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>> this is stephen frantzich his book is "o.o.p.s." observing our politicians stumble". >> one of boat t's university series visiting campuses across the country to talk with professor sadr authors per at the wasadem unable academy joining us is arrow coddle was also author of the book underdog makingthey of the modern marine corps. when was it established? >> 1775.
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of marines claim 10 november but that was just a date congress authorized the creation. they did not raise those for. battalions.?? those battalions never were but the first marine goes into uniform 28 november this still celebrated as their birthday. >> host: what was the purpose? >> originally to be the guard on ship to protect the officers from the crew. it was difficult to salishan up. they had to have people there to enforce. na their job was to be ship's guard and also snipers buthe they are a very small part of the navy. >> host: and the marine
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corps is completed the separate service? >> inside the navy but it was contentious. they've good claim they should follow the navy and ashore follow thearmy, d regulations of the army. they eventually 1832 they are a separate service inside the >> navy. >> host: how did the mission changed? of >> guest: dave remained ships guards to the 20thng as century but jack of alles trade most often as a landing party when the baby on would send silly it -- sailors and marines would participate.phibiousanding then colonial infantry inood. haiti, nicaragua, haiti, nicaragua, philippine about before world war ii started training for amphibious missions. >> host: what is the
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marine corps is reputation? >> not very good. c people think of them as the elite that has been validated routinely. most critique -- prestigious but a at the start of world war ii parents found them to be the most desirable. the least popular and io nationwide study.these were similar also prior. the third big guys serving. then maybe and the army did not like them.chrimas day aley had problems getting call the men into the service. >> host: what changed?
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>> guest: the most important is world war ii. once they gained initial fame holding out until christmas day against repeated japanese attacksaiti president roosevelt mentions them in the "state of the union." their reputation ishe corp. a recreated because of the jpan nature of fighting against japan. the first major land operation of falcon now the marines hold the island and the reputation asnt recreated. >> host: did their mission changer clinically nor was it legislatively?onal defen >> the mission changesever organically with active planning of the marine corps.
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something very interesting happens. after world war ii anyone who was qualified to speak argues nuclear-weapons change everything. you cannot have anotherytvehore amphibious landing again.the the army uses that as the argument to abolish the marine corps. marine corp they fight back and win. argue e in 1947 they start arguing the bid for withare y go nuclear-weapons will not have been. how will you keep stability in value have that can atomize people? you need humanitarian relief, peacekeeping, disast relief, and smalldo a lot stability operations. the late they start arguing 47 by wha 1956 they argue explicitly in the war with the soviet
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union will not have been. you need capable non-nuclear forces to ride immediately. we are that jack of all trades. by early fifties their building the marine air ground task force's.orces today at all times there are several thousand marines floating on navy ships their own planes, tanks, engineers, su pplies, water making machines, they're ready to land on any foreign shore between 94 and 96 hours. once there they can help the existing government bourse bailout to combat????? operations. the marines even need forservic that and built the forces that is there primaryin contribution today. >> host: was there is
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strong commandant who pushed the change? >> guest: quite a few. the rather the leaders the argument is the service culture is the under steadied causal factor that the mission changes c , public relations men successes and political lobbying. a fascinating story. of the main argument the way th they thought about uue. themselves, warfare and the other services was unique, a different. cosion it gave them a cohesion and energy not seen.rate it is the lever proof when demand knows he is saying fortnight he concentrates wonderfully. they thought they had as fortnight to live and when they came home and saw
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threats to their service institutionally and mustard and extraordinary confusion and focus to push back the attempt. >> host: what was the marines role in korea? >> the first m forces not sent in but as conventional himbat troops.doing thsame t they fought alongside the army. is they got there early becausevado as soon as the north koreans abated even though they had no orders and the joint chiefs they started to muster troops. that arrived in less than oftawy sotl what this meant with the critical first battle the marines had combined arms
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operation they have their own planes. that ability to be ready for combat was exactly what the marine said was importanit o toe when others said no-no no-space make you mention political lobbying. how did that occur? occu >>r? after world war ii all seri services reorganized.te we create the department of the defense. and the start of this process they were more or m thss on board with reducing a the marines role.ame that is what they thought they had come to. with the smartest and most well-connected officers they became insurgents inside the
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defense establishment. day broke rules they copied them, i gave them to the press directly violated and got that, don relievedsecorp. t because they believe it was at risk to work outside t only those rules. do they not own a to the defeat the first round of legislation role on th ?ing from a two stars of general to a four-star s general and get a special?? th protection that sayse the b marine corps will not be in aan smaller and mr. president you cannot change that. that is a remarkableor achievement to get congress to reach into the prerogative doing it through backdoor lobbying. >> host: was eisenhower a
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fan? >> eisenhower is the chief of staff that the marines beat back successfully. he most famously said the? marines have a propaganda? machine.kes a this gets and then sell much trouble that is then theyor t mobilize the coalition in blow response to truman blow >> host: are you a 1995,? marmion? >> i joined in 1995 straight out of college. in from hartford connecticut. ti i served on active duty and in the reserves ever since. now i am and cod nidal per gries served in afghanistan
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one year-ago then the pentagon. also at camp with juneut and ina in south bend indiana. te >> what are the tensions? there is said dependent relationship? of >> i would not say that nowtoo but you can hide in the past re with that too much work in the present but it is a? su remarkable success story. nes in this interesting in the 40's the navy says we take??? care of you.??????? ? pay for the equipment that you use. you should be happy that we are here. after the amphibious forces
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the story changes. now they say don't cut the funding you don't of the ?rine task forces.??????? it is a little reverse.????? the institutional power is??? radically different.????? 3% of active duty.????? today there are 200,000.r 14% of the armed forces.officeit there was no public 194 relations i don't take anybody will lead disagree. prestigious by all accounts. this is evidence of their ability to create powerful said billy and military
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alliances to protect the interest wartime and peace. >> host: the term marine is misleading? >> nowadays. r here is proof of the the institutional success. they are inherently they be suppose it expertise is's amphibious. why if that is true, why is coder general john allen the top commander of all nato and m coalition troops in t afghanistan?e the most landlocked country is in the world?? they have expanded their ro in mission and role of nationalght. defence. so why are they called lar marines if fighting in the glass mounta


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