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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 24, 2013 10:25am-10:31am EST

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the dining room floor, and there may have been adult beverages. [laughter] >> well, that all sounds vaguely familiar. just sign? >> well, no. >> inscription? oh, there we go. >> [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] >> and your sister? >> yeah. >> that's so nice of you. >> fulfill so many obligations for me. [laughter] and not only that -- [inaudible] >> thank you. well, this is a fun one. >> oh, good. >> this one isn't like work. >> i said have you ever read an ann coulter book? yes. it's not necessarily a -- [inaudible] >> thank you. thank you. i appreciate that. you're my favorite if person here now. >> [inaudible] >> i'm sorry you don't -- >> ann, how are you doing?
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>> tell me when you're ready to go in. >> i just want to get them all in here. let me sign the ones that are -- >> [inaudible] >> i want them to buy books and come here. >> hello, tucker. we had a funning isment. let's do it -- fun segment. let's do it again this weekend. >> i've got parents' weekend. >> oh, i'll do it. no, i mean fox and friends. >> that's what i mean. >> i'll do it from l.a. for you guys. i actually like l.a.. >> can you do it the first weekend in november? skip this weekend but the next one? >> i actually like getting up at four a.m. because you get there and back, i never knew how close the l.a. fox studio was until i did "fox & friends" on the weekend. it's ten minutes. usually it's an hour during the day. ten minutes there, ten minutes back, it's still dark in l.a., so i go right back to bed. it's a weird name. >> [inaudible] >> do you live? >> it's towards santa monica
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from west hollywood. >> oh, it is. >> what's -- it's a funny name. i can't believe i'm blanking, but i've gotten no sleep for the last few weeks pause they're brutal. they're mean. they're torturing me. here, let me sign this book, and then we'll go there. hi there. >> [inaudible] >> nice to meet you, greg. [applause] >> all right! [cheers and applause] >> could you turn down the music? i have an announcement to make. [laughter] >> i'm tucker carlson from "the daily caller," we are honored to have the great ann coulter in our midst. [laughter] a woman who needs no introduction. this is going to be the shortest introduction in the history of book parties. i have merely two things to say. one, ann is the only famous person i have ever met who writes her own book. [laughter] no, i'm serious. how many book parties have you
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been to where the pimp literally -- the person literally has not even read the entire book, everyone in the room has to nod in a sense knowing he's pretending that it actually happens. that's a nauseateing thing. her books are a hilarious middle finger aimed at the rest of the world -- [laughter] and we're honored to have her here. and i'm quoting ann directly, this room sucks, says ann coulter. the real action is in the -- >> the signing room. >> so i hope all of you grab multiple beers, you're welcome to do that here, and head in there after. but with that, ann coulter. >> i don't have much to say, but i would like to move the alcohol into the other room. i think that would really help things. [laughter] i am so happy to be here at "daily caller." it is, of course, my favorite web page because i'm on it. [laughter] but, no, it's really fun, and every time i've come here and
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everyone remarks on this you all don't know pause you work here, you just walk in and think, oh, look at all the beautiful young people. i'm so happy you're all right-wingers. [laughter] think how sad they are at "daily cause." [laughter] okay. i'm going to be back where the beer is about to be in the book signing room. thank you for having me and thanks for coming. [applause] >> and welcome to day two of booktv's live coverage of the 30th annual miami book fair international from the campus of miami-dade college in downtown miami. the lineup today includes several authors including investigative journalist jeremy scahill, florida congresswoman debbie wasserman-schultz and chris matthews, host of msnbc's "hardball." you'll also have the chance to talk with several of these authors throughout the day, so to get a complete schedule, go to or follow us on
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twitter @booktv is our twitter handle and, finally, get schedule updates all day long at now, in just a moment the first live event of the day. well known authors mark halperin and john heilemann will be talking about the 2012 presidential election and their newest book, "double down: game change 2012." you're watching booktv, live coverage from the 2013 miami book fair international. [inaudible conversations] ♪ ♪ >> good morning, everyone. good morning and happy sunday to everyone. welcome to miami book fair international, our 30th anniversary. be as you all


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