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tv   Book Discussion on Arab Winter Comes to America  CSPAN  May 17, 2014 6:30pm-7:35pm EDT

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next robert spencer argues there are radical jihadists working in the u.s. today as part of a larger international jihad network that has been involved in many events over the past years including the arab spring. this is a little over an hour. [applause] >> thank you very much. michael mentioned the class golf game a tv show that we want a front page magazine and it would not have been possible for not my producer. annie can you stand for a minute?
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she made front pages tv show possible. [applause] and my show wouldn't be so successful is robert wasn't running it on jihad watch every week. thank you robert. at. [applause] on september 21, 2013 the islamic terrorist group al-shabaab launched its four-day siege of kenya's westgate shopping mall turning it into a literal slaughterhouse. the jihadists raped tortured to headed dismembered gouged out eyes amputated fingers and held hostages from the roofs. i'm sorry to bring this up during lunch. i don't mean to be running our lunch here today that the reason i bring it up ladies and gentlemen is that barbaric terror gave the islamic stamp to that slaughterhouse because in
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islamic theology ritual murders involving torture and mutilation are considered necessary sacred acts. muslims and curiouser -- impurities are cleansed and honors restored by the bloodshed from the mutilation of the infidel. they jihadists in kenya engaged in another intriguing selection process they be freed muslims and tortured and murdered non-muslims. one of the survivors recounted how the jihadists asked him the name of mohammad's mother and when he couldn't answer they shot him. women and children who could not recite the koran are named the mother of the profit were killed the jihadists release anyone who could prove they were muslim by reciting a muslim prayer. in response to this horrifying act of terror britain's prime minister david cameron led the way perfectly for the west in the context of the mind-set that
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now prevails in our culture. he condemned the attacks but implored everyone begged everyone to keep in mind that the victims in kenya's westgate shopping mall and what they suffered had nothing to do, nothing to do with this slaughter. and as we know, this is the prevailing mind-set in our leadership and our media. when the media reported on what happened in nairobi the word islam somehow eluded the reports and the reporters imaginations. the jihadists were referred to as militants, maniacs, at gunmen etc.. we know the story while ladies and gentlemen. it's the story of our civilization -- surrender to a totalitarian in vicious society a surrender that's transpiring right now
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before our eyes. because of the lefts chokehold and are permitted donors of discourse our leadership and our media and academia and their higher literary culture we cannot fight let alone name the enemy and at this very moment it's taking us down but i bet. on the glass -- glass gov gang there was an interesting metaphor. there's a huge and say many people that when they are having with the word to use? when they are being eats up -- beaten up and they have a blindfold on there is an instant and desired not to take the blindfold off to see who's beating you and to try to save yourself. so this blindfold at this moment is a the metaphor to what's happening. kidnapping of the nigerian girls when the leader of that extremist group praises allah and this is quoted in sure we a.
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in islam this is inspired and sanctioned in terms of slavery and rape of the cashier that we don't hear this in our media. we know about the torneo's's in the boston massacre. the media the entire time was struggling. was it the boxing? was of the brain damage from the boxing? was at the rap music and this is what is happening because there is something that can't be cleaned. i can go on and on ladies and gentlemen. i think fort hood serves as an example that we had a quote unquote psychiatrist in the u.s. army teaching in lectures that acid should be poured down infidels threats and no one complained because they were afraid of being called racist and islamaphobe. and so this situation this phenomena is today making us vulnerable to jihad and making it impossible for us to protect
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ourselves from a threat campaign and are not allowed to. the most important part of my introduction now is that a hero has entered the stage. robert spencer and "new york times" best-selling author director of jihad watch which is a program of our freedom center. jihad watch is one of the most important sites on the face of the earth just slightly below in importance to front page magazine and the glass off gang. he's the author of 13 books and now his new book arab winner comes to america the truth -- "arab winter comes to america" the truth about the war we're in and in full detail discussing and describing this phenomena that i'm referring to. ladies and gentlemen this is our modern-day alexander socha natan natan -- socha nietzschean. this time this empire is the
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empire of the alliance between the left and islam. this is an empire that as we sit here at this very moment is unleashing lethal blows to the foundatiofoundatio ns of our civilization and all the while this empire has succeeded in making speaking the truth about its existence and actions and hate speech crimes. what's happening with his conniving and vicious agenda this empire has succeeded in making the truth about its. its label as itself. to oppose this is and so seeing the truth about islam is categorized as hate speech and racism and islamaphobia. i want to finish my introduction by talking about robert and what's happened to him and who he is. the these slanders that the empire is using are our cast at him every day.
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the unholy alliance of the left in this town have attempted to to -- attempted to dehumanize them to their smears and slanders and name-calling but i want to talk for a little bit about robert spencer himself as i'm very interested in how the soviet union tried to wipe my father out of history and try to dehumanize him for standing up against the soviet empire. they have tried to dehumanize robert. he's a hateful man. he's an islamaphobe could but i want to spend two minutes. if people want to know robert, and ask me. if these people in the 80th think he's a hateful person come and talk to me because i have known him for more than a decade. i hang around with him and we talk on the phone all the time. i think it's important to say number one i just want to say for people that might not know a little bit this was not an obsessed man who wanted to come forward and hating all muslims. this was a person that was on the phone brainstorming one day
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many years ago with the publisher. i think it was of regnery to my best knowledge and they were brainstorming. the person said hey why don't you write about islam? it's an important topic right now. in many ways robert is a reluctant dissident and this isn't necessarily pejorative. what i mean as robert said okay let me take a look and he he came and he saw four marbles. he added the four marbles up. two plus two is four and it was as simple as that. this was a person that came and studied something. he added up to plus two was four and it was common sense. islam jihad everything added up and now because the left is in control of our culture he is called every name in the book. he has been slandered and shut out of the media of our culture through he has been banned from the united kingdom but i know this person that has been called a hateful man. i've spent a lot of time with
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him. he's very funny and he will maybe tell you a few jokes tonight. he has a tremendous sense of humor. he is very kind. he's very loving and what's also very much impressed me i have to say robert is how nobly and stoically you have embraced and accepted your persecution. i just want to paint a little picture about robert as a human being. i was kind of thinking about this image a little bit. and imagine you are in an apartment complex and you are coming up to each door and everyone in that complex is saying you are a racist. you are an islamophobe. you caused the death of all those little kids. that's your fault. get out of here. you are not welcome here. you are. you are hateful and then robert comes up nonchalantly to my door and knocks on the door. i opened it and he says hey buddy do you want to give something to eat?
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what i mean by that image i have been impressed robert with how you capture dignity your sanity magnanimity or your courage and nobility throughout all of this. i'm going to let robert talk about this book. it's a magnificent book that spells out what our enemy is up to and how the denial is damaging us. ladies and gentlemen it's an honor and a privilege to introduce one of the bravest and courageous freedom frightens -- freedom fighters and truth-tellers walking the plans today. his warnings shine a light precisely at what the west is doing at this moment to lose but at the same time is very important book is shining a light on what our civilization can and must do if it wants to save itself from the suicidal path it's on. ladies and gentlemen and honor and a privilege to introduce the alexander so chinny 10 of our time robert spencer.
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[applause] >> thank you jaime for that extraordinary and somewhat hyperbolic introduction. i want to get it needle pointed and framed on my wall that now i feel like a have to be funny since he said it would be. i will give you one joke to start with. there was a little boy mohammed and he was five years old. he was in the supermarket with his mother but as often happens he got separated from her and was crying and taken to the manager of the store. the manager said what does your mother look like little mohammad and he said i have no idea. [laughter] that neatly encapsulates the start difference in the vision for society and way of life that
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we face today between the islamic world and the west but i come to you today actually it's rather an amazing situation. what jaime has said is true that for years people who have criticized islamic law and noted the aggressive and expansionist take and supremacists aspects of islam have been vilified demonize smeared and marginalized but i can tell you now its all okay. it's all over and i would like to thank jay leno and michele obama for being here today. could you stand up? they are not here? oddly enough. you make a scene of course the jay leno is leading the fight of the hollywood -- against the beverly hills hotel for having the misfortune of being owned by the sultan of brunei where they have just imposed a fullness of
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islamic law including the stunning sent amputations and the systematic denial of women's rights in the systematic denial of the rights of man -- non-muslims and so on and suddenly after many years of denying that this was anything but hateful bigoted racist and intolerance to notice suddenly as the cause of hollywood. so i wonder if they are going to go back into the sum of all fears the tom clancy movie when the novel that tom clancy wrote they are neo-nazis and are they going to produce alice in arabia that abc just dropped because it gave the hands of some sort of criticism of islamic law and they were pressured by islamic supremacist groups like notably the council on american islamic relations. you know it's really just incredible to be now on the side of all those who know and act
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upon what is good at all times. after being out in the cold for so long. i look forward to the first lady's next hashtag about this because i am sure. can you imagine the boko haram and by the way they never tell you this in the media. oklahoma raum is not really the name of the group. oklahoma raum means western education is sin and they will tell you that that at the name of the group is the party of the group of soon offer jihad being accepted practice doll was being islamic proselytizing but if they told you that name that would be clear what the group is all about. this indicates of course exactly the problem. all these years we have been told that it's racist and bigoted and islamic phobic to note the human rights abuses inherent in islamic law and to speak out against them.
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and yet the only people who have been speaking out against them have been tarred and demonized in the same way. jaime's introduction was wonderful and i am going to get it framed but the fact is that what has happened in regard to me is not the least singular and anyone and everyone without exception and without mercy is tarred and smeared in exactly the same way if they speak the truth about jihad terror and sharia and islamic supremacist him. there has been and is no one spared. and yet these are the only people speaking out about these things. let me give an example. everybody knows sub 15 and everybody knows they abducted those schoolgirls. some people may know most of you in this room know that this is not their first operation but
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they been doing this for years. they going to schools and they burn the school down and shoot the people trying to escape. they have gone into churches and torch the churches kill the christians there. they have been operating with so much impunity in nigeria over the last few months that they have been responsible for over 2500 deaths in the first three months of 2014 alone. the government of nigeria appears to be powerless to stop them and also is probably in some significant part unwilling to stop it. in regard to all this activity of boko haram what if you wanted to know about it. you could go to jihad watch and i would recommend that and you could do a search for the words boko haram and you would see if you did that at jihad watch their 115,015,000 results. in other words i mentioned boko
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haram at jihad watch and covered their activities 115,000 times of the last 11 years. if you go to the web site of the council on american islamic relations any type and boko haram in their search there is one result, no one. now look. the council on american islamic relations which is well establishestablish ed by the justice department has being links to hamas and the muslim brotherhood is responsible primarily for having made it a matter of popular knowledge and general wisdom that anybody who criticizes jihad terror is a bigoted islamophobe motivated by hate and by greed. and yet if you read their last islamaphobia report he could scare puts these out periodically they will tell you well there is legitimate criticism of islam and jihad.
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but these guys spencer and david horowitz pamela geller and all the rest of them they are out of bounds. there's one thing they don't do though. they don't say who is in bounds. ever. even though they pay lip service to the possibility that there is legitimate criticism of islam and jihad they don't actually specify who embodies that legitimate criticism. the fact is that the claim itself is a red herring designed to mask the fact that they don't really believe that there is any legitimate criticism of islam even including jihad terror such as we see boko haram committing these days. they really don't think there is any legitimate criticism of sharia such as we see imposed by the sultan of room i --
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brunei and what has been enforced in saudi arabia and iran and parts of somalia and sudan and so on. what this is all about this smearing of people who speak up against this is very clear. it is an attempt to absolutely rule out a downs any criticism of jihad terror so that jihad terror and islamic law can advance unimpeded and unimposed. that is what it's all about. the reason why we are in this fix is not because of that at all. we could expect a group with ties to hamas and the muslim brotherhood to do something like that. what i certainly didn't expect when i started doing this work publicly is that the mainstream media would go along in 100% lockstep.
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and even worse since barack obama has become president even before that to some degree the u.s. government and law enforcement apparatus would go along as well. and yet they have. it used to be that i would train fbi agents and military cia on occasion. the cia's great to go into. you would would go in and you go into the fbi and they'll have nameplates around the table john smith and jim jones and sarah. you went into the cia and it was all just jo frank and bill. nobody had a the last name there. anyway i'm sorry i'm not supposed to say this about the cia but i figure all bets are off now. the reason why because when i spoke to those agencies in those years starting from 2006 or so
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to 2011 there was always tension and i always heard and the agents who invited me that there were people higher up who were not happy about this and either had to do it on the qt or they were fighting against their superiors and they have to promise to bring in somebody from care or something like that. in the first place imagine how extraordinary a situation that was to start with. in the centers of intelligence and law enforcement of united states you could not speak without controversy about the motives and goals of the enemy. that is what i was there to do. i would bring a koran and teach them about islam. obviously you cannot defeat an enemy you can't understand. that should have been just basic great imagine if the 1942 you had somebody go and and open
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mind, and tell them about nazis and but then you had to have a nazi come in to give the other point of view. it would have been beyond absurd but it got worse. that was bad enough but it got much worse. i never liked the idea of having to do it silently and quietly. i was my own worst enemy in this because what happened was one time i was speaking at a military base in louisville kentucky and the commander of colonel brought me in that he was very kind and he said how happy they were to have me there and they really wanted to hear my presentation and so on. i just couldn't tell anybody i was there. if i did then care the council on islamic relations would cause a big controversy. so i said to him sir with respect why would a hamas linked muslim brotherhood front group
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beat dating for the u.s. military here and who they can. why would a group demonstrably on the other side have any say on this at all and why should we care because the fuss? he said nevertheless and he was working on orders himself. anyway what happened was a couple of the military officers who invited me there they said they didn't like that anymore than i did and they pose for a picture with me. i put it up on jihad watch saying that i had been there. sure enough the controversy ensued but it was far more virulent than i had expected. what happened was the council on american islamic relations mounted a national campaign to get me removed as a trainer of intelligence and military personnel. they got jesse jackson to sign a petition saying that i should be removed. i thought wow jesse jackson if has heard of me. that's weird enough to start with but anyway they ultimately
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made this a much larger campaign and it culminated on october 19, 2011. on a tober 19, 2011, 57 mostly allied organizations many of which had ties to hamas and the muslim brotherhood delivered a letter to john brenner who was the homeland security visor now of course is the head of the cia and in it they said you have these islamophobe make trainers and look at this spencer spoke on a base in louisville and that's absolutely unacceptable. i still believe it's not right for groups with ties to jihad terror groups can dictate to who they can hear who they can't. they named a few other trainers who they found unacceptable and they set out a number of books
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in various training materials that they said were islamophobe ache, or hate all offensive to muslims and demanded that all of this be removed. here again an analogy is helpful. can you imagine if the german and american blend in 1942 had written to fdr and said we demand that you take mind, mein kampf out of counterintelligence because it's offensive to germans? can you imagine? but this is what happened. brennan wrote back immediately and he wrote back on white house stationery as of two emphasize how seriously they took this as a problem. and he said of course we will not only comply and scrub all the materials of any mention of islamic jihad in connection with terrorism and we will not only fire all these trainers, we will read educate every agent who has
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been trained by this material by these trainers. chairman mao would have been pleased pleased. in any case what this was was the apotheosis of the islamic relations and its groups to rule out of bounds the idea that there is any connection between islam and terrorism. the obvious problem with that is that islamic jihad is keep associating islam with terrorism but the sleight-of-hand that is performed in that instance is that it is ascribed to the islamaphobes the link between islam and terrorism. in other words i can tell you for example that the grand mufti of the caucuses recently complained that in the u.s. there was a tendency of
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islamaphobes to link islam with terrorism. and i said i wish i were that good but i don't have to link islam with terrorism and even if i didn't nobody would listen. the fact is islamic jihad is keep linking islam with terrorism but that is not what they want you to notice. that is the man behind the curtain to whom you must pay no attention. when the u.s. government agreed to adopt that as its official policy it endangered us all. it's obvious and the results have been clear. we have seen them twice now. we have seen them at fort hood and we have seen them in boston. in the book i have the performance evaluations that major nidal malik hasan received as an army psychiatrist from his superiors. and they said he is a great
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officer. they said he has unique insights and american soldiers can learn a lot from him about islam. and i think yeah american soldiers did learn a lot from him about islam when he shot 13 americans after handing out korans that morning. anselm -- telling the neighbor he was going to do it. that day. ..
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so "so what did they say he was a great "so officer and keep giving "so them -- giving him these great evaluations? the answer is clear. then you which way the wind was blowing. they knew what happened to people who spoke about is lawmen jihad. they could envision the cnn expos say, as lama phobia in the military, pious muslim army major psychiatrist and army major discipline to nearly for expressing his islamic faith. racism in the military, new york times, banner story. palestinian army major investigated solely for teaching about islam. eight in the military. who would have been disciplined? the people who would have been disciplined, the people's is
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crews would have been ruined would have obviously been his superiors said they given him an honest evaluation. they knew that. everyone knew that. they acted upon it. and 13 people dead because of its. same thing in boston. right around the same time that john brennan got that -- letter from muslim advocates the russian government gave the fbi some information about the brother. of course he was the mastermind of the boston marathon jihad bombing. april 15th 2013. this is an 2,011th cahuenga. there was the sky in boston. he's from chechnya. he's of follower of radical islam and a strong believer, that's all it but it he tried to join the underground
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groups in dagestan. obviously the only underground groups in dagestan are terror groups. a strong believer and a follower of radical islam. what the russians told the fbi was that he was at terrorist. that should have been enough to put him under surveillance. they should have been enough to keep him under surveillance. that should have been enough such that when three of his friends and acquaintances, people that he boxed with who also words used were found with their throats slit on september 11th, 2011, the tenth anniversary of 9/11, he ought to have been questioned, investigated. it was not until after the boston marathon bombing that he was linked to it. now we know we did.
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why wasn't the question? why wasn't he brought in? why was he not under surveillance at the time when he is assembling the materials for the question cooker bomb, the exact ingredients of which were listed in the al qaeda inspire magazine which is readily available online such that even an fbi agent, even up pc fbi agent who has been reeducated by john brennan could read inspire magazine and see what ingredients you need to gather for a pressure cooker bomb, and here is this guy that the russians told you as a terrorist buying the mall. you would think they might have paid attention. but they did not. why did they? well, this the same thing. imagine if you are an fbi agent and get that information from the russians. you are either an fbi agent of the new regime, the brand-obama regime, or you are an fbi agent of the old regime reeducated and
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no. in other words, if you are one of the new people you might not have any clear idea of what that means with the of the cases of our whom. left policy into heavy metal is something? to what does that mean? he is a follower of radical islam. well, we all know is lama is a religion of peace hijacked by a tiny minority of extremists who twisted misinterpreted peaceful teachings, but nonetheless how bad can it be? and g. hardy, following the interior struggle to better and self. how wonderful, or you know better because you have some sense and you have semis and you have a brain. and so you see that this guy is a risk, but you know if you say to your superior, welcome i think we should be tailing this guy, watching this man closely, they will say why?
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well, he is a follower of radical islam. well, you can't do that. it is not in the political climate to keep somebody under surveillance under those circumstances. the fbi went back to the russians and asked for more information. the russians would not give it to them. they give them enough already, but that was enough for the new york times at the time right before the first anniversary of the boston bombing two weeks ago, they actually published a story saying fbi exonerate it, fbi widely criticized for dropping the ball with regard to the boston bombing. turns out they went back to the russians and asked them for more info, and they would not give it . well, since when did it become the russians responsibility to do our intelligence gathering for us? since when was it the russian president's responsibility to keep gian bombs from going off the boston marathon? it is appalling that that was even put forward, but it shows the indefatigable commitment of
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the mainstream media, the new york times commend all the rest of them to keep up these fictions, these pious fictions about islam being a religion of peace and the idea that separating out as long from terrorism and never speaking of the two together no matter how lofton is the right course in the course that will lead to peace and harmony. it is ridiculous and cost lives and could have been prevented. but we see this same thing happening now. you know, jay leno and the first lady are on board. so everything is okay now, but you notice that michele obama has said nothing about the belief system that motivates these people or what might be done to stop it. nonword -- not a word. the idea that this has nothing to do with this law, muslim
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leaders are writing in the huffington post, cnn, those are two that i have seen recently. this has nothing to do with islam and violates the car on and islamic law. just before this started a muslim leader and florida used to be with care, he tweeted out that they are violating the car on. and so some lady wrote back to him and got me in on it. you know how twitter works. you just get involved in these conversations with people. you don't even know them and it is too late. anyway, i said, why don't you debate spencer about this because i have an article today intruder volt about this that says that -- it shows how they are operating exactly according to islamic doctrine. and he said, well, i don't debate with intellectual terrorists. [laughter] and that is the tenor of the exchange always. the articles in cnn and nothing
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to boast that spoke about how this completely violated his mom, they quoted about being nice to people, various be nice to people "and said, see, islam does not justify the kidnapping of schoolgirls and the pressing of them into slavery. neither one of them "a chapter for first three or chapter 41st 24. several other passages which referred to the promise ability of a man to have four wives plus the captives of his right hand. what are the captives of the right and? those are women you kidnapping and force in the sexual slavery. that is, according to islamic doctrine. i did not make that up. i did not with my zionist black arts cast that in such that even the muslims of read it there, but it never was there before in that lovely book a piece. it has always been there, and it has always been interpreted this
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way. if you read the article of true through volt or bring it up for yourself you can see that there were quite recently in just the last few years several islamic leaders, a feminist actually, actually described as a feminist politician, a member of parliament, all of them saying, hey, we should be taking sex slaves. you know, it will help the men relaxed. we ought to be doing this. none of these articles that have been coming out -- and there will be more than a sameness has nothing to do with islam address that are even mention those verses. i would be more inclined to think there were honest presentations of they would at least say there are some muslim sees a this is justified because of chapter four versus three.
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this is why that is a long understanding. this is what that really ought not to be taken as such. they just don't even mention it. how many of you are familiar with the captives of the front? you can take advantage of our ignorance to render us complacent such that we do not offer the proper resistance. they come to america, the new book are all about the style. the cost is obvious, it is getting people killed. the denial continues.
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the first heaviest of the slum of of a kosher home. meanwhile it is important. it is a cardinal importance that we all understand what is being done here, what this campaign to rule of the public discourse any honest discussion of islam and jihad, what it means, how would operate some of the cost of it is. we have to stand up and resisted of all cost. the bus is not just me here again, but i know so many of my friends and colleagues, many, many others. we get invited to speak somewhere.
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we will cancel them. why we kowtowing to this islamic supremacist agenda? guaranteed by the constitution and you never slanders to notions of human rights. why are we bowling? why are we now standing up and saying we're going to listen to these people? we're going have this public discussion about this. you are not going to intimidate us into silence. i can tell you that, you know, we are here, the children and theirs of a great civilization the children have ever known that prevail everywhere the one that has given us the idea of the dignity of all people before the law, the equality and dignity of all people before the law, the freedom of speech and so on, but that these freedoms are indeed greatly threatened
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today and they're is a concerted effort to make it impossible for us even to speak at a resistance for fear of being branded as hateful and bigoted and so on. and so in acquiescing to this in any way great or small we become our own worst enemy. you know, as the great philosopher walt kelly said in his cartoon pogo, we have met the enemy, and he is us. it is not too late. it is never too late as long as free people are still breathing, but i employ you that nobody is going to do this job for us. we have to start to stand up and speak out now wherever we are and whenever our situation in life because our freedoms are being threatened, and this is of very concerted very skillful and very clever campaign. but you know what they are about, what they are doing, and it is up to us now the stand up and preserve our freedom and way of life.
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thank you very much. [applause] so if you have questions, comments, agreements, disagreements, i would ask you to please keep them brief and make it a question, not really a statement. and come up to the microphone. >> all questions please line up at the microphone. >> a c-span thing. your question is on a microphone and will not exist. >> thank you for the informative discussion. >> thank you. >> have a question that goes for the nature of muslim. a noted lecturer, writer, scholar. he uses the term is law must and moderate islam. he points out that this division between moderate islam and the islamists is not echoed by people like yourself to say that
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there are observant muslims and non observant muslims. if you are an observant muslim you have to follow all of the scriptures of the ron which includes the jihad -- jihad. i appreciate your comment. moderate islam, moderate muslims. >> there are a lot. that is the distinction. it by moderate union muslims who are just ordinary folks who want to live their lives and have a job and that a family and take care of themselves, there are plenty of those who are never going to wage jihad against the west. is there a moderate islam? is there a form of islam, a sect, a school of jurisprudence, some sort of group of any kind that does not teach warfare against unbelievers and the necessity of the believers to subjugate them as inferior is under the rule of islamic law? there is no such thing.
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does not exist. militant islam is the problem. moderate islam is the solution would be a great idea if it existed or if it could be viable invented. but it does not exist. all of the sex of his long, all of the schools of islamic jurisprudence of teach warfare against subjugation of unbelievers. momma taught it, acted upon at according to the stories about him. you have to fight against the unbelievers until they pay with willing submission and feel themselves subdued. chapter nine versus 29. and so there are many, many other verses. the point is is that the car on teaches it, mom teaches it. they make up islamic law. all of the schools of islamic law teach it. there are plenty of muslims who don't want to kill us or subjugate us.
7:17 pm
great. i am glad they exist and readily and knowledge that they do but they do not have a theological basis to. two to say we really ought not to be waging jihad. >> moderate. there are just not observant. >> then maybe very devout in some ways. praise five times a day and so on, but there are these teachings that he is obviously not following. he told me after i wrote my biography, the truth which is based upon the earliest islamic tests, you know, i very much object to your book. why? you was a wonderful man. you have in doing all these terrible things. from the earliest muslim texts. where should i have gone? spam not saying that those of the earliest. i don't have any others, but i know he was a wonderful man. you know, i came to costa block
7:18 pm
of the waters. [laughter] >> he stole my thunder. i was going to say, is it not true that if a muslim has a relationship they can do three things, the head him, taken as slaves, or if he changes into letting go. so on that topic if you truly are a believer what is this moderate muslim business? >> you have a point. chapter 471st floor of the car on says when you meet the unbelievers in battle strike at their next. cut off their heads. and then take captive combine them for early. and in you enslave them, kill them. and that is islamic law based
7:19 pm
upon, ron, that passage, chapters 37 versus four. that is a pertinent person like of having an objective of the school rules, talking about iran stemming some of them for relief and they are enslaving some of them. those are two of the options that are explicitly laid out. there you go. >> i am appalled and frightened. the new york police department has probably had some much pressure from the muslim lawyers that they are no longer investigating what is going on in the mosques in new york. >> actually in the book have a couple of chapters about the ongoing efforts by muslim organizations to stop any surveillance of muslims or mosques. they specifically targeted the new york police department efforts to surveil muslim
7:20 pm
communities. and then new mayor in new york recently actually ended the program as he promises to do at a rally that groups through for him last summer. and so the thing is that it is clear even if there was not -- you know, we always hear in the news stories about the nypd program that was ended. the nypd program of surveillance of mosques did not actually uncovered any jihad lots. well, then let's dismantle it. now that it is dismantled let me ask you this. what if you are a terrorist reading the paper and you say, the nypd is not surveiling mosques and muslim communities anymore. well, i'm going to new york. >> thank you for all the soup. thank you. very much appreciated. i have i, request chemical at
7:21 pm
the mass media hacks. it's certainly not mainstream. >> i think they are in terms of the fact that most americans are not here today when in. >> most americans have no idea about this in terms of the representation of the truth the accuracy, but in terms of their dominance of the discourse. >> it smacks of the democrats' traditional hearings, the supreme court justices that alito and robinson out of the mainstream. should the mass media. you should not concede to them. mainstream. >> there is an ongoing effort.
7:22 pm
this is actually just part of it. the effort to demonize the foes is part of a larger effort by the left in general rule of their opposition outside the realm of acceptable this course. and so those justices say things that the left is not like. they are extreme and not mainstream. all those are extreme and there is no opposition that they recognize, just like the islamic groups don't really recognize any legitimate criticism of islam. they don't recognize any opposition as being legitimate, and it is really an authoritarian totalitarian impulse that we must resist at all costs. >> thank you. i sometimes feel like this is an uphill battle and i don't know how to proceed sometimes. we are battling the lapd, the sheriff's department. >> they have all the money to all the power, all politicians, all the media. all we have is the truth.
7:23 pm
we will win. >> good. i am glad to hear that because sometimes i am also this one ready to give up if. anyway, the solution to this is to convert as many muslims to christianity. she said that in her second book . >> that is an interesting thing for an atheist to say. >> it is true. she readily admits she is an atheist but says that is the solution. i would like your opinion of this. also, how can we beat this battle? >> that is one aspect certainly. i have great admiration for people like david would and a convert from islam. i don't know if you are familiar david is a christian missionary who goes ahead on and debates with muslim apologists and someone. i think that that is one important aspect of this overall
7:24 pm
struggled their is a spiritual aspect to it. there are values that the judeo-christian tradition of polls that islamic tradition denies and that we should be unapologetic in saying so. i have no trouble with believers of proselytizing fate trying to proselytize among muslims. i am also in favor of a larger effort that really just confronts them had on. like, for example, the united states government imposed the sharia constitution. that was the will of the people. we were all about democracy. the united states government gave our blood and treasure to impose systems of law that denied equal rights to women and to gaze and anon muslims. and, you know, wouldn't it have been something, wouldn't it have been amazing if the u.s. government had gone in and said, we are actually for freedom.
7:25 pm
we are here for real freedom, not just political talk and sloganeering, but we are going to stand for a society that allows for equality of rights of all people and the freedom of speech, and we are not going to allow islamic law and have that kind of influence, that kind of hegemony in the government because it is inimical to notions of human rights to which we are committed. then we would have offered a viable alternative to them, but i think a lot of muslims would have supported. muslims, as you can see in the islamic world and the fact that there is always this pendulum swinging back and forth an islamic society between the imposition of islamic law when things are going bad. things are going bad because we disobey the law. so we need to impose islamic law and obey all laws and then everything will be great. they impose islamic law and it is terrible. people don't want it. they don't want to live under it. it is justice and human for them
7:26 pm
as anyone else. they start to relax it and it swings the other way. if we had offered those people a voice and an alternative then that would have made a big difference, but we did not. i am in favor of all approaches to the same thing. hi, paul. >> hello. you will recall that immediately after 9/11 the pope debated prince charles. the president of the united states all rushed out to be in their wisdom thorez by telling us that his mom was a religion of peace. do you suppose that this is because they used decades of their lives as an opportunity to catch up on some sleep or because they are suffering from the worst kind of intellectual flatulence? >> i don't know. beats me.
7:27 pm
a current pope recently put out a document in which she said in passing that the authentic understanding -- as lawmen the authentic understanding of a crime reject all forms of violence i not understand a commitment of these people to this idea and the tenacity of excepted may be witnessing the effectiveness of the ongoing efforts by groups like care to make people think that if you think about this honestly and some muslims will suffer an be victimized. that is a very potent idea that
7:28 pm
people are afraid that and some people will be victimized and certainly no innocent people will be victimized. but it has been very candidly used by islamic groups to stifle any criticism to block any truth telling. they invited some people and the city they're is a vince. they show them this movie they're going to have about al qaeda because these as were al qaeda. and the local imam their said, this is terrible. you can't show this. they're is a big protest trying to pressure the museum in the droppings from about al qaeda perry and the pretext is that it -- people will think of a racist ignorant guy who's well think, oh, al qaeda says this. this must mean what all muslims think and then they will go out and shoot innocent people.
7:29 pm
the idea that anybody would think that because al qaeda thinks this there for all muslims do is just as silly as same because the mafia does this there for all italians do. i have more faith in the american people. but the 9/11 museum being made up of new york liberals, don't have much hope that there not going to tell the line. the thing is it beats me, but people do really seem to believe this nonsense. and i don't know. you know, glenn beck actually said a few years back the have read the corona and until you absolutely that islam is a religion of peace. anyway. last two questions. >> following upon something you said earlier about the fear of speaking out against islamic extremism, the fda, military, is this attitude, this policy deeply penetrated throughout the pro-government as well as state
7:30 pm
and local government? in relationship to that part of the question their work, i believe, nine generals who left the military. are those termination's related to anything that has to do with islamic terrorism? >> the termination of the generals is not directly related. it may be that patraeus knew more about benghazi than was convenient. that is about as close as it gets as far as i know. as far as the military and intelligence community in general, at this point i think it is very deeply penetrated, bowl apparatus that you are not to speak of is on the connection with terrorism. the same situation prevailed under bush when i was training. mid-level people who were quietly trying to work around a superiors. it is just much harder now than
7:31 pm
it was then. >> i wonder if you are aware of the indoctrination that is going on in our schools of videos shown by the diversity and inclusion club that paralleled christianity and islam. even introduced the term chris long which as a mother of kids in catholic schools shocks me. my son's eighth grade class was made to go to a moscow and sit and listen to what was just, you know -- i'm sure a devout muslim believers of all their heart of the good things about the fate, but some of what this woman told the kids was just not true. i volunteered deal as a chaperon
7:32 pm
because a one denial was said. the let them give me any piece was up by saddam of his friends were sound asleep for a lecture. but, you know, a lot of the kids were listening. how do we fight this? >> well, it is important that we do find it and that one way that you can do that is to shed light upon it and go to the school board, go to the local media. ask them why they're having a field trip to moscow and of the synagogue, the church, the hindu temple, why they got into this mosque the size of the muslim brotherhood which, i guarantee you it doesn't concern you what to look for. why this one religion is given as favorable treatment and the others are not and how does this square with the understanding of a public-school and the separation of church and state religion and state, so long. and make as much of a controversy about it as you have the time and energy to do and
7:33 pm
persistent and doors are closed and keep on speaking out. call meetings of concerned parents and issue press releases sending them to vote school war and local media explaining what exactly is wrong with this and why it is unacceptable to our values and why it is in danger and gas. when that happens, of course, you will be vilified and tarred as a bigot and a racist and islamic vote, but that is what i am trying to do here today. keep on in the face of that. >> thank you. there are certain teachers attorney of awareness see me coming because they don't want to talk to me. >> good. keep going around the other side. [applause] thank you very much. >> robert will be signing books for an outside. >> thanks again for coming. [applause]
7:34 pm
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