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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  May 9, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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pill today was across the political, religious age, class, and everything spectrum. >> host: i just didn't what anecdotes, do you go to a website and get letters. >> guest: in my earlier works when i used to force cases, when i just office papers that you get people's stories, you hereby from the people who feel the strongest on all sides. and it's always been my business to take the strongest positions on all sides so that readers can see what's behind these positions. they are not necessary representative, but they are heartfelt. and that's what really makes the difference here. >> host: well, i guess our time is a big we could go on and on. america and the pill, elaine tyler may, thank you very much. >> guest: thank you, christina. a pleasure. . .
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we're having some technical trouble. we apologize for the interruption and are working to correct the problem. we hope to return to the program
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here's aook at some upcoming
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book fairs and festivals of the next few months.
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there's a new worldwide community gathering to read a book and it is called, one book and one daughter and the organizer is jeff how. explain to us what one book one tour is. >> in a sense is a global book club but the inspiration was not book club which twitter has a few of us the big it reads that we've seen over the last few years. the first one being nancy pearls what if everyone and seattle read the same book were in 1998 the sweet hereafter. the one that inspired me reading about one book one chicago the first inaugural case where they read to kill a mockingbird and the source of connection that drew and i was reading about that on a course in social
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capital with robert putnam and the idea was that these programs get people to read and this wonderful, what they do is build social connections between people and give people with nothing, common. >> what book was chosen to be read? rocessre was a long and involveg and also in the book chosen was american gods by neil kanan. >> why did you choose that? >> i didn't. it was the crown. why did the crowd use it? that's a good question, there were a lot of classics of their essentially i watch this on, and a contributing editor, and the books that are nominated and then collected the most votes we had a lot of science fiction and try to have
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a five in 1984, brave new world, fahrenheit 451 was a big one but there's a lot of the fans that reed acquired but then when we added the board picked the six popular ones and then added four titles to serve and introduce diversity into a list of finalists. people still -- a broad group of people decide that they wanted kneels book and i think anything in the one read in high school or college people didn't necessarily want to read and wanted to read something new. >> jeff howe, what is the process? have people started reading american god's? >> good heavens, yes. it has been -- we have a lot of traffic. in has been at least as successful as it could have wished and probably more. in fact, i keep saying with this one big experiment, one book,
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one twitter, one big experiment. no one to my knowledge has tried to conduct a global book club before. it's so international that there's no doubt inactivity overnight because that's when all the people everyone from india to poland are reading the book and treating about it to. it is what we have done, there is one -- 1b1t 2010 with general comments being made and then we have split the subsequent discussions up into chapters of the people are giving -- aren't giving away poplin. >> if some of the tv viewers want to join the discussion now, can they? >> absolutely, log onto twitter and to a search for/mark 1b1t and they should also follow our official count the add symbol 1b1t in 2010. from that account is where we
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dispensed information for people to know. >> jeff howe how long will this go on? >> another eight weeks. >> thanks for joining us on booktv. >> short, thank you. >> in his book "the political centrist" la professor dr. john hill says government doesn't have to be large to create economic opportunities and establish moral norms. georgetown university in washington is the host of this event that's about in our. >> [applause] >> thank you. i'm delighted to be here and honor to be at my alma maters, georgetown. i was reflecting and it struck me that i believe it was 21 years ago this week that i was defending my dissertation just across the way and you the hall i believe it was so it's wonderful to be back. i'm very pleased and honored to be here, thank you for having me. i'm going to do three things tonight since this is an
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academic setting. i have three goals. one is fairly abstract, i want to talk about the meaning of the left of the right to political spectrum. does that have some evidence today? i'm going to argue it does but i want to talk about how i think it may be different from the way some people think about it. secondly i want to talk about liberalism and conservatism as the terms is a day and talk about why there are misleading labels and, in fact, there are levels sutter freighted with such conflicting and contradictory notions in meetings. there are opposed philosophies and it isn't clear which crowns are opposed some more about that shortly. finally i want to talk about political centrism and what centrist believe and why political centrism -- somebody come in a populist activists
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political politician jim hightower won said in that the only thing in the middle of the room are dead armadillos. i hope tonight is to try to defend a different view and show that centrism does have a sense of content, there's a principle of centrism so i will open the third part of the talk to do that. let me begin though because i think it's a fascinating story to talk a little bit about the idea of political left and right. why we use these terms. word to these levels come from? well, the labels come from interestingly enough from the french revolution, the french national assembly of 1789. and that ushered in the french revolution were these labels
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left and right began to be used and, in fact, the delegates and representatives of those who are representing the common people today. people that were referred to as liberals and democrats more loss. at the right to receded the delegates representing the interests of the church and the aristocracy. they took the right and ever since that time we have used this label left and right to capture in the station on political distinction but it isn't exactly clear what the decision is and i want to talk about that tonight. it's interesting, the left right political spectrum intend to think about today we tend to imagine at the left anarchism and then perhaps marxism and in
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various forms of western style socialism and the liberalism and conservatism and authoritarian theories and may be at the far right not see fascist, fascism of various forms including nazism. that's the sort of traditional idea of the political left to right spectrum. what is the engage in what is a measure? it's interesting, in the 18 twenties and thirties, maybe a generation after the french general -- revolution we began really to see for the first time the use of the label liberals and conservatives. conservative has been used before, but modestly. but liberals and conservatives began to be used as political labels and, indeed, labels that represented opposing positions beginning in the '20s -- 18 20s and 1830's. in the united states probably took an extra 10 years and began
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in britain and the 18 twenties are so curious to the formation of conservative party in britain in the early 1830's and at that point really the two camps so to speak begin to represent some way opposed ideologies. but what are the ideology's? we will learn more about that momentarily. what's interesting is how the political spectrum sort of fills out in the next 50 or 60 years. by the 18 twenties and thirties and forties we begin to see the elaboration of essentially left of liberalism, social theories defended. i was in daschle was 1848 when the young mark angles wrote to the communist manifesto and vivian to see marxist themes developed. so as these themes to develop in essence have pushed the political spectrum leftward, liberalism gets relegated to an
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almost middle of the road or reactionary sort of theory. from the standpoint of the left and the standpoint of socialists and rigorous marxists. the critique of liberalism was always essentially that liberalism doesn't go anywhere near far enough, that as marx put it in literally liberates politics but doesn't go deep enough and doesn't liberates society, doesn't serve to limit the individual from oppressive social and economic influences. so liberalism begins to take on sort of a the tenor of the middle of the road. as you will. but the late 19th century to begin to see the development of a counter reaction and the development of what we might call a fascist theory. theories that ultimately led to the rise of italian fascism,
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mussolini's fascism in 1922. but these theories in a sense began to push again in the sort of contours' of the spectrum further to the right. conservatism is no longer sort of the right wing theory as it were. we have these theories further to the rights which are in some sense for some reason which i will explore in a minute more right-wing. seup, and the sharks hang on. they have now won five straight game fives. all of them have been at home. they will reach the western conference final for only the second time in franchise history. in 2004, they lost to the flames in six games. >> montreal not playing like a team that snuck into the playoffs. under two minutes to go in the first, penguins on the power play. kris letang, his third power play goal of the playoffs. second period, same count, marc-andre fleury.
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getting it done. basically a wall in front of the net. his high of the series. later in the frame, you can make it a 2-0 lead. sergei gonchar, his second goal of the series. under a minute to go in the third, canadiens down 2-0. mike cammalleri dumping it home, canadiens within one goal. last chance. cammalleri can't get it done. penguins a chance to close this out in six games. sidney crosby coming in. had no goals in the series, eight shots in the first four games, had just one shot in this one and has now gone six playoff games without a goal. that's the longest stretch of his career. >> if you like a stud individual offensive display, we have a game for you. brewers and diamondbacks. an unlikely candidate supplying the hits. his third home run of the year.
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brewers down 3-1. top three, gerut, we'll show you the home run, we'll show you the single now, hitting .133 entering this game. why is it a big deal with the single? we'll show you why. in the fifth, gerut getting it done like deja vu. >> i see where we're headed. >> stay with me, max. had two extra-base hits heading into the game. he's on his horse and in for the triple. gerut a double shy of the cycle. in the ninther, he has his opportunity to get it done. off the wall to center field. and you know what that means. that's a double. he's got himself the cycle. it's actually the first in the bigs so far this season. arizona has actually seen this happen to them before. third time in their franchise history they have had a cycle hit against them -- and gerut, when you're struggling, he was batting .133. able to raise his average thanks to a 4-6 game up to .222.
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>> it's unlike anything you have experienced, like that kind of appreciation. it was great. very nice. >> what were you thinking as the night unfolded? >> the funny part about it was i talked with ryan braun just after that and he asked if i was thinking about it. i said, "yes, unfortunately" and it screwed up my at-bat. so i tried to clear it out and just kind of take the at-bat and not try to do too much. that's when i'm at my best. >> don't think about stuff. >> were those traveling brewers fans? nice to see. >> impressive. >> in the latest edition of the yankees-red sox rivalry, see
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what happened for the first time in 83 years. game three, lebron came out applying a first quarter knockout of the celtics. bono:
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it's not about politics. or religion or the economy. it's not about oil, water, global warming, global pandemics, elections, sanctions, communism, socialism, or capitalism, war or peace... love or hate. this is about the one month every four years
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when we all agree on one thing. 32 nations, one world watching... marvelous >> red sox have lost five of the last seven at fenway against the yanks. mark teixeira batting .186 in april, but may a new month, solo shot off clay buchholz. 4-3 yanks, top of the fifth. top of the seventh, teixeira. this one is headed to right field. around pesky's pole. it's 7-3 for the yankees. top of the ninth, teixeira. he's done it again. this one to left field. mark teixeira becomes the first yankee to hit three home runs at fenway since lou gehrig did it in 19be27 -- the yankees throttle the sox 14-3. like gehrig, teixeira hit five
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r.b.i.s in the rout and in case you were wondering the 1927 yankees won the world series. >> the mets coming off a walk-off win friday night taking on the giants, johan santana on the hill for the amazins, san francisco down 4-2, pablo sandoval the sac fly, santana coming off his worst start in his career, 7 1/3, two runs, pulled after that, bullpen would allow another run. in the 11th, henry blanco, his first home run of the year, his first career walk-off job. he said, "i never thought it was going to go out." but it did. the fans in queens loving every second of it. blanco finished with three hits. he's batting .429 in his last starts. catchers getting it done for new york. friday it was rod barajas with the walk-off and saturday henry blanco playing hero. >> "what 2 watch 4."
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friday the cavaliers took back home court advantage beating the slicks by 29. it marked the celtics' largest postseason home loss. >> we want to be aggressive. when we're aggressive, we're a really good team. that means offensively and defensively. when we get stops, when we help each other defensively, it makes offense that much easier for us. that's how we're going to approach game four. >> it's turned into the series to watch. celtics took home court advantage. cavs took it right back in game three. setting up game four. sunday 3:30 eastern time on abc. >> the saints are in defense mode, not defending their super bowl title. a lawsuit filed by former security director jeffrey santini indicates head coach sean payton and linebackers coach involved in stealing vicodin from the team locker.
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sean payton -- he's not offering up any info. >> with respect to the process, that's the position that i'm in and certainly we understand the questions surrounding it, and yet i'm really not at liberty. it's kind of where that's at right now and i think as time goes forward, we'll know more and more. >> on saturday, more than 2,000 people attended the 90-minute funeral service for university of virginia women's lacrosse player yeardley love. love was found beaten to death in her off-campus apartment on monday. her ex-boyfriend stands accused of the murder. among the pall bearers at the funeral were several players on virginia's men's lacrosse team. >> still to come, lakers and jazz came down to the wire. a final shot you have to see -- and we're going to show it to you. sleepover just kept getting bigger and bigger.
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. >> terry: this is a test.
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welcome to a mother's day's edition. adam jones and birds in minnesota as they get set to take on the twins. this is o's extra. quality safety, fuel economy at their best. and the matchup today will be brian madison and nick blackburn. welcome. happy mother's day. connie hunter, mom, to bonnie
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hunter, wife, joni dempy out in los angeles call your mom, and the i thought that represented how the season had gone. you talk about the tale of two jims they are facing the best in the american league what do they do they win it. six 2 out hits and go 12 for 39. then against baker, he had an issue issue -- e.r.a. they lose 6-1, they get a run on the homerun. you look that's what is maddening about it and inconsistent. >> i think if you listened to eddie murray andway said about what make as good hitter. he had power and it was one thing you cannot substitute. what they need to do is focus on a pitch per at bat.
1:32 pm
what they have to do you heard wiginton talk about the pitch he is looking for he is hitting it. that's the ingreek f you are not going to hit with power, not that kind of guy that hits 30 or 40. and you go out against a tough pitcher you say i know he wilt throw this, my situation i know it is easy to hit. and you look for the curve ball, take the fast ball and the change up. when you get it. it is this big you hit it and don't miss it. that's one thing he was referring to and they don't see or listen to the things they talk about. >> speaking of eddie murray he is joining us making his debut he is ours. the o's extra analyst let's go to target field and amber is with eddie murray. >> we're happy to have him here on the preand post game shows.
1:33 pm
we're talking about slumps seeing adam jones not hitting the way he was supposed to. were you a steady hitter but when were you in the slump what did do you? >> there are a lot of things most people didn't think i took the greatest round of batting practice but especially for a guy that hit on one side along the line you are not having fun. with the dodgers and the other side. and it gives you a different look, you are trying to ease some of the tension. you can group and hit the ball the other way. and you end up and the other way it is a way of staying on the ball longer and you make
1:34 pm
solid contact. and you add to the swing. that's the way to get you on track. >> adam jones a lot of expectations after being an all- star, you can relate to that when you go you come out the next year as a player you may be pressing to live up to your own hype. >> someone has to tell him now time is on his side. i have struggled quite a bit in the early months of april but what happens you still have plenty of time and it is amazing. and each year the numbers for me got better and better. that's the way you are going to approach the season is do better. if someone can get him to realize he has a lot of season left, i think he should have no trouble just surpassing the numbers he did. >> and you are fitting you are joining us, you did not get the pick here but talk me through that night when you got 39,000
1:35 pm
the memory. >> that's a big story i must go somewhere else and it turned out that he got the hits the stadium the same guy on base and albert bell. that night that was easier getting the 3000 hits than the 500 homerun. you know you are focusing a bit. i had a guy on base what a time to get it and driving in the run i love to drive in the runs. and when i got it you know you are turning you are looking and he is on third. andkirby pucket said the play is happening. and holding out and it was fun. >> one last question your old teammate playing here in
1:36 pm
minnesota and is he a sure shot when it is done. i think they appreciate it he doesn't run he has to get a you. >> not sure he is a shoe in. >> thank you very much. and the joining us here on o's extra and one of the best first basemen our web poll question of the day. and get on line and the follow hog has been your favorite first baseman. and maybe older fans and get on
1:37 pm
line masn sports later on o's extra. time out for the spotlight . >> the ox's 3 out of 4 for the twins line ups are coming up. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance?
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host: is ed "too tall" jones too tall? happy mother's day.
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who said he was a man of few words. every starter in the lineup and they have ordered after the games the bats will be auctioned off. they have raised over 1 million for the komen for the could you research. they have a chance. there have
1:41 pm
been times in the dug out and a few of them. i'm waiting for the long one which would be nice to get out of the way. the warm weather would help. the finale. and yesterday and adam jones. >> i have an affinity that like to hear it. and going to be my guy and
1:42 pm
sooner or later they will break out with power, i'll call two homeruns today. and, i'm 5 behind. and the crack committee and i'll get the win. >> he looks for the third win and back in the lineup today he has the heel injury and he will be the first game and last played in the game. and and one of the things the o's would like to get is production out of the first base position as the twin does it and has clobbered basically everybody plays but the o's with the long ball. >> he has been an mvp, and 25
1:43 pm
homeruns. he has a great power swing. if you watch him how sometimes they will take the pitches that are strikes. he will look off the left hander and pitching and he has tremendous power when he gets hold of it there is none that will hold it. here is a difference so far. the minnesota first baseman and the o's first baseman and one game and no homers that's tied for last and tied for second with a 7 and 239 and 345. you can see there is a big disparity there in the difference of the production from a first baseman. and that's the finale the final game and head home a day off tomorrow and seattle comes to town and struggling last night that's 8 straight but they will
1:44 pm
be here tuesday, wednesday and thursday. indians come friday, saturday and sunday before kansas city monday and tuesday a week from tomorrow. that's an 8-game home stand. when we come back we'll check in about tejeda, murray rejoins us. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] achievement has its own patch of grass. ♪ achievement unleashes hidden potential. ♪ all right! achievement looks forward to dinner at home. achievement enjoys newfound freedom. i love you. [ male announcer ] mortgages, home equity loans, and lines of credit from pnc. helping achievers borrow with an eye towards the future. pnc. for the achiever in us all.
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go beyond the stadium and to plan your next vacation to beautiful sarasota. and it is brought to you and that is all you need to know. the weather for the finale today on what appears to be a overcast day 56 degrees, 25% humidity and a slight wind and most important part of the forecast the chance of rain is
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10%: eddie murray is our analyst today. we'll go to target and get more insights. gary thorne is with eddie. >> and with the club that he played for knows about what are resaying what is leadership on the club. >> somebody that's the mortgage of the guys will respect and it has to be someone with time and there are times when you lead by example. you know let's say what you are playing on a kick in the rear. and and he is leading by i
1:48 pm
think and hard he plans. >> and so much better you did that and did it very successfully. how about for matt wieters what about switch hitting he has to work on. >> he has to work it is tough having the swings not different swings but sides there. and there are more right-handed than left-handers and get away and go against you. you need to still swing right- handed. and the thing is that talking and he thinks it is going to be a 300 hitter. he has power from both sides of the plate and a comparisons, you know. i have a bit of it and you being compared to mickey mantel. he is being compared now i hope
1:49 pm
he does not take it and try to live up. he will be in the lineup. he is being. 284 and they are even 14 to 13. maure and 15 more or excuse me the runs, r.b.i. 262 to 56. and five game winning r.b.i.s to 3 game winning r.b.i.s. i think he said it when you are a player you should go out to be the best player that you can be not emulate or copy someone else. >> there are comparisons between the players. matt wieters does it the way you should do it. all the hitters they hit the ball the opposite way.
1:50 pm
you heard them talk about it. what he was trying to say how much when you try to hit it the other way, how much you watch it go into the zone. when you feel that point of contact how easy it is, it is easy to hit it the opposite way. he waited to show power but flip it over the base and what is the pitcher's best pitch and his swing. this is what you see with matt wieters he has a swing although he may not call it when a ball is by him he will flip it. for me that's signs of a great hitter. >> one of the things we were talking about where have the great nicknames gone.
1:51 pm
we thought he would would get the fans involved swraoefplt a few from the past. jim palmer cakes, he had pancakes. randy johnson the big unit. and say hay kid willie mays and jim hunter, oakland and new york. catfish hunter. go to o's facebook and send us nicknames. but it is a lost art, if you will, you don't hear any great nicknames any more. did you have any? >> i had one lee may called me the dipper they thought it sunded like demper that's what he was saying. lee when he was playing first base before eddie was an o i go to the right side as we get close i would go into the grand stands. lee would not do it he was too
1:52 pm
big i would reach in and catch it ed the back screen so lee called me the dipper. so that's how i got that everyone is messing it up. [ laughter ] >> i thought they would have called you sweet knees for the time were you on your knees as a catcher. get in here we need you. >> when we come back we'll get the insights of a guy in the hall of fame. we'll get more on brian matusz.
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
brian matusz starts today. this is jam panged -- packed with analysis and we go back to amber. >> could you see him last year he goes against the twins today a lot of hype around this young
1:55 pm
man in baltimore. what were your impressions of him? >> first of all, i was impressed how quick he got from singling a to double aa to the big leagues i did that so i knowway is going through. it is a learning experience for him. we saw him pitch against the twins at the metrodome. he pitched a good game. but i think it is always in the pitcher's advantage if you can hit your spots when you are facing a club for the first or second time. there is not much report out there. i hope he will go out and throw strikes and be aggressive. that's what you want to do as a pitcher. >> as a former pitcher and someone who anallizes baseball what you are --0 analyzes pitching. as far as mental makeup what do you look for to see how he approaches it? >> we go through a rough time out there.
1:56 pm
it's not a given you that will go out and shut the door on every club that you face. how you respond, try to stay away from the big inning. the 2, 3-run inning. everyone will give up homeruns. stay away from the big ining that takes your club out of the game. be aggressive especially early in the game but then you know once you get into the middle innings you find out what you have going. you make the adjustment. that's the biggest thing on a daily basis. if you can impress and the former great. have a great day. >> and without a doubt should be in the hall of fame and on base. and 307. athletic on 2:45. and runners and 2 outs and 147. those are the way you like to see the number goes. the better he pitches. what do you see.
1:57 pm
>> i see a guy out there changing and this club is too good of a club to go up and throw the ball. one good thing that i like he has good command. getting hitters to look and be able to pull the string on him. he is not what you call a guy that looks to strikeout hitters he wants you to put it in play and starts and. and and what they get. thanks for joining us here. and getting 3 out of for.
1:58 pm
we're back with you in the post game. e ♪
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