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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  July 22, 2011 8:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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at secretary of defense taking over the position from robert gates. he previously served as the cia director and white house chief of staff. we will hear remarks from secretary panetta and vice president biden. this is 40 minutes.
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>> please rise for the riding of the official party. ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states, joseph biden and mr. and mrs. leon panetta. please remain standing for the national anthem played by the national brass.
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>> please be seated. ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states, joseph biden. >> distinguished guest, former secretaries, mr. speaker, it's great to see you. all distinguished guests, cabinet members, members of congress you may be wondering why we are doing this, mr. chairman, in light of the fact he's already been sworn in. since the time he was sworn in he's been back out to use home district where he changed his mind. we are doing this twice to make sure we get the right. so, as you know, we've been
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friends for over 30 years, and you standing here today, sitting here today, but the second swearing-in, the ceremonious swearing-in as proven positive that no good deed goes unpunished. you are a tremendous congressman despite lving with congressman russo. you are chairman of the house committee on the budget of the critical time, and he balanced the budget. you moved us in that direction. you served president clinton admirably as the director of the office of budget again in the crisis and served as the chief of staff leader. we are able to convince you and soviet to come back and join the at ministration to run the cia. in every one of those endeavors, i can say without fear of contradiction, and every one of those endeavors come you let the
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institution that you work with be in better shape in every single one. you're last encounter as the director of the cia when you arrived there for a lot of reasons it was pretty far down and you've not only restored the mark now and the american people of the incredible, the incredible job these folks do culminating in your working on the most daring rescue effort and then to get osama bin laden. so everything you've done, you've done really well. you've made the process better and the people you work with look as good as they are coming into the reword if you call it out for your extraordinary service is another challenge. maybe the most challenging post.
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it's an honor to call you friend and welcome you to this new role as america's 23rd secretary defense. i know you agree this maybe is the greatest honor you have ever had bestowed upon you. the privilege to lead the men and women who everyone in the auditorium knows without fear of being accused of hyperbole for the finest fighting force, the greatest warriors the world has literally ever seen. and you are also arriving at pentagon at a time of great challenge to the military will leave afghanistan and iraq around the world the budget challenges that face the country. in little over a month, we will mark the tenth anniversary of 9/11. we will honor the victims of that day including 184 people who were tragically taken out by the attack on this very building.
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and we will renew our commitment to america's dern ability to remain vigilant to these old and new threats that we face, and we are going to redouble with your leadership our efforts to disrupt and feet the terrorists who continue to plot against the united states adding to the great work you have done over the agency. and we will express the american people's appreciation for our armed services, and i might add, and all of you know this who wear a uniform, and your family. the families of the 9/11 generation -- and it's hard to think about it, at least for me, from 9/11, we are, you know, we are ten years away from that day. a lot of these kids were 12 to 15 and under at the time the attack took place and the stepped up this younger generation stepped up to the fact of not just the & 2 million
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come 800,000 service members had been on board since the 9/11 attacks going full well that the face the prospect the almost certain prospect that they would be deployed. in the case of many in this room, deployed multiple, multiple times. and some of the most horrific terrain that american soldiers, sailors and marines have ever fought. never before in my view mr. secretary, has america asked so much of an all volunteer force. that's why i believe that the 9/11 generation has earned this place. all this talk about this younger generation not stepping up as the president kids and all the time for saying give me a break. give me a break. they have stepped up and although only one per cent of our population is fighting the war, that one per cent is made up of some of the most extraordinary women and men this country has ever known in any generation. they are among the best in
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history by any measure the accomplishments, the accomplishments of the 9/11 generation are extraordinary toppling the taliban pershing al qaeda training afghan forces and under the president pressure killing osama bin laden. meanwhile iraq the troops have battled brittle insurgency country to the iraqi forces, given the iraqi people an opportunity for a better future. it's now in their hands. and while it is not always -- not always makes the headlines every day, every single day our forces are serving with distinction and in far-flung corners of the world from western europe to east asia south america, north africa chia strength relentless adversaries the troops have proven themselves, proven to be innovators led by men like admiral mullen who i've always respected but worked with him every day grown to respect him
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more and more and more for what he has done a. if they pioneered tactics to mastered new languages, developed in the advanced new technologies. junior officers have taken on responsibilities once reserved for colonels and generals and the responsibilities or extension for beyond the battlefield to politics, development tasks. we were talking about -- i was talking with my buddy about it just two days ago. it's astounding. it's astounding what you have trained these young men and women to do. they not only have to be warriors, they have to be politicians. when i was in afghanistan not long ago, i was in the kunar valley up in the mountains on the other side of the valley. and i'm talking to a young captain and he's telling me the distinction between the tribes up their -- he gave me this
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history lesson. he knew more about culture than most professors could teach about it in the process of all of that, he was a warrior. every single night he was getting fired at. we expect him to do everything and put so much pressure because of the rest of the agencies do not have the capacity with the war broke out to get the things done you could do so you inherit an awful lot of obligations that in fact really should be in other departments but you do it because you are the best. an incredible outfit, an incredible outfit. and my knee respect has grown in ways hard for me to describe, traveling in and out of these areas 15, 20, 25 times. just astounding. but the brecht, with the
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american people don't know is the breath of the responsibilities. the director of the responsibilities you get a kid who's 24-years-old or 25-years-old. so we have to always remember that this progress -- this progress has come at a price and we honor all of those fallen angels who made the ultimate sacrifice over the past decades more than 1,666 in afghanistan, 4,477 has in iraq and 40,000 wounded warriors are going to need medical care for the rest of their life and thank god they are going to have long lives. all of those blue star mothers and fathers and those gold star mothers and fathers. they have done for their country something we can never, ever repay. our nation, as i know you believe has only one sacred obligation. we have a lot of observations or our elderly, our young, poor, we
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have an obligation but only one sacred obligation. and that is prepared to quit those we sending to battle and care for them when they come home, to keep the commitment. so let me conclude by saying that just like secretary gates, i know how you feel about these, i'm getting so old i guess they are all kids. i was in iraq not long ago in one of those palaces and it seemed like a press conference with all these guys gathering around me and so i stood in the chair and i said you know, i said you young people come and the guy in the act deals mr. vice president come third time i heard you. 63-years-old! [laughter] so you know, they're not all young. but they are all courageous. and so, leon, i think the pentagon is getting something special with you and not all of your management capabilities and all of your -- of your
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knowledge, and that is your heart. just like bob gates was evident especially when he was leaving how much he cared and understood the sacrifices these people were making that you bring that with you, and i think you are about to lead -- you are leading the most awesome institution, the most awesome institution in the world. president obama and i and the american people are fortunate to have a leader in this place in the skills and experience to manage it as well as the heart to understand that. i sincerely mean it. i gave up and she gave up carmel. there's a difference. wilmington is more beautiful but it's not like indiana. if you are in indiana like senator biden would be okay. but giving up, that is a different deal. so, i want to thank you both for
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being willing to do this coming and i want to thank all of you. all of you assembled in this hall. like i said, this is the most incredible the institution and the world. and so, i thank you. may god bless america and may god protect our troops. [applause] >> now we are going to swear him in again. [applause] >> mr. and mrs. benet will try vice president office for the oath of office. >> i leon panetta do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic, that i will bear true faith and allegiance, that i take this obligation freely without mental
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reservation or purpose of evasion and that i will discharge the duties of the office on which i'm about to enter, so help me god. >> thank you. [applause] [applause] [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen the 23rd secretary of defense, leon panetta. >> thank you very much, mr. vice
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president and my thanks to all of you, your friends and colleagues and people that have had an opportunity to work with through of my career, thank you for being here to join all of us in this new challenge that i take on. i want to first begin by thanking the president for placing his trust and his confidence in me. i am truly humbled by the responsibility and the opportunity that has been given to me at this great moment in time to be able to head this agreed department, and to take on the mission of protecting america and our interest around
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the world. mr. vice president, thank you for your kind words and your friendship and for administering the oath of office. we go back a long way to a number of challenges, dealing with all kinds of issues that both of us have had to work on and we developed a close relationship in that time. and i'm glad i've been able to give you a small break from the budget negotiations. i'm sure you want to get the hell out of their for just a few moments to be able to break away. [laughter] but i also want to thank you for your efforts, you are doing a great job and i know how challenging it is but i appreciate efforts that you're making. it is something we all know that
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joe's heritage is irish, and mine is italian. our parents come as young people growing up in these families, always taught us to speak plainly and directly, and sometimes that has gotten us in trouble. [laughter] as a result -- as a result, there were some talk here of trying to put a 72nd delay on the microphone. [laughter] but i can't imagine why the hell that would be necessary. [laughter] i would like to express my deep gratitude to the members of
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congress that are here today. many of them are old friends from my days on the hill, and i truly appreciate the fair and prompt hearing that i receive in the senate, and i deeply appreciate the strong vote of confidence. as a creature of the hill, i pledge to all of you, to all of you that i will continue to work closely with members of those great chambers on the hill and that i would continue to work with both political parties. i can't do this job without you. it's that simple. iowa really believes that congress has to be a full partner in of the department's mission of protecting america. and that we must be strong in
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confronting those challenges, and the only way we can be stronger is if we work together. and so, i appreciate your oversight and guidance and in particular the partnership. much of the civilian and military leadership of the department is gathered here as well. chairman mike mahlon who has become a dear friend, i think you for your leadership and for your continuing who guidance and as i take on this challenge. and i also want to express my deepest thanks to the outstanding service chiefs, service secretaries for their guidance, for their consul and support.
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and in particular, i appreciate their insight into the needs of the men and women who served out there on the front lines their needs and the needs of their families. and finally, on a personal note, i want to thank my family. my family has been tolerant beyond all the measures during the 40 years of public service. above all i want to thank sylvia who is here today. my three sons, my six grandchildren have been a great source of pride for sylvia and i, and i am so grateful for their continuing love and their continuing support. that's the story of my family,
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and the story of my family tells you a lot about what america means to me and to all of us. as you know, my parents were immigrants from italy, and they believe deeply in the american promise. they brought to this country the willingness to work hard because they knew if they could make use of the great opportunity that was here, they could give their children a better life. and that is the american dream. it's what they wanted for their two sons, and it's what we want for our three sons, and hopefully it's what our three sons want for their children and for their children.
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when i was growing up, my parents always made clear how important it was to give something back to this country because of the opportunity that they received, and it was their inspiration plus the time i spent in the military service for two years, plus the words of a young president who said ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. that is what brought me to public service. and for me, it meant in many ways fulfilling the dream that my parents were about and what all of you are about. making sure that our children have a better life.
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that's the principle, the fundamental principle that activates everything that this department is all about. it's what our men and women in uniform are committed to come and they are willing to put their lives on the line to try to make sure that we have a secure and better life. for our children we work everyday to try to ensure that our fellow citizens and future citizens and generations of americans are able to enjoy that better life. i believe there is no better have guarantor of our security and ultimately our freedom. then the strength of america's armed forces to the dedication
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and skill of those who serve the country in uniform. this is a time of historic challenge for this department and for our country and change will only accelerate challenges we face. the auditorium, this auditorium that we are in stands only a few hundred yards from where the terrorists attacked the pentagon on 9/11. that day when the nation suddenly understood that we had to confront a new on certain conflict, unlike the war, we now
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face a multitude of security challenges. dangers of a spread across the globe. these threats are daunting to be sure. but these past few years that america with our strong intelligence and military capabilities is up to that challenge. we will not back down when our homeland is threatened. we will do whatever it takes to defend this country. and no one attacks the united states of america and gets away with it. we have been relentless in the efforts to disrupt, dismantle
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and defeat al qaeda, and al qaeda's extremist affiliate's. and ultimately, that effort culminated in the operation to get the modern. i believe that we are within reach of achieving the strategic defeat of al qaeda. but to do that, we have to continue to put pressure on them wherever they are. and if we do, and if we continue that commitment, then ultimately we will succeed. ..
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in afghanistan, the american and international fighting force has told the tyler band a serious blow and it has put us on a track where we can make that important transition and gives the responsibility of governing and securing their country to the afghans and fellows. and thanks to the heroic
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sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, i believe we are headed in the right direction and that we will be able to achieve the goal we seek, but we must remain committed to that effort. iraq has emerged from former a decade of dictatorship and turmoil. but again, thanks to the heavy sacrifices of the u.s. military, our coalition forces and the iraqi people themselves, this country now has the opportunity to become a stable democracy in a very unstable region of the world. but again, demands that we stay committed in order for that to
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happen. beyond afghanistan and iraq, the u.s. faces, as i said, a multitude of other strategic and institutional challenges. we must reset the stress worse. we must prepare for emerging out, cyberattackers, nuclear proliferation, raising powers that will demand that we work towards greater transparency and better diplomacy. and we must do all we can so that we recognize that in this effort we do not have a blank check from the american people. that we will face the fiscal
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challenges that confront us, but we will do it in a way that maintains the strength of our country. based on my long experience in government and in working with budget, i really believe that we do not have to make a choice between fiscal discipline and national security. by setting priorities based on sound strategy, based on good policy, we can focus a strong and innovative defense policy that confronts the future and deals with the threats we will face in the future and focuses those resources we need those threats of today and tomorrow.
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we must continue to be accountable to the american people. for what we spent, where we spend it and what the results are. but i am confident in the years that i've spent working on budgets and confronting the issues that are part of having to deal with budgets, that we can do this in a way that will strengthen us for the future, that would make us more effect days, more efficient and that will not break faith with the men and women who serve this country. and that brings me to my last point and in many ways, my most important response ability as the secretariat defense, which is to protect those that are in
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america. and my three weeks the secretariat to send, i have had to sign deployment orders, but i've also had to write condolence letters, which is one of the toughest tasks that a secretary has to confront. i have traveled to the war zones and i've met with service members on the frontline. i look into their eyes and what i am looking into is the heart and soul of this country. soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines willing to put their lives on the line to defend
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their country. i am truly odd by the dedication of that young generation that is willing to do that. and like my good friend and predecessor, bob kate, i will be a tireless advocate for them and their families. i will never forget the consequences of my decisions, the strain, the sacrifice, the sometimes harp rake involved in sending those men and women into harm's way. we must restart the dignity of every person who is willing to
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put their lives on the line for america. every day we're making extraordinary sacrifices for all of us so are their families back home. we owe it to them to make sure that they have what they need to accomplish their mission and to also support their families back home. mr. vice president, mr. ren, my colleagues, i am again deeply thankful for this opportunity that i have given to do my part and protect in this country, this country that i love in this country that provides the men and women serve in battle.
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but most of all, i will sell you that i will always be committed to protect the night train that my parents were about when they came to this country, which is to ensure that all of our children have got better legs. thank you for your support. may god bless the men and women who are out there serving us. most importantly, may god bless the united states of america. thank you. [applause] [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, this includes the ceremony. please remain standing for the departure of the official party. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> one of defense secretary panetta's first responsibility spell and the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. it will officially end on september 20th. pentagon officials discussed the new policy allowing to serve openly in his 35 minute press briefing.
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>> the "don't ask, don't tell" repeal act of 2010 requires that before the law takes effect, the president, secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff transmit to congress written certification by each, that statutory prerequisites for certification have been met. those prerequisites include confirmation that the department of defense has prepared the necessary policies and regulations to implement repeal and that those policies in the implementation or to stand with the standards of military readiness, military effectiveness of unit cohesion and retuning retention. yesterday afternoon, then secretary leon panetta and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral michael mullen each signed and transmitted to the president that written confirmation that in their
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judgment the statutory prerequisites for certification have been met. as in all specs of the process, they're written confirmation was based on consultation with an advice and input from the service chiefs, service secretary and combatant commanders who unanimously reported that the services were not prepared for repeal. those two written instruments are transmitted to the white house last may. this afternoon, secretary panetta and chairman mullen met with president obama. about an hour ago, the president and secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff all found the certification document and the document has not been transmitted to congress. further requirements of the "don't ask, don't tell" repeal act of 2010, repeal implementation will come into
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effect 60 days from now, specifically typed it will be tuesday, september 20. with me here today are the under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness, dr. clifford stanley who let the repeal information team effort. major general eight steve hummer as the repeal implementation team, virginia d. penrod, assistant secretary of defense for military personnel policy and as chairwoman of the repeal implementation team. and jay johnson, dod console of the working group report on which the repeal implementation teams work was based. undersecretary family has deep reach statement to make. he needs to depart for a while to find me. at that point we will then bring a general hummer, admiral penrod
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and open up on the details of implementation process and that the next steps. mr. johnson will also be available for questions as relevant. i would ask that you hold your questions until general hummer in this penrod, penalty recognizing a question or so. undersecretary stanley, the podium is yours. >> good afternoon. i went to thank you for coming here today. this afternoon the president, secretary of secretary of defense, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff certified and they are satisfied with their advisors at the secretariat chiefs and the combatant commanders the surfaces are ready to implement the implementation of the appeal of "don't ask, don't tell." consistent with the standards of military readiness, military effectiveness, unit cohesion and recruiting and retention in the forces. per the law, repeal would take a look at on september 20, 2011.
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since we began training the force in march, 1.979 elion service members have been trained regarding policy changes associated with the repeal and throughout the process we have regularly engage service is in combat command. feedback was consistently positive. training was being well received and there were no issues or barriers arising. as we move forward to repeal and beyond, we will continue to elaborate this is a standing case to share any issues or questions may arise. i want to thank the repeal implementation committee and all those who have been deep reinvested in this process since the beginning. over the past seven months, the people in this department have developed training materials and established training teams and programs that training to almost
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1.979 billion servicemembers and comprehensive policy reviews ineptly all get us to this point today. your contributions have been invaluable to this effort. i also want to take a moment to thank our service secretary amid the most viable component of our defense. they represent our nation's best by exemplifying the core values and the oath they took to defend this great nation. it remains the policy of the department of defense that orientation is personal and private matter, to treat all members dignity and respect and to ensure maintenance of good order and discipline. there will be zero tolerance for harassment, violence or discrimination of any kind. this policy change is all about leadership, professionalism, discipline and respect. i know our service members will
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continue to proudly represent this department as high standards as they do each and every day. thank you. >> i'd now like to invite secretary hummer and penrod to come to the podium. general hummer is a few opening remarks to give you a sense of where we ended with the process is at this point in the issues before us. general. >> thank you. that afternoon. what i'd like to do here in a couple minutes is talked about what we were asked to do as the repeal implementation team give you what we did, what happens for the next 60 days through repeal, what we have reviewed and what we have yet to review. as everybody knows, the president signed the repeal act and 22 december or soon after that in january to repeal implementation team was
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activated in the month of january. we were tasked to conduct implementation with its maximum efficiency and minimum disruption to the force. the repeal implementation team operationalize the comprehensive review working group. this essentially was a blueprint that we carried out over the last six months. the department of defense worked steadfastly over the last six is to provide the necessary policies and regulations to implement repeal and to train 2.2 million servicemembers, including separate training for her senior civilian leadership. also chaplain corps members, judge advocate community on the implementation or implications, i'm sorry, i've repeal. it is the general consensus of the military departments that
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this old and steady approach to educating and preparing the floors and revising policies and regulations to lay the groundwork for a smooth and orderly trained nation. training materials were based on this year jeb you be package to facilitate a low bandwidth and nontraditional training setting including slides, narration and frequently asked questions, service specific information and separate training for senior leadership again chaplain corps memberships, judge advocate, et cetera. the training focuses on the changes in the policy affected by the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell," a clear focus on poor attendance, leadership and professionalism, discipline and respect. which will enable any change with minimal disruption of the floors as leadership continues
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to emphasize and treat all members dignity and respect. the services have been executing each elaborate and thorough rollup your service began training on or before her one march of this year. to date, immaturity of the floors, 1.979 million service members have been trained in training will continue throughout the next 60 days through repeal. the repeal act does not require services to complete training prior to reveal. while there is no department deadline for the completion, service is set their own internal polls to complete training and preponderance of the floors. all services have met their timeline goals in the army, guard and reserve are on track to complete their training on 15 august. in addition to the training
8:53 pm
forces -- i'm sorry, in addition to training the force on implications of the repeal, the department of defense has undertaken a comprehensive and her reverie view of regulations and policies to identify those that require revision to ensure a going forward and regulations will be neutral with respect to sexual orientation. these policies will be affect upon the date of repeal 20 september 2011. the majority of dod and service flood policies and regulations remain this name as they are already sexual orientation mutual. here are some of the main policies we've made determination sign. the first is the sessions, separations and rias session ends. upon repeal, statement about sexual orientation will no longer be a part to military
8:54 pm
service. upon repeal, services will no longer separated servicemembers under "don't ask, don't tell." upon repeal, former service members solely discharge under "don't ask, don't tell" them they reapply for reentry. with regard to sessions in recession openly gay or lesbian will be held to the same standards as all other advocates. re: standards of conduct. upon repeal come existing standards of conduct will continue to apply to all members regardless of sexual orientation , i'll are responsible for upholding the space and are. enforcement of service standards of conduct will continue to be sexual orientation neutral. moral and religious concerns, policies regarding servicemembers from individual expression and free exercise of religion already exist and there
8:55 pm
will be no changes. under personal privacy, the creation of separate bathroom facilities for a living quarters based on sexual orientation is prohibited. commanders cannot physically segregate members by sexual orientation. so those are the main policies that we looked at, finalize and prepared for repeal. over the next 60 days and on into repeal, we will now move our focus to other powers these to remain important to the department in servicemembers. perhaps the largest piece of this is expensive. at the pleasant time, eligibility standards for military benefits remain the same as they currently are. they continue to be benefits which servicemembers in a designated beneficiary of their own choosing. beneficiaries for life
8:56 pm
insurance, insurance savings plan, survivor benefits, et cetera. the defense of marriage act in existing definition of dependent in some laws prohibits extension of many military benefits to same-sex couples. those examples are health care, housing allowance, transportation allowance, et cetera. the department will continue to study existing benefits to determine those, if any, that should be reviewed based on policy, fiscal, legal and feasibility considerations to get the servicemember the discretion to designate a person of their own choosing as beneficiaries. as they move through the 60 day period and into repeal, we'll continue to work closely with the services to ensure redress any issues that arise. i will tell you entry impressed with the dedication and professionalism that has been
8:57 pm
shown by the multitudes of military personnel and employees who have worked countless hours to create training products, to develop and run training programs centocor over policies. this undertaking is a fine example of how the services can come together to get it mission accomplished elaborately, affectively and efficiently. and i know that the good work will continue, continue to be proud of the good men and women that make up the military. they embody the very principles that we keep reiterating throughout implementation. the leadership, professionalism, and the respect. thank you very much. >> a couple questions that may be under consideration, but two things. there were several people who dare discharge is a curved over
8:58 pm
the last several months by the air force and there may be other sources in the mid-to the process. what happens at this point to people who are sorted in the middle of the process, but not ultimately discharged. and secondarily, the navy had initially issued guideline about dean able to train chaplains in the event of same-sex unions that are legal. that was then withdrawn for additional study. has that been resolved yet? >> good afternoon. concerning your first question, as you may know, the ninth circuit court of appeals recently decided to reimpose this day -- actually lift a stay on the injunction that the
8:59 pm
district court issued last fall. and they've been modified last week, that the modification specifically referred to leaving in place the injunction when it comes to actual separation. so at the moment, we are complying with a court order. we filed a brief today with the ninth circuit on a motion for reconsideration. overall, we take the view that one certification repeal occurs, the lawsuit is taken that position in court papers. so at the moment, that is where we are in terms of the injunction. were obviously very sent it to the timeline we are in here for 60 days, from repeal of this file. your second question is tearing the navy chaplain community spirit that question is under legal review right now.
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there were some guidance put out. received a letter from 60 members of congress concerning the likability of doma and the guidelines, so the guidelines were under consideration right now buying the embedded by the personnel readiness community. and i suspect we will have the issue resolved before the 60 day period. >> just so i am clear, the air force people who are in the midst of their discharges, that means they are not technically discharge them at this point, is that correct? >> that's correct. there is on the separated. >> three others were in the midst. they would have to then go back to their jobs and continues her being is not what this point. >> as far as i know there's on the military. >> thank you.
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is the actual moments of repeal midnights wanted to sit number 20 later in the day? >> i suppose it depends on how you count. 60 days from today september 20 and i says it is a legal question as to whether the law repeal goes into effect on 3:00 or whenever it was that document was transmitted on september 20 were some earlier point in that day. i suspect they'll be issuing some sort of legal opinion on that. but we calculated the day to be september 20. tuesday. >> the other question was at the time you guys took the survey, the big concern was unit cohesion disruption. in the process of training, which was having no problems, has there been any indication that separate or different from what we talked about in that
9:02 pm
survey that once we pass training and pass the repeal and this really starts and open services allowed, they will be unit cohesion coin-operated onto the combat. >> as the service chiefs have received information from their leadership, their change of command to include combat areas over the last six months, there has been no distractions from unit cohesion that have been reported. so it has been very, very positive. the information has come from the leadership in this building. >> the obama administration has said they are no longer appealing challenges to doma. if doma were to fall in a circuit court and only
9:03 pm
partially, you know, be invalidated for a portion of the country, would you have contingency plans to extend benefits to military families, things like military families in those areas? >> well, and my understanding of the administration's position on doma is that the law, as long as it's on the vote should continue. we continue to apply it. but in court, and litigation in which it is viewed under doma, i believe this is correct, concede that a strict scrutiny constitutional analysis applies with regard to the law. so it cannot quite do we are not defending the law. it is just that we've conceded that strict scrutiny level of constitutional analysis has applied. whether the administration later takes a different eco-view was that to the department of justice in consultation with the
9:04 pm
president. >> deep that question would be, if a court was to rule that were unconstitutional, as the department prepared to extend benefits in the portions of the country where that would be the case? >> well again, we would normally -- this is really a question for the department of justice. when du and if not concede the circuit court's ruling and analysis of the way to the supreme court. and that's really a question for the department of justice. there's a lot of considerations that go into that. so you know, if we've got a circuit court decision, i'm a little out of my league because we are talking about doma, but we got a circuit court decision. it would be up to the department of justice to decide whether he can appeal that works that every man or whatever. >> you're talking about
9:05 pm
2.2 million active duty can be uniformed service members, correct? that does not include the carter service? i just said they were billions and not as well? the next senior civilians were not in getting that number. senior civilians were trained and especially those that have uniformed members to work for them so they are familiar with the policies. >> if they are not familiar to training, i was told he was anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes to groups of 50 to 50. is that accurate? >> it's accurate. the training was made at the most people know of kind of a one-way presentation, like a powerpoint presentation. yes -- i'd say yes. the minutes apart of that with a frequently asked questions have been yes. and that's where you get the dialogue. so it depends on the leadership, how they're going to present, what level is being prepared or
9:06 pm
been trained or educated and how long those discussions go. that could be anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half. >> i want to follow-up on hers. what were the freakily ask questions? do product a number of revisions. i'm curious to know which revisions they might have the most problems with. any sensitive reaction to these revisions you've outlined? >> will actually probably revisions are pretty straightforward because they have to do with recessions and separations. so those were primarily the policies. some of these other ones were frequently asked question that we prepared for policies that were not changed like benefits, like what chat and can do and what they cannot do. those that it's actually tours
9:07 pm
the repeal of the things that we put that are probably less but actually changed and things that have changed. so just to take care of the uncertainty there, the frequently asked questions that have been yes were to try and allow the home. >> did they express -- 2.2 million people you trained your express any serious issues with, for example, sharing restrooms, sharing bedrooms? >> there were cases where people would bring up in disgust this type of concern in training. >> i have two questions. why was it decided to go ahead certified before all the training was completed? and what are the added fees or at least what is the advocacy group saying the next step is going to be trying to get an executive order to prohibit discrimination and harassment based on sexual orientation of
9:08 pm
the military. have you been working on something like that? >> all servicemembers are that they are sexual orientation are entitled to an environment that is free of any bars that would prohibit their full growth to high responsibility. >> are you suggesting it doesn't require an executive order? >> i believe it does not. >> why did you decide to go ahead with this before the training? >> it was never sat as a criteria to 100% of the force would be trained. a predominance of the forces that we said we would train and that's where we are now. >> what about the issue that doma is the place for benefits to go to servicemembers and partners. do they identify any change that would enable to flow outside
9:09 pm
doma? >> when we looked at the plan for implementation of the law, our priority was to develop the training and ensure the forces changed. looking at that priority, we realize the benefits although very important that we would go into repeal before we decided to look at the benefits, which we will do upon repeal. >> are they going to stay in place or with a paean to groups? >> it will be part of the same group and it depends on the services. we always work on the services that we are cut benefits or any policy. we will use many members that remain from the repeal implementation team and then we would use of core service members. >> you set the next two months will focus on benefits, but he also said majority benefits aren't going to change because of various laws.
9:10 pm
so what are the changeable benefits are looking out over these two months? >> well, there are so benefits like to servicemembers group life insurance that a member can designate to their beneficiary. there is some great area benefits possibly where is it policy and not rather we could possibly change a minute course benefit that are restricted by law. and so we need to review all those benefits to determine legally and fiscally which benefits we can then provide to all servicemembers. including sexual orientation. >> there is that great area. >> we have legal policies are an individual can come in and request legal assistance and whether or not ambitious for the service member or can i bring in my partner and also has assistance?
9:11 pm
so that's an example. there are some that are not by law, but by policy. >> yeah, a question about mootness issue, the argument that the ninth circuit case is moot after implementation. can you respond to the question about in the lack of an executive order record of the law that mandates nondiscrimination, one of the concerns by the people ringing the suit is that the declaratory judgment contained in judge philip's order would require the military going forward regarding people who have been discharged and the separation pay, give them additional benefits that they don't have now that they won't be able to be guaranteed to have the new vacate the judgment. >> to have a lot agreed? [laughter] that lawsuit is about the constitutionally usc 1064.
9:12 pm
that's what that is about. it is being repealed whereas the president sat in the last major step towards repeal, it is not a class action. it is not a far-reaching class-action that involves a named plaintiff. the issuing cases the constitutionality of 654. it not about in a fit. it's about 10 usc 650 or it may have repealed. and in 60 days it will be up to books. so that's why we say the lawsuit should be to miss because the issue was new. >> the document was brought and there are collateral effects that are faced by service members who were discharged under 654 and will still have been discharged a nurse asked it before, even after repeal. i mean, the house paid -- the aclu said today that they are going to be continuing without
9:13 pm
lawsuit about separation pay. i mean, so be out, the lazio is actually more broad than what you just had. >> you just made my point for me. there's a subject lawsuit brought by different plaintiffs about separation pay. that is an issue in another case, which we will at jazz. the republicans case is about the constitutional anthony at 1064. >> that's something the repeal implementation team is looking not quite >> you've heard the recommendations concerning recession that does not involve the issue of separation pay. it is the case that servicemembers irrespective of sexual orientation always have the right to go to report for the correction of military records. >> a question to you all.
9:14 pm
a congressional critics still maintained the services had reservations about repeal and they are asking the administration to release those. was wondering whether you could speak to that and whether that possible releases under consideration. >> buy request has been made. it's been made by people on the hill and it fits under consideration. >> can you just fine-tune that statement that was made earlier about how there was unanimous court? >> it was unanimous support for implementation of repeal if the conditions have been met. >> i think what doug said was they were unanimous in saying that their services were prepared for repeal. >> you mentioned the magic date of december 20, 2011.
9:15 pm
after that date, what are you preparing the challenge is that you can say dod is history? >> re: object or event are held is that repeal will be as smooth as possible. this was done by a congress signed into law by the president first is as a result of litigation. so was done in an orderly process that took several months to implement through writing policies and what we believe we've done here is create a sexual orientation neutral environments in which all members can operate, do their jobs, serving their units at dignity, professionalism memories back. and so, we believe that we've done this in an orderly manager and we can try and session to a
9:16 pm
new environment for all servicemembers, did that sexual can serve and it is our hope that they will not he continued claims, lawsuits and so forth. >> so you are not a vaccine? is there something going you do not want to talk? tonight it's our hope we do not continue to face litigation in this area. >> just to clarify, either going to be any restrictions on the worldwide assigned it a gay service members especially where tran re-ask. >> they will be treated the same regardless of sexual orientation. the numbers are provided defendant servers the scum that they are reaping cultural norms of a particular country. but now, there will be no restriction.
9:17 pm
>> this'll be the last question. >> go let's go back to the service pay issue. if repeal is something congress approved, why not go back and give us service pay? is in fact an inevitable follow-up for even the logical next step wipers resist to? >> we have tried to create an environment where everyone is treated the same due respect head of sexual orientation. and so, servicemembers can reapply on the same terms as everybody else. that's the environment we try to create here. >> general, are now going to enter into a period where we will have different families treated getting different benefits. is there any threat to unit cohesion or will commanders be
9:18 pm
worried that because some people get more housing, some people get more benefit and other families will not have the same benefit that that may cause friction in units? >> first analyses will continue is we'll continue to follow the law, but the leaders are responsible for administrating the standards of conduct for the good order and discipline of the unit, irrespective of orientation. and as mr. johnson has died, we want to continue with the respected fairness for people in the military, including those with looking at mutual sexual orientation. >> thank you very much.
9:19 pm
>> what would that have been like to have met these people when you didn't know the ending? >> so i started looking for characters through whose eyes i could tell that story, ideally americans. and that's when i stumbled upon william e. dodd.
9:20 pm
>> britain's parliament has gone into its summer recess. the bbc parliament channel be kept the last several months in the house of commons in british politics in this one-hour record review program. some of the issues covered include the news corp. phone hacking scandal come in the royal wedding in president obama says it. >> hello and welcome to the special edition of the record review, when we look after an eventful summer term at parliament, he turns anything distinguished guests, rigorous questioning and much in the way
9:21 pm
of political drama. >> for the grandson of a kenyan who served as a cook and the british army to stand before you as president of the united states. >> this is a shocking mass. in fact, it's a scandal. >> have you ever received payment for any news? >> absolutely not. i can't believe he suggested that. >> the fact we do not have democratic legitimacy undermines our capacity to act as a check and balance. >> why disney know about these arguments? the house of commons is on this bill tonight. >> you can ask about strike because these in the union. >> as soon as parliament returned, the politicians graphic and enjoyed a long weekend break with the world's eyes were firmly focused on westminster. now this part, is that the other large building, westminster
9:22 pm
abbey. the future king was merry in the future cleaned before the ceremony started, the comments had a few appropriate words. >> mr. speaker, perhaps i could use this opportunity to thank officials in my department for the hard work on the royal wedding and wish catherine middleton great joy on their day. another secretary of state is much looking forward to attending the wedding tomorrow. her remains to be seen whether he will treat throughout it he be met with his cultural secretary like to read from the greatest playwrights to honor the happy couple friends on it of 186 by shakespeare, my love and love that still and now by this to me or my name is bill. >> the next day, a special friday, it went ahead without a hitch. in front of the worldwide audience, william and kate became man and wife. the world suddenly had a new british royal sweetheart and
9:23 pm
everyone has their favorite image of the day. six days after the nation enjoyed the royal wedding, and other national event should track team less enthusiasm. a referendum on changing the voting system. people of the u.k. decided now to the alternative though. but in scotland, the people were like the new members for their default legislators. and the results very between surprising and standing. and wales later celebrated taking outright control of the national assembly. in northern ireland it was a night of trance. robinson retained his job as minister in the most notable results came in scotland. the smb select the challenge of raber one outside control of the parliament, so stargate inevitable thoughts about the referendum when they sued on scottish independence.
9:24 pm
in between the big u.k. events, huge global event happened in the early hours of the first of may, osama bin laden, probably the best most wanted man was shot dead by americans peschel forces. osama bin laden had been living in a house in pakistan just an hour away from islamabad. helicopters raided the compound and landed a group of u.s. navy seals in a burst of gunfire, the al qaeda leader was killed, his body was. i see. americans celebrated his death in the world wondered about retaliation. i minister david cameron addressed the comment. >> we should remember in particular the brave servicemen and women from britain was given their lives in the fight against terrorism across the world. we should pay tribute especially to the british forces who played their part over the last decade in the hunt for bin laden. he was the man who is responsible for 9/11, which was not only an horrific killing of americans, but remains to this
9:25 pm
day the largest loss of british life in any terrorist attack. as that of the family group for united airlines flight 93 put it, we erased obviously never to hope for some and that. we are willing to make the section in this case. our world is a better place without him. >> of understanding satisfaction of those who lost family members in the inferno of 9/11, my right honorable friend agrees that it the reality is that some things are unchanged about the debt of osama bin laden. the threat regimes that jihads them that must be confronted inadequately thursday's, effective international corporations and the good intelligence remains essential. >> i daresay the people in this country today know about where bin laden was found and where he's been living for the last five years. i think at this country's going to keep 10 years to finance the
9:26 pm
poorest, most port and encourage, the government needs to come clean about what happened. >> the reaction of the comments to the death of osama bin laden. they like to know comments is only one part of westminster with another big part of parliament to tell about the electoral fray. it's that part down there that you might call the posh end, better known as the house of horrors. after centuries commissions and committees and inquiries, the latest lupin was unveiled by the deputy prime minister. nick clegg proposing in the elected house for the current appointed house. the plan was then. >> to check and chamber will finally have a democratic mandate. he will be much more accountable as a result. >> after four months in office, there's nothing in the reform simply putting proposals that keep the issues bride. >> the deputy prime minister not
9:27 pm
agree that it would be a founder -- a sounder approach to decide what we want the house of lords to do, what the function should be fed before we decide how it's made up. otherwise the situation is taking the team involving wackiness going to play. isn't this yet another roadshow brought to us by the same people who thought the british people wanted the alternative though? unelected lord is a strong word and that strengthens parliament. but does he not find it ridiculous that after her teen years of abject failure the dinosaurs over their are only interested in featherbedding that they are? >> when they came to discuss the plans, more than 100 queued up to use the good >> to preserve the coalition for five years, create 300 jobs for the boys and girls and send as
9:28 pm
quietly as the last p. into connectors the art. [laughter] >> it is a question of power that is the thought into which this draft l2 will sing. >> buddies before it? the fact is that all the previous reforms that are house of lords, 1911, 1949 to 1958, 1999, all of them have tilted the balance away from the house of lords towards the house of commons. the difference from this one is that tells it the other way for the first time. we're going to have a house, which is going to be like it and therefore will attract more power to itself. >> i cannot imagine the decision to take this country to war would have gone through a chamber which was elected on a different mandate, and a different. and with a different set of political weights in this chamber than the one that existed at the event.
9:29 pm
the truth of the matter is we function, but that's not our only function. we also powers that the checks and balances in this country and the fact that we do not have democratic legitimacy undermines our capacity to act as a check and balance. >> the powers of this house there there in limited. do they understand and the other place, those who support these proposals just so we are capable of doing if we have democratic legitimacy? i myself am not against you via via via of lords. ..
9:30 pm
immediate storm who blew up and the labor leader seized the moment. >> when he leaves the chamber should go look at the justice secretary. and with me state clearly it shouldn't be in his post at the end of today. now, that's the first thing he should do. the second thing he should do -- the second thing he has to do is draw this policy because this policy they are defending is the idea that if you plead guilty
9:31 pm
you get your sentenced to hard. that could mean the retest spends as little as 15 months in prison. that is not an acceptable policy and the press minister should drop it. >> the aim of bargaining is used in systems including a very tough criminal justice systems like america and the aim of the plea bargaining is to make sure that more people get prosecuted and convicted and actually save the victim her from having to go through a court process and find out in the end that the culprit is going to commit a guilty plea at the last minute. that is what the government is looking at and when we listened to the consultation we will announce a resolution. >> mr. speaker the prime minister hides behind the constitution. frankly -- frankly it's just not good enough.
9:32 pm
>> the others were urging kenneth clarke to drop his sentencing plan. >> this is a hour trade proposal. there's no evidence at all in the proposal to suggest more people are pleading guilty as a result. if that doesn't happen will your state, that suggesting on delta and to try to get through more why not scrap the whole -- based in evidence at all. there is no evidence whatsoever, chancellor. i suspect the prime minister will take this idea pretty soon. >> a few weeks a bleeder scrapping the whole idea. >> i said i thought there would survive a week or two ago because by putting in some judicial discussion i could solve the problem but you can't. and so for that reason, we are seeking to the present system
9:33 pm
and that is what consultation is all about. >> i welcome the expert. can the secretary see that this turns out the spending teams allowing people to volunteer in classrooms they didn't close all of the sex offenders. all of this together creates a very open picture of the government's attitude. >> there are many in my time and it should be done with purpose and i don't think this is a u-turn at all. >> to the rubbish removal the community will be bringing back weekly collections as the
9:34 pm
council switched -- the plan a weekend selections. >> before the election the secretary of the government said so much among the party is the basic right, the basic right that every english man and woman to be able to put chickens in their been without having to raise for it to be selected. perhaps the psychiatry of state could explain why is it to the government has changed? >> five years ago the conservatives made exactly the same promise. they spent 2.5 million pounds of their friends on a complicated research and see with ten different things, boxes and bags into curiosity. it is unacceptable. >> she would hope they would at
9:35 pm
least we think the election so we don't have the same situation. >> mr. speaker, i said in response to an earlier connection to the honorable lady that we believe it's important to support the local authorities that want to provide the weekly connection of the part of the waste and will make available to million pounds to the system and not. >> mr. christopher? >> why so selfishly hanging on, you could let the community -- [laughter] >> mr. speaker, i might remind the honorable gentleman that we are a coalition government. and he might -- the coalition agreement commitment is that a
9:36 pm
government would work towards the economy and encourage the council to pay people to recycle and reduce and the measures to promote a huge increase of energy from waste as set out in the review today. >> the government in the division of the caps are running at the national service in england. the primary did published and the gp taking over the health care commissioning and more input from the private sector. in april the minister's announced a rear poll in the legislation to allow an exercise to save the case. >> ending june both pre-minister and deputy prime minister were busy listening to the staff and patients inside of the london hospital. the government unveiled its plan it looks suspiciously like another u-turn. moreover, this year turned appeared to be about the liberal democrats. one part of the coalition. >> we amended the bill to strengthen and emphasize the
9:37 pm
duty to promote the patient choice. the choice of any qualified provider would be limited to those areas where there is a national or local terrorists. ensuring that competition is based solely on quality. mr. speaker, to recommendations in the forum and the response, we have demonstrated our willingness to listen and to improve our plan. >> humiliate it. the health secretary has held the policy taken out of the hands and criticized the government's health plan that they were wrong and they didn't understand. he's wrong. >> how can he argue the latest blueprint for the biggest reorganization in the history of with any credibility. >> most of the changes that he announced today and i actually
9:38 pm
welcome you, senator. the bureaucracy that is going to be aligned after all these changes go through could actually be worth that. [inaudible] this is clear evidence of a lessening government. [inaudible] what we now need is a consensus across all the policies and for everybody to put their money where their mouth is and support the changes as we move forward. >> does the secretary understand that when the labor government was in power, it increased from 33 billion to 111 billion in one decade, and now we are witnessing 2 billion pounds a
9:39 pm
nuanced or -- new monster [inaudible] >> three que terms in a single term. i asked the bbc correspondent david it this unfortunate hand trick was the son of the case the government rushing into policy and getting them wrong. >> it's quite unusual for a government to have this many new terms. but there were different reasons from each one if you look at sentencing that is badly with the tabloid press, the daily mail type of newspapers that really didn't like what kenneth clarke was going to do. if you look at the health reform as well, that was the reality of the coalition politics kicking and because the liberal democrats kept up over them. and as for the collections, that in the end came down to money.
9:40 pm
so the community secretary was not able to deliver on his promise that it was the only legal right, on the label right of an english man to have the remains of his father cleared away at least once a week. >> the liberals of the great financial clash in 2008 continues to play out and the biggest ever crisis because its debts were not in countries. biggest among so has been greece. the briefs became commonplace when the measures were announced to cut spending and increase tax. they were given to the greek economy as everyone wanted to know either directly or indirectly. >> britain isn't in the year and while i am the prime minister it will never be in the euro. so we should not be involved in the aretas internal
9:41 pm
arrangements. only the bureau's own countries were involved alongside the imf and the first bailout. only the year rose on countries have been involved in discussions about potential further bailouts. so it's right to not use the european financial stability mechanism for the future support to greece. >> there was outcome for the british economy from the greek crisis would be a disorderly and chaotic default and subsequent archer from the year ago. what discussions therefore did he have the colleagues about preparing for that desalt which is inevitable in departure which is desirable in particular with the president's. and the dissolution of the monetary union that is disorderly on the union between the secretary without too much disruption hit [inaudible]
9:42 pm
>> we will alter that and create greater instability in the world's market. >> if greece could neither winstrol or default, then good money by the imf for the european union monday by the mechanisms will be wasted bowing out greece. and lead an orderly withdrawal from greece from the zero. estimate is it time to dispose of these things? texas you to have become an endangered species put on the council because there were declines the council now says there is the alternative and it didn't look happy before you can be off for the commons' treasury committee. >> it's important we work as an industry to have a set of alternatives in place otherwise
9:43 pm
barclays will not be in the position to support the withdrawal of the checks that the checkpoints set by the council is 2016. let me go on, this is prepared to continue to accept the checks beyond 2016 should the criteria cannot be met? it's clear the parties aren't sitting here saying that it's coming to happen. this estimate is not going to happen and by the way, they are saying if it is unrealistic under this timetable then we believe the time table and that is my position too. it's not something if it looks to achieve he the position we have to deal acceptable alternatives in place the 2016 we will delay. what does the been blending have on customers to rely on the checks? >> i need to look at the bank
9:44 pm
mandates without seeing it i'm afraid i don't -- i don't know. >> this is an appalling mess, isn't it? a shocking mess. in fact is a scandal. here you are trying to tell us there hasn't been a colossal error of judgment. but it's even worse than that colossal error of judgment, isn't it? you got the banks out there right now telling customers the checks are for the shop. >> well, i'm sorry. i can't account for wetmore cleaves is saying. i can only represent the payment council. and i can equally represent to you what they are telling me. what they are telling me is what i just said. >> the olympics are only a year away. the six years since the city was chosen for 2012 seem to have flown by but the excitement of the games was tempered rather brutally placed on a million people realized they haven't got all the tickets they applied
9:45 pm
for. they haven't got any tickets they apply for. politicians included. >> can be a statement about the tickets debacle and in particular why is it possible they can devise a system where a million people didn't get anything at all in the first balance coming and people have to deal with this and register on the french website in order to get some sort of a sensible way of trying to purchase olympic tickets should and the minister be calling it the organizing committee showing them the instruments and getting them to sort this out. >> words tickets available there had to be a rationing system. >> who has got the tickets? ministers assume facing the questions. >> my honorable friend will be aware the government has allocated some 9,000 tickets for the 2012 olympic games. one of those tickets will be provided either to the government employees or the general or to the u.k. politicians in particular.
9:46 pm
>> i am happy to reassure my honorable friend about the details of those tickets. 3,000 of those tickets have been allocated to stop this is yet purchased and able through a balanced read to thousand 400 of those tickets are being made available to the post cities. in the will be purchased 22,900 will be made available to the guests of the government including international business guests and to countries to make sure we secure and economic to the olympics 450 will be allocated as prizes and school games deutsch 6,000 schools are currently signed up. it's been agreed ordinary mps and control of a section of the parliament and the government. it's certainly a lively debate and producing an unlikely hero on the back bench mark to put on the motion and vote on wild animals from circuses and came in to pressure from downing
9:47 pm
street officials to withdraw the motion. he wasn't pleased. >> i have a web message for the prime minister. i didn't -- [inaudible] i have a message. i may just be from the very poor background but that background gives me a backbone. [inaudible] by the prime minister of my country or a nation i feel passionately about and have conviction about. there may be some people with other backbones in the state and they will speak and on the other side. but we need a generation of politicians with a spine, not jelly. this is an issue i count on for many years and have a debate in the last parliament i spoke on the welfare bill the passage of the bill and i consistently campaigned on this issue. >> mr. deputy speaker, i feel
9:48 pm
for the house to support my motion to get britain back to where it was in the last century >> rather than lagging behind and let's put an end to the use of the honorable uncertainty. >> it is a serious time. it seems to be a rollercoaster of the terms to complete the first year as the leader of the opposition. in early june he was widely criticized to take the political and the vintage of the government terms. he then tried a different tactic to trip up david cameron as the matters of detail. here he is challenging the prime minister over a new system of benefit payments. >> this is what they say. many people -- it is a disgrace that we are talking about. this is what they say. many people will lose the
9:49 pm
benefit simply because they haven't recovered quickly enough. mr. speaker, i ask the question again, will he admit the 7,008 loading up to the pounds each week? >> it's the last test of the last government and is put in place fairly. we listen carefully to the support and we also made sure someone is reviewing all of the medical that take place under the system. when he comes to the support and britain they're making the argument for months. i'm amazed by the prime minister about these arguments. why doesn't he know about these arguments? perhaps it is on this bill to might. he should know about these arguments. i ask him again, mr. speaker, will he admit the 7,000 are losing of the 94 pounds a week? >> i answered this question three times with a full explanation, and the whole point about the benefit reformer is there are proper medical tests
9:50 pm
so we support those who cannot work as a generous tolerant and compassionate country should, but we make sure those who can work have to go out to work so that we don't reward bad behavior. he doesn't know his own policy. it's not the people terminally ill. it's about people recovering from cancer. >> victory on points with melinda cooke in income of david cameron and massive details he went on to use and subsequent. >> he brought up ones against the reforms to the service and on the day that everyone else was talking about strikes by teachers. and other workers in the public sector. david cameron street estimates he promised a top-down reorganization. he promised and he's treating morihiro and things are getting worse. what people are asking of and down this country is what is he doing for our nhs?
9:51 pm
what the whole country will have noticed is that the time people are worried he can't ask about strikes because once he's in the pocket of the union. what the whole country -- of the whole country will have noticed is a time when increase is facing huge problems over the deficit he can't talk about greece. his plan is to make britain white grease. >> david cameron coming out on top of that particular session of the prime minister's questions. what are we to make of ed melody and's performances of to that point? >> it miller band said the last few months is likely were characterized about what might likely be called mixed reviews of his performance to the time and mr.'s questions and he managed but more often than not, david cameron was able quite comfortably to deal with him. the millo band campaign changed and they decided that david cameron is week upon detail, and therefore they started asking
9:52 pm
both specific detailed questions about the impact of a certain policy, for example, welfare reform on a particular group of people in one notable case the impact, and they would argue that that showed the prime minister how the weakness and the detail of the impact of his own policies, and they think that there was a very successful tactic and i think that it's one that he will see more and more in the future. >> the queen went to the republic of ireland for a four day visit and was regarded as historic. she was the first british to visit ireland and 100 years. >> she went to the stadium in dublin, the scene in 1920 was the killing of 14 people by british forces and the irish war of independence. >> leader the queen went to dublin and was alongside the irish president.
9:53 pm
the queen was elected and the president visited ireland. >> with the historical hindsight we could all say things we could wish to have been done differently or not at all. >> the visit was raised as the prime minister's questions. islamic doesn't her majesty the queen to the irish republic this week demonstrate not just her own personal courage in carrying out such a visit in the fierce severe terrorist threats but also demonstrates whatever reservations some of us may have about what particular aspect of her visit. it also demonstrates the extent of the improvement in the relations between the irish republic on the united kingdom, which is a part and it also demonstrates the recognition of the status. also an opportunity to build on the cooperation to fight the dissident terrorists who still play gus on the republic. >> i think the gentleman is right in every respect i think this is a remarkable physical
9:54 pm
estimate that the relationship between britain and the republic of ireland is strong and properly is never been stronger and with a successful devolution of policing the justice that made his visit possible, and i think the scenes on the television screen last night is a visit to her majesty made. to heal the wounds of the past but also to look towards a very bright future between the two countries are remarkable and hugely welcome. >> griffin was playing host. the u.s. president barack obama and the first lady were in town meeting national lead the queen. ♪ and perhaps the ultimate office of unity a memorable barbecue with the president and prime minister in a joint charge of the burgers and sausages. president obama then came to parliament to address the mps
9:55 pm
and west mr. hall. the president's white and the occasion. >> i'm told the last three speakers here have been the pope, her majesty the queen and nelson mandela which is a high bar or the beginning of a very funny joke. [laughter] >> the president's speech touched on the intervention in libya. >> at the outset of the crackdown in libya to say that none of this was our business. the nation's sovereignty is more important than the smaller civilians within its borders. that carries weight with some. but we are different. >> we embrace a broad responsibility. >> on to the british and american experience of
9:56 pm
immigration and diversity. we can see what was possible, she said. >> it's possible for the sons and daughters of the former colonies to sit here as members of this great parliament, and for the grandson of the kenyan who served as a crook in the british army to stand before you as president of the united states. [applause] >> and the commons and the words were on their best behavior again this time for this man, the chief reached 90 on june 10th. without a doubt the serving a royal councils in british history talking to people and a few thousand official visits. david cameron recalls the distinguished naval records in support for the environmental causes. he has all of this, all of these things in his own way. with a no-nonsense approach to the british people i believe find to be endearing.
9:57 pm
[laughter] [inaudible] many of us to give public speeches would be honored to have a book published of the most famous sayings that have been several published of his. my own favorite is planned for a long time of the eager to please official asked him how was your flight? she replied have you been on a plane? you know how it goes up in the air and comes back down again it's just like that. mr. speaker i would like to go on a great deal longer but i'm reminded of his remarks about servants which were overrun. it's not just state the clergy in the pulpit but i think probably for us in this place, too as they put it the mind cannot afford with the back side cannot endure. [laughter] >> he certainly is a formidable mant and refreshingly does not suffered badly. [laughter]
9:58 pm
>> when he was a member of parliament in 2001 invited as i think the prime minister and others who elected was yesterday and we will all invited to buckingham palace and he came up and said so what did you do before you got this job and he said worked in the trade union, and the duke immediately replied above all of them. [laughter] which somewhat offended thinking that he would be able to retaliate but did you do before you got this job? to which he replied the second world war. [laughter] speed the current civil list is swept away placed by a sovereign support. this was based on the profits from the crown of the state.
9:59 pm
we were talking about a cut price. >> we have one of the finest stories in any country in the world, and when i see the current approach being brought through the streets of london i want to see it by the finest horses money can buy. i want to see it with the finest that can be afforded. i want her majesty to have as it presents the finest windows that can be funded by the members of parliament. that is the stages that we want and i urge the chancellor even if this time of austerity when i know we are all in it together, and i know the opposition cent of the money and match dhaka credit card in all of that, but i think we should look after her majesty. >> from the outside the parliament may have paid to the to been a rather fine building to replace people make speeches. in fact, the problem to the changes present special powers. i'm not talking harry potter. it's a place the politicians can
10:00 pm
speak with complete freedom. they enjoy a thing called privilege which means they can see pretty much anything they like without any legal come back. and may the and he used privileged to name a football or who had taken off a legal super injunction to prevent reporting about his love life. >> it was up 75,000 people have been made on how twitter it obviously is impracticable to imprison them all and with reports that he also faces imprisonment. >> order. let me say to the honorable gentleman, i know that he has already done it, but such as this are occasions for raising the issues of principle involved, not seeking to flout for whatever purpose. order. he wants to finish his question in an orderly way she can do so. >> what the government's view ase on the enforceability of the law that clearly doesn't have the public consent.
10:01 pm
>> it is our duty to uphold the rule of law. >> its use to break another super injunction. a former chief of the bank of scotland had wanted to start media stories appearing about him. he appeared the public should be towering. >> would he accept that every taxpayer has the direct public interest in the event leading up to the collapse of the bank of scotland? >> how can it be right for the super injunction to hide the alleged relationship between fred goodwin and a senior colleague? it's true it would be a serious breach of corporate governance, and not even the financial services authority would be allowed to know about. i do not think it is proper for me to comment on individual cases, some of which come before the courts.
10:02 pm
is it not intolerable that important sections of the media and i think a commercial agenda in competition for getting more material for increasing the sales they have nothing quite regularly of the informants of surreptitious surveillance and photography of tapping telephones are the methods usually associated with the activities of a secret police in the society. is this not a national disgrace and should the parliament and government face up to the responsibilities and legislate on this issue? >> the lord is discussing the methods and may add those to come far greater sycophants in early july when the newspaper phone hacking which would have been running for the best part of two years discovered new life and became an david cameron's words a firestorm. the unfolding defense wouldn't have looked out on the pages of a hollywood movie script.
10:03 pm
the cast, the police, the press, the politicians, a leader in peace reminding us of the staff for the whole sequence of events. >> mr. speaker, that cannot be a single person in the land that is and sickened by the new spirit of a private investigator working for the news of the world hacked the phone of a missing teenager and deleted some of her messages, thereby leaving the family to believe that she might still be alive. that is just not a paper out of control, that's not just a paper believing that it is above the wall. it's a national newspaper playing god with the families and oceans. those involved, those whose negligence allowed this to happen, and those who covered it up should be truly ashamed. >> that anyone could hack into the phone, listen to her family's frantic messages and
10:04 pm
delete them giving false hope to those parents is immoral and a disgrace. given the gravity of what has occurred, will the prime minister support the cause for a full independent public inquiry to take place as soon as practical until the culture and practices of the british newspapers? >> let me be very clear, yes, we do need to have an inquiry possibly inquiries into what has happened. let us be clear we are no longer talking here about politicians and celebrities. we are talking about murder victim's potentially terrorist victims having their phones tapped into. it is absolutely disgusting what has taken place, and i think everyone in this house and this country will be revolted by what they have heard and what they have seen on their television screens. >> on to an emergency debate the issue then of the news corporation to fully take over the. >> is the result of the parliament and by the
10:05 pm
parliamentarians we have to secure the principal of the public inquiry now and they must also press further. >> not just to restore the effectiveness and credibility of parts of the newspaper industry, not just to get justice, but to say on behalf of everyone in this country we will not stand for the shameful and cruel practices that we have seen. >> given that there is clear evidence of serious criminality on the part of some people at the news international of any event without necessarily referring it to the constitution commission to calling the pause pending further evidence. the drawling on the legal knowledge, with the attorney general confirmed that would news international with their record of the wrongdoing they have admitted so far were they to apply to run the camp they
10:06 pm
would not receive a license. if they are not fit and proper people to run the camps, how can these be a fitting and proper outfit to take over a monopoly of the whole television channel. we've seen the abuse of positions and power on the scale. >> that began to freeze of the story of moving of the bewildering pace. it's causing the paper storm [inaudible] number is arrested. and the questions to the parliamentary committee. >> i can assure you all i've never lied on all my information is provided to this committee and they've been given in good faith. in policing you have to investigate these for doing wrong things. and it didn't cooperate or get to the bottom of it. >> and not investigating the
10:07 pm
matter fully. >> i accept some of that responsibility. >> you do turn up and give evidence. however i think it is the view of the committee that your evidence today is unconvincing. and there are more questions to be asked about what happened whether you conducted this review. >> how can i stop my investigation or any way shape or form i couldn't, they would never let me and if i had never done that they would have been all over me like a rash. i have to say -- >> you don't know they are being investigated? >> i'm not investigating to get of course. >> they've been constructed because -- >> going back to this i don't know the time line. if it went on after the intervention, then fine, but my
10:08 pm
recollection is those things happen before the arrests occurred. >> do you understand why everybody is so concerned that somewhere along the line somebody thinks this should be looked at broader and one of the people that could be has a connection. >> okay. don't beat me down for being up front about imc to you exactly what my aspirations have been. >> did you ever receive payments from any news organization? >> absolutely not. i can't believe you suggested that. >> absolutely no way. i can say to you -- that isn't fair. >> order. we are not getting rid of anything. >> it's the same question he has
10:09 pm
put to all the witnesses. >> can he repeat the additional comment? hang on. >> order. order. >> order. order. members of this committee are allowed to ask any questions they wish. it is a fair question to put in the public domain of the moment of other police officers. she's put her question and you've given an answer. the answer is an unequivocal no. >> back in the commons to put on the motion calling for the dropping of the news corporation takeover. just before the debate the takeover called out a former prime minister joined the attack on the news international. >> and many innocent men, women and children are the most vulnerable moment in their lives with no one and nowhere to turn from the properly private lives, their private losses, the private sorrow treated as the property of news international,
10:10 pm
their private innermost feelings and private spheres bought and sold by news international. >> criminality was by the information commissioner in 2006. as a new member i ask him why was nothing done? >> but mr. speaker, if he felt that it was right in 2003 that there should have been an inquiry into the media, by at no point even until last week did they ever support -- statistics before, mr. speaker. the honorable member as he has so eloquently of land for us, his bravery at standing up to murdoch -- can i ask him does he regret that the previous government held a slumber party for elizabeth murdock and rebecca that she was then at checkers. >> mr. speaker i make no apology for setting up the record of our government in our relationship with news international, and i
10:11 pm
hope members on the other side will ask their leader to set out what happened in the relationship with the parties and is international. >> she designed to decrease and is the news international chief and was arrested as the head of the metropolitan police resigned. media tycoon rupert murdoch and his son, james, appeared before the culture committee. >> what happened at the news of the world was wrong. wheat and i apologize profusely and unreservedly for that and my father has as well. this is -- these are very serious matters, and we are trying to establish the fact is any new allegations as they come up. we are working closely with the police to find out who is -- where the wrongdoing was and to hold people accountable. >> do you think it is possible at all the newspaper would not have known about these activities?
10:12 pm
do you think it is remotely possible? >> why can't say that, sir, and coming i presume judicial proceedings. >> mr. murdoch, at what point did you find out the criminality was endemic in the news of the world? >> endemic is a very wide-ranging word, and i had to be extremely careful across the justice taking place now, and that has been disclosed i became aware of it and -- this terrible thing happened on your watch. why not? >> because i feel that people
10:13 pm
like trusted let me down, and i think they behaved disgracefully i think that frankly i am the best person to clear this up. >> the prime minister returns to the comments from south africa with the story continuing to cause interruptions. >> i have said it very clearly if it turns out the hacking of the news of the world, she will only have lied to me, but he would have lied to the police come to the select committee, to the complete commission and perjured himself in a court of law. with 20/20 hindsight and all of that has followed, i would not have offered him the job. and i expect that he wouldn't have taken it. but you don't make decisions in
10:14 pm
hindsight. uniques than in the present. you live and learn. and believe you me, i have learned. he says in hindsight he made a mistake by hiring. he says if he lied to him he but apologize. mr. speaker, that isn't good enough because people -- [inaudible] it's not about hindsight, mr. speaker, it's not about whether he lied. it is about all of the information and warnings by the prime minister. he was warned and ignore the warnings. >> what he cares about is the appalling revelation what's been going on in his work in the news of the world and the metropolitan and the anger about that is expressly told by thousands of hard-working journalists and thousands of
10:15 pm
dedicated and courageous police officers. for that reason it is essential for the police investigation to be completed as quickly as possible. the investigation should be completed and the judicial inquiry should get under way and completed as quickly as possible. and it can give an absolute assurance those will now be given to the priority that they should have been given a long time ago. >> will he now explicitly say that he expects that all of the government's from this coming back for over 20 years have been far too close for the media giants in this country? that that has to and, which means no more backdoor visits to number ten. in the conversations with mrs. brooks and other news corporation people, was there any mention? >> he asked me to ask the question. perhaps he will now be transferred and as he was counter secretary about all of the context has had.
10:16 pm
judging the mood of the chamber, this may be on the popular to say, but outside of the west minister bubble and getting the impression that the nation has had its fill on the subject. he's actually getting fed up. it was answered about the corruption, answers about the hacking and answers about the relationship between the press and the media. but this inquiry is under way, and that is where she comes. >> and for that the with your for the summer. he flew home for its dramatic britain even by the standard and the hacking final the last parliament. least for the moment. but did the parliament allow itself to be taken over by a single story? the prime minister argues the response to the packing scandal has shown the parliament at its best, and most particularly labour would actually agree with him. it's very true that the hacking has taken up an awful lot of parliamentary time and it is a
10:17 pm
huge story, generated here at westminster. a very big story in the westminster village. does it matter as much to people at home? that's the big question. the delayed going off on this to discuss the scandal. the hacking the scandal with the news of the world rather than of course the economic crisis. in the united states and the year autozone. >> and that is it for our look at the summer term in parliament. the record will return with the daily news from westminster but when the parliament gets back in september. for now goodbye. ♪
10:18 pm
10:19 pm
the commission on security and cooperation in europe also known as the u.s. helsinki commission heard testimony today from human rights advocates about the plight of christians in egypt in the wake of the political uprising this year. that talk with hosni mubarak's presidency. christians account for an estimated ten to 20% of egypt's population. this hearing, chaired by new jersey congressman christopher smith, is two hours and 45 minutes. >> the commission will come to order, and i want to welcome our
10:20 pm
very distinguished panel to this commission. focussing on a minority at risk christians in egypt. and just for the c-span audience, i would point out that the helsinki commission was formed immediately after the signing of the helsinki final act in the mid 1970's. a comprehensive human-rights convention that had three majors dealing with security, another with trade, and the one we that we have emphasized very strongly over these last several decades has been the human rights basket. the helsinki commission is made up of nine house members, nine members of the senate and three members of the department of state all assistant secretaries, very high level including the human rights assistant secretary for democracy, labor and human rights. i have been on the commission personally since 1982, and in my second term.
10:21 pm
i chaired the commission or cochaired from 2004 and served as ranking member and now came back as chairman, and senator cardin serves as the co-chairman from the senate. so again, welcome to this hearing. this morning we are going to focus on the question of what is happening to the christians and legit, and what will happen to them in the new country that is emerging from the revolution this spring. early signs are discouraging. that has been an escalation of violence against copps which has included the killing of dozens of conflict individuals caught fire bomb churches and the destruction of a at least three charges. of course coptic christians have been marginalized and fees' terse discrimination, persecution, and even violent attacks both by the egyptian government and by muslim extremists in egypt where they constitute roughly 8% of the population of about 82 million
10:22 pm
people. the plight has been well-documented putting by the state department international religious freedom reports and the country reports on human rights practices. and by reports of the u.s. commission on international religious freedom. the most recent international religious freedom report says that the egyptian government respect for fundamental human right is, quote, poor. given the development of egypt, we have to be deeply concerned about what the next report will say, and more importantly, what has truly or is happening on the ground. the other focus of this hearing will be the widespread incredible allegations that the egyptian women and girls are subjected to a reduction, forced conversion to islam, and forced marriage to muslims. the appeared to be targeted with deceptive and abusive practices which often include violence and it separates them forever against their will from their families.
10:23 pm
we have heard very disturbing reports and part of the reason for this hearing is to begin the open up and find out what is truly going on with regards to this terrible situation. i would note parenthetically that line the prime sponsor and author of the trafficking protection act of 2000, and one of the hallmarks of that legislation is to bring light and policy including sanctions against countries that engage either internally or across the boundaries any kind of modification of the women especially the selling of the individuals and to sexual trafficking situations, modern-day slavery as we call it. i would also point out that over the years, many of us on the foreign relations committee and those not on it that are concerned about this would routinely raise the issue of the coptic christians and their persecution especially with president mubarak. time and again, we have lists i would give him liszt's in cairo
10:24 pm
and washington when he would visit and ask the individuals that have been hurt or arrested falsely and under false charges would be shown relief. and while it is bad on mubarak, the concern now, the big open question is is it evil thing in the wrong direction and actually worsening? i would like to say at the egyptian government in my opinion and the opinion of many of us who follow the human rights closely has failed to initiate into the cases of the firebombings and of the abducted women and many of these issues as well as killing the individuals. and that does have the perhaps intended consequence of creating the climate of impunity or the perpetrators. if there is no penalty for this terrible abuse and violence, it only encourages more violence. i would like to say at the outset that this is only the first hearing on the persecution of the cops or rather the
10:25 pm
second. there was one in january. my good friend and colleague mr. wolf, who did it under the auspices of tom lantos, human rights commission or committee. we will hold hearings on copps and other minority religions in the middle east. but of course the revolution against mubarak has created a new situation which calls for a new hearing. things have changed dramatically on the ground. and i'd like to bring a special focus to the issue of the abduction of the coptic women and girls. we need to and we will have follow-up hearings later this year until the egyptian government gets the message. this is an issue that calls for action. in april of 2010, i wrote to the state department together with 15 other members urging further investigation reporting on the exploitation of coptic women. this spring frank wolf introduced legislation that
10:26 pm
would create a special envoy of remote religious freedom of religious minorities in the middle east and south central asia. the bill is likely to be on the floor this coming monday. hopefully it will pass. hopefully the senate will take it up easily and get down to the president to have a point person reaching out and working with direct access to the president to work on the worsening place of the christians in the middle east. egypt is a major recipient as we know of the foreign aid, it is a mediterranean partner for cooperation of the organization for the cooperation in europe. i do hope it's government is paying close attention today and that it chooses the path of reform and religious freedom. if it doesn't we should restructure the aid to promote religious freedom much more vigorously and carefully considered designating egypt as a country of particular concern under the international religious freedom act of 1998. i would note parenthetically that the u.s. commission for the
10:27 pm
freedom has already made that recommendation. so there is a -- this is something that has to be taken very seriously, and it has to be done right now. finally yesterday we marked up the reauthorization of the formulation of the state department and some foreign aid in the international relations committee. i offered an amendment which will give out and be made part of the record here today that brings attention to all of these issues concerning coptic christians. from the fire bombing to the desecration of churches and of course the destruction of churches into this under focused upon issue of young coptic girls being abducted and forced to islam and been given over his bride. it's a very disturbing and i think an outrageous situation, and we need to do more and this hearing marks a ticket point at least for a think what the congress will do. i would note parenthetically
10:28 pm
that the boat is unanimous by republicans and democrats on the committee, and those who spoke in favor of its including howard berman, the ranking member, and the chairwoman of the committee and other members all run at the same page that we need to speak out robustly as does the administration on behalf coptic christians. i would now like to welcome the distinguished witnesses to this hearing today. first with the attorney and vice president of coptic solidarity, a critic indicated to opposing the human rights of egyptian copps and she has spoken widely on issues affecting minorities in egypt. her full resume will be made a part of the record. it's very, very many accomplishments as to our others today, and then we will hear the president of the french office of the e egyptian union for human rights organizations. and represents several coptic organizations in france. he has been engaged in promoting the rights in france and in
10:29 pm
europe and then third we will hear from michelle clark who was an adjunct professor at the school of international affairs at george washington university and co-author of the 2009 report, the disappearance forced conversions and forced marriages of coptic christian women in egypt he is currently working on a new investigation of a deduction, forced conversion and perg and is known to the commission for her extraordinarily fine work to combat human trafficking. i would now like to turn to carolina and ask all of our witnesses to come to the witness table. [applause] >> [inaudible conversations]
10:30 pm
>> thank you. mr. chairman, distinguished members of congress and commissioners, thank you for holding this important hearing and for the opportunity to testify and focus on the issues related to the christian minority in egypt. particularly as many of these appear to be ignored in the current policy considerations. .. especially if egyptian people stood side-by-side interrater square, calling for mubarak to leave. a post-mubarak egypt would
10:31 pm
provide more piece or minorities. tragically, that is not occurred. instead, there is clear evidence of an increase in pattern that is. by commission and omission that government's ancient persecution sadly, we have seen many times attacks against christians in the last year my post-mubarak regime. there has been clear evidence of a pattern in part to us. we conservative military. there have been two very well documented attacks with the military open attack monastery. those attacks can actually be viewed online. military opened fire on armed monks. if you go online and look at the idea of which we provided explorer, you can eat them running for cover as the military is opening fire with heavy machinery on the monks.
10:32 pm
also, we see persecution that government officials, specifically the governor and vignette. in february demolished 10 homes because the owners of the house refuse to contribute the property to build a mosque. the same governor attempted to demolish a service is home the handicapped. luckily, kostic protesters were able to block him from doing so. very disturbing, said churches have been attacked since mubarak is down. and was very scary about this attack since they occurred in the hope hope in that while the military stands by and watches. we have also attached the youtube links where you can actually watch it taxco line with military in the background. that's very disturbing, went to in these attacks is that crowds in unison chanting god is great.
10:33 pm
as the attacks go on, watch them for yourself and you'll see it in horror as the attacks on the actually a chance god is great. now it's also very scary and sad as some of the footage of those attacks is so clear that you can actually see the people who are participating in in the attacks and identify them. one of the youtube links takes it frame by frame and put circles around the attackers. we sprinted out the name and address of one of those attackers in who he is related to the government. has he been arrested? no, he hasn't. we have another printout of another individual who as it was burning clearly set out selassie. we are not men if we do not earn all the churches and by that comment a crystal-clear picture this man. has he been arrested? no he hasn't. the church we most recently
10:34 pm
attacked in may, may 14 to be specific in cairo. i can't say there were three convictions in each of the three received a five-year prison sentence. two for possession of a pistol and one for possession of a pocket knife. here's a disturbing thing. those three individuals were a christian. within two weeks, those individuals were arrested in the day and handed very harsh sentences of five years as they were christians and possessed weapons and defended their churches. how is that in comparison to the situation that's a whole when you look at them and no most perpetrators were arrested all. instead, christians defending churches are the ones arrested. what is not? the message days you can attack. you can threaten.
10:35 pm
you can watch the attack. you can participate in it. you can put it on youtube. you can advertise it, but she can't defend against it because if you do, the governmental make sure that they harshly and swiftly respond to anyone who dares defend against an attack. what does that say to this minority? sit back and take it. and if you think you're not going to, we'll show you. the torture and the impunity of the former state security officials, some have been sent home some have just been simply relocated in different parts of the government. no one has ever help these people accountable for what they intend to egyptian citizens. there is a clear record in state department reports spell it out torture,, burning for people to convert from islam to
10:36 pm
christianity. have any been brought to justice clicks absolutely not. they have not. as a person who deals with people at first immigrate to the united states, i can tell you i have seen skies to people who were tortured and state security. most recently, a woman showed me skies, burn marks on her arm and interface. they burn her with cigars because they wanted to know inconsistent to know who was the priest who baptized you with what church do they baptize you in? she wouldn't give his name said the torture went on for three days. she knows the names of her abusers because he made sure he introduced himself before they started the torture. another man who described his torture in state security, a convert from islam to christianity and gives me the location of where he was tortured in the person who tortured him because he also introduced himself. describe how they removed his clothing, tightened down in the
10:37 pm
new chair between his legs and head wears around his into his toes and then turned on the lectures the. these people, we know their names, but if anything brought to justice clicks no. they've just been placed in different parts of the government. the same people will pack is the same torture in the same tactics because no one is ever sent anything to them. they haven't been held accountable. there's a clear record of a pattern and practice of the abuse in a pattern and use of impunity. put those together and what do we get? another issue, which my colleagues will expand more on later as the fourth compression and kidnappings of coptic girls. people have been coming to the united states in the last few months, i've heard accounts of what people actually met through during the time they were threatening, they better be no one in the street without avail. it was actually particular to
10:38 pm
day in the month of march. for selassie's nature they very well advertised as a woman went into the street without the veil, she would be punished. if one woman and her husband went on to tell me about their child is in the room, eat your soul, that her son, begged and cried that day. mom, don't leave. you might die. she wanted to go wish her mother a happy mother's day. mother's day is in the month of march in egypt. and her son cried and bates. you make it killed. another story i heard from another client, he actually display for the tail. he was scared for her. he said just put it on, we don't want any trouble. they put it on but despite that they were still actually attacked and while the attack was going on, the wife, fearing for her life ran, tripped in two days later suffered a
10:39 pm
miscarriage. she was 18 weeks pregnant at the time. the veil is the michio that is deeply disturbing and brings to mind the actions of the taliban in afghanistan in their attacks against non-veiled women. we make the following recommendations for the egyptian government, u.s. government and international community. we support them strongly urge the passage of h.r. 440 and if 1245, which provides for the envoy for minorities in the middle east. we also strongly urge the administration to appoint someone to that position who is highly qualified and unfit stature needed to ensure the issues related to minorities are included in the highest level of the u.s. government,
10:40 pm
particularly during historic transition in egypt. we also call for the prosecution of the perpetrator of these kinds. until these people are brought to justice, egypt will never see justice for unity. these people need to be held accountable and the message that you cannot burn a church in public another party afterwards is not accept the vote. that message needs to be sent to the people at egypt and to the international community. also come away a u.s. government government and international community to press international government to ensure its commitment to human rights norms are at palette in this conditional sections of the constitution and are not undermined by any subsequent articles or passages. lastly, we ask that while we welcome the effort to egypt in
10:41 pm
its current economic situation, we believe the unconditional financial aid would be a strategic error. it should be linked to human rights record in terms of constitutional stipulation, love and practices over the short and medium-term. we urge the united states government, european governments and others in the international community preventing financial atp jet to combat aid to the appleman and protect fundamental human rights norms now and in any new constitution. mr. chairman, a good thank you for the opportunity to raise these concerns today. the people at egypt, particularly minorities on for a society in which they are free to peacefully process their faith and live their life without fear. muslims, christians and other minorities all deserve a stable, peaceful and free society. it is not this rate in egypt's
10:42 pm
history that real change is possible, but if your change will not happen unless there is an exponential increase in pressure inside and outside each at. thank you. >> thank you very much. [applause] you're passionate and very decisive testimony. for many members of congress, this will be an eye-opening hearing and i do believe because c-span is here, for many americans, they will be learning for the first time just how discriminatory and how violent the place has been for coptic christians and especially the veil being lifted off the abduction of young girls and women to be sold into what is it that a doubt modern-day slavery. they are forced into marriages, stolen from families that we will hear next to witness this
10:43 pm
will bring, i do believe, even more light on that. before going to them, i beg to yield to commissioner collins for any thoughts you might have and then commissioner joe pitts. >> very briefly, thank you, mr. chairman. i want to express my appreciation for witnesses and all the people here can and about these issues. i am a newest member to this commission. chairman smith has a long history and is greatly appreciated for the work he puts in us. this is not by the commission appointments to the congress where you get it out of contributions, you know, and tax support and all those things. this is something you do because you care about human beings. so i appreciate the chairman and other members here in the opportunity to participate here. it's stunning, your testimony that discrimination against cupcakes. i was in cairo a month ago and read about the issues that existed in the chip.
10:44 pm
i also had red when our american newscaster female was briefed at the screams were not necessary god is great, but that suggestions that she was israeli does really good. the situation is not good. i had an e-mail today and i don't know how valid it is and i'm sending it to the commission for their opportunities to set it, that it suggested there's been an increase in anti-semitic actions in france and that there's been many actions against synagogues and jewish places of assemblage and jewish people in france. it is just distracting that there is so much that religion is causing anger and separation in a other than blog that is supposed to encourage a saw to exchange and to value. so through this commission i
10:45 pm
hope we can do some good for shedding light on problems and hopefully get some of the clergy people to spread a little buzz rather than the little he. >> commissioner had. >> thank you, mr. chairman. for the opening statement, the republic of egypt and so is she mediterranean cooperation has undergone major manic revolution rooted in the inevitable need for freedom and democracy that many oic members faced two decades ago during the fall of the soviet union. as we continue to hold hearings at this commission, we see many of those states still struggling to uphold democracy and human rights for all us people. however, discrimination against egypt coptic nation. indeed the coptic community which he was instrumental in the democratic uprising that led to the end of hosni mubarak vp role. but attacks against cops are
10:46 pm
ongoing and the humidity president mubarak has not ended under is still reserved the lack of incredible investigations into into the attacks, many have concluded that the current egyptian government may offer a climate for coptic christians that is worse than the one facilitated by former president mubarak. it is my fear that we are seeing egypt trade one form of oppression for another. not of treating a dictatorship for mob rule or tyranny of the majority. the government must understand that it has a vested interest in the equal protection of christians and muslims, which will ensure the common good of all egyptians. during the tenure of free service issues that the government of egypt, including issues ranging from appreciation for working together on issues of importance to both of our nations such as defense and terrorism to concerns about five
10:47 pm
right torture in prisons and discrimination against and even outright persecution of religious minorities and the lack of freedom to hold free, fair and transparent political election. in march of this year i sent a letter with embers of congress to the head of the trade national government to field marshal tom tally, urging him to intervene against the attacks on the coptic church, stressing that it only has split the strong action against those seeking to undermine values of democracy, transparency and freedom in egypt that the country will reach his potential and maintain its strength and stability. although i never received a response from the government, am hopeful i can find answers to my questions in today's hearing with the help of our panelists find courses of action that lead to truly democratic egypt. mr. i am going for the peace against egypt minority nietzsche and in particular, reports of
10:48 pm
abuses towards women under the new machine. mr. chairman, thank you for holding this important hearing i look forward to finding ways the u.s. in the oce can help facilitate policies during this crucial time in its history. i yield back. >> mr. pitts, i would know parenthetically that congressman pitts for years has spoken out on the floor and committee nietzsche about the plight of coptic christians and has been tenacious in promoting religious freedom in general, but no one has done more in the u.s. house of government. thank you for your report. we will now go to our next witness, michelle clerk. i would just note that michele clark was the director this is how we were close and human trafficking at the anti-trafficking assistant at the organization for security operation in europe where she assisted all 56 countries at the
10:49 pm
oce, since virtually all of your upcoming united states and canada with meeting their commitments to combating this modern-day slavery. she is also the author of a comprehensive report with without objection with a big part of the record. a 41 page report calls the disappearance, forced conversions and forced marriages of coptic christian women in egypt. so ms. clark, the floor is yours. [inaudible] >> mr. chairman and members of the commission, it's an honor to testify before the commission today. thank you for your gracious invitation and for including the port into the permanent record. mr. chairman, near to speak about the disappearance forced conversions and forced marriages of coptic community chat or thank you for calling this hearing, your steadfast envoys over the past decade and then
10:50 pm
some indefensible noble women and children remains an inspiration. i just also like to call your attention to the fact that the weather has agreed to turnipseed on this matter in support of your initiative. the topic is timely as egypt is moving into a new face of government where the rights of all citizens are equally valued and represented. this includes -- should include the rights of religious minority and women. while i've provided detailed written testimony to the commission for the record, but to summarize some of the main points here and my oral presentation. as contacts, 2007, the state department country reports on human rights crack this reference the issue that under discussion and cleaned while there were no reports of forced religious conversion carried out by the government, there continued to be unsubstantiated reports -- reports were disputed, reports included allegation in denial.
10:51 pm
extremely difficult determine the accuracy. extremely difficult to determine whether compulsion was used in cases almost never appeared in the local media. in 2008, the report on international religious freedom in egypt contrary report uses almost the same language. reports of forced conversion, reports are disputed. inflammatory allegations and categorical denial extremely difficult to determine. and finally, in 2010, the trafficking in persons report published by the u.s. office to monitor and combat trafficking indicated that an ngo report released a report about alleged course marriages of coptic christian women, including an allegation of forced prostitution, although the allegations have not been
10:52 pm
confirmed. mr. chairman, i'm here to confirm these allegations. mr. chairman, i'm here to attest they should not be disputed. i'm here to stay categorical denial of kidnapping, forced marriages and forced conversions are an affront to the dignity of egypt and coptic women. i know this. why? because i spoken to by men who have been traumatized after an alleged kidnapping. who will suffer a lifetime of infertility due to and alerted rape who move from home to home to two alleged perpetrators and are tonight identities because of an alleged conversion. in 2009, i travel to egypt on behalf of krishan solidarity international and the coptic foundation for human rights. together with nadia ghlay to
10:53 pm
vindicate the claims that these laymen. we spoke to over 50 women. we met their families. we sat with terrorist priests who regularly witnessed this event congregation and who has painstakingly compiled binders say feet in height of evidence documenting each tragic story. we reviewed legal documents filed by courageous human rights lawyers who are working to restore the original christian identity to these men and amateur and teen shelters where women were returning for a life of alleged abuse and in some cases forced prostitution were sequestered. mr. chairman, under regular human rights in burma human rights victims dances, such reporting a lemonades to use of the word allocation. i'm just wondering why the word allocation exists now that we
10:54 pm
have been able to document such report. let me talk about our specific findings. first, we can substantiate the christian women are in fact lured in to marriages musclemen and subsequently converted to islam. these marriages often take place under duress and frequently included faction, physical abuse, rape. victims remain reluctant to press charges against perpetrators for fear of reprisal when charges have been filed, there is no evidence. we have not been able to find evidence of a single conviction against a perpetrator. let me give you an example. a young woman, referred to as h. was befriended by a muslim girl. she trusted her spread and her spread and spent time at her home. one day a friend had sent, the brother said tanner. ashamed to tell her family, she
10:55 pm
remained during which time the mother persuaded her to convert for islam and married the son. she was subsequently locked into her apartment every day but there has left for work and allowed to leave only with the grandmas. she listed addax as to the telephone company to cover herself and she left the house and was frequently beaten. our second conclusion is that authorities do not acknowledge the criminal action has taken place. instead, young women are presumed to be willing participant in their essay. this is not true. mr. smith, you've been here long enough to understand that one of the arguments against it is the trafficking that somehow they went along but the promises. anti-trafficking experts frequently are recognized two important facts good one is that the purposes of trafficking can include forced marriage.
10:56 pm
furthermore, the anti-trafficking recognizes recruitment into trafficking takes the form of seduction. in netherlands, they refer to it as those loverboy phenomenon. this façade of romance to microsoft's intent is consistent with patterns documented in human trafficking cases. although some women do in fact -- may in fact consent to romance in no way do they consent to abuse, violence and bought a religious identity. therefore produce president. for fraud or coercion is present. you have a case of trafficking. trafficking does not have to be commercial. three, we haven't identified specific patterns in these instances, mr. chairman, including the fact that coptic
10:57 pm
grocer befriends and these patterns would indicate that there is thought and strategy and planning. these are not random occurrences or action. coptic grocer befriended by grocer classmates are neighbors. women and girls find themselves in various situations of distress are befriended by an older woman to woman provides material and emotion assistance during difficult times and a muslim man who can help. they are approached by a muslim benefactor offers services and assist in the case of illness. there was one instance where a woman was offered help in buying blood necessary for a child's
10:58 pm
transfusion. once trust is an established come across can do the right to isolated place, chart and kidnapped. often rape. find the rape, makes you ashamed of. they are families respond. marrying the because they feel that there is no place to vent to go. these marriages are accompanied by converging for islam with the assistance of the man's family in a new identity card is subsequently issued. once married a macabre equipment as psychological and physical abuse including rape can it be, verbal abuse, confinement to apartments in isolation from their family. furthermore, women apart once the marriages taking place, the new couple they've received the
10:59 pm
new apartment, new furniture or perhaps a job given to a derelict son or a former petty convict a piece. escape takes the following form. in some cases, notably where there are no children and where the women persist in wanting to get out of the situation, mickey mice difficult for everyone, the one i sent home. in other cases she is rescued by friends and relatives. women rarely leave. another point of interest a muslim man named mary and non-muslim women. in each of the cases documented, conversions and marriages occurred within a few days of each other. it necessary to inquire further by forced


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