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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  May 8, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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it was already elevated. only thing you had to do was put the bat on it. >> gary: wigginton off 2nd, 0-2. >> eddie: today that pitch is thrown, the pitcher is going uh-oh. >> gary: gets the out. orioles get a run, ty wigginton the rbi double after markakis drew a walk and stole a base. what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means to own a mercedes-benz. the c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial. ♪
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. >> gary: and time now for our home depot doing more on defense. >> mike: jeremy guthrie's afternoon, outstanding fastball location using both sides of the plate. he's really taken off where brad bergesen left on. a couple pitches hurt him but for the most part he spent most of the afternoon pitching out of the windup. pretty smooth. allowed a few runs. otherwise, pitched extremely well. >> gary: more saving, more
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doing, that is the power of home depot. and guthrie looking for his first win. will work here in the bottom half of the 7th inning. ramos, harris due up. jeremy guthrie got to believe he's thinking right now so close, so close. that no. 1 win. 0-1 count. jeremy's in a career high 8-game losing streak. >> mike: ow. >> gary: that got him. no. they are saying that it hit the bat or the hand. it got the hand. and that hurts.
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>> mike: hard to tell whether it was the forearm or the wrist. >> gary: second batter hit by guthrie this year w gentlemen mauer not playing, they do not want to why v-to use him. butera is supposed to be the catcher for game 2. mauer is just a spectator at this point. working his way back. >> eddie: maybe we could send ritchey out to help with him, keep him out on the field. >> gary: he's going to take 1st base. here's the injury that took mauer out. bad bruised heel as he tried to extend his stride. soft tissue injury. that's why he's not on the dl. he's been taking batting
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practice and working but not skooching down yet or running. so a runner on, 6-3 oriole lead, bottom of the #th inning, ramos, and harris is 0-2. 1-0 count. jeremy guthrie, a lot of pitches early in the ball game. interesting to see how far dave trembley will go with him. he's been over the 100 pitch count three times in the starts this year. 2-0. >> mike: start to see a little movement in the oriole bull pen. >> gary: just in case time now for the pen. and misses with that and falls
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behind 3-0. : worked search innings in his last start against the yankees, he's gone seven innings twice. and that is in there for a strike. harris trying to draw the walk. harris hitting just .191, fouls that one back, big cut. and guthrie gets back on him to go 3-2. closer to the end the harder the outs are to get. >> mike: always seems that way. trying to count them off in your head how many you need. >> gary: harris will pop that one up, good come back by guthrie, 3rd base. tejada has got it, harris is out. one away. the orioles invite all little league players and coaches to sign up for little
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league day sunday may 16, preregistered players can parade around the track, meet some of the players. go to for details. mike flanigan,ed di-murray, amber theoharis, gary thoern here at target field. the orioles have the 6-3 lead. we will be back with you tonight for game 2. a split double header. one at noon, one at seven local time. that's a strike on the outside corner. nick punto, 1-2. >> eddie: it's a big outright there. he had to fight back in the count. now he got to kick punto out, keep the double play in order here and sit back in the dugout.
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>> gary: it's ahead of him, 1-ball, 2-strike count. 101 for 5 here in the first two games. bergesen, brian matusz, matt albers with a couple wins. >> mike: i'm sure he would like to join the club. >> gary: get the start erts involved in the ws and will take the pitch inside. two-ball, two-strike count on punto. on at 1st base, ramos but it's not taking any kind of a lead over there after being in fortunate pitch. 2-2 delivery and got him on a called strike 3. five strikeouts for guthrie, two down. >> mike: the pfeifer
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strikeouts, the third are called between strike the pitch is on the corner of the play. >> gary: dave trembley coming out with denard span coming up. he'll come out having worked six and two-thirds, responsible for the base runner on. it can happen anytime. an everyday moment can turn romantic at a moment's notice. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction
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jeremy guthrie. we'll take that kind of outing every time out. 16th appearance on the year so he's been a left-handed match-up reliever. >> gary: denard span, .324 off left handers will take that for a strike. so he's on to get the lefty out thereof. left handers have been 2-11 against will ohman so that are fa thr season. span's 0-3. runner on at 1st base. ramos. orioles up 6-3. breaking ball is in there for a strike. ohman will challenge hitters. >> mike: he knows what his job is really to get those left handers out. dave trembley would like that also.
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>> gary: 0-2, they lined the runner at 1st, breaking ball just a little outside. and a one-ball, two-strike count on denard span. six-game hit streak, he hasn't extended it here in this game yet. 1-2 delivery to him. missed, 2-2. here's the #-2 delivery to him and span takes it away. after falling behind two strikes. >> mike: he just goes for the flat foot attack. once he gets 0-2.
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batters not trying to drive the ball, just put it in play. >> gary: 3-2, runner at 1st, ramos is going. grounded to 2nd. gets it in time to get the out. so ohman comes on and gets the out. no runs, no hits, no errors and a base runner left on. seven complete, orioles by 3. oh, really? how? by bundling. if you get your homeowners and auto insurance together, we give you even more savings. ooh! big bundle. [ chuckling ] home and auto together. it's like peanut butter and jelly. oh, or like burgers and fries. or pickles and ice cream. unicorns and glitter! no? bundling to save you more. now, that's progressive! call or click today.
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. >> gary: day night affair. there's your match-up for the second one. >> mike: millwood going against scott baker. couple pretty good years with the twins. it will be an interesting match-up later on today. >> gary: bird fangs on hand. so are a number of fans on hand -- orioles fans on hand taking a picture of the new yard. eddie murray joining us on the broadcast. eddie will be on the radio broadcast for game 2 tonight. here is nolan reimold to lead it
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off. he has singled walked both times and struck out. reimold skies it. 2nd base. hudson is there. one away in the 8th. time to text in your vote for the at&t player of the game. here the candidates for this one. jeremy guthrie with a chance to win it, 6 and two-thirds, nick markakis, three rbi ball game and a run scored and izturis, he's had a couple singles, 2-3, two singles and rbi. text in your vote to 51862. here is izturis. looking for a three-hit game. >> mike: seven out of nine orioles reaching base this afternoon. tejada and atkins have not reached. >> gary: izturis will take that down low. izturis now his 6th multi hit
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game, previous five have all been with two hits. chance for a three-hit ball game here. burnett's delivery and that's taken for a strike. 2-1. izturis up to .238 on the year. inside he gets ahead on the count 3-1. and walked him. burnett a couple of walks since coming on. that's the no. 9 hitter he walks here with one away. >> eddie: it will be interesting to see if lugo in that first hole in the second game. >> gary: yeah. probably scheduled not it play i would think. maybe move over to short. i don't know. dave trembley
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said he already had the line-up done for game 2. he does those this advance. he'll tweak it where needed. lugo certainly had a shot on the lead off spot today. three hits, an obvious and two sins. takes is -- singles, takes it for a strike. >> eddie: i will tell you, you will see just about anything from lugo during a ball game at any time. he bunts, he does a little bit of everything. >> gary: runner goes, ramos' throw not in time. orioles 2-2 stealing bases today. >> mike: does give you a dimension of speed. it's the first time someone other than lugo has stole an
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base over the last eight games or so. no look back, you can tell straight steal. >> gary: 3-3 on the year. i'm sorry, 2-4. right center field, span coming, he's got it. >> eddie: lugo played great right there. great positioning. >> gary: hit the ball hard. key to today's game if you are one of the hitters, do not hit the ball hard. if you will bloop it off the end of the batter, you will get the base hit. >> eddie: tejada may still have the hardest hit ball today. >> mike: and he's 0-4. . >> gary: jones a single, 1-4, 1-8 in the series.
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adam will foul it off. feel the night time air moving in. >> mike: feels like it dropped 20 or 30 degrees by the sun going down. >> gary: 20 or 30 degrees? you have a loose sense of reality. >> mike: when did you first realize that. >> gary: i went to bed last night at 8 minutes to 10 or 12. a dramatic drop. >> mike: nonetheless. [laughter]. >> mike: it's colder than it was a few minutes ago. >> gary: that's going to be a base hit and rbi coming around is izturis and he's in and the orioles have a 7-3 lead.
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as we said. two hit ball game for jones. that bat barrel ended up in the second section. >> eddie: great base running by izturis, no play at home there. >> gary: ron gardenhire is going to come out and make a pitching change. jones delivers the rbi. for adam that's been a while. that's his 7th of the year and mahay is coming out of the bull pen. orioles lead it now 7-3. %
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brand power. helping you buy better. . >> gary: the veteran, 38-year-old ron mahay. >> mike: pitching in his 10th game of the season. you're right, sort of match up left handers. 7-2/3 innings. you can pitch a long time in the major leagues. always tough on left handers. >> gary: markakis always tough on left handers. and nick fouls it back. markakis with three rbis, two singles, a walk, run scored, stolen base. got an eight-game hit streak now and he's got a runner at 1st
3:23 pm
with two down. .324 off left handers for nick coming into the ball game. adam jones on at 1st base. mahay was pitching in a ball this year. he was a free agent signed. center field, span is there and he's got it. markakis retired. but the orioles have yet another big run, jones gets the rbi single. orioles up 7-3.
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. >> gary: vote for your favorite o's for the 2010 all-star game and you could win the vote orioles experience vip sweep stakes. visit star for complete details. will ohman will stay on, the fans trying to generate some adrenaline here with their ball club down. bottom half of the #th inning, orlando hudson, 2-3 today, double single and is grounded out. >> mike: the pitching staff have only allowed --
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>> gary: uehara in the bull pen. great job has been done here so far with bergesen, of course, combining with ohman or uehara or simone for the shut out. that will be fouled away and will ohman gets ahead on the count, 1-2. >> mike: but the oriole staff has done so well in this short two-game series so far. they stopped the walks. the twins had just been walking at an as astronomical pace. >> gary: here's the 2-2
3:27 pm
delivery to hudson. and ohman goes full. three balls, two strikes. orioles also in this game have added his. another one in the 8th. that ball's a base hit. 3-3 '2 single by -- 3-2 single by hudson. >> mike: that's a pretty good afternoon, 3rd base hit, two singles, triple and now he short strokes it. >> eddie: the twins found them one there late before spring training there. >> gary: morneau in the middle of the order against will ohman.
3:28 pm
or noto off the mask of wieters. that one brought him to his knees or off the shoulder. >> mike: the pounding a catcher will take over the course of the season, it's amazing. top of the shoulder. stretching it around. >> gary: home plate umpire going out to the mound to give wieters a chance. >> mike: if that happened to an infielder got hit in the shoulderer, there would be three trainers and a medic on the field with a defib fib fibullator. >> gary: morneau's home run -- the orioles have scattered their
3:29 pm
offense up and down the line-up. hudson at 1st base. 0-2 delivery, morneau. pops it up. 3rd base. foul territory, one away. >> eddie: he's having some fun down here with the fans. it was coming out of the glove there. >> gary: one down. you're close enough this this ballpark, there will be some discussion with the fans. >> . >> eddie: i never talked to the
3:30 pm
fans during a game. just like they could tell he almost dropped that one, they know when i almost caught one. >> gary: the shift is on. light rain falling. thome completely fooled on that pitch. 0-2. he was guessing something else. ohman trying to work his way through the inning here. there's the 0-2 delivery, thome will take it outside. and ohman's been good enough against both right and left handers to gain the confidence of staying in for longer than
3:31 pm
just a specialty thing of getting one out. >> mike: he's not allowed an earned run in 15 appearances. that's the most among american league releaves without allowing a run. >> eddie: i'm watching tejada standing at shortstop hoping he doesn't get a flash back, just stand there and watch that runner go from 2nd to 3rd. >> gary: big shift is on, birds are flying around, tejada is taking notice. and just missed inside. >> mike: that used to be at the metrodome you had to worry about the ceiling and today it's more the light rain and the birds. >> gary: there's the 2-2
3:32 pm
delivery. we had fun with the bird that sits up on the foul ball at night, and we would joke about it and it made all kinds of national reruns so someone from our great crew brought in from a bird book the pictures and stories about that bird and that's why i said -- there's the bird right there. so it's a falco spervious. >> eddie: i really wanted to know that. >> gary: how about that double play! that is a five-six-three double play as the shift against thome worked perfectly. the orioles lead it 7-3.
3:33 pm
3:34 pm
. >> gary: orioles trying it make it two in a row against the twins. 7-12-0, the twins 3-6-0 trying to beat liriano the start who are gave up five runs, 12 hits over six, by far his worst of the year. jeremy guthrie to pick up his first win if the orioles can maintain. tejada's had an 0-4, maybe his
3:35 pm
last chance to extend his 7-game hit streak. up and away for a ball. mahay's delivery will be taken outside. tejada with a .391 average against left handers. and he gets one here in the 9th inning. and takes it to right field near the warning track. cuddyer is there. one down, 9th inning. >> mike: creative headgear. seemsz like if it's over the outfielders' heads it's a home
3:36 pm
run. you don't see any deep fly balls. you get it all or you miss hit it the way it's played here. >> gary: yes. one down, here's ty wigginton. wigginton an rbi double came in the 7th inning. he's the designated hitner this ball game. lugo's got an rbi, wigginton with a couple, izturis an rbi. ty wigginton against the lefties, .286. he's had just one home run off left handers so far. and we'll take that away. >> mike: mahay start -- >> eddie: mahay starting this inning off trying not to give the hitters anything. >> gary: that's your best
3:37 pm
chance, the ball down the line here. power alley to power alley the word is it plays very big. wigginton, morneau, hudson, all give chase. nobody gets there. including cuddyer. they've gotten up to 48 degrees apparently this afternoon. bull pen active fortunate orioles. not a save situation. uehara has been throwing in the bull pen, stays loose. he may be coming out to finish it up.
3:38 pm
dave trembley said simone is the closer but he doesn't think he could use him in back to back situations, that's why he's happy to have koji uehara back and i would not hesitate to use him him in a closing role. wigginton to center. span. >> mike: pretty good numbers out of the orioles bull pen. earned run for nine innings, one save in the last five. starters go deeper in the ball game, that's the delight of the effect it has. the bull pen settles in to be predictable when they would be used. >> gary: matt wieters doubled and scored in the 4th inning. he's 1-4 in the ball game.
3:39 pm
mahay with two down, nobody on. matt, .273 right-handed, .279 left-handed. four home runs, three of them hit from the left side. mahay is away with that one. 2-1. tell you about matt's home runs, he said 13 in his major league career now, nine left-handed, four right-handed. the other way, foul. eight of the twelve have been hit the opposite field. and most of that coming from the other side of the plate. five opposite field blasts when he's batting left-handed. 12346 like i said, that's really a good indication when a kid couple times up and hits the ball the other way, you can
3:40 pm
teach him. he'll get more comfortable with swings and throwing that ball later on. >> gary: mahay gets the strikeout, the orioles three outs away from getting the win. we good to the bottom of the 9th. m-bohm ♪ ♪ bohm-bohm, bohm-bohm, bohm-bohm ♪ ♪ bohm, bohm-bohm-bohm-bohm ♪ bohm-bohm, bohm-bohm, bohm-bohm, bohm ♪ ♪ if you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve ♪ ♪ you gotta evolve ♪ if you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve ♪ ♪ you gotta evolve ♪ if you're getting off track and you want to get back ♪ ♪ may take a lot of work, gonna break your back ♪ ♪ if you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve ♪ ♪ you gotta evolve ♪ no matter what they do, they can't break your stride ♪ ♪ evolution is a thing that starts inside ♪ ♪ throw your hands up, pat your friends with pride ♪ ♪ hold your head high, no need to hide ♪ ♪ e-v-o-l-v-e ♪ come on, get inside, come and ride with me ♪ ♪ if you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve ♪
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♪ you gotta evolve ♪ if you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve ♪ ♪ you gotta evolve ♪ if you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve ♪ . what a game so far for the orioles. guthrie returned to form and the orioles finally got some of that clutch hitting. >> yes, they did and despite giving up two home runs to the minnesota twins the orioles have 12 hits on the day. six of those hits came with two outs. the joels have a #-3 lead, three outs to go and the o's will make it back to back wins. back to minnesota we go with gary thorne. >> gary: orioles 7-3. and a chance to win their second here in minnesota. here's the voting updating you the a tchl t player of the game you still have time to text in your vote.
3:42 pm
jeremy guthrie, nick markakis, izturis. >> mike: the second game of the series and pretty well long road back from koji. had been a closer in japan a couple years back. just trying to get back and give dave trembley three outs right here. he had a clean inning in the 8th a day or so ago. seemed a long time ago. >> gary: here we go, bottom of the 9th inning. uehara gets the fly ball up. nick markakis, one pitch and one out in the bottom of the 9th. cuddyer with 1-4 and you home run.
3:43 pm
koji uehara will have kubel and ramos up. jeremy guthrie, three runs, five hits, six and two thirds, could be the winner. will ohman worked an inning and a third, gave up just one hit. liriano would be the loser in this score holds. >> eddie: he continues to struggle but he will wake up. i just hope the orioles are out of town. >> gary: hitting only .200 as he stands in right now and had an 0-3 in the ball game. he and delmon young are tune platooning a bit in left field. pitch is away. >> eddie: had a lot of big hits for this minnesota squad last year. >> gary: 1-2. jason kubel got jammed.
3:44 pm
>> mike: they went through some bats today. check with jimmy kyler, who's on the trip, orioles clubhouse man. >> gary: left center field, reimold, kubel picks up the base hit here in the 9th with one down. >> mike: it's the third hit on the oriole staff since the 3rd inning or the 4th inning with the lead off homer by cuddyer. >> eddie: tried to come in that time but got his hands inside that one a little better. >> gary: wilson ramos who got hit by a pitch on the wrist area obviously has stayed in the ball game, good news for the twins. he's 0-2. 1-6 in the two games. a little sunshine coming back through again. strike on the outside corn frer
3:45 pm
uehara. koji uehara as dave trembley says keeps hitters off balance. he has a wide assortment of pitches. very hard to get the timing on him. that one reimold will back up on a bit. he's got it. two down. >> eddie: trying to make the appearance back in. >> gary: the orioles one out away from beating the twins for the second time. they shut them out 2-0 in the first game two nights ago and now trying to take the front end of this day of in night double header. brandon harris takes the pitch for a strike. harris has had an 0-3.
3:46 pm
francisco liriano came in the game with -- strike taken. jeremy guthrie you know is ready to breathe. he had a personal eight-game losing streak, 0-4 this year. swung on and missed, koji uehara wraps it up and this one is in the books for the o's. and an impressive performance all around. no runs, one hit, no errors and one left. the orioles have taken two in a row. this win this one 7-3. a little celebration that will make the between-game meals that much more enjoyable. there's your final line-up
3:47 pm
there. good attack, seven runs on 12 hits in the ball game, 3, 7 and 0 for the twins. guthrie gets the win 1-4. liriano is the loser, he's 4-1. there was no save in this ball game asellout of 38,608 on hand. the orioles left eight, minnesota stranded five. the orioles came in 0-18 with runners in scoring position. and went exactly the other way in those situations in this game. >> mike: every statistic we talked about this afternoon did not take effect 12346 runners in scoring position, bingo. >> gary: let's check in with one of those big offensive bats. >> the orioles able to take the first two games. do you all feel as if right now you need to force teams to respect you and is that exactly what you're doing with these wins? >> absolutely. guys are starting to swing the
3:48 pm
bat. we knew it was going to come around, we just didn't know when. it's coming along good and hopefully we continue it, our pitches are doing great. >> your bats were able to get out against liriano early. what did you see from him today that was maybe different that you were able to take advantage of. >> when you have those kind of approaches and those kinds of bats in those situations in the game it makes things a lot easier. you win ball games that early. >> jeremy guthrie has given you guys a few quality starts this year, how good was it to give him some run support? >> it was good. we struggled to give him support early on and he had one wad outing and all -- one bad outing and all his other starts were good. >> enjoy this one and then game 2. >> thank you. >> gary: that's going to do it
3:49 pm
for this day portion of our day-night. our second ball game coming up tonight, 7:30 o's xtra followed by game coverage at 8 on masn hd. i'm gary thorne, bid you adieu for the moment anyway. our final in this one, orioles win it 7-3. this has been a masn presentation. o's xtra, jim and rick coming up right now. . hi again, everybody, jim hunter and rick dempsey with o's xtra postgame. so we have the reverse lot going today. this was supposed to be a minnesota walkaway, 4-0 liriano, 0-4 jeremy guthrie, wait a minute it was a lock except it was guthrie's lock. >> finally jeremy guthrie got a little bit of breathing room. he gives up a two-run home run
3:50 pm
early in the ball game. but the o's second time through the -- around facing liriano, they got eight more hits tacked on to the two they got from the 2nd inning and just a good offensive day. two-out hitting is the way this team got to go. >> game recap as the orioles trail 2-0 when they batted in the top of the 3rd but the bases are loaded and markakis serves it into center field, drives in 2 and ties the game at 2. top of the 4th, two men on, two men down. izturis, talk about a seeing eye single bas the glove -- past the glove, the orioles lead. lugo would come through as he pulls it into left field. that's an rbi base hit and orioles with a 4-3 '2 lead. top of the 7th, now it's 5-3, o's a big hit. ty wigginton with an add-on run.
3:51 pm
markakis had walked and stolen 2nd base. the orioles go up 6-3. they would add another and win it by a final of 7-3. seven the nine orioles in the line-up had base hits and four of those seven had multi hit games. so guthrie gets his first hit on the year, liriano suffers his first loss as he is now 4-1 on the season. all of a sudden after leaving new york, they go in minnesota with a 2-0 game on thursday night and unexpected day off yesterday, but they pick it right up. >> bergesen yesterday set the tempo. the guy threw nothing but sinkers for strikes all night long. guthrie gave up sun solo -- one solo run but he comes right back and got outs right away. usually the orioles pitching staff has given up runs. as soon as they score, they give the run right back.
3:52 pm
but it looks like a whole different form at and i like what i see today. today was only the second time in the past 11 games the orioles have scored at least six runs. what a difference it makes for a pitcher when he can calm down a little bit because he has run support. >> always a lot of pressure on jeremy guthrie. the team does not play well defensively behind him. as they don't for a lot of the oriole starting pitchers but today was entirely different t looks like the mind set is just to relax now. not as much hype was there was in new york and they're all very relaxed. >> the orioles win it by a final of 7-3. they have won back to back games. i feel guilty as we throw back to gary and eddie, 72 and sunny here in baltimore and wait a minute, i'm over t i'm not guilty anymore. garry. >> gary: well, i'll tell you tonight it's going to be layer night because it will be down
3:53 pm
near freezing. but the orioles won't care as long as they continue to play as they did in gim 1 of this day -- game 1 of this day-nighter. >> he started out the day for the orioles by getting the two rbi single there early and tying the game up. that was just a big hit and the guys had fun the rest of the afternoon there. >> some of them weren't exactly big blasts. here's another one that ends up no play. that's an infield hit. that's another rbi. you take them the way they come. >> location, location, location, they hitting them in the right spot. >> look at the 2-4 he had. couple of singles, .319 average, two home runs and 12 rbis on the year. you always need, eddie, one to get going. you need a leader because it is for the often something that spreads. >> you're absolutely right. but a lot of the times it comes from the locker room.
3:54 pm
you must somehow have fun in there and joke, get everybody relaxed because this team was struggling with runners in scoring position and it does become a head case for everybody. >> the skipper, dave trembley is joining us here live. skip, an impressive second win. that was all around an outstanding ball game fortunate orioles. >> well, we got some big hits. you know, it wasn't always pretty but we got some big hits. guthrie pitched well, kept the ball down, but zeros up after we scored. our bull pen was solid again. markakis got a big hit, lug o gave us a hit, we found a way to get it done. >> how about jeremy guthrie's performance, skip? >> probably had as good a location as i've seen in a while. he kept the ball down, didn't overthrow. i kept looking up at the radar gun, the velocity wasn't telling me the truth. he had real good movement on all his pitches and you know, stayed
3:55 pm
within himself. he gave us a very good game. that's a tough line-up. >> i was wondering, you got some production out of that leadoff spot. you think lugo is going to be in the second game? >> when it's going good, you don't want to change anything. lugo swung the bat pretty good in new york, came up here today and had some good at-bats, used the whole field. we'll see what we got. >> skip, thanks very much. we'll see you in a couple hours. >> all right. >> dave trembley joining us here as the orioles picked up the victory in the first game, seconds one to come up. jim and rick back to you. >> gary, thanks very much. rick i thought it was very nice of you to offer your orioles parka to gary but how are we going to get it to him? >> i got a cold looking at him. >> the orioles hitters didn't seem to mind and the conditions are going to be worse later on tonight. at&t player of the game, jeremy
3:56 pm
guthrie with 50% wins his first on the year. guthrie is your at&t player of the game. eddie murray just talked about it, lugo certainly gave the orioles a spark today. the orioles win it 7-3.
3:57 pm
3:58 pm
. so reimold with that base hit and how about that francisco liriano retired the first search orioles. reimold who's been struggling overall hits a ground ball but perfectly placed. it hits the base and careens into left field. that base hit got the orioles going. >> that's why you never give up
3:59 pm
no matter when you hit the ball. nick markakis with a big swing, bases loaded this drives in two runs. the orioles tie the ball game and they're on their way back. izturis had a very big day for the orioles. base hit up the middle, another run scored. matt wieters on his way. they don't look back. right here another ball into the hole in left field, lugo when had three base hits on the day. you see right there not in a good spot. reimold scores another run and nick markakis again with a base hit up the middle, so way orlando hudson is going to get him right there. they didn't get a hit his first time up. >> this is plagued the orioles all year, runners in scoring position with two men down, first 29 games just 19-10 #. today six out of nine


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