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tv   Never Trust a Liberal Over 3  CSPAN  November 24, 2013 10:00am-10:26am EST

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indicated not only in the book but in reality this is something we spend a lot of time and effort on. .. >> not just by the bush administration, but at the level of the white house to to decide whether the, our data should be classified or openly published. and not being a real fan of the bush administration, i have to say one thing they did for the
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good of science and humanity, they came down on the side of open publication which was a welcome surprise and totally the right decision on this. because this is, these are breakthroughs that are happening on a global basis, and it's more important to understand the technology and i how it can be used. on the security side, when people looked including from all branches of our government and other governments at this question and a series of workshops that bob friedman chaired -- and you can find the report on our web site with this -- the conclusion was because you can go to virtually any farm in this country, and if there's a dead cow, you'll find anthrax there. so getting your hands on, you know, bacteria and viruses that can cause great harm to populations is not hard to do. somebody doesn't have to try and
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remake it synthetically for that to happen. and the notion, um, you know, small changes in viruses or bacteria that affect their infebruarytivity, in fact, are not well understood. so nobody could do it deliberately and say they're going to design something to kill large numbers of people. but, you know, i don't necessarily find huge comfort in that. and the solution, you know, anytime there's an imbalance in warfare, there's a major change. and so the solution if we need to be concerned about biological warfare at all -- and we can't ignore it -- is the same solution that we need for what's happening now with antibiotic-resistant organisms that are killing more people a year than car crashes are in the u.s. we need new antibiotics and new antiviral agents. and some major crash program, if
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we have a good repertory of those, we don't have to fare biological warfare. and emerging infections as the population keeps going up and denser is a far bigger threat to humanity than somebody deliberately making something, but it doesn't rule out that somebody wouldn't try. >> we have our final question for tonight. >> well, there's only two people left. we can get two questions. [laughter] >> [inaudible] >> oh, okay. all right? final question. >> the previous guy kind of stole my question, but i'll kind of -- >> well, let's go to the next guy then. [laughter] >> i'll say it in a different way maybe. in 2002 there was published in science that the polio virus had been downloaded and synthetically made the virus in a test tube. i believe you were a big critic of that at the time. i was wondering if your opinion had changed or it's the same? >> no, i described it in my book.
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what i was a critic of was -- they were doing very interesting science, and it took three years for them to make their version of the polio virus. and be instead of continuing and dealing with that as a scientific paper and a scientific accomplishment, it dealt with it as a political warning instead of sticking to the norms of science. i think what he did was good work and was even taking place using a different approach than what we were taking. but for some reason he sort of panicked with his own data and used it more to try and scare people than inform people. and that's what i was critical of. pleasure. >> well, thank you. please join me again in thanking dr. venter. [applause]
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we, we will be having a book signing following the talk, so we do encourage you to either purchase the book, and if you have already, join us for the book signing. thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> you're watching booktv, nonfiction be authors and books every weekend on c-span2. >> booktv attended a book party for author ann coulter held at the offices of "the daily caller" in washington d.c. [inaudible conversations] >> uh-huh. are they -- is there somebody to mingle with now? oh, sure. oh, sure. [laughter] hey! good to see you. what did you do recently? it was something i really loved. yesterday? >> oh, i had the bill ayers
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piece. i interviewed bill ayers. we had a crazy -- >> what did you do before that? >> sure. >> i mean, it sounds fantastic. >> i had a funny bill ayers interview, you should look for it. >> okay. >> he refuses to answer my questions. >> i read about that in "slander," it's the liberal scorched earth policy. of what do you mean, communism? >> define terrorism, what's a war criminal? >> i write about this in "slander." this is an old left-wing trick. so you can never talk. >> [inaudible] >> oh, yeah. i've seen your stuff. chris, it's nice to meet you. >> you too. >> what did you do this week? >> he defended ted cruz -- >> i've been defending ted cruz a lot. >> excellent. that's why i love you. yeah, and i'm mad at you for that. [laughter] you know i'm reading you. oh, oh, mingle down here. this is a big place.
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this is fantastic. [inaudible conversations] hello. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. thank you for coming. hello. >> my name is amy, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. i'm going to mingle, then start signing books. hey! oh, of course, you have -- is your brother still working at crt? >> no. he's up in boston now, but he's doing great. [inaudible conversations] >> congratulations. what number book is this? >> ten. >> wow, that's amazing. [inaudible conversations] >> hi there. nice to meet you. oh, they were nice to me which
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isn't helping me get publicity. nice to meet you, matt. that's a great name. wait, where's caroline? >> right here. >> oh! oh! have i met you in person. >> is. >> we have. >> oh, it was a long time ago when i didn't know you were a great writer. oh, my gosh, you're so wonderful. i'm so happy my two favorite people are getting married. you've got to start having a lot of kids. >> we're going to wait until i get a second ring. >> get working. you have to outtalk your way. i have fallen down on the demographic revolution. hi, nice to meet you. >> would you mind signing my book? >> we'll do it in there. i'm going to mingle now. hello. nice to meet you, jean. have i met you before? >> i always seem to miss you. probably. i was -- [inaudible] you were signing books a year ago. >> oh, yeah. yeah, yeah.
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let me keep shifting through, and then i'll sign books when we're in there. hi there. good to see you again. >> from "the daily caller," right? >> yeah. i was just there. boy be, that's a nice office. whose office is right next to it? >> oh, neil's. >> that's a nice office. >> yeah. >> hello. >> i'm hannah with the -- [inaudible] >> oh, great. >> thanks for hanging out with everybody. do you mind if i take a few pictures? >> yes, but i'm going to mingle and get to the book signing. nice to meet you. oh, you. >> [inaudible] >> oh, great. hello. >> hi, i'm carla. >> nice to see you. >> [inaudible] [laughter] [inaudible conversations] >> it is called patty murray, the stupidest person in america. [laughter] you're going to get the book now and find out. oh!
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didn't you hold a mic for me once? >> i fended off lesbians for you. >> you did. okay. i'm going to get to my book signing. nice to meet you. you'll meet me more at the book signing. i'm going to the book signing. come to the book signing. yep. >> [inaudible] enter hi, how are you? lori wagner, i work at the federal i'm sorry society. >> oh, you do? oh, that's great. >> thank you. >> jean. >> exactly. >> oh, i have to go by there again. i so miss our centralist -- federalist -- >> you should come next week. >> november 14th. >> okay, that's when the restoration weekend is, the david horowitz thing, and that is in palm beach. [laughter] >> a little more tempting than d.c. i don't know if i could trouble you for a photo. >> yeah, lean in. oh, you're going to take it? >> absolutely.
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how do i get a copy of this? >> just take it with her. >> it's this right here. >> thank you. one, two, three. >> thank you. thank you. >> is that an iphone? that's big. >> it's a windows phone. >> oh, i like that. >> [inaudible] >> see, that's beautiful. >> yeah. >> that's a good photo. >> i agree. >> very clear. say hello to jean. >> i will, i will. i cite him in my acknowledgments. because he's part of my circle of deciders, so he only e-mails when he's telling me don't print this, ann. and then i know it's going to be -- [inaudible] [laughter] >> overcautious. [laughter] >> bye-bye. >> [inaudible] >> oh, yeah, hello. >> hello again.
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>> do you work, jean? >> i work on the hill. >> for whom? >> the house oversight committee. >> you guys have a lot to be overseeing. are you the ones calling in sebelius now? >> we've been calling her, i don't know. >> well, you tell them why don't they issue a legal subpoena? they don't think it'll be enforced. >> >> i don't really know how they decide. >> okay. >> it's just -- >> they could have a legal subpoena that has to be enforced by the sheriff. >> yeah. i just think it's something that's not done a lot. >> i think it's worth doing now. >> thank you very much for this. i love every time i see you on fox news. >> thank you. nice to meet you. >> i've been trying to see you every time you come to an event -- >> oh, really? well, i don't do it that often. for a book, i don't do it that often. for a book and cpac. >> i've been trying to make it for the last three years. >> oh, it's so fun. you have to do it next year.
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>> thank you so much. >> thank you. el low. like your -- hello. like your tie. >> thank you very much. i'm just glad someone's finally saying we've got to win. >> thank you. i know. [laughter] these right-wingers are driving me crazy. >> absolutely. >> thank you. i'm keeping this. hey! good to see you again. >> [inaudible] >> you're my goofy. from the my biggest fan -- okay, you're going to have to tell me your name again. >> [inaudible] >> oh, let's see. [inaudible conversations]
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where do you live, here in new york? >> [inaudible] >> oh, okay. good to see you again. >> nice meeting you again. be. >> this is dan bonn jean running for the house of representatives. former secret service personal protection detail -- >> in maryland? >> yeah. which is tough. occupied territory. >> oh, that's great. >> how to talk to a liberal. >> that's a fun one. >> and the chapter about arming everyone is my personal favorite. >> then you're going to like this one. >> oh, i'm excited. >> because it's similar. >> clinton, bush and obama. >> really? [inaudible conversations] >> it really is an honor to meet you. >> thank you. it's an honor to meet you. cocktails in your office on capitol hill. let's take a picture.
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>> got to advertise the book. >> thank you. thank you! no, it was because you sent me that e-mail that i started announcing to everyone i got this, like, divine e-mail, and i ended up with two coffee lattes one from the blessed jimmy, one my publicist went out there because i'd been chatting it out so much. i like that streak in your hair. you craze i kid. i am so sorry, i haven't even read your review. >> oh, it's okay. it's good. >> tomorrow when i'm working -- worrying on my column, that's when i'll be able to read it and tweet it and post it. >> mind if i get a photo? >> i would love that. >> i i come on the other side? >> [inaudible] and you know you can get your photo with me anytime. including -- i'm going to see
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you with the blogger -- just lean in. you can get a good photo just leaning it. would you take it with an i tone? are you going to take it yourself? >> yeah. don't we look crazy? >> i think we always look crazy that close. [laughter] >> it doesn't look like i'm moving. >> nice purse. >> oh, thank you. you know, i got it -- [inaudible] >> oh, yes, yes. is that the same one i complimented in pink? >> then i got it in orange and pink. >> you're styling, baby cakes. >> so i will see you tomorrow. >> yes, see you tomorrow. thank you. what happens at these blogger things? >> it's not that big. it's only, like, 30 people. and finish. >> oh, i have a back up. you can just keep that one handy. >> that's the best one.
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>> so it's like 30 people and not that, like, intense. but i'll be there and, you know -- >> there any libertarians? maybe i can start a fight with them. >> well, there's people that are just like -- [inaudible] [laughter] or. >> when you fight with liberals. >> hey, somebody was asking me about -- some lady -- [inaudible] what i thought of -- >> [inaudible] >> no, log cabin republicans. and i think it was in california. and i just thought it's too complicated to discuss, but i was about to viciously attack them and say really go proud is the one. [laughter] but spow the question -- somehow the question just moved on to something else. >> an e-mail just last week about, from somebody who saw our reality show online. >> oh, really? [laughter] >> yes. >> they've been replaying it. >> fantastic.
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>> they've been replaying it. i see it. >> that's fantastic. and i mentioned you guys on -- [inaudible] yesterday. >> oh, i didn't see that part. >> it was -- >> i saw your -- >> someone had the audacity to ask me my position on gay marriage, and i said unlike sean hannity, i don't have the knack of repeating myself. you may read my 4,000 columns on the subject, the speeches i have given on it, the appearance at go proud when i speck about gay marriage -- spoke about gay marriage. refer to that. >> >> i just saw your i'm opposed to gay divorce. >> yeah. that was the first one i did. that was a good one. [laughter] for gay marriage, against gay divorce. see you tomorrow. [laughter] >> hi. >> hello. >> i work at daily caller. >> oh, fantastic. do you write? >> i'm an intern here, yeah, i started back in august. >> a libertarian book that you want me to -- [laughter] >> when you said that on
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stossel, i laughed so hard. >> i don't think they should have bleeped me. >> no. who cares? >> no, i know. but it means like scaredy cat in that context. it obviously doesn't mean -- >> well, yeah, exactly. >> they have very dirty minds. >> well, i'm a libertarian. i didn't take it personally. i, you know? everybody's got their own opinions. [inaudible conversations] [laughter] >> would you mind taking a picture with me? >> i'd absolutely love to. >> great. >> oh, everybody likes the hand held stuff. >> all right. thank you so much. [laughter] >> thank you. wait, were you in the audience that night? -- >> my best friends were. his -- [inaudible] made that gift? >> yes! [laughter] that was great. >> oh, my gosh, we gave him -- [laughter]
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hide your emotions better. >> that was great. >> i enjoyed it. >> thank you. nice to meet you. i love you. >> would you mind -- [inaudible] >> i'll sign them all. >> excellent. >> this is a good one. have you read it? >> [inaudible] >> thank you. sorry, wait. do you want it for you? >> [inaudible] i'm assuming it is what -- [inaudible] >> religion. yes. really on faith, unlike ours. do you want it to you or just signed? >> just signed. >> bless you. oh, my gosh, you're my favorite person in this line. a, you have four of my books, b -- >> actually, i have all of them, but these are the choice ones. >> oh. i can't wait to see what the other ones are. oh, that's good. >> [inaudible] >> mccarthy. >> [inaudible]
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>> wait, "mugged" should be in here. oh, they were? but they -- yeah, yeah, yeah. >> it was good, but it wasn't quite at the ethereal level. >> right. >> you are part of the kangaroo media or -- >> this is c-span so it's straight whatever we say. >> good. i have to say you've worked your way into my heart when you were giving a speech and -- [inaudible] >> oh, i don't recall that, but i think i'm going to bring that idea back. oh, yes, because of partial-birth abortion. yes, yes, yes! [laughter] yes. >> you list was the fact that it really would lead to -- [inaudible] >> right. that's right. [laughter] you're right. wait, why isn't "mugged" in this list? telling the truth about the civil rights, that's like 50 years of history they lied about. >> [inaudible]
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>> okay. okay. i appreciate that. thank you. hey! i was just thinking about you. >> were you really? >> yeah. you know, i looked you up. i forget what -- is there another mike you know? >> my nephew. >> i think i saw your name, and i thought i wonder what mike's doing now, and i googled you like two weeks ago. >> did you really? >> yeah. how are you? it's so great to see you. >> [inaudible] >> daily caller. >> are you a consultant? i'm sorry about what i said about consultants. i'll trust that you're a good one. >> [inaudible] >> i know. i know, i know. i know. >> [inaudible] [laughter] >> yeah, yeah. >> he understands we actually pulled it off. >> hey, do you know who did? because i seriously just want their names, and i'm sorry if it's you, because i am going to
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have to -- [inaudible] your name. who with -- [inaudible] who ran john racy's two campaigns? because those people were in it for the money. >> nobody who matters. >> but i bet you they're going to be wrecking other campaigns next year, and i want to know who did the hickey ad. we've got to get -- well, you'll see in chapter one. i want their names. i know. well, right down your e-mail for me. here, do it on -- i'm hiding my nicorette in here. and where did i put it? oh, could i get another -- >> the guy -- [inaudible] >> oh, thank you. wait, who does what? >> he represents the far right. >> oh, that's fantastic. >> he's a very good buddy of mine. >> i think the last time i saw you was in the hamptons, right? >> how great was that weekendsome. >> that was great.
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>> [inaudible] >> yes. a rare -- >> i never, honestly, i never get out. but with i figured -- [inaudible] invited me, and i'm like, yeah, i know ann. i'll come. >> okay. you're going to especially appreciate my inscription to you when you see what i say about consultants. [laughter] >> you know what? i don't really give a shit. about anything. >> oh, i'm so happy to see you. do you stay in touch with any of our people? >> yeah, i mean -- >> [inaudible] was about to be running foreign policy for romney. [laughter] >> [inaudible] >> okay, we're going to get together and gossip. >> we have to. >> okay, i can read that. man, you have bad handwriting but, yes, thank you. >> [inaudible] >> i'm so happy to see you! >> miss you. >> thanks for coming, yeah. >> hi, ann. >> hello. >> [inaudible] since we hung out at my house on
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the dining room floor, and there may have been adult beverages. [laughter] >> well, that all sounds vaguely familiar. just sign? >> well, no. >> inscription? oh, there we go. >> [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> and your sister? >> yeah. >> that's so nice of you. >> fulfill so many obligations for me. [laughter] and not only that -- [inaudible] >> thank you. well, this is a fun one. >> oh, good. >> this one isn't like work. >> i said have you ever read an ann coulter book? yes. it's not necessarily a -- [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you. i appreciate that. you're my favorite if person here now. >> [inaudible] >> i'm sorry you do--


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