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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  January 19, 2011 8:23am-9:00am EST

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lee hong who was tortured to death because of long time imprisonment for human-rights cause. the same idea -- the same boat idea will do more harm in this country and to world at large if we continue to carry out that policy of that vision. i think it is time to really changed course. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you. unlike to introduce an ethnic leader and former member of the chinese national people's congress which spoke in defense of the weaker people resulting in her own imprisonment. she is now president of the
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world leader congress and as we mentioned the chinese dictatorship routinely goes after the children of a dissidents, her children are in prison as we meet. [inaudible conversations] [speaking chinese] >> translator: i would like to express my deepest appreciation to congressman smith for holdings this very important
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press conference in light of chinese president hu jintao's visit to washington. [chinese] >> translator: provided a voice for china's brutal rule. [speaking chinese] >> translator: in china at, prison, tens of thousands of people are being imprisoned. my husband was imprisoned for nine years and i was imprisoned for six. [speaking chinese] >> translator: one good example is mr. gao zhisheng whose wife
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has just spoken about his disappearance and secret imprisonment. thousands of people now have disappeared in chinese prison. millions of people in china are looking at the united states, looking for hope so the u.s. can do something about this. [speaking chinese] >> translator: just prior to president hu jintao's visit to washington, january 14th, the chinese state media reported 376 leaders were tried in 2010 by the chinese authority in terms of national security. [speaking chinese]
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>> translator: chinese authority put in mind -- in prison, seven and nine years. in retaliation for speaking up against chinese government violations of the weaker people. [speaking chinese] >> translator: last november, the chinese authorities transferred my son to another solitary confinement for further torture. [speaking chinese]] i was informed by the chinese authority. [speaking chinese]
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>> translator: so that is not just my children, sons and daughters of millions of people suffering under china's authoritarian rule and president obama is not only the president of the united states, but also the father of two beautiful daughters. i know that he understands our suffering and i expect him to raise suffering of -- and urge the chinese president to release -- and to release all those leaders who were imprisoned and who also disappeared in relation
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of the july 5th massacre of 2009. [speaking chinese] >> translator: i also urge the chinese president to stop the persecution of my family members including my children, grandchildren and all other relatives. [speaking chinese] >> translator: the chinese government was very careful in persecuting the leaders or chinese people. [speaking chinese]
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>> translator: in recent years the chinese government has increased publicly and boldly disregarding any kind of international concern especially the persecution of the minorities, tibetans and others sued i would like -- thank you very much. >> to emphasize that i hope the press will do some stories on this. not only repressing individual dissidents but going after their families. the burden and sorrow so many dissidents of having their children incarcerated and abused is beyond words. i can't begin to think what that must be like and yet she continues to speak out so passionately and boldly on behalf of human rights for all people including the leaders. unlike to introduce harry wu. ..
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>> to interview. but so far, i heard in the interim he did not talk about human rights. suppose china doesn't have a human rights problem. are you sure this is not a problem? okay, he will take over here as a big validation of the business. he really want to carry about
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visitors come to america and americans care about chinese business, whatever. many people talking about the control. i have to remind you very simply. 22% of the world population was living in china and they are not free to give birth -- so every time you make love, you have to care about if you're pregnant or not. so illegal pregnancy. they only allow you to have one child, okay? how many people are aborted and how many people are sterilized? until today we don't know. i hope obama really care about this. when you talk about business with china is fine. but how about human rights?
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today china don't have religious freedom. roman catholic until today is illegal. roman catholic church is the biggest religious system of the world. illegal inside china. what do you want to do? chinese have probably 200 or 250,000 policemen. so-called internet police. they control the internet. well, thousands of prisoners are in the labor camps, the laogai camp. we call them holocaust. we call them gulag.
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did and all the prisoners whenever they are in two prison camp to jobs, forced labor, okay? i was there. i was working 12 to 12, 12 hours a day in the labor camp, in the coal mine, okay? and second job, so-called reform. you have to change your mind. have to uphold communism. and because the labor, they made the products in 1990s american customs, they investigate american enterprises. they punish six companies in the court because they import the products from america. they issue a long list in the couple service for the products coming into china.
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suppose they don't have it? you should have it. yesterday, canadian tv station make announcement. a canadian company import prison-made products. and the prison has 6,000 products exporting to canada. total cost 200,000. and we laogai foundation pose like a company, category the chinese camp and they signed a contract with us. if we paid the money the products would come to the united states. whatever you want to do business, but this is illegal by united states. now, let me take some other additional sto-- tell you some
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additional story. last november i was in oslo. i participated in a peace ceremony. i'm very grateful that chinese dissidents win award. i find a manual, pictures of the ceo of american enterprises, cisco systems, cisco systems is a sponsor of the ceremony. how much money they donated to the nobel peace prize, i do not know. but anyway, it's a big advertisement. i was shocked. sell the product
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technology. and train the chinese police how to set up the internet service. this is chinese national program. so-called a product project. in 2000/2001/2002 china don't have the firewall. now they have a very good firewall and then i learn they go to our website and it was named in the verdict.
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from 2002 and 2008 during the six years he sent 268 articles to our website. and three of the articles was named by chinese verdict as a crime, so-called avertive chinese government. one thing, i support the ceremony, i love it, i like it the other face is cisco supporting chinese security. i want to remind you two things. ibm a couple of years ago say sorry. we sent the equipment to nazi government. and that they use it for holocaust. i remind you second thing, american during the cold war, they don't -- they don't want to involve with soviet union because they called it an evil
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empire. we cannot share our business, our interest, our money, our technology with soviet union. but what about today? china communist regime. that's. thank you. >> thank you, harry. our final speaker before we go -- before we go to questions will be reggie littlejohn who's founder and president of women's rights without frontiers. he has been a true leader in trying to bring the focus on the gender side issue to china and i would like to now yield to her. >> it's an honor to be a part of this panel. and i want to give my thanks especially to congressman christopher smith who has been tirelessly advocating and sometimes very lonely on the policy on the hill. when this policy ends and i
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believe it will in our lifeti s lifetimes, the name of christopher smith will always be linked to that victory. this is a picture of a woman named lu dan. lu dan was 22 years old and nine months pregnant when she was dragged out of her home screaming and crying, strapped onto a table and forced to abort her 9 month old full-time baby. the chinese government did this even they knew she had high blood pressure and a late-term abortion would be dangerous for her. she was left alone in the operating room in the family planning center. finally at 3:00 in the morning, her fiance sensed something was wrong. he burst into the room and discovered her lying there unconscious with blood flowing from her ears, eyes, nose and
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mostly sunny -- mouth. finally, help arrived but it was too late. lu dan died along with her 9 month full-term baby. one-child policy causes more violence towards women and girls than any other official policy on earth and any other official policy in history of the world. it is china's war on women and girls. i say to president obama, any discussion of women's rights, indeed any discussion of human rights would be a complete charade if the one-child policy is not front and center in that discussion. it does not matter whether you are pro-choice or pro-life on this issue. no one supports forced abortion because it's not a choice.
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rather, the chinese forced abortion policy is systemic, institutionalized violence against women. the chinese communist party says that this is none of our business. it's just their internal affair. this argument is a smoke screen. first of all, the chinese communist party has signed several international treaties, and it is violating them by forced abortion, forced sterilization and infant shied second, one-child policy has given rise to gendercide and here's a big column that appeared in the paper, where are 100 million baby girls? because of sex selective abortion, there are now currently an estimated 37 million more men in china than
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women. and that in turn is the driving force behind sexual slavery in china. within china, and also for the surrounding countries. therefore, the one-child policy is causing an international crisis in human trafficking and sexual slavery. and it demands an international response. there's a petition -- i looked this morning we have 5,000 signatures condemning forced abortion and sexual slavery from 88 countries. how does forced abortion in china affect us as americans? in two ways. first of all, ted turner has repeatedly stated that he believes that the entire world should adopt the one-child policy including the united states. he says that he thinks that the one-child policy enforcement is not draconian. this is demonstrably false.
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it's through forced abortion, forced sterilization and infanticide. adopting it worldwide would hurl women's rights back to the dark ages. and ted turner, if you're listening to this, i would love to debate you on this issue if you dare to have a substantive conversation about this issue. forced abortion in china also affects americans because in some sense we're underwriting it through the unfpa, the united nations family planning fund. this fund was founded by then secretary of state colin powell to be incahoots with forced abortion, coercive family planning in china. it's my opinion that the u.s. should not fund the unfpa, until the unfpa until it pulls out of china. in china, a woman's body is not her own. it belongs to the state. a woman's womb is the most
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intimate part of her body, physically, emotionally and spiritually. for the chinese communist party to force its bloody hand right into a woman's womb and crush the life in there against her will is a heinous crime against humanity. i call upon you, president obama, if you care about women's rights, if you care about human rights, tell president hu jintao forced abortion must stop. thank you. [applause] >> that was very moving. we'll go to the press and then -- yes, ma'am. >> i know some of them had a chance to talk to president obama before president hu's visit. what's the main message they delivered to president obama? >> can anybody speak about the president? >> to the best of my knowledge,
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no one here has been granted that opportunity. a letter as carbon monoxide wolf said was sent to the president. before he made his trip to beijing last year, many of us -- i actually chaired one hearing, frank wolf chaired the other at which time we presented evidence of the ongoing egregious human rights abuses in china. and we asked the president -- we pleaded with president obama to raise these human rights issues and to meet with the defense attorneys in beijing who are targeted with the special venom by the public security police in china and he did not. and it was opportunity lost. and this is why there's a frustration level. last year when we marked the 20th anniversary of the tiananmen square massacre, the president -- when all the chinese dissident community was here in washington and in other capitals but especially right
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here, president obama was in cairo giving a speech that could have occurred on any other day except during that very important and momentous week. we very concerned that human rights will be trivialized, yes, there will be a mention so that when they talk to you, the press, they could say we raised human rights. but there's a difference and it's recognized by dictatorships all over the world between an oblique mention or reference and a passionate belief that human rights really do indeed matter with this white house and with this congressman. we know it matters with the american people and the press corps. nobody asks more questions than you for which we're all very, very grateful. there are a myriad of opportunities that will present themselves but to act as if forced abortion is not occurring on a rampant scale, remember, at
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the newer jem -- it's the worst gender crime in american history. people in tibet, people from the uighur, and you've heard from the wife who wants desperately to see her husband again. he has disappeared. he was tortured with impunity when -- before he got released and then again on second try. a daughter and a son here to plead with president hu, let my dad come home. you know, this is -- these policies, yes, it's important to talk about all the bilateral issues but human rights has to be at the center and core of those relations. >> has president obama in the latest letter, he mentioned infanticide -- >> infanticide?
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>> thank you so much for asking about infanticide in china. it is an extremely important issue. there are no official statistics, of course, the chinese communist party attempt to deny infanticide occurs but actually during the hearing in november of 2009 that i presented a document -- and i've got copies of it here for anybody who wants to see it. it's called best practices infanticide. and what it is it is a web-based discussion on the chinese ob/gyn website these are official doctors to discuss how to kill newborn babies that in induced forced abortion. it's a chilling document. then april of last year, there was an incident in which cream to rememberium workers, heard cries coming out of a little box and they opened the box there
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was a live baby boy who had cotton stuck down his throat so someone tried to choke him. horrified. he seemed perfectly healthy and then later on that day that boy was sent back to the crematorium dead. >> as i think many people acknowledge, one of the largest number of human rights victims and last year with your help and with representative wolf, representative ros-lehtinen detailing the horrible tortures and abuses against them passed with one no-vote. while the administration occasionally refers to the tibet or the uighurs or other victims, they seem to totally avoid any
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reference as does the mainstream media. as to falun gong. why do you think that is. >> fraebl, i offered the first resolution that passed the house leaking this heightened animosity and repression towards the falun gong practitioners and it passed with only one dissecting vote. there is a special callousness and cruelty directed towards falun gong practitioners and the dictator she were looks at -- the falun gong practitioners as a threat. they are not. they are peace-loving and peaceful as are the catholics and as are the uighurs and the tibetans. there's a paranoia on the part of hu jintao and others that have -- that has led to enormous cruelty that has to stop. that's why we're here today. it is not abated. it has gotten worse in most
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instances. and part of it is because the west has gone largely silent on human rights abuses and that goes for the united nations as well. the human rights council has been nowhere to be found in holding china to account. and there are implications for the world not just for the suffering, oppressed victims of china. china is spreading its governance model all over africa. i held three hearings on that when i chaired the african committee and i have it again now. and, you know, secret police, keep order. whether it would be in the east bloc countries of the old soviet union. the soviet union itself, russia. they keep order but they do it with an iron fist. and that's exactly what's happening and they spread that governance model all over -- all over the world. >> but why do you think the obama administration and the mainstream u.s. media, even though they do sometimes refer to other victims, are studiously silent, not even mentioning falun gong?
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>> my hope is that it changes? my hope a press conference like this and i will follow this up with several hearings in my subcommittee. i won't be alone in holding hearings tomorrow. chairwoman ross laytin will be holding a hearing. where the human rights finally emerges front and center and people like hu jintao and others who have repressed their people, we need to stand with the oppressed. not with the oppressor. notwithstanding the dead issue or anything else, human rights are -- trump all other issues and it's time to reassert it. s -- any other questions? >> thanks. >> someone may have asked this but i was in the hallway. do you think it's wrong for the president to be holding this state dinner this week? >> i would prefer as president bush did that there be a working
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lunch or some working meeting. i remember when he came into town during the president clinton. he was the butcher of beijing. he's the one, the operational commander who ordered the bloodletting that occurred at tiananmen square. he was invited to the white house. he was given a 19-gun salute under the clinton administration. i held a hearing. emergency put it together real quick because he said nobody died at tiananmen square so i brought in dissidents who were there that day, "time" magazine correspondent and others including people's daily editor who went to prison for reporting accurately what he saw and they all gave testimony, of course, people died, they died -- many died and many died thereafter so his statement was way off base. sorry, but i see a little deja vu here. we have a man who is the president of china who has had a
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very poor human rights record. as i mentioned at the opening, let's not forget he was there in tibet when the huge crackdown right before tiananmen square occurred and large numbers of people were murdered, killed, beaten to a pull that and then sent to the prison camps where they were beaten even further and as was said earlier, electrical prods put in. i had a hearing -- and harry wu helped us put it together on the survivors of the laogi. one of them was a buddhist monk who brought in the implements of torture. he had a hard time getting through downstairs with the police. i had to go down and escort him through but he said this is the reality where he held up a cattle prod that is routinely applied to the genitals, under the arms and in other places to cause pain. the president of china today presided over that in tibet and now he's in a position where the ongoing repression, the use of
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torture, the use of torture is absolutely pervasive. the u.n. special ambassador, came in with information if you're arrested for a so-called political crime or because you're a falun gong protester, you will be tortured. that issue has to be raised and it would have been better at a dinner that had far less of the trappings of a state dinner. i believe we need to meet with hu jintao. we need to meet with all leaders but look them in the eyes and hold them to account for the egregious human rights -- >> we'll leave this program at this point to go live now to the south lawn of the white house for the arrival of chinese president hu jintao. hu jintao is in the united states for a two day visit. he's being welcomed by the white house by vice president joe
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biden and his wife jill biden. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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