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tv   Summer Reading With Representative Dave Brat  CSPAN  May 30, 2015 9:10pm-9:16pm EDT

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>> i taught economics of past 18 years and 27 very before that sort i'd like to read the accommodation of economics and ethics. people thought that was a humorous but i take a pretty serious so i am starting off hidden in plain sight as the latest definitive account the cause of the financial crisis if you don't have an account of the crisis it is hard to solve the issue going forward. we don't want that to happen again. sometimes the head in the wrong direction with those economic variables of debt to gdp there are hints in the mortgage business in the federal reserve had some heavy lifting to do. the main economic peace the rest is the western synthesis between the western judeo-christian and i talk that the last 18
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years i reading a few books which rationality one of the top philosophers of the country then moral vision of the new testament considered one of the most authorities of the new testament not on their religiosity but the religiosity and then economics as religion from samuelsson to chicago school by nelson. have been dabbling in several of these for a long time but i want to dig deeper. the final one is called bush what dignity that is quite a renaissance scholar. she combines economics and death efiks and literature the past few decades she is
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a chicago school economists ben validated by a nobel prize winners. i refer to to the second volume of the six books said it takes on the cause of long-term economic growth but it is the issue that has improved human welfare more than any other issue you can name period. i think i say that with pretty good confidence. her argument is all human civilizations income per person is about $500 per year per person for all human history up three to hundreds. then you get a hockey stick with massive explosive growth in free-market country so there has been a lot of speculation what is the true cause? i did my ph.d. on that and she takes on every one of the nobel papers it is not human capital or science or private property rights are the industrial revolution and she debates every
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variable and concludes the ultimate cause of biggest cause of economic growth is the first time in history when our culture change to moral language that we started to call the business person morally good. that is a lot. with education major neutral at best job that proposition. are they corrupt or problematic? i am inclined to say business is morally bad dealing with that belief and if that is your proposition don't expect a lot of gross so we need to do work to examine that to get back on track cattery make business morally good to pay attention that kids in the inner cities right now the low income the only hope is to enter the free market economy with the well paying job.
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if we're teaching the next generation that business is bad then why would a kid wants to sign up for that proposition? it isn't attractive. she will refer you to 1000 other authors in that set her first book is similar dealing mostly with the history of virtue. that is my reading listed is like reading for the summer on the beach i look forward to the stack. sales and signing. welcome to you all. i'm the moderator my name is m >> will come.


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