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tv   Never Trust a Liberal Over 3  CSPAN  November 10, 2013 11:15am-11:41am EST

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i'm going to mingle and sr signing books. >> good to see you. how are you? >> hi, there. >> congratulations. what number book is this? >> ten. >> that's amazing. >> nice to meet you. >> it was so great. they were nice to me which doesn't help me get the publicity. nice to meet you, matt. that's a great name. weight, with caroline? i met you. we have. it was a long time ago when i did know you are a great writer. you are so wonderful and then so have become my two favorite people are getting married.
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i told them but haven't told you, you've got to start having a lot of kids. >> we're going to wait. >> did working. we have to out populate them. >> we will do it in there. they me just mingle right now. nice to meet you. have i met you before? you look familiar. >> i may have seen you at an event. i always seem to miss you. but probably. >> let me keep skipping through and then i'll sign books. good to see you again. in the office i was just in. boy, that's a nice office. >> that's a nice office. >> i'm with the department.
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>> oh, great. >> thanks for hanging out with everybody. >> can we take a few pictures? >> yes, but let me mangle first. then we will get to the book signing. [inaudible] it is called patty murray, the stupidest person in america. you going to get the book now and find out. >> didn't hold the mic for me once? okay, i'm going to get to my book signing. >> nice meeting you. you will meet me more at the book signing. i'm going to the book signing. come to the book signing. >> i didn't realize it would be
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this fast. how are you. >> i so miss our federalist society conventions. >> you should come, next month spent what is the date? >> november 14 spent this is why i never go. that's the restoration weekend. that is in palm beach. >> a little more tempting than d.c. i wonder if i could trouble you for a photo. >> sure, leaning. >> how do i get a copy? >> take it with her. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> is that an iphone? that's big. >> the new one.
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>> that's beautiful. that's a good photo. very clear. say hello to jean. >> i will. i will. >> i saw him in my acknowledgment. he's part of my circle so he only e-mails when he's telling me, don't print this, i'm on, and then i know it will be -- >> goodbye. >> hello. where do you work? >> i actually worked on the hi hill. >> for whom? >> the house oversight committee. >> you guys have a lot to oversee. would you tell them, why don't the issue a legal subpoena? they don't think it will be unforced? >> i don't really know how to
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decide. >> just requesting that somebody can come, a legal subpoena that has to be enforced by the sheriff. >> nice to meet you. >> i've been trying to see every time you come to an event. >> well, i don't do it that often. for a book and for cpac, that's about it. you have to come next year. >> thank you very much. >> hello. i like your tie. [inaudible] >> thank you. i know. these right wingers are driving me crazy. thank you.
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hey, good to see you again. i've heard you are my groupie. you have to tell me your name again. [inaudible] >> let's see. [inaudible conversations] spin where do you live? here in new york? >> [inaudible] >> okay, good to see you again. >> this is being and. he's running for the house of representatives. >> that's great. >> former secret service.
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>> all, that's great. >> the chapter of arming everyone. >> then you will like this one. it's similar. >> clinton, bush and obama. i guarded them. i couldn't take it. >> really? and. >> it's an honor to meet you. >> it's an honor to meet you. room taktake a picture. >> have to advertise the book. >> thank you. no. it was because using that e-mail that i search announcing everyone, i got this divine e-mail at may ended up with two coffee a lot days. my publicist went out and got one because i've been chatting about so much. look at your hair.
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you crazy kid. how are you? >> a good. spinning i am so sorry, i haven't even read your review because they are running around. tomorrow when i'm working -- [inaudible] that's what i will be able to read it and tweak it. spent can i get a photo? >> i would love that. and you know you can get your photo with me anytime. just lean in. >> are you going to do-it-yourself? >> yes. don't we look crazy? >> i think we always look crazy that close.
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>> nice person. >> thank you. [inaudible] >> s. that the same one i complemented in pink? >> i have it in red and pink. >> you are styling, babycakes. see you tomorrow. what happens at these blogger events? >> is not that big. it's only like 30 people, and -- >> you can keep that one in the. >> that's the best one. spent it's like 30 people and not that much but i will be there. >> are there any libertarians? maybe i can start a fight. [inaudible] >> hey, somebody was asking me about on some radio, it's all of
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linda now, but what i thought of -- know, log cabin republicans. i think it was in california. i just thought it's too complicated but i was about to viciously attack them and say, really, some of their question. [inaudible] >> someone who saw on reality show. spinning we are going to replay it. >> fantastic. that's fantastic. and i mentioned you guys yesterday. >> i didn't see that part. i saw your speech somebody had the audacity to ask me in my position on gay marriage. i said unlike sean hannity i don't have the knack of repeating myself. you may read my 4000 homes on
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the subject, the appearances when i talk about gay marriage refers to that's. [inaudible] >> that was a good one. for gay marriage, against gay divorce. see you tomorrow. hello. [inaudible] >> do you right? >> i'm an intern, yeah. i started back in august. >> i will do it. >> i laughed so hard. spent i don't think they should have bleeped me. it means like scaredy cat in that context. it obviously doesn't mean -- i think they have very dirty minds. >> i'm a libertarian, i didn't take it personally. everybody's got their own
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opinion. >> do you mind taking a picture with me? >> i absolutely would love to. everybody likes a handheld stuff. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. were you in the audience that night or did you watch it on tv? [inaudible] >> yes. that was great. >> hide your emotions better. spinning that was great. thank you. nice to meet you. i love you. >> do you mind instead of saying this book, signed this one. >> i'll sign all of them. this is a good one. have you read it? thank you. do you want it for you?
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[inaudible] religion based on faith. >> the water this to you or just signed? >> just signed it. >> bless you. you are my favorite person in the line. you have four of my books. spinning actually i have all of them. >> i can't wait to see what the other ones are. that's good. mccarthy. [inaudible] >> weight, "mugged" should be any. all, they were? >> it was good but not quite at the level -- >> right. this is -- c-span, so it's straight whatever you say.
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[inaudible] >> i don't recall that but it think i will bring that idea back. oh, yes. because of partial birth abortion. yes, yes, yes. yes. >> it would really lead to a. >> you right. wait, why isn't "mugged" in this list? telling about the civil rights. that's 50 years of history. they lied about it. [inaudible] >> i appreciate that. thank you. >> hi. my name is mike. >> i was just thinking about you. i looked you up. i forget why. is there another mike you know? >> my nephew? >> i think i saw the name and i
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thought i wonder what mike is doing. i googled you like to weeks ago. how are you? it's so great to see you. [inaudible] >> are you a consultant? i'm sorry. i'll trust your a good one. >> i'm a good consultant. >> i know, i know, i know. ..
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had. >> the last time i saw you was in the hamptons. that was great. >> i never get out. >> you will especially appreciates might inscription to you when you
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see what i say about consultants. [laughter] i am so happy to see you. day you stay in touch with our people? you about running foreign policy for mitt romney. [laughter] we need to get together and gossip. you have bad handwriting. i am so happy to see you. hello. >> set was in my house sitting on the dining room floor. [laughter] >> that sounds vaguely familiar.
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this is to your sister? that is so nice. with this is fun. this wasn't like work. [inaudible] >> 8q. now you're my favorite person. >> want them to buy the books and come here we have fun segment let's do it again this weekend.
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>> five-year next weekend with. >> i will do well from los angeles. >> skip with this weekend and then i will. >> i actually like getting up at 4:00 a.m. i did fox and friends it is still dark that i go right back to bet. it was 10 minutes. towards santa monica because they are brutal and they torture me. let me sign the book than the bow -- and then we will
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go. [applause] >> i have an announcement to make. i am from "the daily caller" we are honored to have the great ann coulter in our midst. she needs no introduction. she is the only famous person i have ever met at rights her own book. seriously. how many parties had you been to they have read the entire book. everyone in the room has denied. it is a nauseating moment. her books our hilarious and middle fingers came down
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most of the role. we're honored. i hope all of to grab your ears and head into their after. >> i don't have much to say the idea what it all of you in there but let's move the alcohol and the other room. this is my favorite web page because i'm on it to. [laughter] but then you just walking into thank all the beautiful young people with the daily cause. i will be back where the
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bier is a but to be in the book signing room. thank you for coming. >> the importance of confidence to be a united states senator but to be a woman and how important it is to foster that with the future business leaders. >> i encourage them to be involved and to step up the. i always said i could never
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imagine i would be running for the united states senate when i was in your position either pat we opened the possibility of that governing institution in a and all places in our society it is important to have women's voices in this and gephardt is a bring a different experience to have that place at the table. i encouraged them to think about the possibility of the future. in yvette as a was passionate eye when come to washington i would it go wiccans the grain. that is what i did and i felt so strongly so that
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police is important with the direct correlation. that even today the women's health initiative to exclude women in clinical studies trials to this day there still revealing results of lifesaving discoveries for women. that is to have women participate in the political process. think about title ix. donna brazil was a beneficiary that how loved the backhouse young women are so active in an end and
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there is no second thought. >> host: it is so fascinating powless eight those protections came many during your four decades of service to you there at a formative period that women younger than you may take for granted you were u.s. 11 especially should read about the fat -- the fights you had to wage behalf of women. also a speech with the declaration of conscience in june and of


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