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tv   Book Discussion on The Israeli Solution  CSPAN  May 18, 2014 6:30pm-7:34pm EDT

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argues that u.s. pursuit of a two state solution has failed miserably and is based on claims to land that are unfounded. this is just over an hour. it's my pleasure today to introduce a friend mark applebaum and that's where tim and extraordinary book that the only viable way to resolve the conflict is a one state
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solution. i'm going to let her explain why. but in order to understand the magnitude of the task and the difficulties that her solutions will encounter, you have to remind yourself first of the nature. we are not emerged from the cold wacoldwar that began when they w eastern europe in the state and when they undertook enough pressure over enough time to bankrupt the system and forced to withdraw from the occupation. the successor swallowed one of its treasures in eastern europe and the response of our commander in chief has been to
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lecture that the times have actually passed and we are all people now living in the 21st century and we just don't do things that way. not surprisingly it made no impression on putin or his appetite. russia is a second rate power that could be dissuaded but because of barack obama is a weak leader and untrustworthy ally he was able to laugh in his face on the ukrainian border. of the leader of the free world today is a man that does not believe in the free world or in america's world. [applause]
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in the five years since the nobel prize policy of weakness has made the world a far more dangerous place since the end of the cold war then probably it's beginning at the first day in office he made it clear the adversaries were having grievances that had a view close to putin's allen. now he's a determined and able or of the enemies in a betrayer. in the five years since he took office he lost the war in iraq are withdrawing the presence that americans gave their lives to secure while turning the united nations over to iran.
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he announced his intention in advance to fight on the rules of engagement i that tied their has and got them killed. he lost libya in the aggression against the ally and murdering its leader and a turning the streets over to the terrorists. obama violated every single principle to justify the attack on george bush's war in iraq. he had lost egypt to the most important nation. egypt was an allied before obama intervened in its internal affairs and in egypt and throughout the middle east obama and the secretaries that american power and influence
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behind the muslim brotherhood and islam make terrorist organization with attitudes indistinguishable from the part to accept the claims to take the direction. it's the creator and the source against america and the west. the support from the brotherhood hasn't only crossed the ally dot has opened the door for putin to replace us a integrate our as tr influence of the region will. on top of these trails he has appeased america's most deadly enemy in the region know. and particularly to ensure those that have supported to white america and israel from the face of the earth drive to acquire nuclear weapons and giving comfort they turned their back
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on the only democracy in the middle east and the most faithful and important ally. they have an enormous weight whose goal is to open letter to the state. the state and the proxies conducted an aggression against the jews and its overtly as explicitly genocidal but the structuring of the state and of the cleansing of the entire arab world the palestinians advanced the cause and effect israel was created on the land that belonged to the turkish empire for 400 years. they have a great claim on the united states.
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the palestinian cause was inspired by the muslim brotherhood and founded by those that served hitler in berlin which was fortunate and obama has the full weight of the presidency. a [inaudible] towards the palestinian leaders that no one would be permitted to live in the territory that they controlled. he's acquiesced in the shipment for the rockets to the terrorism to carry out the work of obliterating the jews.
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where israel's most important ally is an ally if her enemies. in the negotiations for the holocaust are called the peace process and they provide the time and space to acquire nuclear weapons and where the international dialogue about the middle east is constructed by the enemies of the jews that the rational situation has become almost impossible in the reasonable proposal for improving it is difficult to formulate, even more difficult to formulate. this is the context that the speaker has entered with just such an assessment of the proposal for the solution to. it's the new head of the security project if the freedom center and she's written a book
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that displays all of the intellectual. the senior contributing editor to the post and one of the most astute. readers of the columns would already be familiar with her intelligence and command on the ground. it is that intelligence and the courage that forms that allows her to analyze the situation and the policy proposals to deal with it while not being sucked into its delusions. the solution is a remarkable book that steers the leaders between the moral outrage that threatens to overwhelm every observer with a modicum of moral
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decency that threatens to swallow anyone that buys into the delusion that they are talking about peace in the middle east. we are thrilled and honored to have carolyn at the center and we know that you will be and why tends to hear what she has to say. [applause] >> thank you very much. that was -- thank you all for
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coming to hear me talk about my new book and as david said i wrote in a context that we live in which is where it is governing the policies that so many governments in the western world where we have chosen to be the fantasies rather than craft policies. the reality has become as a result of the delusional view of reality i want to recall a few recent stories and i could add one i just got today in the
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morning but something that happened at the university of ireland, the speaker by the name of alan johnson came to the campus to speak again at the resolution of the government to boycott the sanction to wage economic warfare against the jewish state in the discriminatory manner. so alan johnson came to speak to the violent protesters that cursed him and demanded that he be expelled from the campus immediately. then right here in los angeles we saw a couple weeks ago that when the resolution was rejected by the government but one of the members of the panel broke down and started crying in a matter fashion that her life had been
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destroyed by the fact that the university of california los angeles decided not to wage economic warfare against the jews. i got an e-mail from tammy benjamin. she discussed at the hearing that was held before the leaders that suspect any other city of california that the jews on the college campus suffer and she brought the testimony of a couple of the students before the panel and a science major we hear the term zionist as a dirty word as supporting the self-determination of the historically oppressed minority
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is something to be ashamed of. when i was watching that women break down and have a nervous breakdown after the site is not to do something ask scoble and anti-semitic and painful, something sort of clicked inside of me. i looked at her on the screen and i realized she is absolutely convinced that israel is nazi germany. she thinks that tolerating the voice. it is to cater and to collaborate. they look at the jewish state and sees the storm troopers.
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hence the state of the education that has allowed this kind of delusion to take hold and dominate the discourse. it has happened in history but again this is the state of higher education throughout the western world. now, the question is how did we get here? how did it come to be that today at the university of michigan, the university government administration is fighting with those that gave practical because they voted to table the resolution of the government and university administration demanded.
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how do we get to this point? there are a lot of reasons in ro the work the center does in explaining the loss of what is happening on the college campus is essential to understand. this was the capital. despite that this would never have happened that years ago when i graduated. but it's happening all over the country today. how has the status of israel deteriorated to this degree in the past two decades? and i submitted that the answer is the peace process they undertook in 1993 as a cause of the legitimization in the
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western world. now why is that? the reason is because the peace process and the liberalization terrorist organization architect of modern terrorism is based upon certain assumptions that all anti-semitic. the two state solution is the sum the proposition that all or most of the violence emanating from the region and coming to the united states after 9/11 or any other time of the day is due to the palestinian state. and i will give you a quote. president clinton said the creation of a palestinian state would take about half of the impetus in the world, not just ito the region with the whole world that would have more impact than anything else that could be done. so here is the president and i
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daresay they felt the same way. it is bipartisan. baby leave that the source in the muslim world is due to the access of the state and once the state is created everything will be fine and uniforms will come and dance. it will be wonderful. who is responsible for that state according to the paradigms crack israel. those that will not to give up enough territory to satisfy our responsible is not only in the region but throughout the world. if they would stop allowing jews
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to build in jerusalem if they would leave those areas will point to remain bent on their distraction, then everything will be fine. that is why we can see american policymakers at the height of the genocidal civil war getting bent out of shape when they allow the units to be dealt. if this is the problem that is causing every other problem, then obviously the worst people in the world are those that we should be allowed to build.
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they have to be called to task as often as possible until they are shunned by the society and deprived of their legitimacy worldwide and i would submit to that it cannot truly defend itself. at the moment that the but theyd the notion that to make peace with the palestinians, you have to give the land to his minions from israel disarmed itself from the rhetorical perspective, so instead of going off you have no right coming to don't care about the self-determination all you want is to destroy israel and we are not going to let you do that. so they talk about the defense borders. we talked about what an open and pluralistic society it is we
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talk about the fact we are the only democracy that has equal rights and all that religious groups have equal rights in israel. we talk about these things but for that woman in ucla. none of this matters if. why do we care that you need a security or that your human rights are respected or you're a liberal democracy or that they are treated well as opposed to him from the center. who you are and what you do for your time, we don't care. we know that you aren' are the m and we hate you for it.
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and we hate everybody that likes you for it. it doesn't matter that you're right or nice or creative or entrepreneurs. we hear this time after time. we have to worry about terrorism. right back at essentially what has happened. so as long as it remains in this paradigm it is effective. nothing that we say to defend ourselves under these guidelines into this straitjacket is a sector because we are at fault so how do we fix this from the perspective of people that care about israel and wants them to defend itself and fight back?
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i say in the argument that i make as long as you are not asserting your rights, you have no legitimacy. [applause] israel is not the settlement. it is the sovereign jewish state and we are thereby )-right-paren legitimacy according to the international law and rights of the jewish people and the reason why all of this is important is because if we are not thereby rights then we have no right to be there. we are losing the battle lost on the settlement blocs or whatever you want to call it because it is indivisible from the enemy
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perspective this isn't against the jewish settlement product. we want to economically boycott the jewish product. they said i want to boycott the economy. because again if we are not thereby rights then we have no right to be there. israel is our international rights are stronger than any other people. they were under the rule and then they occupie occupy them i9
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and held them until 1967. they determined the rights. it's been superseded or aggregated. it was never allocated to anybody else and everybody that keeps talking about un resolutions. it's claimed to the determination. and a number of ways and by the way they felt the self-determination for 20 years. there'll cease to be the jewish state.
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it's west of the jordan river tomorrow or the day after there will be more and all they are going to need is to destroy israel. his name is bennett zimmerman. [applause] they were driving through on the way north. they were not there so what did he do? he got together with a bunch of people that understood how to count. [laughter]
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the authority put out what was interesting because those that were conducting it on my book on the chapter on the demographics of the book. the census is going to be a demographic. but does that mean? how can the statistical data be the equal of the wind? we found out when it was published because it was falsified data on a massive scale as the colleague showed
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they lived west of the jordan river by 50% that would be like the u.s. census bureau magically claiming there was an additional 100 million americans living here and everybody swallowed it whole instead of checking the data that was out of whack with the surveys of the population that were undertaken by the israeli civil administration through 1996. they claimed that the base population was larger by 50% and it extrapolated from that those rates that had no peers throughout the world. when it worked out that not only the palestinians but the entire world beginning in 2,000 began a demographic collapse. so we see for instance in iran at the time of the revolution women were having eight children on average and today they have
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1.7. .. at the same time, israeli families decided to go forth and multiply. so we see right for her from two to over three in the past 15
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years. israeli women are today having her children in palestinian and you would never know that from what we see right in due in large part to the anti-semitism throughout europe. on the palestinian side you are seen just a hemorrhage of immigration year after year. the west bank and gaza said they would like a million. it's an enormous thing and everybody is ignoring the it is determined already. it is preordained that israel is owing to these jewish majority five minutes from now, five minutes from now. we all have to be scared and as establishing the palestinian terrorist of eternal capital and
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historic homeland. every minute that we wait to listen to president obama, we are signing our own death warrant. due to demography, completely based on falsified data. thanks, we know that. in other initials of 292,005. i would say it took about five, six years for the reality of the situation and falsification to start percolating throughout society. today, because it is known that the demography's to come in the voodoo data that the americans keep obligated, you have survey surveying ceylon to apply israeli sovereignty twos and area in the current session we've had two posts amended by members of the coalition,
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calling for on one hand the application of the israeli through this settlement and the second one to the jordan family. so we talk already about current legislative initiatives only because of fear the obama administration otherwise they wouldn't pass. calling for the application of israeli sovereignty to some 60% of the land peers of this is actually the today when under what conditions and how much we should apply israeli law. even the last people like former ambassador to the united states calling for unilateral withdraw from judeo. but i daresay michael is not talking about leaving lock stock and barrel as we do from gaza this assuredness result in 2005 at 13,000 missiles and rockets having fallen on israel by
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unnamed sources in gaza for the past nine years. he's also talking about doing a while applying israeli law so even on the left, those of you that we should do unilaterally but we have to apply to all parts are today it ensued area and as a result again everybody is moving in this direction because the basic fallacy behind the tuesday formula, palestinians are interested in the state of their own rather than continuing to be dedicated to the jewish state has percolated throughout israeli society as well as the notion that the demographic has been discredited as an existential. one more word about demography before i turn to the question.
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when you talk about demographics, we have to understand the true demographic threat to israel is the establishment papers while parenthetically all parenthetically i haven't mentioned the palestinians a judeo samaria are afforded residency status in israel just as the residents of jerusalem has subsided laws to the 1967 in 1981 respectively and they would also like the residents of jerusalem and the residents of the golan heights to apply. so what i'm saying is bringing on. now, the real threat to demography that does scare me is the establishment of a palestinian. i will sell you why. under such as narrow as that would no longer have the ability to defend borders. the people who are being charged in the palestinian terrorists
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would be a sovereign state and have the right to determine there on immigration. for getting demands and the arabs to show up in a jewish state within the 49 in which the right with me but have palestinians. what would be their intentions? we are talking about millions of variants to be living in refugee camps that are controlled by al qaeda, hezbollah, hamas and they would be coming into the west bank of the jordan river. by doing to jerusalem which should be partitioned city. would they be sitting quietly quick what they say we really want to look for work? of course not. their intention to not be that israel's indefensible border.
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to the contrary, that is the existential threat that demographics manifest to israel, a palestinian state. that is the demographic threat to briefly want to talk about the united states. david gave a very good tourist view of the world as an american primacy in the collapse of american power throughout the world as a result of the current administration guided and policy based on the proposition that one should go to one's enemies. now it's a show in my book, it has been the bipartisan dilution of u.s. administration since nixon that the way forward is to moderate the plo.
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yassir arafat ordered the assassination of the first african-american u.s. and acid are in sudan in 1970 and he together with his deputy chief of staff and the belgian affairs in sudan were assassinated by terrorists then. as i show in my book, the u.s. response to that is to deal with the plo to turn a blind eye salon as they limited their operations to jewish targets. that worked out really well. the italians also had the same deal. at the idea constantly in the back of the mind of u.s. administrations on both my of the divide was so long it took plo maintained or limited terrorist attacks to jewish, they were moderate in there somehow disdained from the global web of terrorist the plo
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was aligned with the cultivated by the cia or the shining path. whether it's the rain and revolutionary guards that has paula or yes, al qaeda. it doesn't matter what it was. they limit the operation in samarra last. and then, successive american minutes nations kept saving from oblivion. reagan did it when it soars leaving lebanon in 1982. bush wanted when he started the richard peace process in 1992 after the plo was completely destroyed due to his support for saddam hussein in the golf and then bill clinton of course with oslo and the abundance we see
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today this is in a bipartisan dilution. what is his constant obsession with the idea the united states would gain some fame by cultivating an alliance with the terrorist organization for the american clarity of thought and purpose in the middle east because at the heart of all of this idea is the notion of the tuesday paradigm, which is there something fundamentally wrong with israel. that america's only dependable, reliable and self-sufficient ally in the middle east is america's biggest problem in the middle east. when their strategic understanding of a very complicated breaches based upon such an utter fallacy, it's fairly a peak at just about everything else wrong. the nice thing about the two state solution is what it really does is liberate people who hold
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different thinking that anything differently. if the jewish are at fault, then who cares about the demographic makeup? who cares about the revolutionary ideology of the named regime. who cares about cultivation of al qaeda and the muslim brotherhood. who cares about the nature of the muslim brotherhood and he chipped. you don't have to because again, as clinton said, the establishment of the palestinian state will take about half the impetus in the whole world. the whole world for terror way if you don't have to think about such of their complete nonsense. as a consequence, the united states would line in 1882. they were planning to iraq in 2003. they are running aligned with iranians today. they been planning to cairo in 2011 when they overthrew
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america's most important ally in the world can say on behalf of the israeli left, for the first time they got that one right. the most amazing thing about israel's months to the american support for the overthrow of hosni mubarak was terrific prospect. i remember seeing such unanimity in israel about anything other than the fatter amazement and shock and repulsion of the american decision to ditch hostname up iraq as an ally. everybody simply lost nine. how do you make a foreign policy in the middle east for national security that works? you have to first of all great
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revolutions. you cannot formulate a foreign policy that's going to get you anywhere good. furthermore, you know, just throw out an idea. base of foreign policy and be good to your friends and back to your allies, people will want to be your friend -- back to your enemies and they won't want to be her enemies. it's a revolutionary con that. hot mark but it's also tried and true. i understand completely america is a long way from the middle east. as for some of the bravest, most wonderful u.s. pictures i've ever had the honor of meeting in the u.s. invasion of iraq in 2003. god bless them all. you know, they were 7000 miles
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from home fighting in iraq. i said what do you think being here? he said well admit they're going to fight here in baghdad and going to fight the nathaniel hall. i've got a daughter i prefer to fight. made sense to me. but it's a long way from home and it certainly makes sense to me that people get tired of being so far away from home and getting troops so far away from home. so how do you limit american engagement in such a troubled region? i.d. limit american engagement if you want to draw down the sources? well, strengthen your allies because the stronger and worse off reliant your allies are covering the less you have to do. that is why you want allies, why you should want allies anyway. the great thing is every time is
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your fights and wins, america is more secure. the stronger is really some of the more secure u.s. national security interests are. as defense he said last week on israel for the united states as an aircraft. the stretches to a line in this. here's to american national security. rabelais, we are a democracy. by the way, all the israelis are pro-american. whoever's in charge is truly can america to be strong. go back to being because the united states and the world is impaled here [applause] i give a lot of reasons in my book where this is good for israel. one of them is the one i cited at the outset that will finally
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built to defend ourselves and explain a reality and make a difference. as madness eases the mind and hearts of so many people related 20. and if they decide they'd rather see us with madison hatred of jewish, we can fight them coherently with both hands tied behind her back, which is very currently stand. but from america's perspective. that means people who care about a stronger america need to carry about a strong israel the only way to be strong for this century in the next is to ensure that we are also capable of defending ourselves against all foes and the only root can do that is if we are great straight man and defendant. so i think aside from israel and jordan have in the israeli state plan is the united states of
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america. i'm going to conclude my prepared remarks i'd be happy to hear questions from all of you. i'm not >> further questions, we asked people to line up behind the microphone. >> the rise in anti-israel gone around the world, specifically in the united states come in to what extent do you attribute that to the decline of the jewish population in the demographic change in absolute terms as well as percentages come not from the population and as well as a common belief amongst the country that they
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both basically are the rhetoric of the palestinians. >> much more important than the former is the latter. the american jewish community has become quite these largely as a result of the tuesday paradigm. when i was growing up in chicago in the 1980s, when the center piece of the nonreligious jewish identity for me and for my fellow student was zionism and that was really replaced to a large and significant disasters during the 1990s and 2000. you know, we have a 4000 year has very and the holocaust was one of many episodes in our history which people aside to annihilate us and if you use that as a central guiding notion of what it means to be jewish come if they actually are negating all jewish history and
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you're also ignoring jewish agency. we exist because we chosen to access an extraordinary thing is for thousand years to maintain access and. the narrative you are viewing people with his victimization is supposed to action, that certainly has a consequence interview show what it means to be jewish. thank you. >> thank you. i heard somewhere that they surveyed democrats and 51% didn't know they are thrown around the sun once. facts are important. i grew up in a small town in the northeast. my moms best friend was jewish and a few years back i went back home and i'm had some thing about how bad the jewish are to the palestinians. is that mom, what is this? she said it's really the israelis are the bad people. i said what? rears got a call from a friend
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who said they conduct a study of reader and the minister went to israel insider terribly they retreated. i looked it up online is a profile called steadfast has gone into christian churches and corporations it is their duty to help the palace demand because they are being robbed. i was thinking they are there poisoning people and tribes to the christians in america aikin said. i did a few hurried to that because i've had probably half a dozen people. >> but we just cut to the chase here. yes, there is a serious problem with subversion and particularly evangelical christians with the crises every year in bethlehem and they really are making inroads and evangelical christian church as liquid in college and subverted by base. there's been a lot of things
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coming. precious morning down senators about this. again, if there's only one voice, choose one piece of the palestinians want justice, then how is justice on their side? we do. signs and shouted from the rooftops. desires. justice is with us and it's indivisible and unfortunately we are hoping to put in. we just have to make clear that everybody understands we are in this fight. >> iconic airline. thank you for your inspiring presentation. i think of you as a friend started like to ask some tougher questions. you're using logic, using two
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sticks, using reason. you're using mall. while of the national approach embassy back is by either uninformed or irrational world. if there is a one state solution, how would you deal with aggregating diaz will chorus, which would automatically dissolve the palestinian authority? how would you deal with the enormous education provided by the u.n. around the world withers muslim refugees. lastly, how would you get rid of all the weapons being stuck out right now? >> those are excellent questions. but you know, it is really startling and i was in working on this before i even deckhouse
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tackling the data over to palestinian stand and israel really is. consistently year in and year out, two thirds to three quarters but the greatest democracy on earth. apparently, e-mail, familiarity does not preach content. it is extraordinary given what we have been told. i lived and i keep a eye on things pretty closely. i was still amazed. did you know 59 that 59% of palestinians impose israeli friend today and? 59%. more than the israelis. so you know, these numbers are extraordinary. one of the things we did to the palestinians but i recognized the plo terrorist organization is the sole legitimate representative how he thought the fallout.
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we stop looking at them as human beings. we said deal with that. they transformed what had been the most open and free society in the world aside from the israeli arab communities into a society that allowed the jungle. they denied human rights not only of course the or christians and muslims. everybody lost all of the legal protection that we broaden the plo. all of the economic growth from the 67 through 1996 disappeared. they were growing up 1% to both israel your incoming year out in 1997 to 1994. we found data regarding the jerusalem resident at the more people cared about politics, the more willing they were to live under palace in and control and
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the more they cared about freedom and their children, from what they want to live under israeli control. i am not palestinians would be a really happy and thrilled and cotton candy holding and everything like that if israel were to apply to judeo mariette, he we are not recognized in how much happiness it would provoke among palestinians of all walks of life throughout the territories and i think it is important to mention. it would be implemented on the ground. when israel pledges for two to: hyatt is different because it was syria. the insider lester jordan -- sorry, jerusalem in 1967. it was different because atropine and occupations have been forced out since day one. here you have a shared by the team with an enemy government that has this dimension 79. i think they basically start
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asserting authority in dealing with resistance from the plo is the concept of cod for congress to stop, the tuning and very low-key way. i tack in part 3 of my book about the possible responses about probable response to in the larger arab world and the european union to an israeli decision to apply laws are the areas. what i do at the palestinians if hamas and the plo is considered their capabilities and then consider their aspirations. you know, people always point to the security fence and say this is that it terrorism, but that's not true. what is the terrorism in israel has repeatedly stated is the israeli military control samaria 2004 really started the
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defensive shield, but it wasn't really completed until 2004. at this finance for palestinian terrorists failed forward to five times already because the basic oppositionists we stopped at an event and they they are asleep and arrest them and that's when we haven't had suicide bombings in israel in 2004. so you know, we are already in control. what can palace didn't do quite they have the capability of conducting a catastrophic act of terror if they want. if they do that, they wrap it up rapid day. the thing we have to understand that the palestinian security force as a military organization armed for the past several years and it's a very fun force in the event an israeli military threat ss because we've never had a post in force a well-trained with western pop driven western arms. you know, lieutenant general
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keith dayton and whose training the army in the beginning gave a speech for the washington institute a few years ago and is asking whether these palestinian forces perceived themselves in israel and he said yes to decide if they don't get to see in a couple years that they will turn their guns on israel. basically if we as in his correct and i see no reason to assume otherwise. he sent me an e-mail about the regeneration of terrorist infrastructure had been because at the u.s. and the since they allow palace tinian to deploy and cultivate this again. so we know we eventually have to fight. the question is who is going to initiate. to do at any time and place of our choosing as opposed to tears. >> could you make one last comment? [inaudible]
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>> thank you, caroline. i've always understood the two state solution to automatically include gaza advisor is practically an independent edelweiss of. what do you propose? what do you see the future with israel in gaza? >> i think we need them gaza's hands. we left in 2005 as stringers he opposed that. we loved god for under no international legal argument can be argued in a serious way because of the world in which we live. we can't be arguing. you know, let them do what they want. if they want to call themselves palestine they can. if they want to call themselves afghanistan, they can do anything that they want to.
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we left. to a certain degree it is arguable and i think probably reasonable to claim they renounce their civil claims because they are sovereign is rarely territory. but when we do, i don't see how it's possible to argue we renounced it in 2005 for civilians and military force. i don't know, but i don't see any and -- [inaudible] >> first said that to say i love your writing. if clarity is wonderful. just curious as to how you envision the impact of this rose natural gas in russia's use of his natural gas in europe today
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to threat that will play out in this paradigm. >> attacker with that about that in the chapter as a likely response to an israeli decision because it is my contention that most angry response would come because hostility towards israel is the only unified and explain why entrap or 15. butler, reasonably if they look, what he's talking about? the europeans will ruin us, racquets financially. they certainly don't belittle the capacity of europeans to do economic damage to israel. they are the second-largest trading partner. there's a lot of mitigating factors there including growth rates and willingness to various
7:32 pm
dates in europe to go against the unified e.u. policies and what i consider to be the probable break in the future and also the fact the most radically anti-israel government is britain really. that's been the file manager of the movement and yet british trade with israel keeps increasing by leaps and bounds because they need or pharmaceutical and to elegy. to a certain degree, the threat, the bark is much, much harder than the bite. at any rate, assuming the worst commit israel has been vast pics and industry relations and trade year in and year out between him yet in china and israel has expanded rapidly assess trade for south korea and japan. when you add in the fact israel has now become last year for the first time a net energy exporter with our massive natural gas
7:33 pm
offshore that we have begun using, then you see the damage europe would be capable of causing to the israeli economy is real. but i don't think in the medium term. it is a mitigating, the fact would become a net energy exporter and we have apparently reserved shale oil that are 60% of saudi arabia's claim preserves only way for the environmentalist to be defeated so they can try a pilot program drilling there. if the pilot program works it shows as they claim to license these to the area is claimed to produce oil at $40 a barrel from israeli shale that would become an economics for power.


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