his last time up, and the pitch is going to be in there for the strike. 0-3 in the ball game, and 0 for 11 in this series.
12:14 am
adams' average continues to drop. moved down to the 6th spot for the first time in this year. turning, and miller. >> jim: i'm sure he told bill he doesn't need any help. in the mid-90s, and this was probably a little low. off the corner, below the knees, and hernandez coming out of venezuela, he idolized freddie garcia. garcia with tremendous years coming over in the johnson trade from houston. along with carlos guillen and john. >> gary: 2-2 count from hernandez.
12:15 am
the orioles just have not had the offensive chances in the game tonight. in the air, right field, hit it hard, back and near the warning track. the catch made by ichiro. two down. >> jim: he took one look after two strikes to see where the wall was, and it's just a matter of running under it. >> gary: felix hernandez is one out away from the complete one- game win. millwood would take the loss is be one of three. >> jim: wasn't that remind you of roy holliday to ran his season with the rockies today? >> gary: a younger version. 1-0 count. that is a single. one of three in the ball game.
12:16 am
>> jim: this is the point of the game, gary, where the fans at safeco safeco -- at safeco are on their feet. you to pitch under control. that's what you did tonight. >> gary: two runs on five hits in the first game. and lost 8-2. last night the fierce hits on the season, four in a 3-1 loss, and tonight only one run again. that one in the air to center field, and diving, and nope. he's going to let it bounce ahead of him. gutierrez with a single for atkins. two of four ball game. he's on with two away. this copty written telecast presented by authority of the orioles may not be reused in any form. the accounts and descriptions of the game may not be used without the exstressed written consent -- express written consent of the orioles.
12:17 am
nolan reimold will pitch hit. pitch hitting for justin turner with two out and one on. reimold taking it for a strike. . checked swing. checked at 1st. chad fairchild. >> jim: take a look. this is what chad fairchild is looking at, and they get the call. could have gone either way. an awfully good power curve ball. >> gary: and the 0-2 delivery. reimold will foul it off and stay alive. 0-2, two down, in the 9th. hernandez, trying to finish it off with a complete game win.
12:18 am
i get the feeling he could pitch a another couple of ins if he had -- couple of innings if he had to. very strong. this one is in the box. the mariners swept the three- game series. hernandez winning it 2-0. millwood, 0-3. one unearned run in the ball game coming in the 1st inning.
12:19 am
and hi, everybody. jim hunter with rick dempsey. stay with us. we will come right back with o's xtra postgame. they complete the three-game sweep. and rick, it seems like it's the same story line, you can't win if you can't score. one-run in the 1st inning, that's all they go. >> the orioles scoring early in every game to make you think they will get the early hits, but they don't.
12:20 am
>> coming back but now back to seattle to rejoin gary kim. >> reporter: a tough one. 1-19-1 for the oriole there issue -- 1-9-1 for the orioles. the red sox, guthrie versus lester next. o's xtra presented by ford. game coverage at 7:00. for jim palmer and amber theoharis and all the crew, thank you for being with us. this is has been masn presentation. we will bid you adieu but how it all happened, jim and rick. hi everybody, jim hunter and rick dempsey with the o's xtra post game presented by verizon fioz. the first three-game sweep by the nairer ins against seattle. go back to the final three days
12:21 am
of august in 2003 for the last time it happened as the orioles fall 4-1. tonight one bad inning for millwood. unfortunately that's how things are going now. if the pitchers are not perfect, and it's hard to be perfect, they don't get themselves in the position to win. their hitters are not supporting them. >> it's all about the one inning too. kevin millwood giving up four hits in that inning. only his second walk of the entire season. ended up costing him four runs because the last hit was the only extra base hit of the entire game. the orioles out actually outhitting seattle, 8-6. awe of the hits were singles, and they were not able to muster more than the three hits they got in the first inning against hernandez when they had him on the ropes right there at that point. nobody else on base for the o's. >> looking at the scoring again in this one. the orioles getting the lead in the top of the 1st with two outs. matt wieters coming up. markakiss is singled with two down. wieters driving him in.
12:22 am
the orioles have the 1-0 lead. it would stay that way in the the bottom of the 4th. a tough play, a bouncer up the middle. turner getting to the flip for izturis but not in time. allowing the run to score. the 1-1 game, and then the following batter. wilson, the shortstop, doubling into the ball on right center field. splitting between markakis and jones. everybody are upping with two men down, and that's a four-run inning. again another crooked number inning hurting the orioles as seattle has all four in the bottom of the 4th, and hernandez be the complete game. the first complete game of the year for seattle. millwood with a complete game at a loss, first complete game of the year for the goals. rick mentioned 9-6 they outhit seattle but manage only one run. the leadoff man with a base hit. ty wigginton twice in the game, bouncing into the double play. and again you don't know what is inside their heads but you
12:23 am
know it's wearing on the team because you cannot play it trying to be perfect it you have to be loose but it seems if anything will go wrong, it will. >> reporter: frustrating they cannot hit with power. that's something you expected to see out of them early and often with the orioles. there's so many guys in the lineup now that can hit with power, but there's no one on base to knock in really the power outage is quite evident at this point in the season. and now the orioles have to depend on very strong starting pitching, which really is the best starting staff they have had in quite awhile. no one is in sync. you have wiggington at third base. he's a good backup guy but not a guy you want out there every single day and depending on his defense to get the wins. >> on monday the birds get two runs, tonight one run. four runs total in the series. the mariners scoring four runs tonight in the 4th inning. thatst how the things are --
12:24 am
that's how things are going now for seattle. we will rejoin gary thorne and jim palmer. gary. >> reporter: jim, thank you very much. in the first two games you were facing pitchers who were fighting to remain in the rotation and then end the series with arguably the cy young award winner to be in the immediate future. >> jim: and you look at his numbers at safeco, an e.r.a. of 4.99, but that's before the what the 24th of may last year? since then he has won 17 out of 19 starts. quality starts left and right, and again tonight, this was like, i mean really the varsity playing the jr. varsity, he was that overpowering. two of the better offensive players out of the lineup. but again this guy just has unbelievable stuff. he's only 24. a vast array of pitches. anywhere from 91 to 96. gary this is what you're
12:25 am
talking about. jim hunter eluding to it. 100 runners in scoring position. itst a mater of not having the best guys and then not performing as well as you would like to, but again fister, vargas, you like to get more than one and two runs but against hernandez, you have to have millwood pitch the shutout. as good as he was tonight, he had the one bad inning. >> tough for the loss. the three performances good enough for wins. not just the orioles had only one hit, but they only had ten chances compared to 32 for the mariners on the other side. >> the mariners again coming in 11th in runs scored but again they did a better job. jack wilson is the guy, ichiro getting his hits but jack wilson with four doubles and then the big one tonight, finding a safe haven out in center field, turning the game around. >> gary: rbi from the eight and
12:26 am
nine spot. jim and rick will be back. the manager in a brief few moments but right now back to you. >> barry, thank you very much. gary thorne and jim palmer at safeco field. the mariners win it 4-1. at&t player of the game as voted by the fans, tight vote, and let's see if felix hernandez pulls it out. 48%. lou lou montanez with a big leadoff spot. whose player of the game was he? 44%. and jack wilson with 8%, and felix hernandez with the complete game. unearned run that scored. how about that? no walks in the complete game. felix hernandez the at&t player of the game. millwood on the other side, a complete game in defeat. struck out four and walked three. the mariners winning it 4-1. let the celebration begin.
12:27 am
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gecko: good driver discounts. now that's the stuff...? boss: how 'bout this? gecko: ...they're the bee's knees? boss: or this? gecko: sir, how 'bout just "fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance." boss: ha, yeah, good luck with that catching on! anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. on this day in orioles
12:29 am
history, grady anderson set a major league record with his fourth consecutive game with a leadoff home run. >> smoking one to right. that's out of here. over the score board, and a lined shot for the home run. >> and anderson would go on to hit 50 home runs and drive in 110 run in the 1996 season. he is currently 6th in orioles' all time history with 219 runs runs in the baltimore uniform. >> on the week he set that back in 1996, brady anderson with his broadcasting debut for masn this weekend. brady, we will throw him right into the fire. on friday night, raid doe with joe and fred on the orioles' radio network and then on saturday, gary and jim and then on sunday we get ahold of them for the pregame and postgame. brady anderson is joining masn with his debut this friday at fenway park. of course he was origin gnatly gnat -- originally drafted by
12:30 am
the red sox. welcome back everybody. o's xtra presented by verizon fioz. there-- fios. there was a scary moment. the last thing they need is an injury. adam jones bouncing to 3rd but could not get out of the box and hurt his arm. >> he did. he slipped out of the batter's box. he falls on the bat, and you see the right hand. he put all the pressure on there. i would guess at this moment he strained the wrist here good. not enough to take him out of the game or have an effect on his swing. i think he will be okay. it probably above therred him a bit and certainly put a scare in the ball club. >> the good news was he was able to stay in the game and complete the game. in fact adam jones even had aned a bat in the 9th inning. but look at the orioles' injurying beginning to mount. roberts back on the dl. pie out for three months. gonzalez is on the dl. hoping three weeks for
12:31 am
gonzalez. but he only today began the rehab in sarasota to get the shoulder strong. koji has not yet been in a game for the orioles. if adam jones has to miss any time, and we hope that was not the case, that would be another major loss in what is a fastly depleted orioles' lineup. we talk about baseball being an opportunity game. but in two times the other team was able to take advantage of the slim opportunity. seattle took advantage of it and settleed on the small run. they ever the player hustled. >> going back to the 1st inning for the orioles, and nick markakis is coming up. going the other way very well. he didn't hit the ball. he waited well on the bam. the outfielders bobbling the ballbility and this is just what they have been looking for. the extra hustle, being sharp and right there.
12:32 am
matt wetters with a base hit to center field. a big two-out rbi. missing what was needed to get going. fortunately it didn't happen for the oriole os fencively for the rest of the night. here's another play right here. i think really what happened on the play, the shortstop, 2nd baseman, turner didn't know exactly what to do, who was going to take the throw, the ground ball from 2nd base, and he ended up with another guy on the bases loaded, and a perfectly placed line drive to right field, the line drive, fly ball, falling in and three runs score. it's just part of what we all the unluck of the orioles right there that the one hit was per protectly be-- perfectly between both of them. >> you can help your game with something you can control, hustle. tuiasosopo hustled knowing that would have been the final out of the inning but he was able to beat the throw that turner got to the ball, and maybe the
12:33 am
slight hesitation made the difference. why? because tuiasosopo hustled to 2 2nd base. >> you have a ball perfectly play placed with -- perfectly placed with the shortstop and the 2nd baseman. someone has to cover 2nd base. turner had a quarter of a step jump on it. he did take the wide route to it, and it cost him the little underhand shovel to 2nd base and it took it off the ball. no way izturis could turn around on thatting an and will get it in time -- on that angle and get it in time. another perfectly placed ball. >> the mariners winning 4-1 and they sweep the series. time to hear from the skipper. verizon wireless with the postgame comments for dave trembley. back to safeco field with gary and jim. >> joins back here with the skipper. skip, it may be time for the day off at an appropriate time for the ball club. >> millwood pitched great.
12:34 am
it would have been nice to have the run support behind him. we will do the best we can to regroup on the offday tomorrow and get ready for the friday game in boston. hernandez was better but you saw what millwood was all about. he doesn't give in, and he keeps pitching, and he is pitching with tenacity. he did a great job. >> dave, i think one of the needs this year was to have consistent starting pitching. a cup of the exceptions, i think you gotten that, and you know somewhere down the road, the offense coming back, and markakis had three base hits and you're in a better place than last season. >> you will always find yourself in the game with better starting pitching. we needed hits in succession. we didn't do. that hernandez you know his ammo, he will get stronger as the game goes on. he used his changeup effectively. his breaking pitch kept the ball down. tip your cap to him. we get that starting pitching, and we will at least have the opportunity to be in the game.
12:35 am
we just need the hits in a row together to score runs. >> skip, did you like the approach at the plate better by the orioles tonight? >> no question about it. i thought there may have been a come of blimps at the end, -- blips at the end, but you don't want to get behind when the guy is throwing as well as hernandez is throwing. >> we will see you in boston. >> yep. >> thank you. now a day off and then the red sox are actually going to play on thursday, the orioles will be there for the game, watching as the orioles take to the field again friday at fenway. back to you jim and rick. >> thank you very much. the oriole res warded now. they get to travel all night and -- the orioles are rewarded now. they get to travel all night and hasn't in postand land -- and land in boston. amber just said it's only a tight plus until the arm and they are icing it as they would do. that's good news. adam jones saying he will be
12:36 am
fine. he expects to be the in lineup for friday. we have the question of the day on and today's question who is the best pitcher in the american leauge? we will see who wons. oh, felix hernandez, 31%. he pitched a complete game tonight. the most impressive about hernandez, no walks over 9 innings. matt greinke, 33% u.s.a. banc, 20 -- sabathia, 20%. get online every day. and we will give you the orioles' question of the day. the results on the orioles' postgame. seattle completing the three- game sweep with the win 4-1.
12:37 am
12:38 am
o's xtra is brought to you by jack daniels tennessee whiskey. please drink responsibly.
12:39 am
minor league news. the five-game losing streak was snapped. brandon snyder with a couple of hits tonight including a double, and troy patten with six strong innings. norfolk snapping the five-game losing streak as they beat the braves' team. bowie winning 5-3 as they snapped the 3-game losing streak. yomi is 2-0. his e.r.a. is 2.08. brandon wearing with his third home run of the year. brandon is tied with patomic, 8- 8. suspend in the 7th because of fog. brandon with his fourth homerun on the year and four rbis. that game suspended because of the david -- the weather. josh had a three-run home run here. 7-3, boston. not anymore. the game is tied at 7. it would go extra innings, bottom of the
12:40 am
12th. youkilis versus nipper. marco scutaro with that ball off the monster. the red sox with it with their second straight walkoff win. darnell mcdonald last night, the one time oriole prospect just called up for boston winning the game after tieing the game. back to back walkoff wins for the red sox. tampa bay and chicago, mark buehrle on the ground. rodriguez coming around to score. and tampa bay with the 1-0 lead. they were far from done. shawn rodriguez is up. rodriguez against tony pena, and a three-run homer to left field. that makes it 9-0 in favor of mta -- in favor of tampa bay. they won seven on the road before losing in chicago last night. tampa bay winning on 13 hits. davis with the win and buehrle with the loss.
12:41 am
elsewhere in the american leauge, tonight the the yankees in oakland, 3-1. phil hughes with a no hitter into the 8th inning. eric chavez in the 8th inning with the base hit. here's how he got it a bouncer back to the mound, and it's deflected off hughes. he didn't know where it landed, infield hit. the only hit allowed by hughes. struck out ten. in the bottom of the 9th, the yankees with the 3-1 lead. the final in toronto, the royals pulling it out. zach greinke with another strong decision. the blue jays losing 4-3. alex what a player he has been. kansas city win it 4-3. in seattle tonight, it was matt wetters with an rb -- wieters with an rbi base hit but the mariners get the scoring and win it 4-1.
12:42 am
12:43 am
we invite you to play ma
12:44 am
xanax mum fantasy baseball. join a league or form your own league. there's gift cards and autographed memorabilia and a chance to have dinner with dave trembley. get online on and sign up to play today. in seattle, the mariners win it 4-1. garrett atkin's bat may be coming back around. a amber theoharis is with the 1 1st baseman. >> reporter: obviously not the game you wanted coming out of a three-game series with the mariners but you have a day off. >> it will be nice to have a day away even though it's a short one. just to kind of forget about it and come back refreshed for boston. >> reporter: you outhit the mariners, nine hits and you had a couple and nick had a couple but it doesn't matter when you don't get the runs in? >> it doesn't matter. kevin pitched a great game.
12:45 am
it's frustrating to waste the good pitching performances we are getting. we know we are a better offensive club than we are showing. we are just looking forward to betting the ball rolling and showing people we can play. >> reporter: thank you. >> garrett atkins with amber. o's xtra challenge, lou montanez one of four. wieters one out of four with an rbi. i guess they gave you the win? >> they gave me the win. >> how about that? i don't understand the rules. two hits, you're penalized because the other guy gets an rbi. i don't know. you're paying off someone in the back room. how do we know you won? i don't see a check or anything. we are just accumming you -- assuming you won? ? >> you are assuming i won. >> you win 6-4. and you can do it tomorrow night. drive in the winning run, and i will give it to you. >> whatever, look ahead to the boston three-game series this weekend. opener friday night. guthrie versus lester.
12:46 am
brian matusz doing against lackey and then hernandez against wakefield. guthrie has pitched well this year but looking for the win. >> he looks like he's back to the old jeremy guthrie from a couple of years ago. the mechanics are getting ironed out. he's keeping the ball done -- the ball down in the strike zone. looking like we really got a chance. the thing about jeremy pitching well at fenway. he has had legendary games there. the orioles have not pulled the games out to him because he's snake pit as far as scoring runs. that was the pretty much this year. >> guthrie going against lester. what can you tell me about him? >> no hitter. he has done everything in the game. he is off to a slow start and struggling with an 8.4e.r.a.
12:47 am
he's having problems. let's hope he continues to have control problems. he has never lost a game against the orioles. had he has been a thorn in their side the whole time. very very tough on the o's. >> seattle winning 4-1. back to the clubhouse with luke scott talking about the game. >> reporter: huh frustrating is -- how frustrating is it for you guys to be struggling? >> the truth is words cannot explain how frustrated we are as a team and myself personally. it's one of the tougher tests i have been in in my life. you know, and you know i'm on my knees every day praying, and i come to the ballpark every day wearing holes in my hands. i'm working my hardest to get out of this. it's tough. i know that we are better than this as a team. i'm better than this personally, and you know the work ethic is. there the effort is. there the results are just not there. that's the tough thing to live
12:48 am
with. >> without a doubt that sums it up. you could see the frustration on the face of luke scott. he's just two of 22 on the road trip and finding a way to get it done. thank you for staying up with us. o's xtra, we are back with you on friday night for fenway park. the orioles going back in the eastern time zone for the first of three against the red sox on friday night. for rick dempsey and the entire view, jim hunter saying so long. the orioles were swept in seattle, and now they go to boston for the final stop on the series road trip. we will see you friday night.
12:49 am
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♪ >> back here on espnews, mike yam. >> stephen jackson playing despite a hyperextended knee from game one. if you need help getting up, rashard lewis helping jason williams. matt barnes in the first quarter. magic up early. barnes, one of his best friend with stephen jackson -- they played together back at golden state. second quarter. mickael pietrus knocking down the long ball. magic led the nba in threes.
12:52 am
hit 10 triples in this game. dwight howard struggled in game one, in this game superman was big. 15 points and nine rebounds for the big fellow. working on the double-double. 15 points. he had nine rebounds in the game. under two minutes to go. magic up by 10. there is your block from dwight howard. jameer nelson who had 32 in game one, goes for 13 in game number two, and the magic, they take a two games to none lead over the bobcats. in the nba playoffs, in its history, the teams with a 2-0 series leading the best of seven won almost 94% of the time. the bobcats committed 21 turnovers. one shy of the magic's postseason record for most turnovers forced. >> game four, canucks and kings, l.a. leads two games to one. under three minutes to play in the second period, andre kopitar scoring on the deflection, his second. sedin to sammy salo.
12:53 am
a minute later. wayne simmons scores on the rebound, his second of the postseason. 4-4 game. under three minutes to play, nhl scoring champ henrik sedin finally on the board, his first of the postseason. canucks win 6-4, series tied at 2-2. a wild third period featuring five combined goals, four by vancouver. game five is friday back in vancouver. >> most people are in pursuit of happiness. for athletes, happiness only comes in the form of perfection. mark buerhle one of 18 pitchers ever to throw a perfect game. he recently said "i expect to throw a perfect game every time i go out there." that's a winner's mentality. buerhle's greatest moment against the rays, the same team he faced on wednesday night. with chicago struggling this season, there is no question it -- no question its fans would love to feel deja vu.
12:54 am
six runs and four walks in six innings on friday. after striking out the side in the first, a little bit of trouble, b.j. upton with a flare to right, evan longoria comes in to score, buerhle 4 2/3 innings, nine hits, six earned runs and a loss. certainly not what he was hoping for. tampa bay has now won eight of their last nine games. sean rodriguez went 3-5 with four r.b.i.s. entered the game batting .160 with no extra-base hits. cardinals looking to win their first three road series for the first time in 11 years taking on the diamondbacks, and right now top two, edwin jackson hits chris carpenter on the hand. the two jaw back and forth. a 6-4-3 double play. carpenter still doing plenty of talking there. you can understand, he's not happy. the benches cleared out for pujols sharing his thoughts with
12:55 am
jackson. pujols is a machine. you want to stay away from him. colby rasmus. that thing is gone. two home runs and a triple in this game. he's the first cardinals player with two long balls and a triple since 1974. st. louis six of their last nine runs came via the home run. arizona, their bullpen allows five runs in the ninth. that's not a good thing. rasmus really the hero in this game. >> the olympic motto is "swifter, higher, stronger." juan antonio samaranch made them bigger, better and richer. the former president of the international olympic committee died, tuesday, at a barcelona hospital. he was 89. when he took over as president in 1980, the i.o.c. was bankrupt and no cities wanted to host the olympics. by the time he retired in 2001, the i.o.c. was profitable and the olympics featured more countries, more events, and more athletes.
12:56 am
top stories on the way on espnews. including nfl commissioner roger goodell suspending ben roethlisberger, six games. what's next for roethlisberger and the steelers. plus, game two in the texas two-step rivalry between the mavs and spurs. how san antonio turned hate into great. national car rental? that's my choice. because with national, i roll past the counter... and choose any car in the aisle. choosing your own car? now that's a good call.
12:57 am
go national. go like a pro. health care concern moving forward? >> first evolved congresswoman, i think your targeted concern is one that is a huge issue, and it
12:58 am
is not only huge cost issue, it is a huge safety issue. i know the chairman has been working with u.n. sort of focus like a laser beam on this. the notion that we have 100,000 deaths a year from what happens to people when they are in the hospital and that is what not-- not what brought them in the first place is totally unacceptable and hundreds of thousands of more and high cost, longer care strategies and lingering diseases, so it is a very serious issue. we know what works. it has been demonstrated and proven and it has never been taken to scale. it is not taken to scale so i think a couple of things are happening simultaneously. first of all the notion of increases, i would say is a part of better reporting and also is a snapshot of the past. we are hopeful that more current data gives more encouraging
12:59 am
signs, and this focus by the department, by this committee through the recovery act, through the affordable care act in through our budget i think is relatively recent. secondly, there is no question it is a question of focus by hospitals. it is part of the affordable care act that all hospitals have to report which is a big step forward, and reporting will be much more transparent to consumers and others which is again another big step toward. third we are putting real resources, both two states were more frequent inspections and the hospital systems to encourage the adoption of the strategies that we know work for the electronic medical records. i was in a hospital in cincinnati two weeks ago, in children's hospital which does some of the most complicated surgeries on infants and even prenatally that i have ever seen
1:00 am
they have embedded into their electronic records system a checklist that we know works to reduce hospital infections. they have gone without any safety concern. it is a great example of what meaningful use in an electronic record system can do, which is embed the kind of safety checklist, make sure it is done time and again and if you can do it in that kind of environment we can do it everywhere, so i think there are some resources coming together but i can tell you it is something we take very seriously. i think it is not only a huge cost but we are killing people by our health care system. ..
1:01 am
smaller hospitals close and that population base has moved to their facilities so i would like to just walk through if you could tell you see hospital reimbursement rate development over the course as you phase-in the new health care bill.
1:02 am
>> congressman, i think that is a great question and i -- whether it is in rural areas in your district or in a state like kansas or urban areas i think every hospital administrator who i've talked to in the last ten years has seen their uncompensated care rate rise, so there is currently a population with no payment stream at all and then insufficient payment streams and private payer streams. so i think one of the features of the affordable care act is to have a payment stream arguably under every patient who comes to the door and it's one of the reasons a lot of the hospital system's work carefully with us on the framework of health reform. i do think that there also is a
1:03 am
effort where the kind of bumbled care strategy -- again, hospital providers are eager to have a payment system which actually looks at ways that they can be more appropriately compensated for keeping people out of the hospital right now the only way they get compensated if somebody comes back into the hospitals and a day -- it's sort of embedded drexel changes in the delivery system for health homes and bumbled care and accountable care organizations act we have huge advantages for systems to have a more appropriate reimbursement system and actually keep people healthier in the long term will. but i think there is a notion we
1:04 am
hopefully will have a care system that more appropriately i would say the third piece of the puzzle is a lot of hospitals right now particularly through emergency rooms are delivering care which could much more effectively be delivered in a primary care setting in a community health center and a variety of areas. they have begun to work on strategies to triage the cares of the don't have to have this robust sort of preventive care and that is part of the new structure. >> a lot of, again, my facilities are concerned with, again, on the private indigent is where they make the money frankly to the investing technology and facilities. they don't make that of medicare or medicaid. they don't expect to make it coming -- so they are worried are we going to crowd out the private market here and they won't have the money they need to give patients the best service they possibly can give. >> and i think with the exchange opportunities the private market
1:05 am
i would suggest may be stronger. what's happened right now and is happening over the last five years certainly is more and more small employers have dropped private coverage because they can't any longer pay the premium. a lot of individuals or wallsten jergens when they lost their jobs but i think the real stabilization of the marketplace, a private marketplace with larger purchasing pools that than stabilizing that coverage people have will be good days. >> i hope so. that is a point worth making though because a lot of my friends who favor the public option forget where the money comes from that actually allows health care to be delivered and it is very heavily from the private sector. you overpay if you are on private insurance already. we know that problem was alluded to earlier. but it also supports medicare, medicaid, and frankly the new
1:06 am
health care insurance bill as well. so i would be very careful about killing the goose that's provided the a good for everybody else. >> well, and as you may know for 32 million or so estimated new enrollees in a health insurance system, the majority of those individuals will be in the private market, will not be in the public market. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> thank you very much. and welcome, madam secretary. to pick up on your last comment, the additional 32 million that will be added to the population, would that tend to drive the cost down across the board in terms of insurance premiums if we have things in place like the antitrust provision and public option? >> well, congressman, i think
1:07 am
what is anticipated to cost less is first of all the market right now is pretty fragmented so if you are an individual on your own coverage or small-business owner one help incident, one cancer survivor, one heart attack puts you in a very expensive category. pulling that risk into an exchange, much bigger purchasing poll helps balance the cost over all and i think it is one of the reasons costs will come down and hopefully a number of underlining features that lower the overall health care cost also are in tactful in terms of the health insurance costs. >> it seems to me that is something that we can work towards and they anticipate. we do know if we don't have these things we have 47 million people without insurance and under the cost continue to rise in the last 18 months at least in california the premiums have gone from 30% in one year, 38%
1:08 am
this past year in terms of premiums increased. in light of the debate we have already. i'm not sure the word is arrogant but it is bold to do that while we are having a debate on the high cost of insurance. i want to thank you for taking on this challenge. as a massive job and i think it is very complicated complex stuff that you have and i looking forward to working with you on this. i would note the state you, from its active with a very vigorous folks and i was pleased to see that the commerce person did vote for the bill and i think that my own district which is silicon valley which is part of
1:09 am
the highest per capita postgraduate folks probably the highest average income in this country have something like 70,000 folks who were uninsured that's almost 10% of my population. it doesn't mean that they were unemployed but they were uninsured. a fellow who ran against me for office when i first ran young man, good friend of mine said that due to current situations we would not be put to go into business for himself because he has a pre-existing condition and he said white house opponent in france said go for it. it's important for the country. what's important for the country also is that we know we have a viral hepatitis issue in america and globally and we know that more americans have chronic
1:10 am
hepatitis as more of an incident of that than hiv/aids 100 times more infectious. i'm grateful for the president for requesting the increase for the division in the 2011 appropriation budget and i'm glad that assistant secretary with whom we have met has begun to major the interagency task force on this issue and we are very appreciative of that activity. and i'm also aware there's a 500 million-dollar wellness' fundhat is me but there's nothing that says how it can be spent. do you have any idea how your department will be looking at that and how -- >> ,, we are still seeking guidance from members in the house and the senate about 2010
1:11 am
appropriation for the prevention fund we didn't invest both of the 2010 and we have a stand plan for the 2011. the 09 and the ten prevention fund as part of the recovery act and we see this as an opportunity to amplify and maybe looking other directions those conversations are under way and we would appreciate your feedback. >> we certainly will be the one to do that. and i would note that. thank you, mr. sherman i will wait for my next round. >> i want to personally thank you for your leadership with regard to health care reform efforts in trying to push it through. i think history will judge us well bringing real level of social justice to this country that we have not seen. one of the issues i've mentioned before you were here that i've been dealing with and working
1:12 am
with for the past few months and years is the issue of stress in our society and i think as we talk about health care reform and the technology and everything else that there is a growing body of evidence not just in the area of health health care of mind fulness and contemplative practices and their benefits on reducing stress levels and allowing the body to heal itself and so as we are moving 30 million more people into the system there is inevitably going to be more cost and we've dealt with that and will reduce cost and we've dealt with that. but we need to i think pursue and mr. honda mentioned prevention and i know there's going to be a panel to evaluate what preventative measures actually work so if you can just talk about that. but i would also like to encourage you that on that panel should be somebody who has been in the field working in the field of mind lummis reduction.
1:13 am
i think it is the most cost-effective way to drive down health care costs and it's about individual responsibility. it's about teaching people how to manage their own health right in line with everything else we are talking about someone to encourage you to do that and is not just in the area of health. the defense department is now doing this for a redeployment for soldiers going over allowing them to hopefully prevent a lot of the post-traumatic stress that goes on when these kids go into battle. so i want to encourage you to do that and if you could talk for just a second but the panel that is going to be created to evaluate preventative adequate preventive measures in the health care reform bill. >> first, congressman, i am all for looking at any strategy we can find it is successfully reducing stress. i am at the front of that line. the would be grateful for that evidence. i do think that whether it is in
1:14 am
this instance or the framework for the services with exchanges were others certainly we will put together a very broad based group of experts and look at what the evidence says in this area i think there are a number of cost effective patients entered strategy that really do work so i look forward to getting the information from you and making sure that is part of the discussion. >> i will get it to you and i think the younger people gravitate -- i was at a conference this weekend there was someone on is mccollum's district and the university of minnesota offering is structured to be to stress reduction class and there's a 50 person waitlist. this is something for well society so i think your leadership on this could be critical. another question i have and i think one of my colleagues mentioned the shortage of nursing nurses is the issue with primary-care physicians if you
1:15 am
can't touch upon that and how we are going to try to bridge our way through that. estimate there's no question we need more health care providers all together but we also need more providers to choose primary care gerontology, to malpractice, so a couple of strategies simultaneously. one is using more of our loan and a scholarship abilities to attract people to those fields at the outset and pay off more of the debt for health care provider training in the areas that we see the biggest needs. as you know the affordable care acted feature which actively again moved primary care providers for a couple of years with 100% federal funding from medicaid rates to medicare which i think is again a big step forward to more adequately compensating the kind of work -- >> how about the bridge between
1:16 am
those kids going into the school now maybe seeing it looks like primary care is going to be an opportunity for me but it is in 2014 they will just beginning their bachelor's degree as opposed to moving on in a medical -- in a changing the medicare paid also so i think the payment of debt, payment of once you get your medical degree your a pathway to a much more robust primary care system. that is what i hear from medical students all the time and they are in a real financial box in terms of not being about the off their loans and being inadequately compensated once they become providers so we're looking at both ends of the puzzle. >> you think they will move over immediately? >> i do and we've seen increase already this year in primary care choices made by first-year residents about 20%.
1:17 am
>> thank you, mr. sherman. welcome, madam secretary. thank you for your efforts helping us pass this legislation and i know that your department is working overtime to make sure that we begin the implementation of this legislation and that we -- people of this country can experience the benefits as quickly as possible whether they are small business owners forcing errors or younger adults are people who have a pre-existing condition. we've already seen a couple of instances where insurance companies seem to be changing their behavior in response to the bill. on a positive side we've seen several companies to plan to move ahead of schedule to let adult children stay on their parents' plan until age 26. but there are instances in which we need to watch insurance companies closely to make sure they are following the new rules laid out. for example, some reports including the senate commerce committee indicated insurers may be manipulating the medical loss
1:18 am
ratio reclassifying certain expenses to make it look like you're spending a higher percentage of the premium dollar on medical care in order to meet the standard in all. the affordable care eckert included rate review provisions including funding to assist states carrying out to stop insurance from hiking the premiums to unacceptable levels. this bense and host insurance company abuses, recisions, denial for coverage for pre-existing condition, gender reading and health status rating. let me just lay out the three pieces of the question and then i will let you go. the what resources and tools does hhs and the department of labor need for enforcement of health reform and holding insurance companies accountable with regard to medical loss ratio how are you going to work
1:19 am
with the national association of insurance commissioners to ensure terms like clinical services, activities to improve or quality find appropriately that do not include routine activities that are to be classified as administration extensive and then today in "the new york times" there is an article that says senate a bill such a plan to regulate a premium and it is the federal government could regulate when state officials do not have sufficient authority and capability to do so to read what me ask you to comment on that so if you could address those three pieces i would appreciate it. >> in terms of the resources and the tools, congressman, we are working closely with both labor and treasury that has a piece of some of the puzzle on the initial breaks and that has gone pretty well. we've put together our office on
1:20 am
the consumer information and insurance oversight. newsquest to be led by a former insurance commissioner who also has worked in many states around the country on regulatory oversight. we are working very closely with my former colleagues at the national association of insurance commissioners because this has got to be frankly a state laid on the ground program. they are the ones who have this ability in information and i think there is a very robust discussion and they are in the midst of identifying the terminology and the definitions for the medical loss ratio looking at some laws in place and work very well and with the actuaries can actually take a look at. so it's something we are going to take seriously. in terms of the rate review the original senate bill had a provision that senator feinstein
1:21 am
was promulgating over a great authority that would actually be the interim strategy between the time the bill passed this year and the time the new exchanges were in place. the rate of 40 was not part of the reconciliation measure and i think you would set up a framework where absent state review of 40 there would be a fullback review authorities of the debate is likely to go on and may be an important piece of this puzzle because right now unless a state changes the law and takes on this responsibility there is no fall back other than highlighting what rating is under way but there is no rating authority right now within the department of health and human services and we are encouraging states to do just that >> i'm really pleased to hear that. as you know i come from the state of connecticut. we have probably the insurance capital of the country but over and over again as my other
1:22 am
colleagues of experienced insurance companies we've looked into their world for a very long time. it is now not confident to live in our world. thank you mr. chairman. >> thank you mr. chairman. but may join the chorus of gratitude for your leadership, madam secretary. it seems you're paddling upstream against the current. you did your budget about 85% if it is not under your control. its reimbursement after people have gotten sick and it is to the elderly to medicare and most of medicaid is still nursing home care for seniors. but something dramatic is happening in the health care for this current generation of young people that bodes ill for the future cost of care. asthma rates have tripled in
1:23 am
this past generation. one of six as a developmental disorder, attention deficit disorder, mental retardation dyslexia. one in every 59 blazes diagnosed with autism today. after accidents cancer is the leading cause of death among children primary brain cancer has gone up by 50%. childhood obesity has quadrupled in the last ten years and diabetes is out of control. 25 million people now and in fact they now say one out to minority children will develop diabetes during their lifetime. that is unbelievable. somehow we have a handle on prevention. what is causing all of this because there is a dramatic change in the last generation. the first lady's emphasis upon obesity upon what people eat is critically important and i would like to know how you are
1:24 am
interpreting that into your program priorities. but it also may have something to do with the chemicals in the air we breathe or the water we drink or the food we eat. in fact, there was a analysis of the umbilical cord blood in 2007, 2008 that showed ethridge infants had 232 industrial compounds present in the umbilical cord blood and many people think this -- there may be and in the krin disrupting effect on health care that is contributing to this massive increase in certain diseases. i ask you because you have responsibility for the institute of environmental health sciences. i know they have some indication. this may be what is behind the massive changes in childhood
1:25 am
illnesses. i wonder if you have any plans to enable them to take a more robust aggressive approach in terms of the environment affect as well as what you are doing in coordinating with the first lady's initiative on obesity. >> thank you. the statistics you three site are alarming and unfortunately very real and ones we have to take incredibly seriously i think in short the short and as we spend more, with sick and die younger than most developed countries and their days something fundamentally wrong with that puzzle. the first lady's initiative as you know is not only focused on kind of what you read as a piece of the puzzle that has a strategy that looks across the areas and understands that kids are infected and the health of kids is impacted by what they
1:26 am
eat in and outside their houses, what goes on in school, how much exercise they get, whether there is a safe place to play and walk, a host of strategies and i think it provides a template for the kind of thing that you are talking about i don't think there is any question that first reporting specter in this generation some of what you're talking about is probably highlighted by better monitoring and reporting but that doesn't nearly compensate for the incredible increase is to read some of it is preventable in terms of what we are doing to ourselves and some is likely to have environmental impact. my assistant secretary of health has read engaged the department in a robust cash in and work with the entire model protection agency and others on working at the health and back on environmental issues. our hhs had kind of withdrawn
1:27 am
from that space for a while and we are very much back at the table so whether it is looking at carbon content or water based diseases error which is a huge impact on asthma, the kind of air quality -- there are huge health impacts on environmental issues and i would suggest also the food and drug administration is taking very seriously a whole host of investigations in terms of food content, a chemical content which may impact people in terms of not what they are eating up the kind of cans and bottling and a whole host of other areas so this is all something we are really engaging in a very active way and i share your alarm at what the current health professionals for this
1:28 am
country. >> madame secretary i have a number of questions i would like you to answer for the record one on health provisions work force and other on pandemic flu and on liheap and healthcare a seceded infections, oral health, health information technology and several others but let me ask a couple of questions about the bill we just passed. mr. tiahrt and i are friends that we often disagree. we are not disagreeable friends but we are disagreeing friends very often. [laughter] but in light of his characterization about the health care bill as far as government takeover let me ask a few questions. is the fee a government agency?
1:29 am
>> yes, sir. >> is medicare a government program? >> yes, sir. >> is medicaid a government program? >> yes. >> i thought so, too. did we add to that list by making -- let me put it this way in this health care bill is this like canada or britain or is it based on a private system? >> this system is based on building out a private sector strategy with new health exchanges. >> the doctors under the system work for the government? >> not unless they do right now. some do for the va as you know and the department of defense, but -- >> what about the nurses?
1:30 am
are we adding millions of nurses to the federal cable? >> no search. >> what are these things called insurance companies? ar de public entities or private? >> private sector companies. >> and are they usually a profit-making private entity? >> yes, sir. >> i thought so, too. what does the bill do for the fiscal solvency of the medicare program? >> the estimate that was made when the reconciliation bill was proposed was that it added a minimum of ten years to the life of the medicare trust fund. >> and what does it do to change the payment system from one based on the frequency of procedures to one based on quality of medical outcomes? >> con kriseman, the sense of
1:31 am
direction that for medicare to become i would say quality based purchaser as opposed to the current strategy of fee-for-service which is more about content than about quality. >> i agree with all of that. and let me just tell you the story. because we have had such controversy about and such points of disagreement about the details of this plan. between 1930 to 1938 jerry boyle represented my congressional district. he was in the last of the progressive republicans and when laureate became the mayor of new york he succeeded as the spokesman for the republicans in the house. and then he was beaten in 1938.
1:32 am
my dad ran a separate club when i was much younger and jerry camel meat became a local judge and he came into our place one evening and we started talking and i finally asked him what beat you in 1938? he said senior citizens. i was strongly for social security and in my district, the seniors were against it. i said what on earth can you be talking about how can they be getting social security? of the seniors i know today. he said in those days it was different. in those days we had a social security as one of the alternatives which is a contributory program and then we have the townsend plan from california who didn't want to contradict he just went like the
1:33 am
$100 a month welfare payment to every senior. he said we all knew that couldn't survive very long because the country doesn't like walters of he said i strongly supported social security and he came into my district and help organize the club's and he said they beat me. the point of the story is this. we look today shortly after the bill is passed and we see all of these little fights that we had a regional, ideological, philosophical. but i think 20 or 25 years from now we are going to look back at this bill and say what on earth was that fight at all? how on earth could we ever have functioned without this program? and i think all of these little fights that were so important to people as we were going through
1:34 am
them none of them will be remembered. what will be remembered is that we finally put this country in the rank of civilized societies that do not require people with very little money to beg in order to get health care to read that to me is basically the lesson of jerry baliles's story. so i don't -- i lost more fights than i won on this bill. i favored public auction. i had no objection to single-payer. i frankly didn't care as long as we got two things. as long as we covered as many people as possible and as long as we change the rules of the game so that people were not squeezed by corporate giants called insurance companies. that's basically all i wanted.
1:35 am
everything else was candy. i just want to thank you for the work that you did on this package and thank everybody who voted for it and those who opposed it and raised constructive questions along the way. because what to me regardless of these little debates that we had the obligation all of us have now is to simply try to make this work and to think through the have to be adjustments to online and make certain we have plenty of oversight and especially make certain that we have got a huge expansion of efforts to the western waste, fraud and abuse because you have lots of jerks in society who will try to take advantage of this and representative of the tax payer and customers and if we believe and expanding the services we can't let that nonsense happen.
1:36 am
>> i appreciate that, mr. chairman. i spent easter weekend with my father who turned 89 on the 22nd of march and he served in the united states congress on the energy and commerce committee 45 years ago when medicare was passed and told me a number of stories about how ferocious battle was and how ferociously a number of people opposed medicare passage and how differently it looked then than it does now where he is now way pleased beneficiary and reminded me that over 45 years there have been changes, they're have been a number of improvements but the basic tenet that once you turn 65 in this country that do have health security was a promise made them a promise we intend to keep now and it was interesting
1:37 am
having his historic perspective on this, the beginning of this new chapter in american health security. >> thank you. i'm going to have to go over to the house for action on a bill that is going to be pending shortly and so if i have to leave before the hearing is done it is nothing you said. i just have to get over there. [laughter] i will ask ms. delauro to take over if we are not finished by then. meanwhile, what i would like to do is just run a second round for about three minutes apiece and see if we can get everybody in for a second round. mr. tiahrt. >> thank you remind you the hearing is intense and maybe something will come out that will make you want to leave early. [laughter] one of the things that concerns me greatly is about the cost of this because quite frankly we have overspent this year by more than $800 billion this fiscal
1:38 am
year. we know there are at least 80 programs that are in the bill would require discretionary appropriations and we have about $110 billion for the 80 programs. there's also 36 programs at least three dozen programs under open-ended and i've asked congressional budget office to give an estimate as to what they are going to cost and they don't sound like very cheap programs and i will give you a couple of them. community health insurance option, designed implementation of regional systems for emergency care, trauma care centers and service availability, oral health care prevention activities, programs relating to congenial tar disease, multistate qualified health plans, community-based collaborative care networks to name a few. so in addition to it is my understanding the cbo has estimated that cbs -- si excuse me will need additional $20 billion to set up the
1:39 am
systems just to implement obama care. so how's your department developed a cost estimate for these new programs that are not in the president's budget and when will you be sending an addendum to the president's budget for next year to cover the costs and where will the money come from? >> well, congressman, you have our 2011 budget presentation and there is not an attempt to send an addendum to the budget. >> how will you cover the cost of the program that are on the budget? it says in the law has required. where are the such sums going to come from? >> my understanding is the way the process works if there is an authorization in the bill itself this will be a discussion that you and your colleagues will have here in congress. spriggs we have to fund programs? >> if the priorities of congress are to move ahead on the programs i assume they will be funded but you have the 2011
1:40 am
budget submission before you. >> the 302 allocation that we have and the 302b for your department right now doesn't have a request from the president for such sums as required on the 36 programs? >> that is correct. >> mr. chairman where are we going to get the money for the programs we don't have a budget for and wanted a publication for? >> i guess he's involved in another conversation. my concern is we don't have the funding for this and we have no idea how much it is going to cost and again we don't know where the money is coming from. china isn't lending money on long-term treasury bills now. the fed has loaned money to the united states. the already -- we owe them a 5.5 trillion as taxpayers. where is the money going to come from? >> congress and, again the programs are likely not to exist unless they are funded by congress. that is not currently part of the authorized bill.
1:41 am
i think very good news for the american public is unlike the last major health initiative move forward, the prescription drug benefit, this bill is paid for. it's paid for overtime and in fact congressional budget office has estimated 100 billion-dollar decrease in the deficit in the first ten years and closer to a trillion dollars decrease over the next ten years. it's fully paid for over the life of the program. >> can't count medicare dollars twice. we are taking money out of medicare adding them to the program you are going to get a minister. where's the money for the 500 billion taken out of medicare and there's a lot of programs mr. chairman that do not have something on the president's budget and i'm wondering how we are going to fund them. >> with the chairs a first of the gentleman's time is expired but let me simply answer the question by saying there's a big difference between programs that are authorized and that are mandatory and these are not
1:42 am
mandatory to my understanding. >> are we not been to fund the community health insurance option or the prevention activities? >> i don't have -- given the fact that we have a $17 billion will on the budget on the programs i have no idea what we are going to be funding on anything and i don't think anybody else does either. >> ms. roybal-allard. it's been a congressman delauro and i have been working together for over ten years to reduce the dangerous incidents of underage drinking in this country and we are pleased that your effort and the streets and recommended an increase to the stop grants this year to enable more communities to address the problem.
1:43 am
we've heard that the hhs is looking to further expand efforts and underage drinking prevention and the questions i have far first of all the cdc and the end of iowa are recognized leaders in development strategy on the underage drinking so what are you doing to ensure the rest of the hhs uses their guidance and guidelines to implement the program directed at preventing and reducing underage drinking? how will you ensure the state public health agencies with zero net rich experience in tobacco control and other public health issues are fully engaged in collaboration with state substance-abuse agencies and what will be the will and resources available to the various agencies to ensure that all of this happens? >> congresswoman, as you say we
1:44 am
do have a recommended budget increase for the stop act and that is directing more resources three we also have a talented new leader in the agency as my assistant secretary substance-abuse and mental health services him hide who has not only from state systems that has worked in the private sector and has run medical systems very attuned into this issue and is at the table looking at collaborative strategies to the of the agency for children and families at the table and scientific best evidence from the cdc and the strategy that works on the ground and we are working in collaboration with state and local partners to make sure what we know is effective and is told down so this is an effort to one of the things the president made clear to all of his cabinet officers is he wants us to leverage our assets not
1:45 am
only across departments but within the own agencies so we have a number of cross agency collaborations and this is one of them. >> that is a great to hear. >> also as you know in fact you mentioned earlier in an earlier statement the 317 vaccination program and this program historically has been used for vaccinating children however each year hundreds of thousands of american adults are hospitalized and tens of thousands die from diseases that could have been prevented through vaccinations and it is estimated the cost of the society from vaccination preventable disease is approximately $10 billion annually. how will the hhs use existing funding streams to address the issue of increasing adolescent and adult vaccinations and has the department considered to
1:46 am
fill the and adult immunization strategy in particular what could be done to increase vaccination rates among health care workers. >> a fairly short response, please. >> we are working on this. i just was at the 44th annual vaccination week long conference we've learned a lot of lessons we intend to apply across the board and one of them is how to deal more effectively with not only minority communities but health care workers. >> hopefully we can follow on that. >> thank you, mr. sherman. i was listening to the wonderful story about jerry baliles and i must say the moral i drew was that the republicans get beat by democrats up of steady levels it is kind of a warning story for me. [laughter] on a serious note line share -- >> beat by another republican. [laughter]
1:47 am
>> i share mr. tiahrt's concerns about the financial basis of the bill the one he particularly high lighted up the medicare trust fund out for a new entitlement program that point where we have got a baby boom generation hitting the medicare age and i don't think it is winter cold. let me ask about another part of that concerns me greatly madame secretary. right now we assume and i think you said the majority of people being moving into the system would be ensured by a private entrance. i'm not 100% sure that's accurate because the numbers also just half will be medicaid based so at best it is pretty close whether they will be purchasing insurance and dazzling understand the bill frankly those younger people are going to have an option, it's mandatory that can pay a penalty as opposed to just buy insurance. the penalty iciness cheaper than the entrance and i would suggest a lot of them are going to do what most people in their 20s
1:48 am
and 30s to and that is take the cheaper route out whether that is why this is debatable but i think that is true. so how confident are you that the new people showing up to be ensured given the fact many of them are medicaid and given the fact many of them have a payout when they are young and healthy are going to provide the revenue stream the bill envisions? >> congressman, the experience in massachusetts, which is one that we look to and there's other states that have -- wisconsin again has a pretty near universal insurance avenue but in massachusetts a fairly similar structure an individual mandate with a relatively low penalty for failing to buy insurance plus, when come waiver or hardship waiver. i'm sorry, has produced 97, 98%
1:49 am
insurance coverage. the experience they found is that people really want the insurance they just felt there were too many financial barriers or health barriers to get into the marketplace so at least in this instance that similar structure has been tried there was a very robust take up in spite of some skeptics who fought people would opt out if they were younger and healthier. >> i have a totally unrelated question but i would very -- one of the provisions in the bill that concerns me is the truth of the physician don't hospitals and there is a philosophical divergence and congress over that particular issue in my state they are some of the highest performing hospitals that we have in every reading they provide excellent care and we've been very pleased with them. what is the general attitude of the administration towards
1:50 am
physician owned hospitals looking forward? >> i can honestly tell you i haven't been involved in a sort of philosophical discussion. there isn't any direction of discussion and think it is more from congress frankly and the alarm in certain areas of the country of the proliferation to what some have seen as the disadvantage of the community hospitals trying to run emergency rooms and contributed to graduates medical education and then being a cherry pit by provider based hospitals but i don't think the department itself has a directional strategy. it really is looking at high-quality cost-effective delivery and some are in physician good hospitals and the others are sometimes in community hospitals that is our goal. >> closing on that just so you know in our state most of the
1:51 am
hospitals operate and take medicare patients. i would commend you to consider that as one of the models when there is not an administration position. >> thank you, mr. chairman. the health reform issues are also going to be including the concerns of children's health issues. children comprise 50% of the medicaid world. will there be thought about establishing a children's health task force and leading up to that my colleague recently had the highest rate of tb in california and it's grown from almost elimination of and by trying to be fair, in the state
1:52 am
of california. given that rise and the works that he will be required to do as far as traveling and stuff like that i'm concerned that you had sufficient resources to be able to do the kind of trouble and create the kind of presence that is going to be expected when you run around the country to make the negotiations and be an advocate for this program to read those two questions i would like a quick response. >> congressman, i think in terms of the travel and the responsible declining would come in very handy in this instance because i do think there is a lot of confusion and concern and also a lot of eagerness about people wanting to know about the bill, what is going to work and be implemented and i can assure you i am going to do my best as are lots of members of our department to be out and about
1:53 am
everywhere. the children's health insurance program which you all extended in 2009 prior to the passage of the affordable care act i think is a great focus on making sure children have appropriate intensive care particularly the youngest stages and we are going in a very aggressive outreach effort in conjunction with faith based neighborhood groups with health care providers with state and local partners to identify and enrolled the approximately 5 million children who are eligible but not enrolled. it continues to be a challenge. even last year state and local governments signed an additional 2.5 million children. we would like to see that continue to rise and i think that is as you know the schip
1:54 am
program continues during the life of the affordable care act and i think that is going to focus that kind of attention and services on the the children's population and one that we take very seriously. >> [inaudible] >> thank you mr. chairman. madam secretary, you know i represent a district in youngstown akron and in the city of youngstown we have to health care systems. one of them is former health that employs approximately 4,000 people in the region and it is now i am trying to emerge from bankruptcy, youngstown has about 15 or 16% unemployment rate and the city is one very similar in adding 30 million new people to the system and many in ohio and western pennsylvania and only now is a good time to see a hospital closed down and i was wondering if there is anything
1:55 am
in your site or from the administration that could help address this issue. >> my understanding is we solved one of the problems in terms of payments that will continue during the the discussion which i think is important and again on a think the framework of having a payment system under the individuals will seek hospital care in the future is a step forward and hospitals have struggled. i also think there were huge improvements made in the bill over the course of the discussion dealing with a disproportionate share allocation where a originally there was the thought that it could disappear entirely and i think that was recalculated appropriately based on the fact that there are huge disparities in terms of the patient load that's likely to get various hospitals. i think you're absolutely right
1:56 am
we need a robust health care delivery system and it's something we are going to be working with local communities looking at ways we can provide resources in this kind of bridge strategy to make sure they continue to provide services. >> in the meantime until 2014 when ever becomes and hospitals like this could potentially close down. i know i think it is in the department of agriculture there are loan guarantees and maybe we can come up with ways to help these hospitals refinance because between now and then a lot can happen and the other hospital in town can't handle it. the influx they could receive. >> the community block grant money which is in again some other funding streams i think we've got to be more creative about bringing other agencies in. the hhs doesn't have either operational money or construction money with regard to hospitals that having that a dialogue with my cabinet
1:57 am
colleagues is something i am going to pursue because it has come up in a number of areas and is a very critical piece of the health care system just liked a school you can't close a hospital or people won't stay in the community. >> i look forward to working with you on that. its development, health, education, everything. i appreciate that. >> thank you, mr. chairman. missed field come adams qtr let me ask a safety question of you. the value of fda regulated increased over the past decade. the statistics say that fda record 8.2 million imported food line in 2007. fewer than 2.8 in tree-lined a decade earlier. you have just over 1% of these lines physically examined and or test it. it's often reported even with
1:58 am
increased funding the congress has provided to the agency in the past three fiscal years the fda will still inspect less than 2% of import lines in 2011. this is because the fda relies on a very weak border inspection system. i also might add that there is an indication that there potentially will be more inspectors but we could have fewer inspections. again, how can -- can you tell us how do you think the fda can improve in this area? there's the fda food safety bill pending before the congress and the said. how can this help change this equation and how do we deal with improving inspection ratios in the next five years? >> well, congresswoman, first of all, thank you for your longtime
1:59 am
leadership and expertise and interest in this area and is one that has changed dramatically over time. we no longer have an american based food system and i think that the regulatory framework is 20th century at best and the system is global. half of our fruits and vegetables come from outside our borders. about two-thirds seafood comes from outside of the borders just to name a couple of products. no question the new framework passed by the house and pending in the senate is a huge step forward and has a lot of the expertise, the committee staff, not this committee but your expertise as part of moving that ahead. i do think part of the strategy


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