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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  May 9, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hi. joining us here and are sent from outside of himself on the campus of ucla is radio talkshow host and author, tammy bruce. tammy bruce, have you ever been invited to do the only times festival books? >> incher semi, no. i'm a local. my books have done well and i've never been invited to be on a panel. >> why do you think that is? >> is par for the course. i was the president los angeles to the 90's and i think when there's a transition like i've made, and the city, which is very liberal, you tend to become like an apostate if you will. but it's important i think is an author that there are a lot of venues in which we can talk about her book, but it's -- i've been here anyway courtesy of c-span also to see the festival. at what point to introduce more
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stressing her for her speech. there was something i take in stride and it's not surprising, but maybe they'll change someday. we'll see. >> and dr. laura is a friend of yours. she did the forward to your book. >> she did interestingly in my transition from being a liberal effectively to an independent conservative. it was her experience as for that book if you well when she was attacked or what i call gestapo which issued sentencing or had an idea with convenient position of the catholic church for which she not only came under fire, but there was a project to effectively destroy her career for having said the wrong thing. and, you know, that was really the firmly received. we certainly see today still happening with the effectively subversion, but it was important for me as a liberal at the point certainly is a classical liberal to address that issue because i think what many of us had in
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mind when it comes to the issues of ideas and broaching difficult issues. .. >> americans have been
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saying we are tired of business as usual. the election of bush signify that then obama's now i think american people are seeing neither party has been honest with them. neither party has had the nation's best interests in mind. and the third step of that sentiment is a tea party movement i think. the remarkable shift we see politically right now. >> host: we will get into that. you said that bush did a remarkably bad job? why do you think that? >> guest: it was tuning. he stopped listening to dick cheney and started to listen to other people but presidents also when they get to the end of the last term begin to think of legacy. i think george w. bush is a decent man progress many decent people do, they truly think that some people need to be won over but the truth
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is historic three have seen some people cannot be. you did not want to win over the nazis or fascist italians are japanese broker you had to defeat them. when he shifted into the framework. we also had eight years of a constant pounding on him for the perfect response after september 11th. his strategy of taking iraq and afghanistan and seven -- is managing iran was brilliant but he effectively drop the ball in the last 18 months of his administration which is why we're still in afghanistan and why for some reason the three stooges and of the middle east, the one i'd shake and the doctor are still wandering around. there should be victory and war as opposed to management and unfortunately, i have a lot of respect for george bush for his response immediately after
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september 11th but i do see the shifting and i think but -- vice president cheney addresses in his book and a stop talking to him. all of these things have shifted into a different attitude politically. >> host: welcome to booktv live coverage of "the los angeles times" festival of the books. one of the advantages of being out here is to talk to california based authors and tammy bruce is our guest. if you like to participate we'll put the numbers on the screen screen sen them a little early so we can get them and let tammy bruce respond. here on the campus of ucla
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team 91 book she has written is called "the death of right and wro" what is this about? >> guest: not that i have an opinion it is about the notion everything is the same, all ideas are equal, all cultures are equal, we don't have a right to to pass judgment or come to conclusions. we certainly see socially the damage of that. part of that is how we have been prosecuting the war. the truth is that this relativism that is fed by the left and i participated and to some degree some time ago when i was on the left is the notion that if you can get people to believe that everything is equal and you don't come to judgment than a means of opinions are bad as well. smith however of your viewers or listeners are coming to some opinions about what i am saying if they agree or disagree that
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means there is a notion of right or wrong or whether something is correct anthem -- opinions are imperative but a society says you will be punished for coming to judgment in the message is you should not even think of those issues and opinions are dangerous part of that is for the far left. if you look critically at what people are doing, you will defend. we have already heard in the last couple months the national security adviser for obama referred to in the "usa today" editorial those are dissenting against the obama policies are helping al qaeda. now we are terrorist sympathizers because we might not like what the president is doing. even george bush did not go that far. i understand politics and the attempt to maneuver your positions but once -- about what they have been subject to mobile sides has created a dynamic finally, that i
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called for in my third book, "the new american revolution" people say enough is enough. i am finally seeing it and it is growing. >> host: tammy bruce for those who may not be familiar with you. a quick snapshot of your politics and career to one started in the late 80's as a pro-choice activist. >> host: where did you grow up? >> guest: native from los angeles. >> host: pro-choice activist. >> guest: in the late 80's help deciding to design the clinic defense structure women in the clinics were being attacked that was inherently unfair provide became the president of the national chapter of now and on the board of directors for a few years and talk radio career also in that time period of 1993. and started -- police in
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2001 and came out october there was some debate whether or not to release it because of the attacks on september 11 because we were one months out. i said to my publisher, this is more important than ever these are issues we need to suggest andeoe will suggest that we not which spurred my second book "the death of right and wrong" the year and a half later. talk radio up until now. now all of the national organization of men i left in 1997. >> host: how did you get from now to being a conservative? >> guest: it was a fight within the national organization for women during the o.j. simpson trial. i saw that as most americans did as an activist feminist about the issue of domestic violence which is colorblind. women don't notice the color of the fittest headed toward
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their faced. it was ignored it was not a sexy. it was difficult to find to the sympathetic. we finally had attention and it was the issue of race which of course, is the theme which was an insult to all women. all races and ethnicities. that was the internal fight and i realized something had happened when i was being asked by the national office to retreat on that issue that the issues of race were more important, a lot of organizations do with race and that is important, but my job was issues of wind. all women fits within that envelope. that was a wake-up call in addition to the attacks on lore slashing your. i noticed the trend to the demand for surrender and retreat socially for people not to speak up.
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on my issues, dealing with the violence against women is non-partisan. was always a thorn in the side of now because i thought we should organize site -- organize ourselves as a business and when i was told by my mentor that it was important to rub salt into the wound so viewed always be needed. that was not my message of success. i realized i could do more on the issues that mattered to me by being outside the organization and we free to speak my mind that ended up being the case. >> host: when did you become friends with dr. laura? >> we worked at the same radio station for a period of time and not necessarily friends. i can tell you that right now. we said some interesting things about each other on the air but that is part and parcel of having opinions
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and it was after i left it that station so in this instance and being a gay woman myself i thought that was outrageous. i do not agree with a lot of what she says but i founded the attempts to silence her to stop her career because she says something wrong according to the left was quite a scene because that is what we were fighting against since relieve the civil-rights movement. >> host: tammy is our website you have learned a little bit about her that the stakes some calls. good afternoon. >> caller: debt afternoon and think you c-span. ms. bruce double-a-2 address i have been a bookstore manager 20 years and i have seen tons of books, amount on the political correctness
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and the way they have been in this way but laura schlessinger is still employed at fox news and takes over for bill o'reilly but i did not see the same way the dixie chicks were marginalized. and there seems to be the attempt to address deficits specifically bay at they were incurred during the bush administration and did not see any tea party movement then. >> guest: i think i mention this in the beginning. laura schlessinger does work because we push back on the attacks on her and i am happy about that. when it comes to the teapartiers i mentioned earlier i think the reaction to george bush was the election of barack obama. he was elected because he was not george w. bush now that the party movement is a movement they notice something shifting with bush
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and we are romantics we believe things zero always be okay and suddenly there's a sense that it would not be and maybe the other party would reverse a certain issue. barack obama is doing what george bush was doing but on steroids there is a realization among the stakeholder something needs to be done. what you are seeing is a continuum of a reaction. i don't think it will stop for quite some time. but dr. laura does work because the gestapo was answered. there was a push back. i think the gay community in particular having to answer a supporter of hers on free speech from another day women was difficult for them to respond to. that has changed a little bit but the dixie chicks did have a lot of support but that is a wonderful thing about the increase of the
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use of the internet that now we are looking through, a mentioned twitter, facebook twitter, facebook, a lot of different ways to organize that give all factions in america and points of view a bigger exposure. >> host: you are a big on twitter? >> i had to be pushed into it i thought it would be another thing that would consume time they can be whatever you wanted to be. i remember organizing on the left in the '80s and '90s and what we could have done with cellphone. i used one that was a brick. with the internet, at email, twitter would have been phenomenal. we are seeing the results of that when it comes to left and right wing organizing. conservatives are learning to do it and want to do what they realize organizing is a
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good thing and it works. it should be an american value and i think we're finally seeing that manifest. i am at some hey tammy bruce >> caller: i want to ask you a foreign policy question obama's has been very harsh on our allies especially israel and to some extent britain but at the same time he has been silent when it comes to iran can you explain what is going on with obama and why he is trying to rearrange foreign policy in favor of terrorists? thank you. >> i can only come to my own conclusion knowing the left. and also be leaving what barack obama was saying.
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i caution and urged conservatives to believe what the left said. before the campaign barack obama said he would disarm us and progressives have felt that american power and influence is a problem in the world and a mistaken impression but i do think it is a combination. of lot of my books deal with psychology and the nature why we do what we do. interests me because i am compelled to see what i have done on the left and transitioned but we have found what effectively translates into our work, i think it is obvious barack obama has a benevolence for the country itself i think it is a reflection of what his parents felt of the nation. his mother behavior and stated publicly to some degree at least it is apparent in interviews she was not a fan of the united
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states i think her son reflects that attitude. the left does feel the united states has been wrong and we heard that chant for over a decade now. it is not surprising to see a president on the left to is acting in order to reverse one democratic strategist said to the construct american exceptional is them all americans think differently and as barack obama expressed if we like being a superpower or not, there have been messages that we do like it and the rest of the world now exists because of our approach and american power and exceptional is them. we are not ready to give that up or will we believe that we are the issuer the problem. it is an easier way to take when you see the overwhelming problem and i saw this on the left, sometimes you turn inward because that is what you believe you can control some of you feel the
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problems we have are so extraordinary you can do nothing about them, some level of cannibalism starts and this is why the genius of the founders giving us staggered elections so we turn to the ballot box and not the guillotine and turned to protest and organizing their brilliance of the bill of rights and constitution and freedom of the press and to have this conversation. we will step up against this book. most of us want to change. i warn that not all changes good and i think especially with israel. and the jewish people have always been in the canary in the mine. once again the curse of being the chosen people civilization exists because of the contribution through the millennia they have survived at the attempted extermination and israel
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stands as the example of what civilization is capable of doing. both good and bad. we see as a result the enemies are based on who is attacking the jews suicide bombing and terrorism. it was a precursor. now of course, it is an example for americans what the left really stands for and liberals really stand for and the obligation to the jewish people and israel which i feel is extraordinary. we have a chance to reverse that i look forward to doing that with a few million other americans in november november 57 d you ever feel isolated from national politics are left out? >> and no play, yes. by california patronage, the east coast does not look at anything west of the
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mississippi and they say california. would ever but they gave the nation and ronald reagan and saw the manifestation very early and the liberals governance and that could serve as a warning very early on. here in california we know that we set trends. lashing 1010 still not notice that. they may start to but as a native you get used to the fact it is a beautiful city, a beautiful taye town. and the mayor now house to shut the city down two-- per week it is no way to run a business or a country no way to run a city and americans are seeing what certain things lead you to prepare as writers we're told you want to show "the reader"
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something, you don't want to tell them. liberals are showing americans all over the place what they really mean and americans are not liking it. >> host: our next call comes from minneapolis. [applause] hello. how were you today ms. bruce? i have seen you before on a booktv i did not realize your politics long as far to the right as they have. you describe yourself as a classical liberal which i am an independent. i thought you had more of a libertarian streak from previous appearances of your ago when i have seen new on booktv. lifeline did astonishing you would not be a panelist on the book program itself. you answered a lot of the questions i have for you which is how do progress from the left i saw you as a
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libertarian to the right to your at now. and if you could speak more to that that would be great but wonder to specific issues. you made the case for the association with israel and i don't think it gets passed a lot which is why does the united states apart from the moral component, the relationship with israel why doesn't make any sense for us to have a stronger relationship with that country than any other in the middle east? i know they are a democracy but the other thing that has not come up so far today is the immigration issue. the status of l.a. being the sanctuary city the idea beyond comprehension to me. and the arizona
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anti-immigration bill. >> host: we have a lot to work with. >> guest. >> guest: the idea of independent conservatism is taking hold. i am a feminist, pro-choice and gay will milan and within the religious framework of politics would not consider me a conservative but but this is what you see also is that the authentic conservative as a base and economic framework. >> host: are you a member of the teapartiers? >> guest: you are not really a member but i am a massive supporter. i have been to them and spoken at them so i think that is what the nation needs. >> host: i apologize for interrupting. >> guest: there is a petition by you're not really a member. i love it. but that is the independent
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conservative framework. democratic, republican, libe rtarian, pro-choice, you stand at the teapartiers pro-choice, pro-life, republ icans and democrats all realize the issues that matter to us do not matter unless we have a home to go to and a paycheck and little sense that we have saved enough for the future and we know what the government will do and don't worry about nuclear fallout for ourselves or jerusalem. if you get down to brass tacks with stakeholders about your business and whether or not we will become a welfare state, that is unacceptable. take classical liberal as then the shriver kennedy framework or independent conservative the realizes the parties really don't matter and both of them are out of control. where is the average american citizen, the stakeholder? what is it we realize
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it -- which is why you see more and more people identified as independence and barack obama approval numbers coming down, republican party members going down prepare americans are not going to wait anymore for politicians to do what is right and this is frankly beneficial which is the understanding. my heart was broken in 2008 because i knew what the left would do. i saw our romantic side have overtaken us to the point* of being unreasonable. sunopta that has ever happened too any individual but now it reminds me why america is so unique and exceptional. we will be romantic and give the underdog a chance but don't think about destroying the nation to think the constitution is obsolete or think that the european way is the best way. europe exist because we are
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not them and because we are exceptional. the average american, the business owner, the stakeholder, knows what is important for there families' future and for israel when it comes too not only this nation and the importance of america remaining strong is the compelling aspect is pretty serious but not the idea is real up until the change in iraq was the only democracy in that region and the only country that allowed women to live lives that best suits them. it is an entity that shows and exhibits the issue of human and civil rights to the democratic process. it is a nation and the jewish people serve for millennia i am i italian and scots irish. when you look at the quality
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of our lives, not only have an obligation to support israel and the jewish people but a country the size of connecticut that serves as a reminder to that entire region about what is wrong with the despotism, the arab world oppression, the nature of the problem with terrorism and when it comes to supporting france why we support england and europe and israel. because they do represent freedom and what is right to. the more obligation, political obligation because i think it is what god wants and i don't identify myself as a christian but it is tough to deny that we are tested quite often the fact that we know the quality of our lives to jewish innovation, education and the creation of western
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civilization is enough in my book to stand up for israel and the jewish people. >> host: we are live with tammy bruce at "the los angeles times" festival of the book at the at ucla campus. >> guest: made by a correct something? the us got irish were chosen to fight that want to give anybody upset. [laughter] >> host: did you want to address the immigration issue? >> guest: obviously when you have john mccain channeling tom tancredo you know, something has changed. the fact is with the murder in arizona the phoenix is the kidnapping capital of the united states and ms13 a murderous gang threats
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united states and has but it influencing ms-13 as they move through the united states, drug-trafficking, a crime, murder, when the first act entering this country is breaking the law and we don't enforce our laws and look away from you, there is a contempt that builds and i think with the economy, the nature of realizing that things will not get better under the current circumstances, the answer is not amnesty and rewarding people insulting those who have followed the rules were served the nation. if you serve the country are what you to become a citizen. it is an insult for all of those who have waited. there is an understanding fact in order for america too still be the began that everyone comes to, we allow more people legally to come to this nation than any other country combined and in order to keep the nation
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for the coming to it is time for that southern border. los angeles issuing economically you cannot sustain a welfare state for millions of foreigners. we have fought and died to liberate hundreds of millions of people who are not americans and 53 million just on the war for terror have been liberated through george bush's 60% or both women and children we're prepared to live and die to give our lives for other people i want us to survive and be strong so we can be here for people to come to. >> host: we have a tweet have you considered writing a book for the lg tea movement? >> it comes through the national organization for women but modern feminism was that it was four left us
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it is not a leftist notion but the american notion. we should all live the lives that best suits us but those are writing a book on the modern feminist movement would almost have to address it if there is one would almost be an american history sort of effort. if you see it ranging from the suffrage movement to the beginning of the modern movement but even betty and her last book noted that she was not just a tired housewife but a member of the american communist party and decided to move things in that fashion. i think a lot of history has been misrepresented by surgeon left-wing institutions and their right about that been the "the
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death of right and wrong". part of my conservatism is my finding out as a student of history through political science at the things i believe and are inherently american. it is not about having a hermetically sealed corporation i owe my life fam point* of view i can speak this way without a brick wall falling down on me as would happen right now if we were in saudi arabia and i would not be hanging from a crane that they do to the homosexuals and iran. the american values system allows me to live the life that i live and i live in it. it is important to me to be a conservative and them is because it is not the feminist movement that has made our lives great, it is the action of our founding fathers and mothers and away the american people have handled threats from the beginning of this nation.
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if i may add, i was at an event last night for a candidate in florida for the 22nd district war hero, a remarkable man who pretty much exemplifies what this revolution is. but people said we are not sure if we're going to get out of this. we have gotten out of every other thing that has come our way. we try to avoid things and retreat, we try to live our lives. that is what americans have always done our founding was retreating from the old world but of course, we will be fine. we always have been an american heroes do exist and manifest when we need them. that is why now as a feminist it is based with americanism that i think is at the heart of all things good. >> host: is that a book idea?
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>> guest: i think right now the best thing when i have tried to do with my writing is use my experience is on the left to illustrate what is going on culturally. i think perhaps it is not a bad idea. i do think organizing is important as i have been telling my listeners and readers come it is imperative to get something done i think they realize it now with the tea party movement. it is an important aspect to realize the leftist strategy is good but the notion of women's rights making people's lives better, people of color, quality of children's lives, is inherently american notion, an american notion. i think that has been lost. sections of the lot left try to claim those and they feel it is from a separate ever. know it is not.
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american lives have been lost, tens of millions and the effort to free african americans from slavery and they have voted for several chang gave us the right to go. the privileged have given up their rights and men have voted to give up their rights to further the quality of life for others. this is the only nation that does that but perhaps that is important to recognize that difference and if i can try to formulate it, it might be a good thing. >> host: you told me your most recent book? >> guest: i am working now on the idea of the emerging gestapo. if history gives us a lesson we will see a natural progression when the left finds that persuasion and intimidation does not work work, you heard it.
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my first book they dealt with it now and 2010 the average americans are finding that they are being called as teapartiers the brown shirt and the mob and wife beaters and terrorists. steny hoyer just this week apologized saying it was wrong of them to call the tea party participants on american. i think they have realized that this must we addressed but it is too late when you are willing to call the american citizenry of variety of names to get them to be quiet one that is the cartoonists -- party and so what this nation stands for. when it comes to organize -- organizing it is important when it comes to the gestapo separate entities outside of government using certain kinds of strategies to silence and intimidate for all americans it is
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unacceptable. we have a first chance in history to stop a fascist gestapo movement to silence the opposition before it gets a real foothold and i think that is what the november election is all about. >> host: washington in your on with tammy bruce. >> caller: hello. >> guest: this is a twitter follow were. thank you for calling. nice to hear from you. >> caller: what do think of your community of followers add to tammy are we group thinkers? >> guest: not that i would have planned this but what manifesto that my website it is subscription based, i moved away from the terrestrial radio framework to become completely independent because i got tired of having to be answerable to people who were somewhat afraid.
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for example, i would play the theme from shaft of the economy went south. we were asked not to do that because it may be perceived as being racist. go figure. when it came down to music and things i would say i became troubled by the notion of self-censorship that i began to apply so i went commando or independent and the people around the country and around the world who are subscribing to what i do and also number 143 we are the number-one program but the army members. not the i think i need an army but it is heartening because it is such an expanse of people. it is the kind of variety that you know, america truly represents. for me, all of us who are in the public eye with political or controversial
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issues come it does become increasingly difficult when it comes to issues of threats coming request for censorship, the general public, you really have to believe in what you were doing. i believe part of this is growing up. the tea party movement movement, internet based forms and communities is because everyone now feels pressure at work, at school come on the street, with your friends, and i think finally americans are not liking the direction progress so i am thrilled that people, especially in this economy are willing to support what i am doing and at the same time i think very necessary to give people, we have not seen any of this before really. people begin to wonder what will happen. i think having communities of other americans make you feel that you are not alone and remind you you are not a
6:42 am
loan. i am quite honored. >> host: self-described as america's favorite openly gay begun toting conservative voted for reagan. >> caller: daschle is the democratic people's of west hollywood. [laughter] tell us about the great benefits of gun-control. >> guest: if you are a criminal and you would like the open field to robbing houses and taking advantage of people it is terrific. exactly as washington has found becoming the murder capital of the world the bad guys know that no one can defend themselves but supportive of the second amendment does the firearm owner i know as a nation does that when your arm to the bad guys are more at risk in know what freedom
6:43 am
day might have. there is no benefits. we have seen a worldwide that gun-control and keeping firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens increases crime, the murder rate and the fact is murder is also illegal and people still do with guns and if you are inclined to commit crime, then the tool does not matter either. our founders news is that having a firearm by your side not only kept you save but was good for defense but reminded you of your individual responsibility and power. the germans and japanese said they wanted to end world war ii they could not occupied united states. they know that nobody would be marching down wilshire boulevard and in the same position for any federal government that may feel the
6:44 am
people are getting too uppity. the national guard will not go marching down the street. we also know and i net tiananmen square in china did not have been controlled. those people were unarmed to. there is a great deal in "the death of right and wrong" and "the new american revolution" about the importance of firearm ownership. even if you're not comfortable but supporting the notion for people like me who m. cram turbo with firearms we will maintain the legitimacy every fascist effort has to start with the disarming of individuals and in fact, england has found out that trying to disarm and effectively disarming the english people the murder rate has climbed, candidates in the same position are overwhelmed with that framework because the canadians are unarmed but yet murders are still
6:45 am
occurring and at a higher rate. it keeps crime down. as a woman it is the ultimate equalizer. if you have a buy your bed and close enough for i could hit you with a bat you are two close. i want an equal framework that i will stop you before you get that close. if you come into my home, there is a pitcher of me with my 38 special if you are uninvited meeting the harm you are not leaving standing out. it reminds me of my responsibility and my individual personal power and it is imperative part of american freedom. joining the nra or the local gun group even if you don't own a firearm is an important freedom of expression. with so much evidence that
6:46 am
crime and murder increases when there is gun-control bill yet people still push for it. why? and it is more of a matter of controlling a population governmentally than any concerns regarding crime. >> host: did snuffy join us today on the sec? >> guest: no. he is homebound. i do not have a carry permit. it is very difficult and los angeles it is interesting but yet i did carry during the riots. i thought i would take my chances but at the same time snuffy is quietly at home and does not have to be said very often but it is an interesting juxtaposition and were you have a sanctuary city with a welfare state for foreigners effectively and crime with gangs is out of control that yet to a law-abiding citizen to protect yourself extraordinary limits are placed on you. part of that, with the aid
6:47 am
of gun-control is meant to send the overall message that's as a citizen you cannot be trusted. you cannot trust yourself, as situations are too complex, someone has to take care of you and make choices for you. if we buy into that we will say yes, sir, more often and we should not and there is the psychological component that if you have to ask for permission or you were denied permission or the gun is taken away? we saw what happened in new orleans after katrina firearms confiscated illegally it is the message the people cannot be trusted and that is unacceptable. if somebody cannot be trusted it is the government. our founders its lead us to look funny at the government. they wanted restrictions. they knew what government
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could do it in any framework and it wanted the american people to be the bulwark what they naturally sought as a power and the problems associated with it. >> host: we have one tweet she tries to claim she speaks for the average american. six-figure salary and on tv. not average. >> guest: six-figure salary would be nice. i think as a small-business owner when you look at a lot of americans that is why at the argument of who is wealthy is amusing. couples who make six figures as if it is something to be ashamed of usually because you own a business and filing as individual as opposed to a corporation. when you look at who puts money into the economy to pending appeal the von new york or los angeles you have to make a little bit more
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money to survive but all of us have experienced a shift in that regard. i want to see average american and most of us do, are able to make the choices we want to make financially. being on television's last time i checked it seems that everybody was on television at this point*. by beaumont this mess the fact that i am privileged and i am very lucky and honored that i have had surgeon opportunities but it is because the choices i have made. we are all able to make traces and find our live -- levels there are some people on television more than me or make more than me. i want to make more. i want americans to be successful. money especially for women and minorities at the core of the conservative
6:50 am
ideas, money is what sets us free. if you have enough money, you are free to make the choices you want to make. if somebody sent to a check the government, ex-husband, you are answerable to them. they can tell you what school you send your kids to, where you can eat, what type of job you have to get, where you can live. being free financially allows you to make choices private schools, where you want to eat, at liv, what part of the country, to deny the importance of capitalism. i am not talking about becoming a millionaire but successful enough to where the government check you're not waiting for and free to move if you want. free to be and are out of their relationship. how many people are in a relationship because they think it is financially easier? you want to be where you are because you choose to be.
6:51 am
i think while we're all at different points in the road on the way to the american dream, to suggest someone is not american or does not speak for those values different than others is cynical and unfortunate. >> host: we have another tweet describing herself as a geeky old broad not ready to retire. if california is leading the nation in trend then does that mean republicans will be irrelevant nationwide instead of just california? >> guest: i was on the schwarzenegger transition to team and we have a lot of hope but did not take into account would have been to you when you slapped with a kennedy every night. we became dissolution and quite quickly. the parties are irrelevant. i think that people are
6:52 am
voting based on a candidate and individual framework. i think we'll find more conservatives ultimately in the republican party that is just happenstance because of the reagan legacy but they are irrelevant. as americans both democrats i am inclined to say through february of '08 but as americans boating in november democrats as they did in massachusetts start to vote based on their situation and he or she is a democrat so that will be just fine people are finding out that is not the case anymore. you cannot presume and republican is conservative or holds your values. george to be bush was a liberal. he started the slide into nationalize health care with the medicare prescription drug program opening the door for that and spend more money creating a bigger
6:53 am
government then johnson's great society that also failed. that is not conservative values. when you talk all you want americans want the truth. we want the values that helped our lives become good and manifest. republicans have destroyed that. of course, barack obama is next. exactly the same train and americans are realizing waits. this is not about parties. who are these people? that is the question to ask when it comes your candidate >> host: live coverage of "the los angeles times" festival of books. tammy bruce is our guest we have another 15 minutes. greenwich new jersey have been very patient. >> caller:. >> host: all that patience
6:54 am
>> guest: he is watching tv. >> host: turndown your volume. >> caller: here i am. the reason i am calling i have watched you for a while and i know you have a perspective from the left obviously from the right to. you have a perspective that comes from both sides of the spectrum. the reason i am calling based it sounds a little weird. you are on c-span which is great but i think out here we need a voice like yours on a national basis. you are on the radio but have you ever been approached by fox to get on a national platform? they have reruns of hannity and no riley and i have seen you there but my question
6:55 am
is, have you ever been approached to have this show national on tv? we really need people like you because you have been noble sides of the political spectrum. >> host: we got the point*. we will have her answer. >> guest: yes. i am honored to be a fox news contributor. that was offered to me almost five years now when no one else was dialing my phone. roger ailes and longtime civil rights person understands who americans are the prospective that offer was very generous five years ago and associated that and affluence of fox news has increased over time for a reason even if you disagree with it you know, you're getting people telling you the truth on both sides effectively. i would love to do something
6:56 am
more regularly within that framework price oppose it would be great if the viewers call the box and said it would like to see me more. but we have all grown up with television and it is clearly in the fast-paced world come if we're lucky we are working, and maybe working two jobs, you know, it is your responsibility to save the country. loved ones in uniform all over the world, the home front year and we do need to do what all. television, cable and the new social media and i have seen well writing and books was imperative is that they are always there. the work that i have done over the last decade and in the future with books will always be available for people. unfortunately we will also
6:57 am
always be relevant. but television is clearly a medium that will remain imperative through the revolution and i hope to play a large part and i think navy that is something i need to get more aggressive about. >> host: tweet. is there a chance it could be hijacked by dick armey and the republicans? >> guest: there is a danger to everything. i equated the tea party movement to the issue of the eighth. it is like the power of the two-party movement is that it is a natural manifestation starting with mike santa l.e.t. nbc reporter having a head explosion on the air and at manifested naturally add of that progress a former former -- formal organizer nobody has ever seen anything like it.
6:58 am
there are organizers involve the past three entities to raise the money to set up the stages of the responsibility of the average tea party patriot is two hold your movement like the word a injured bird. you want to hold onto a tidy enough so it does not fly away the same with face and me there and aware but yet you don't want to have it too tight so that you enter it and it becomes something it should not be. it is difficult. americans have been able to do it. i am working on it too and i tend to hold onto things tight that i see americans right now doing very well. the four conservatives and stakeholders, this organizing business coming can you get a bunch of cats and one room? yes we don't know what will
6:59 am
happen then they might not stay there and you don't know what they will talk about if they meet up. if you think of yourself as cats. they will come together in a pride to accomplish something but other than that it is rather unpredictable. i think that is the value but also as an organizer you want results. weill also think with my last point*, the left has had to rely eighth on intensive organizing with leadership because the request for a natural part of the tea party movement is not something that has been started to move the american people but it is the results. it is what represents the shift that has already occurred. when i hear karl rove say that people need to get list and ask the patriots to pledge to learn about the issues that is insulting. we know the issues. of two


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