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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 27, 2015 12:00am-2:01am EDT

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the presiding officer: on this vote the yeas are 56, the nays are 43. the amendment as modified, has passed. the presiding officer: there are two minutes of debate prior to a vote on the reed amendment number 919. mr. reed: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from rhode island. mr. reed: mr. president this amendment is based on legislation that senator blumenthal and i introduced in the last congress to close a major loophole in the current corporate tax law by putting an
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end to unlimited tax write-offs for performance-based executive pay. in 1993 congress limited the deduct act of executive -- deductibility of executive pay to $1 million with the exception for performance-based compensation. but over the last two decades corporations have made the exception the rule and the we've seen increasingly more pay designated as performance even in some cases where the company is not doing very well for the shareholders. it's been estimated that between 2007-2010, $121.5 billion of executive pay has been deducted and roughly 55% of that is being deemed executive performance-based compensation. business and shareholders should establish the pay of their officers and directors and employees but the taxpayers shouldn't be subsidizing excessive pay for corporations. i urge a "yes" vote. it will save us $50 billion over
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10 years. mr. enzi: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from wyoming. mr. enzi: again i'd ask my colleagues to vote "no." this is something that has to be handled in the tax committee. it's tax reform. putting it in the budget doesn't make any special emphasis or process on it and there are a number of questions that would have to be solved. what does it mean, "corporate compensation in excess of a million dollars?" does that include health care, does it not include it? does this include baseball players and actors and actresses as well? what are -- what are we talking about with limiting compensation? can you limit compensation for people by a federal law? if they've earned more than that what about people that are people already under contract? i'd urge our colleagues to vote "no" on this amendment. it will be handled in the tax committee when we do tax reform. the presiding officer: the question is on the amendment.
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all those in favor -- the senator from rhode island. [inaudible] the presiding officer: is there a sufficient second? there appears to be. the clerk will call the roll. vote:
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the presiding officer: anyone wishing to vote or change their vote? on this vote, the yeas are 44, the nays are 54. the amendment is not agreed to. there are two minutes of debate prior to a vote on the cotton amendment number 659. the minority leader. the democratic leader. mr. reid: note the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. quorum call:
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the presiding officer: a quorum is present. there are two minutes of debate prior to the cotton amendment number 269. mrs. murray: mr. president? mr. president? mr. schumer: can we have order mr. president. the senator from arkansas is recognized. mr. cotton: this amendment establishes a reserve fund to ensure the fish and wildlife service considers the cumulative economic impact of a habitat
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designation not just the critical habitat a. critical habitat designation provides additional protections for an endangered species but states like arkansas have seen critical habitat designations that do not take into account the full economic impact on farmers, ranchers and landowners. previously the full economic impact of a designation was. that's been modified recently so only the marginal impact between the endangered species listing and a critical habitat designation is considered. any reforms should not change the listing process and i would not suggest that we should change the listing process in this measure. i simply want to account for the full economic impact of such designations and i urge my colleagues to cast a "yes" vote. a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from california. mrs. boxer: i would ask for order. the presiding officer: the senate will be in order. the senate will be in order. the senator from california.
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mrs. boxer: thank you. mr. president, there's two ways to repeal a landmark environmental law -- repeal a law, landmark environmental law. one is through the front door. and the amendment would say we abandon the endangered species act is gone. and once through the back door, this is through -- and one's through the back door. this is through the back door. if radical amendments like this weren't in place, we would not have saved the great american bald eagle the symbol of our nation. now, if you believe that god's creations should be preserved vote "no" on the cotton amendment. i urge a "no" vote. the presiding officer: the question is auto on the amendment. all those in favor say aye. all those opposed say no. the amendment is adopted -- the ayes appear to have it. the ayes do have it. a senator: ask for the yeas and nays.
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the presiding officer: is there a sufficient second? the clerk will call the roll. vote:
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the presiding officer: on this vote the yeas are 52, the nays are 42. the amendment is agreed to. there are two minutes of debate prior to a vote on the menendez amendment number 993. the senator from new jersey. mr. menendez: mr. president the congress came together to create the "do not call" list and it's time for congress to come together again to update this important consumer protection legislation and protect americans as we intended to do. we all know of many of our constituents, our families bothered by unwanted phone calls at dinner, at night when we're home with our families. it makes sense as we decided then when we passed the law to
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decide whether or not you want to receive soliciting phone calls and that right should be respected under the law. unfortunately a few unscrupulous companies have ignored american wishes, continued to pester people and so they see the costs -- the penalties as the cost of doing business. that has to stop. we have to stop it. and we can do it by giving the appropriate flexibility by the entities that are supposed to enforce the law to be able to do so. i think this is a noncontroversial amendment. and if it is, i'm happy to accept a voice vote. mr. enzi: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from wyoming. mr. enzi: there's no objection on our side. would you accept a voice vote? the presiding officer: all those in favor say aye. all those opposed say nay. the ayes appear to have it. the ayes have it. the amendment is adopted. there are two minutes of debate prior to a vote on the cotton amendment number 664. the senator from arkansas. police department cotton: cotton:mr.
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cotton: i know guantanamo bay operations are a controversial matter in this chamber. this amendment does not address that. i took a group of senators to guantanamo bay a couple of weeks ago. soldiers are living in substandard barracks, communication facilities are not adequate. even if you oppose detention operations at guantanamo bay you should know that in barely 20 years there have been five different humanitarian operations at guantanamo bay to include post-haiti earthquake operations. this amendment would allow for military construction to ensure that guantanamo bay naval station, regardless of detainee operations, treats our troops to the highest standards they deserve and preserves it for humanitarian contingency operations in the future. i would urge a "yes" vote. oh and i ask unanimous consent to modify the amendment with the modifications at the desk. the presiding officer: is there objection? mr. sanders: i object. the presiding officer: objection is heard.
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mr. sanders: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from vermont. mr. sanders: sanders: i raise a point of order that the amendment is not germane to underlying resolution and therefore violates the budget act of 1974. the presiding officer: the senator from arkansas. perfect cotton: i move to waive the appear -- mr. cotton: i move to waive the applicable provision of the budget act and i ask for the yeas and nays. the presiding officer: is there a sufficient second? there appears to be. mr. reed: mr. president? mr. president? mr. president? the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll. mr. reed: is there still time available? the presiding officer: there is no time available. mr. reed: thank you. the presiding officer: the clerk will continue to call the roll. vote:
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the presiding officer: are there any senators in the chamber wishing to vote or change their vote? on this vote the yeas are 48, the nays are 48, three-fifths of the senators duly chosen and sworn not having voted in the the affirmative the motion is not agreed to, the point of order is sustained and the amendment falls. the majority leader. mr. mcconnell: i ask unanimous consent that the senate stand in recess subject to the call of the chair and i would say to my republican colleagues -- right now. the presiding officer: is there objection? withou
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>> >> you get an idea of the difference of magnitude the way this has been conducted verses a very real deterrence that we utilize to the past. we also have the fact among the canadian forces the spotters are for were deployed in which u.s. forces armed forces are not fully deployed so when you call in the air strike if you're not fully deployed to
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do with there is some question how effective that would be. most americans would be puzzled to learn about a lot of this and i think those piecemeal attacks field bobbitt administration has been systematically using has been squandering our air power in vantage as one observer tells us is the case. adding to the problem of regional forces on the ground the air strikes are supposed to be supporting our badly of for supplied after seven months of fighting this committee is still receiving troubling reports and visits from the kurdish representatives representatives, zero outgunned their men into women are on the front line. 20% of the battalion are female and they have yet to receive the artillery and
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long-range mortars and thek@t) i-tank weaponry they have repeatedly asked for. this morning the ranking member and by introducing legislation to allow u.s. arms to be sent directly to the kurds wheeze brave fighters and the battalion's need better equipment to defeat physis we cannot allow iran through its influence to continue to prevent that type of weaponry coming from the center so we should provide it or sell it directly. the tribal fighters setter central to the fight yet trust baghdad as strong local police are desperately needed to protect those in the embar province into the void have stepped there radian backed fighters the
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leading force between the recent offensive bin to crete. putting this in positive terms purports say it will support the iranian-backed mission the "washington post" and cautioned the growing power of the militia with their brutal tactics and sectarian ideology has become as large of an impediment to the role to stabilize iraq. shiite to wallace's -- militia may serve the media interest to kill the jihadi but it is hard to see how it is in the short or medium or long-term interest to a stable middle east. the feature is the sunii iraqis tortured by ices
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would get the same brutal treatment from their liberators and that will fuel endless conflict of to see how this is you did in the region the other day the a radiance posted they took the capital. to take yemen you have set off a situation where the saudis and others are reacting to and the saudis make preparations to hit that iranian proxy on the ground. with no other agency have helped to organize and topple the government to now the iranian regime crows about it other countries in the region are taking action and this is complicating the circumstances here.
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so i ran is very much complicating to get stability and must be central to u.s. policy the committee will be interested to learn what they're doing to reach your that the u.s. strategy is focused on iraq first but until the of mill town of syria which has been termed chernobyl it will spewed radioactive technology over the entire region. last fall may authorize training but to the great frustration when pressed on the path for word most officials seem to suggest we
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could figure out later this is creating and crisis of confidence and our witnesses are here to explain the strategy when the committee returns we will hear more about alejandra a you met -- a you imf request. >> thank you for calling this important hearing. we are delighted we have such a distinguished array of generals to speak with us this morning and thank you for appearing to day and for our country. with those significant challenges that remain we must address the elephant in
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the rooms in the for a new authorization of military force or aumf that congress has the important role to play in the policy i believe negotiations over the program congress needs to play its part and i will resist any attempt to marginalize congress with the constitutional role. service members the brave men and women of uniform risking their lives would feel the full support of congress they would see the american government is united in our commitment to destroy this enemy. congress would reassert the important role in our power to play with the constitution and we will
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show that we do not slink away from the tough decisions or we send a message we put ourselves on the sidelines for the time after that gore after that. the language is said to us by the president is a perfect but it is a good start. let's work together to kraft a bipartisan aumf tailored to the needs of our troops for everything we deal with today takes place under the shadow of unfinished business. i know we're talking about iran in the impending agreement is reaching but i believe it is something that cannot fade to the background we have to tackle this and we will do so.
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general's we look to for leadership to defeats isis through his committee in the american people. in my view the national coalition is making progress to conduct military operations to work to alleviate the unitary crisis with the fourth letters m pushing back against the propaganda. ices is losing ground obviously some of much more to do. thanks to a training the iraqi security forces are improving to deal with that isis' threat to play a bigger role with the coalition to hold steady but we're still facing challenges that i would like to touch on to day. first of all, i am concerned
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about the growing foothold in iraq and the operation in tikrit has altered but she and militants are playing a more influential role water their intentions and how do our own plans take that into account? also to see that pat ford in syria and thank you know i view our efforts to little too late and far too slow three years ago i was yelling we should aid and abet to provide a but this to the syrian army now they are barely hanging on focusing the assad regime which is hardy enough but they also have to face off against isis and other groups they need more training and equipment and
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what more can we do to support the syrian people? war then to enter thousand will perish nearly 10 million driven from their homes this is a unitary catastrophe in the syrian people desperately need to lead. i thank you again for your courageous service if it is past time for congress to give you the support you need for this vital mission for both the guija exhibit we're joined by senior representatives from state and defense. and appointed september 16 by president obama. a retired four-star general
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former commander of forces in afghanistan 2011 through 2013. during his combat tour he played a role in the awakening movement in the of our province. brigadier-general lindleys principal director for the assistant secretary of defense for international security affairs. previously served as the commander of cantar airfield. and then we have the deputy director of plans and policy that serves as the deputy commander for the reinforces central committee and the brigadier-general you will be available to answer any member's questions? without objection and the full prepared statements are made part of the record and participants will have five calendar days to submit
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questions so we begin with general allan. >> the key for providing this opportunity. bore broadly let me thank you sincerely for the tremendous support you having giving men and women in uniform and diplomats than the foreign service stations around the world who have served our country so well and we're deeply grateful for this support. returning to washington this week after 10 day visits to the coalition in cap total - - capitals and in brussels where briefed the european union might engagements reinforce my
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confidence across the informational and financial spheres of which operates the territory that has been lost with this trade of the organization in the increasing desertion work clearly degrading the capabilities. the caliphate is under direct assault. the coalition has conducted nearly 3,000 airstrikes against isil territories nearly 1300 in syria we have taken out isil fighters and commanders and infrastructure off off and facilities from training camps and over 200 oil and gas facilities the coalition and campaign they have lost more than one quarter of the
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populations of has held. still working with regional partners to trading and equip the elements syrian opposition in groups continue to make strategic gains with polish and airstrikes and territories continue to degrade the same charade to limit the capabilities as well as the capacity for efforts of iraq. the security force operations in then will be
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trained and equipped it with that set of critical challenges. and then to take the objectives. the populations that have fled fighting will be assistance in security or there were made in senior with basic medical care and water and electricity and other services. with the stabilization effort begins with fair treatment with protection of
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civilians with acts of revenge of the of recrimination corer adduce it is worth reading the 20-point code of conduct and also means protecting schools and hospitals and water treatment facilities and begins to build trust among the liberated communities and the government of iraq at the center of consultations last week from the first day we heard from the iraqis about the plan for the return of a team of experts and polish a members learn the iraqi counterparts i'd emphasize this stabilization efforts are the most important signal of the government to
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fulfil its goal to rebuild iraq for all iraqis. but we also know the stabilization operations we work together as vir able will we do not have the resources to support all their needs whether from the trust my door the but charity number without appropriate prioritization did with that traveling to berlin with the stabilization working group under the leadership reconvene more than one dozen coalition partners were the coalition can support the iraqis of but we
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hope to achieve. the working group have five coalition activities excluding military support encounter friday in san messaging to stem the flow of for fighters and a visitor to concern and friday so working together to make it more difficult for their citizens with criminal-justice reform and enhanced border control. 18 coalition partners and then to stem the flow of fighters to the region. dead or is contemplated. in the ct operation that flowed from the use of the information as a result am prosecution will flow from
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legislation as a result. we must continue to approve with fighters and ground to the battle the creative thinking is related of a similar urgent challenge. to block the access to the makes to limit those venues to zero options restricting the ability for oil revenues we are now expanding these efforts for the now works in that count to finance working group that we must closely examine ties between terrorists linked throughout the region.
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with the violent messaging in with the on-line information and:with that recruit rich capabilities and then u.s. counterterrorism. and also supporting united nations efforts to provide food aid than critical systems to protect vulnerable women and children and an to end the suffering of the excessive of various members of the best way to protect them and ideally over the course of several in new year's.
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did then in with the plan of military force accused ijssel. with those unique capabilities of starters on the ground bowwood to expand that region will beyond the borders. with that effort we're strongest as the administration and congress work together on issues as serious as military force in the new aumf will show we are standing united. a powerful message for leadership and allies and coalition had also requires close coordination so we can constantly evaluate the strategy to research them
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appropriately. this shows a board opportunity with that dialogue and i want to figure mr. chairman thank you very much. >> we now go to the general. >> mr. chairman reeking member and members of the committee figgie for having me here today. read the describe our efforts and as mentioned u.s. strategy is all whole of government efforts supporter rare broad coalition. in with the lead responsibility for the safe haven principally the
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security forces with the syrian opposition. with that safe-haven line the coalition with 3,000 airstrikes was 1600 and iraq. the strikes have occurred cereuses 2014 we have taken up fighters in commuters were the 1,000 vehicles, 200 oil and gas facilities with 20 trading camps and 2,000 positions checkpoints or barracks as a result the coalition has arrested the momentum degrading its ability and we put them on
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the defense and iraq. i would not be possible without will -- without retarders to support with the government to strengthen demand reconstitutes security forces by assisting with trading and advising iraqi security forces. and then we began trading security forces at four sites across iraq. recently i saw firsthand the partnership with the arab forces. with the hope of congress it will allow us to trade and the quip more brigades of nine iraqi brigades with the
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difference to the efforts in iraq we're working with coalition partners to build us capability partners set to begin next month in april the goal is to trade recruits to move power trade these to go on the offensive to promote the conditions to end the conflict in syria. our partners offered strong support that is to the iraqi security forces to inflict lasting defeat.
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and i will continue to keep you dear colleagues informed. >> para purely military point of view is the strategy is it deficient in any way? >> as a strategy of fold as a long-term strategy then set strategy and folds watching the pieces come together with respect to support from the iraqi security forces it seems to be unfolding in a manner to be successful.
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we will keep a close eye of this in close consultation. >> you and ambassador former assistant secretary of defense to say there are thousands of muslims to fight with those radicals and there is a fear they could beecher that bloodshed with them. to increase the attacks in europe and to what extent is the administration exam the the threat of a threat not just to europe but also the united states? i noticed in your testimony with the coalition members trying to disrupt the fighters to make a reference
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to some of those things david j. teeeighteen coalition partners this is a likely have never seen before. >> you put your finger one of the greatest threats of isil does it exist today. is a threat to iraqi and syrian the region. but as we have seen tragically in sydney in paris. so you are correct it is a real issue that is why there is a working group to stem that flow of fighters.
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where we have encouraged through best practices with the at risk populations with cleric said teachers in family members in the coalition and partners homes >> of course, "this is it" issue that the jewish population is the rest. so they are fixated on this. as many noted the president's earlier dismissals of isis the we have seen a number of friends from boko haram to read tried desperately to get the administration to declare that the village --
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terrorist organization with the firebombing was occurring to the churches and it was clear boko haram hata regional mindset to adequately assess the threat. is nigeria part of that? so now from helping that nigerian government it alcan we done as a matter of political will. a general dempsey you pointed out this support is positive in military terms for what happens with the
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drum stop beating and what about the idea for iraq? that seems to be the faraway dream. >> boko haram is a great concern of a distant province of the caliphate that have established a relationship. so have the command held hearings on this issue the jury is not a member but trying to explain then beecher of isil in of this red the local franchises expanding. >> as well as other countries in africa.
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>> i want to talk about iran when he negotiated deal. that they are a bad actor oliver the middle east do given. with the help of outside militia leave the keys in tikrit. what has been iran's role in this operation in what is united states current role in this operation? >> we don't come the full picture but there has been some organizational support and potentially which
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command and control as opposed to use the shechem militia elements that remains ultimately to be determined the u.s. role with regard to tikrit has to be considered all over iraq but the question is important as you watched that operation and fold to establish day or continue a close relationship with the combinatory operations center. as they continued with members of the iraqi security forces for the final phase of tikrit i don't want to get into operational detail to the benefit of the enemy betted
1:46 am
begin with key intelligence that will targeted their precise air strikes would and because of the iraqi security forces that is unfolding right now. is also specific as a result of the request. >> is it part of the strategy with the iraqi military operations.
1:47 am
for urgent to was tempted to salvage the strategy to support the iraqi security forces with what is not insignificant and urban center with the ada ultimately to drive out of the province to meet with senior leaders from the province did last week met with senior iraqi leaders with the of restoration's but also for our role to support the iraqi security forces with the population center. >> going back to the aumf i
1:48 am
was one of the few who saw that was good. >> some have called for u.s. ground troops. how would they be preceded the countries of middle east >> then is the important question. viavoice tried to save an operational environment will clearly dictate with that decision making was that requires a significant number of troops that
1:49 am
operational environment is one that is clearly discussed to be sure we're all of one mind on this issue. so absent the environment that would seem to require american troops. we have learned that the presence of foreign troops from outside the region ultimately creates a reaction that may have the destabilizing effect. we are quite good at treating indigenous forces to play very precise special operations forces in support or if necessary in terms of direct action in. there are many options that could be disgusted consulted
1:50 am
with but i see we now know over experience that the presence of large numbers of ground forces can have the reverse effect that could destabilize the social fabric. so it is important to give us the ability to of power in support indigenous forces which he the goals which foreign ground forces may have to a undertake. chairman? >> thank you very much for being with us today. your last point to destabilize the situation was very well taken.
1:51 am
but to the degree you have outlined a strategy with troops on the ground something we should take seriously this is a strategy that does work in the long term. so let me ask you to mobilize the local forces. but those forces that enables you to succeed are they currently involved in
1:52 am
the struggle against isil? >> it is a very contested area i have met with many of those ships some have their tribal sons in the fight right now. but those that i have met have said they will join the iraqi government to oppose isil. >> currently the most effective forces we had rude day the best forces? >> we like to save them marines are the best civic bet the environment is to radically different they're
1:53 am
able to turn on the enemy. >> however let me note for the record looking from a distance and seems these forces that were so important to success is because the administration is insisting on a strategy that keeps iraq to get there rather then deploy the forces within the region into the fight against isil. >>. >> i have been into the air base with those tribal forces it is the full intent
1:54 am
to leverage 7500 said tribal fighters but added is the intent of the iraqi government. but they don't trust the intent of the iraqi government. there are kurdish fighters where are the shiites? so when we come down to it is is that they're not doing their part.
1:55 am
>> is day bit complex but when they entered iraq to see ultimately well with those like the potential loss of baghdad and points south the grand ayatollah called to rally of all iraqis to the flag will to lead to defend the country. many of those individuals who were able to get to the flag were a the shia elements in with those forces there not hezbollah so we need to be very nuanced because they were
1:56 am
filled last year with young man they came from the tribes in the cells come of teachers one day and fighters the next door infantryman the next day and came to defend their country. the fact they're organized with those organizations it has ultimately been to stabilise the situation in. but to be permanently established that the elements are subsumed under the concept and deserted ec's playing to go home but as a regular force we have played a role.
1:57 am
>> if these are not deal to mitt fighters we have to rely on it is the kurds in in the suze tribal people. only if we're not hampered by the a idea as what is our goal. thank you very much. >> with iran and shia and to start with the news of the air strikes in tikrit the
1:58 am
coverage of "the new york times" said if americans did not engage to become marginalized in the country that has spilled much blood if you could speak to strakes in tikrit with the air support is that different from the past? and then to be marginalized it kids to the broader point with the upper part prints with the members of the of militia and of those 30,000 had to read you it between
1:59 am
us mobilization of forces? >> 50 the answer is we work by and with his true the iraqi government they came back to ask for support to be adjudicated that to the highest level soon decided to engage the iraqi interest to be successful and tikrit because we don't want to have another success and we anticipate the support that we are providing the iraqi security forces with minister of defense in charge of command-and-control the wheel in a position to
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provide that to be successful. >> with regard to command-and-control there is a difference between the role of traditional shia elements with the larger capability. . .


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