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nothing so i intend to red that. i like happy ending, to. anbear woo onfor happyed. lbj. i'm very excited about that. i've read several lbj biography is. texas right now t. anr erdi it visit ..
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eastern mexico the land is little changed except for endless strands of wire fence anan occasional traffic sign. kid o and dtae llyt pat garrett. the days may be gone when blood flowed freely. but the music of the standing go and billy's dancing and the lovers kiss is all difficultto thin wtemonlight
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and of the kogyo these and the silence before the first ray of sunlight spills over the horizon. there are the stories because mexico is full of stories coou sh these stors the ghost tetorie bemen them, even some who know them, but they are ill boasts and they can conceal e truth like a pirate plunder. billy the kid and pat were perhaps the greatest of our own west legends by building nthe heth oth rvou sndngenve the original research and archival and private collections from texas torizonan from utah to i've made the ghosts give up a few more of their secrets. lo e ainco fortmost of sumter, forte danilo knuckling dim light sims, white oaks, silver city and on and on. in some places, crowded santa fe
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obrabapalnon the gbeen adobe facades. and others such as the stairway to the old lincoln courthouse, billy, pat, bald and james seemed to walk side by side up the creaking within steps. many of the people connected with the or it derve rft. y ndatst f l eyeeos in a way doomed seven orloff thscreen writers for the classic film pat garrett and billy the kid. ey lived in a harsh land and time, time that saw tremendous soisae hsile silniin y heenat tnt 't as much about right versus wrong, laufman versus out law as it was about survival. for thers to survive, billy could not, garrett culd not. ese me isdlg a atecdthf ort s still there.
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billy forever called out in the darkness of the past who is it, and like garate sitting and waiting we arenable to answer, unable t stop whathpe . hi ok ts dual biography of billy the kid and pat garate i really focus on personalities and there's lots of personalities in the story of the lincoln countywar and the altbach ds of th mexico itrea engdial f dramatic era and it had its own personality. and tonight i want to give you a feing for the personality through the music of that time and i refer to mic as both th vwenoekid didlve music ad yo g trfso those tonight. now billy wasn't born billy the kid. he was born henry mccarty. his mother was kathryn and they lost thei fatr a
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yog agoas agmt isbiajopme his brother. and i consider ginnie to be born of war. supposedly 1859 come november 23rd during a very tumultuous provo is the time of john brown's grat onh we eyivd and the 1961 the war erupted and he was a little boy during the wartime and he would have heard the song in fact according to the one account, his father may have been michael mccarty and chael bghin 13 he w a mb tndarnd r seferil a member of an indiana regiments of billy the kid would have grown up with martial airs, and we want to do one of the classics and billy would have heard this. was wrten in 1862 and t's ll the battlecyof ♪d.
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♪ ♪ yes, we will rally around the flag once g ♪uttheatcro freedom ♪ ♪ we will rally from the hillside we will gather from e plane shot in the battle cry of freedom ♪ ♪ the union ourh, hurrah ♪ ♪ down with the traders ♪ up with the star's ♪ while we rally around the flag, rally once again shot in ♪he battle cry of frm
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♪ il wmeoemrs e loyal, true and brave ♪ ♪ shot in the battle cry of freedom ♪ ♪ and although we may be poor we shall never be a slave ♪ ♪ shot inhe battle cry of do♪ ♪ we ngto c om efrt etan the star ♪ ♪ while we rally around the flag once again ♪ ♪ shouting the battle cry of freedom ♪ ♪ [applause] , y t serly years in indiana, indianapolis,
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and kathryn mccarthy leads william and john and he journey out west to which is hall kansas. weonnowhy etot e he e hat antrim studied the the crisford tuberculosis and other health seekers at thattime. but they didn't stay in which col. they stayed long enough to experience a butlg town to over the lundry for aort me a tadr a nedtewia th we she was there. but shortly thereafter in denver then they go to santa fe mexico and eventually end up in silver city. which also suggests tt perhaps the reason for the westford ove sn uhlr at anim ut the middle which is we know william antrim was successful with. he spent most of his time looking at striking it rich and wasn't payg much attention to louis mccarty and joseph mcrthy. whhes i r dies from
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her tuberculosis and he's not really getting lots of attention from his stepfather. he spends most of his time in the saloons, and he bemes a westner. leas o n xisph enty. he learns how to play poker and his boyfriend said that he was a very goodpoker player at a very early age and apparently he liked spnish and hew ery ba ge inotobseedh fit e steals about 5 pounds of butter in silver city and that doesn't sound like a very serious crime but that time they are bringing a dollar a pound so he stole $5 etough stht idd' aways following him with the wrong crowd, and she helps a chinese laundering and the place where he's staying the woman is
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in charge of the boarding house and find them property adaain the ercoto cl n ytaojl. this is going to scare billy. he's going to be in jail. billy come plans to the sheriff thathe's not getting any exercise in that little jail cell and he would like to sttch his arms, so he feels soxee hrietim d the comes back and billy is nowhere to be seen and he asked the worker outside have you seen anybody come out of the jai? there was a young man that climbed out of the chimney. sow s ligndup e fluea ouo t a h rs big jailbreak he thinks he's in big trouble so he flees to arizona where william antrum was appered to be for a short time and again she is hanging out with the wrong crowd and cay,reiarstr h d tte iarizona and
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1877 billy the kid fills his first command. ofbd lked to pickth onittle henry antrim who had been known as cade antrim and he picked on a little too much and they got into a scuffle in the saloon and billy had a gun with thstnde ttlveand pulled outa ks ohoch. a very painful and drawn-out injury, and now after he died he said he is a murder rap and so he flees and go to mexico and heved henncn ty the regulator which is one group of vigilante's that's fightng the group under the house and there's lots of books and this about the county warut it's during this time that billy
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gai camin i e itew ly dn't know. it's a mystery. he's known as william h. coming and he's very charismatic everybody likes to be with billy and he loves music. he's knowas an excelle veeaulg ohvea bill usually asks for certain tune in the mexican fannin those. he said to the fillers don't forget. now an english this means a chickeor hent andn e i so wd ey the chicken of the region, the chicken of the earth, so you see if they are referring to a chicken like we would think of a chicken they wouldsii ico panb would ask them not to forget and he meant turkey investor also we
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are going to play this for you on the fiddle and banjo. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause]
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tla og hth nnonllen was just a young school boy in silver city. he helped put on a show to raise money fo the new school house, and those kids here in the 1870's p on an show and it milltimso h may a s have known that song from playing at in the minstrel show and of course it became known there in mexico. ofemucari y atasatwiim fact he was set tohistle to the point it was obnoxious, and it was first published in 1973 and was extremely one of the most popular songsin the century and had a very catch cof oisitd ewyh it's called silver among the gold and we are going to do a
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couple of verses of silver ♪hread along the gold ♪ al qaim growing old silver thread among the gold ♪ ♪ sean and upon my grut today lisin a way always will be young and ir to me ♪ ♪ yes my darling youwb ♪ always young and fair to me. darling, i am growing older ♪ ♪hipo brow today ng thod
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los ad fair♪ding fast away ♪ to the hea that beasbow ♪ since i kissed you all alone
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you have never old overgrown ♪ ♪snikssed l lo aene overgrown ♪ ♪ darlingi am growing, growing old ♪ ♪ silver thread among the snnon r today ♪ ♪ life is fading fast way [applause] ten copies sold in the 19th century and in another million in 1907 - was revived. well, billy continues to get toeil n
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matreet of lincoln in 1978 on april fool's day individuals indted for his murder and his murder indicent hanging over his head beleve rightly fearfo i uua eranortyte s to perhaps get a pardon from the governor wallace he was the governor of mexico and was the author in the most popular novel of the 19th entury lee agrtotest cotee of murder in exchange for this party and that we he would get out from underneath this murder. he went through this part of the bargain but governor wallace never came through with hisat s y s ft the area fort sumter in new mexico which is just outside of lincoln, and there they steal horses and
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cale. they fall in with the bunch they were n rswtir s la i a rdiaypnd tey start in stagecoaches and get money drafts in the envelopes, and in november o80, several cattlemen and lots of individuals in that part o xiredy berd y hid n haareas unwilling to go after him and he couldn't catch them any way so they elect a ma named pat garrett former buffalo hunter born in 1850 he's 6 feet 4 inches tall so he is inn mr as anon tareae a alnt he couldn't get a trading post find pants, readymade pants that wereong enough so he would have to so buffalo hide on to the pant legs to have something that woulcover down t his boo andte ut gi atha b saou t bly th
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♪ on july 14th 1881, pact kills mexico in the bdroom of pete wa otecaofllatee sweetheart and billy the kid again had to live in the shadow he lived until hi urder nedoktin er bigger as pat garrett olver and billy became a romanticized out will come of he wrote he had many sympathizers in the population of mexico and weighed heavily and made him bitter at times d had a s rg in the books the articles continue to come out othe biggest thing for the legend of billie the kid appeared in 1927, and sorry, 1926 and there wa a
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kid d a wnder okb of billy the ncu tt aa wr incorporated interviews presidents of mexico people that knew billy the kid ad pat garrett and he incorporated the legend and that was the troduction of the pop culture that books on the mov n1930 riohmaros y kid ls awd song that is closely tied to the book and used it as a model. the songwriter was a man named blind and the jenkins and the recording company skousen is frhe book-of-the-month club which rex and i are going to perform, actually this is going to be me. i have to get myuta stat i
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would love to do the song on this guitar because it was made in 1928 so this would have been ou and it's called billy thee kid. ♪ ♪ i will sing you a true soof lly ekd i i teste edath o n a mexico one inigo ♪ ♪ where a man's only chance was an old 44 ♪ ♪ when billy the id was a very young lad out in silver city e gu his hand at the age of 12 years he killed his first man ♪ ♪ he mexican maiden's play guitars a song abou l♪
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♪w yomahdrch sain an ohs pistol for 21 minn ♪ ♪ on the very same night when he had died he said tohis friends i am not satisfied ♪ ♪here were 21 men i had put bus ugd re p rrmumk 22 ♪ ♪ now this is how billy the kid the bright moon was shining the hour was late ♪ ♪ shot dow by pat garrett wh once was his friend the young outl hadow ce totsad♪ ditevalley all covered with green ♪ ♪ the acre green can be seen ♪ tommy and charlotte andbilly malae of therail of blood they ♪thsyyug nwi♪ faces black and white with the chance to be square ♪
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♪ per who were billy he wanders the streets and loses his life in the very sameway ♪ ♪ ♪ you might have heard many versions of e song and one of the most famous marty robbins reported in 1959 as the gunfightert, and it rea voall lgein y'wneta e killed one man for each year of his life which isn't true. he probably killed four men singlehandedly and five others with the help of his cronies and astomy research i studiedit.
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the popular culture of billy the kid come in and he'd been represented in at least 60 lms. my favorite is pat garrettnd wa toaoupfogfro 19,and ttfl soundtrack was written by bob dylan and you are going to recognize the first song it's the most that isn't quite as ♪ommon to help out on this one. ♪
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♪ take this badge off of me. i can'us t ♪ ♪ it's getting too dark, too dark for me to see. i feel like i'm knockin' on heaven's door. knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door ♪ he'sd♪, kockon ♪
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♪ c s ty more gun to thegond ♪ that long black cloud is coming down ♪ ♪ i fee like i'm knockin' on heaven's dor ♪ ♪cnokncko en or ♪ knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door ♪ he'so♪ocki' ♪
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[applause] thank you. on souacd u may not have heard this on quite as much. it's avalable on cd it's a great soundtck and a good film. it has its problems with this accuracy but ability exists in a fferent world in ima d i of hsat paf toec hs fe his own as a mythical figure and it's fun to see how that is interpreted. so, ♪ ♪he gac th rivr
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aiming at you ♪ ♪ wollman try to catch you ♪ bounty hunters fly tog o ♪ out on te night r n he up to the boot hill would like to send to ♪ ♪ billy don't you turn your back one♪ seta♪in' aroundwthee
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ihe hallway she will lead ya ♪ ♪ in the shadow she will greet ya ♪ fr omly, you are so far away ♪yshapat garrett got your number ♪ ♪ so sleep with one eye open when you wonder ♪ ♪ f every little sound just might etu♪ ♪fnrfm the barrel of his
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gun ♪ ♪ thunder from the barrel of his gun ♪ ♪ bly,the don' ou o re♪ ♪ [applause] wpa fthdu. le, tatth part sometimes after pat garrett shot billy the kid fort sumter july 14th 1821, just aboutwo weeks later there was an article on ls eadain . eramhaey in their possession a jar filled with alcohol and in the jar was the trigger finger ofilly the kid. now, it was a hoax, but newspapers carried the story all
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across th coury and they go ba ophows'ti y t trye ci iit was true that someone had molested the grave of billy the kid their of fort sumter a the story from grew from there they sat at one point the body had ben exhumed and opcamehehdsdecoosed n the figure for $150 back east and in fact the reason they mention it s a young lady from colorado wrote to be the least sweetheart and wanted to doha tme fier ai se accounts the traveled to fort sumter to confirm they hadn't been disturbed and in 1882 he publishes his own book on billy the kid called the of the sec'y of billy the kid and hd aghoswr a od nds rst some of these rumors and stories especially the derogatory ones
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and how he killed billy but also the story about the finger. but the story never wentaway, anstilexis ahen u h s shot by james coburn you see john moreni defender he has a knife. and he's mad and kics them and he screams and cause them wegoto oafrom body. e ref billy the kid. it was more ♪ ♪ the thinker of billy the kid ♪ one day in chicago on here the side show sellers say ♪ ♪ thi for dmrr erkd billy 100 the finger of billy the kid ♪ ♪ now i know that feller led
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like a sake and that his finger a fbupid t t te show. i will have you know he did me a ♪ fwee d held lolled billy the hall defender preserved out he called ♪ ♪ then i pulled my gun so none could tell ♪ ♪ and i blew it into hell ♪ he gave a ihyell urra ♪ of course they threw me into jail ♪ ♪ where a letter i did mail ♪ to the sheriff pat garrett who killed the kid ♪ ♪ and i told him what i thought of hi ♪ fi olle ♪ ♪ old hat came back quick and
6:35 pm
hot ♪ ♪ and in a few words he said a lot ♪ ♪ the trigger finger o young biy istiuod ♪w because i dug to see the finger of billy the kid ♪ ♪ if bill we can hear ♪ ireckon he knos the pain ♪ f the favor hedim wn v abrt stand honker and my body bill ♪ ♪ with buffalo meat that had been killed ♪ ♪ by the finger of billy he kid [appuse] thanyu well, as i said earlier, pat garrett died, was murderedin ki ot lt of new
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and about the circumstances surrounding that. towards the end of the book, i mentioned that the tragy of his life that there's all kinds of billy the kid museums and historical markers and mexico and evla he might have ucorsp trei er e no cmed for pat garrett, there are no museums. his grave is in a cemetery but there is no sign on the highway on how to get to the grave. nody's ted to steal his tombstone like they've dnewi gat.rebt e'lots of songs about billy the kid but not about the lawman. i say there are no balance out pat in my book but i actually wrote one and i'm going to perform one yu tonight and ♪at.s called the ballot of pat this song is really kind of a
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discussion between pat garrett and one of his daugers. he had eight children. and in flashbacks he' vy curious about his past. he e g k f es eson ry ♪ >> he watched the sky. why does the might all? mothbgn ♪ what happened long ago did you do what they say so ♪ ♪ surean beo ♪osrifr r ♪ will that store on your chest ♪ has a rating for the rest ♪ as the times the change ♪ your ferarae
6:38 pm
but your children love you ♪ ♪ your wife does, too ♪ when will you come bachm ♪ law man ♪ dareorit m tghair ♪ ♪ as the poor out all goes through the shadow lawman. wid y sho i hark roos ♪ ♪ did you see his face? was filled with hate ♪
6:39 pm
♪ or pale withfeer duo r ri voice ♪ ♪ but your childn love you. your wife doe, too ♪ ♪ whewilloue m ♪ law man ♪ cowa kanaby so ♪sea oujobtrwa andhr no one else could do ♪ ♪ billy the kid the pride for what you did law man♪ ♪ lhudk
6:40 pm
♪ it will be just a little quick ♪ foraddy back home you a mom won't be alone ♪ ♪ that shot from behind all ut fr home ♪ameo r ♪ but your children loved you ♪ your wife doe too ♪ when willou cek oe law man law ♪ [applause] >> well, what i found is a research the story was that neither one of these individuals would have existed without the better. it's not always that you have
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these closely linke duos in american history that is an thwo'tepa rrawt tt there wouldn't have been of billy the kid. he had to shoot and kill billion etd one for him to become the iconic legend and it's because he died young at the age of 21 and his carismatic personality ki tat be lling yo e that h is today. and i really hope through this book that in the subtitle that says the chance to justice and the old west. and i'm not just speaking about a legajustice i am speaking aut austi temery o ndua heuaolhiy justice for billy the kid and for pat garrett and we know the billy the kid sorry but we don't know the pat garrett story as much and my hope is that this book will humanize him somewhat and we can understand what he i t oorngat enarinto have questions and the answers.
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the next song has nothing to do with billy the kid or pat garrett. this has to do with my next book. i am cwrking- might s well plu i hre wongresme phetne ak bt i on the northfield bank in 76. and i was in northfield several times last year. in september led for theannual defeat of jesse james and got to in the area where they met before they went into north field and his disastrous robbery. two members of the game were shot down dead industry and the younger brothers were laer pr a td and went to ilwer isg sld coal younger anwas originated in 1880 was a popular cowboy song that tells the story of the raid and its from the perspective is in prison and he is very remorseful for his wicked ways andout law
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and later he wourite ak hlfee saws not all life and says he was wrong and of religion. so this is a kind of perfect tie in with what we know about him but i want to thank you all for being here d tattered ver es c-span foromin eni agi oodour questions after signing your books and i will leave you with him as soon as i get done wih this. ♪> are you ready? ♪
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i am a prisoner ♪ ♪teeclfnin can tell who had $30,000 ♪ ♪ i robbed him of his money a send him on his way for which i will be orry until my dying day ♪ we started out together when he did say ♪ da they die.unth ♪ pre ♪a god lo sta ote
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♪ ♪ ♪ fir onehe remembrance ♪ ♪ the conductors to the life we left the bodies neath thesy ♪ next we started just nort to that godforsaken coutry called minnesota ♪ ♪y ey wer on trh whbrr sy ♪
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anerntoerioned up the tickets handout your money without delay we have not long to staypu g i my name and brought my friend to say ♪ ♪ thank you. [applause] w ed fet.
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y qstions? right here. >> a somewhat related question same time frame sort of put a little further nort didyu tc thdeawoorindyoi,s hta short answer. if you did, did you have a favorite character that had to do with the aftermath of the civil war and theclrl id tao buti didn't see that it was on like hbo or something. i'm sorry. yes? >> in your book you qoted a lady thatmovd h y aef icoh aui might enjoy hearing that. >> sally is the one and that is the quote i and the book with. she was the niece of a famous
6:48 pm
john hezm cattle baron he's the subject of t movie wi hnynd ek blle anp garate. some account she was the lover of billy the kid come in and we don't know if that is the case or not and i don't talk a lot about her or that relationship, but she was a fascinating new mexican woman and se saw a lot the sam arnd wth e rmfoheylns th w tooo from because he gave lots of good descriptions and basically she says that just to paraphrase the they were both real men bepi tyonving and th i he yos twewrth knowing. yes. >> what was the most exciting highlight -- what was the most exciting highlight on your research in the book? nay one thing that stands out. spec the most exciting higight foouo isr,ninat uncu ht
6:49 pm
published before, and i single out individual and i believe you for that to discover in the look and individual the was patau garate killer and it isn't one that iusuallyicked the ewl tos d allin something new to the story. but there were other exciting things, too. and i have to admit when i started this book i didnt really realize how great that story is fll tek t ar eit g t wh oina kept thinking this is good stuff i'm lucky to be writing about these individuals because it is just a great, great story ad i know people like am and othemade moes aut thisecause i is sta ma afaingorndelfou t be ableto tell it in my own words. >> yes?
6:50 pm
>> i nowtau el l yovee ar sowner if u can tell us about some signs or serendipitous experience or some place where he found something that you never would have expect because to me you go o isirthao story of one story? >> i can tell you the art of fact that i can across is at fort sumter and they have on the display a purse ll of hair and they say this is from one of his an tre's actually a lot of artifacts today that just can't be. he would have contradiction of course battle and a couple o weapons but there's alt moe ufocia. e kithas aa e e object would be
6:51 pm
that but i am trying to think these things one of only corky but when you go to the archives bya opn to actually hold etrs unar i hl o ucthosdocuments and no those people touched them as well and it's a part of the story. >> this gentleman right hee. >> what ever became of his thas gast s rther interigrewnto brotherhood and built at different casinos incolora actually. he died in denver has an old or1, iwsj alieve itwas93 thr t t very tragic thing about joseph antrim before his death there was a full-page ory about him in the denver post and the interviewed him about all kind of things he did as a gabler and noone questionbout hi
6:52 pm
he t rtoh d w a missed opportunity we could have gotten all kinds of wonderful uff but he didn't ask one question because he didn't know and there's even apicture of him on the fullage articleso hedd en fo see the walter noble words book about his brother and long enough to see the 1930's film and there were articles about him when the film and moe came t and i just wonderowtath g oyqust t intresting things and this is all joseph antrim pat met joseph after he killed billy the kid and there were rumors that joseph was grantedelp pad for lling his brother nne joeatr wt h ibuqun pat gaetis in the billiard room and everybody knows about the
6:53 pm
rumors and they watch stunned as he walks up to pat and they settle in a conversation and startalking and later a po sdy di t saterrssnt truehe wasn't after pat blood he just wanted to know what happened that night at fort sumter. the question we all have. how did this young boy he loved turn into this most wanted o all at h t ie goonthrsn n'knothe littleit sos long as we know thenever met again. hoddou stapying andhere. how did you get the idea for your presentation because it is unusual and delightful. >> i've been playing music since i was in college which was many, many yer ag. d itciidity
6:54 pm
te iiry mrsmm bass a seasonal park ranger i brought my banjo and as a part of my research i had a five strinbjo a izhere alot erin6 tar today so i found it exciting to research with the instruments, the way they were played, and the historic music of the time playing it correctly and that is total came together. so, it was anatuime seinbh k ai angr ancer, pat garrett loved music. by the way he had a daughter named elizabeth garrett and she was bld and loved the next qassam. so anyway, it was an actual ing d i' always be do ra hri c hei wa thlast 2yea or lot of the programs i have the pleasure of performing with rex.
6:55 pm
[applaus >> we have time for one more. isgnemanhtre >> we troubled of the west a lot and about dorcy. al s aouitoacojuhw wwi'inw ng oilthe k and pat garrett and my next on the younger gang; if i have time as i want to do just historical out all ballots, very simple instrumentation and tha typeof ing. soweging ist ig jutt pot ou that if you are interested, and of course i will sign all of your books but my book is dedicated to two individuals, my daughter and my son ho are both here so if you want them to sign the dication page deansa
6:56 pm
oy. k ve mc. [applause] >> bktv has over 150,000 quarter followers. foow book tv on a platter to get pubisws eli da ar inatan lkey uhrs dung our live programming. twitter of,/book tv. what are you reading this summer? t'soeanins o kn. focus but i like to read thrillers and though one ruler anyone will pick up and be blown juanfm sy one girls play t eead h evsav already come in from npr, salon, "the new york times," and i would have to agree it's
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essentially a portrt of a rriage from hett nab bseom sared the first week we also get her perspective in the diary rmat and it becomes very clear the night there were telling the ruth and it all oyadu uth er how are they lobbying and are they lying to themselves and it's just as i describe it on a platter. i wanted to stand up andheer when it to use ngso ci right.
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