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tv   U.S. Senate  CSPAN  December 3, 2012 8:30am-12:00pm EST

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burning melt-in or shining or spitting >>host: can steam your garments and refresh them. it can cost over $100.20 dry clean 1 jacket.11,273 people have picked this up. look at that.- is the holiday gifts for yourself so you can look your best and take care of family and friends and everybody will look good. >>guest: is the kind of thing that people will love buy for themselves and will buy a cheap one rather than investing in a good piece like this. >>host: as darlene cahill continues to iron out of the show use express' ordering because we are very busy. tamara hooks is coming up. >>guest: thank so much guy yovan and. we will
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continue with steam but this time we will be cleaning with it. t you love about the bissell steam shot simasteamer you can clean pretty much every surface in your hall without chemicals using just the power of steam. two of everything is fault two pack normally if you were to purchase separately all today you did everything. you get the lavender and the probe study pearl wasabi, this will allow you toclean all of that would 0 chemicals we will go to critter copal into dulles marled budded
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>>guest: --we will go to peter kulka lekilcullen tells us about it. you get the power of steam to clean your house and you are getting two of them today. when we talk about chemical free cleaning think about steam as a natural disinfectant. you what this cutting board to be claimedean, you are doing without chemicals all over the house. the grease and grime on the pot deadpans is the same thing the bissell will do the same thinking --
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for your pots and pans. this will work for you. just activate theger and you can see some scene. if you have kids in the house you want to be safe this superheated steam breaks down the vest you do not need chemicals to do it and then all you do is what it clean. the surface is fine because there is no chemical residue attracting the dust and dirt. it is amazing in the kitchen and the bathroom. i will keep moving along. >>host: get two of them you could+ one in the kitchen and one in the bathrooms. you could have a dedicated
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bun. one >>guest: is perfect for tile and rope you can just use demsteam wipe it clean. you've put the water and put the cap on and in 2 minutes it will be heated up in spain. it comes with two different brushes -- in 2 minutes you will beatbox cleaning with skiingcleaning withsream. areas like the grout uktea in to get into
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those spaces and blow away the grease and grime with out chemicals. >>host: normally you do half to windows after your spray chemicals. you could use water with the bissell there is nothing else to buy. you just felt it with let it heat up and then let it do its job.getting two of them that is huge.@ retail that would be $78 but you are not spending that today is 2 flex payments of just about $30. we are just scratching the surface of what this does. >>guest: use this on many different surfaces such as title or your refrigerator.
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it would to a great job without chemicals. anyplace with food is the perfect solution. do not rely on chemicals. steam will clean and sanitize all the areas it will be perfect. are preparing food certainly the coffeepot all of those areas you can blasted away. you clean this event? all you can do is steam kit ask the way the grease and grime with ordinary tap water. there apis >>host: yikes! >>guest: that was just in the one area. something
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like stainless d.l. it will not leave any or chemical residue. you will love what a great job you will >>host: not have buy expensive stainless steel cleaner either >>guest: exactly. this will not scratch or use any chemicals you are blasting away grease and grime and there it gets up to the areas where you can not easily get to. you can see as a blast away the dirt and fingerprints enamel or stainless steel it will safe this is a natural disinfectant that does a tremendous job on surfaces. if you have been looking for an easier and better way to clean using the power of steam is the way to go
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>>host: start on board and in the microwave. this 100 percent chemical free cleaning. erms and bacteria from the surface using high- powered steam that starts with just basic tap water. c13 receiving two of them. >>guest: you can keep one 1 downstairs one for the bathroom and one for keychain. any hard natural surface a test countertops this deal will be perfect it will not hurt those surfaces. -- team will be perfect. -- steam. how about all around the sink?dirt and grime in
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those areas. you can see the amount of steamas is perfect for stainless steel you will blast it clean and then you will wipe down the area and you will see such a difference. this is perfect for the bathroom or the shower. use the power of steam. 3 tested in the bathroom and on tile and on the kitchen and and the refrigerator you can replace all of. not are you not buying them you are not replacing them. they are not even sit for cancen safe >>guest: c13 >>host: you have a different cleaner for everything, not only is that expensive but when you start mixing
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chemicals that is where it can get touchy. we might want to start green and cleaned, i cannot think of anything more grain and chemical free than water. you get both novels the red and the bad and the longer close. here is your measuring cup for the water you have to decide to get this today on a holiday price. for me, cleaning windows and mirrors that is a tough job. >>guest: that is another area will use a ton of chemicals to get this team that we are getting here it will break down the dirt and grime quickly and easily of have to do was wiped clean. you can see if it is squeaky clean in seconds that is what you get with this superheated steam
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that one are use any residue or streak. and a matter of minutes you will steaming. what about the barbecue the surfaces where you can be corrected you will have a food prep areasteam and then the power to deliver this way you want that is what the steam shot can do for you that is the difference that you have ever like to encourage you have not tried steam this is simple and effective superheated steam with ordinary tap water in it and it weighs less 3 lbs.. you are in control of steam with the trigger tried it on the difference surface is not the chemicals that you can replace. you will be amazed >>host: will save
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money while you are cleaning the more that you use the bissell steam shot of war that you saving. what about the kids' toys? when you spray something you do not know what you are we just assume it is ok to use. would you want to spray a chemical on the barbecue grill and if you do not wipe it off another you will be heating up chemicals when you use your grill. we do not want to do that. we are saving money on a holiday price. this is what we typically think of of of gift but as you watch presentation you might realize this is the best maybe you have a friend that has a new baby or pets stained is the
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way to go you can feel safe about no chemical residue. this is great for kids to their toys use the natural disinfectant of steam on their choice. this is lightweight, fast, easy. bissell is about getting things clean steam can do that chemical free with ordinary water and you get to love them. it is perfect. >>host: you will have steam when you bought them. the fact that you are getting 2 makes it even better you will -- have seen when you wanted. >>guest: >>host: i will step
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over here area that makes a big difference, and the food preparation area sd will make a big difference. we all know not to use chemicals but we know what we do when the surface and we do not want the residue. great for the kitchen or bathroom mid-cities the. use the power of steam. >>host: you are getting two of them you could always get more and save on shipping. you will get the lavender and the pretty int #211-049, and the pretty mint [♪ music ♪] >>host: guess what is coming up at midnight? brand- new today's special featuring our good friend chef todd english he is featuring premium bakeware. it is
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amazing. it is the world also make sure that you tune in to get yours is perfect for the holiday baking season. of what lynn murphy has coming up but here is some information onfriend todd english. we will be right back. [commercial] [reading]
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[♪ music ♪] >>host: good morning thank you to read into hsn. i am opposed lynn murphy and the beautiful marilyn miglin is here for about one of her final shows of the visit. we have never done this before with any pheromone kit. we have four flex payments. how6 c13 $15 down to get this, in the next few days? is a best seller by itself you will also get the full-sized bath and shower gel body lotion, up about buttercream in a
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beautiful gift box.first time with four flex payments. also coming up serena williams will be here a darling glaze lip it has zipper cuffsecial of we have the fabulous leggings that she is known for. we have a lot of exciting things happening with hsn today i will see you with marilyn miglin at the top of the hour this >>host: tri- is amazing. it is 3 flashlights built-in to widen. and has great features is only $29.95.super bright fet. we have the choice of colors we have black red blue. --a bright led icon >>guest: all this epa tri-lite is similar to a
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tripod and also because you have 3 flashlights.y are together they are very bright. you can take each individual light and directed with you would want it today. is cool about this can take a flashlight and separate them into three individual flashlights. wait, but there is more i can take it over here and it is magnetic i can stick it to any surface indirect light. i can -- direct the light. i have all three of the blue here. you can stick all three together on a surface the color red. it is a great way to go with a flashlight. men love flashlightsin one that can
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stand up on its is an extra hand when you are working. it will love it. i the >>host: you did get this like a street light. now mr. ahead. now -- it is straight ahead now is a traditional flashlight for walking around. they will all stick together for a one giant flashlight. but we 7000 left this will go quickly does let us know your color. but also great for emergencies this should be and what emergency kit. >>guest: if you have this in your kitchen drawboy you keep the flashlights you will have a powerful like and when you reflect this off the ceiling it will light the road. om. i can pull this a part and that
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you can give a flashlight to your family when the lights go can each had your own flashlight. right there. just like that now you have a powerful beam of light. i think individually they are great bring the light out you can see how powerful the beam is. altogether is tremendous. this how light judge if everybody will like this product everybody has been telling me they love this. all the men have. i have taken the survey, men will love this for christmas. >>host: i love that you can increase the range of light. open and make
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my light they dared to light up a bigger area. as a whole does down on the table and one eye focusedpickups more area. vthe been there. anytime i can open this up and i have 3 separate flashlights. let us say the power goes out i have one for me, one from my son danny, and one for whoever else is over. >>guest: you on a camping and you had 3 flashlightsdone beja slide down like that they do not do anything there is no place to put them. when you smack them together
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in that you have a tripod position in you can position in your lights down or up. if you are in c13 tent and see all this slight is the tremendous amount of light you can put this with you what. this will be an amazing how this will help you. be helping hand. you will have the light in the perfect position it is amazing >>host: buddy will be left out you will have a flashlight. -- nobody will be left out. i can squeeze my last one on like that and i will close it up and here is something so cool boom! there you go now i can simulate this wherever i wanted to. you can more concentrated light. that is a
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very powerful it was >>guest: stay on any car or in the metal surface >>host: that is so powerful and durable [laughter] un >>guest: of eyeful what what -- you have a full 1 wattlike allght bulb you can turn each one on individually, you can grow them -- take them apart i can put it back into the tripod position as well it would be the perfect tripod. this will be a gift that men will love. it is a powerful flashlight with three different lights. this is an amazing flashlight.
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>>host: is is a great guy gift. vmagnet spot in and out. if it comes out you does pop right back uses magnets to the men there. when you need a flashlight and an emergency this is the way to go. it is like a bunch of flashlights built-in to widen. that is what i love about it. it is fantastic. >>guest: when you separate them (...)each individual light is lightweight and easy to handle.even as a flashlight great everybody will love it solves the problem of meeting lighted extra hand. you can use this with thenet or in the
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tripod position >>host: are very busy we have five minutes remaining to get these.please keep in mind these are amazing work lights. a ban would really love this because we do not like to give our flashlights away to people by side always borrow it and i have to tell them to return it kids are fascinated by flashlights as well. >>host: i think it is a cave man searching for fire. it is the perfect gift for any man and it will stand up on its will stick to the wall any time you have a metal surface it will stick to it. these will break apart when they are ready to be broken apart that is the duty to do. it will
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work individually. then you can pop them back together.i like about that are easy to keep track of.especially in an emergency when you need a light. there you go. >>host:it is >>guest: subcompact in the tripod position i have had questions on how they come apart. just fall down the top and then do not be afraid to pull it apart. and then you will pop them back together. they will become more loose as you use them more. this should be a popular gift for the men you could never have too many flashlights especially with all the different emergencies and things that can happen when the power goes out this
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is the perfect light it is a great bright light it is >>host: bright in here you can see how much light we are talking about.i can see lynn murphy i am pointing flashlight at her over there. look at, slight we have here. do not get caught without a flashlight. can keep blend in your vehicle got your boot cut your rv. this is the one that your father wants -- vehicle, boat our veep.!rv this is
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>>guest: the flashlight you what available you have this in the car you will love 3 lights 41 tri-lite --you will have 3 lights or 1 tri- i can direct is where i and stand it up where i need it. sometimes i do not want with the flashlight down but still want like this is what we have with the tri-lite. we also have three different management on the bottom you can stick them together or separate --magnets on the bottom. >>host: the other red is the most limited and then it will be followed by the blue and then the black. if you need to get the father's favorite color out is the time. remember each
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brake tri-lite down to individual flashlights. 6 c13 than a bomb in your hands >>guest: are very lightweight and comfortable. -- each >>host: 6 c13 remained by. in love to stand this up and then do this. when you are looking for an outlet outside for your christmas decorations. what about when you have to change attire and it is dark? -- a tire |ee >>guest: this flashlight will do it all it is
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>>host: $29.95 that is $10 off the regular price. happy holidays mr. peter kilcullen. lynn murphy is coming up next with the lovely marilyn miglin i will see you tomorrow on hsn today [♪ music ♪] >>host: good morning welcome to hsn my name is lynn murphy. we have marilyn miglin for one of her final gift shows of the visit. now we have your solid pheromone perfume
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and this comes with a long cord. but it is a holiday price of we have the last of the quantity item219- 430. course the number one top selling fragranced brought to us marilyn miglin. and then one of newest and most talked about lively fragrances bombshell. look at this gorgeous and for the first time, we are doing the matching dusting powder look at the little poof with the soft feathers, you get the full size powder and you also receive a full size fragrance. with two flex payments. excited under $20 and we can ship this to you.
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speaking about flex pay, first time ever, we bring to you a pheromone kit with for monthly flex payments. --4 monthly flex payments. we ship this kit to you in the next 48 hours. you get $65 full- size fragrance of the eau de parfum along with all the other luxury pheromone, the body lotion, the body cream, that beautiful packaging permit all that is coming your way. possible a true pioneer in the beauty industry. when we talk about the and understanding the elegance of women of all ages
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better than marilyn miglin who has her own street named after her. >>guest: hello happy fragrant holidays. >>host: this is our favorite visit from you every year procured.we should start with thescentsational kit. i will take you through all of the fragrances you are going to recede.we have two flex payments in essence you have 15 individual holiday gifts. these are glass bottlesnd are top sellers i will take you through our number one seller of pheromone, destiny glucan eye majic nights, fo-ti-tieng
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there is fabulous destiny, celebrate goddess magic, pheromone breezemaas quebec-- pheromone red gold pheromone muskand sensual and amberamber. -- sixth sense co >>guest: $3.50 a piece. think the perceived value. this is my special holiday for a great gift to >>host: is like the ultimate in a thank-you, think about the stockings you can get a
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dollar at the dollar store. >>host: we will talk a lot this hour about fragrances knows them like marilyn miglin. it continues to be the number-one selling fragrance in the history of you can go into any department store or any petite and find pheromone and a full-size at $65 to be able to expand and pheromone and destiny is the ultimate way to try this especially with flex pay >>guest: it will evoke a response. >>host: and memories and all kinds of
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things many exciting it buy more and save is something else to think about. give this to hsn you have until gen every 31st to return this-- january 31st to return this.we have bombshell. >>host: you also have pheromone destiny blue, magic nights. >>host: when we talk about the pyramid sometimes this secret, we do hold a few things out. we
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are showing you the top metal and base notes. >>guest: eight gives you freshness and effervescence. >>host: this is just in secret. we have not spoken about pheromone. >>guest: pheromone is the world's most precious perfume which sells for $600 per ons. it is a more special valley. >>host: tell me
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about the colors as well >>guest: we were not using blue flowers before they were not working and the marriage of flowers, and now we have these colors. >>guest: >>host: your sense also has your violet colors, here is your fresh peaches, and it smells like that. we have fo-ti-tieng which is a small, it is very sexual. celebrate is
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a story in we are pretty much getting all of these #one top pheromone fragrances. you have sensual destiny destiny blue, here is your pheromone musk magic and marilyn miglin is not responsible when you wear magic you also have magic nights, and one of the note fragrances happens to be bomb shell. about $2 and change per gift.
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maybe you would love to try pheromone musk. this is your opportunity to get this. and you have a special saying. over 1900 people have said absolutely with traditional flex pay for the holiday season it is a perfect way to get started and the perfect way to try the number-one selling fragrance. and then have fun layering this. >>host: put some pheromone over, you will be irresistible and very different 2 fragrances nobody will know what you have done.
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>>host: you can travel with these you can go through security. and pheromone contains 179 >>host: one on >>guest: 179 natural ingredients. early egyptian people believe that it was more precious than gold and they paid people with wheelss instead of view anywhere without their beautiful fragrances because they believed it altered their mood.
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we are using recipes that were used 5000 years ago. recipes used by cleopatra. >>guest: your note she confused them so much she was given the country. >>host: now tell us about egypt cannot tell us about the museum. >>host: >>guest: they were asking me if i would create a special gift for the tutankhamun exhibit. we createdi have become fascinated with this. as i
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began my research i learned about the early egyptian civilization and the fact they believed that perfume was more precious than gold. there was a trip going to egypt for the first time in over 50 years i was so envious.and the professors were too busy to good to egypt said they were asking me if i would like to join the expedition the first one leaving from the university of chicago it was quite fascinating although they were written in how the perfec in how the hieroglyphics we
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were able to translate them. >>host: by will take you through this one more receive all 15 of these each one of these are6 c13 special. and have pheromone breeze pheromone gold, pheromone mus secret, sensual amber, pheromone you have magic nights, fo-ti-tieng. , and destiny pretty and i love these bottles to get
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>>guest: and this fo-ti-tieng is a sexual stimulant you can mix many of these. and you can have a wonderful experience. >>host: each share of these evoke a wonderful feeling inside. of the alternate wonderful gift sets for the with the 15 individual gifts. now coming up already on you are looking3 $65, just for the bottle of pheromone by itself. hsn $59.95.all of the layering products, and 219-
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437. your first monthly payment will be $50 to try pheromone. a better item #219-437. maybe you like any ever fragrances pheromone or destiny or destiny blue. it is one of my personal favorites from the day that you launched this. >>guest: it is modern,d sophisticated. >>host: $26.90 is the holiday price. >>guest: it just gets is
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$13.45 with any major credit card.i would love to share with you everything you are going to it is not going to be on any other time, we it for this hour.and then we offer you this on the flex pay option. you havehe 1.6 oz eau de parfum that would typically be $45. and then you have 5 oz of your destiny blue cooling body lotion and you have the hand cream as well. [reading] >>guest: we have not done this kind of
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kit before. almost half of the quantity has been preselected. what better opportunity this is the hand cream carrier. you will love this. hello and welcome to hsnjoy. >>guest: thank you for calling. >>caller: years old and do not use a lot of fragrance but i ordered your destiny lotion and fragranced last year. and everybody complement's me. it is so delicate, i do not know what to say.
9:19 am
at the destiny blueprint. >>guest: youady own destiny, we have added blue flowers. like the blue fox glove, the blue-cents and the blue daisy. --blue . it is a light and ethereal. >>caller: i always feel good, last thanksgiving my son and his friend picked me up to go to the familymom, you smell so nice when they shower in the morning, >>guest: we sometimes forget how good we smell. >>caller: i get
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compliments all of that time. it makes you feel pretty and feminine >>host: she ordered the 15 scentsational kit as well. she can try other ones to get >>caller: will they stay fresh? if i do not open them? >>guest: just do not keep them where it is hot. >>caller: i want to order the destiny blue set. >>host: let me send you right back these are almost gone! thank you for your phone call. >>guest: thank you and fragranced holidays. >>host: this is destiny blue one of the only * you will see this. it is $45
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by itself, you get the full size hand cream greenpan.she got out of the >>guest: and she forgot all about you cannot purchase a compliment like this. >>guest: what marilyn miglin does, she starts >>host: she starts from the bottom and goes through all of these ingredients the flowers and spices wonderful ingredients going back to the days of egypt *. times she was able to translate the hieroglyphics and to current times. beth somers >>guest: of them were a little bit older, we have pheromone which onto
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itself is happening we have >>host: we have about two minutes remaining. it is about $3 off.maybe you loved destiny it is lightweight. you can wear a fragrance to the office. many of you have called us over the years he worked in a medical facility. >>guest: no other perfume is made like this. much later in that day somebody will get close to you you will forget you applied this many hours will have to stop and think it was for yen this morning. >>host: it is so true, thank you, and
9:23 am
congratulations ok, something i want to say, that we look forward to every holiday your fragrance holidays special. this is your eau de parfum just half an ounce is the $300 value. is the pure perfume. >>host: in a 1.21 oz eau de parfum >>host: by the half announces $300 >>host: >>guest: >>guest: because pheromone is a $600 per alex. >>host: you get these customized beautiful bottle. and we look forward to collectible crystal decanters they come with a little funnel. item
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# 224-524.we now share some things with you happening on hsn. [♪ music ♪] birds- >>host: welcome to your go to guide for all things hsn now is that time to go to to get free and select issues like steven by steven madden, vince camuto sporto, and so much it doesn't exclude clearance but you can find so much more on hsn. .com. --does exclude. [♪ music ♪] [commercial]
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[♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: thank you for turning into hsn we love and marilyn miglin is here. -- tuning this is a wonderful delivery system one of the most innovative delivery6 c13 you created this jeweled approach the look like citrine and garnets in peridots. -- see your solid perfume is often here is your pheromone and a solid perfume. just apply
9:27 am
a little bit wherever a girl needs a little bit extra is a wonderful way wear perfume you can not even get through security. --you are even able to get through security. >>host: the hsn price of $32.50 is outstanding! for the holidays we $28.50 available. it comes with a black silk cord a lobster claw in the cback. shorter or another idea is to simply take this off of thed.
9:28 am
>>guest: magine touching up after dinner you can skip this over the pros. pearls. like the gemstone in hansard on your beautiful pearls. --a gemstone enhancer gone on your beautiful pearls. it is scented jewelry. >>host: >>guest: you know
9:29 am
when we wear oilsit will last longer this your signature fragrance pre lit hit. >>host: >>guest: sometimes you do not want to spray on a fragrance. >>host: she put the sat and all of the way around this. maybe your price range is about $35. >>guest: think about the perceived valuedirect this is something we do6 c13
9:30 am
a year. and this is the first time ever in a jewel compact. and we have the twist of caps. with all of these crystals that look exactly like gemstones. it is so vyou wear from camels to neutrals. you have the serena williams (...) >>guest: this is all right. it >>host: this is perfect you do not need to use the cord. you are at the restaurant, you take this out of your handbag. you see these6 c13 jewels, where did you find something like this. now is the perfect time (...) >>guest: what a
9:31 am
wonderful conversation piece let me help you experience this. and do you know what pheromone means? it means the organic substance meant to communicate. to give you a lot of and conversation. >>host: we are going to show you the pure metal of the pheromone. -- pyramid of pheromone. >>guest: there 179 of these was >>host: is the one ingredient which is so expensive. >>caller: jasmine is $29,000 for 1 lb.. >>guest: is 29,000 for 1 lb.. and thereally delicate. and
9:32 am
those of $21,000 a pound. and the tanko only it grows in venezuela. 6 c13 will bear seeds which they draw it in the sunlight. 3 get the energy from the sunlight and then they put the seeds in rom. and then the extrude in the oil. of the ingredients, and then we have fo-ti- tieng. it is one of the documented wheels on it into papyrus. >>host: a of a price today of $28.50. and then she has a quick visit back. one of your last opportunities to get this. especially
9:33 am
with these holiday specials.up until the 31st of january. abby is showinghis off to everybody pretty how many times do you reach for your fragrance. >guest: and this will soften your skin >>host: it is absolutely beautifulexcitement in your life you will hear some of the greatest testimonials definitely with pheromone, maybe it is looking to meet in the gentleman. pheromone has been well known to do that. we are talking followers in the grocery store pre. but this is a great way to do so. 219-430.we want
9:34 am
to remind you about the sensational collection brabant these are 15 individual gifts. the number one top selling fragrances and some of the newest fragrancesrilyn miglin collection, three flex payments, this is what joy mangano and florida was so excited about--joy infleur-de- lis excited item number 206-725 purpurea--inida was so excited about pheromone has always been the no. one signature fragrance we have never done a kit with all of
9:35 am
these it and the flex pay. you can go on to and find a 1.7 oz of c13 pheromone and it will have a $65 retail value. you this exclusive offer because of our wonderful relationship. you have your eau de parfum and you 8 oz of the bath and shower cream 8 ounces of the cooling 8 ounces of the body butter and you get the full size hand cream and then you get this gift hatbox. i love
9:36 am
leopard with metallic. this is also four flex payments $15 with your shipping and tax. + let me also tell you i have 927 at every one of these will definitely go $65 you go to the marilyn miglin institute in chicago or a department store and that is what you are spending today. nowhere else will you get the body butter. and the body splashes $22 separately. and the hand cream which is $15 protect we're looking at pretty much what hundred $50 value for the number-one selling fragrance one of the
9:37 am
best specials you'll see throughout this season--you will see throughout the holiday season if there was ever a chance to try pheromone for $15 today is that day. this is not lay away. few pheromone and the full-size over 30 years and still going strong >>guest: she evokes wonderful compliments. these are so incredible we are sometimes speechless we do not know what to. you could be leaning over the delicatessen counter wearing.
9:38 am
>>guest: lease don't think i am following you but i really want to know what your fragrance is ended.. that happens a lot. it is also nice for church it is elegant and sophisticated we also have a rich expensive perfume.i believe it is your birthright to know how it feels >>guest: it is thicker and it absorbs.wants to apply this >>host: i love that you art of layering this fragranced. it
9:39 am
would be good on you. we'd love hearing a testimonials you say your grandkids can not wait to come over maybe they have a favorite pillow and it reminds me of your grandma. this is the beauty of finding a fragrance that people have used and loved for over a decade this for over 30 years.13 >>guest: is still creates compliments. >>host: we are reallyed off with about 900 with everybody in the ordering process your than 700 left.this says it all
9:40 am
a $65 fragrance. get $5 back in your pocket first time featuring pheromone in a kit four monthly flex payments. your first monthly payment includes shipping and handling and tax. if you chose anything today and beauty andshions, just pay full priced shipping and handling for your first purchase. it is something else to think >>guest: it is a holiday bonanza. enjoy what marilyn miglin brings to us. and celebrating with those that you love. friends all-time favorite fragrance >>guest: rfect or the guy's done to
9:41 am
get for their women. >>host: and pheromone will stay with >>guest: it is long lasting. >>guest: it is the only linear fragranced it is not oriental or spice it is one of everything. it is a carefully balanced. >>host: you have tried different fragrances in the past, and they are ok.
9:42 am
>>guest: 6 c13 past for >>host: the past 30 years this has been the number-one selling fragrance. testimonials we're talking about great testimonials at+ people have actually because of the fragranced came together and they ended up mary. whether it is traveling in the morning, or you sublease somebody sits next to you. sometimes people ask what the fragrances.
9:43 am
i had men in mind when i created this. >>host: >>host: we have so many people chatting with us, and vanilla spiced i love that name. >>guest: she has to be a sexy girl, this is one of the ingredients in pheromone. >>host: all of those wonderful ingredients come together to create one of the most exciting i promise you you have ever tried.
9:44 am
>>guest: there is nothing quite like pheromone to getit is elegant and in good taste. it is sophisticated he will know you are wearing a good perfume. >>host: and there is another gift box inside of the gift box. we are actually receiving #two of these gift boxes. these are already packaged and ready to go (...) >>host: >>guest: you could put the body butter inside one of these.
9:45 am
>>host: you have the additional flex patty and pennsylvania welcome to hsn with our live with marilyn miglin and lynn murphy. >>caller: i have been buying your firm on for many years, years but this is the best. >>host: 6 c13 patty? >>caller: it is a head turner, aromatherapy. everywhere i have walked in to prevent it is a head turner a complementary factor and some of
9:46 am
the other things that in waiting is the pheromone diffusers. it gives your entire home [laughter](...) it is head to toe with theoo everything i have purchased over the years i just love and marilyn miglin i adore you. >>guest: thank you so much patty, we are so grateful that you called. >>caller: you are welcome and thank you for having this wonderful set >>guest: pink you for enjoying it. >>host: individual pheromone
9:47 am
pieces. this is exclusive hsn please understand you can go right now you can shop forthe is the spray, this is a $65 value nowhere else are you able to put together a package like hsn. we do the full-size body cream and the full- size hand cream and the body splash. $59.90 for the first time on flex pay. have never done that before. you will get this in the next few days. we now have before a call from north carolina, welcome to
9:48 am
hsn thank you so much for calling dalina. >>caller: hello, i am so excited >>host: are you familiar with pheromone custome? >>caller: no i an not i and sensitive to perfume's, i have been wearing dolce gabana i saw this is organic soil after reviewing i said i will try this fragrance. >>host: a fabulous dalina you will pick >>guest: you will continue to enjoy this project it will be your personal which will make
9:49 am
this amazing and you. >>caller: i am excited to put this on per get >>host: you take it to jeff four flex payments today? >>caller: yes. >>host: why not what a great special. >>guest: you will experiencethen we will talk to you next year ahead >>host: thank-you dalina. % size pheromone a $65 value we do not have the hand cream and a lot of these kids. a full-size bath and shower gel body and you 2 kid gift boxes. we
9:50 am
have some special holiday treats just for you. - [♪ music ♪] [commercial] [commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading]
9:51 am
[♪ music ♪] >>host: good morning think you for being a part of the special marilyn miglin gift. --thank you. this is your hot fragrance. this >>host: is all about bombshell. i love the feather off to the side. shell has been phenomenal.first time we are offering you the dusting powder. it >>guest: marabout dusting powder.hotwhat
9:52 am
you would normally spend for their rance,with your dusting powder it is holidays, we wanted to do something extra special. so we give you flex pay on top of that. c13 this, one of your newest additions i do not know what makes me more excited, feathers, or tote bags? [laughter]- this would be darling right here. or maybe on your earrings. will be a conversation piece, and spray this with bombshell which onto itself an amazing experience. and as
9:53 am
well we have pineapple leaves we have just delicious ingredients, here they are. it is a little bit of everything >>guest: and the rosetone crystals create the most exciting ingredients is white peachtree. white peach is more succulent.hem credit. >>host: it is really pretty, this fragrance, it will put a little bit of pep in your step print.
9:54 am
>>guest: new spray this you think yourself you are applying a bombshell. expressiv expre >>guest: let me show you this as well and you have never done the dusting powder before you are applying dusting this is like eight dusting pouff i have never seen before. --a dusting popuff. >>host: i feel like an actress for my favorite movies, done we can
9:55 am
do this at home, now you have the popuff andpre. pot >>host: lin boxes these permit. when used in all these, nobody is going to get a c13 >>host: you look keep this as one of your favorites. marilyn miglin goes beyond creating a wonderful fragrance for you. it is going to instill and create new memories.
9:56 am
i think the letter perfume companies got a way from that. >>guest: and synthetics. >>host: that is what i each one of your fragrances are so different >>guest: it is so easy to put your name on something already formulated with a computer. this is passion on a wall of egyptian hieroglyphics.from pheromone we do have all of these ingredients which come from the walls of egyptian temples. >>host: it is amazing the fragrance is still with you this fragrance one of the
9:57 am
newest fragrances. everybody loves and the doorsadores of this month. b. >>host: this is a beautiful brushed the glass dusting powder here is your feather all of the way through the top. in your dusting powder on the inside. flex pay $18.75. you are probably at half priced shipping and handling i want to say hello to stephanie in north carolina. welcome to hsn are you enjoying the holiday gift? >>caller: yes i love her products. some
9:58 am
pheromone for my friend but a couple of months ago i purchased bombshell which is so pretty. my husband loves >>guest: we have not heard that yet because this a brand new fragranced. stephanie and happy you tried this and he likes this. it is so pretty and smells so nice. >>host: leave it to marilyn miglin to use these other of the >>caller: iolite of the glitter around the top of the perfume bottle per-- >>host: >>caller:
9:59 am
>>host: do you get manyt's on bombshell? >>caller: yes. >>host: thank you for calling for the great testimonials. >>guest: and think you for reminding us about the crystals. >>host: happy holidays to you and your husband we are pleased he likes the bombshell. this name sums it up perfectly prepared (...).y to try all over famous fragrances. now over 2300 had been three flex payments for the holidays but. wii fit this to your front door. --we will ship
10:00 am
this to your front door and 206-725 and then the beautiful pheromone perfume compaq. it is a holiday price of $28.50 with pheromone and cypriot 219- 430. and the pheromone gift set first time with four flex paymentsit is now completely soldout, waitlist is available. marilyn miglin will be back tonight. >>guest: you to all of think you so much for calling--thank you so much for calling >>host: now we get to the world of
10:01 am
serena williams fashions and accessories [♪ music ♪] long as i've been playing tennis. my personality has always been making statements and just being bold and that's what i think my whole collection is about. [♪ music ♪] >>host: coming up on hsn the serena williams leggings that love! the leggings that we bring it to us she is known for her legging she is seen in the leggings on and off the court. these have been a top seller. we are offering them $49.95 and free shipping and handling and 2 flex payments for the visit. item #205- 242. we have one of the best mix of colors. % out on
10:02 am
we also have a wide range of sizes extra small-3 x.the blazer item wearing has been another top favorite they art darling they have the famous zippers on the back of the cuff. they will be on the back of your forearm. you have the stretch that serena williams has put in the blazer. i am wearing the one that has more shimmer. we have great other choices for you at a great holiday price is the best offer we have had item #205-367.we had a customer pick all- time favorite value. this is crazy this is no. 1 silhouette satchel style at that is
10:03 am
$50 off. take a minute to read the weave views under item #184-179 -- read the reviews let us an additional flex pay to make it even more exciting serena williams is joining us. she was just named player of the year. you have so many wonderful titles this year it has been pave busy year for you my friend. it is good to see you. >>guest: it has been a good year >>host: has been. we love when you are here we love hearing from you serena williams. tennis is a big passion as well as fashion >>guest: fashion is my passion and i went to school for it i am excited by the designs we have today. i am into
10:04 am
blazers. what i am wearing now is available it is cute and interesting. we also have this topic. there are many things to get two. i think we will have a fun two hours. >>host: let us enjoy it and get started with this. i wish i could let everybody feels this because it is so soft >>guest: do really soft fabrics. this has a beautiful hand to it. this continues the signature+ looked in statement that feels like butter. it almost feels like a cotton like the length that the shoulder, i mean this leave is aogs 3 quarters sleeve. you can wear it down or ruching up. i love
10:05 am
the play of grommlets on the t- shirt. it is not too much it is good because it makes it more dressier if that is what you want. we have three different colors we have black, i rate up charcoal -- ivory, it is three basic colors that we are offering.6 c13 this price great at $39.90. >>host: t the applique and the length on the girls. >>guest: this is a little bit longer in the back i have been trying to do that to cover the bum and hips. is if it's nice. this fabric is soft. it has a great feeling and a great hand. >>host: this 96% rate on an 4% spandex this is
10:06 am
where you get the stretch this is machine wash and dry flat. it will cover the areas you want to be covered. >>guest: this is a nice extra tunic length that looks and feels good. and that is what i love about this collection is feeling good and powerful. you want to lookd represent yourself well.affordable at the same time. you get that in looks that i am showing you today starting with this i love it, it is awesome. >>host: get at least two colors because these are color choices. when you get them home and feel the hand of the materiel. the fit is not too tight or too loose. i love that we have this talked in or out
10:07 am
over leggings we have many fond leggings coming your way. >>guest: the skirt she is wearing is available that skirt is gorgeous. you can t it into a high waisted skirts or over your leggings. it can go with a blazer.3 is the season that you want a nice top i need more tops is a nice 3 1/4 lengths leave -- sleeve i can cover my arm >>host: we have the
10:08 am
number one legging coming out. how many times that you love wearing a legging that is great and comfortable in a 2 taller. all the things that we love. you need to wear a longer taught. -- top >>guest: you need something longer you can see how the back is longer than the front that will keep you the coverage that you need. this is a real good tee shirt it is hahas studs with a nice could wear this casual with the legging or if you have a business meeting to go to or a dinner (...) look pal amazing this looks is something you do not want to miss out on >>host: this is a friendly shirttail you will wear all the time because it feels good and you will receive
10:09 am
a friendly shirt. item #222-331 atas least get started with the serena williams collection. i cannot wait to hear yours. $59.90 we have two color choices ivory/black or skydiver /black. guide bar number to 27-053.-- item #227-052. another c13 the price at $59.90 and that is available with two flex pay. that is brand new and still to come this hour. we would like to hear from you. if you are familiar with her fashions.
10:10 am
we look to you on and off the court. you have such an amazing style. one of your signatures at hsn has been the legging it has always been one of your favorite in your wardrobe. >>guest: not just my wardrobe everybody's wardrobe. there were very popular in the '80s and then they lost bead in the nineties and now they are back. them for everything and we can experiment with different shapes and styles that is always very fun we are showing the mustard >>host: we are calling but it does look like mustard >>guest: that is a great color we also have the gray shiny
10:11 am
shiny looks like a to leather @ legging we also have low marlo and leopard -- merlot. the legging is the thickness of this. it december 3rd you could wear this high boots and still be warm because it is so nice and starry it is a thick and warm fabric you can be completely warmed some leggings are so thin you can see through them. there is no way that we can show this we are under bright lights but you cannot see my hand this is a heavy knit fabric but it is comfortable it is not uncomfortable.
10:12 am
most leggings are comfortable and we have a great legging with details in the back the added zipper. legging is the look that everybody should have in their wardrobe. >>host: i like look of a simple black tot.the inseam is approximately 29 in. on the. this has been a number one seller. they are you do not want the gaping and the knees or in the back or at the waistline.this is a polyester rayon and spandex blend. >>guest: this waistline is thicker is 3 in. it could be even more
10:13 am
the extra which will hold you in and set your stomach in because it is so thick it will really hold you in look thinner instantlyvthat is a point i wanted to do well making this leggingthat is where the extra with the waistband does as well as the hand when you get it home and feel of the outstanding quality you do not see in legging with this much quality you could wear this open or closed this one has a function double zipper that is really cool and nice. there are some and grate options we
10:14 am
did have more colors available. >>host: something crazy like 50,000 per day >>host: if you want a regular black that will be the first to go with the shipping and handling and the 2 flex payments if you purchase anything todayeauty are fashions you are at half price to been in the handling -- shipping and handling >>host: >>guest: you cannot go wrong a legging id is ageless and timeless you could wear this with anything everything.under a dress or by itself it is a piece that complement's a woman's body specially this particular legging
10:15 am
it has a fabric that is really form fitting and it really brings you and i wanted to compliment that >>host: our models are differentsizes, powerful figure model is wearing a shiny gray and she looks fantastic it is tied to find a legging that will look good on all sizes on the reviews that is what we are reading and over a legging that works on everywoman's curves no matter what your size is. details make all the size in the world. this is not% a legging de evil washed three times in the it will be fading and telling pilling is to fit and it smooth
10:16 am
as you and melanchthon's you -- and lenghtens you.2 flex payments it is hard to sell something on television and sometimes with 6 c13 some indifferent brand and quality you should try this that are reason why thousands of your leggings have been ordered and hsn and today is a great opportunity with the flex pay in the free shipping handling of course you can find black but where will you find these great colors >>guest: we also have the matching blazer that is coming a whole ensemble that you can do i think the cigarette get like this is classic. it reminds me of the 1950's ladies were wearing the classics silhouettes it is something that was
10:17 am
really timeless. >>host: it is the complete look. we will do that when we come back from the break we will do the blazer. i am wearing it. definitely get a head start we have a holiday price is $20 off of our original hsn price. we have a flex pay. item205- 367. there is an argument to get a few of these blazers. they have great stretch and work back perfectly to the leggings. and then blouse that zarina wet williams is willing >>guest: i love this -- the blouse that serena williams is wearing. you can leave this untied or had it as a bow like i have now. we have a white, not black
10:18 am
and yellow, and seafoam. it is gorgeous -- black is available in it is flexible. >>host: item #219- 619. that is our showstopper available 2 month 3 flex payments. we show this one time >>guest: 3 that price! >>host: that an knots id is $39.90.hundreds have been pre selected it is available with 3 month the flex pays of $13.30. i have to get this so i can show you6 c13 size the colors are fantastic that is still to come item #184-179. we have so much more with serena williams. we will keep you in the note with guy yovan and in the spotlight [♪ music ♪] >>host: hi everyone i am guy yovan and
10:19 am
and welcome to the hsn spotlight when of the quickest ways to be in the note is to go and check the program guide. you can see a full 24 hours before programs air. you can check out your favorite host or category. come back for great shopping at hsn. [commercial]
10:20 am
[reading] >>host: good morning thank you for tooting into a to send the fabulous serena williams is here with her collection --thank
10:21 am
you for tuning in >>guest: this has been a top in the work back to the blizzard that region should do and the same colors this creates a suits look >>guest: you could get the black with leopard that are so many different ways. i love the way we are seeing the leopard it is a nice ponte knit it is thick and heavy airier. it is for this season is nice and warm it is over the huge 3 cannot put a coat over if it is a blazer.this is a nice and
10:22 am
fabric that has stretch. it has so much stretch and feels really good the rich >>guest: this really feels great it is great you are wearing this with the zipper is a functional zipper you could wear this to caviar sleeve but higher or lower. there are so many different ways to wear thisfabulous. it is important to have 8 pocket with this blazer and does not look like there is a
10:23 am
pocket it will not have any way you can open and out for an extra pocket they are slimming and deep >>host: i love the ankle is an allusion >>guest: the angels of the pockets printer waistband and make you look smaller -- the angle of the waistband makes you look smaller >>guest: i was wondering about this price it seems low but that is good.expectsf
10:24 am
that is a get a lot for the fabric. marlo lining it is so beautiful with each one you get distinct look and lining. it makes each garment really special. >>host: merlot is very popular behind the black those are flying out the door they are approximately same bland as the leggings that has rayon and spandex. extra small-3 x >>guest: you can watch this in washing machine as well. i travel so much it is hard to do the laundry. 99 percent of my things are machine washable.6 c13
10:25 am
blazer is machine washable and easy to use we are trying to cut back and save >>host: dry cleaning can cost a fortune and it is frightening. you do not have to worry about that with this collection. i am wearing black shiny. it is almost a leather look the way that it feels. 3 with a fix sweater i wanted to show the stretch to come across. it is so comfortable you know the test when you can drive and then down and give a hug and you are not
10:26 am
stock. you will not have that at all. >>host: we have black with shiny you should go for the leopard >>guest: it is a quality leopard and it looks like a real animal print >>host: this color is highly we have a solid black and as long enough to beltedt it >>guest: it is a nice look that feels good on you 0 wearing it you will feel like a real woman in and feel better about yourself and powerful because this is the blazer but it is not a box seat blazer that
10:27 am
makes you look boxy. it has a feminine touch to it speaks to the in you is really a gorgeous piece >>host: what is about a blazer and their art serpent fashion pieces >>guest: i love. i wear more blazers than possible i am designing blazer from my tennis collection >>host: really? >>guest: that how important blazes are to me i love them and i think they are fabulous. >>host: i do not blame you a bit of a good classic at a holiday price in very popular $39.90 and 2 flex payments 205-367 item #. print is out this world, i this wrap dress that is coming up later.are known europe
10:28 am
will wrap dresses especially in the status print. limited quantity on a special price of $59.90 and available on 2 flex item #227-054.also bread nail metallics are so big and serena williams has done her version of the perfect cozy sweater with an asymmetrical hem line we have silver or gold on a holiday price $49.90 and two flex payments. we have some less that is brand new and in style >>guest: that sweater is really gorgeous. it is really gorgeous on >>host: does not televise well but when i saw that in person and i said that is such pretty metallic it is so beautiful >>guest: i wearing colorblocked now but even on the tennis court in january i will be wearing a colorblocked garmin
10:29 am
that i am excited about. about color blocking right mapping -- now the fabric is nice and look at all that stretch is not hard to get into it looks like a woman silhouette. take you in a little bit. we did this on purpose to make you look thin and fabulous. the dress dies back to the blazer. -- ties back >>guest: and wearing the blazer with the black showstopper we are getting to all of this next. i am
10:30 am
wearing on showstopper blouse and the white blazer. look cuff fabulous this pleases. -- it has a leather like insert. i feel that i could take on any company on street eye and set and ready. this is a good feeling that is a confidence builder. because it is black against eight other >>host: the colored give you an hourglass figure with that shape and style >>guest: there is kind of shape and style. it is about style in shape with color blocking. it is about color
10:31 am
blocking this season it is everywhere. it is cool and >>host: love that these looks are coming back they have always worked. if you reinterpret the style like serena williams does this is a simple pull it over your head comfortable and cozy dress that when you put it off and it would give you shape. lean. is a great it is nice is not a thin if a breeze, as it has structure you are not completely heavy it has a structure to it. it is flexible and it will have stretch on all and is. i love we have been neckline i have an inch and a half of colorblocked in black. that is important also the
10:32 am
sleeve is a nice and full sleeve that covers the shoulder. this makes all the difference >>guest: it takes in so much. if you are thin it gives a sexy look, if you are that it will give you a thin look. it works for both clients. >>host: this is holiday price we have taken $10 of the original bill will be $69.90 but now yousecuring this on flex pay.85 percent polyester 13% cotton, can
10:33 am
choose the ivory or the blue >>guest: and a big fan of the blue, i always wear white but i think that blue is beautiful. it really ties back to the cannot go wrong with this color wave. many >>host: of you are picking up the blazer at the same time that completes will look. you have a beautiful complete look if you want a sleeve we have the cardigan that serena williams is wearing data i can see this traveling on a plane. >>guest: 7 is so comfortable and stretchy you can travel on it upset >>host: the satchel is still to come in has been on fire we will start to lose . cell priced at $39.90 this is
10:34 am
the customer pick when we offered it at $89.90.the holidays so let us 23 flex payments. the look does pay first full price shipping and then he will receive half of additional shipping. this falls into that category item184- 179. this comes3 black bone, green luggage we will double check that. this blazer >>guest: is gorgeous and fantastic picku sought a
10:35 am
blizzard just like this. i bought it it was a lot of money it was over 500 your rose. -- euros, i regretbuying it because it is uncomfortable it is too small.his one is so much better. it has a great stretch and feeling it has beautiful color blocking and pocketsfunctionable, i did not know that.i am so obsessed with the blazers you can see it better on the blue i love how we did not do it but and we have a closure it looks like a clean finish when it is closing it looks like the clean tuxedo look
10:36 am
you can use this with the black leggings or or your colorblocked address would be perfect -- dress. in wearing the shirt that the model is wearing out i am wearing black and she is wearing yellow. this a rally fabulous look it is a ponte knit laser that stretched to it is nice and thick and structured and comfortable. when i put this on backstage i am going to brazil i have a 13 hour flight and i want to look good on the playing, this is it. it is so comfortable i can wear this for 13 hours on a and be comfortable. this is amazing. the back of the blazer has i have
10:37 am
already planned my outfit i am all set i will be wearing this with the leggings with heels. i am really excited about election is really fabulous >>host: continent is so expensive -- ponte >>guest: looks6 c13 a tuxedo jacket like you would get in the mall, this is nicer than the ones that you get in the mall. i have a larger bust so i need extra wrgive res to everything that a real woman is. i feel so strong and powerful it is amazing how close can make you feel good. this speaks to
10:38 am
everyone. if you do not only blazer you have to get one now this one is one >>host: i want everybody to see: my mic box is giving me trouble >>host: is live television >>guest: this is a really good length.[laughter] is being a bad boy right out i think it fell down pepperi the. pockets id is tied back to the top that is great you could wear this all different kinds of ways and is coming up you can complete look in many different ways you could wear blazer open for comfort. there are many different ways to wear this and look good. this
10:39 am
>>host: i do not blame it they are calling this skydiver blue. it is 38.5 in. that is a length with the ponte knit you have princess seams and functional pockets >>guest: maybe i am obsessed with blazers but i love this one. this makes me happy and i loved it. i'd just love it. i know i said that a lot but i do. >>host: mary is joining us from texas who loves all of serena williams fashions welcome to hsn. we hear you ordered a leopard lizard today >>caller: yes i did because i love everything she produces >>host: best up to the quality
10:40 am
>>caller: i love the quality. she is great i love her stuff. i have to recover handbags >>guest: thank you >>caller: and i just adore her as a human being >>guest: thank i appreciate that >>caller: can i ask you something? please >>caller: give my regards to your mother and father for having such beautiful girls >>guest: thank i do, to buy your and watch you as long as you are on the court >>guest: will be there and here for a long time so i hope you watch >>caller: thank you you are wonderful >>host: thank so much for calling. that was so nice >>guest: she was really nice i am glad mary was able to get in on this >>host: item227-
10:41 am
052 and has been very popular. right now both colors are still available xs - but getting limited in both. if you are able to get the colorblock dress this works perfectly and with the leggings. the show stopper is coming up next. our friend marlo smith is up next with her favorite holiday gifts [commercial]
10:42 am
[reading] >>host: this year you won all three of the big and the olympic gold medal and name top layer of the year >>guest: i was
10:43 am
really excited to the air. it has been a big year. when i am not working i am at hsn working on my line >>host: one of the most popular pieces has been our showstopper, take a look [commercial] [♪ music ♪] >>host: i cannot wait for you to see this in person >>guest: this is the crepe blouse? >>host: yes it is the crepe blouse with chiffon polyester >>guest: it is beautiful and is worn so many different ways. there is some logic give an stretch to this. -- it is hard for me to find button down top because i have a large bust it either
10:44 am
does not cover or the it leaves something showing. we added a little bit of stretch not too much so it is just enough. look how beautiful the yellow is. i am wearing the black which shouldry popular. i love this in the absolutely love it in the white. we also have another color called seafoam that will show you in a second. this is a really good blouse. a classic look. t gives you a nice tight that you can make into a or leave it down or on the sides which is cool. this canmachine wash guy is.s. crepe fabric can sometimes be very expensive and hard to work with. what i like about this we have added spandex for give and
10:45 am
stretch. it makes it away more comfortable.look how gorgeous that is. if somebody is getting married you could total the wear this to their wedding. you could wear this to the office. if you have a desk job this would be great. >>host: this ladylike and sophisticated >>guest: that is the perfect word in this sophisticated. it is stylish and i love it. it has colors on a special price of $49.90. >>host: and we have a flex pay. i love that this time of year. this could be your father didn't blouse at a pavement of $25 >>guest: this would make a gorgeous gift that are comfortable and not great others. we have a fourth mother called seafoam and is
10:46 am
really soft -- color, i love this because it is a button-down it goes all the way to the top you did not have to wet it that way but you can. i do not do button-down often but when i do them i try to get them right.maybe you can see on yellow you have by dart that goes from the shoulder to the bust. that your shoulders and make sure look longer and leaner and taller come in from the side and go that way we did this so it goes down if it will lengthen new and make you look longer. it feels really good on. i could with this outfit on the plane because ofthe6 c13
10:47 am
is comfortable and it feels good. this one is classy ilove this has give to whip it >>host: i love you extra material at the neckline and a bow. >>guest: i do not like ones that have already been set and tied so you cannot change inputt. let us go back to us because we have got in the seafoam. top. you have a pleated look at the neckline you can really see in the bright color this seafoam is beautiful with a black skirt or a blaze there. the buttons have been dyed to match. look at the black of the scholar -- the
10:48 am
collar you can see the pleating at $49.90 this is a quality top crepe fabric is one of the top fabrics you can have and also the most expensive. we are offering this at a great price. we have buttons that have been dyed to match in each think you will have been a wardrobe for years if you are a mother your daughter will totally come take this. i can see this with leggings and super hot heels if you are young there it is completely comfortable it looks good it feels good is a dreamy feeling. by this collection and i think it is nice.this showstopper
10:49 am
blouse is a really beautiful piece of gum and a great color palette >>host: it ties of the pieces together from the cardigan to the look how beautiful the is it is winter now what a way to bring in a bright color black and you want something brighter the sea foam green i did not see that backstage >>guest: it is like a soft mint greenlly see all the details of the shirt offers you. you can really see it and the seafoam. each one will have the same details >>host: are very busy onow stopper is our key piece. 27.5 in. in
10:50 am
length it is the perfect tunic length extra small dash 3 x 2 flex payments available item #219-619. coming up later this afternoon with colleen lopez 1:00 p.m. has a great showstopper she has a set of 4 potay beaded . fetish as the upper price of $24.90. --on a show stopper price $24.90. that will be up at 1:00 p.m. with colleen lopez. we have the fabulous ponte knit bat zip leggings hadn't of been selected. still available in all sizes. -- extra small-3 x with free shipping and flex payments item
10:51 am
#205-242. it does have a functioning zipper in the back of the the back of the farm this is the i am wearing is a stretch ponte knit -- the back of balm has the zipper -- armf a price $39.90 and two flex payments and we will set them up for you. the house. are you kidding me? a number 1 favorite from serena williams this is the no. 1 satchel design >>guest: really $39.90, i thought you said >>host: $89.90 that is the original price that is like 65 percent of the price >>host: yes, i get a couple of them >>guest: and has a
10:52 am
great studded detail imagine that with the pop we had on earlier with the studs. it will tie back together -- the top.have the signature gold lighting on the inside we have -- the cellphone have gold lining, and not good at showing >>host: off you are doing good >>guest: i in doing terrible it is after three years to think that would have this down >>host: list and i haven't yet 20 years and i still have a hard time. done >>guest: in austin dog thank you thank you >>host: the colors this is luggage that is smart enriched looking, not blackblack remaining
10:53 am
and the agreement, and the bone -- green the colors are black, green and luggage. >>guest: if someone was trying to pick pocket you they would not know you had a pocket there. as a solution. >>host: people love your lining id easy to organize the satchel opens. i am down to my elbow to show you how deep this is. >>guest: i love the silhouette i love pout the bone has bone inside to match. handbag created on the big wheel+
10:54 am
something that is cool and unique >>host: the green has green on the inside the luggage collar is like its color on the inside each one has been very specified for each color each bet i try to have a particular little function. this is functionable. 8.5 in. that is perfect for carrying over your shoulder. if you travel like me i live in an airport and also on an airplane >>host: yes you do >>guest: you can put this over your shoulder and not worry about its lighting off or anything like that. is comfortable and easy to use. the
10:55 am
green is almost gone >>guest: in israel early for me. i gave my friend this color and she fell in love with it she carries it all the time and she always gets complement's. people always ask for wicked to get that handbag? she got hers $89 as this one is $39.90 >>host: and we have a flex pay >>guest: flex pay is unbelievable >>host: $13 and change and we will send this out in the next 24 hours.which women would not love a signature pan bed >>guest: this is a statement handbag -- this will say i have walked and the building >>host: the grain will be sold out in the next 30 seconds but we still
10:56 am
the black and luggage available those are great neutrals. if this is raining nothing will harm and it is easy to care and structures it has feet on the bottom and will not flop over >>guest: i love the feet on the bottom it will not flop around and make sure of handbag cleaner. no one wants to put their handbag on the floor but if you have do it has feet. that is cool about his handbag. can get this home $13.30 for this handbag that is pretty unheard of >>host: you could not even get the hardware at that price >>guest: is no chance >>host: the green has sold out be like it shall be the next turbo >>guest: --the
10:57 am
green has sold out. luggage will be the next color to sell. we have a lot6 c13 cute handbags for the next two shows i am doing for you. >>host: not at prices like this because this is crazy >>guest: if you are looking for a statement handbag this would be perfect for every day. you can have this over your shoulder in your arm. buy your elbow is perfect it is a classic silhouette. >>host: we have 2.5 minutes until the end of the owl were in over 400 have been spoken for. we are crazy busy. welcome to hsn we have patti calling >>caller: hi. >>guest: how are: we are good thank you did to get the showstopper blouse? >>caller: i did in
10:58 am
the >>guest: yellow and absolutely: darling? i love it it is unbelievable and gorgeous,c13 details for >>caller: if i had the money i would have one of everything that you have >>host: are you familiar with serena williams designs? >>caller: this is the first time that i have sat and watched everything eat collection >>caller: yes you do and everything is feminine >>guest: thank you >>host: we are glad you are enjoying it and watching you will love the blouse. >>guest: i love it i do not want to take it off >>caller: thank you and happy holidays to both of you >>host: thank you >>caller: thank and goodbye >>guest: that was
10:59 am
nice. these handbags are flying the cannot keep them at this price $39.90. are on hold please be patient you will get through and there will be some left. you can go online to order. >>host: some areas can order via their remote control >>guest: that is nice. if you have that he should do that because these are going fast >>host: have fewer than 200 up across the board in his last call on the black and bone as well. they are all great neutral colors >>guest: this a classics silhouette it is easy to carry. if you cannot get this handbag stay tuned for more beautiful handbags coming up. i do not know if it is this so but i will be
11:00 am
back at 7:00 p.m. with new styles and designs >>host: i wish we have 5000 mark i will let you know when they have been completely sold out. congratulations.3 flex payments. over 60% of savings #184-179
11:01 am
>>host: still to come by and 206-452. in my personal collection i have three of the syringe that tops. serena williams tops. great color choices, if there was ever a time to try this it is today, another sale price at $24.90 it also has your to monthly flex payments. that is just a sneak peek. >>guest: new status print free we created a print for hsn exclusively. we
11:02 am
finally came up with something of armed guard, something really cool and different. and beautiful always picking paris, designer a little bit of everything. it showed on everything. >>host: talk about a status link.when i get backstage at will be and these leggings i will be wearing them everywhere make my body, and look fabulous. >>guest: >>host: it is statice, gold with a touch. >>guest: if you are into wrap dresses, look at this one.never really work for me because you
11:03 am
have to put them through a hole. what i want to do is put a button right there, then make sure it stays where it needs to stay.of course it has a built that completes the rap look. >>guest: and this is also a this visit only special. we are also featuring this with to monthly flex payments. 95% 6 c13 spandex machine wash, tumble dry. >>guest: those are my favorite words machine wash, tumble
11:04 am
dry. if you want to make a statement we do not have a lot of these dresses for give this is something special i wanted to bring to you guys, it is a one-of-a-kind piece. it is really it has a grace lengtgreat put this on with a pair of heels and you wrap this on it is a good luck it is a showstopper. you're going to be like! pow! it goes back a couple of decades i am not reading looks that givefields i like that
11:05 am
this region lipid '90s, and that is what style is all about. >>host: between your color blocking and this status it will not you are not going to reveal too are saving we go to connecticut. >>guest: you will not find this print anywhere we made this print, it is a one-of-a- we do not have many of these. is a great gift for your daughter or your granddaughter. >>guest: >>host: welcome to hsn karen.
11:06 am
>>caller: hello lynn murphy and serena williams. i got the black studded s saddlebags. of these bags are superior.price at love your stuff. >>host: i am currently carrying >>guest: i am currently carrying a serena williams bag. >>caller: for the price, you cannot go wrong% bags. 3 >>guest: q. what quality but why should you spend thousands of dollars for the quality printed >>caller: i wish both of you a happy holiday. coming
11:07 am
>>caller: this is your final visit for the year. we have a lot of fun things, >>host: new today really popular you will love this print. you can never go wrong #227-054. speaking about3 this is the serena williams colorblock maxi dress $39.90, first time ever at this special sale price, you to kill black, red black, or the honey chocolate we also
11:08 am
feature this with two flex payments. #206-707. >>guest: this that bag and i am carrying right now ad. it is so different and so cool. when it fits so much,passport, i in getting so many things in here there are some of the devices. -- devices this is so small. i am carrying this right now. >>guest: item #206-
11:09 am
600. >>host: $59.90, it is available with two flex paymentsolor choices add that a great holiday gift ideas. >>guest: i am excited about this sweater i am really excited about this sweater, not only is it metallic it is really kind of cool. i love! this gives sparkle and shine you walked into the room and you feel like inmillion dollars a million dollars
11:10 am
while of the difference berga.i love you it is such an oversized sweater on you if you are really fed with a pair of heels but if he or thicker it gives you the shape unique. and you need. the length difference, at the bottom i think that is like 4 have the extra
11:11 am
coverage on the back when it goes to cover the back, you do not have the extra breath. >>host: of each of these getof these of a pair of will be living in this party had >>guest: i will be like i should have got that. >>host: this is off the chart. >>guest: it is really6 c13 never get this excited half i am here to stay. look how good this is on the modelst >>host: it is more of a loose fit
11:12 am
>>guest: i love the loose fit how great would this look with a pair of heels get it gives you the extra fit and field. this sweater is really nice. >>host: is longer in the back. >>host: it is beyond the army. >>guest: it almost feels like cashmere. >>host: bring this home and feel this for yourself. >>guest: we do not have many of these by and in that building looking can style me anyway you want to i am leaving with somebody today.
11:13 am
>>host: this is yummy. >>caller: this is not cheap to to have soap color and so strong and then you go on the inside has a great field. it is fabulous. i knew this was going to happen >>guest: in thinking how can you get a better sweater? i do not know what to wear. now i want to wear
11:14 am
the leggings,d some comfortable shoes i will have a few different outfits, this sweater is reading all over. is so comfortable and easy to wear. >>host: or it clear to begun xs- xl, 1x-3x we have a quick hello mali. welcome to hsn. >>caller: hello ladies, how are you? >>guest: we are good >>caller: my mother and i are putting up the christmas tree, we are watching the show we saw the studded bag. we just purchased it. >>caller: is 13 in. like you can fits over your
11:15 am
shoulder >>guest: >>caller: >>guest: totally, it will work perfect. >>caller: love you sorry that. we love, love, love your line. we are going to order the sweater and your other bag as well. >>caller: >>guest: we will put you with the operator. >>host: let me shift you back. >>guest: these sweaters are the one. it is a really fast. >>guest: we have accounted for your phone calls and your orders. >>host: now this is your corset legging what you just saw in that gray color.
11:16 am
another signature statement that you love. and the bag is coming up. item # 166-968. it is simply fabulous we have all colors. xs- xl, 1x-3x. >>guest: >>host: we now have your brand new leggings at $39.90. a 226-851. have all sizes, xs- >>guest: these are meeting here i come.
11:17 am
these look fabulous. this looks like an expensive designer we all know the is look fabulous. >>host: another baguette want to share with you from serena williams is the quilted bag. $39.90. we also have black and red. it is another absolute favorite we have 150 in each of these colors. we will not be doing a full presentation. we wanted to make sure you had the item number. we love the serena williams bags.
11:18 am
>>guest: not sure we would get to this during this hour to get i love this bag, we work really hard on this. we have the gold it comes and pewter. it looks like a purple to me, this is my favorite colorgorgeous i was inspired by a few pictures in with a metallic i thought this would be cool to bring into a bag. i prefer gold over silver it means you get gold medals over silver. and the pewter (...) >>host: how many gold medals to you have? >>guest: i have four gold medals but michael phelps has light 104. and the
11:19 am
silver has more of a matte finish. i love the bow detail. look at the inside. it has a nice silver is a perk, if you flip over to this side you have the same detail. have the cell phone pockets and here is my ankle. a little bit better. of that detail, if you look at the chain. 13 up to the fabric it is a smaller bag perfect for going out at night if you are going out on a date. this is definitely the bag to carry. i am
11:20 am
thinking and going to have to pack light 12 things. i am going to go out for dinner a few times. this is really6 c13 this. >>host: a lot of times you have an evening bag and they are just like this big. this is what we need. >>guest: back to the wedding this is a great wedding bag. we are going to a office party, an office dinner. and a complement's will be coming from everywhere it is going to be completely fabulous it is what it is, a simple
11:21 am
nothing to crazy. they give so much goes nice around the shoulders. >>host: it is $59.90. offtoday, for this visit only, and flex pay. >>guest: next time these are available they will be more than they are today. >>host: 13 in half inches in3 in. drop in milk.
11:22 am
>>guest: so darling and classy. >>host: and they come with the dust covers production. you could carry this all of the time. glucan put the dust cover over this. it looks like 24 karat gold. --you can put the dust cover over. this bag makes a statement and you can carry this for so many different occasions. my luggage is going to be ridiculous.this
11:23 am
lazer is cominglazerblazer is coming. >>host: whether you are being photographed or you are on a talk show you need to look great all of the time. >>guest: i carry these products all of that time. i in giving it a product and saying it is great, i will be living in this lazer, i will be carrying this topic. and this is a serena williams baggenuine, i created
11:24 am
this for you. procured >>host: you are busy, on the it is like true accessories. >>guest: it really speaks to the woman in you. >>host: and i am proud of this, we are not going to say hello to sheila in georgia >>caller: yes i ordered the dress and the laser printer >>host: you like the new print? >>caller: love that wrap dress, i in a large lady.i like to wear dresses, wrap dresses always make
11:25 am
me look thinner. this is my first time ordering >>host: with hsn? >>caller: so i am looking forward to receiving my dress and lazer. >>guest: if you like this half as much as i do you are going to love this. c13 stretchy and comfortable. >>caller: think you have a wonderful day present >>guest: thank you.this is your it bag. normally $79.90 but6 c13 $59.90 per get 3 come one of our top-
11:26 am
selling leggings precautions it is a stretch, it is substantial we are offering this with free shipping and two flex payments several hundred already selected we do a size for you xs-xl 1x- item #205-202.many of you are asking about the blizzard that was already pre selected. -- you want to preselect, available with two flex payments. we are back with more designs from serena williams by now we check in with brett chukerman and the spotlight. [♪ music ♪]
11:27 am
thank you and welcome to the spotlight your go to guide for all things hsn. us tonight at midnight and chef todd english will bring us a brand new today's special. we will marry this with a premium holiday bakeware set is a brand new today's special that launches at midnight >>host: [commercial]
11:28 am
[commercial] [commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading] [♪ music ♪] >>host: happy monday you couldn't have tuned in at a better
11:29 am
time. serena williams is here with her amazing style. >>guest: i did go to fashion school i learned about fabrics and garments sew. i learned all kinds of secrets. when i design things i can at least try give you the best we can offer >>guest: this is the
11:30 am
exact same13 let me take you through the colors.$39.90. once again mindsets $49.90. but the platinum sequin. you can go wrong with the black. i love this ivory with gold. these are your color choices these will not last very long it is the most delicious material on the inside.and it is a loose fit. it is great with leggings. go true to
11:31 am
size. it >>guest: feels like a classic sweater.that is what we it the terry french top. it is really comfortable. and we lined up the sequins and in a stretch material. it is really a convertible sweater. it is really the fund sweater. --it is really a comfortable sweater. >>host: it is a, and polyester blend.
11:32 am
handwash lay flat to dry all colors. $19.95, two flex payments when you think about what you typically spend for a regular sweat shirt which is cotton. detangling well over $40. -- detailing >>guest: .look how beautiful this is in the grey cup lipper did you can see all of the beautiful detail. it will make a statement. >>host: get this sweater home. we have another caller until you get this home, hello brenda.
11:33 am
>>caller: hello. wanted to speak with serena williams i am glad i can speak with you today i have ordered a purse from you some time ago it is reversible the leopard print inside. i ordered in green which is my favorite color i tried to get a one for my sister and the soldout. >>guest: i love that bag it was cool. it was reversible. >>caller: i am glad to get that sweater today. >>host: it is going to look fantastic wish you both a happy holiday, thank you for taking my from corporatetelephone call.
11:34 am
>>guest: the blazer and the likings i can get these out of my mind. --leggings. >>host: if you missed out on think about getting this it is the same concept. just enough of a embellishment.i like that you did it detail work front and back >>guest: sometimes it is nice and the front and then is not giving anything printed we wanted to make sure the details on the kickoff to as all of the way around. it is not that hard to do. i like the ivory
11:35 am
tied back with the gold. is really something special heading into december. i always think of colors. i think and nail polish with shiny stuff. our tops with the sequins. it just seems to be the time of year where you get to wear that stuff. guilty when you feel how comfortable this is think about your favorite sweater it is like your favorite most comfortable sweater you have had for years and years >>host: . most sweatshirts sweater which is really comfortable
11:36 am
>>host: your getting the alternate purchase. "--and net purchase item206- 452. . in the handbag we had earlier, i need to get the update on the quantity.we can not have many of these left. these have been on. black, bone, luggage. these less. they will be gone by the time we are finished and then three flex payments. >>guest: $30 dr.
11:37 am
croco-embossed satchel it is a nice sized bag it is a lot room year, hopefully we will have a presentation on this it comes in black camelot and hot pink. and that is fabulous >>host: one of your signature statement has always been on and off the court we have seen serena williams and the magazines, over half of the time you're in a legging. >>guest: they are easy to- comparable to wear.i do not wear anything except for likings preclude not all leggings are
11:38 am
created equal. it has a three in half- inch waistband. and the fabric is strong and fit. imaginez ponte knit fabric in a pan. pant. he or living in " let me stick with a different type of pants. this in a structured and fabric you will feel quite warm and good. we have merlo, shiny black, this looks
11:39 am
like it leather we have shiny gray.we have the black.and finally we have your honey color. everybody is into leggings. about black leggings to get give me something else that can make me look like i am wearing pants even with jeans now we are bringing into the leggings fashion world. you need to get this. >>host: 6 c13 in length, c13 have a wonderful stretch. these are
11:40 am
almost like shapewear in your favorite comfort likings korea >>guest: wanted to give you shapewear that can bring it in a size. when you put on these leggings you will feel thinner. i love that about them. you can feel really good. >>host: it comes up to the perfect length of these do have extra strength. we will offer these for the next three
11:41 am
and a half now five and half pears are gone. the top seller in our likings. -- pairs are gone production she gets this per did it has always been a top seller. shipping and the extra incentive of flex pay. it is $24.95 to do not need to worry about shipping and this month. you receive these on the next few days. we have extended their return policy. look at the green with
11:42 am
the leopard print hello to lilia in maryland. we heard you got the brand new bag that serena williams created >>caller: hello. >>guest: which color did you get bow back in? >>caller: i got up pewter. gorgeous. i wanted to get the gold.i purchase most of your bags prepareds. you have a gorgeous mai lieu you should smile more often-you-have a gorgeous smile you should smile more often thank you for bringing me these bags, i give
11:43 am
them away as gifts. trying to look at qvc to get the serena williams bag. i want to congratulate you. >>host: c13 for calling hsn lila and happy holidays. + >>guest: thank you, goodbye. >>host: nine 0:00 is a minute or so remaining. perfect weight. --i know our clock is in a minute or so we now have another phone call. >>caller: hello ladies. i purchased the honey and the leopard. >>guest: i am glad you got the they are gorgeous like a statement.
11:44 am
>>caller: it was hard to match up the color because it is it odd color. >>guest: you can wear black, brown. we are saving the leopard. and i will probably get another pair or two. >>guest: we will have a good price on that, stay tuned. >>host: would you recommend this to anybody looking for great leggings? >>caller: of course. what is that pink color?
11:45 am
>>guest: it is called merlot >>caller: i like that. i where these to my reggae club. --wear these to my ireggae club. jim. >>host: think he'll then decked, goodbye. we have shiny black, shiny and the platinum and that great. at a 205-242.deasy stretch, easy to care and 205-367 is your item number, we have more to get to.
11:46 am
we are now checking in with colleen lopez and the today's special and we want to tell you how easy it is to apply for the hsn charge card. [♪ music ♪] [commercial] [commercial] [♪ music ♪] [reading]
11:47 am
[♪ music ♪] >>host: hello everybody, how are you this but it will be afternoon and about 16 minutes prepared. if you fellleep and were not here at midnight, we have the most amazing today's special. these are half a billion years old. bees are called quartz, but sometimes called diamond's because they look like and then you should see these as well. from himalayan gems, all made by the women of nepal. only $12.90
11:48 am
for a 1 potay. serena williams a lynn murphy is standing by i will see you at the top of the hour. >>guest: >>host: only $12? >>guest: handcrafted by the ladies of depaul. >>guest: $24.90. >>host: now i own this and the black
11:49 am
color. --in the black color. it disappears. i have is three colors.and this is like it or and coral. it is definitely more salmon. sand color. we have tan, red. purple blue [reading] >>host: your link to 27 in. which is phenomenal. >>guest: and imagine this is ruched from the top of the sleeve to the bottom i promise you if you on do the
11:50 am
same this fabric would fall to the ground. ioo the seam this fabric would fall to the ground. look how this occurs in on its own it gives you the hourglass figure. c13 you $24.90 at this price? it retails for $49 >>host: does not fade or come out wrinkles. >>guest: it still has a littleething classy. >>guest: look at the black miniskirt with the red color. ben
11:51 am
this is nice because it is longer. and you can talk to this end. many of these you think are kind of limited, you can do either or, 95% and seven% spandex spandex is extremely expensive, you have seven%ex, cool to the touch machine wash, xs-xl 1x-3x trust me, today, $39.90 has always been the hsn price. and flex pay is available $12.45 >>guest: maybe you
11:52 am
have this already because we have sold this before. it looks like giving in the hourglass figure. you have some many options. when you need more fabric it will cost moreint we are charging you less money if you were to on and do this, this material would be so long. and this3 lined by itself. it
11:53 am
is not heavy but strong. if it is holiday weight you are trying to work off, and there ruching in the middle will hide your extra bullish. >>host: i went overboard last time. we will take you through color choices only about one minute remaining per gal up about 600 spoken for. many ways to shop with us on hsn. is always the quickest and easiest three >>caller: c13 >>guest: we have
11:54 am
deep blue which is gorgeous, [reading] get more than one of these at this price. definitely think about this, get 2 of these for less than the retail >>host: i own these these are genius the way they are designed. >>guest: beautiful productionstandd is a beautiful project >>host: 183-208. all sizes and really popular with well
11:55 am
over 800 now spoken for. you can wear those back with your likings as well. -- ggings as well >>guest: i would like those with your core set leggings. talk about good prices. color blocking it in a dress. >>host: at this special holiday price. it feels like butter it feels like a cheese. it is a release moves. >>guest: >>host: $39.90 look
11:56 am
at the amount of material. >>guest: and your sleeve has ruching this up around the is just an extra detail to have. it has your waistline you could a belt around this, it is nice and stretchy. it is really cool aboutproject. approximately >>guest: 55 in. in length >>guest: i am 5 ft. 9 in. tall. i needed that. >>host: this we are regionally offer $59.90, it was incredibly
11:57 am
at $20 off in your choice the colors are wonderful. it is slenderizing a beautiful way to train your eyes this is black and red chocolate and tan and we have teal and black rayon five% in the spandex, machine wash, tumble dry. size, we have an extra small and we have flex pay this will be our final special. final visit of the year, yet are back tonight at 7:00 p.m.. >>guest:es i have more hot items to show
11:58 am
>>host: how want to say congratulations all of your have been phenomenal this year. and now you have been awarded the player of the year. >>guest: yassin been at hsn has been really fun. this is so much fun by the way this scarf is available to keep your neck warm. we do have lots of scarves. patience please we have so many of you on hold.
11:59 am
fabulous tales at 7:00 p.m.. i will be back in the meantime check out this dress which is great. >>guest: many of >>host: many people are asking about your likings. >>guest: go to underneath you can preview everything coming up. this, go ahead and put this in your shopping carts. always always one of the most flattering especially when you colorblock. and we call this a yummy material. i want sheets made out of this it is great stretch. do not miss out on any of our specials. we have had a busy two hours at. >>guest: we


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